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Assignment terror. This week on the podcast Caroline Kunis night school. Welcome. TO TEEN CREEPS THE PODCAST that discusses why a pulp fiction I'm one of your host Lindsay. K. Die I'm another one of your house Kelly nugent and today. We are talking about caroline be Kunis Night School and the assignment is terror. Doesn't lie no dozen lives quite literally the assignment. Yeah. So. Okay, I wanna read the back of the yards of where we get to lost in the weeds on because this is a very like amorphous book. Okay. Mariah not sure why she signed up for the mysterious night class. The notice on the board gives no clue as to the subject but something composer to add her name to the list only three other people have signed up. So it's a very select class, but then the subject requires special skill and attention for they are all learning the art of fear and their teacher demands results, but there's no easy way to make the grade in terror. I mean, okay. I'm fascinated because cheers the back of the book for the. Like truly just like scanned. Okay. Copy and open library. Okay I. Didn't make. It so confusing. All right. So the second log line, there are no graduates from this school ever the announcement hangs in the center of the huge bulletin board at school the printing creeps and drapes down the page and seems to Mariah to glow with fingerprints evil crested worlds of dark plans and sick thoughts. Night Class. The announcement reads if she'd known what the class would be like she would never have signed up because it is a class like no other a class teaches terror mariah wishes she could escape, but it's too late but class is closed and Mariah is trapped forever. Okay I mean this is not the mood of the of the story at all it now. And I like. It. It really is like that is how the classes introduced like she looks at it and there's like dripping taxed. Scares the shit out of her and I was like I don't even understand with his. Loan like what's going on? I. Let me see if I can find that section real quick before we get into. I guess that's just the direct quote before we get into talking about it further. So. Andrew Todd pointed to a single piece of paper carefully centered on the huge bulletin board as if somebody had gone to the trouble of measuring right down to the quarter inch, the announcement was in black icicle hung printing from some strange computer fund crept and stripped down the page. It was an eerie creepy announcement and seemed to Mariah's is to glow with fingerprints evil crested worlds of plans and sick thoughts night class. Night Class said Andrew and it seemed to Mariah that his voice turned tonight. Also there's voice grew dark and shadowy lick the letters on the board. Like I don't know I truly don't know what this now to her I know is it written in like Halloween Font and she's like Halloween for us. Yeah. It's like written like creeper or whatever don't understand the glowing with fingerprints and then she looked back at it and it seems totally normal. Yeah, there's a lot in this book that. Seems to defy all physics and reality. Yes and Mariah's like Weird. They're all like I don't like you said, it seems to defy physics and. And is never described enough to where I have any. What things look Nice. Fully what is going on and yeah, I like Kuni also wrote. The fog. Yes. Trilogy and we only read fog with. Jalen this. Yeah and We were also very confused by what was going on that it was just like sucking the spirit out of yeah. And we were like how and what, and what that guy in all Brown. Alan. Zoo Yes, and it never explains and so. She's clearly. Caroline B Cooney. She's concerned. With the state of Teenage Life Right. She's concerned that their spirits are being drained and she's concerned about bullying. She's concerned about bullying. She's not concerned about details. No, and she's not concerned about the connection between horror and bullying. I in the end I mike. I, know what you're going for one hundred percent That's clear. Enough I just don't understand how you think this gets it that because it is just so fucking vague. Like, okay. So also. I I. Get this. She wanted to make. Mariah. Lake relatable. Yes. Because Mariah's got this lake really intense crush, but it's not just a crush. She is like an intense inter. Inner fantasy world which in which like she's literally talking to and imagining that Andrew She's fully scripting relation. Yes. Andrew, and a relationship with. The. Girl. Group. Oh I love how that was phrased. Actually I really liked the stuff about Mariah's fantasy world. Felt that way. Here's the thing. This book was crazy and I never knew what was happening, but I did really like it. Yeah I really liked it too I. Just Yeah. I might critique is that it was just like so vague what was going on or who that teacher was, but my God, the classroom scenes were Hilarious I. was like they stopped into to avoid space. Yeah. They step into this void space and their teacher is like the fucking. WHO's the monster at the end of Candy? Land. The One thing I've seen that. Okay. No, no no. Not The Middle Board game. Yeah. He's got man. Katie Candy Glueck some Luke loop, right, glue ear candy maybe just. Let me see no way candy, land? Yeah I think loopy gloppy gloppy. Okay. So the teachers fucking gloppy. Andy when Kenya was fine. Wait on this where we talking about on was on this show that we were talking about the different hotness of the different Oh we were. Yeah. Can't people yeah and then they've since changed it and I'm like, no, go back to. Classic ideas of female beauty. Pleased because that's what I was race starting at. All did this to me so I also like that like Lord liquorice definitely seemed like he was like into some like dub con stuff flake. Okay. So gloppy teachers like gloppy literally like is like. A figure that she cannot understand or comprehend, and like speaks Pathak too them. They leave their bodies they become shadows they but then they're also not shadows because they can touch things. And they have to and I loved the use the like four no reason use of acronym of being like you need to find. Easily terrified or what were they I? The first what is unique to choose an SC but like the word choice is part of the acronym. Yeah. You need to choose a schedule shoes a skirt choice the ATM. Machine yes exactly. And they're all like Oh my God. My Marine One whereas I would be like, why are we calling it? Billy. Why are we calling it that and also? I don't know it seems like if I don't, she's it. Everything's fine. What are you GonNa do to me like with Mariah? It's I'm GONNA reveal your crushes and you WanNa be friends with autumn and I know if I'm being faced with a choice, a body listening demon man in black void where all of a sudden I can read thoughts. I think I'll just go for the reveal of my crush and that I wanna be friends with a person. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I guess the extent of her crush is creepy like I'm just imagining like someone being like I have a crush on you and then me being like. Oh Wow thank you be like no you don't understand like you are with me at all times. We have conversations we have. Fights we get back together we like to all. You've died in a car accident. Yes. Yes. I was thinking of our remembering me episode where you said that you imagine going to your crushes. Like sit by the mirror crying. I think Mariah. That's the thing is I was like I. Don't know I do this and I do understand. Like why she's afraid and mortified. But also, how is this evil body Lewis teacher going to convey that to Andrew to the point where he is truly afraid. Like he's going to be like, Oh, I'm flattered and body was teachers going to be like, no no, no. Okay. So Okay. All right. All right. All right. Let me put this in context. Okay I. Guess. I'll just Alright. How do I? Okay here. Okay. Okay. Still like she goes horseback riding way okay. Actually should. O.. owner. No it's when she goes horseback riding. You're not. She's not crushing. Okay. All right. So All right. So She has like fake. Okay. You know how you like imagine conversations with people and he's like, yeah, I do that all the time and he's like everybody does that all the time? Okay. All right. So Okay. Like. Okay. Okay. So conversations are things that happen between two people actually. Okay. Let me go about people were evolved from. Different species of like humanoid type things at two X. Okay. I need to go. That's maybe further. Get something. Okay. So like the environment happen no, that's okay. Okay. All. Right. So you know how people have imagination. Okay. You know the song imagine by John Lennon Way okay. And piece. Are you know? Okay All right. So you know Willie Wonka. So it's like. All right. So imagine if the chocolate factory was. Had and she was willy. Wonka. And you were Charlie Bucket. It's like that. And he's like way what and they're like classes ask. Salt Evil has been too confused to try to make them like Spook Minster Phillips Oh, my library I don't understand. I, liked here's here's the things that I liked. I liked the twist that like the scare choice was not like who Who they choose to scare, but rather the choice to scare someone else I liked that too I liked that and I also liked the realization that like, oh, we when we were thinking about like easily terrified people were thinking of all these weak people in our lives. But really like we're that, that's US until I get key. That mapping kind of bullying. Yes. I was just about to say it is a good. Metaphor for why people bully it is either be bullied or do the bullying, right? It was just it was just the teacher and the team. Was Weird it was like essentially like, okay. Go into a dark room, turn off the light and then go. ooh. Yeah now is the extent of the tournament. Eighteen. Grapes listeners Kelly here if you're still using one of the big wireless providers this year have you asked yourself what you're paying for between. Retail stores inflated prices and hidden fees you're being taken advantage of they know you'll pay answer mint mobile mobile provides the same premium network coverage you're used to but at a fraction of the cost because everything is online, mobile saves on retail locations and overhead, and then passes those savings directly on to yeah. I, Love Mint mobile cream about mobile to everybody. I know I got my mom mobile. I got my sister on mobile. 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SLASH TEEN CREEPS THAT'S MEANT MOBILE DOT com slash teen creeps cut your wireless build on a fifteen bucks a month at many mobile dot. COM SLASH TEEN? Creeps. Hey Everybody Michelle again, telling you about my brand new late night podcasts midnight snack right here on forever dodd as promised. Here's a sneak peek of my most recent episode with Quiz Tan France. If you want to listen to the full interview and I really suggest that you do along with all of the other amazing guests we've had so far be sure to subscribe to midnight snack on Apple podcasts spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Are Certain that really hard to say with an English accent that you guys have caused one of them coir core and the names. of My friend who I adore called her daughter moored. In. American. It sounds really easy mar like however you say it in. English, you ha you sound like a pompous Dick Award but there's no easy way of Saghir. First of all, it's not doesn't sound great in the American accent either. Models I mean I say this as a six one big boned woman maude was a famed be Arthur character the name Maud to me it's like it's like the name of an old. incontinent woman I'm sure she's a lovely little girl. So sometimes, I love in an older lady name on a cool young person it know who do you know more apt out how? Out here, you're talking about because I was least supercooled and she loved that but it's just the word itself is hard to say and I really want to say, can I call you something else I'm just laughing because when you said any mon- and I was about to dig my heels and talk about how much I hate that name I was like there's literally no MoD who can make or break my comedy career and then when you shut appetizers. People's comedy Korean, his documents. Hey forever dog listeners it's Michelle Collins here. You may know me from my Sirius Xm show the Michelle Collins show or from one of my many cancel TV appearances and guess what I have an awesome late night podcast called midnight snack right here on the forever dog podcast network. So every Tuesday and Thursday I'm giving you my take on current events pop culture but just mainly, things are really get to me over the weekend just the little things in life that you don't even want to think about. Well, guess what I think about him. And I talk about it plus an interview, some of your favorite celebrities and personalities like the Emmy. Nominated Co buyer, podcastone, comedian, Bryan Safi, and Glee Star Newell just with you. If you want a sneak peek, here's the good news during today's break I'm going to play you a clip from an interview with clear is own Tan France subscribe now to midnight snack with Michelle Collins on Apple podcasts where we were just need a new and noteworthy podcast spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and I just cannot wait to talk to you guys soon. And then like them being like over no longer in our bodies anymore. So we can all like telepathically communicate. And we're shadows. Sort of or were you sort of delighted by what happened when they all tell a Pathak Louis communicate where autumn was like I'm going to be my own person and then the others were like that's great. Good for you. Yeah. I love how supportive they were. It was an odd I was shipping them as a friend group like I, hard I was. I was like language. And they're like growing and yet they have friends now. Yes. They're defending each other yes. It was very sweet I. Loved IT I. Love, director it's really coming. It's really just the teacher character when I was. Yeah, that was and I literally when I finished the story I was like, wow, I loved these characters. Yeah. I liked the connection between them all like. So the the popular girl group that Mariah is desperate to be a part of is Julie Bruck Autumn Danielle and the one most wants to be like is autumn. An autumn is the word who wants to get away from the group. So she joins the night class Mariah joins the night class because she sees Andrew sign up Andrew signs up because he sort of like is an overachiever like compulsive pathological overachiever but really he wants to like be able to hide in their shadows and just watch people ned doesn't have any friends that's why he signs up. Julie the meanest of the Julie Bruck Autumn Sanyo Dude I stand Julie me to love Julie's who I was so sad for Julie Julie Admires Mariah because she seems like A the`real and like living in her own world and mysterious and Julie like sort of admires her mysterious qualities. WHO's the best friend of Mariah WHO's? Ever one everyone fucking love sal everyone wants to be sal because she's so self possessed everybody wants to be Tommy because he so self said asked and silent Tommy are just kind of like their own thing. They're just don't really figure in the book beyond being life goals. Yeah and like untouchable by the by the scare group. Yeah because there are no, they're so self possessed that they would just shake off whatever like. Victimized imagination yeah. Afraid of the dark thing that everybody else has and poor bevin elbows and so upset for Bevin. Yummy to but as Mariah's little brother who is just like hard bullied to the point where he is suicidal yes. Really Likes Harvey came together. I was like when the all became a friend group, all of them I was like. Oh, my God way only when the thing that saved Julie from being even next victim. And Evil was Bevan accident like just desperate and looking for his sister because he was like at the end of his rope. And he just is like I don't know maybe she'd be at this girl's house because she seems to have more friendly and randomly calls Julie even though Julian Mariah are not friends and he laughed. Is Everything in this sort of like Fugu state. Of Depression. And Julie's in the midst of being scared by the other kids of by Mariah. Andrew Ned and autumn. And she just like totally ignores eight and leaves to go. Like sit with Bevan to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. She literally like goes to hear him out instantly. Fuck I need to go save this kid and she she's like your my lifeline to being are kinder person you're saving me I'm saving you saving them by not being afraid and finally like ending my bullying like they can't bully me because I'm not a bully anymore. Yeah they all just sort of save each other in this like interconnected web of like very relatable character. Yes. I also love the moment where. Like we literally just left my head and my okay. Are you do I need to rush over there Julie Style Oh. A similar thing. So when Bevan is like. Like so Mariah is so wrapped up in her new class, right so it's this class of her and and Adam Enter Andrew and Ned and autumn where their their assignments by the teacher to find week people to like torment and so she's like Shit Bev is going to be someone that they're going to try and like target. So she's obsessed about it obsessed about it and she comes home. And she's so even that right like. So self centered like so like in her own world, she sees that like Bevan's. Bevin has destroyed the Dan in like. Help. Do they share a bedroom. And she says while she's cleaning up, she's like, oh there's like nothing our shared room that is Bevan's they're all my trophies, my photos, my this my that. So she comes home and she's like Oh my God like they. They somehow did find him and they tormented him and that's why like all this stuff is destroyed. And so she's like in her and she's like Oh God and like trying to clean it up. and. So she is like, how like how does all of this? Like how do I figure it all of this instead of just being like is Bevan okay. And then we go into Bevan's mind and Bevan's just like what the fuck like I I'm the only person in here. Of course. I. Did this like well as afraid of. I didn't interpret it that way I thought that she was like, fuck I have to clean this up or the. Teacher is going to view him as week so I have to clean up from his I have to. Clean all this up so that he doesn't see how weak. Bev is because she thinks that possibly somebody was already there to scare him and that's what happened to the. Yeah. That's what I'm saying Bevin interprets dot as she doesn't see me and she interprets that as I have to protect Bevin from being scared. Right, I think the the metaphor that's the metaphor and the real thing is like just put on a happy face Bevin, right? Right yeah. We'll like 'cause 'cause I think she thought that exactly that like what you said that that someone had been there to scare him and that's why all that crap is like on the floor true in about. Yeah. And so like for her she's like she's trying to think of it as like. How can I help Bevan but not really thinking like how how does Bevin need to be helped? Yes. Sure. In a way that like you know most people think about like how to help somebody they're like, how can I help them rather than what does this person need? Yeah, and so like she's like fuck, Anita clean on this up and he thinks, oh, she's trying to clean it up so that dad doesn't see. Yeah and like. Of course, she thinks I'm weak and she's just trying to put push me under the rug. Yeah and so like I loved that that moment of like seeing what she's thinking Oscar on board right like being like, oh. Yum. Maybe someone did like common scare. Bevan. Yes like they're both right. There both because they're not communicating yeah I'm not getting fixed I loved I loved that reveal of Bevan being like no I did that what the does she think is happening like, yeah I loved that the mundane world was still occurring. This Magic stuff was happening That was cool. Yeah. I think. This book would have been like. A plus. If they teach teacher, she hadn't been so vague and confusing. Yeah. I didn't understand the teacher stuff. I was glad that it wasn't just like straight pattern where they just kept doing it and kept doing it and then they realize. It was really just the one scare and then for their next scare they try Julian it doesn't happen 'cause she leaves to save. Bevan. Yeah I liked that I say how to try a couple of times with Julie too. Yeah. I just I don't understand. And I I like the metaphor of it's like I made friends with a new group and we're and like they're bullies and we're all feeding one another bully tendencies I liked absolutely everything about it except for I was so confused. Yeah. I was very confused about where people were what they looked like I'll read the thing. Yeah. Please let people understand truly how like amorphous everything yeah. Okay. So it's like they all are described because they'd like don't they're all like so focused on themselves that they don't notice they're all passing Mike some sort of threshold into this classroom. For Real Place. So they all walk in with him, said the instructor, the room was very dark darkness crawled under Mariah skin like slugs under dead leaves Darkness Shifted Position Inside hurt a colony of poisonous insects, building nests. She's not want to be welcome here. She did not want to be the kind of person that the instructor would be glad to see not that Mariah could see she could not even see Andrew the four of them had blended into the dark like furniture in unused rooms Brian thought seemed even more unreal than usual as if her own brain just replayed tapes of itself, I no longer exist thought Mariah I'm just the imprint of myself. Andrew felt like the negatives of photographs he was not a real person but a future picture of one right now he was frosty and gleaming where he ought to be dark and dark where he ought to be color. He held the camcorder in his lap but did not try to focus. He couldn't even focus his mind right now never mind to film. His utter delight with his discovery in the car Blah Blah. Blah he realized who wanted to be. Lab. CARE, operator maker. And he was neutral. This is good. Thought Andrew Todd Our reporter must always be neutral. The have no emotion at all is good. This is just the kind of night class I need. This four students were visible in a moonlight way grey and black silhouettes. It was romantic thought autumn sort of like opening Valentine and dark whatever that means not so much night class as dusk class autumn could hardly even see the instructor he she or possibly it stood before them like darker dark a more knowing experienced dark autumn warning to make it the class chair go dark. Here were Arno without any. There were about four chairs in the room and no desks. So there had been few choices in seating of of our Roy straight across bubba about their like. Autumn can make out their profiles. The instructors voice was deeply appealing, rich and warm and velvet like the night through which she had passed. tonight she felt liquid in the instructors presence. Cool. Water in a vase waiting to be used. Autumn, felt that the dark was snuggling up to her, she could not quite see the restroom more but this is. Not Matter He's like giving up the instructor gives a talk about holly basically, the human nature is dark. Dr Dark. Warmth left the instructors voice Harare in chilled like meet the voice seemed to bleed on top of autumn's head. She hated the thought she tried to scour it out of her mind but shadows obscured her mind from itself. Boa SC couldn't even see the hands on her lap. She nodded her fingers together and nothing happened. She had no fingers no substance. I, mean I guess. Leaving like they walk in and they. Like. have an out of body experience. Yeah I mean I. Guess It's like this weird collective dream type thing and yeah they are like all out of their bodies I just if that's the case right? Like it's I suspected as right that. Tension, very confusing and like. To My Imagery, why you'll leaving images I just feel like if at the you know just one line after the experience there like like Mariah thinks herself like Oh that felt like a dream or something you know but instead they're just like Well. Now, we're here. They're like that was weird and I don't want to go back in there because it's scary but they never like fully call out how strange it was 'cause it's unlike any other state of being they've ever had here and it's just. I just don't understand, and in the end I I like that it's they realize they can make the choice. I like that I'm just not GonNa do this. You can't make me do this I met. It's a it's sad because Andrew decides he likes it yeah and it's like a He's lost a ends on him being like, no, I'm I'm gonNA choose it still. Yeah. But while it's happening, I wish third I wish the descriptions hadn't made me think that from the beginning. Why are they doing this? Yeah. I I I like that you mentioned You know him a Andrew you said. Is the one who like decides to go fully dark side. and. I really liked that because you know for many reasons like I liked that he was the one who seems to have the most out of everybody like he's very popular he's very cool and I think it's that thing of like you know in Buffy the vampire slayer, how they talk about like vampires because they can't die or because they're immortal fear death that above all So he has all this stuff to lose and he's kind of like, Oh, I'm I'm choosing like he appears to be the one who doesn't really need the night school group but then in the end turns out, he needs it the most. Like I liked that and I liked I liked the moments that each person does get saved too because like he doesn't really have tether. He Nia most but he doesn't need the other kids whereas the other kids need each other. Yeah. That's true. So like like Ned falls in love with autumn. Autumn, like realizes the value in like Julie and Mariah Mariah needs. Bevin. Julia Deans Bevin Bevin needs them Yan Andrews just like he's self possessed without knowing himself. Yeah. Like all he knows his his ambition, which isn't a personality. Yeah. And I liked the description, I'll read the the end where Andrew Light Yeah. Yeah. Falls if that's okay do. Autumn had been right. There would always always be a moment of choice choice between kindness or cruelty between entertaining oneself or others for a moment. Andrew was very angry. You should be able to make one single choice and be done with it. Not have this constant nagging at the bottom of your soul Andrew lucked out at the bottom of his soul. How great was the appeal of darkness? How quickly the smoke of evil swirled up when you thought choice Andrew lifted the camcorder and hugged to his heart the thought of future films and parties warmed him. He tried to run to his car shadows deepened around him. Head Up to the others thought Andrew Dimly get with. Ottoman. Ned Fine Mariah and Julian Bevan. Stumble, whispered the instructor and join the dark? Andrew stumbled. I love that last line and our stumbled A. I mean that and then I loved to like. The thing that Carolina be Kunis always good at and we've felt as about all of her stuff is like. Having. Characters that feel so alive and like your heart breaks for them because when Andrew Stumbles I was like Shit Yeah I was sad for him I wasn't. It wasn't like very typical like handsome. Jock guy. No he he had an emotional. Like inner world and all the characters were very distinct from yet another like they were stereotypes but the stereotype was a jumping off point. Yeah. Yeah. And I guess I mean it may have been extremely intentional for us still like feel confused and lost because that's how the characters were feeling and it must have been like such a metaphor for losing yourself in that energy. Yeah. That while reading it, I was like Oh what's going on? Yeah Yeah. So it's both Sorry I my mic is both a strength and a weakness maybe Yeah, I mean I feel like it does have us experience what those kids were experiencing and I feel like it also. Kind of really captures the confusion that you have when you're a kid like I was just picturing like when I was like fifteen. You know in those like nighttime thoughts that you have as you're falling asleep where you're like like you're trying to figure out who the fuck you are and you're like I don't know like is there a self like I don't know? Is there something that makes me special from other people I don't know because like what is me? It's like first time that you're really really like understanding that you are a separate entity from others I, guess. I also really liked the moment that Mariah get saved. Because she. So like a Bevan and Julie come to where the the like four classmates are hanging out and getting pizza and Julie's like Bevin you need to tell your sister what just happened and he's like, I, don't want to and she's like. I'M I tried to get my ass over there to like walking I, was. Both in total agreement with Rulli and also like Julie, what are you doing like Julie? Why don't we just take her aside yet? We just take her aside. So. Sorry. going. So then Bevan's like fine and the Julian Bevan tell. Mariah. And the rest of the group which I don't think necessarily had to happen. that Bevan attempted to kill himself and had reached out to Julie to try and help him and she did she stopped him. And then Mariah, in that moment is like fuck I have been like. Trying to figure out what I could do for you to protect you when all I had to do was fucking talk to you like your problem was that nobody fucking talks to you. Yeah, and I was like running around trying to make sure that nobody punished you because no one talks to you instead of just solving the problem of talking to you. Yeah. So I love that moment for for Mariah's while when she's like Shit and she's like, all right you know what guys like I don't fucking need to go to this class anymore by yeah yeah, I love that. It says it was Julie who had seen in listened who had run fast enough to save Julie, who Mariah and Ned an Ottoman Andrew had specifically chosen and marked out and stocked Julie. Drove. Beveren and Mariah home. So they tell their parents we can't tell mom and Dad said Bevan horrified dad will be furious. He doesn't want me to be this kind of person abet he wants you alive though said, Julia quietly I. Bet he rather have you rescued lose you I love that Gabby rescued than like Carolyn meetings he's also really good at those like one liners. One. Sentence things where it's like, aw like really gets at the heart of the matter. Yeah. Yeah. Because like that and he stumbled is like really really punchy like really powerful. Yeah and I can see this book getting through to people struggling. Yes. because. It does sort of gem about suicide and apparently like there was an uptick in people calling the suicide hotline. Really. Yeah. So it's like it doesn't take. It just takes something from the outside. Yeah. Reaching out in a small way we'll because the other thing that I think that this did it re this book? Did it really? Well, some other shows do it, which is like Kinda Bullshit. Where were they? They don't do it well. this book. Did it really well in the thing I'm talking about is. You know every fear and insecurity that you feel as probably you know a weird kid reading these books you know you see that like all these other kids who you would think would never have those kinds of anxieties have those kinds of anxieties and it's not only demonstrated in that these characters. Have those thoughts and have those fears and have those whatever. But also that each of those characters has somebody that they look at and they're like, wow, that person's perfect. I. Want to be like them and then we go in that person's head and they have someone else they're looking at that. They're like, wow, that person's perfect I'm going to be like them. Yeah. Hey. Everyone. It's big dipper e Paul from sloppy seconds where we literally do it all. We interview some of your favorite artists performance like Shakoor lay and Lauren Laugh Casse and Nicole Buyer Orville packed Joachim booster and Tony Soto do you think that people? No I don't think anyone knows who Tony Soto is. 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It is a societal problem that bears especially hard on women. They need committed communities and people like you to help them change systems and lives. Again, that's downtown women's center dot or even you have in your pocket to piggy-bank does dump it out in and please donate donate donate every bit helps we appreciate banks listening. I don't know I loved this book. It was very weird and I didn't get get a lot but it was really good. Yeah I'd say this is a this is a a definite like you should read. It also was like like. Almost eighty percent of everything we've read. Yeah it was not. It was not a formulaic at all no Yes. So even though we started this episode like why Really Yeah, we both liked it. Can. We talk about like the things that they do to Mr Ever this poor substitute? Yes that. It was the scary part where I was like why it's yeah. No I love the scary part. I did not love the scare parts either me. NOT THE AT Marai is the strongest because she has such. A rich fantasy world that she hides from other people's she's so used to hiding her other people that she's able to keep. The instructor out so that he doesn't get Bevan's name. Yeah. Yeah. So what happens instead is she offers up Mr Phillips is like pathetic substitute teacher who they happen to see grading quizzes in the library. To when they see him, she thinks to herself That's GONNA be Bevan Ghia. So Sad. So the instructors like thank you Mariah for supplying tonight's scare choice. Blood didn't WANNA do it but Bevan who safe this is in Mariah's have. So they like. In their having their out of body experience still but their bodies are in the room they just don't realize it. They sort of think that they're ghosts. But they are not The scare choice sensed something. He shuffled two papers for no reason except to occupy his fingers, he looked out of the corner of as is without moving his head. A little twitch appeared in his cheek Andrew squinted into his camera, how metal and plastic could pass through a plaster wall fascinated andrew the class had not existed as they pass through the walls of the library and surrounded the SC, and yet the camcorder did exist and somehow it had also moved to the wall. The shadows he filmed seemed to have body not merely light deflection. Andrew wondered how much would actually show up on the film he circled the SEC for a better angle, the SEC. The held himself very still trying to analyze the change in the atmosphere around him. It was an interesting reaction very primitive. Like a white rapid freezing in the snow to hide Andrew focused and then and now the thin nervous facial features of the SC appeared right in the little cross hatch short of. That aiming are Alabama Route. So he's like his eyes darting around he's breathing heavier. He stole grading papers trying to look normal, but although light fighter flight responses are happening in his body. so autumn can tell. She was comfortable in tight group had been part of a tight group for a long long time. She liked the spread of groups the way you were included in the action yet excluded from the blame. If she let the SE's name, enter her mind if she pictured his actual function if she remembered him failing in front of a class, she felt sorry for him. But his SC. He was merely a set of initials. He wasn't somebody. He didn't matter Andrew Zooms in nothing's happening yet just like bringing such an atmosphere and he can sense them that he scared. Yeah, they're all circling him. Like pushes papers on the floor and yeah. So the instructor turn to page in a book, it was a distinctive sound paper against paper only fingers leaving pages could have made that sound but the was the only person there. USC gasped a little and world to see who had turned that page. Oh. Re The instructor Evil Charter Not Mr Phillips. I got confused for a second. But of course, nobody had the library remained empty silence gathered the twitched. The instructor coughed the SC leapt to his feet stumbling twice in a circle struggling to catch a glimpse of who was behind him coughing of course, nobody was behind him. Nobody was in front of him either he braced trembling fingertips against the table Rim and looked back and forth. So often, and so quickly, he must've gotten dizzy from it. Shadows Swirling Cherish scraped. He's terrified. Andrews Review David Mariah thought of the time she'd been alone in the Of frayed listening, to creeks picturing the danger. A autumn is like sort of hoping that. This will actually just lied to him realizing he shouldn't be a teacher and getting a better job and. Stronger for it. Yeah. but he's not getting tougher. He's getting weaker. she's getting disappointed. Why are you putting up a fight and she starts thinking like well, if he was such a weakling, he deserved it he wants to help. There is this kind of like pretty accurate feeling of like when when someone is bullying another person and they get angry at them for a leading like the bullying, how could you let me be this evil you know what? I mean why are standing up to me all you have to do stand up to me and this wouldn't be happening. Mariah's like holding your breath. So she lets it out. the Esi like stairs where Mariah and horror because there's nothing there. Indra clicked his tongue and appreciation he said that. he reaches or Far Wall on which the Bank of light switches lay. He did not make a shadow reached it. I S extinguishing only existing light autumn shadow. When the lights go out, he runs into a stack of books Andrew Pushes Book Office Shelf that scares him se banks into a wall. He cries out please like comes back on he'd like. backed up against a wall and fear a single light came from Andrews can't quarter cameras suspended in mid air filming without human hands and without robotic fingers he lets out a scream abandoned his papers and runs. And then the instructors like all hide the papers and he'll get fired. Yeah and that's the end and I'm like really. I. The thing that I liked that came out of that. was. Andrew like goes. So I see like here's okay that this teacher. Because Anderson Shit that's my teacher I see my name on that paper, right? And he is like. Okay he he comes across next finds out the teacher's not there He goes to the principal. The principal's he's a K. I was kind of wanting to see what happened to that teacher and the principal's like, wow, you're such a good person for carrying about him and he's like he takes the compliment in his head. He's like the only reason. I'm doing this because I'm responsible he goes to the hospital finds out that he just like left and was extremely on well. And his this part is so strange. Well, it's it's interesting 'cause he's like okay and then doesn't check up on it. And later on when he's like thinking about like did I he's I thought I did the right thing like I thought I was like choosing not to scare someone in like being a good person like everybody else when I went to go check on him and then like there's this voice in his head, it's like yeah. But like the second that you found out that like he went somewhere else and is not necessarily better like you didn't. Second it became hard for you to check on this person. Did Not to do it. Yeah. The second you felt like it was an inconvenience. But that part was weird to me because he does ask is like we're where did he live? And the guys like I don't know did he even have a house? Like yeah. Has a house in the guy at the hospital is like, oh Do. They haven't ends there and I always like is he also evil? What do you mean does everyone like? Also wonder Winder you're saying which is that like yes, he could have been homeless. But like. Or here's a thought answer my question. Yeah I mean he was being soling. No answer. He's being so weird and vague the I expected him to be like I'm the ghost of Christmas. Disappear very strange very like very weird. but yeah, I don't know I I. Really loved this book I. Read It fast. Did you read it really fast? Yeah. Felt like a very fast rate to me. Yeah. Like one sitting I just read it. Yet was good. It was a good one I recommend it. I recommended as well. All right. Do you have any any other? Things that we wanted to cover about this book. No style effect I just really I really liked the characters I got there were really well drawn. Yeah. Meet you liked the message to didn't it was like a very it was like I hate you over the head message without feeling clunky. Yeah. Somehow it's interesting looking at this book on good reads and it has pretty dismal reviews. That's weird like people are like saying it's like forgettable entry. It's like nothing book it's just like and. You assholes review it. It's really. Weird. I don't know why people hate it so much I I like it. So. Thank you so much to everybody are for listening We really appreciate it. Tell tell a friend tell a lover. Child, tele mother. I'd say they. Don't feel ashamed when you do. Thank you so much to our patron listeners you guys help keep our show alive Special. Thank you to our patriots. Producers Thank you earn Fernandez and Dwyer Ashley Fritz Clare More Courtney mcphail. Danielle. Amana. Janney Emily Pulley Gabriella Santiago Grace Armstrong. Jonathan. Venable Jordan Cole Wick Karen Lewis Cap Miller Katie Louis Katie Steiner Kelly Burns Kristalina Landry Desmond Laura Hooper. The one Martin Luke Bar Tek Low Loenen Lana. Sorry my. Heater underlined it. Oh. Make sure. Learns it so that It let me. Okay. Low Non Martin Luke Bar Tek Mandalay Walsh Laker very auditors akkas Melody Megan Loza Mica Eunice Miguel Camacho Miranda hester molly marks Oscar Goggles Pamela. Randy. Cut Rashad Black Row Kelly. Who Sarah Sarah Jagger's Sarah Michelle. Sasha Gibson Shannon beacons sending bolander, tristen buckner. Victoria Beck Victoria does and Wendy Bartos. Thank you so much. Thanks guys. We appreciate it. We appreciate all of you. We hope that your how well you stay so. Yeah. I can we say what we are reading next week I already read it, but it is on open library. Sorry. I. Haven't seen them get to know. Okay. There we. Just know here's here's my here's my hint about it. I laughed a lot reading this one. Interesting to see you guys just a lot of question mark laughter. So there's that are going gonNA, look it up, and then everybody will. I get my real time reaction. Okay. Okay. All right. Title interest. Great Great. Well. That's all she wrote. Then 'cause I refuse to share open library with you. I know sorry guys. Sorry guys. You've checked it out from underneath us before and cannot be trusted So. We will see you next week and in the meantime keep it creepy. This has been a forever dog production executive produced by Kelli nugent Lindsey Kaitai Brett Bom Joselito and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Please visit Director Dog podcasts, dot. com subscribe to our show on Apple podcasts spotify or wherever you get you podcasts keep up with the latest forever dog news by following us on twitter and Instagram at forever dog team and liking our page on facebook.

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