Episode 93: Luke Voit - King In The West


The. Say. Our Todd as five as go the Bosnian love these Aaron Boone the leader his first of the game. Piggies? Just to the first. Porch. It roy. What's up? What's happening? Welcome to another dishing of the short porch presented by barstool sports. I'm your host hubs alongside me on the other side of the laptop my co-host vape got himself, the costs the cloud Tom smoke stops belly. What's going on? What's up just having one of the best entertainment days of the year? Earlier this afternoon. I saw vendors getting ready for battle of winter fell tonight Yankee win in between all that. You can't really beat that. Yeah. I mean, this was an incredible week thrown the NFL draft to west coast. Baseball shots. Everybody will know don't throw in the NFL draft cause you to gain Jones do quarterback we take him robbing the fourth round. Let's not throw that in there. And then the new draft somebody else that got shot today on this podcast will be I will be refraining from any giants talk. But yes, we did do that. Not as faulty got shot, though, have a little compassion Huber, man. Tough tough star for gentleman that guys. Absolutely. But shadow. To everybody who stayed up on Twitter, west coast reading the blogs that you know, pumping out there. It's three in the morning. No big deal. But it was fun. I mean when you're winning like this like do these games could start at five in the morning. I don't give a fuck like this is just too much this team the vied that were get like just everybody's having so much fun. Everybody's putting the ball in play. No one's tracking out. It doesn't matter who the hell is playing any position whatsoever. We're pitching great. I mean, it's just also the only game that really didn't watch in full was Thursday night. And they lost that game. So I think I might have had a plan that so sorry, we don't have a perfect seven or west coast trip at six one right now that's on me. But all in all this is a lot of fun. It's crazy how much of a different spot wherein even from just let's say a week ago and change remember how revealing Sunday afternoon Anki royals. Imagine that feeling we had when the Anki were down six five. We had a five nothing lead Blewett to go down six five with that point. I record was what I believed hen and ten ten point with had just lost. Judge the day before had all these other injuries were just blown a five nothing lead. It was as Lova point we'd won the two days before, but it was just such a low point. And to think where we are a week later. One six out of six of seven on the trip nine out of ten overall guys are starting to get healthier. Everything is just fantastic seventeen. Eleven is nice clean records. Look at. You cannot ask for a better start to this season than this considering what we've had to go through it is simply impossible that they're doing this right now it is impossible with the amount of injuries. If any team this happens any team, they're like what's record seventeen and ten is always seventeen in eleven are any team has happened to their five and twenty three this. That's not an exaggeration. This happens to the meta five and twenty three. This habits the Red Sox? They're five and twenty three. There is no team that has this much death. And we don't give the credits organization of credit, but the guys that just come next man up and even get a camera means next next next man up. Yeah. It just comes in here. He's fucking Tony Gwynn out there. He puts house came even out there, by the way in the free agency makes no sense to me. I mean Howard Dallas Heikal and Craig kimbrel still out there. I think the case can be made the Cam. Maven was secretly the biggest name out there that just no one noticed because this guy just put its he plays all outfield positions. He's fast. He's beaten out infield choppers. He puts the ball all times. I'm yellow care is great. I don't know how how long he plans on being on this team. You know, what you know, what injury would interplay? We get back, and you know, what his role is. But nice gun have off the bench care. Maybe for sure, you know, you got guys like thyroid Estrada coming up here. He's hitting like four sixty in his short stir stint up here feeling the hell out of the ball. I will say. I may stretch out of it. It is refreshing to have a defense on this team. Yes. Very refreshing here. This is entering today. Lemay human or shallow our AP? Although it sounds like, hopefully, they're they're okay. But this is a tweet from Sweeney Murdy LeMay human or shell are having a huge impact in the Yankees infield. And it's less about someone's we tackle place more about turning grounded into outs. The Yankees were thirtieth in double plays turn last year. They're currently tied for thirteenth. The defense is great like any. I have. It's just refreshing to see a up the mental glacier thyroid Estrada's, just very smooth are shelhah. He makes plays left. And right. He made a play at H coming in barehanded. I needn't blink. It was an amazing play because I just expect that from him that play he makes Saturday night where he's diving not really diving but leaning over running a long way into the netting making the catch the giant. I was listening to giants broadcast news like, yeah. Of course, of course voice, by the way. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sure. It's so reminds me just throws me back to John Miller. Joe Morgan summer Sunday night baseball Yankees Red Sox at Fenway. Nice AC on in my house. I'm just takes me back there there. I don't think it's a stretch or even hyperbole to say, the Giovanni are shelhah and limited time is the best defender I've ever seen the half. Yeah. I can't think of anybody better. No way ODI off the top my head where just told especially, you know, an infielder just total confidence that they're gonna make every single play. And then some it's crazy. And I mean, honestly, we're getting we're getting a good taste of what it was what it would be like if we had Manny Machado. I when he signed when he went to the Padres that'd be like damn it would just be fun to see like him playing third in these ridiculous plays where we got him for three hundred million less. It's crazy any hits the ball. He puts contact every time. He's up. Here's the bowl play. It's crazy Jewish shelhah. Could you imagine in March me telling you, hey, man, or to be holding our fucking breath like our Eric like Aaron judge is like at on obviously hurt. But as if we're waiting Mariah results for Aaron judge. That's what I felt like for GIO or shell today. When we're hearing we're waiting the x rays which were negative, by the way. But it's crazy that we are so invested in this guy, and it's not in a joking matter. I mean, very important to this baseball team right now when McGill harkens back I expect or shell to stay in the lineup. Playing third base tweeted before imagine being told a month ago that an injury to Jeevani or Shelby be a legitimate problem for the drippy that'd be a legitimate issue. Like Aaron judge like we we have to make sure Giovanni or shell is healthy. It's crazy that this is what it's but. Yeah, he's he's plead his way on this. Almost reminds me a little bit of. Theresa couple years ago are few years ago when he made the team sort of unexpectedly just lasted forever, except is actually better than to rice. Well, yeah. But still I think he's gonna last for a while he has to be on this team and orca comeback in DA to sign up gang. He's having a bundle of pliers right now. We need someone to get into the age spot. Even when Stanton comes back. He could go play right field because nobody to play out there. So I I mean, do you run a show in my mind? He should be above being worried roster spot at this point. Yeah, for sure and they were talking about the broadcast today. How when they're backing. And let's say Stanton his back, and he's gonna be the aging and whatnot. You're gonna see a situation maybe where n Horace playing six innings and geo comes in for the final three the more important out to be that lockdown defender. But right now, we have some very positive end heart sounds like he might even be back for the Arizona trip if they decide to pull the trigger but at it sounds like next weekend McGahan horseback in the lineup. So in that. Case I mean geo needs to be playing third and Honey there's no prime. No problem with that whatsoever. I I need we almost need to right. If that doesn't happen. I would I mean, depending on what happens with the Mayhew and or shell assuming the well, we shouldn't assume anything hoping they don't miss anytime. I don't see a reason to bring into our backfires on rather. Just wait till we get back to New York. But I mean, we'll see I I just can't believe I mean, I was looking at the forty minute roster before recording. There is literally nobody left a weaken not de we cannot put LeMay who or or chill on the deal and not there's nobody on the current forty-eight roster. We can call up when geo and down I entitled had to play third, and they sent may out to left. My I the Yankee group chat, and my buddy, John rodent. Tommy Canley the emergency third baseman. And he was completely kidding. But I had all the reason to believe because I don't I don't know who else is left to play the infield on this team. When you said that right now, I thought you were gonna say that he knew that somehow like that's where we're at a point say were Pinchitting J hap was a savvy move. One of the smartest decisions. He's made as a manager. He's a better hitter than fucking Steve Pearson. Jackie Bradley, jR. Yeah. Not even I mean. Yeah. Not even that just like you can't afford to waste Rome on there weren't row or Ford of four wherever you can't afford to waste who's ever left at that point. And you're up a good amount of runs. Nobody on base. Two outs. You don't wanna you don't really need a big up out there. So it's crazy. It's insane. Do you have anything give any tips for how we can stay healthy anything. And I mean, we've thrown everything out there. I feel like I the only thing I can possibly think of CBD. I mean, I don't know look, what's legal, and what's not out there. 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Unlike roughly ninety five percent of the rest of CBD industry, and great news extract labs has an awesome deal going for all the stories out there. Use the code barstool at extract labs dot com for twenty five percent off your next purchase. Make sure you follow at extract labs on all social media channels for more awesome deals giveaways, and tell them are still sent you. See I did that ad read on Friday for are still radio. And I was really struggling with word extract the entire time. I think I did better. There could be a bit of a tongue twister though. Oh that was smooth and set you up perfectly half to their little assist in dunk action. Yep. A guy that needs to be using a lot of CBD assuming it's legal in the MLB is look Voight. We cannot afford to lose Lou Voight whatsoever. Did I tell you all of you? People listening on the last pockets of the short porch presented by barstool sports that Luke Foyt was going to heat up in the west coast. I actually let you guys down I under sold it. He's not just heating up. He's at super saying mode. He's doing the shit from dragging ballsy. You cannot get him out. He is back to destroying major league baseball than Cushing all opponents that come in his way in L A and San Fran in seven games. He slashed four thirty three with a five twenty eight hundred base percentage slugging eight sixty seven with four homers in ten Rb is my friends. It is no longer. A question if this man is a fluke. The only question now is who is going to compete with him for the MVP. He's only be you're starting first baseman at the all star game in Cleveland. I'm telling you. He's unbelievable. Luke Voight is the most real deal thing. You can come across in your life. He is unstoppable. I fucking love. Luke Foyt dare I say, Luke is no fluke. How's that? But yeah, it's real regional. It's a good romp eight. Yeah. I there's no questions left at this point. I mean, you know, spring training and stuff coming into this season. There were no you're you've been number one fan. But I am sure. A lot of Yankee fans. There was in the back of our heads like, okay? He was great last year. But is he going to be that good? Again. We did get this guy for can chase intrigue for God's sakes. Tayfun? Answered those doubts innocence. You know, a month of great production gang of NIA them to step up. He sitting third seemingly all the time. Second whatever and her now second now, riveting and ease performing way above expectations MVP candidate is not a joke because when you consider what he's doing right now when the Ke's need it most twenty five RBI's saw games. I saw that number today. And I like gasp I thought like what's he at eighteen nineteen twenty five that puts on pace for one hundred fifty RBI's or something ridiculous in that territory fucking team. And that's with so many is outlawed. You would think as more people get healthy more RBI opportunities. It's crazy stepping up big. When the most he's now, what thirty eight games, I believe is on base streak is at now thirty nine thirty nine. It's you. Speech. He leaves us speechless. There. The fact that Brian Cashman saw something in him gave up tree shreve and Giovanni Gago to get him is nothing short of incredible. He's three games shy of Mark to Shehri's record lead record. But number which would the forty two consecutive games on pace, which he had no five that's the longest since. Oh five. So we're a couple games where anyone know as Yankee Yankees since oh fuss longest consecutive history. Okay. Confusing because. Yeah, sorry, I didn't say that correctly. But I mean, he is simply incredible. He hits the ball. So fucking hard. He doesn't give you any free at bats. I feel like he's to every single count, you know, he might start to. But he does you know, you're not getting him that quickly. He works counts. And he waits to see his pitch. You can't even beat him inside anymore is that it's after struggling for about a weaker to start the season. I mean, he's great. I've now made it my mission on this earth until I rest on this planet. My final heart heartbe gives out that I will find every single Greg bird apologists who badmouthed Luke Voight at some point in the last few months, I will find you, and I will spos- you to the earth expose you to the planet for how stupid a human being you were. And hopefully, you can just learn from your mistake. But that is my mission on this planet, and I will do it until I die. If you had here's a topical top coach. Reference if you had the Infinity gauntlet with all the Infinity stones and you could snap your fingers and get rid of any group of people. Would it be the Greg bird apologised? Just just like that. And they just like. Would probably just found what four people at this point. You'd be surprised and birds immediate family. You'd be surprised how many people there are out there. When you Twitter search, Luke void, Greg bird. And you go back a few months not now, you know, I'm talking about current ones. Oh current. I mean you need to fan. Yeah. Birds immediate fan. I even at we're at the stage where Greg birds first cousins or even like yet, Luke Voight, man, he's the real deal. I we don't need you to come back. 'cause do I feel like no one even has Greg birds number left in their phones. Like, if you're a family member friend, you like is hopefully goes to Kansas City and has a decent crew there. But. Yeah. I mean, look void. He's just I listen I've been wrong about some things in my life. And you know, I get exposed here and there, but the sunny gray thing for sure, but I've been dead on about Luke. Void I told you guys from the start. This guy's just fucking special sit back and enjoy the right? He's he's gonna take us to to the promise land, another guy who is really risen to the occasion this year with a starting rotation have been very good. They're good probably strength has been starting rotation but subbing in for Severino was dinner Herrmann. He pitched on Sunday. He was good for five or six innings. I think the six inning. He lost a little maybe got a little tired. Maybe he, oh, he ain't nothing leading kind of relaxed on it gave up a few runs, whatever. But for those first five innings when the game was in hand not in hand, he was absolutely filthy. And I mean now he improved his fifth win on the season. He's he's fantastic. Yeah. He I mean five wins for thing. Talk about guys stepping up when it's needed to mingle Vermont in that category. Two five you told me to have five wins in April. That's another one of those. If you told me things it does stink little bit that he gave up those four runs and a six inning. Because I was getting ready to get ready to send out tweets and every left the game. Like man the Mets were killed. I have a guy like Mingo her on on starring rotation which is still true. But Harry, Trump do that. But it's tougher the tooth out after gives up four rounds. But his he was I think it was down to guy checked after five innings, and it was down to one point four seven at two point five six. But whatever he's been he like I said on the last episode he's on his way to becoming my most trusted starter on all the on Ella baseball. He would be the best pitcher right now on the Boston Red Sox or the New York Metropolitans. He would right now by far. I mean, they stink. Both those teams. Absolutely. Think starting rotations are abysmal fucking sin. Gore. Get him in a little bit. He's the biggest fraud in the planet. He got what was coming to him this weekend, which is nice to see. But to her mom, especially Domingo on a Sunday. Where Domingo's literally Sunday in Spanish, you're not beating them eagle hormone asunder. You have legitimately no chance of doing that. So yeah. I mean, he's part of the next man next man up. Fuck you baseball God's mentality. Where it don't matter who were thrown out there hit don't matter. Who's at the plate the Enke's winning baseball games. They won eleven of thirteen which is the best record in major league baseball in that span, which is remarkable that they will do that with this team where we Mike talk men out there. You know, IRO Astrada yet guys just did not expect to be on this roster right now. And they're the ones who were coming through the most playing similar to what the royals did when they made their. We're just seeing what contact is like, you know, when you put the ball in play things happen. But you also on the flip side are also getting your dose of power. We got that this weekend for mister Gary Sanchez. Welcome back. We actually got off of the eye. L that was a nice little surprise. He has responded. He's a little slow. His first few games striking out a little bit on Saturday. He hit a ball that. I did not think was gonna get topped they measured at four sixty seven. It was the second furthest homerun at oracle park used to be AT and T park. And and today. I don't know what the hell stack has doing. I respect computers. I'm gonna let I'm going to say right now if I could be Frank the computers were wrong. Gary Sanchez home run today that cleared the left field. Bleachers was not four hundred thirty feet, but it might have been formed thirty yards. It was a fucking bomb and yesterday's two would seem like four sixty seven was I still this is something we agree on. We've talked about before there has to be a better way to track homerun distance because those balls just would go further than that are used to believe that that's how it works. I don't know how they do it. But I'm convinced that there's a better way to do it. I'm Vincent are judges home runs of seven hundred feet. Gary Sanchez to know how it some. But you did mention whatever oracle park ATP. I want to say, I don't know about you. But AT and T part I have been there. And it's one of the most beautiful parks visit their TV or I think of watching baseball when I'm younger eighteen park is one of the ballparks. Always think of and I'm not sure why I think I know it's because the Anki that ain't might because of Barry Bonds, just constant Barry Bonds highlight. Yeah. But I just always think of, you know, balls flying into McCovey cove, the big love out in left field. I know I just to me. It's one of the I don't know. It's one of the ballpark's always think of when I think of baseball, and I think it just because as a kid Barry Bonds was so good. So we'd always see in place much. But I doubt just having that went through my mind. And it was cool watching them play. They're all weekend. Is it me? What's going on with that? I love it, by the way been there. Many many times they should date a girl out there. We literally are dates out in San Francisco. We're just to go see the giants play. So it's kinda cool. Got the best of all worlds out there. It's right on the water to it's very sneakily cold because of on the water. Yep. San Francisco the whole Palo Alto San Mateo area. It's so bizarre because you can go ten minutes north, and you need a fucking winter jacket, you go ten minutes south, and you need a tank top like at the weather differences are show drastic compared to what you east coast. You just don't see that happen. But San Francisco very very beautiful on the water. Awesome ballpark. You haven't checked it out at? It's your listen do it immediately because it's great. I will say that number one of. It is number one. It's not one bit. I like Kansas City to also really nice. I haven't been to that many. I need to go to Baltimore this summer. I have not been the Baltimore. And I've been there. I was younger. It's nice. I think it might be a little bit over hyped. But it's it's nice. Okay. I like new ballpark like they're all redone, and they've sort of followed that Camden Yards model. But I don't think it was. I mean, it's nice and the area around. It is really nice to baseball feels like baseball. But I think there are other nice one just statically real Sino. Te Gary Sanchez, having eight home runs thirteen hits his hilarious. That is insane back to oracle park AT park. I'm shocked. I really haven't messed that up yet. But is it what's going on with that centerfield 'cause it's only three ninety nine what it might as well be five hundred like sticks occur ninety nine even make whatever. Whatever. Whatever high H I feels like five hundred like when. Gary full out Saturday night, which I thought was going to be a second. I thought that ball was ticketed for like LA, and it got caught the wall. It see. What is is it a visual thing because I don't know what's going on. It seems like it's show thought a dead center, and it's not Yankee stadium's further. Yeah. As I saying, it's three ninety nine just fact checked B. I'm not sure if it's just something with the way, it's like the air the wind on the covert, whatever makes it tough to hit a ball out there. But yeah, I agree. It's relatively shallow. You rarely see centerfield under four hundred feet. Yeah. I agree. I don't know. So we're. Yes. So I mean just overall this team is playing off the charts. I will say weird thing Saturday night. Louis Sesa comes up to the plate. He pitched he's swinging like fucking trying to five hundred foot home run. And they said on the broadcast the Yankees were not happy with that. Especially with the injuries. We have and how we had pitchers in the past get hurt while trying to swing in run the base and all this says up you're trying to sixty six hundred foot home run. And as a result. He kind of like tired himself out, and he came out there for the second inning and got shelled, and and force the keys Shabina nine thousand weird thing would you notice with that? I mean, there's part of me that thinks if I'm in that situation, you know, I wanna get up there. I wanna take my hacks. I wanna hit a home run. But you gotta be better. I mean as far as whenever I see key at the plate at in L bar in an in an L ballpark. I'm rooting for three strikes. No is Matt's not office shoulder. I guess four would be ideal. But gotta deal with running the bases. It's so stupid that the NFL still hasn't used the D H. I think it will change soon. These people is NFL fans were like, oh, this is real baseball. No, it's not your idiots hate people. It's just awful. It's it's makes it a worst product for baseball teams will be better with the D H and the double stole Maris to switch and create its strategy. It's not just makes things more difficult. I think at this day and age, it doesn't make sense anymore or anything I think that if these NFL dinosaurs are so insistent on keeping the h that's are not age. That's fine. But if in AOL. Team is in a game. It has at the even tonight park. That's what I think should happen. I just don't I hate seeing Pinter's at the plate. I say chin Wong still. Yeah. For sure I mean, I felt that would Domingo's today when he's up there trying to bump the guys over and just like I'm getting terrified here, and he takes a full full hack with two strikes. Jesus man. I think those intercoastal muscles and all those oblique you could. You could see maybe that won't happen. Real quick labor. Tours was struggling a little bit six game hitting streak now hitting three forty six in that span. Three multi hit games five RBI's three extra base hits. And that's been. So he's he's back to hitting the ball the way we thought which we weren't concerned at all. I mean, he was he started the red hot. He just had a little bit of slump. But he's he's back home, which is nice because really the three mainstays have been glaze over vote labour. Void in Gardner is there to right? And but right. He's technically a starter at the start of the year. I'm a little worried LeMay, Hugh. I well, actually, I'm working with both guys. Although they did say when he was walking to the clubhouse, and he seemed okay, I just don't like that. I don't like that whole situation where he I don't know if these are any indication they're both going to be out months. Right. I think this is now the most I don't know how you would prove it's the typically just on the eye test. The feeling this has to be the most injuries. He was ever had to endure in any sport. It has to be. Yeah. Especially early. Yeah. For sure. Injury update Jacoby ellsbury. He's not that far along a lot of continue to pop up. Just like we said there. There's no more excuse. There's no more actual injuries. Is this the creating up is this the greatest insurance fraud case that's ever happened in American history without a doubt. But the thing is who I guess the insurance companies the only people that would be pissed imaginative ellsbury doesn't care. Could you imagine? They took the Yankees to court. And there's like, yeah, he wasn't hurt this whole time and just gets exposed. Yeah. Jacoby ellsbury on the stand. Like, yes. Just Rodney buffet. Hey, look, you can run Jacoby can run is the swing of batch. They a treadmill. I they're like, okay. Can you around? And then they're like now, it's time for the dreaded flat ground. Can you can you run on the flat ground? He's still can't I don't I don't know. What's going on with? It's not kits. The disaster. Good this Astor. We don't deal with them. No, Syndergaard Saturday night, the Mets tweet out send a raven or just reach week for your chance to win a Noah Syndergaard game of thrones bobblehead. That's just him sitting on the throne gag. I mean, we're putting raven puke where putting pitchers with a five nine year. I on the throne actually, it's way higher. Now. He got shelling. Yeah. You he got shell on Saturday with six point one nine if my memory serves me correctly, but is double check. Nice we go. No. You're just awesome. Sure. Mets fans love you fucking loser. Six point three five. Oh, I overvalue them a little too much. So that's the guy finally stymying we've known forever that he's the worst person ever lived one of the worst people ever live. He's a fraud. He's a Harto. He's an asshole. But now, but in the back for head would always be like well guys at damn good pitcher. Ninety nine moves across the plate. And it's kind of we don't even have to make concessions anymore. You just the bad pitcher a bad person? I hate him. We want we win. He's the guy that called himself floor himself for Jesus Christ. I will say we both seen avengers. We're not really spoiling much. I think you've seen. I know what you're going to say don't even say, I think you're gonna say, okay. Funny. Funny, reveal whatever if you okay. I think I've said enough though that if you seen vendors, you know, what I was going to say yes that is just what's happening current Noah Syndergaard. Okay. Okay. Actually, I think that that was perfect. We didn't split on thing. But if you've seen it, you understood what we're. In the Boston Red Sox, really stink. They nobody knows children in Boston eight this weekend because Friday night, the Red Sox decided according to Jack rob is the Boston Red Sox guy. They wanted to watch Guerrero hit instead of play baseball. He said that not my words hits. So they just didn't play the game children. Do not eat that night. Saturday lose Sunday lose Chris sale sale day stinks. Jackie round junior. Apparently, the best center fielder ever live cadged everything whiffed on a ball. He stinks. I will never understand the narrative that Aaron Hicks is worst field in that guy. Just don't get it. I sure he makes them cool plays. He also makes them horrendous place in centerfield Nottage, and he hits a hundred tobacco that he thinks. He's getting outed out of Boston for sure. Yeah. I remember when the Anki is compared Aaron Hicks to him and people laugh that aren't Hicks could be compared to Jackie, Bradley, jR, jacked rather junior so much better. Now, we laughed I know Hicks hurts us is tough to say at this point. But when he's healthy, very good. Now, we laugh at people who try to compare Jackie, Bradley. They're hicks. Yeah. Very bizarre narrative. Moroccan itch. This whole thing she was in a kayak on Saturday. I don't know if she was dead and see if she was there today, but something I just didn't I didn't need. It was just like imagine planning this out and not thinking that the bay was going to be windy, and you couldn't hear a word. She was going to say she was to realize that either no any real little, and she's just paddling away out there. And I mean, she was just not I don't wanna be a knock on her. But I mean like you just couldn't use mayor democracy during the game because like some some idiot in terms that would be granted if we put her on the bay, and then we just lost Meredith the whole game. Basically she can't provide any insight. 'cause we can't hear because the wind is just howling a tornado. What did you think of by the way, speaking of things, the I mean, I didn't see it adds it? We didn't see the until like the tribute. But what did you think of the C Sebastian thing Friday night? I didn't see it. I'm actually see what they gave him. I think it was in between. Let me look up the exact details. I know is in between innings, but they gave him a a I guess a little tribute on the scoreboard since he's from northern California. Oh, kinda got a standing ovation. The crowd and stuff any knowledged though. It's pretty cool. But also a little odd into does have really no ties to the giants. But I guess just growing up area. Although it was cool. I thought I didn't expect it. But I think it was cool confirm. He deserves deserves although more Saturday streaming the game. And when you streaming game like on MLB streams, whatever the chat is always just so bizarre. I think that's one of the least talked about things in the world because we all use read it for streaming. NBA games are an OB games. Whenever you know. You wanna watch? Someone, you know, you're not funny your TV, but you wanna watch game whatever the chats in those things are absolutely off the roll like the rails. I have no idea how you keep a conversation with those people because thing is going mile million miles a minute. Just insane off you've ever experienced that. But I came across a comment, and it was from this guy. Mr. T, I tweeted this out he asked always watching the Red Sox, humid thing or know what it was. But he says who is going to be better once they hit their prime Raphael Denver's or Vlad junior. It's maybe the worst question ever asked. It's gotta be a true. I don't know. Because I pretty sure he's backing it up after that idiot or at Red Sox fan same thing. I mean that is a grazie crazy crazy thing to say, I mean, Denver stinks. That one home run that one time how many times you think we're gonna see that highlight about homerun off Chapman. I've already raised it from my brain, by the way that highlight gets shown so much. I was there for it was the first bar. So the ballpark that was tough corrobos knows the shutout guy. Jos MC fly. I was his sort of come like coming out party. Oh, yeah. That's right. By someone did reply to my tweet of that that question with Evers asshole. Steve on Twitter, Steve g whatever. And he just by Denver's is twenty two years old who was a top ten prospect in baseball. This is not a silly question at all she likes those people that just need to get snapped off the planet like Thanos just to snap away. And then you're gone. E thing else year trying to be a bucks fan today against the Celtics that did not go. Well, the Celtics actually destroyed them. So that wasn't great. Oh, the raise started using the don't eat thing. And the children are starving. Tweet kinda funny now what is it? I don't what the children starving thing is. I didn't see the race connection the raise. Let me see. Yeah. Yesterday tweeted, the kids will not eat free today. Hashtag raise win pretty funny. And then today, they tweeted let's go eat after they they beat the Red Sox. It's just very very tip of the caps. The raise alva- job there. How much longer do? You think the Red Sox will keep putting that up? They gotta stop right. If you think. The baseball team. What you wanted to tell you? It's crazy that they have no injuries. Really, the they stink. Chris sale is just bad. I was so mad. I was checking the. Like score mobile app. Just checking the pox gore. And I saw was two nothing after the first and his his era went up to seven point seven seven or something for nothing in the second. Seal height is now they're unearned runs because Jackie Bradley, jR, being idiot. But I was just a little bit. We're at the point now where they're so bad that Chris sales is pitching so bad that you know, we're rooting for him. Just give up every like don't even care these giving up on our runs. You know what I mean? I want them to be earned runs that your aid keep going dance all the way down to six point three. Oh after today at one point two you start worrying about the raise like as a legitimate. Like, we're gonna be battling with these guys. The this is this is last year's Red Sox. And we don't worry about the Red Sox. Now, I'm on my radar. They're on my radar for sure I was still. So I saw someone tweeted at us at what point do we start rooting for the Red Sox in these right socks? I race series. I was still other for the race this weekend. 'cause I know there are cloaked your, but I mean, I want to bury the right stuff only. Make sure the Red Sox are twenty feet on there. And then folks are tension to the raise. I mean, I'm you know, quote, unquote worried right now the threes will be a good team all season. Yeah. But I still think I mean the thing is only a game and a half tap with all these injuries. I think right now view, you know, give me even on both sides of the Yankees are definitely the favourite win division over the race. Now, the raise aren't like, they're not untouchable. I mean, the Red Sox swept them in Tampa. So that there is hope also. I mean, I know they have all these weird strategies chip, they're not that good. I know the one ninety games last year. I know they have I don't know. They just can't be glides now kids really really good, really good. They're gonna give us problems for sure they're gonna give us a lot of problems. The law. I'm so mad at myself for not taking it. I haven't been betting recently. I don't really bet baseball. I don't want. I know one that will get me into the cycle. But the Red Sox were minus one fifty I thought about pounding the raise I mean. Yeah. But I mean, cell stinks. Last knows as like sub to on the razors better than the Red Sox on bras by that line sale at homes always gonna be that number. I kinda surprise it was that low. I thought it'd be one ninety. I don't know plasma is. I forget the Glasgow was the posing pitcher. Yeah. I mean at this point. Yeah. It's bad line. They didn't really have much chance today. So it was a it was a great week for us six six one west coast so far with two games left. And we were thinking like, hey, like six and three best case scenario like where already six months great. I stay my buddies place this weekend and watch the games. And then we went out, and I was a little concerned that like mine editor my whole routine of the day is brushing, my, I know, it's brush brush my teeth all the time. But when I brush my teeth with quips it is like a whole different ballgame. And like, I keeping going the way it is the routine is perfect. So this quips dot com. You guys get on the ship. It's time for spring cleaning and quips has got easy way to start. Would you brushing habits in just two minutes? Twice a day. It can help pave the way to a healthier mouth and mind and now the whole family can get refreshed with quip, the new kids quip as the same two minute timer, which is awesome. I love this time. And it just tells me wanna do my each side when the switch. It's tastic the two minute timer and guiding pulses as their original version with no childish, image gimmicks. So they can brush just like a grownup. We'll feel like when you were a kid. 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He's forgetting something that's can be a little wild ride there. So that's on Tuesday CC. He's what three away from three K. Yes. So that so you would think I was happy. He didn't get in his last start because you want him to do it in a winning effort and pitching well e o wanting to get it in garbage time when on five nothing what not don't eat that. So hopefully, it gets a good start going on Tuesday. And then Wednesday thing is a day game. That's nice little day game Wednesday, and then we get home, but should be nice. We've been on the road for a little bit with dominating the west coast vanquishing are opponents the king of the west. So I mean, everything's good man feeling good. Come back home got Minnesota and Seattle which are a couple of tough teams. And you know, we're gonna keep learning a lot about this team get some guys back, but. Good to be Enki fan right now. I want to say a lot of getaway shit. The guy's been playing a lot better lately. Always last like five or six games. He's hitting over like three thirty getting on base. Whenever you get some Basie steals like any basically, Billy Hamilton, still seconds. Those third comes. He basically creates his own runs, which is just a huge. Plus and he plays a good defensive position. We're gonna need them especially for shell is down for a few days. So tell back a little bit the guys actually playing he's actually proven his own will that right now? So good for China. Wait. We're happy for him short porch alum so shot at the Elliott who wrote a blog about hot baseball guys include Tyler Wade, and then a girl DM Ellie, and to that she knows Tyler from home sent him the set in the blog and ever since that point. I think he's been on so credit Ellie Schnitt for tala Wade's recent success didn't think I'd ever say that or credit us for interviewing that, and we actually told her to include Tyler Wade, so actually credit all of us. Tip. The cackle all of us. We're doing a good job over here. I do want to say before we go. Oh, eight. So you saw vendors. I guess we won't talk. We to spoil anything game of thrones game of thrones in half an hour. I mean, I don't know what to expect. I'm already kind of sweating. I'm already also feeling it might be a little bit let down, but I don't believe it because it's gonna be forty minute battle. And it's tough to really fuck that up, but a lot of shit's down. I'm someone who I don't necessarily care about the the battle scenes to me or not as fun as like the politicking in the backstabbing, and the strategy that to me is always more interesting. The big reveals care. I care who's going to die. I do care is going to die. I will say this. Here's a semi hawk game of thrones take is that I feel like character deaths now will somehow sting kind of sting less because there's only threats. What does like three weeks? Now, we're never gonna see these characters again. Anyway. So losing them. Now does stink. But I read lose the character now than you know, deaths were harder swallowing like season three or season four. I think I felt a similar way with ventures because this was well, yeah, don't say what I'm not really not smart. I mean, you know, this is coaching the book on face three. They're going to move on with a set of new characters the newer characters, and some, you know, the older people some people had just didn't die. Probably just won't see like again, you know, like, it's just the way it is. So like that's the dead. But I told to get what you're saying with that. I'm very very much in agreement that being said, I hope I become anti brand guy. I think too many people like her and the whole ninety situation was so used useless. And I'm so with you I didn't need I didn't need any of that. I honestly don't give a fuck about pre-and. Shit that brand became a night that who cares? Who cares about Brienne who they're always such a great? You're such a great scene. Like, not really to me the problem with game of thrones. To the first two personas has been they've been doing a little too much fancied service. Yeah. Even forcing they become too self self-aware like they're trying to force the brand torment thing. Little bit too much trying to they're trying to be in on it too much. And that's what makes him thrones. Great Blair, fellas. I hope she gets killed immediately. Because of the trailer look like she's on the front line. Hope. She dies immediately becomes a white. Walker torment has the killer, and he just fucking rips her head offer something now, it'd be go. You know, that's going to happen. She's Netflix dying in either Jamie or torment is gonna kill her hundred percent now. It'd be good. Yeah. Fuck brand have your agreement. I was Fran basically called me a misogynous because I didn't like the brand ninety situation. Get the fuck outta ridiculous. That's insane. I think she was serious crazy crazy people in this world before we go before we go one to give a little shout out to one of our dedicate. Listeners big story. Taylor Jackson Taylor hit me up over the weekend. I'm going to paraphrase here, but base he's been going through to secular cancer. Which is you know, that's hard. That's big deal. He said C T skin came back normal. He's not a hundred percent of the woods, but things are looking up. And then he's been in touch with an organization called stickler Cancer Society. They're nonprofit just basically prayers for Taylor Jackson. You know, we we want you to pull through the whole shore ports community wants you to pull through here. And if you know get checked out because fifteen to thirty five apparently is the age range where typically cancers most common. So, you know, don't be lazy. Get get your stuff checked out. There's apparently Napa whatever. But the it's called ball checker dot com, actually, free nonprofit, whatever helps you get kicked out and everything just just be aware for cancer. And. Taylor jackson. Pollster and everything goes great. Yeah. We're we're we're we're free Taylor. Hope you know, we can make your time more bearable. Thanks. Thanks for listening. And you know, good luck. Absolutely. That's our show. We'll be back here on Thursday where we'll have the conclusion of the west coast trip, and we'll see who sloughs left standing. Hopefully, we have some good news. Dr maybe an update on Stanton. Sounds like too low might be back next weekend to and Hicks not too far behind once. He starts playing in game. So we're getting people back this Geel or shelhah shit is an DIGI LeMay who stuff is is fine. It sounds like they've wooded major scare, but you know, can't speak to soon, you know, Emory still have to come anything come up, especially with this fucking training stuff. So that's show. Thanks. Happy birthday. Oh, I thought you know, I thought your birthday was the day before mine, I guess not. Is Aaron judge birthday over the of the weekend. Aaron judge just me. So we're in the Sunday night. My birthdays money isn't majors pace reminding you to wish me happy birthday tomorrow. Well, it'd be clear that I'm wishing Bertha. Aaron judge belated birthday Aaron judge Aaron judge only I love my king. Well, you're not gonna wish me happy with that. But tomorrow, hopefully, he gets better soon, and we will see you back here on Thursday late. This is John sterling you've been listening to short porch byproduct of barstools brand. We long way. Take.

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