Victory Demands Self-Control Part 1


Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author. Joyce meyer. On today's program. Joyce will be teaching from her series developing discipline and self control. Do you have areas of your life? You want to improve self-discipline, maybe it's in the area of bible study, or maybe it's your profession or maybe it's simply exercising. More for all of us improvement requires. The holy spirit's help connected to our willingness to have discipline and self control. Even though these two words may sound a little painful they actually worked together and help create healthy habits and boundaries in our lives that can reap huge benefits for each of us. You're not alone. And you have what it takes to make progress. Don't rely on your own strength. Remember, God is your ultimate source, and he is in control. Now, here's Joyce with today series developing discipline and self control. Well, if you weren't here last night, you don't know how exciting. My teaching is this weekend. And how excited you're going to be to find out this morning that I'm teaching on discipline and self control. You know, I've. I was thought this morning. A good way to talk about discipline. Is you have to discipline yourself to get out of bed in the morning. You have to discipline yourself to go to bed at night. And all throughout the day. It's one thing after another after another disciplining your thoughts. Disappointing your mouth, disciplining, your attitude. Your actions getting your work done and on and on and on. And so to say, I'm not a disciplined person is actually not true. You have the fruit of self control. You may not be using it. But you have it. So stop saying, I just can't control myself in that area. Because what's in your power to do is in your power? Not today if you can say yes to something you can say, no to it. The choice is yours. The more. You discipline yourself. God's given us self control. He doesn't control us. He hasn't given us the right to control other people. He wants us to control ourselves. Now in second. Timothy chapter one verse seven very well known verse it says for God gave us not a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self control different translations, say different things, but the ES the bible, which is now supposed to be the most accurate. Translation calls itself. Control actually, the amplified bible, which I've used extensively for a number of years says it this way for God did not give us a spirit of committee of cowardice of craven and cringing and phoning fair. He has given us a spirit of power and of love and of a calm and a well-balanced mine and a spirit of discipline and self control. So everybody's say right now I have disciplined. And I have self control. And I use them both. Now, you know, a lot of people are very very talented. It's amazing to me that talent that some people have. But it's also kind of a known fact not with everybody, of course. But some people that are very talented are also very undisciplined, and I know one person, for example, she is talented in so many different things that she can't seem to settle on any one thing and really do anything with it because she'll get halfway into that. And then she gets another idea, and they're all good ideas. But sooner or later, you've got to harness your power and focus it into into one thing talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement. But you never know if it's going to be forward, backward or sideways and then. Harry Truman said this in reading the lives of great men. I've found that the first decree day one was over themselves self discipline with all of them came first. And I don't believe that any person can do anything. Great just because they have natural talent not just because they want to until you I can manage yourself. You're not going to be able to manage any thing. Are anyone else? Very well, don't try to manage your children. If you're not gonna show a good example of self control in front of them. Amen. You should be more excited about that than that. But. Telling our kids to do something while doing the opposite of what we told them actually does more harm than if we would have just kept quiet to begin with. Don't correct your child for lying if when the phone rings, you're going to tell them whoever that is tell him. I'm not here. A man like, I say all the time. You're all preachers that you say a lot more with your actions than you do. With your words, God is not giving us a spirit of fear, but of power and love, and I sound mine. Now, you know, I think in our society we need to toughen up a little bit. I must say it again. I think we need to toughen up a little bit. Well, actually, I have a psychologist on my television program last week. I mean, she came in and did the recording. It'll it'll be on later, and we actually were talking about two things the alarming rate at which suicide is going up, especially among young people and. All the depression that people deal with today, and here again is specially young people. There's more and more. I mean young teenagers that are needing to take medicine Frank Zayed's and medicines for depression. And so I was asking her from her professional opinion as a psychologist what she thought a large part of the problem was and she said, I think that too many children today are rescued from anything that's difficult and our lives are made so easy that when anything hard comes along they either just get depressed are gets to the worst extreme they'd rather. Just get out of the world, then try to deal with anything difficult, and we have to be very careful as parents that. We don't just and I get it, man. I am tempted in the same way. I I can't stand the same. I kids suffer and we had three teenagers and then felt like God wants to have a baby. And I told Dave I wanted to have a baby he thought I'd lost my mind and he's we've got three teenagers. We can do whatever we want to do. But I really felt like God wanted me have a baby. Well, it's a good thing. I had him. 'cause now he's the CEO of our ministry, but they caused was our baby. In particular. I don't know. Maybe I was older just because he was the baby. I just I wanted to protect him from everything and I probably want a little bit overboard. How many of you could say today you've gone a little bit overboard and trying to protect your children. And so sometimes we have to love our children enough to back off, and let them go through some things because people who don't go through anything never develop any real strength to deal with issues in the world. There's a little story that I tell sometimes about an eagle egged whenever it's time for the eaglet to hack. It has a little. Bone type thing on the top of its beak that it uses to peck away at that shell to try to break it open, and it takes a long time. Well, the temptation sometimes for people watching that is to break it open and help them that it actually is the worst thing that you can do for them because what they're doing while they're breaking that shell is building the tenacity that they're going to need to actually be those magnificent eagles that we all admire when we say them flying around. And so if we want our children to do great things we can't rescue them NAR. Can we want somebody else to rescue us from everything I always say the only way out is through? So I'm telling you today, if you really want to be a mature, strong, vibrant believer. You will have to go through some things that are not very comfortable. At learn. How to go through it? Hold your head up high and not worrying about it all the time. Amen. And I could go on and on in that area. But I've got lots of ground to cover since. I only did half on message last night. I'm trying to start where I left off. So so often we try to get out of hard things by just saying well is just too hard. That is just an excuse. And it is a lie that Satan puts in everybody's head. I can't it's too hard. I can't exercise. It's too hard. I can't lose weight. I get too hungry. I try to resist overspending, but I'm just weak in that area. One woman's husband had told her I want you to stop buying things on the credit card. We've got to get out of debt, and I want to get these credit cards paid off. And I want you to promise me that you will not go out to the mall and keep buying stuff. Well, she had to go out there to pick something up and she knew she wasn't supposed to shop. But she saw dress that of course, was on sale and last day on sale and thought it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. So first mistake was she tried it on? Say we got to get smarter. She tried it on. And of course, it looked amazing on her just amazing. And so she bought it hit it. Didn't tell her husband. She bought it. And then he saw the Bill when it came in and wanted to know what was going on. And she said, oh on issues that I tried so hard to resist buying that dress. And I just couldn't he said, well, you should've said get behind me Satan. And she said I did. And he told me look better from behind them. Now, you all know how we are. If we want it bad enough. We can make up all kinds of excuses about why we should have it. And if we don't want to do something bad enough, then we won't do it. We'll find some way to wiggle our way out of it. But we need to stop saying. It's too hard. Because God will never lead us to do anything that we cannot do. Amen. Can you at least give me that God will not lead us to do anything that we cannot get? So here's kind of a silly example. But it makes the point it's called the ice cream story. How many of you like ice cream? Let's see if you like ice cream. Okay. Well, I happen to like it too. So so somebody might say, well, that's my weakness. I just cannot say note ice cream. Yes. You can't. No. I can't I love it. Too much. Well, I'm gonna prove to you that you can say note ice cream. Just imagine yourself right now inside the largest ice cream parlor in the world. They have every conceivable flavor imaginable. It's the creamy as ice cream. Anywhere on the planet. Thanks for listening. We're in how to develop healthy habits when you order. Today's offered developing discipline and self control. This teaching series is available now is either a three CD set or digital download for a donation of any amount in US funds, and we accept all major credit cards. You can order today's offer from our website at Joyce Meyer dot org, or you can call us toll free at one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine again, the number is one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine. 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