Dear Bobcat Ep. 13: Dont sweat it


Welcome to deer bobcat the podcast series of ohio today radio where we ask ohio university alumni to right a letter to their freshman selves and read it live on stage or in the booth in this episode two thousand thirteen journalism graduate kate. We'll see shares a laundry list of tips that she wishes she followed that first year in athens she read her letter live on stage at our a deer bob cat event at the athena cinema this deer bobcat you're going to love o._u. I promise it will take awhile to find your niche but once you do it will change the trajectory of your collegiate experience and your life that sounds dramatic but it's your asshole advisor will help seek out a lifelong mentor that greek life thing will end up being a blast and actually help you discover some the best friends of your life university program council. Oh we'll help you develop a skill set that position for professional success. Dan farkas and ron pittman are the best professors ever seriously leverage them and their experience but enough of that. Let's talk about the good stuff. That german placement test you took is wrong. You are not prepared for the four hundred level class so just accept the truth and go oh down to the two hundred level. Stop fighting it. Stay away from goodfellas. I don't care how much you wanted. After a night out. Just avoid it on the thing note. Shadley hardly dining hall will give you the shits sorry but just watch out you and alden library will become good friends that bathroom perfect placement on your welcome jeff hill will give you good looking gluts. Enjoy the money you can. They will not stay there for long bagel street. Deadliest heaven eat it. Daily just walked jeff hill after study hard. It pays off lastly have fun relax. You have time to let your taipei freak flag fly after college. Just go to that movie or that event with friends. You will cherish that time when you look back on college and don't sweat the world it isn't as bad as you think it is and guess what there are bob cats there to greet you on the other side in fact their bob cuts everywhere just waiting to help guide you and cheer you on what they say is true. It's not for years. It's for life. Thanks kate for your letter really appreciate appreciate you sharing it and taking the time to write it in the first place <hes>. It sounds like it took you a little time really to kind of come around and fall in love with a high university. What was it that that kind of finally made you come around so yeah. It's funny when i i can't campus. I think they have their reaction. Most people did driving in but wow what a beautiful campus reagan huge jessica and as soon as i stopped on campus i immediately fell in love but i think make reality starts to set in you know once your parents start to drive away and you get thrown into the whirlwind classes and all the opportunities on campus to get involved involved in so i think they just got really overwhelmed. I you know i think for a lot of people that that transition from high school to college is a little bit tougher than they think <hes> they. They see college on t._v. As being this fun awesome place and that's not always reality rate because you're trying to manage figuring out what you're going to do with the rest of your life while while making new friends maybe having transitions with friends in high school and kind of where that also so. I don't know if there's one certain thing that you know kinda turned the needle for me <music> or if it wasn't just you know a little bit of everything <hes> but i will say that definitely my involvement in in certain programs and activities that oh you really helped introduce me to people who i think helped shape the rest of my collegiate experience. <hes> who really made athens feel more more than just a place. They really feel like home. <hes> university program council is one that stands out to me and i think i mentioned in my letter <hes> that organization organization really helped introduce me to some of my life on friends friends who i'm still working with than and friends here <hes> now that i live in chicago so i would say u._p._c. <hes> sigma kappa and greek life really also helped me find a group of like minded individual <hes> who shares similar values and just an interest in not only only bettering oh you but bettering themselves and so i think that kinda helped helped me really find my home it. Oh you and then make the rest of my time there the by so college is time for a lot of people of a lot of change and transformation <hes>. Would you think your freshman south would recognize who became he arch day really ever thought about it. In that context i would say yes. There are certain certain aspects of my personality and you that are still very much that freshman bob cat. I think that the freshman bob cat it might be surprised at how much maybe own some of those personality traits and learn to embrace some of the things that make me who i am nick munich <hes> that maybe i was one nervous about or or hesitant or quite honestly just didn't know how to leverage <hes> in things like a professional or even personal setting <hes> and kind of learn to that. I'm you know volleyball and a lot of terrific some traits that i <hes> have can be really valuable in a workplace setting <hes> in a volunteer setting so i think that i think that we recognize one another one another on the street well. Is there anything you left unsaid or left out of your letter. Oh my goodness so much. I think i started writing. I wanted it to be really set in mental. I listen into quite a few of the other letter reading podcast and they're so l. Clinton well-worded and and really deep and thought provoking and mine. I took a little bit more lighthearted approach to it because that's really how i look back on on my time there now well. There was certainly challenge and a lot of transformation. I think most bob cats look back on their time with a smile and so that's really what i wanted to write a letter. You know all those little tiny things that that made me smile while i was on campus or is it now you know in hindsight insight. I can look back on and smile about because they helped me lead me to worry today so i don't really know anything other than just you know. Thank you of view because you know the university. Those people not campus led me to iran today. It is now the director of marketing and communications cred blue chip consulting group in chicago where she also helps organize the local ohio alumni association chapter as its vice president thinking about what you'd say to your freshman sell. This is your chance. Send your deer bobcat letter to deer bobcat at ohio you got e._d._u. Or better yet recorded by calling seven four zero five nine seven one thousand you can also visit ohio today today dot org slash bob cat for more episodes of the show and more details on submitting your home letter. Bob cat is produced by ohio today radio and recorded at w._b._z. studios <music>.

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