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Welcome to podcast crime bites. We wanted to give our listeners some additional content to help them die even deeper into the true crime. Every week in addition to your normal con artists episode, we're exploring the most fascinating true crime themes carpet across the podcast network. We've collected short clips from some of our most popular podcast originals to help explore ideas like motivation, method and madness and show how interconnected the true crime road really is, you can find the original episodes for free on spotify over every you listen to podcasts. A list of episodes that we used will be posted in the episode description. Today, we're discussing satanism. What kind of influence has satanism had on crime and society? American society at large I became aware of Satanism in one thousand nine hundred sixties when a series of murders committed by the Manson family in were attributed to satanism and the cult. That same decade Anton La- Bay published the Satanic Bible, which became the basis text for the Church of Satan. The occult its way into the entertainment world, giving way for films such as Rosemary's baby in nineteen, sixty, eight and the exorcist in nineteen, seventy three. The nineteen seventies and eighties saw trend of serial killings committed by self-proclaimed Satanists including Richard Ramirez. who had a Pentagram drawn at his Palm and David Berkowitz Aka son of Sam, who claimed he committed his murders, part of a satanic death cult, the stereotypes and fear seem to culminate in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s and early ninety s when the United States went through mass media. Scare known as the Satanic Panic. The panic stemmed from a series of false allegations of ritual. Sexual Abuse of children in day cares. Today's clips will feature some crimes associated with satanism and the impact of this association. Our first. Clip is from serial killers and highlights David. Berkowitz also known as son of Sam David Berkowitz, sent terror through New York City during the summer of Nineteen, seventy, six, killing six people and wounding seven others. The murders caused a media storm Berkowitz sent taunting letters to the New York Police Department and gave himself nicknames in a letter sent to the. Daily News. Berkowitz was suffering from schizophrenia which brings on an inability to distinguish fantasy from reality. Berkowitz's fantasies. He assigned demons to the people and animals in his life. Well despite admitting to killing the women out of hatred David Continued his studies of Occult Imagery and deem analogy. He expressed a particular interest in an alleged Celtic Deity someone. Someone became the center of David's demonic fantasy. He read as much as he could. About the demon in order to feed into his demon fantasy story, he bought books on black magic cultism, and even satanism for him. These books and images provided a further outlet for sinister urges. Soon Sawan became a symbol of his darker more sinister impulses and hatred towards women. Through sow when he prayed for more opportunities to hurt women. So, what is this? Owan AC, some kind of Satanic Deity well. That's the interesting thing while some people may argue that someone is an ancient Celtic Deity. Most historians observed sow in as an ancient holiday, the precursor to All Saints Day, the day of the dead and even Halloween wait what? Someone is actually a holiday or festival, representing the end of the harvest season, and the start of winter usually celebrated around October thirty first been ancient times, people would dress up light bonfires and celebrate the end of the harvest with a big festival. In some cases, people even carved. GOURDS and dressed up as spirits going door to door to get food interesting. So how did he get a demon from a holiday? Most likely during his obsession with the occult, he found a book referenced Sawan as the Celtic God of death, which is now recognized, doesn't misconception of the holiday and its meaning that's fascinating will wrong or not David began to pray, and even make offerings to sell solid to further feed into his control fantasy. A like in his previous apartment, he began to scribble and right, strange and disturbing phrases all over his apartment walls. He even started to write poetry with one of his favorite pieces, being the mother of Satan. David was building a new persona around his fascination with the occult and this fictional sow win character, a persona that had control of others. And Pretty Soon David was going to pull all of New York into his control fantasy. In that clip from serial killers. We heard David Berkowitz embracing a deep fascination with satanism and the cult. Following Berkowitz's arrest in August nineteen, seventy seven. He confessed to police his satanists beliefs. Berkowitz claimed he'd been plagued by the box of his next door neighbor's dog. Sam Berkowitz believed that San was possessed by a demon who was giving him orders to kill. Later after Berkowitz was convicted, he admitted at the dog story was a hoax. Berkowitz perpetuated his own Satanic Myth. What? What happens when the public accuses someone of being a satanist? COMING UP! We'll discuss the purported satanic murder of Jeannette, Depalma. podcast listeners, I have a big announcement to commemorate her fourth anniversary podcast and the team behind unsolved murders taking a closer look at what it takes to catch a killer. It's a fantastic mu show that you can only find on spotify and is cold, solved murders true crime mysteries. Every Wednesday you'll follow the clues and uncovered the missing pieces to some of history's most ripping cases. Join Hosts Carter and Wendy as well as an ensemble cast of voice actors, as they explore the days months, and even years leading up to kill him being caught. Each episode of solved murders plays out like a classic murder mystery with a final reveal is nearly as shocking as the murder itself from the butcher of Plainfield Ed Geene to America's first serial killer H H Holmes. These accounts are all real over riveting and only available on spotify. Not every story. The ending, but at least they have an ending. Photos solved murders true crime mysteries free and only on spotify. Now back to the show. The. Mysterious nature of Satanism makes it ripe for a public interest when a crime is attributed to the occult. Sometimes that claim is brought on by the killer himself such as in the case of David Berkowitz, but sometimes the media starts brewer. In our next clip from podcast original. Murders we cover the nineteen seventy-two murder of sixteen year old, Genetic Palma, whose remains were found a cliff in New Jersey. Because the cases still unsolved, the motive for the murder is unknown, but accusations that she was the victim of a satanic ritual gain traction. Several newspapers reported killing as an occult sacrifice soon the accusations turn to Jeanette herself. Some Springfield Township residents even started to wonder if Ginette had brought her death upon herself well. I heard she was a witch. Or hung around with a crowd that was into that Steph. Yeah, totally I heard. She had some occult books in her bedroom or something. Maybe she wanted to sacrifice herself I saw some kids out at watching reservation decapitating pigeons awhile back and I heard there was a goat sacrifice around there at some point to. The stories about witchcraft in Springfield township and the surrounding union. County usually stories featuring teenagers weren't. To the diploma story, the Elizabeth Daily Journal ran an article. Entitled Do Pupils Pray To the devil on October Fourth Nineteen seventy-two. It cited a high school sophomores testimony that teenagers were hosting seances and occult rituals in the woods. There were whispers of the witches a reported Satanic Group operating in the area. There is evidence that local residents believed there was a real a presence in Union county in the Nineteen Seventies. Though these kinds of claims were routinely used to demonize counterculture groups, the changing social norms in views of drug usage of many nineteen seventies, teens probably lead peers and adult members of the community to blow any strange behavior out of proportion into something much larger than it was. When the hairstyles and clothing choices of some of these young people looked so strange, it's not hard to see how anti normative behavior might have been framed anti-christian occult practices, but it's also worth pointing out that led, which was found in very high levels Internet's body is commonly used in occult rituals. According to some a cultists, it's considered the medal of Resurrection and transformation, and is sometimes used in rituals involving communication with the underworld engine. It was found on a Iraq called devils teeth. It sounded like the kind of place where Satanists would commit a ritual sacrifice. That clip from. Murders highlighted the rumors swirling around the murder of Jeannette. Depalma in addition to the lead evidence, and the discovery of the body on doubles teeth. Some news sources reported that you nets body had been surrounded by strange occult like contracts, and that her corpse was laid upon a Pentagram. The police denied the existence of a Pentagram occult object surrounding the body. But the police statements did not quell the rumors weird. Nj articles published in the early two thousands ramped up the rumors once again. The articles included anonymous statements from residents, claiming to know about the satanic cult that committed the murder and accusing Springfield police of covering up the satanic nature of the crime. Both of the clips played so far have detailed crimes attributed to Satanism, but next we'll hear about the man who literally wrote the book on Satanism. Our final clip is from cults and details, the life of Anton Levay who founded the Church of Satan, in nineteen, sixty six, and wrote its central religious text the Satanic Bible. In, the late nineteen sixties, Levin immersed himself in the Hollywood crowd realm does with the likes of Jayne, Mansfield and liberace. It was during this time that he would meet a future household name in her own right Susan Atkins. During this period, Antonova came into contact with someone else of note future Manson. Family member Susan Atkins in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, seven Anton was curated event called the topless which is review at a San Francisco. Nightspot North Beach. Atkins was working as a stripper at the club when the vase saw her perform. He approached her boss. Mr Garnett about hiring her to perform in the show. Her role was a topless vampire who emerges from a coffin and dances around the stage in Cape. She was immediately struck by Levay. Particularly, his physical appearance at said quote, the man seemed to be dressed entirely in black, his face, and the top of his bald head were extraordinarily Pale White. The intensity of the strangers black is deepened as he watched my movements in quote in reflecting on this time Anton remembered her as just another haight street burnout Levin, said quote. She Beg off for her Cels, saying she had a fever of one hundred eight, but in the end she made a fine vampire and quote a levay invited Atkins back to the black house for gatherings and rituals, and the pair became very close for a short time. During the same period at can spiraled into an endless cycle of alcohol, drugs and casual sex. Her boyfriend at the time expressed. that. Being in LA, based show was negatively affecting her Atkins was not yet involved with the notorious cult leader Charles Manson. It would be two years until she and three other members of the Manson family murdered five people in one bloody night, but in her nineteen seventy seven book child of Satan Child of God Atkins, singles outlive Vay as the catalyst for her downfall. She wrote quote. The show was a smash hit along the Strip Garnett had scored big, but the witch's Sabbath and my total sell-out to LSD marijuana, and has sheesh and to sex with virtually any attractive man landed me in the hospital in four months I was half dead from gonorrhea, and had a complete physical breakdown and quote. In. That clip we heard Church of Satan. Founder Anton La Bays short-lived interactions with Susan Atkins two years after this meeting Susan Atkins and and family members committed several murders including Sharon tate's. SUSAN ATKINS WASN'T OBEYS Manson family filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Who Was Godfather to live as children allowed Bobby Beausoleil to move in with him and cast him in one of his films in the role of Lucifer. But relations between anger and Beausoleil soured, and Beausoleil moved out of the home and allegedly stole the film. Just a year later in nineteen, sixty-nine Beausoleil and Charles Manson killed Gary Hinman, the first death in the series of killings that Manson hoped would spark helter skelter. Today's crime bites highlighted three cases associated with satanism. Any crime related to satanism provokes a media firestorm of rumors and speculation. This was displayed in the clip from unsolved murders, in which murder victim Jeannette Depalma was rumored to be involved in her own satanic ritual murder. In serial killers, David Berkowitz played off fear and misunderstanding around the occult to craft an elaborate hoax about his neighbors possess dog, and in colts we heard from the man who started the Church of Satan himself. Anton Bay, who had loose connections to members of the murderous Manson family Manson took the threads of today's ideas and twisted them into a dark spree of death. Before he murdered Sharon Tate what of Manson's followers proclaimed. I'm the devil I'm here to do the devil's business. Thanks, for tuning into podcast crime bites. We hope you enjoyed this episode on Satanism. We'll be back next week with a new episode on isolation. Why do some criminals sequester victims? And how does it affect them? If you like to listen to the episodes that we discussed today in full, simply search for our PODCAST, original shows, serial killers, unsolved murders or cults on spotify battery to modify already all your favorite music, but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals for free from your phone, desktop or smart speaker. I'll see you next time. Listeners don't forget about the exciting new park. Show that you can only find on spotify. It's called solved murders, true crime mysteries, and it explores the days months, and even years leading up to a kill being caught. It's from the team that brought you unsolved murders. So you know it's going to be riveting new episodes. 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