The Hobby Lobby Challenge - EP 277


Oh my God. I barely understand English anymore. Because I spent so much time in. Yeah. Mexico. And of course, I wasn't alone in Mexico. CJ what they earn? They're all there. Although Nikki was ever invited. Gene. Do you know how many Instagram as it just I got from people going? Oh, my God you weasel your way in for years, you've talked about how Nicu's supposed to meet us somewhere in the. Like, we go to Puerto Vallarta. She's never there. You know in the last time, we went to Puerto Vallarta. Nikki actually did come with Tommy, right? And I don't remember inviting her then eating, but then then this time, so we go down there. And I got a room, you know, big beautiful room CJ as a bedroom. I have a bedroom. There's a living room with a couch and all I want to sit on the couch and enjoy the no can't do that as sleeping on the couch. You slept on the couch and brought Christmas decorations corner. She had her bags and stuff in the corner of the living room CJ thought it was Christmas decorations. Christmas. And my makeup line on my stuff because they each own bedrooms. Even though CJ said ope, you can come into my closet, and I was like really I'm out of it. I'm good in the living room. It reminded me of college. When you're on the ground you put your makeup on their. She's jury member for Nicky's birthday, high Bader that ten times magnifying mirror 'cause I love him. Well hers has a suction Cup, and she's stuck it onto the MIR in the living room and funny. Yeah, it was let's go around. Did we have fun? I think that's the best way to answer. It is then release that. Heaven, you know, what it's so relaxing there? And then I thought today, I just I felt not off. But it was like I was so calm the whole time. And sometimes I've been when Ross it's been it was coming today. Yeah. It was. Jay rod, we missed you. Both. Thank you true. That's true. Did you like what did we talk about charging us tanned, gorgeous, beautiful Mexico on your flick, scrolling through Instagram? What did a really good question? Tell me. At first, you're a little I know for me. I was very I was much. I was like God. I wish I was there, you know. And then thought to be with you guys. I was a little like tug like, you know. And then I was really happy that you guys were all together. And that you guys I knew were having a great time. And I loved the insta- stories and the videos and the one I loved most was that birthday the birthday cake, whatever that wasn't did for Nikki in that restaurant. Yes. So what was the? So I'll tell you a quick story. So we're in Mexico, and I want to take them CJ, Nikki to a beautiful dinner. And it was we went to cafe artiste, which is up in the jungle. It's really you're outdoors in the jungle is beautiful stunning. And when I called there was some language barrier. So it was like seven PM. She was like seeks and I was like seven two six seven seven. And she goes any birthdays that'll bring any birthday, and I'm like, Nope. She goes. Yes. I go. Nope. She goes. Yes. I go. 'cause I just like I can't I'll get off the phone. And I thought maybe we'll get a Chiro out of it. No one could be mad at that. Right. Right. It's Nikki sixtieth. Go we have this beautiful dater. Right. So and all of a sudden this extravaganza comes you can go to our social media at Hello Ross pod. You will find in 'em video of Nicki being presented with a sixtieth birthday celebration. Take your dentures, and it was like this ornate beautiful sugar thing that floated. Yeah, it was really dynamic jazz sparkler you. So you didn't know that that was gonna happen for sure I had no idea. I was also had sparklers come out of it. We'd be we have to mention the story of how I felt with that woman. That was sitting by herself. That's the love of the straight talk family. Well, and when I was gonna say, I got a clue about halfway through dinner that the birthday thing coming out was going to be inexperience. Oh, okay. Because sitting by herself over yonder was a woman who will actually post a picture of her on lovely on the social she was sitting by herself. And she gorgeous gorgeous, beautiful dress hair done. And at the end of her we noticed her sort of like mental note like look at her sitting by yourself. How you you know, it's taken herself on a date then end of the meal outcomes the birthday celebration the whole kit and caboodle the whole her just saying yourself at the table with fireworks and everything pray love real nece. Good. Comes out this thing. And so we sent her a drink from an everyone sends her getting full. But she came and sat next to us for a good hour, and we all talked. She kept getting up to go say, thank you. That's really great watching her. We were just hammered by hand. She was loving her. There was no like, oh, she's by herself, which is great so Rawson or CJ noticed her first and then Rossa goal ver- and ask her to. And I just walked over. And I was like so this isn't weird. But we're just so into it happening over here. Is it weird? You want to finish your drink? Do you want to come? Visit. She goes fuck out. I'm coming over there. And she's with us, and we talked for hours you notice Ross which was because she Mickey. And she says, oh, my I know who you are use. Okay. I'm sorry. Oh, let me put this in the book. You know? I I really love that. Because that's self love and power to anybody yourself and have a big, you know, birthday celebration in a restaurant. There's lots to celebrate today. Gosh, do we have a lot to get to today's program. I we have to say where we are Pristina to homo. I'm gonna play the intro. And when I come in. I'm gonna have a surprise for all of you. He's the gay best friend. You wish you had. And no, you need tough love money. Now here he is Ross Matthew. To me. Mumbo jumbo shy. All right Ross is working together box on his hand he left he left during the song. Okay. Okay. I don't look don't look we got. Oh my God. I thought. Gentlemen, we happening. I'm so I have a book from the arby's corporation shut. You'll know when Nikki Beth e the voice of Sturt, are you smarter than Mark was here. We talked about our love for arby's. Arby's has sent me a gift care package with T shirts. T shirts. There's a gift cards for each one of us. Oh them are the nice. Oh, I I'm going to keep all these. Because I love and Rb sandwich. No, you'll eat. You're each going to get when pass those around the key everyone passes around. There's also some clothing in here the for I noticed it's like like, a sweat suit kind of thing, you sweat suit will like a like a jumpsuit, you know, like zip up hoodie and pants that match the bold print on. What is an how Nikki how would you describe this? Okay. Hold on. It's it's lady Gaga's meat dress. Shredded shaved meets fake and pork Turkey, peppered Reese Alami. Is it a pants hunt and the card read on Rb stationary Ross? You know, a look when you see it. So we've include closed a little something extra literally these meat sweats. Are extra to go along with your gift cards your friends in beef arby's? Wow. They sent me. Meet look at the pants. Meet us. That. God you've got to so good. Yeah. On your body. Oh my God. Imagining negate thinking about it. Big. Thank you to our friends at arby's. Thank you, are you we have now everyone gets a little gift of. Nikki commuters. But I'm sure they have it's -tarian sandwiches there. I'm sure they do replace has thing. Now the nineties. Can't believe the meat. Switch me off. Get the full that you to get the influence you. Is that something do something else? Do another after something, you know, what can you do help paying the rent of America corporation? I'm waiting for living spaces too. Space. As a big things to them. We have a big announcement to make right now. I think you should rather than doing a deep tease. I think we should do the big announcement. Right. Did you did you have something to do with the top of show you so I can wait. Are you? Sure you because I want to know what this announcement. Okay. Well, CJ I want you to it's your baby you put this together. So you you deliver it. Oh, well, we we did do a little tease a week or so ago, but we can officially announce that straight talk with Russ we are coming to New York. Creeks. Oh my God. That is exciting. Manella? Red eye. Shit. I'm. Me yet. You look. Logging skews. Uh-huh. Shitty. To she. I. He'll check. Yes. CJ please jeanmarie. Tell them the details. So we will be doing. It's going to be a full on a weekend. You also we're going to be there. I will be there on a Friday, which is going to be June eighth note seven we get in on the seventh. And so we'll be hanging out on the town. You know, getting our social in the group and tell us where we should go. We're gonna come out and just hang out that night. We're going to land drop a bags and they go out all about. He. Then on Saturday. We are we're not only doing one life podcast, but we are doing two three dollar Bill in Brooklyn, we come in Brooklyn my old stomping grounds. Three dollar Bill is amazing venue in Brooklyn, actually, you can go to the number three dollar DO L A R B I L L B, K dot com slash sport slash Ross. And you can see some details. Straight talk with Ross dot com. And there'll be Leo we can do that as well to also. So we'll be doing the shows June eighth one at four thirty PM and another at seven pm. It's going to be a lot of surprises loss brain has been hold on. And then on June ninth. Surprise surprise. We are bringing the bubbly brunch. The same venue. So that is going to be June ninth at twelve pm. So we will be coming with. We're putting together an amazing show new like a new noon brunch. CJ consumers playing the right? Right. Ooh. Hey. Going watching a looney back. So I just wanted to make sure stance a Friday the seventh raw town going out on the town, not what will be your. It's a spot street Hooker. Joe? In if I understand correctly, then on the eighth of June to live podcasts to live podcast what time for thirty four thirty one at seven and regular admission is available as well. As VIP were adding something very fun and special for VIP. Both VIP's are going to be fun both equally fun. You should come into both. If you can I so I'll be there, and we'll all be there, then and then in addition to that, maybe some straight talk Vamos phases will be there are talked to quite a few today that are in New York, and we'll be there. We are officially doing afterglow. Oh god. Then so in that part of the VIP, then in addition and a lots more details on the website. And then in addition to that in a Decio all there's a run on the ninth at noon Ross bubbly brunch with four hundred some seats available with general mission and VIP for that as well. Wow. Yes. Here's the. And it's gay pride weekend. Putting world pride. Let the women sing. Oh, I. So all you listeners try I mean, come on tristate come through. That's try. Thank you guys can carpool. Really? Oh, yeah. We want Britain tunnel crowd. Just fan. So so for more information, go to straight talk with Ross dot com. We'll make sure there's a link of. Here's his own. Enjoys is. I'll be right back. Roy states stunts getting. Oh. Roddick. Oh. Let's go to the great. Ever. Would you buy a t shirt for fifty dollars? If you knew it only costs seven dollars to make a win. We have before. But I don't wanna will with ever lane. You never overpay for quality clothes ever lane. Only makes premium essentials using the finest materials without traditional markups. They want you to know what you're paying for. 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For more information. Now back to straight talk with Ross Mathews. You bet ahead. Believe welcome back to the. To travel with you is resort seven need straight talkers on the east coast and oh to trip that we're going on that vaccine actually come to. Oh, my. Yeah. Me member member. When remember when we all went to Mexico. Not fair fear. Can I just tell you one of my favorite memories? I did on the when I got when I landed in Mexico. I did get a kiss kiss in the girls bathroom two women that were going to Puerto Vallarta. Did you tell them about the podcast? I absolutely. Up to meeting them. They were so great. But when I other favorite memories in in Puerto Vallarta is waking up in the morning and seen for civil CJ. His body is delicious you've ever really retention is. No is nice and. So he's walking around. It's morning. He's got his tanked up on his little shore. It's he's goes into the freezer, and he opens up the freezer. Roland is phase. Dirty dirty little secrets, no he has this roller. It's ice roller. Tell my version of I go in there their next morning a little league because I took one of those Mexican horse pills knocking. So I go, and I opened the fridge get this. We had like waters and stuff, and I just open the freezer because like I don't know you go to you over there side by side. I always open double see with the hell is this. It looked like a like a roller for lint roller freeze. I go home. My someone left us in the freezer that CJ face roller. Did you not know you had a face roller? Never in my life seen. I'd never even heard of bribe. It ma'am, could you describe it for it? So it's. You know, what it's like watering put it in the freezer gets really cold. So when you wake up in the morning, you can just. Helps puffy eyes. It just gets skin alive. Normally I used to take an ice cube every morning and just web it all my rights to wake up my skin. But now I use the roller, and it hopes that seen a, mommy. I was thinking about that with the ice. Yeah. Fills with ice. She like splash puts her face in it. You're you, you know, what the next morning we woke up, and I don't know if Ross new I was in the room or something Russell's like, oh, let's go to break. We're CJ Nikki's. He's real he's real in his face. Let me tell you can I tell you to Nikki went after certain point that we had more days, and I wake up and look at that face roller and think I share his face. What? Got a face roller. Nikki got my own faith roller. Got a special little festival one. You have a surprise little annoying. Where did you get get one? Look at this. Look, I am a big grownup lady just like love. Marsha warfield? This is have you heard the theme song for this? Lynn Mathies jets nyc siege. You know what? No, it's not. You know, so. None that I think about he was going what time okay, just to change gears, really quick. I showed up to the pool to meet Nikki Ross at our low place where we hang out. And I shaved day Russell's like, oh, that's so great. He said, you know, what you look like but over person from. The Buckeye from not court. No, not Roz the block, he where the cardigan all the time and had the mustache. And then I told him I go, by the way, I forgive you for when you accidentally crowned a Adriana Ariadna Miss Universe. 'cause I've calling him. He doesn't want anyway. Nikki boyer. You hear that one? Beautiful. I mean, I'm so excited to put this in my freezer, and then role in my well my. You know, I want this roller. What did you get me? What did you get you? What did you guys get meeting with? Suva have any room? I had to go to after. Oh, you know what I got you. I'm taking you to New York pack your bags. Thank you for your name. I want you to sing the song right now. Yeah. Start spreading the news. Leaving today. One to be out of it. Okay. Can I tell you? What's random is? I literally went click on somewhere on the video. And it was right? There were Jesus is real. I wanted a little more a little more because he was getting into it there. He went. Are more spray. And. Round heart of it, New York. We should raising. All right. How's really good come on? I was really really don't disrespect. Roll your fucking. Thanks. Thumb so exciting. So you know, I have to ask you regard. Did you continue to set up? Miriam darling. See, you don't know this. But CG lives right down the hill from here. Nikki lives not that far and fancy now has a place. We have Pristina darling is with studio fag. Z has Miriam darling Christina tone. Nereo startling fist. Stop down the hallway. Done downhill, Amy. How have you been setting up? Miriam darling. Well, when you left for Puerto Vallarta. It got real quiet real quick. 'cause you're like a whirlwind. I would come over and be like this table isn't set up yet. And so I just take I take screws. I set it up so fast, and he'll be standing there. And I think the couch needs to be four inches from that wall. I did say because I said, no, I said I said it needs to be one inch closer to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So when you do, you know, what he said when I said that he goes, no. Yeah. Make it your own, you know, but I appreciate all that you've done for Mariam every right to my really do. So when you right to be wrong. I didn't do much basically just it got real quiet when you laughed, and I just stayed there with her needed a chair. Did you get the idea the chair yet and Ross wants to get me? He wants me to get a plant. But I don't know if I want to commit to a plant. That's a commitment. You are not plants. Dick, get the. Get the plant this. Low maintenance plan. I got you a succulent. Favorites. Yeah. The succulent. I can deal with. But I think you're talking about a big tree right plant. Yeah. Hard to take. Yeah. So I'm just kinda know grounding myself, I just take the week to ground. What I love is where he lives is really close to insert today. We went to others this little like really rundown diner right there. And I like getting soups there because every day is different soup today. What I have hit your beef barley barley barley soup. And thanks God. Even though it was new got a and French, toast and bacon for dinner. Had you not had a breakfast for lunch or do you not had breakfast yet? That was breakfast for lunch. And if I eat something like that for it'll hold me through the whole day, you won't have dinner. I won't I'll just knack for dinner. Yeah. Yeah. I snack and have dinner is this. We went there, and it's wonderful. And there is something that Fags e lives next to that. I don't support. And so as much as I come out in favor of arby's and a bold bravely. Cheer on this corporation, right? How much I love it. There is a corporation. I don't. Go into very specific. I don't give them my money who I'm going to know. There was a court a court case in supreme court all about religious freedom. And what it really essentially about is years ago was a business didn't want to have to pay for contraception for on the health plan because it was against the religious choice. You know, and it's the same argument people's religious freedom. I don't wanna have to if I own a bakery. I don't wanna make cake for a gay couple because of my religious freedom. I call it bad business. Right. That's just stupid gay people's money as Green's at straight people money. So it doesn't make any sense to me. This could actually cited with the people claiming religious freedom so hobby lobby which is like a Michael's craft store big craft store chain, they were the ones sort of saying not sort of. They were the ones saying we are not going to offer contraception the pill or something like that. Or abortions for our health. For benefits for our employees because it's against supreme court side with them. Great. I don't buy the religious freedom. I think if you're religious you should do it for you. But I would like as an employee of you to be able to make that choice for myself, right because we live in the country, and we should have small government. Who doesn't tell me what I can? My body is my body. So if I want to use a condom, I will use a condom, right? Because what's now next if they can tell us that we can't have a birth control pills. Are they gonna tell us that? I can't have that brand of cholesterol medication. Even though it works for me. Are you going right? Are you going to tell me that I can't have the flu shot because you think the flu shot might be whatever the fuck you decided is. So where does it stop? So not to I don't really usually get that political. I have a hobby lobby dot you up. I'll be lobby upset and so one time before facts he lives there. I did go into hobby lobby that particular hobby lobby. I did not. I did not purchase anything. What did you? Do talk shit sharp. Hobby lobby and that is a true story. And we went to that diner. And I had we were leaving. I gotta take shit. And so I was like do you wanna go back in the diner? I'm like, no. I'm going to go shit and. You don't go to hobby. Mike, I'll go there to share. Yeah. Out of your way to push it to shit and hobby you flush okay, but still it stunk. So I I told when he first moved there we were walking to the diner. And I go lobby we don't shop there. And he goes why? And I told him quickly I go, but you can shit in their job there. We just shit, and he goes what? So I told him the story we should do thing on the podcast called the hobby lobby challenge. Where courage people? Encourage people to go in the hobby lobby. And so it's so good the hobby lobby don't buy anything. Please. Even even if you don't have to shit just fart what I dared. Yeah. Yeah. Did you do hobby lobby CHAI went in? I did do it. I didn't record it next time. I will I went, and I really want to take a dumb nothing was brewing. So I went in there and just ripped the hardest and then turn around and just walked right out. Thrilled. It was very fulfilling. I can't encourage people enough to do the hobby lobby challenge. Go in take a picture yourself with toilet you pooped in record yourself. Farting. He walked to lobby hashtag lobby to hobby lobby. Hobby lobby challenged the only thing it needs fem- song Equality's just another word for hobby lobby. Hey, you know, taking a dump is good enough for me. And hobby lobby. Wow. Okay. That I. That idea. Okay. So I- Ross today for lunch, and I'm talking to myself in the parking lot. And he saw me talking to us, but I was thinking about hobby lobby and the challenge and so. This is so funny that they sent he's the one that came up with that idea he out of his mouth. He goes, I need a song for hobby lobby. I mean, Bobby McGee. Last. How going farting and pooping and hobby lobby. And then he went home and he did. I feel like I curated that. Because that's first time. I heard him saying it for him in the states, right? That's right. It's all yours. I can't wait until it's trending. Let me let me see what. Hobby lobby sends us. Like, what would they sit? But it'll be some sort of shitty gift. Anyway, one. I heard everyone to do the hobby lobby challenge. If you're not comfortable pooping, just walk around. Farting. All right. Love it. So. Thank you so much. We'll listen to that song. As we go out when we come back. We're going to be playing a, oh, we got so many bad jokes. But not just going to be Fags. He gives them we're all going to participate. Much more coming up Equality's, just another word for hobby lobby. Hey, you know, taking a dump is good enough for me. And in that hobby lobby. Did you know that a top reason people are using cannabis? These days are for health and wellness. It's true. So this mother's day. 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Get ten percent off your purchase. Visit men now for mom this mother's day. I think you ready for this day. I am ready for this. For this. Jan. Vein. Nice cream castle. Clouds. No. Rain snow on everyone. So many. I would. Clouds god. From. Still. Cloud. I don't really know. I only like normal. At all. Joni Mitchell both sides now, it's when we favorite song beautiful and a lot of times on planes. Listen Joni Mitchell a law on planes for some reason. Whether it's California, I'm coming home, or whatever it is. But I always think I am. I'm flying back home after a long trip, you know, into LA. I think the clouds, no. And you think about what I love about this song's I've seen clouds from both sides. Now, she talks about you see them from up there. They look very different than they looked down here. She also talks about the song she seen life. She seemed love from both sides now from falling out of love. She talks about I've seen life from both sides now because she talks beginning of her life in the end of her. She's not dead. But you know, the later years of life and in each each scenario, she says, I looked at clouds now, I get clouds, I've looked at love from both sides. Now, I don't get it at all looked at life from both sides. Now, I don't get life at all. And so just a reminder. While we're in the middle of world trying to figure it out. We probably will never figure it out. So just enjoy the right? Lovely listen a little bit. Little known fact, I also played the saxophone on this recording. And that's Chardonnay on the. She just the triangle. If you listen close your Chardonnay. Subas crafting listen. Ding, ding. Name. On that one Chardonnay. Amidst the bait beautiful so staying. Drums. Shy smile. Oh, by the base. I note had to name IP. No. I bought a new piano taking lessons having yet. But going to one of our listeners, I couldn't tell you the name I would look for it. But I commented on Hillary pod. When when they posted it the name of piano that Chardonnay Kwan's gonna play my daughter, right? The name of the piano is. Bye, listen, listen, my saxophone. If I can get that good on the piano. My name is piano. Griego. Social media. It's so perfect. Yeah. No, greasy. Oh, that was someone suggestion. Wherever you are brilliant. I really don't. Thing. Done. All right. And Chardonnays on piano. Oh, that's a lot of wine. She keeps that winding up. Right. Do not wind on. Low. You didn't. No. Good joe. To share? On straight with Ross. Chardonnay? That's not white zinfandels, Dale. Dale didn't work swing though money. All right. So this week I got so many good bad jokes from the listeners incredible ones. And so I decided today that I thought I'd do this a little differently. I thought I wanna put the jokes to put them out put him in a box passes around, and we can all share the jokes. You can say the Joe new printer. This is for my new Mariam, Darlene hunter, I was very excited. It was the first thing I printed out. The printer the printers in the dining room on the on the new the new printer tail got when you guys were. I know one thing I haven't improved. I love it. I love it. You didn't have to approve. I kind of think it'd be funny. If we read these in a valley girl voice, I think funny. Okay. Let's do it. So we have to read where we're seeing them for the very first time. Why don't you start into the I also kind of like a cold read it cold read? I'm not good. I missed a little challenging. I'll do the first one. Okay, valley girl. Yeah. Got it. Okay. What did one elevator say to the other elevator? Go down on me. I think I'm coming down with something. Okay. I like I like the valley girl. Attitude here. All right here. We go. What do you call a cow with a twitch? Beef jerky. CJ? What did the hamburger name his daughter? Hamburger named daughter. Him bun toasted bun baby back, right? Okay, valley girl is so. I love it. Sean. Okay. Every difference between a genealogist and a gynecologist a genealogist looks up your family tree, a gynecologist looks up your family, but. That one. All right. Lake. What did the blankets as it fell off the bed? Sheet. The rest of. Could the listener or the straight talker Sunday talkers. These roll my face. What do you call a with today's? I need you to focus on that. Right. One more time. What do you call a fat fish fish fish Fash? That's what I said. Scooting Tunisians donate that Tunisia fish. The the delivery. Did you hear about Ingrid pancake now jock? He just flipped. Just flipped. Okay. Read read them. What Senator say when he jumped out of the closet? The janitor out of the closet. I'm coming out supplies. Minute. Wonderful. Focus. Okay. Seriously. Once to joke about paper never mind. It's terrible. Thanks a lot. Here goes my second. CJ? Terrible. I hated the segment. I love me what happened to being. If you leave it will be just like Mexico. Doc me with a spoon. Can I go? What happened to the franc's car when he parked it on the street Popper? It got towed. Two. Oh my God. I asked my bottom friend, how the sex was he didn't give a shot. What do you call a man with? Nobody just knows either. Nobody knows. Either the other nobody knows I wish you could see. The character. He doesn't like the angriest. I'll still. The best white lady I have ever seen that must be my favorite thing. You've ever done. How? That doesn't say much of blackness. With. Shit. Hard defensive balls steep with facts. Oh my God. You're gonna hate me. But everything on my balls deep was about Puerto Vallarta, which we've already is there anything else, you wanna know. Well, can we talk about your ring? Yeah. Why we're laughing? What to talk? Ring I bought and Puerto Vallarta a couple years ago. Remember when I left my car on long to people went and stole things out of it. Remember talked about this. And then I was like, oh, it was nothing. And I'm like, oh, it was like eight sunglasses, and oh, yeah. That wall will that money. And it was also my rain, and so it was silver. And I been looking last time we were in during New Year's facts or there either. But we were all a win. We were looking actually found very similar almost bought it. But I was too much. I just was like, no. So I was looking this trip, and we saw this ring. And it's this one right here, we were all together. And we all went and we've talked to the guy, and I any said it's I walked up, and I said remember what I said to him. Nikki no bullshit street hit the point like, I don't wanna do the whole negotiation because it's always this whole dance. Tell me what it is. And it'll be in cash you just like come on go just what is it? And he said a price, and I was like. You looked at me like the we're like, no, we'll go. Maybe I'll come back. Yeah. Maybe let me think about it. You said and I thought when I walked away. He would like oh senors this. I'm like, no. So we went back. The next was the next day next say, and we watch and it was a different guy later. Guoxin? Right. And we walked in and I go I just want to see the different guy. I think about the ring. So I was going to pay that price. So and the guy was not there was a different kind of go, and I couldn't find the ring described it. It's very very simple. But I love it. And he goes the guy goes nowhere that ring is. So he grabbed it, and I said what's the price on this? And he weighed it, and he did the whole thing. And he said two-thirds price of what they regional guys. Do I not going to do the math? But I wanna know what what what was Q tell us what the price will you guess what the price on this the original price from the guy. The first guy. I think it was he probably said fifty bucks come. Ninety five one hundred very close at night. It was ninety seven. Okay. Got it for like, sixty two crazy with no negotiation. Just change up the guy. It was different. And I go. Okay. Well, let's. Four thirty dollars. I mean, they can spend probably twenty five hundred on this baseball. We're all we're all rich. You gotta ring face. The these braces I have two dollars each to. So I mean like, I mean nothing. Got me. You know, what I wanted to make sure they were really almost invisible. You should come down. Come down TV with us one time. Yeah. I I really wish I really wanted to go this time. But I couldn't because I just moved everything get up and go, but I really do want to go down there. I am worried about the diarrhea though. I am very very big. No hobby lobby's. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, no. So nasty. That's. Not. No one had. I I think it's not happening on it. I think that maybe the that city in particular has so many tourist that they've really stepped up their water purifier game. We were none of us had. Anything? We're just I heard you can get it from the shower. Now, not when we are let me tell you something I told Nikki, and what's his name this too. We it was. It was I wouldn't it? Voice. It was the most and I've been to p a lot, you know, maybe because I finished the book. And so I could really go and really focus on that felt like a huge blanket over me for so long. You know, even there I was finishing. The can't even finish. The book has something special in it that I have. I haven't told anybody and those needed fine tuning. Oh my God. And so I was working on those, but I really could sort of see life again. I don't know if you heard, but it's been here for me. And. So it was really nice to like sort of like even when nine CJ I'm gonna stay on the balcony. And just I just wanted to look at the lights twinkle and think and plan and think about how everything I wanna do going forward is going to have purpose purpose. Purpose purpose is the new mantra. So it was really formative trip. And I have to say it was I'm so glad to that. Nikki that you. Boldly uninvited. And in in you know, what insisted on not getting your own room. And I think that it's so brave to just. Steal other people space. Thank you. I think that is just a broiled brave. I did with a Royal person. Oh, we have to joy of Christmas. Do we if we still have we have to put the audio of karaoke because karaoke, you know, we did it the last radio all day was pretty f- an epic. If I give you the video Jay rod, can you put the audio? Okay. So bad. All right. So each one of the song, and we'll just put it at the end of this research. We were going to do all our first numbers for like drug. We had it was also be on Rawson. I did say so does Madonna that. No, no. You heard it. You just got. Oh, my. She goes. Fucked up. God, I mean, you've met wretched Ross that was turned up nikei. The ground rolling around dirty. I don't need to be here. Performance young rolling around. Can I change the subject a little bit? And they can't with the Puerto Vallarta. Did you see anything with Rawson CJ that you were shocked about like did they walk out naked long? Did they do need like I would be. I was on the couch. I would be like I kept waiting hoping that something really dirty would go. I'd have to pretend I was sleeping with one eye open. Now. Now, we're you shocked when he and I made love and for and you what a power bottom CJ. Yeah. Yeah. Grinder name. Oh, that's good. Can everyone will change their grinder name to hobby lobby challenge? Everyone. To get a personal lives since plates like HP Y L B Y C H L, Angie. No, I didn't see anything CJ role in his face was is it was just the cue. Really good care of me, though. I have to say like they took care of me. They made sure I had vegetarian options. Even though they roll their eyes. Insure that like that. I was safe and got home. Okay. Because there was one night. I was drunk and it was like time for me to go. I got moment and Uber, and I told the Uber driver. I she was like we'll get a cab. I'm like, no. Because then I can't track it. So I got an Uber driver. And I put it in the car, and I told the guy Toronto king. Uh-huh. She got good. It's nice. Glad you all had a great time. Thank you. Yeah. Just you to what you were there. There wasn't other couch. These doors. Is. Okay. We all know. Why did you say that? Could be. Oh, are you still love those? He was odd. News is trending again. And I'm going to bring it back. All right. It always happens in Florida. I'm all right. So first before go, he believe. He believable don't know. What's gonna happen on believable? Nikki. Attract three. Headlines. You gotta tell me what story is a legit Florida story. Florida woman tries to hold up gas station with nail file so one of these actual truth. One of these is true. And I'll tell you the story Florida couple Mary's their children Florida man driving drunk on riding lawn. More crashes into police car. Drew, which ones drew CJ. So there's a go through it again. A is this Florida woman tries to hold up gas station with a nail file be is this Florida. Couple of Mary's their children. See is this Florida man driving drunk on? Lawnmower crashes into police car? I wanna go see. But I also wanna go with d all of the above. Yeah. But I'm gonna say see. Okay. Well, your first instinct was correct. The driving drunk lawnmower crashing into a police car. That's a real story. The other two I made up, but we're inspired by other headlines that I had seen today, you should do a whole floor booze. Oh won't be bringing a live show there. Been cut off flowed out to Florida. Boom, Florida, Florida. Time to check in with floor booze. A lot of time. I store it a sixty sixty eight road man, driving his right along lawn more while drunk he got arrested after crashing into a police car. I love Tampa. Oh, boom. Police officer was actually in a convenience store on Saturday evening when he heard a loud noise in the parking lot. He walked outside and he found this guy. A riding lawnmower towing a black trailer with a cooler inside. And he had just crashed into the police cruiser. Growly caused minor damage but police say that after initially laughing the guy became super aggressive towards the officer. He was arrested and taken to the police department where he claimed an actual trailer trust. Police office. He when he got to the he's officers poisoned him. He was taken to the hospital where blood tests found his alcohol level it point two four one which is nearly three times the legal limit, which is where I felt in. What's that? Near anywhere near bokram. Not gonna stop anyway, his license. Seventy eight he had to DUI's. But this is the day. He got caught because he crashes his lawnmower into a police car, which I wanna know don't be a westbound bitch. Why? Bad. Anyway, thanks for listening. These stories. Niki? Be. Same for XI's favorite. By the way, the thing you did last time was his favorite thing you've ever done. I'm glad we got all the last because we're taking a turn right now. Just real quick. If you saw the local authorities finally released the cell phone video footage from Sandra bland today after four years. She was pulled over for believe I'm gonna say she was twenty eight time she got pulled over on a traffic stop. And so it was saying the officer said that he felt like he was being like a better term under attack. They arrested her three days later, she was found hanged in her jail cell, and they ruled it out as suicide, right? So so being very aggressive. She recorded her the cups pulling her over which was a routine traffic. Stop in the video of the cop was pretty much saying out light you up and putting stun gun kind of in her face. And it's really aggressive when you see is just a full of shit. And so I'm just more sucked at it took four years for this. And it's almost like, and I've thought about what you think of the story of Emmett till and that white woman him, and then he got killed. And you know, what I mean? And then came out afterwards years later said it was allies too many times. That people of color, especially by thirties are being murdered. And it goes kind of lost in a sauce. You know what I'm saying? So it was just I'm really hoping that the family gets the Justice they deserve especially for Santa blam because we all knew that it was just this woman was fighting you Syria YouTube videos, and she was she was full of life and just talking about being justices to black people. And so she's going to get arrested. I wanna kill myself that was bullshit. And so I'm hoping that they reopened the case. The family said today, they want to reopen the case now her I'm really I'm really hoping. And and I'm just sitting that family all the left, but that just watch it the I was in that mood today as I was talking about now that I say that maybe that's why because I've been holding on until just now one of the best things about things like Facebook lie everyone having a video camera. And now, they're putting cameras on all the police officer uniforms is that. We'll have that stuff. The fact that we had for four years, and we haven't seen it. I would imagine there's going to be a new case. And hopefully, there's Justice for for her and Justice for for everybody who. Who's treated unfairly. Absolutely. But I don't think there will be and I'll tell you. Why is because there's video of so many cases of innocent people. And I'm not hating on police officers. I'm not they do a lot of amazing when my rest guys that run their lawnmowers into their. Yes. But, but when you know when when my home was broken into this Homer sitting and right now, please offers came and they came right away. They found the people that did it, and they made sure I was say they do some good things a lot of good things. But there are bad, you know. And so I hope that you can always hope for Justice. What do you cannot say one quick thing to just to kind of maybe a little bit you have this. And then I'll say she just wanted to add to the police officer thing, I think it's time for us to actually call out. Not call out a coal for good police officers to say something police officers doing something to me. To me because I grew up in an area where police officers. My baseball coaches, my basketball coaches, and they are great influence in my life. If you stay silent through something like this. It just looks bad on you as well as the cop. So if you're a good officer, please say something and say, this does not represent us. Let's get Justice. Sandra bland, and for every other American, especially his lack Americans were being killed unjust unjustly by police officers and bio thirty figures because this is ridiculous this line that is that is drawn between black Americans and police officers is absurd, and I feel like no one I won't say nobody but police officers especially do not cross that line to extend a hand when their side is in the wrong. And it's very frustrating for me, personally J, Ron. On the on the playground. You know what? I mean. I mean, not to simplify it. But stick up people. Yeah. Human race. Oh, so while we were in the old studio. Remember, and we had the screens, and we were talking about things, and I put up a picture of Santa bland Ross that your mom. I was talking about sorry about my mom. So just to kind of change gears, but that. I was like this. I love it. I'm gonna miss you. Thanks. I'm races. Wow. Well, J rod, you probably just gave your. Oh, you have announced an oh. We why. Me, right. Jay now. This isn't it isn't that there. This. Okay. So update on the boy band podcast. This is actually happening joking. I we're doing this. This is happening. This was born kind of here. Yeah. Absolutely. J rod has an announcement. Wait what? Okay. -ment so official. So the boy band bought cast is happening requirement. New pot on the block. Hot on the block rate title rescue. I came up with that. Thank you. So we're gonna have about fifteen episode. We're not gonna. Guys, like, fifteen episodes. We have the first four episodes. The first one's been called making the band building the perfect boy band. What makes you beautiful next one? How been part fashion bump bump bump, top ten list of your favorite boy, band bangers and come baby comes we the fourth. I'm so which is basically sounds about sex all that. My co host is my friend. My good friend, Michael Zaki who grew up with. Larry, I've known Michelson fourth grade, we were in our own little boy band growing up our. Chip chunks at the ship chipmunks. We call ourselves at chunks. I don't know why. Yeah. We were like eight years old. So listen, there's a voicemail we want you to leave a voicemail for any of these episodes. It's eight one eight three eight four eight four participants. Participate. Call in leave a message for anyone and here the number one more time, please eight one eight three eight four zero eight four. Thank you. So and that's thank you. Well. Thank you. And j rod bye bye. Bye. Okay. Oh my God. Wow. Wow. We had an announcement. I didn't even know that we'd have one. I look at myself. All right. Listen. All right. Well, we did it. Oh, I do have a question for you quickly. The about afterglow my my Latin straight hawkers, they did have a deep for you this week go. Okay. It's kind of it's really off subject. It's crazy. Okay. Okay. And afterglow is going to happen now after the after show talk with Ross, of course, it's going to happen writing for the right time. Okay. Go so my little atten straight talk. They have so much to say about the show. So I'm so excited to afterglow because so many opinions, but they wanna know like with the Aladdin movie coming out they were asking me. Like, did you did you I masturbate Jack off to Aladdin the cartoon? That's what they wanted to know. If you wanna fall they said that that would be the answer that you would. Loan on social media, CJ CJ live. Why why why we love him? Thanks. I tried guy j rod as Josh Rodriguez. Underscore score. Nikki is Nikki Boyer on all social media and jokes and. You could follow me at come to Aladdin. Number two. Aladdin? At Hello Ross. This show is. Ellen. Hey. Cameos again, I actually fall in love with doing. I'm very fun, especially with mother's day coming. You have a birthday message or especially Misra somebody go you can find on my social media Hella you can find a cameo dot com slash Hello. Ross book. From a mama. Yeah. It was Kentucky at first. But now it's a great way to so please do that. And I think what you're listening everybody. We will be next back next week. Make sure you book your tickets, come see us in New York. Information's on our social Hello Ross pod. Mickey please. Right.

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