Miami Recap: Clemson Is Still Lightyears Ahead


This is the all into Clemson football podcast, the official unofficial podcast of the Clemson Tigers. Let's everybody Briley here along with my Guy Carter and we are here today to give you a recap of Clemson's massive victory over the Miami hurricanes over the weekend they won forty two to seventeen to extend their regular season winning streak to thirty six games. That ties ironically, the nineteen eighty, five through eight hurricanes for the third longest streak in college football history. How about that? Lot of winds? That's good because they won't have another three weeks to extend that winning streak because they just have off weeks by weeks. Three weeks. That's it until they played notre. Dame. You look at it that way. I. Don't even know if we need to record episodes at this point they play like they did on. Saturday. Then they'll definitely be by weeks. Thankfully, those games counts for their streak but Georgia Tech's coming up here and I don't expect that to be closed based off of their performance tonight I don't think. So probably not hey, you've got a quick update for us on the score count here in this series between Miami and Clemson right? Yes I do not Sir Robin anymore to a please do emmy fans. All doubt they're listening now. So the last three meetings that Clemson has played Miami. CLEMSON has outscored Miami a hundred and thirty eight to twenty. And think of it this way Miami put up seventeen points this weekend. And you can do the math for the rest of the last two games. That's a pattern thirty, eight to twenty painful especially for a program that so badly wants to be back. They WANNA be late they're just not there yet. Well I mean. This was just a great performance by Clemson and really there's nothing to be embarrassed about if you're Miami at this point, because every team gets whipped by Clemson like this and think told Tony Elliott CLEMSON's offense of corner coordinator had a great quote after the game. Here's what he said about Clemson's performance but you say for us we talk about in in definitely respect for Miami but for us, it's all about how we prepare. Now we play and how we for. That was Tony Elliott's nice way of saying Miami socks. In the only team that can beat us is us that would that would make it into our useless are worthless sound collection I think if he said those exact words but yet guess what the only team that is going to be Clemson this year is Clemson and that's only if they don't play to their standards which so far this season we had some questions come out of the Virginia game, but they've played really well so far this season yeah I mean that's the mindset to have. If you're the elite team, it's only up to what you do. It doesn't matter what the other team does. If you're the best, you'RE GONNA win doesn't matter who you're playing so Exactly, and of course, it helps that you will next week get Georgia Tech. So they don't even have to play their best for that. Okay too excited here we're still football. You never know what's going to happen but let's go ahead and break this game down I. pointed out or I I took notes of some pivotal place route this game and they all happen to be in the first half because come the second half the game was out of reach and actually you made a great point in this preview game you you had a great prediction of what this game was going to be like during that. Yeah. Basically I was saying that Constancia, jump out to a touchdown. Lead than Miami says not going to be able to come back from that like the score was somewhat close. Then, he scores obviously a little bit more, but they kept a close out the game, but it just didn't feel like a game at all although no actually even in the first half, you got the sense that it this game was not even as close as the score. Oh Yeah. It was fourteen nothing before we even blinked. Yeah. In on it stayed that way for a while and Clinton was dominating. The way if you didn't have the scoreboard ticker at the bottom, you would've thought the game was thirty ones at that point but credit Miami for second close at least for the first half. Okay. So the first pivotal play for me and this is where south for Miami was. The CLEMSON'S I drive. Miami stops him get gets them into a fort. Down Situation. And that play Trevor Lawrence probably made his only bad throw of the night and it didn't count but he he just wind it up to the receiver on the sideline and Miami's defensive end actually almost picked the ball off and that would've been it. That would have been the end of the drive 'cause that was fourth down that. It just happened that that Miami defender was actually offsides before the play happened Andy dropped the interception double-whammy. But it didn't count and after that two plays later, Clemson was in the end zone two and a game is over. The Cubans over at that point. But. It was too. I need to brag about myself a little bit here. You know the name. Brand. Galley Brayden. You probably don't know. Talking about let's not brag about yourself here frayed in Galloway in the preview episode I said that this is this Mike could be and it should be his breakout game and lo and behold it was a heck of a breakout games, right? Two touchdowns and he wrote the first touchdown for Clemson but that was sort of the first bit pivotal play where you're like okay. That was a missed opportunity for Miami and it also showed I. Mean Miami had a ton of penalties in this game that really hurt them and it was just this is that's what this game turned into. It was just like, okay. They're going to MRIs opportunities and they're gonNA get a bunch of penalties. You don't be Clemson doing those sort of things. So that was the first pivotal play in my book. Yeah. second one that we have here we have if you could recall back to the start of the second quarter. I can't. You can get the whole game memorized Clemson was at the goal line, and if this is touchdown were the whole, it was a run up the middle and it was stuffed. But that no where he just bounces it out to the outside that was kind of just to show the entire game that Clemson like doesn't Matt didn't matter what Miami did Clinton just had their way with anything like even when Miami played well, it's still on. The run and he like. Run running the outside. So yeah. Yeah. That was an awesome play eighteen played great. We'll talk about that in a bit and that actually capped off an eighty nine yard touchdown drive with several third third and long conversions, which will also talk about here in a bit but. Yeah I mean that was a great play I love eating in these last two games have just been on fire. So that's a cool thing to see running over everybody I would not want meet him. Exactly, Let's see. Well, the next play got for you is a maybe not a positive play. In fact, it's not a positive play and you were saying before we even started recording. You're like, is this even a pivotal at this point but yeah, it Sorta at Miami in the game at least somewhat yeah. It was Frank Watson's drop on third and sixteen like Trevor, Lawrence through a dime to him on the run and he just dropped. You hate to calm out too much because I mean he's still did play pretty good throughout the game, but that was a pretty big drop on third sixteen especially with how often clemson is put themselves in long third downs. Yes. Yeah and that was another easy third in and conversion actually for them they could have gone up twenty one to Zip and really put the game away even earlier but. They can't be perfect and they actually came back and redeemed himself. He caught a ball a more difficult pass actually later but Yeah. We need to get him going here a little bit more. Okay. So Again these are all in the first half, but the next the the last pivotal play than I have written down here. Is Actually, not really just one play but multiple play. So the only real success successful play that Miami is had was scramble by dear. King. where he went for like sixty something yards I forget what it was exactly but they got him down close into the red zone but then the next three plays, clemson's defense stuffed the canes. And they forced them to kick a field goal at that point. And again, this game would have been totally different if Miami was able to punch in, punch it in point I think it was fourteen zip and I mean you're talking about a real game at that point if down at touchdown and we saw the rest of the game, but you know how momentum works. You know this game could have been very different at that point difference huge difference from a touchdown and a field goal. Exactly, and we're not the only ones who noticed establish had something to say about those places well, alcohol better. Moments in the gate was when we gave up a long Iran there. In, we, we played red zone defense held onto a cake. Too many hours used it was huge. and. Of course, there were some big plays in the second half you have Teens long touchdown run which really kind of put the nail in the coffin course trevor, lawrence his spike in his trash talking throughout the Oh. Yeah. Actually that's a good segue. Let's go ahead and move into our takeaways and that's a good segue because my first takeaway is this came this team came out with some attitude today I like it. I like. It was that was fun to see. Okay. We're so used to Clemson of being this lovable giant Juggernaut, you know Davos Kinda goofy. His team sort of has taken on that persona and you don't often see them get you know like. Unsportsmanlike penalty and those sorts of things which we don't obviously want. But but if you're GONNA get it, it might as well be against Miami, and you might as well be big on them yet but those penalties were for anything dirty or anything. Those were just in the moment type excitement. Like celebrating, it wasn't dirty. So all four yeah. Yeah. I mean I like I said that I loved it. There's no other. I literally loved it so. But yes. Specifically, it's kind of from these lead the leaders on the offense you saw. Trevor Lawrence I mean he gained a play today third you brought his game and he got smashed around awareness a laid out a few times. Yeah. After the game he said that he was definitely sore and I wish I had the reporters had talked to him a little bit more. Him about the hit where he got the wind knocked out of him But he took some blows to the head. A couple of targeting calls guys got thrown out when they hit him and he I mean he just stood strong and what I really love to see was and you just don't see this front very often he's Kinda quiet has kept to himself during games but this game he was up in the defenders faces every time it seemed that they had a close up shot of him after a play he was John. Back and forth with the Miami players and I just love that that was that edge that you just love to see and of course. You know there was the the spike. Infamous Spike at this point, and I love how everyone is treating this at this point. It's sort of like, Hey, scored a touchdown. Hey, we love that fire but hey, we don't want them to do that again the spike but hey, let's keep that fire. So here's what Tony. Elliott had to say about the spike when like would like to see him not spike the. Ball to get the penalty with again, that just goes illustrate how competitive us we'll deal with that. But at the same time to just love the fire that set travel poison obviously, like you said, they love the fire just don't get the penalty next time it was kind of like a weak little spike to just kind of have a little take on this. All right. Okay I laughed what I just said what they did was dirty or anything next time I. Mean Trevor Lawrence get so much trash talk thrown his way and everything next time I. Want Him to despite it right in front of players scores on in his face if you're going to get called for the penalty, make it worth it. Let's give me fifteen yards anyway just spiked like Gronk by grand the dudes face. Let's let's make it even better. Why don't he just spike it into his face mask? That'd be good that would definitely be i. feel like after every touchdown, he should just spike it and just get the unsportsmanlike penalty everytime she the thing is the penalty only is i. it's added onto the kickoff who cares par potter's got the leg. Out of the end zone anyway. So do these those unsportsmanlike penalties count towards I think player can only get to any game. Oh, I don't know I. Don't know if that does for that or not. But if it does, you can still do it the. Rule. Book Real Quick Check it up. You can still do it once again. Yes. Yeah. That leaves us plenty of more games. He's got some time to practice Ligo. Said something funny about Trevor Course. As we talked about that the hit that knocked the breath out of him, here's what had to say about that play. Yeah. You got the bread knockdown among meal battle. Little bit small. TOLD HIM Use just get hit right the stomach. Issues. He was fine I. News got outwear exist. All at some point probably had the breath knocked out of us know how that feels Texas. He emails right out and just I mean nothing I see from Trevor Shocks me. Other. Than Him spiking the ball I, don't get an I. Don't get a lot of two trevor. So Up to get you know right there. Walsall's points for second I. Forgot the the little bonus take there at the end where he got the he yelled at Trevor for the penalty But yeah, he milked it a little bit. It seemed like this was actually I know everybody's talking about the spike but this was my favorite moment and I wish the cameras had stayed on him for a little bit longer because after the Miami player was thrown out for that week targeting call your heard me week turnaround targeting A. Trevor appeared to be doing a little dance on the sideline after the breath was knocked out of him, of course, stick to spiking the ball. No I liked it. That's what I'm saying I. Wish. That'd be even better. He needs to combine the two scoring needs despite the ball and to the players face mask, and then do the little dance top of them. You heard that here I alright driver. That's what we need to improve on. Your going to win the Heisman? Let's do it. So all right. Moving on. Speaking of players who came with an attitude and he was a little bit more quiet about USPS men and and game. Day Did a feature on how Travis each yen is the superstar that you know the least about who unless you're Clemson Fan. Like I, get enough about him although his press conferences are kind of weak there he didn't say a whole lot but. Anyway, he's just a baller he bought out today last week was kind of his breakout party against Virginia and we talked about how he was the MVP. Well, this week I think he was even better than Trevor Trevor gets all the headlines, Becau- and especially this week because he was so outgoing but each yen. He played like Trevor's attitude he just played it. That was the way he was today and I really love. We set a couple of weeks ago going into. Virginia game. We've been colonies things and I just feel like we got to point that out because it's important enough. To me that you know about this. Before the Virginia Game We said, we need to get E. T. and the ball on the ground and through the air make him a big part of this receiving attack, and this is exactly what will happen games like this against Miami. This exactly will happen every single week absolutely and I tell you what it was almost like it was. It was sort of embarrassing for the Miami Defense because every time they went. Back to pass the ball, you saw ETF leak out of the backfield and they would just hit him on the swing passes. It would go for fifteen twenty, twenty, five yards and it was usually on third third and long and man he's just so dynamic out of the backfield and so that was great to see and It's it's really paying off. He's breaking tackles like crazy. My favorite question he gets asked in his presser are these reporters are like a? Who Travis? How do you break tackle so much it's Like. Just break tackles. You expect. Like what's he? GonNa say strategy to. Let them, hit me in a certain spot. Juke Berg. A but. Actually the one thing that he does say, I, like this is that he has the mentality of no no one man can tackle him and that's so true. He plays that way that's great and it's paid off because he broke Tim Tebow's record of the most games in a career with touchdown. He's now up to thirty nine games and that's incredible I mean that just goes to show. Did they state that fact during the game? Maybe I don't know if not the not just their the reason why he's the unknown superstar. Like if they didn't, I must have been pay attention to that part of the game by like I. Remember that I think they did it did I didn't wash it all at sound on but. We're talking about now doing our part, they make sure that people know about him. So yeah. Takeaway number one is that those guys came to play with an attitude and the rest of the team did too I mean. We didn't even talk about this the decay pushing the guy, the Miami wide receiver out of bounds for the ball sailed over his head like fifty yards writing for. The as was just losing his mind he was like that's billy billion decay welcome back like swag like in. So he was funny. Okay. So a couple of other random notes on the offense Amari Rogers is clearly the top target for this team at at least at the wide receiver position, he had seven receptions for sixty two yards, frank lattes, and we talked about him had a couple of receptions but nothing to impressive braiding. Galloway obviously had his breakout game for receptions for seventy four yards and two touchdowns. The offensive line we this was one of the key matchups that we're watching coming into this game. They only gave up one sack. Now I trevor got hit a couple of times but only one sack, and so they played really well and then. The one downside that I keep seeing, and this is the second week in a row that we've seen this as at the is that the offense continues to get into these third and long situations, and they had seventeen third downs in the average yardage to go on those plays was nine yards. That's not what you want to see. So we need to see those first and second downs get a little bit better. And then there were still some penalties as well. So those need to be cleaned up as well. But overall, just a good day by the offense I, did have a question though about the offense i WanNa know what you think. There are a lot of screen passes and bubble screens for wide receivers. Do you like that? I just felt like especially the first half, there are a whole bunch of them. So this is how I viewed that because I did notice that as well. Especially after the first drive, they put up a graphic that said that trevor was like seven of seven so far to that point I said, yeah, because he didn't throw screwed. But. There are two reasons for that one. Is I think they were trying to hit Miami They were trying to give them tempo just like they're all you know the Miami's offense was trying to do. So I think it was a little bit of like we Clinton doesn't do a whole lot of that and well, it sort of has been an emphasis. This year Tony Elliott has talked about wanting to run more play so I think it. was part of that, and then the other thing was I think maybe there was a bit of a concern about Miami's defense pass rush into, they wanted to get the ball out quickly and But yeah, I love actually emphasis Mari Rogers on that first drive the first three plays were to him and yeah but I think that's probably why they're. But yes the offense was good. Second Point was hey, welcome to the party defense. They played pretty well up to this point, but not like the Clemson well that we're used to. But Man, oh, man today they broke out and they point super. Well, here's what Brandt then ables had to say about it very complicated offense. They do. They can do so much on the lawn and the throwing game. And I've. talked the most obvious thing other than just playing with. Great. Grit toughness. Discipline having fun was. Just, watching grow up tonight. Voice our guys start to. You thinking going into the game just for all the reasons that we all know. From guys missing time being together even in summer, not having a chance to develop your chemistry. Just didn't feel like everything was. Just yet, we still had a lot of work to you. WanNa grow together to do tonight was again a small step in in doing just that. Yeah and he's right about that I mean several players and missed a lot of time defensive line hasn't been whole yet. In this did definitely feel like a chemistry building game where they finally put things totally together and they found their guys for the rest of the season. And they I mean Miami's offense has been dynamic so far this season and they shut them down. Yeah. That's what we were talking before. We start recording that. We were saying that comes his defense might even have played better than Clemson's offense which is hard to say throughout this game because Clemson's offense played really well, but their defense I think stole the show for sure absolutely and Yeah we're used to offense has so many superstars on it and it gets most of the talk it's football talk everyone talks about the off. Absolutely but so we want to give them their little spotlight today because they played amazing and Clemson's GonNa need them. This team is going to need them to play that way if they're gonNA compete with for the national championship although I don't know after this last Saturday, some of those scores I mean goodnight Alabama given how many points forty five Florida's defense is terrible this year. I mean, this is not been the year for defense. Let's put it that way. It's not, but also scores. Alabama. Florida still put up a whole bunch of points. So clemson's defense better be ready to go through. But that's the advantage that they have right now on all these other teams that defense look solid. And that was sort of the big question coming to this game. So they answered the Bell, they had a ton of they put pressure on dear king they mostly shut him down except for that long run and maybe a couple of other scrammed has one run. Really that's that's it and he couldn't pass the ball at all because he was getting pressure on them like crazy. I, mean, he'd never looked comfortable five sacks eleven tackles for loss eleven tackles for loss. That's that's dominating. That's for sure. They didn't have a turnover in the first half. They had three picks in the second half. They looked great. My this is I mean, this is insane. Okay. So we heard coming into this game like Niamey's gonNA run up tempo. They'RE GONNA try to run a hundred place. That's what they said. One hundred what they said. Yes. Guess plays they ran in the first quarter, the first fifteen minutes of the game. Has got like ten or fifteen pearl. That woman low even to they only ran six plays. Incredibly plays two possessions just dominated them and David Hale of ESPN put out this tweet. That speaks to Brent Venables. I. Mean This guy is he's the best defensive coordinator in the country hands down not even close. He said that since two thousand fifteen clemson and Brent have faced twenty-five ranked teams. None none have scored more than one percent better than the even their season average scoring. So not you know not one percent better. Overall, those teams are averaging twenty percent fewer yards. Per play and forty, four percent fewer points per game Clemson is twenty, two and three. That is insane. Wow. That even includes I mean I hate to bring up the national championship game from last season but? That clemson actually did keep lsu blower season average. and so. Mean it's just this Defense Brent? Venables doesn't get paid enough. And he gets paid a lot of the players. Oh. Yes. They're I mean they're coming out there they're coming out like they're being paid to play I. Mean They just put it together and it was really great to see. We saw. Xavier Thomas came back for a couple of plays at the end of the game. This team is incomplete yet once they get him back, they're going to be even more have even more depth and talent on the line anti Davis defensive tackle was back as well, and he made it pretty good impact in this game. So the defense look great the offense looked great. But. We're GONNA. We got a couple of things to talk about after this, but we're not GONNA end on a down note but our favorite. Murmur. Special teams. Good Company and Clutch. Time you saw a game that had three blocked kicks for one team who happened to win for Jeez. It didn't even matter at. Nothing on the top of my head that's for sure. Yeah. That was rough to see and Is the curse back. Have we brought the curse down upon t potter again? I. Don't know about that because if we did, we did something really bad this time 'cause back even worse than it did before in his special twisted way. I never know who to put the blame on with a blocked field goal because obviously this blocking, but it's also on the kicker for not getting up high enough. But then also there's the coach who sends out there for sixty one yard field goal. Yeah. Endowed took responsibility for it and here's what he had to say about that. was abandoned season. Absolutely he can make that kick. There's no doubt about I'd say it's only a bad decision because he didn't make it because he can make it. I think he's got the leg for it obviously. So it's only bad for what there are two reasons it's it's bad. It's because not only did they miss it But to Miami, I mean what a great defensive play design so crazy but they they scooped it up to the guy right in the proper position and they scorn the guy didn't even try. He didn't do anything. He just went to the side and waited for a block. Yes. I've never seen that before maybe other teams do it but that was that was incredible. So Kudos, to you Miami, you also realize that with that touchdown. Miami put up one offensive touchdown throughout the game which was a trash like garbage points basically thompsons decent going back to their defense again, only gave up one touchdown which was in garbage time basically. So yeah, really only a field goal and when the game was in question. So yeah but now hey, we're talking about specialties ours actor the point no I, I mean that's it. Really like just be better. Okay. Like just do better. That's. And I I highly doubt that they're ever GONNA have three kicks blocked again in Davos tenure you heard it here first. Sure, they'll try another sixty one year believe. It's true. Come down to that kind of hate it because I mean obviously bt Potter has had a great season so far and I think he could made it and that would have been great. So I guess we'll never know because he's not going to get another chance at this point. So we'll need to clean up the special teams but all listen that was a great game. That's what you WANNA see a top ten matches matchup and I mean Clinton came out and down the needed and there's just no other way around it Miami still is not back by the way so that answer that question from our preview episode of Miami was back or not well I think we knew the answer that before manny. Navarro he was here also starts downward trend of five losses in a row. Yeah. It'll be interesting because I mean if they play well and they beat Notre Dame in Constan Beats Notre. Dame we could actually play Miami in the ACC championship again. True. We'll see. All right. Let's Today's episode out with our Tiger King of the week in our Carol Baskin's of the week. Before we do though, let's take a quick thirty second break to hear from our sponsor anchor podcasts. Did you know that anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast? Here's why it's one hundred percent free plus they creation tools that make it easy to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor also distributes your podcast to spotify apple podcasts and many other podcast apps and here's the best part you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place, download the free anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. So why don't we start with a certain the good. More fun on the negative, right So, let's let's start with. These weeks when there's really no negative to take away from the Games through normal weeks. No. Yes our Carol Baskin's is a bit of upset I'd say but. Our. Tiger kimes or as I wanted to call them tiger princes. I told you that idea. Okay and this is pretty obvious. It's GONNA be. Trevor. Lawrence in that. I mean come on there's no there's no one else. We can give it to lead the team and I was about to say they led the team passing and rushing but. Of. Why we do this? Yes. Come, for stats like this, you've come for that analysis and you come back for more of yet. They just led the teen they came out with that attitude. That's what I wanted to see. They lead this team this victory, we're going to give it to them and our tiger princes of the week the only time you'll hear that on this podcast. Okay. Why don't you share with us? Your care basks well, like we said, there really were no negatives to this game. So we're GONNA have to give it to Hurricane Delta for not showing up. Like. Some of the weathermen say said, it would obviously it did rain some but. From. You can see it didn't affect the game at all. I'm sorta wanted to tell you the truth Delta shame to themselves should be didn't show also it's multiple. Hurricane. Delta has a staff of people this you shape it themselves. Yeah I was sort of I think that sort of the start of the second half when it did actually start raining a little bit more. But yeah, never got it. Never affected didn't change anything at all. It was a whole Hullabaloo about nothing is what it turned out the. Both of the hurricanes were. All right. So that's going to do it for today's episode. Next week, we're looking forward to this isn't a bi week like we made a joke about okay. Don't worry. There's Clemson football they played Georgia tech next. Saturday. At noon Game Day will not be there in case you're wondering. She'll get your hopes up for that. Of course this week we will be bringing you these are daily news updates on Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday, and then be back with us on Friday for the Georgia Tech Preview episode. Alright that's going to do it for today's episode until we talk to You tomorrow be good out there.

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