I Must Lose This Corrupt Self!


The. Following program is sponsored by the national prayer. Chapel. How's the? To as the. US from our. He is. Cheese. Cheese Okay. Hi. WHO has the? You still. Cheese. On. His own. You. G. You. Yours is. Geez. Own. Floor. Jesus only Jesus. That's my cry. Jesus. Only Jesus. He's my redeemer Lord My Savior I come worshipping him today in praising his mighty name. Jesus Only, Jesus. Welcome to Pilgrim's progress. I WANNA share you the third. In a series. On prayer. Not, the traditional teaching on prayer. That honestly looking at what the Scripture says. About how to have our prayers answered. Now. One of the keys that the Lord gave me. I found in Matthew the six chapter. Verse Six. But when you pray. Go into your room. Close the door. And pray to your father who is unseen. then. Your father who sees what is done in secret Will. Reward you. And when you pray do not keep on babbling like the Pagans for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them. For Your father knows what you need before you ask him. And then verse twenty. Four Matthew. Six Verse Twenty Four. No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other. or He will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve. Both God. And money. Therefore, I tell you. Do not worry about your. Life. What you will eat or drink or about your body, what you will wear. Is Life not more important than food. And the body more important than close. Look at the birds of the air. They do not. So a reap or store away in Barnes and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are. You not much more valuable than day. Who of you by worrying can add a single our to his life and why do you worry about close? See how the lilies of the field grow. They don't labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon all of his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God closed the grass of the field, which is here today. Tomorrow is thrown into the fire. Will he not much more clued you? Oh, you of little faith. So do not worry saying what shall we eat or what shall we drink? Or what shall we wear? For the Pagans run after all these things and your heavenly father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom. And his righteousness. And all of these things will be given to you as well. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow we'll worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Let's pray. Would have fabulous promise of your provision Jesus. What a wonderful. Privilege it is to come under your kingdom authority. And then Wade. Upon you to feed US and clothe. US. To provide housing for us. Lord you have promised. that. If we will seek first your Royal Authority Your Kingdom. And if we will seek your righteousness. You will provide us with everything else that we need. Lord I just rest in that promise today. But I ask Lord. That you would come very close, but your holy. Spirit. And you would teach us. That, you would teach me. How to enter into your kingdom. How to enter into your kingdom, authority and power. The, these things would actually take place. Lord I, thank you for your promises. I pray in your holy name. Amen One of the great frustrations. As, we pray. Is that it seems as though many times we pray. And there is no answer. And we have let God off the hook by saying he answers. Yes, sometimes no, sometimes. Or wait. I don't believe that. I believe that if we are walking as we are called to walk with Jesus. He will answer us very clearly regarding our prayers and they will not be unanswered and they will not simply disappear into the ether. Is a reason why our prayers are not answered. Now, this is not going to be a pleasing statement. But it's a true statement. We must either. Lose are corrupt are corrupt nature. Now. Or we must face our corrupt nature. On the Great Day of God's judgment when we will be ashamed. As we stand before the throne of God. Now. What does this have to do with answered prayer? Very simple. God Will Not Answer the prayer. If we're walking in corruption and wickedness before him. Why would he? Now. The exception to that is that there are times. When the great mercy and love of God is poured out for us so that even as we're in the midst of our wickedness, he will answer a very specific prayer. That's grace that that opens that door for us. The love and kindness and the mercy of God is meant. To bring us to repentance and so if God does answer your prayer. And you're walking in wickedness. The reason he answered that prayer was to demonstrate his love and his kindness for you. But it's meant to call you to repentance to deal with this corrupt nature. So. After you've walked with Jesus for a time. And your prayers are no longer being answered. It's because he's calling you to deal with this corrupt nature. He's calling you to be crucified with with him. To enter into his crucifixion. And so few. If you pray for the salvation of someone that you honestly believe. God wants you to pray for. And that's another issue. We come up with many different prayers. That the Holy Spirit did not tell us to pray. and. In the beginning of our walk with Jesus, he'll oftentimes answered those prayers out of his kindness and his love but the day will come when those person won't be answered anymore. And they won't be answered because. We have not entered through that narrow gate. In a way that allows God to deal with the depth of corruption in our soul. So. If you've been praying for something for quite some time and you're getting no answer, probably the answer is. Either God didn't call you to pray that prayer. Or? He's not willing to answer the prayer until you become serious about dealing with corruption of your soul. Now. I don't like that answer. But it is a true answer. I'm reminded of this passage of scripture. Over here, John. The twelfth chapter. Verse Twenty Three Jesus replied. Remember, the context of this is when. Some Greeks came to see Jesus they wanted to see him and they. They approached Philip and Philip went to. Andrew and Andrew Phillip Together went to Jesus and ask if he would be willing to meet with these Greeks. This is just prior to crucifixion. His answer. The Hour has come for the son of man to be glorified. I tell you the truth unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies. It remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. The man who loves his life will lose it while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me and where I am, my servant will be also. My father will honor the one who serves me Now my heart is troubled. And what shall I say father saved me from this hour. No it's for this very reason I came to this our father glorify your name. This seed principle is very important aspect of having our prayers answered. If we are unwilling. To Fall and die. Then, we cannot produce what is necessary. For the Kingdom of God to be realized. Now What I'm saying to you. Is that God chooses you and he calls you And you respond. And you say I will serve you. Jesus. I will be your disciple. And he answers every prayer very quickly for new convert. But soon, those purser, no longer answered. And we pray and we wait and nothing happens, and then we have to make a decision. Is the problem with the promise of or is the promise with me is the problem mine? The promises of God are yes and amen all of them. I can't blame God. For not answering my prayer. I. Have to back up and say wait a minute. What am I doing that is blocking the answer to this prayer. Can I be very frank with you? Most of us as Americans. Who have received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Live very mixed life. We go through certain rituals of prayer. Reading of Scripture Ping of ties and offerings. and. Then we go and live as best we can according to the moral principles of scripture. And we Enjoy. The world. And the Flesh And the devil. So we have one foot in the Kingdom of God and we have one foot in the world. So we would say we are Christians were born again. But? We've not let the Lord. Get at. The inner nature, the corrupt nature of our hearts. And so some have taught well, you can never get rid of the corrupt nature. You're always going to have the man of sin in you and you're always going to sin. Okay that means God will never answer your prayers. Your intercessions will be ineffective. Your prayers will not go into the heavens. And then you basically give up praying. and. That's what's happened to most. One. Dear sister. That I. Talk with about Jesus. I said. Do you go to church at all. No. Do you read Your Bible at all? No. But pastor I pray every night. Prayer or ritual. Now I lay me down to sleep kind of prayer. Lord. Blessed the missionaries blessed this blessed that bless here. Blessed there I trust. You take care amid Jesus Amen. That's not praying. That's baby talk. Over, pastor I read my my little devotional every morning. That's baby stuff. That's not. That's the milk that's not the the meat. That we need to get into if we really want our to be answered now, please understand me. We are entering a time in America when we can no longer afford to stand with one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom of God, we can no longer afford to be religious. Well, we maintain the wickedness of our hearts. If we want our prayers to be answered. We're going to have to let the Lord lead us. into a life. Of Total commitment to Jesus Christ that means. He's going to have to deal to the very bottom. With all that is natural in us. He's going to have to deal with our love of money. Our personal ambition. He's GonNa have to deal with our natural affection for parents and loved ones. Those parents and those loved ones, and those children are going to have to be given over into the hand of Jesus. And recognize that they are his responsibility. We're going to have to let him deal with our appetites of our body. Food appetites sexual appetites. We're going to have to let God deal with the craving of the natural man. We're going to have to let God deal with our love of life. That makes even a converted man. Live unto himself. We can no longer if we want our prayers answered live unto ourselves. We're no longer going to be able to live. For our own comfort. Or our own advantages. Some of you would say, yes, the Lord has answered my prayer and he's granted me favor in the giving of job or he's granted me favor in. In some kind of healing or he's granted me. That's wonderful and that's his kindness that's meant to lead us to repentance. To remember the first word of Jesus, in Matthew. He preached. Repent. For the Kingdom of God is at hand. I WanNa tell you brother. Sister. The Kingdom of God is at hand. The coming of Jesus and. This world. My Dad. Used to say. Raymond. When. I worked in machine shop. Many years ago. The boss had an office up on the second floor. and. It was connected to the downstairs machine shop by a a rough wooden staircase. He said, he would come down that staircase with his. Ring of keys rattling. And he would say. It's closing time boys. I'll see you tomorrow. And he said, everybody would shut down their machines. Get. Our lunch buckets. And head out the door. He said Raymond. Jesus is going to soon come walking down that wooden stairway rattling the keys of the kingdom. And he's going to say. It's closing time boys. And we're on our way to heaven. Now if you want. To be apart of that. You're going to have to make progress. Like pilgrim's progress. Toward that kingdom above. You're going to have to make a decision about whether or not. You're going to continue to live for your own comfort and your own advantage. For Your own advancement. If you're going to live for your circle of friends. It. All has to go to the cross if you want your prayers answered. If your prayers are not answered it is because you have not taken all of these things to the cross yet. And so the Lord many of you would say, the Lord hasn't spoken to me why hasn't Jesus. Spoken to me he speaks to you pastor yes, he does. If you want Jesus to speak to you. You have to go to the cross. You have to be crucified with Jesus. This is not a theoretical death it's not a philosophical death. It is a real crucifixion with Jesus. It's a crucifixion that only the Holy Spirit. Can make an actual experience in your life. It is both a crisis point where you finally say look my prayers are not being answered. I'm going to have to deal with God I'm going to have to deal with the Holy Spirit. You're going to have to go and actually get honest with him. And then it's going to be a price a process. He's going to walk you through. The. Rejection. Of Your own comfortable life. He's going to take from you your love of money, but he has to have your permission i. Can I tell you? I am not allowed to spend. One dime. For anything. That the Holy Spirit does not tell me to spend because I have no money. Every dollar that's in. My possession. Or in the Church is, possession Belongs to Jesus for the work of his kingdom. And I can't just say, well, it would be nice if I did this or it would be nice if I could go here. I can't do that because it's not my money. I've had to give up. All ownership. Of My money. So that today, I don't have any. I live by faith. I live by trust in Jesus. And if I need to do something I go to the Lord about that and I asked him about it. And he tells me what I'm to do. Do you have that relationship with Jesus I'm telling you it only comes. By the Holy Spirit dealing to the very bottom of everything that is natural in your life. especially. The natural affection for parents and family. Natural. Affections between a brother. Brother sister and. Sister. That brother that sister has to be utterly given over to Jesus. Doesn't mean you don't love them. But means that they are given to Jesus that Jesus stands between you. I remember my late wife. She would always say, I would agree Jesus stands between us. So the day came when Jesus said. I'd like. I'd like your wife. I'm going to take her now. And he took her. And she's with Jesus. Today. He had I, call on her life. I could not object. I prayed. I saw his face. But it was clear. The decision was he was going to take her. Natural affection has to be dealt with in the spirit. The love of life itself must be dealt with. The Comfort. Or advantage. That I like for myself has to be given over to Jesus. The love of advancement the love of. Success The Lord has so broken my heart. Over the lack of success. because. As young men, all I wanted was to be successful. To do great things for. God. But also to be somebody. And the Lord said I'm not having. I'm not having it ray. Your ambition has to go to the cross. I'm not going to allow you. To Be my servant. And have you be concerned about your success? I know today that as you listen to this broadcast only because the Holy Spirit prompted you to listen. I know it's not because of me it's not because of. What you hear it's because of the Holy Spirit calling you. And some of you may be upset by what I'm saying to you. But the self must finally be released from itself. If it's to become an agent of the Holy Spirit. Let me say that you again. Myself Yourself. Must be entirely let go of. It must be released. From itself. In order for you to become an agent of the Holy Spirit. And this is going to require the painful. Crucifixion. By. The Holy Spirit in your life. As, he begins to expose in your life in your inner being those attitudes and those thoughts and those actions. That are self serving. That belong to you. Know, as this crucifixion process moves forward. You will find that there will be inner. Discontent. I was with a dear brother just recently, and he was like a cat on a hot tin roof. He was he was agitated. He was uncomfortable. He was tense. That was the Holy Spirit. And as we spoke together, it became obvious. That it was the Holy Spirit making him so uncomfortable. Because the Holy Spirit wanted him to go a different direction. And as soon as he agreed that, that was true and he began to grab a hold of what the Holy Spirit was to him. He obeyed. An immediately, the peace of God began to flood into his heart. Now I want you to hear what? I'm saying. When you make the decision. That you're going to go deeper with the Lord. You're going to lay aside the childishness. You're going to lay aside. Those. Childish. Ways. Were, you just get down on your knees and you pray your prayer and then you get up and everything's fine and Jesus going to answer your prayer, but he's not. GonNa take much more than that. Now as you begin to move forward in that crucifixion where you. Take up those. Places abiding. As you up that. Perhaps Day of fasting. Or the cutting off of coffee. Or you begin to. Take Up. A new understanding. About what you listen to? When you turn off the television, you turn off the Games you turn off the music you turn off and you begin listening to the Lord and you begin to seek his face with earnestness. These places of abiding become handles that the Holy Spirit can begin to grip your life. As you set apart that time day. And by the way, I was on time to the per closet this morning. As you set aside that time to go in before the Lord in the morning in the evening. I have a set time and then I have many times through the day where I go into his presence but it's that set time that discipline that the Holy Spirit can get a hold of my life and begin to expose things in my spirit. These things have to be dealt with before I can have the power of God. To deal. With what the devil brings against me or against others. To understand. Your power in prayer for answers. Will be in. Direct. Proportion. To. Your crucifixion with Jesus. Now. You're going to have an inner lack of peace regarding something. That is always a burden that says. Get to Jesus. Get to Jesus. And begin to pray out that burden begin to pray out that discontent begin to pray out those feelings that something's wrong. And as you do that. The Holy Spirit will call you onward into very specific obedience. As you pray through that burden of discontent of tension of pressure. The Holy Spirit will outline for you. This is the step I want you to take. The Holy Spirit literally then begins to live his own life of love and sacrifice. For. Lost World. Through you. As a cleansed channel. Now. I WANNA take you. To these passages of scripture. I this John? Twelve passage You. Fall into the ground and die as the holy. Spirit does this work of cleansing. In your inner being. And he's doing that work of cleansing in me at even a much deeper level than I've ever experienced before. He's shown me. My very nature. He show me the. The. Anger, that I thought was gone. The residue is is. Something I'm having to pray through. Comes out in impatience and. It comes out in. Self. Concern. Comes out. and. Self. Pity. No Wise God treating me this way. Why is this so hard? We'll know when. self-pity arises and I say. Lord. Is this so hard. I know that it's my flesh rising up. Because in Jesus. When I'm dead in him. It's not hard. It's joyful. And what I've learned. Is that I have to begin. Taking sides with the Holy Spirit. Against Myself. You understand what I'm saying. I have made a conscious choice in my heart. That I will side with the Holy Spirit. In. Righteousness against my natural inclinations and my natural love. I am his bond servant. I'm not. Free. No This is why I said yesterday. That Matthew, five, the beatitudes, and by the way. One of my disciplines is to read the. The sermon on the Mount. As I come into his presence. And the first thing is blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the first step. To. causing. The Holy Spirit to begin to deal with my heart. This is what? Activates. My prayers. There has to be a an open confession that I can't make this happen. I. have. A man I love dearly who's a Muslim? I've been praying for some years. For his salvation. I know it is God's will to save him. The Lord has been very clear with me about that. But I'm not made any progress. Toward his salvation. been very troubled by that. Lord, how is it that I stand on the promise for this man salvation? And I don't see anything happening. We'll I could say, God's just saying wait but no I know that's not true. That's a cop out. If God wants me to wait he'll tell me to wait. He won't just disappear he won't just withdraw. So to actuate. This promise of God to save this. Dear man. Has Caused. Me To. Come. And we before the Lord over. How happy are the poor in spirit because I'm not very happy about being poor yet. And I've had to admit. I don't know how to win him to Jesus I don't have. I don't have. What's necessary to win him? I need the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to convict him of a sin and turned him toward you Jesus. I can't turn him toward you. He is so full of his own. Is, law. Mc Theology. I can't break through. But God can break through. But I I'm going to have to actuate the promise of God that he will do that and it begins with the confession that I am utterly unable to do anything in the spirit realm I can do things in the physical realm. But I can't in the spirit realm not on my own. This is something that must be brought to me. It must be given to me. So it's great. humbling. I've been taught that self esteem was a great thing. But I've learned that self esteem is an ugly thing before God. I've learned that self dependence is an ugly thing before God. He wants me to depend upon him. And he wants me to go to all the way to the bottom of this issue that I can't do it. He's doing the same thing to me with. Radio. The same thing to me a myriad of places whereas just saying. You've got to be poor in spirit, right? You can't do it. You can't bring forth. Revival. Ray. God has to bring forth revival. I can pray. But without weeping before him over my inability. Owning it. And morning over it. I can't. Do Anything. And the third beatitudes blessed are the meek. Or blessed are the humble. for they will inherit the earth. These three steps are necessary if you want your prayers to be answered. I'm going to say something I'm uncomfortable saying. But I'm going to say it. I was crying out to the Lord last night. As I was going to bed. I was crying out over this fifteenth chapter of Matthew. He said I am the true vine and my father is the Gardner. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit will every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. So you're already clean because of the word I've spoken to you. Remain or abide in me and I will abide in you know branch can bear fruit by itself. It must remain in the vine neither can you bear fruit in? Los You remain in me. I am the vine you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in Him, he will bear much fruit. Well I have not borne much fruit. And it's made me. Ask the very serious question. Am I even plugged into the vine. Don't take that for granted. Don't take for granted that you're plugged into the vine. You may not even be plugged into that vine. Recognize that almost everything I've done in my life, I've done. By my own personality. My own strength. Now. There's been a whole `nother side and I don't deny that. And I don't deny that as I come into the studio, the presence of God comes as even as it's here now. And he is moving. To give me the words to speak to you. I know that's true. So that was my comfort last night I said, Lord am I even plugged into the vine. My am I a part of the vine yet or am I dead branch because I'm not bearing the fruit I think I should be bearing. And just very quietly said to me. You're in the vine. But you're getting seriously pruned. You See. You get cut off the vine or you get pruned you're gonNA get cut either way. And I have to tell you. In the pruning, there's not much fruit bearing. There has to be time to heal. There has to be time to produce fruit. So, AM I. Plugged into the vine and my. My part of the vine. Yes. The Sap of God is flowing in my life. I can't deny that. But I'm really struggling. With the lack of answered prayer in my life. And the shallowness of my life. I've been crying out to God and Lord I'm so shallow. So, shallow I need the mighty power and presence of the holy. Spirit. He says you're being pruned Ray. Trust me I'm carrying you. Thank you Jesus. You see why I'm saying I'm. Not, dependent on myself. I'm dependent upon Jesus and that's why the song. Has. Touched me that I've led with every day this week. Jesus. Only Jesus. It's not ray and Jesus. Or Jesus and Ray. It's only Jesus. He alone is the Lord. He alone is the king of kings. He alone rules over heaven and earth. And Crucifixion. Has. To be finished the power. is in Jesus. Power is not in me. Now, I have four to go. I'm the first to say to you. I am far from where Jesus wants me to be. He is dealing. In the depths of my soul with issues that are so painful, all I can do as he opens them is week before him. And acknowledged. He is right. And as quickly. As he reveals these things I'm asking him in the name of Jesus. To purify made by his blood. To change me. To remove it from me entirely completely. I desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit I desire to be able. To pray as Jesus prayed I desire for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to operate in my life but I recognize the holy. Spirit. Will Not come in power. Again into a man or woman's life. Until. There has been completed crucifixion. Crucifixion. That I cry out for. I'm not going to put myself. I'm going to allow God to tell me. What my places of abiding are. And then I'm going to do it. And I'm going to do it. Let me read this for you. Therefore prepare your minds for action. Be Self controlled set your hopefully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed as obedient children do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy. So, be holy in all you do. For it is written beholding because I am holy. My brother, my sister are you holy today? Is The crucifixion complete in Your Life? Are Your prayers quickly answered does God speak with you does he fellowship with you? He loves you. He's called you. Let him do the work now in your life? Of. Crucifixion. Will you've been listening to pilgrim's progress. Thank you for listening. Please on Youtube. If that's where you watch. Would you? Would you subscribe. And also. If you go to the top of the page of National Prayer Chapel Dot Com you'll see the donate blood. Were building the August expense. To pay the radio at the end of the month. Click on that button donate and it will take you to a website. It's called type. Dot L.. Y.. and. You can make a contribution their online or you can write to me. I love to get letters from you I'm so encouraged by. By some of you in your letters. I haven't heard from some of you. So I'm concerned about you. Leslie. Haven't heard from you. Are you right? Some of the others of you I haven't heard from. Let me know how you are. Right, to me at the National Prayer Chapel. Post Office box, twenty, three, forty, six. Woodbridge. Virginia. Two. Two One nine five. Again it's the National Prayer Chapel. Post Office box, twenty, three, forty, six. Woodbridge Virginia. Two, two, one, nine, five, and would you post a link to this youtube video? On your social media so that other people can have an opportunity also. To listen in to all of you who listened to seventy am God. Bless you my brothers and my sisters. I love you all. And I pray for you. I'm concerned because. We're coming into a very very. Stressful. Difficult. Time some of you already having a hard time. It's GonNa get a lot harder before it gets easier. We're GONNA see a lot of. Violence and mayhem in Washington DC is. As wicked people begin to lay siege to the White House. We're in for a very painful financial time as well. The answer is Jesus only juices. To Be, crucified with Christ. To walk faithfully before him in holiness and obedience. Being purified by obeying the word of the Holy Spirit to you. In even the smallest areas. I love you. Tomorrow. We'll finish this series on prayer. I pray God has. Given you some ideas and some ways. That you can begin to pray. God bless you. Talk to you soon. Since Gray. To. Food.

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