The Evening Briefing: Friday, November 13


Hello i'm chris. Price with the briefing from the telegraph. It's friday november the thirteenth and dominic. Cummings has quit downing street off. Ruled the draw in westminster in the last few days. It's little surprise. The week ended with moore dominic cummings metrics clutching a cardboard box. He was seen walking out of the front door of number ten this evening. Shortly after conflicting reports emerged of him quitting immediately while others said he'll continue until mid december. It follows a huge pow struggling number ten against what seen as the vote. Leaf faction so sane. Cummings vote leave ally. Li kane quit has downing street's director of communications. Who would replace him well. Former chancellor such javits emerged as a front runner for the chief of staff job which cain had been tipped to get. Christopher hope has the details. On johnson's impending reshuffle over. This comes as government. Scientists said the lockdown in england's luckily to get the number below one the latest estimate of the our numbers between one and one point two. That's a slight drop on last week. Our live blog has the latest updates. As danny told you this morning the yorkshire ripper. Peter sutcliffe style off testing positive for covid nineteen now with yorkshire polices apologized for the language and attitudes of senior officers at the time of his murders chief constable. John robbins insisted. Today's approaches. holy victim focused the inept. Police searched for the most brutal serial killer in living memory. Became the biggest manhunt in british criminal. History you can read. How sutcliffe was eventually caught. And strictly come dancing. Covid crisis continues professional dancer. Anton dubec will join the judging panel this weekend. He'll be filling in while mercy abuse as self isolating following. An urgent trip to germany comes after olympic boxing champion. Nickel atoms was forced to quit the show. That's after her dance. Partner catcher jones tested positive coronavirus. Marianne kaz swine sets out. Why adams ruthless covid acting is the beginning of the end for strictly twenty twenty along with all that you can read guy kellyanne the new direction for the john. Christmas at just. Don't expect to understand it. That's the ad not his column and look back at sofia lorraine jayne mansfield and the birth of side. I that you're up to date. Danny will have your next briefing on monday morning.

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