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the Steve Warne contact sports and whatever everybody welcome to the show. I'm your host Steve Warren. Jim Jerome is our in Studio Waldman. Thank you for clicking and clicking play that is and continuing to share Aaron like show daily. Blast of sports talk in whatever coming up on the show today. Ottawa senators camp opens up as we record this today Bianca's pump because she she finally hears back from Drake Bruce Cassidy good auto avoid their resigns as head coach of the Boston Bruins and the Antonio Brown ongoing saga continues and it goes from well annoying to flat out disturbing all still ahead on episode one one six of the WPA the up podcast assisted on the play by Jim Kaye Ford rb computing all Insurance Ontario Popeye supplements and here is Jim Jerome Jimmy. How are you Steve Oy. I'm all good. I'm all in. I'm doing fine. How are you I'm good. Can I issue a quick apology to the good listener yes in the ending to our last. I episode remember you mentioned because we're talking about Columbia. House records that mail order record Jeez to get back in the eighties you mentioned that you had a Helen Reddy album that you accidentally Bentley bought from the club. When you were a kid yes and so woman hear me Roar Steve. I am woman hear in numbers too big to ignore and and in the editing process. I said you know what I'm going to slip in a little. I am woman by Helen Reddy in the background and it was mostly to mark you but I left the the volume like at eleven on a scale of one to ten so the last forty five seconds of you and I talking away is like all Helen Reddy add like Kosei eleven just blaring no-one could hear a word we are saying at the end so I fixed it quite early on this morning. I replaced the file but for some reason it didn't take on the android right apps out there so my apologies to that for the android users and listeners. I am woman hear me roar Steve. If she wore it yes she gave she gave it a rock and a UH also Steve Retraction because they question do on this a couple of times. I said it doesn't make sense and and I said I don't believe it when you said to me. The Trivia question was who is the first Golfer to make a million bucks okay and it happened happened in one thousand nine hundred fifty five. It was Arnold Palmer Day because he turned ninety yesterday or the day before Yup right and I said how can you make a million bucks in nineteen and fifty five sure enough stevie sure enough. Ya One thousand nine hundred seventy was the first PG player to crack a million dollars always but for the good listener they wouldn't have known that Arab because I edited it beautifully and made myself sound fantastic no we're I hadn't. NHL Trivia your question lined up for the show but because we were talking about Arnold Palmer I thought okay I get something on the fly. While Jimmy's recounting the day that he caddied for Arne and lucky me I found a website through Google that was absolutely full of Shit. Ah I see some pretty neat idea a while ago which is funny and it came out of people correcting acting mistakes on shows on radio shows so you know I would say it's on our show and then there'd be an email there just just to clear up a couple of things that Jim said said they were completely wrong so now I see other shows Dan and what's his face on TSN Dan Jan Jan Dan. I don't know if they still do it but they had a little two minutes at the end what mistakes Jane Dan make during the past hour of run show pretty funny. I was thinking if we did that. That would have to be about a twenty minute segment. It's a second podcast really I really would vote. Well we used to do a contest called fixed the facts and it was one of our more popular contests when we were on TSN and and it will just basically throw it obvious errors. There's and people will have to identify them as I I'll read a biography on. I Dunno Daniel Alfredsson and the end of it there'd be there'd be at least one fact in there that was wrong and people who have to fix the facts. It's an adage really it's. It's a famous thing that uh talk radio. Guys have always talked about or radio people in general if you ever wonder if anybody's listening to say something wrong you'll know is immediately isn't that you're just make a mistake. That's funny so stevie. I put a my townhouse. has an attached garage a little touch grudge so obviously there's a door from the garage into the House and I've got these two cats steve that I I hate cats Steve. I always have hated you've. I don't like them and let you single I. I don't I'm single. What do you mean you don't. Have anybody answer to if you hate them then. Give them away well. I've had them too long now. Though I've I've had them too long and they've renovated my whole play. Stephen I bought it almost ten years ago and then a couple years after that I got cats and the really effectively Steve. My townhouse is one big cat condo play area. Okay they have torched the place they have. There's there's strings of carpet hanging all over the place off the stairs and they've they've scratched their way to the bottom of the hardwood where I do have carpet to get in rooms. They throw shit on the wall Steve. I don't know how it gets there. I have no idea why when they get their little litter boxes. Go like doc full digging for a bone and throw litter everywhere right so and and I've never put them out in the garage so I put the garage door on Steve. The little cat door a little pet door sure you you know you cut out a hole in your door. Neha you had this little thing that has a flap and so the cats can go in and out okay so what happens with these little these little pictures they pissed to Steve. Okay around my house. not not in the litterbox like Oh. No they anywhere they want. Steve Anywhere they want and that's that's that's grounds for dismissal right. That's grounds for dismissal but I've had them too long. I can't I can't give them to anyone and I kind of like him. You know I grew to like them but but I hate them and EH works whether jerks and Steve They just WanNa be around you all the time and when I'm on my I do this from a table in my kitchen and they jump up there and they crawl across the keypad and and they're licking my hand in there fucking around with a microphone and everything and so I I would throw them them in the garage. Well we do this so now Steve. I put a category in there and so it threw him out in the garage this morning and I logged logged on to the next thing I see the two cats up on the table. I might be a bit of a mistake. I just did right so we've got what we got two more. You're listening Steve. I guess Nice so we got that going for us which is nice and when we come back on the show. We're going to get into some hockey talk. As we record cord this podcast the Ottawa senators today kicking off their training camp so we'll kind of take the temperature of sense fans as we begin a new season. I want to remind everybody that we have some great sponsors that we'd love if you could support like Popeye supplements we all feel a little guilty after we found back a big giant bag of cheese during the big game but what if your snacks could be delicious and healthy to Popeye supplements. has you covered with amazing snacks like protein popcorn cookies chips gumy's and more healthy and still delicious. That's a win win. Popeye supplements six Ottawa locations or Popeye's candidate dot com. If you're shopping around for a new vehicle right now man is your timing good. Ford employee. Pricing is back for a limited time at gym K Ford. You pay what Ford Employees Pan select new vehicles. Now's the time to get the forty. You've had your eye on. 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It is the start of training camp and well. Let's use that as our RB computing web poll today because is after all the losing all the bad press from the last couple of years. I WANNA know sends fans. Are you all in and are you all in the way. Christian is WanNa know what your head space is with this club and Christian tweeted me and I attach this to the tweet for the poll something very optimistic optimistic but also taking a bit of a backhanded shot at a lot of sense fans out there have been really complaining about the team over the last year so he wrote you know what to all the twitter trolls and all those people out there who just pretend to be sends fans. Well expect to be blocked all year long by the real sense fans. We're not putting up with your shit anymore. Go Sends Go. Wow every go boy. He's all in so win. We got a bunch of various takes on things but you know what I kinda in that mode as well in that yes there remains a number of things percents fans to be concerned about it all stems down from the ownership however. I'm tired of being concerned about it. A season is about to start and I'm ready to watch some hockey and and take a more optimistic view of the club's future you know Steve. What one of the things I've always thought to gauge change your take or your input as a fan on a team where you get to where you get to use social media okay to call out your team. You and I've known for a long time like everybody else that that that this stuff is almost borders on hate crime right that some of the people say I've always I've always maintained. Steve that if you're going to use social media to connect with the team to react on their twitter account or their facebook site or instagram or whatever they do to make a comment that you've got to stop and pause for second and say okay what I'm about to write is something that I would say in person if I ran into Eugene Gene Melnik all right It's something that I would tell the front office if I ran into that player who I think is shit. Am I going to tell him that I am. I going to scream and yell at the coach. Let's say you're no good. You're shitty should be far. You don't know what you're doing. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and I I better change a lot of that a lot of this fan outrage all the time in fact. I've maintained that with any anything anyone doing social media. you know you're all you're all brave right. You're all crazy. behind the cover of text you know of a post sure and so that's all that's always bothered me and and obviously the answer would be. There's no way half of that shit whatever he set they get to a level of venom. That is is just you can't be anything but dismissive of it. It's more the fans that are just expressing their genuine frustration and I understand it. I fully understand understand it because they feel it but we're now at a stage where everybody's had their chance to be on the hockey psychiatrist's couch on social media media having conversations and forums jumping on sports talk radio and AFI like anything. I have to say about the state of the Ottawa Senators. I've said a million times already already. Meanwhile the club's about to start up and start playing hockey with all these young guys. I mean I'm looking at the roster and obscene like nine guys that are very a big interest to me from a hockey perspective of course that are twenty two and under you got Chabad could shock white bathurst narrows Lajoie Brannstrom Brown Norris Norris. I want to move on and turn the page and DAB is certainly possible that the owner could come along and punch me in the face in a year or two but in the meantime we have a freaking terrible terrible winter here in Canada. It's just awful. We all know that and this is my great distraction from that. It's the reason I look look forward to winter. It's playing hockey and watching. NHL Hockey specifically the Ottawa senators so at this moment in time. I'm just ready to turn the page on all the a angst all the concerns and just focus on what's good well. You have to Steve. You have to if you have any team in your city. You've got to bite bite the bullet you have to live and breathe with wins and losses. All all you have to do is look at Phoenix when they moved there from Oakland. Winnipeg I think right is over went from Winnipeg Phoenix. Where did where did Colorado come from Aric. Okay so all you gotTa do is look at Phoenix when they first came in the league. They couldn't draw flies. They were Shitty team. Don was was about the only guy was good on that team at the time and they were going nowhere. They had an unbelievable rink. Okay now. They're still fighting about the equivalent of the argument they're having auto but the rink being way too far out and Kanada the rank and Phoenix is way out in Glendale and much bigger city. It takes longer to get there so they've got that deal going on and they may get another rick downtown but the fact of the matter is no one was going to the Games Steve. Nobody and it's a beautiful ring. It's one of the nicest ranks ever. He's got got breaking marble on the concourse. It's marple while it's crazy I could go on and on the boxes of the biggest and Best I've ever seen they left. If no stone unturned every thought of every single detail it's outstanding. It's in an area where there's a million restaurants that they built around in hotels and all sorts of stuff. It's great but the fans didn't show up and that that that ring probably holds close to twenty thousand people and you would get six seven thousand People Apple Steve at a game. Maybe maybe you know and the team the players you know it affects them. It affects them. You know the the people don't think it does what did they give a shit. They're making their big dough. They don't care but they do. They do in fact a lot of them. got very vocal about pleading with the fans to at at least show up at least show up ticket prices. Steve were basement level okay in fact they would give tickets away. If you bought a bottle of booze you buy I bottle of vodka. You're going to get two tickets to the game. They're doing all sorts of stuff and but in the end the interesting side was was the players sort of almost pathetically begging fans to come to the Games right otherwise we'll never be able to do this. You know like us or not. This thing doesn't go on if no one feels the building and and I think that's that's what this guy's saying in the in the web poll today in his post about I'm all in. You have to be well. Let's hear the fans have to say in reaction to that. In the poll we got Joshua. I'm excited but guarded until Shabani signed long-term. I'm still on the fence however they extend she bought and Ca- Chuck I am. I'm all in and Melnick and I are best buds Oh snl rights I am all in Mike McCarthy writes. I'm even more in now that the trolling constant complaining complaining fans in quotations are out sends fan in Mike Loss Rights. I believe in being open minded. How about we let the player show us what they can be ignore Eugene. If all we want him gone then we may end up without a team someday now. It goes a little sideways now because if you it's almost like there was a few are you positive ones and that brought out the other side of the coin. Mike t-bone rights. I am a former sixteen year season ticket holder. I have never been less excited for the to start a sense season than I am now. I'm drained from the last two years of horrendous ownership and watching my faith players walk out the door and the prime of their careers. Please please sell huge pretty. Please Bruce Super Nintendo chalmers. I am not in curious to see the young players on TV but won't support Eugene in in any way mark rights. I am all in I understand why and how the Senate have been put in this position and it sucks but peers added some nice pieces and they're moving in the right direction and New Coach D. J. Smith saying all the right things and I'm on board with his messaging Hashtag. Go Sends Go Eric Bear Rights. I am one hundred percent. All in the negative rhetoric is so tiresome now just roll my eyes when I see the same overused jokes about the current state of the franchise. I'm done listening to all that Thomas. The T. won't get a dime from me until Melnik cells but I still will cheer them on and lastly jazz to five eight until I see a full commitment from the owners on the a young stars at market value and bring in a top player to to get over the top out continue to be skeptical. I will watch. I'll be happy for the youngsters but won't be surprised when they're gone to other teams teams so thank you very much for all the feedback via twitter. TSN Steve and once again are brought to you by RB. Computing James had some wicked storms lately and that can wreak havoc on your computers electronics. Here's what you do Steve. You call rb computing today and they'll make sure your computers and electronics are protected protected and for a limited time get a twenty percent discount on all services. If you drop in and mentioned you heard this at on the project. You're going to get twenty percent off. That's RB computing one. Oh Six Minton place in bells corners RB COMPUTING DOT COM okay Steve. One Guy said there. You read read some posts from people whether they're all inter not right. That's the poll today. R- you enter you out yeah. We just want to get where people in fact. The poll was basically. Where are you at right now. Are you all in as they get camp underway. or where are you at if you're not so one guy said I'm drained. Oh I'm completely drained from you know you don't have you know it's not GonNa Affect Your Life too much whether they win or lose you know you're going to buy your tickets every year anyway but but maybe you're not apparently okay. I'm not I'm not renewing my season tickets. Because I'm sick of all the trades they made you know and I'm not doing anything now until they get rid of the owner and then I'm back in well. If that's if you get to make that deal Steve then if we get a new owner then I might guaranteed that you're gonNA buy season tickets and if you hated that trade or those guys that we got rid of to the point where you're not going to support the team then. Can I check with you. The next time we make trade that you're okay with and withdraw a bunch of cash cash for tickets out of your cake do an automatic withdrawal okay so that's that's what my look at that thing. These demands that fans fans are making who who get to call tell you what I'm not even. GonNa show up. 'cause that's right in the kitchen of a marketer right. They hate that they hate hearing that they bust their balls to make to ice the best team that they can to to have the game day experience and everything terrific to have tailgate party etc.. KC right so as when I hear that Shit from fans I'm not in I'm not in because of that and they're reasons why they're not well then then effectively. You should be paying if we come up with a reason that you like. T- yeah there's a lot of people on twitter that it'll be like Oh if they get rid of Eugene Melnyk man. I'm buying season tickets like the next day or maybe the same day. I'll I'll sprint if I have to to the ticket so if you gene Melnik did sell a guarantee me. Some people absolutely will get get their season tickets but there's a good chunk of people who claim that that the day Eugene Melnyk cells and if you went up guys so you can give you a lift to the ticket office if you want. What if you WANNA get those sets and season tickets you've been bleeding on? It'd be like in a lot of cases. It would be who are yeah got. A. I got a haircut appointment. You you know what I'm GonNa do that. Maybe next week some time I'll get back to you. There's a lot of talk about it. They're not a lawyer not a lot of folks that are willing to walk the walk and there's no doubt about it. Steve you need a thick skin. You need a really thick skin when you're at the mercy of people getting to weigh in on what you're doing right first of all. I have no vested inches some do by tics but but lots don't they don't go to the Games they sit at home might maybe watch on TV and stuff like that. So you really they do need to be tough to to handle the ship that people can throw at you. You know so what people forget Steve Is. The doors are not going to close because has ten people said I'm not returning to watch the sins. There's ten more who just said I'm in. I'm in regardless of what you know. So what do you do the people okay what do you do. It's just not gonNA happen this stuff that you're saying you know they must make better trade or else. Okay hang hang on Bob from Orleans says we got to. We've got to bring back whoever you know meanwhile with the camp starting as we record this today and and you know everybody's reporting and fitness testing and things like that this this two thoughts. I can't shake and and one is to know whether or not this this camp is actually going to be really interesting or not because it's will it be a fair fight because there's so many rookies and that's that's the thing to be excited about this team with so many young good prospects that they've built up because they've traded away these elite players here in the last couple of years will it be a fair fight with these young guys who were on two way contracts tracks like will they still have a chance or have. We already established that. You know what if you're an overpaid guys going to help us get to the floor. You know what you're going to be the automatic a guy here. You've got a one way contract no move so you've got the job already so if that's the case then it may not be be the most interesting of camps in terms of battles but who knows not sure exactly how they're. GonNa play it and the other one is just a piece of advice in that if you're doing that fitness testing drill that caused Jj Pasha to destroy hamstring. Maybe go ahead and leave that on the drawing board missed half the season with maybe because these guys are so competitive right so just standing broad jump or whatever it was that caused the problem. Maybe go ahead and eliminate eliminate that. Oh that side to side jump or something that the skaters launch whatever it was maybe don't do that. I don't care. Jj Pasha's was on the team. You don't need to put him through the rigors that much right true enough true enough cell. You know you own this team team and you watched these fitness deals. You'd be like hey we'll we'll. We'll knock it off man. I'm in for five year with this student you want to test the explosiveness and everything but at this stage of the game in you kind of know Jj Pajamas for example and a lot of the other veterans as well. I don't necessarily need to we know there how how far they can do a standing broad right or or hey conor don come on in here. Okay get on the bench. Get on the press machine the bench press machine there and we want to see a set a record that much wait wait you could live or get a get them on top of this three the foot high. Basu Ball and and do a balance way do some arm curls and stuff. What could happen sure sure stability muscles are what could possibly acidly go wrong. They're good idea all right. Let's flip it around to well. You know what I WANNA do this because it's more of a serious topic the renegade into the Antonio Antonio Brown nonsense but Bianca is pumped because she finally heard back from drake. She's having a news conference and and this sort of goes to the police factor that this kid has nineteen years of age and try to empathize like if I'm doing anything at nineteen requires a bunch of mature adults reporters to come out and listen to me talk doc. I just want to get through it. I'm not going to be there being colorful. I just want to answer questions and get the hell out of there. We'll Bianca's news. Conference comes to an end and this goes to how comfortable comfortable she's become with all this fame and notoriety. Everybody is about to get up and leave. Bianca calls them back and says oh by the way I finally heard back from drake and then just hang on a second and it gets her cell phone to share exactly what he had sent her way as far as text or tweet went and this what you had to say. Oh Drake message me by the way like way. Let me read it actually having a conversation with him. This is unreal down. He's like here. I am Smiley face congrats. We are also proud of you. I've been liking every post with you in it. Ll I thought you'd see see I didn't. I was barely on social media. I was just posting things but yeah that was cool that was I don't even know what to reply to that. it's. GonNa take me a while. I got the scene. He has the senior message. Don't worry I'm going to answer. I'm going to answer yeah him. There's Bianca all Jack because drake finally got back to her and of course that became thing because she mentioned it on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon but kind of funny stuff and I guess drake had been in contact with her. She just hadn't been paying enough attention to your social media the hits just keep von coming with this kid. Don't you know as you just gets better and better all the time and so refreshing you know so refreshing right to to have something we just talked about all all this this acidic stuff on on and pulse with people and then you get this this feel-good story better than that. You know it's cool. It's cool you know she just she just never stops to impress so I'm on I'm on. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm along for this ride. I get up in the morning morning and I I checked the stuff. That's that she's up to right because she's up to a lot right. This thing is going to be full bore full steam ahead for for another month author to unite with her so she's cool. She's cool. Why can't you be like her kids gay right. Can't you be like her Antonio. Antonio Brown like the whole last last couple of weeks. We've been focused of course on the the Bianca story a super positive for Canadian fans have your sports. It's fan though that's been keeping an eye on the headlines. Antonio Brown has dominated them this the way was behaving with the with the raiders and ends up being released from the raiders primarily because of behavior issues but nothing in the criminal department just being a nuisance just being a jerk and actually tweeted at the other day. What's next with this guy. You know when this thing and well the next thing is well. It's gone from nuisance gone from annoying too disturbing so brown is with the new Winkler Patriots. Now is most people would know by now and he's not been accused of raping a woman who worked at his as his trainer according to a federal lawsuit that was it was filed yesterday or in Tuesday's should say in the southern district of Florida like what a mass what a train wreck. This freaking guy is yeah not not a fun thing to talk about no yeah. I don't know how long ago it happened. It was a it was basically a little more detail on on it. She basically did not go and file charges legally but she is doing this all through lawsuit and so it's Brown's former trainer and she accuses Brown of sexually assaulting her on three occasions in twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen and I it's just odd I mean I don't file criminal charges the other thing that's unusual and let's say these anything that's not above board or anything but the woman is getting married this week so it seemed like an odd thing on the old checklist of all the things one has to do as as a new bride getting ready for their wedding that this would be something in the mix that's going on in her life at the same time very very unusual but there there's always explanations for everything so meanwhile it's nothing nothing unusual from. Bill Belichick who got well as you'd expect some questioning from the reporters for the Patriots Media and there's actually a pretty good pushback I gotta save from the Patriots Media but bill managed to hold them off on Antonio Situation of Antonio and is a representative of made statements so I'm not gonNA be expanding on those They are what they are We've looked into the situation. We're taking it very seriously. Precisely all the way through the organization sure questions but not going to be entering discussion about that so you were you aware of lawsuit when you signed Antonio Brown. I'm not going to be expanding on the statements achievements that have already been given me no morals I just said what did they deserve. Your we know more. We'll say more practice yes. How are you preparing for or taking it one day just like we always do preparing for more apparent for one day at a time the allegations against waiver yeah. I appreciate all the questions and that's that's what's been settlements. Randy Moss yesterday you think until you run will require as much attention as Mazda to in sync with the team. I didn't say that yeah. I don't know if you'll require more difficult frustrating a distraction getting the season. We're we're. We're we're we're on the rest of it is it's where all mine got bigger distractions before. You confident that this is not gonNA throw you off trade working on my I went through the Scott report went through the game plan today practice for Miami around okay anything else on Miami on on the questions. I mean just trying to find out if he said anything about the L. Just answer that question actually uh-huh. Okay Bill Belichick is feisty best at the news conference from yesterday about Antonio Brown around trying to deflect everything and again some really good pushback I thought from the Patriot media instead they just sort of sitting there taking challenging him. That was good stuff like that okay. Hey let's get some levity going here. Lighten things up a little with ladies and gentlemen. It's warns e Super Trivia which had no problems yesterday today whatsoever you know there was a big void in the show here now figured out okay the the Super Trivia for Silk Web Solutions Dot COM for all your web design and Maintenance Needs Spin Your web with Silk Sarah a good listener to the program running silk so thanks very much for your sponsorship of of this Great Trivia contest and our question today Jim is are you ready ready the Ottawa senators in their history and you are around for a lot of it doing sports talk radio here have beaten one. NHL team more than all all the others name that team my gut feeling my gut. Well is is buffalo in the same division. Buffalo is in the same division. Yes that's my that's my that's my boo right away of what Buffalo Duke me you do me and you do a lot of other people Steve. Were sitting back going that. That was a Horse Shit Trivia question. I don't think so I think people like to know here as we begin a new sense season with training camp starting as we record this today. I think people like the idea that they beat Montreal the most now you were talking about an NHL player blast from the deep passed in the league. That's actually making some entertainment news today. I saw a little headline today that former player Tom laidlaw okay. I I barely remember that name but it seems to ring a bit of a bell with me he's sixty one years old and he's going to be on survivor. show longstanding show right it was the it was survivor. Steve was like the original reality show fear factor and survivor and when they came out people like this is insane man Dan what they are doing and all these shitty reality shows came after it anyway so he's going to he's going to do anything I can to win and he's going to be on survivor and laid laws look after himself by the way used to play for the Rangers and the Kings played through all the nineteen eighties. He was a teenager Powell Wayne Gretzky in those late eighties kings teams so by the guys looked after himself a sixty one years old and deceive some photos of him in terms of the PR shots for survivor survivor. Guys got a six pack going at sixty one well done sir well. It's way better my point is. This is a way better things. Steve for a former pro athletes to do then. Let's say dancing with the stars okay. Have you seen this shitty thing that they do okay. They're going to have aw forget who they had the great running backs retired running backs from Dallas Emmitt Smith emmitt Smith and they're gonNA put them in dancing with the stars. Have you seen this thing when he was on there. Hey how about this. He's a shitty dancer. This hate working all right got. They got some girl who's been in the Royal Ballet the Winnipeg Royal Ballet Dancing with this guy and he's looking around going. I don't know I could throw her fifty yards if I had to. How about that talk that's what they should have steve a little contest of how far how far can you throw your dance partner like it? Maybe it will the lineup and and see if she could tackle you or something like that you know why don't we do that something so survivors at least a little better idea. Even the the the blades thing is coming back. I love the blades with the battle of the blades. Yeah it's very popular. Actually it was extremely popular. When Sheldon Kennedy I saw tweeted at something where he had to put on the the tight glittery outfit that figure skaters generally wear and he but he had a big belly elliot going on it and stuff and he was really pushing it out to make it look even worse as I think I'm ready better contests that have for these guys post career and survivor -vivor sounds Jimmy Johnson the former Dallas cowboys coach didn't last very long but he was a member of one of the survivor casts at one point and I agree that's a that's compelling. That could be pretty good. He was the old dude. Oh Watch okay more to come in just a moment here James. I remind everybody we all tend to feel a little bit guilty. After after we pound back at a giant bag of doritos during the big game but what if your snacks could be delicious and healthy as well Popeye supplements has you covered with amazing snacks like like protein popcorn cookies chips gumy's and more healthy and still delicious. We'll that's a win win. 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He signed a multi year contract extension today as head coach of the Boston Bruins guided the team to the Cup final against Saint Louis earlier this year. They didn't talk about exact number of years but they're expecting money-wise. It'd be around three million dollar. Mark and I think I think that is a good decision for the bruins taken on an Ottawa guy and his record with the Bruins pretty steady fourth best winning percentage in team history a one hundred seventeen fifty two and twenty two record with the bees a six seven winning percentage one win away from the Cup final title. That's about as slam dunk a no doubt decision that you can have all the other coaches are going to love that Steve. I'll tell you yeah keeps chipping away although he moved in the bar up although although he's a super duper star as a coach tremendous junior player the sixty seven's like the stats were defenseman but take a look at him statistically jump on stat page. You Go whoa that is a lot of points for an. Oh L. Defenseman and had cups of coffee in the NHL as a player doesn't look far off from being able to play guys guys aging a champion fifty four years of age and like I say looks like he might have just retired a year or two ago kind anything but is. This seems like one of those coaches that knows his shit. The guy seemed to like him. communicates well with the media. The record speaks for itself. So how could Boston didn't do anything but bring this guy on and this. Is this guy that had like you go back like fifteen years. This guy was briefly in Washington Shington and had a very short cup of coffee with the capitals back then and the team didn't do very well but it was also said at the time that you are Amir Yager. Auger wasn't a particularly easy guy to coach there and a lot of people slap the tag on your armor Yager of coach killer largely because of the way he interacted with Bruce Cassidy the city when he was a young coach but I mean if cassidy had any hand in you know why things came apart in Washington. He seems to have put all that behind him and that's a that's an F. I have have no idea what went wrong in Washington but guys get better guys learn and he is certainly a new man and a very good coach in Boston. You know it's IT'S SORTA it falls in Steve with the odds. The odds of you having a successful coach from a guy who had a very successful full career as a player doesn't seem to work out very often also. It's almost like if I was a GM. I'm hoping I won't but this guy didn't have a long career career as a player because those guys shitty coaches with the exception Hilarie Robinson we brought up yesterday and he was he was a great coach but it's like the SL Jinx. You know sports illustrated cover jinx. You know if you get on there on the right is the is the take on that deal so it's almost like you know. This guy will be a good coach. Obviously he's proven himself so it's a little different but maybe there's something to save for that when the sends entire. Dj Smith Right who did I don't know what his career was in the NHL briefly but not a lot but he had a a decent minor league career but I think that maybe I've talked talked about this on earlier podcasts. I think the biggest reason that these guys who have shorter careers the reason they make central good. NHL Coaches because they can get right at it like the the career wasn't that long so they jump into the coaching ranks and hone their skills and ply their trade and they got it. You know some of them. Have you know a decade of coaching experience before they get to the. NHL versus the NHL superstar who has that long career and almost always just goes right into coaching with not nearly early the training and experience level and that's why I think a lot of these coaches who are superstar players. Don't pan out as coaches well. Maybe be a lot of those guys. Steve when they did play hockey who weren't very good who were just hanging on by a thread to stay to stay in the show. We're we're probably a lot more about I better just pay attention here and play the system and all that stuff and they probably knew the playbook inside and out as opposed to an Ovechkin or said had crosby or even younger when brought them up that the coach probably goes okay. Here's the play or do whatever you want right or do. Whatever connor do whatever you want up there if you don't like this is play because they can manufacture so much stuff so it's a bit of a stretch on my part. Steve to say why they make good coach but but there may be some you don't mind stretching. They probably paid a that might stretching but they paid a lot of attention to to sort of coaching styles. Maybe thinking maybe thinking that Steve. Hey maybe I'm sitting on the bench going okay. My days are numbered. I started I started as a third defensemen and always always I've sat out six weeks and back as the seventh guy talk times a ticket away. Here are going to start to pay attention other coaching. You know so hey good for him. I don't mind seeing that they deserve the bill these guys as much as anybody on no doubt it's an old cliche cliche for sure but it applies. You're hired to be fired and boy make the money when he can. I should hate the Bruins more than I do. As someone who supports the sends and follows was them religiously. I should hate the Bruins. Brad Marchand certainly helps that along a little bit but now there's something about the bruins that I really haven't developed the same kind of distaste for like a have with say the The Blue Team the Toronto Maple leafs and as well the Montreal Canadians to a degree so anyway we gotta go. We need to call it today. We've done enough here. We've done enough damage. What do you got going today Stevie. What do I have today garbage day. Steve Okay so ambitious ambitious roll my cat's throat your cat all put them at the nerve. See what happens. Let them let them sit. It's fascinating acetate things you can stick it on the curb though they're gone but long before the garbage picks it up at a bunch of bricks that were laying around the former owner is head in the woods and I said you know what these are bricks. People need brakes there for God knows what and I just stacked out about fifty of them on the road stack them nicely and all of a sudden gone what happened to me one time. I'm Steve Back in my blurry days. I was bringing in some tires. I used to have a really cool car this this really sharp car that I had and so I was getting new going to get the get these tires put new Hubbard on them. Okay so I was Kinda hammered and I saw the things I walked through. My graduate said you know I gotta put those in in the car tomorrow. Bring him over there and get them into mouth them and stuff and so I brought it up to the curb. Stephen just left brought them out one at a time left four there and came inside in the morning or that night came inside for forgot to go back out. Steve and put them in the car and they were gone. It was garbage so sometimes blocked off through my tire so we don't make that mistake anymore. All right well good luck with the garbage and the cats and all that stuff and garbage abused as big no doubt love garbage day alright then enjoy and that's all I got was. We'll see you tomorrow.

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