Three Reasons The Trent Saga Is Important


You want it. You need it. It's what everyone's talking about. The kevin sheehan show now. Here's kevin all right. I'm here aaron is here. This shows presented today by stamps dot com. It's going to be quick <hes> today. <hes> we bailed on yesterday at the last minute because tommy wasn't feeling feeling. Well and i just said you know what will wait for him to come in on thursday. I'll do something tomorrow so we bailed and i told you guys i appreciate the feedback by the way some some of you saying. I'm canceling my subscription well. There's nothing to cancel. We want you to subscribe but you're not paying for it so don't worry about it on that front <hes> but thank thank you for for caring so much but we did. We did mention and i'm going to mention again between now and labor day weekend. We are going to take a couple of days aww of the podcast even though i am doing the three hour radio show every morning on nine hundred again if you didn't know that tune in for that too in fact i'm going to play back part of an interview that i had this morning with albert breer. <hes> on the radio show <hes> couple of things to get started with first of all <hes> the nats <hes> one again huge win for them. <hes> they've now won three in a row after those real painful losses against the mets on friday night and saturday night and how joe ross now joe ross just set <hes> the season record for the most consecutive innings pitched without giving us a one seventeen and a third innings before he finally gave up a run yesterday the only gave up one last night <hes> in a in a game in which he went into the seventh inning. I mean it really is amazing. We were talking about possibly trade star a few weeks ago and if they make the playoffs it's going to be a big contribution is from joe roth and eric feddie. I know and think about this like even if sherzer is back right <hes> if sh- well no you've got your four started with with sherzer back but here's not back or if somebody isn't ready to go in the postseason in a best of seven series you could easily well look you could see sure zor pitcher wildcard game and and then you get to a day off and then three that's the way the best five for strong goes i believe is that you get to that day and they would you too and then the final game at home right so more likely than not you wouldn't ever get to your fifth starter demand that particular situation nor would you really in a best of seven either <hes> but assures assures not there they would have a a decision potentially in a best of seven between ross confetti against the dodgers if they got there. It's amazing to see joe ross the the big thing for it and and something that you know you kind of have to look at the real closely at the advanced numbers like his velocity is way up especially on that two seam fastball. Do you remember i said had this to zuckerman on the podcast. Joe ross started a game <hes> a few weeks ago and it didn't turn out well results wise and i'm going to go back and find exactly game that i'm talking about. It was the game that he pitched against the braves all right. It was a game that he pitched against the braves on the road and he gave up ended up giving up two runs in the first <hes> but then battled through an almost in got into the sixth inning in that game and i remember saying to zukerman. I'm like you know what i thought he pitched well. I mean you know from a casual observer standpoint. I wasn't really into that game. I had not seen ross pitch a ton in previous games. He had a terrible outing in his last game. Before the one. I'm talking about <hes> but zuckerman said yeah <hes> he talked to david martinez and martinez was actually very encouraged with ross's start there then he came back and got shelled against the dodgers and then since then three incredible incredible starts three wins in three starts against arizona the giants and cincinnati he's given up a total of nine hits and one earned earned run. That's it right now. In the month of august. He's got a zero point. Five zero yara that's ziara and he's literally lowered lowered his e._r._a. From nine point eight five to start the month to five point nine one in three starts. There's something about him and i mentioned in this to you. I think he looks very calm and confident. I know he doesn't always get the results but i liked joe ross and i'm happy that he's doing this because i think he's much better as a starter then coming out of the bullpen. I'm at least that's the way it soon appeared to me in recent years so they can finish off the sweep this afternoon against cincinnati natty which would be really good atlanta one against the mets huge series there said the nats are still six back but their game clear now of saint louis for the for the first wildcard and their nine games above five hundred which correct me if i'm wrong. I think this is the best they've been. I think they were nine games above five hundred a few weeks ago and now they're back to that <hes> with a chance to get ten games above five hundred. I said this morning on the radio. Show we are now in the midst of a good season. They're they're now now. Having a good season there nine games above five hundred one hundred nineteen in into this right now right so twenty three games left not twenty three forty three games left <hes> in the season <hes> and they've got a chance to turn this into a really good season. You know it would be exciting to be in that. One game wild card. They haven't played played that be more exciting. If they came back and won the division you know in had a first round series with the cubs instead of or the cardinals instead of having to go go to l._a. And play the dodgers in a in a first round series if they were to win the wild card you bring up that one game wild card and you know we've obviously in this sound been through game five game sessions and other sports and we know that nauseating. I can't even imagine what a one game playoff with the best starters teams on the mound so dramatic. How about this is a possibility unless you're gonna tell me that they've changed this and that there's some sort of tiebreaking procedures but it's possible with this backlog in this race right now that you could end up having teams three or four teams tied for the wild card and ended ended up with a plan to the wildcard plan. I mean you can have that on like a mundane day. How about this. You have a tie for the end up in a tie for that and then you play the right and then you play the wildcard or at that point then you're tied for the wife of art in you're playing somebody to to get into the wild card. I i'm assuming that at some point you could have one of those crazy. Two or three day sets to figure out the finally team we had that. I feel like a few but i'm wondering did they. I mean look this up. Did they actually build in some tiebreaking. I i don't think so. I don't think they did because before they had it where they could decide the division based on tiebreaker because you could just go to the wildcard but now that the division verse wildcard actually means something. Thank you gotta play it out yeah here here. I'm actually interested in the salutes two way tie for the division or wildcard one game tiebreakers lakers are played between teams tied for a division championship or a league's second wildcard berth. These games are to be played. The day after the season is scheduled edged end homefield advantage is determined using the rules listed below which would be some sort of head to head winning percentage okay so and then there's a bunch of <hes> tiebreakers after that from the implementation of the wild card in nineteen ninety four through the end of the two thousand eleven season a different rules in place. These two teams tied for a division did not play tiebreaker if their records were better than all non division winners basically if both teams made the way off anyway exact starting in two thousand twelve they they were. It's all you have to play a nation games right funny. What about the second wildcard. What if there's a i mean if there's multiple yeah it's just you you gotta play birth. That's what it's for exactly okay so we could have a lot of drama both by the way both leagues this year look at the standings in both of these leagues in the american league right now. You've got to essentially runaway winners in the yankees in the astros <hes> but then you know you've got a a division race between minnesota and cleveland. That's virtually tied at this point and then you're wildcards. You've got tampa you know cleveland oakland and still i guess yes theoretically you still have well you get the minnesota cleveland lose division loser then you've got to oakland then you've got tampa and i guess you still have boston but they've really fallen back here. <hes> recently and then in the national league you've got the braves nats phillies and mets all in contention for <hes> you know the nets phillies phillies mets for a wild card in the central. Whoever doesn't win it. They're going to be two teams in the race for the wild card and then right now. The diamondbacks earn a little bit of a roll their the two games a bit bub-bubba five hundred. They're still not so. It'll be exciting <hes> i actually have watched a lot of the nats here recently and in flipping around on the m._l._b. Be network to see some games especially the mets recently. It's been fun to watch them <hes> but some exciting things <hes> down the stretch here <hes> for the home team and hopefully the crowd. It'll show up only twenty two thousand. I think the other night for that first game against cincinnati. I don't know what it was last night. Do you know what the i don't know what the crowd is off. The top attendance was last night. <hes> it was only twenty two for the game back and then last night they have it at the bottom of the box score here online thirty thousand last night thirty thousand one on thirty not that last night for the reds and afternoon start today to finish up the series then they get the brewers. I think after that at home the brewers were hot now. They're not <hes> but anyway <hes> baseball really heating up here. Okay <hes> a couple of things number. One is this. I'm thrilled ruled that maryland's bringing back their scripted turps helmets from the eighties <hes> i actually texted back and forth with loxley yesterday. I told him this is unbelievably. Blue said kevin we gotta get back to our roots and i said that's what you're doing. This is exciting to a lot of people my age. That's when i was at marilyn was during the bobby ross years from from eighty two to eighty seven eighty six actually his first four years at maryland. He was thirty four and fourteen with three a._c._c. championships. The uniforms ormes changed with bobby ross right. He was the one that brought in the uniform change. In nineteen eighty two <hes> boomer esiason was the quarterback it was red and white bottoms at home it was white and white on the road most of the time although they did do white and red pants on the road occasionally and they had the script turps red helmets was red helmets with script turps in white and they're gonna bring back that uniform for homecoming this year. Did you see what the homecoming yes yeah. I got a little problem with the. I do too but so what the homecoming game is november second against michigan. That's not a homecoming coming game that they'll be favored to win more likely than not two weeks prior. They have a home game against the indiana. That's middle of october. Wind homecoming is supposed to be i. I don't get the i don't. I don't either doesn't make any sense to me. Why homecoming would be against michigan and to your point you know <hes> well. Sometimes it's only in november but anyway <hes>. I am really excited about mike loxley i and the reason i'm excited about him more so than dirk in or more so than ed ed soul <hes> is that you know the the he knows what maryland football can be and i'm not saying that it's on durkan didn't have some sense of the history of the program but if you go back maryland in the last forty years his essentially had to winning periods and that's it it was bobby ross it's in the eighties and then ralph region in the early. Two thousands ralph was there for ten years went to seven bowl games. One five of them had an incredible start from a two thousand one through two thousand four where he won actually in his first three years i think he won thirty three games something like that in his first three years. The averaged over ten ten wins a year and you're talking about fresian a guy that really understood what maryland football could be <hes> loxley was on region staff. Loxley grew up going byrd stadium and watching the bobby ross teams. He was a teenager during those years went to the games grew up in d._c. Was a big maryland football fan and i and i i love the fact that he remembers all those players boomer assize and frank reich stand gelbaugh maryland was quarterback you in the eighties <hes> they had great running backs ax alvin blount willie joyner neil pedantic they had receivers greg hill they had big time defensive players like key to covington and chuck asset and i'm. I'm missing a lot of them but it was a great era. It was the a._c._c. and there was no florida state in the a._c._c. When bobby ross was making thing is run <hes> but maryland football was you know. Ross had a couple of top ten teams. The nine thousand nine hundred eighty five team came back is the preseason number one team team in the country in sport magazine. Now i think in the a._p. And the u._p._i. At the time i think they were ranked sixth and seventh respectively they opened up with penn state lost at home and game in which they fumbled like three times in the second half <hes> but there were memorable games obviously the game in the orange bowl and the thirty one. Nothing come come back against miami bernie kosar quarterbacking that team for twenty some years. It was the largest comeback in made in college football history with frank reich leading it. I just have a lot of memories and i have a lot of every you know every so often. I get excited about the prospect. Maryland football could get back back to where it was in the eighties with ross and in the early two thousands with ralph. That's what i think its potential is. It's in the big ten now. I don't know if they're pretension action. Potential is greater or less than what it used to be but it used to be that you could win nine ten games and play new year's day bowl you you know and and and be a consistent eight win or more a program and be in bowl games. Could you compete for a national championship under bobby ross and and ralph region will ross did it at georgia tech after he left maryland. You know he had maryland in the top ten. A couple of times is a really good football team but they were probably a step depth below if not to from national championship caliber <hes> but still it was a you know football which always took a backseat to basketball ask ball <hes> basketball will always be number one at maryland but football there for a period of time you know was a borderline top twenty five football program in the country country so it has the potential for that look at the recruiting area lock sleaze tapping into that he all of his relationships. He's beloved in this community by pipe parents and football coaches and people in the football community especially. I'm excited to watch maryland football and watched mike loxley build it <hes>. We're going to get him on the radio. This show will probably get him on the podcast once or twice during the course of the season as well but good for them to go back to a a uniform look that really reminds some of us us of what maryland football can be. I mean i know kevin plank built. You know put together all those uniform combos. I can't stand all that stuff can't stand the flag helmet helmet. I don't like all of the different uniform combos give me red and white or white on the road and that in that script turps helmet which always always stood out to was a cool looking helmet. Do you think it is now. You're much younger. Obviously i like no. I do love the turps helmet and it's and they still had the turps of and i feel like like as late as when i was there yeah ralph ralph had so i i always liked the churchill. I do love the flag helmet. Though i really do love the uniforms i can do without the fly down with love yeah all right anyway all right. I want to get to a conversation about trent williams since yesterday or since monday especially especially for for podcast purposes because we didn't have a podcast yesterday there've been a number of reports adam schefter reported. The redskins have been contacted by multiple teams but the redskins aren't budging. I had adam schefter on the radio show yesterday. He said look as of now. They're not going to trade him a j._p. Finley came out yesterday said multiple teams have expressed repressed interest. One of those teams is the patriots others include at least two other a._f._c. teams. Jason lockenfora tweeted out from c._b._s. Sports yesterday that it's only a matter of time before trump williams straighted and then this morning the e._s._p._n. Dot com reporter that covers. The dolphins reported that the dolphins have reached. How about trump williams. There's one other report that i said that could tie into this. John mcclain who covers the houston texans was saying that the texans are going to be looking for a left tackle and there possibly shopping around you to j._v. cloudy as part of their attorney so let me guess let me two things real quickly and then i want to get to the crux of of what i had planned to talk about today okay number one schefter believes that the redskins could get a i plus many used a couple of cops. <hes> the gary zimmerman trade back in nineteen ninety four from from minnesota to denver <hes> brought a first second and sixth jason peters was a first second and fifth or sixth also <hes> i believe in two two thousand nine duane brown basically brought back a second and third <hes> for houston seattle got a brown and a fifth rounder so you're talking about recent recent deals and you know my good friend goldie pointed out that you know it's hard to use a lot of these past deals because it's always about circumstance and always about context text and he's right to a certain degree although it's not always about that i've had enough conversations with people like charlie casserly and bobby beth over the years to know that when they start thinking trade they're looking for a comparible trade to to gauge value. They're looking for an analogous trade so in this particular situation whether it's the team approaching the redskins or the redskins talking about it you know inside the building at ashbourne they're looking at deals like jason peters deal or the dwayne brown deal the circumstance and the context is different. I entrust me. The redskins have leveraged because multiple teams are interested and somebody may get desperate here. Is we approach the season that's part of the context and circumstances well. I personally have said all along. I think they can get a i. I think they might be able to get a i plus plus. I don't think they'll get any less than a second third and a conditional and i would be looking to trade him now. You mentioned david clowney. You threw him him into the conversation. I do not think the red skins want jud avian cloudy. I also think that houston might require more than just trent williams for cloudy clowney. Tony is younger and he is clearly a top five havoc wreaking defensive player in this league. He's also a bit of a problem. He also wants a new contract racked. He's also only got a year left on his deal tripp scott to it may be a straight up player trade if they talked about it personally if i were houston. I'd want a tad more than just trent williams at thirty one years old but i don't think the redskins are gonna make that trade for this reason. The redskins are not a team that piles up on areas of strength like the giants did with pass rushers and defensive lineman. They're you know in you know basically from two thousand seven through two thousand twelve <hes> and they believe the strength at their football team is jon allen doron pain ryan kerrigan ryanair anderson and hopefully montanez sweat so i don't see them adding a player that they're gonna have to pay big money to next year <hes> versus getting a i in a fourth back from someone else or houston so i i think the clowning thing thing won't happen. That's my i don't know anything. That's my my gut feel on that. I do think if the red skins play this right they can absolutely us what i believe have to be a legitimate leverage. Some of you have tweeted me saying they don't have any leverage guys thirty one years old. He's been suspended in the past and he doesn't wanna play for them. You guys are wrong once as you get multiple teams that are looking for a player of his caliber at a position that is very difficult in the league to fill with a player of his caliber. You've got leverage. They don't have to do anything number one number two <hes> is that again. He's he's really good at a position that is very hard to fill and three. You've got many teams many teams that are going to be interested in a player like trent williams the redskins. It's going to have a lot of leverage especially if a team loses a key player here over the next month or two and they get desperate. I i really believe that <hes> anyway right <hes> so i had albert breer on the show today and before i get to that <hes> i was going to respond real quickly. I did this on radio for those that have heard it. I'll go quickly for those. Who haven't you'll get the gist of why i wanna lead into this albert breer conversation <hes> and why i want to continue with the trent williams conversation listen. I got a tweet from stephen. He said enough about trent williams kevin. I want to hear about the guys that are going to play for this team. Not the ones who don't and my answer to stephen is this you should care about trillions situation. It's very important to this franchise right now and to the future of this franchise. It's not more important than in the development of joint haskins. It's not more important than you know. If this year hopefully is the last year of the bruce allin era but pretty much more important than anything nothing else right now first of all his holdout so far is another reason for many including players coaches around the league and perhaps even players. Here's in their own locker room to think that this franchise continues to be dysfunctional dumb dishonest stupid stubborn auburn. You know these are the things that are going through. The minds of the rest of the league is they watched this trent williams situation from afar and it may be going through the minds of players in that locker room whether it's true in this instance or not perception is reality and the perception is that the redskins have fucked this up just like they fuck everything else up. That's the perception right now. Personally i really would love to get to the truth on this one but i don't really know what it is. I actually believe in my my gut that while the organization is totally stuck on stupid in this dysfunctional my gut is is that this situation has a ton one of nuance to it a ton of it and that more likely than not this could be as much on williams as it as it is on the redskins if not more if not more more now. It doesn't change the fact that most think that this is a red skins. You know gone wrong situation again. It's the redskins being the redskins again and and that continuing narrative is hurtful to the organization in hurts their chances to attract a future high quality general manager it hurts their chances to attract a future high-quality coach it it it i think it has been hurting their ability to attract really league good players through free agency. We went through this before. Landon collins is here for one reason more than any other and that he wanted to be sean taylor. It was his dream to be sean taylor in washington. The discussion of trent williams shouldn't end also and and doesn't need to end and it should continue because it's important want to look at this team without him especially with a rookie quarterback that needs him. Adrian peterson said you know he's uncomfortable that he's not as calm that all the quarterbacks. They need a left tackle. We saw what happened to doron christian last week. It was just a preseason game. They're gonna chip. They're going to bring a tight end over. They're going to help against a really good pass rusher on that left side you know if if they've got donald penn out there and he can't handle it but my god teams impacted by his absence and then lastly this is an interesting situation to continue to talk about because it's going to be another evaluation point for bruce allin. How does this thing get resolved. Does it get resolved with a trade and if it does did they get a good deal. Did they settle for too little did they. They screw it up. Did they come rosters for players. Instead of acquire picks. The team needs to handle this right. The team needs it's to get this right. It would certainly appear at this point as if trent williams. They never played for the redskins anymore and he's not they should be trying to trade him. They can totally take the public stance that they aren't going to trade him and that's the right public stance to take you don't wanna look desperate. You wanna be patient on this thing. This may go right into ended the regular season but they need to handle this one right because if they don't handle the trade part right or the this doesn't get resolved and in a way in which people view the team favorably like hey you know what they made up pretty well. They got a first and a fourth versus what they only got a third nece conditional seventh or they got a third and a player. We've never heard of you know. This is very interesting to watch play out from from my standpoint. It is <hes> i i asked the following question <hes> on the phone lines today on the radio show it i would you prefer that they trade him and get a first right now or would you prefer that somehow. This miraculously works works out. They forgive forget. It's coon by between trent williams in the organization and he's back suited up for philadelphia. I want the first round pick. That's what i want. I want to build for the future. Trent williams. Mrs games trent williams has been suspended twice. The redskins have been loyal to him in the past asked when he wasn't necessarily reliable with the back-to-back suspensions. I personally want to move on from trump. Williams and i like trent and i think he's an outstanding outstanding player <hes> but i think the teams done a lot. I think the team's been loyal to him <hes> but this situation has gotten out of control and i'm ready to move forward. I was ready to move forward award before this at the end of last season now as it relates to what's going on here. I had albert breer <hes> from monday morning quarterback on the radio. Oh show <hes> this morning and thought it was. I thought he said something. That was really interesting. It caught my eye because caught my ear <hes> because he he mentioned another injury jury here. I asked him basically. What do you know about the trent williams situation. How does this get resolved. Listen to this exchange between albert breer and myself off. I'm busy said trent may still be exploring his legal options. You know the situation ultimately turned out to be benign fine how i'm just curious. I don't think it's just that though once was there i would just tell her that i. I don't think it's just the the cancer scare. There's some more stuff there and i you know look i mean. I think that there's that that piece of it like you know. It's just the i hesitate to kill the redskins over this because there's natural distrust right <hes> medical staff and players. There's all over the league right like that's a common thing players like a lot of times. Don't think that team's medical staff have their best interest in mind <hes> that you know there's there's no obvious reason for dicey pushed out their push through things <hes> you know that may not be good for their long-term well-being and so it's all over the n._f._l. But i don't think it's just a cancer scare. I think there was it was just one event. I don't think we'd be here. I just think get sort of a string of different thing that have come together to put everybody in this situation and it'll be interesting to see where it goes next boy. I'd like to follow up on some of that stuff. We gotta run. We gotta we gotta break right now that we gotta get to but that is interesting because if it's beyond just the cancer scare what what was the other event you know when you say exploring legal options that almost implies aglet hit hit it was uh-huh i again like these things are pretty common but a lotta times it can be one one thing and then the next thing and then the next thing and before you know well it <hes> you know you're adding. You're adding one to the next the next you know look player in the players by the time it could be. Well you know this. I sort of straw breath back but there was also the lesson that i think this is one of those all right that was really interesting to because he brought up something that. I don't think that most of you considered. I'm didn't anyway maybe you did and that is that it's more of a ah then just the cancer scare the benign tumor because the conversation started off with him saying that he believes that trent williams you know in his in his people are still bill considering legal action action which to me means they think the redskins were somehow negligent with some sort of medical issue which led me to you know the whole cancer scare the growth on his scalp and it turned out to be benign and i asked him you know ultimately. It was a benign tumor. Why would they be considering legal options and that's when he got into a lot of this other stuff and he mentioned the shoulder and look trent williams has had a hell of a lot a hell of a lot of injuries right over the years a lot of injuries over the years ears and so i just googled shoulder and trent williams because i was trying to pinpoint when this was trillions remember also had a bottle broken can over his head in honolulu during that trip to the pro bowl. You know four or five six years ago whenever that was but the first thing that popped up was interesting and i think this is what a albert brewer was referring to on thanksgiving day last year. The redskins played the cowboys. If you recall it was the first game after alex smith got hurt in the houston gain. They're six and four. It was a huge thanksgiving day. Game redskins lost the game thirty one twenty three and trent williams was back in the lineup after missing during the previous three games following thumb surgery now. That isn't the shoulder get to the shoulder in a moment first of all. Let me just mention like i can't remember that much from last year. Last year was an utterly forgettable season after alex smith's horrific injury and the six and three we start. It's like the rest of it that final month and a half was painful and forgettable but anyway i went back and i read this story from the post written by korean copeland on the day after the game day after thanksgiving game. <hes> trillions made his return thursday after missing the last three games following thumb surgery but he left eighteen eighteen t stadium in an ambulance now when i read that i'm like i sort of remember this but why sir read the rest of it the six time pro bowler left the thirty one twenty-three loss to the cowboys for one play and then returned the following series after he fell to the ground awkwardly in happened to braces fall with with the injured hand which was in a cast. He played the rest of the game coach. Jay gruden didn't mention williams is injured during his post game press conference that could pissed <hes> williams off and a team spokesman later said he left in the ambulance for precautionary reasons the team said he got hit in the chest on the play that he got shaken up and then there was also the mention of the the of a shoulder of bruce shoulder later on in the story as it relates to trent williams so he's coming off three games following anthem surgery. He leaves a._t. Stadium stadium in an ambulance. He's got a short sore shoulder. He felt felt felt to the ground awkwardly braced just as fall with his injured hand. <hes> had a chest got hit in the chest. Had a bruce shoulder in the game and williams doesn't even mentioned i mean <hes> gruden doesn't even mention him during his post game. Press conference is injured. This may be another piece to all of this. I don't know if it's the a major piece to it or not and it could be another shoulder injury from another period of time. That was the first thing that popped up that the shoulder shoulder from the cowboy game now he's had a he had a minor procedure on his right knee early in the season last year last last year in september he went. He underwent a minor procedure on his knee right. After the new orleans game uh-huh which was the bye week i think and it was reported that it was a minor surgery nothing to be overly concerned about but this guy had a lot of injuries in maybe ultimately he doesn't like the way a a lot of 'em because it sounded like albert breer was building up and said it was he said quote it was a string of events <hes> and he said that the cancer if it was a one off off event that we wouldn't be here right now so it sounds like it sounds like trent williams had a bunch of issues that he for whatever reason doesn't trust the team's medical training staff combination of both in the way these things were handled but anyway i thought it was interesting that breer mentioned that if it were just the cancer we wouldn't be here and that there were other things including a shoulder and then you go back and you read about the cowboy boy game and you can find all the other injuries from last year man. He's been injured a lot and then of course my good friend doc walker who cracks me up this time of year because all he wants to talk about is you know the last four spots on the roster and who's battling for those last four spots and ends up spending thirty minutes a day on players that don't even make the roster i love him though and i'm saying that with tongue firmly and cheek because he is my favorite police said today. He said i'm listening to she. In this morning morning talk about trent williams in all of his injuries. He's totally devaluing trent for any team listening and i'm like wow that's a compliment that other n._f._l. Teams might be interested interested but i guarantee you that somebody if they were listening at the park. This morning is like god. Damn it will. They tell chan to stop talking about how injured injured he's been. We're trying to get a first for this guy but anyway. I don't know i don't know any of the reasons. I don't know how it's going to play out the the conversations that i had that i shared with everybody here. On the podcast two weeks ago is that this was about trent williams having this growth two years years ago and the team not communicating the seriousness of it and the irony of his ultimately it turned out not to be serious like it turned out to be benign. He's okay the scare while it was must have been terrifying turned out to be you know unnecessary in terms of of the the of the growth on his head being benign not malignant and he's going to be okay. I i know i've i've heard some things that he's got a big old scar on his head and he's not happy about that. <hes> <hes> but somehow some way the urgency of it wasn't communicated to him <hes> but again like i think about this and i think about all the health care that's available to these guys whether it's through teams or through their own <hes> you know access and some of this should be on him but again. We just don't know all the details. I mean we're going round and around on this thing. That's why personally. I love him to trade him. I would have done it before i heard about all of this a love for the redskins to get back a i in a fourth breath right now i'd run with that and you start to build for the future because really it's going to be more about twenty twenty one and beyond who's who's running the organization and who's coaching the team etc one last thing before we leave you for the day <hes> jay gruden and said yesterday the colt mccoy still not one hundred percent you know and there's the possibility he won't play in the preseason game thursday night and then he waffled with j. p. finley questioning being him on who would start if colt doesn't go sounds like case i want dwayne haskins to get first team. Reps against the bengals of colt mccoy's not playing if we're not going to go the traditional hey the projected starter is going to get a quarter or a couple of series and then case keenum who's really in legit competition with colt is going to get the rest of the quarter and maybe some of the second and then we'll get dwayne if colts not playing i want dwayne haskins to take first team reps. He doesn't let's start the game you could go one series with case one series with dwayne one series with case one series with dwayne and then ever all the starters sit and maybe dwayne continues after that with with the backups so he can get more reps but i wanna see him with the ones i think they need to take advantage of these opportunities to see how much progress he has really made and i know they learn a lot from that in practice but these competitive environments i liked some of the stuff i saw last week from dwayne haskins. I thought he looked looked like he was up to the occasion. I thought he looked competitive. You know i thought he bounced back from a couple of bad plays well. I wanna see more of that but i want to see it with the ones against the bangle ones. I'd like to see that. I don't know about you guys. <hes> i get the sense that he's far behind case in colt <hes> it would be hey great to see what that looks like with the ones on the field because if colt really is banged up and can't go that is interesting man you know the we're talking about you. You know a long period of time. I know he's taking reps in practice but they don't want him out on the field darius guy same thing guys apparently hasn't been cleared the playing a game. It's been over a year percents he tours a._c._l. Against the patriots now it's been like a year and a week <hes> anyway ajay did say that starters are going to get more work doc <hes> on on thursday night which is good news all right <hes>. That's it for today. We're gonna keep it short. 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