Review: Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Stand


Addition digital sponsored by being h New York's ultimate camera authority charge. Your phone wirelessly. David Pogue is a columnist for New York magazine's the strategist and he likes anchors. Powerwave fast wireless charger stand which he says is a big improvement from the first generation flat charging pads. It's an angled stand which makes so much difference to me first of all if you have on your bedside table, you just check the phone onto this, and you can still see it. You know, if it lights up the texts coming in. You can see what it is. There's another vacation you just tap the screen if you wanna see what time it is. You could put the phone down, either vertically or horizontally. So it's a stand when you're watching video or something, and it's charging simultaneously. He says you can charge an empty phone at about three hours recent iphones. Galaxy and Google pixel phones all work with wireless charging you can find the anchor powerwave wireless charger stand for under thirty dollars dish in digital. I'm Palmer mundane. And there's more a WCBS eight eighty dot com slash dish in digital. Yeah.

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