Top 10 First Time Watches of 2020 (featuring Josh Bell)


all right welcome to another episode of piecing it together the podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it but today on the show is the last of our three special episodes looking back at two thousand twenty. Although this one's a little different we're doing something we've never done here before on the show We are going to look at movies. Not from two thousand twenty but just any movie that we watched for the first time last year and make a list of our favorites so You know obviously with corona virus and everything. We've all been stuck in the house washing way more movies than usual. And so we get to watch a lot of classics that we had never gotten around to or just to escaped us or you know one way or another we never got around to it and now we watched it and here. We are to talk about it so joining me. Is josh bell from awesome movie year and we each have ten movies to talk about here and there's some really interesting ones on this list so that is coming up here in a second but before we do get to that i want to remind you as always to make sure your subscribe to piecing together on your podcast app of choice and we've got a lot of piecing together coming your way in the coming weeks so make sure subscribed you can also follow us over on social media at piecing pod and join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces where we continue the conversation about all the movies. We talk about here on the show and You know we also have a patriot on over on the patriot. We we post all kinds of bonus content from piecing it together awesome movie year also my music career. Lots of great stuff. It's called produced by david. Rosen it combines all of that content into one great patriots so check that out so with all that said Let's get into this conversation. 'cause we got a lot of movies to talk about and there may be some great recommendations in here for you to go check out all right. So josh bell is back with us josh. How's it going. Oh it's going good dave. It's been at least ten to fifteen minutes since we last spoke. Yes we have been busy this last couple of weeks. Haven't we between end of year episodes and the one thousand nine hundred four season of awesome movie. Yeah i know. One podcast as much as dave rose in. But i feel like. I've been getting close to it in the last couple. Yeah you're doing. You're doing quite a bit. It's true well what we're going to do today is something new for piecing it together We always do our end a year coverage and best movies of the year and all that stuff. But we're going to look at movies that we watch for the first time this past year and make a little ranking lists of both of our list of our favorites of classics that we may just never got around to and ended up loving now and so i thought this'll be a lotta fun. How many movies did you watch this year. Did you watch a lotta movies. I watched a lot of movies. Although there are people like i feel like every time. I think i could not have possibly watched more movies. Other people on letterbox watched like twice as many but yeah. I watched the news. I was happy with the number. I think it was five hundred and fifty five seer which is certainly the most i've ever watched any. Yeah yeah. I mean in the year like this year has been i mean. What else do we have do. But sit around and watch movies and podcast about him way more movies than ever before. And it's funny going into two thousand twenty. My goal was to try to catch up and start watching more older movies. Because as you know all i ever really is. What's in the theater. And i never watched at home so i was trying. I was actively trying to do that. And then i got the biggest excuse in the world to do so. I'm i'm always trying to watch as many older movies as i can. I've been making a list like this of my favorite You know first time. Watches from other years since i think two thousand eight maybe as a post on my on my website and In various times in the past. I've had certain goals about watching Try to watch a movie. That was made before i was born like once once a week which i there have been years when i've been able to do that this year. I didn't necessarily mean. I watched a lot of movies but i watched a lot more new movies even this year than i ever have before just because i was writing about them in so many different configuration right. I'm always eager to watch as many older movies as i can for sure for sure. Well before we get into our lists. I will also mention that you know again with awesome movie year. I've been trying to step it up a little bit and actually watch all the movies you guys cover over there and so that definitely factors into my list here. I'm sure there'll be some awesome movie or movies on your list. So everyone listening. Make sure to listen. Awesome movie here. But i think one of the great things for me about doing awesome movie year is the chance to see older movies that i wouldn't necessarily have seen or didn't know about or ever and that especially this year when we've done seasons that look back further. We had a season on nine hundred. Seventy seven and a season that we're doing right now in nineteen eighty-four and there was a larger proportion of movies in those seasons that i haven't seen as opposed to when we talk about more recent years and i've usually seen more movies. So yeah get a chance to see more older movie absolutely. Yeah yeah definitely a lot of stuff. That i maybe wouldn't have gotten a chance to watch. So that's that's that makes it awesome. So let's start these lists. What do you got number ten number ten. Speaking of is a movie that we covered an awesome movie air and is a movie that i didn't necessarily expect much out of it was our documentary. Pick in our season on. Nineteen seventy seven pumping iron from directors. George butler and robert fewer eight. And i mean. I was familiar with this movie. Because it's one of the earliest movies. That brought arnold schwarzenegger to kind of public attention. It's a documentary about the bodybuilding scene in the late seventies. And it focuses a lot on schwarzenegger who was a huge champion at the time as well as blue frig know who was kind of a big challenger to schwarzenegger at the time and of course also went on to become an actor and a major pop culture figure. So it's this look at these two major pop culture figures kind of before they were famous. And it's cool as that. But it's just so entertaining. I mean this is a movie. That's really well constructed as like fun crowd-pleasing entertainment and i mean documentary. There's bits of it that are clearly manipulated in certain ways. In order to make it more entertaining. But it all works really well. And i think because these guys are in a way performers even just as bodybuilders bodybuilding about getting on stage and posing and getting the audience to be into you so they're already performers and they're clearly playing it up for the camera. Schwarzenegger is so fun to watch in this. And i mean he's essentially like a reality show villain before that kind of thing existed where he's giving all these interviews just trash-talking everyone around him and talking about how great he is and how much he messes with people and it's really fun but it also portrays again almost like a reality show villain and in a way that i think he would never portray himself now or has this beloved celebrity and politician. Who was the governor of california and is very careful about his image and he's careful about his image but in a different way in this movie You know of brash cockiness. But everyone else do rig. No is is is fun to watch and his whole weird dynamic with his father and lesser known. People like franco kalumbu. Who went on to do a bit of movie acting. And is this if you think this is just like oh. It's this kind of data documentary about bodybuilding. It's so much more than that absolutely. Yeah it's it's hard to imagine anyone nowadays putting themselves out there in that way you know especially with some of the shitty says and this is actually one of my honorable mentions. I loved it too. It was just totally ridiculous. And i don't know if it was at all what i was expecting like going in like i'd always heard of it and always knew that arnold made a bodybuilding documentary. But yeah it's a fun movie for sure. Yeah it is. And i think right. I also really didn't have the i didn't know what to expect. It was a pleasant surprise. So i go with my number ten which is one of five eighty s movies. I had to watch for a guest appearance on the binge movies podcast and it's called dead heat. It came out in one thousand nine hundred from director mark goldblatt and is one of the dumbest movies. I've seen it a long time as you know i do. I do like a movie every now. And then and it's essentially a buddy cop movie that's mashed up with zombie movie genre and in this movie. Joe piscopo is this just wisecracking detective and his partner detective. Roger mortis is slowly turning into a zombie and dying played by treat williams. And it's just so ridiculous every like buddy cop like you know cliche and all that stuff except for zombies and all of that is added into it. There's actually some really great practical creature effects mixed in. And this is a movie that i had never heard of until i watched it this year. This would have been like up there with some of the classic gore silly gore movies that you rent when you're you know twelve years old in high school or whatever you know and and just just be like this is. This is the craziest shit. And i love it and i would have loved this movie as a teenager and i really tapped into that part of myself while watching this as dumb as it is. I really tapped into it and had so much fun with it and One more point though. There's also a really bizarre. Vincent cam Vincent price cameo where he's basically standing in one spot for his whole role and it just adds to the weirdness of this just ridiculous movie. I sounds great. I think. I remember seeing you post on letterbox about it when you watched it and it sounds really entertaining from the way you describe it. Yeah it's just so strange. I hope people who will check it out one of these days. Yeah i do like that. And i love that. I mean i imagine that. That's very later. In vincent price's life and career and i love that now where it's like. We clearly had a tiny amount of money to get this famous person to show and you know we shot the whole roll while they were sitting in an office chair or whatever and we have that in movies now and it's always entertaining to see so fuddy. Well what do you got for nine. So my number nine pick is the right stuff directed by philip kaufman from nineteen eighty three and i watched this movie because i reviewed the new disney plus series of the right stuff Both of which are based on tom. Wolf's nonfiction book about the early days of nasa and the show is not great but the movie is a lot of fun. And i had never seen it was i. I don't know if maybe one best picture was one or nominated for a bunch of oscars in one thousand nine hundred three. If this was awesome. Movie your. I would've looked up this properly but it was early. A very very well known well regarded successful movie at the time But i never watched it. Never it's very very long. I think it's like three hours or almost three hours long. It was never something that i felt like. was on my radar particularly. But i'm glad i had the reason to watch it because it's so fun and weird in a way. I mean you'd think that it would be this boring historical drama which is a lot of what the miniseries the new series turned out to be. But it's got all of these really fun charismatic performances Dennis quaid is one of his earliest breakout roles. And he's just so charming. And it's all about these cocky test pilots you know who were the early astronauts at nasa and there are these guys who they don't they're not holding sacred the idea of going into space and exploration and things like that that you have that sense of on wonder in movies about astronauts i feel like now and you have some of that in this movie too but it's also just about these kind of shit kicking army guys or or navy airforce guy guys actually. Maybe i don't know military stuff. Sure military guys. You know whose jobs have previously existed. It consisted of pushing themselves like putting themselves in constant danger you know. And so they really have that sense of recklessness and it captures that it's funny but it also gives you the real history of staff And it includes aspect of the story of the book that the series the new series despite having more time leaves out which is telling the story of chuck yeager who is just just died recently but was like the early as one of the earliest most famous pilots who decided not to join nasa because he thought this astronaut program was kinda joke and then lost out on the opportunity to get the fame and fortune that these other guys got by being the first people in space but it uses that as kind of a counterpoint like his sort of missed opportunity and him as this kind of lost icon of american masculinity and sam shepherd plays him and so it's got that extra element to it that the series loses out on. So it's very long. And i understand if people might think it's too much but it's worth it and it's another thing i love. Is that after three hours. It ends on this kind of like weird just anti-climactic note like we went to space. I like that about it. So the right stuff by philip kaufman. nice nice. yeah. I have not seen it. I heard really great things. And it's come up as a puzzle piece a few times when piecing it together and it sounds like it's just a great take on that kind of astronaut story and like you know keeping fun and fresh from that point of view. Yeah i think so and again one of these movies at one. A bunch of oscars. You think it's going to be all stuffy and it's really not right right. Well i'll go over my number nine which is a fairly recent movie from seventeen armando enu cheese the death of stalin with i had never got a chance to watch. It's it's a satire that imagine this power struggle among all these political figures after the death of joseph stalin. And it's just it's just such a silly fun. Little movie All these actors are just relishing in the opportunity to play. Basically man children versions of these powerful people. Steve buscemi petty constan. Jesus guys jason isaacs so much fun with their roles and it's just as movie that like you just watching and you just have this like silly smile on your face. Old time that it's unfolding and and another thing i liked about it is i am not very good when it comes to history but that does not make it difficult to follow whatsoever because it's still just a bunch of men behaving badly and being children basically. Yeah i haven't seen that In part because i'm not really a fan of armindo nucci the whole his whole political satire mode. I never really cared for in the loop or of veep. But i will say i. I did see assume you probably did see as well his david copperfield movie. Here which is not cynical or you know political really in any way and i loved that i thought that was so hopeful and endearing and charming and so i don't think that any of his other stuff is like that but i really enjoyed. That movie is so different from his other stuff. It's crazy that it's the same person but But yeah it's very good though. Yeah so. I recommend that one right. I'm really number. What do you got so my number. Eight movie is also from twenty-seven more recent film. And i love christmas. Horror movies I've written about them in many different venues and including Did a list. For how to geek. Which is a website that i write for a lot about just how to watch various streaming things and i was excited to do a list about how to watch some christmas horror movies because i could really recommend stuff and this was one movie that i've been meaning to get to and gave me the chance to watch. It called anna and the apocalypse from director. John macphail from thousand seventeen and it is a christmas themed zombie teen musical. And so it's a lot of stuff combined that wouldn't necessarily work together but it's great at all of that stuff. It's a great zombie. Horror movie It's a great christmas. A great great christmas movie. You know. I love. When christmas horror movies can incorporate like christmas christmas things into the horror and the main character here for a long period. Has this like giant plastic or ceramic candy cane that she's using bash zombies in the head with that is just a great image. But it's also a great teen coming of age story with a lot of really sensitive well-developed character arcs for these various characters. that in this small town in scotland. And it's a great musical full of these really catchy songs. And right all the way through and you have the characters singing about their their basic. You know teen angst but even as it gets into fighting zombies. They're singing as they're fighting. Zombies and it never loses sight of being musical is just super fun all around really good performances from a bunch of actors who were not known at the time Ella camp is the main star. Who's gone on to do a few more things playing anna and it just. It's it was one of those movies. That like you were saying about ted. It's like a smile on my face the whole time. You're like so much fun to watch. And i'm glad that it was something that had been on my list or in my queue on streaming for since it came out and i'm glad i finally got a reason to watch it because it was just so much fun i've never seen a and it sounds like so much fun and it also sounds like it would make a great missing pieces episode of this podcast to like look back at that and because it sounds like it kind of takes influence from a whole lot of different places. Yeah it does. I thought of is like it's like glee meets shaun of the dead nice and i'm not really a glee as but The better the better aspects of that right and it's original songs. They're not singing pop songs. There are all original songs written for this so but it has that kind of edgar. Righty sensibility to nice. So for my number eight for anyone who listen to our top. Ten films of the year episode knows how much i loved. Bob bein tunes francis ferguson. I started going back to some of his other films. He has quite a few of them. And there's another one that i loved almost as much as francis ferguson. It's called seven chinese brothers. It's from two thousand fifteen. It stars jason schwartzman as this kind of like lovable loser type. Who very much like francis. Ferguson in francis ferguson just has no respect for any or anything is kind of just you know had it with the world's total pain in the ass in this case he's kind of more of a straight up dick more so than board or anything like that but schwartzman's character. He just kinda loves to prank people but they're just not funny at all and this is a movie that your enjoyment of is definitely going to depend on how much you can handle this character. Because he's just such a such an idiot but if you if you get into this movie and get into this character and just just connect at least the way i did with. How just ridiculous. It's point of view. Is i think there's a lot of fun to be had. And he's got a dog which is a really great dog performance. Just throwing that out there as well as actually to really great dog performances on my list. So yeah that's important. Yes eventually next year. You're going to do the top ten dogs of the year episode. I would i would love to do that. I have not seen that movie based on your description. And my experience watching francis ferguson. I do not want to see that. I could tell you for sure for number seven so my number seven is i think the only movie on this list. That's like a straight up. Classic that i should have seen probably many many years ago and had never seen before. And that is ridley. Scott's thelma and louise starring geena davis and susan sarandon which again another theme here for me. A lot of times as i watched this article. That i was writing in the before times. I wrote an article about road trip movies for a whole issue of a magazine about traveling. Tired weird things that no longer exists. I watched this as part of that. Because i knew it was a a major movie in that sort of sub genre that i wanted to include and it is a classic is the classic for a reason. So it's really funny and fun. I mean for a movie about dark subject matter. I mean there's there's attempted rape and there's murder and there's criminals on the run but it just has this this joyous sense of these two characters who've cut themselves loose from their downtrodden lives and have found a way to give the middle finger to society and to the patriarchy though it's by committing all this violence in a way that's not going to end well for them and you know you and of course everyone. Even if you've never seen those movie you know what the ending is because it's so icon. Not even like a spoiler to mention what the ending of this movie is so yeah. They're they're not gonna make it out alive and but you know that that sense of like just giving it everything that you have because this is the last moment than and only moment that you're going to have Is there and it's also like as much as it's it's really like empowering it's also the fact that the only way that they can screw the patriarchy is by ultimately like killing themselves is really quite dark. Message so but it makes those things very well and susan sarandon and gena davis are both spectacular. I feel like gena. Davis is someone who's underrated now. Susan serandon still gets a lot of great parts and a lot of acclaim but gena davis not as much. But they're both really really good and they have such good chemistry together and of course it has one of brad pitt's first roles as the sleazy guy that they pick up and he robs them but also has sex with them so it kinda it kinda unbalanced sure works out. No a very entertaining movie. I feel it's not the kind of movie that i need to like what i've never heard of this. But if you have heard of it and especially if you know the ending. I feel like that's a lot of things something for classic movies. If you feel like well. I know how it turns out so i'm not gonna watch what happens here. What rosebud is so. I'm not gonna watch citizen kane or something like that like you should still watch this. Yeah well i. I'm not sure if i've ever actually seen it like you said it's just so ingrained in pop culture like i know a lot of the big beats in it and the ending of course but I may have to put it on the list of things to to double check anyway to see if i mean. It's one of those things that like. We've talked about a lot in nineteen eighty-four four season on awesome movie year. That was on tv. And maybe you've seen bits and pieces of it. It's permeates so you don't really you're you don't have a sense of where you've seen it or not. But if you haven't there's a lot to discover their in the lesser the non iconic moments so speaking of the nineteen eighty-four season of awesome movie year. My mind number. Seven is a movie that i liked a little more than you. And your co host. Jason harris the vendors paris texas. A movie that has harry dean. Stanton harry dean stanton ing through the whole thing and And i mean it's a classic. And i understand for people who don't like it like that it is slow and it it is. You know i guess it could be described as meandering but there's some element to it of the mystery of the whole thing of this character who's just found out walking around in texas and he doesn't know where why he's out there we don't know is out there and slowly but surely is revealed this very dark impossible to have guessed story of what has happened to this character. There's just there's so much to that. That i was surprised each step of the way and it just kept me going the whole time and aside from that. I mean it's just it's beautiful to look at it. I mean it just looks fantastic. And there's just a lot of really interesting things happening with the performances outside of harry dean stanton as well and there's just a lot of this movie that i really truly loved and I i think it's a classic for reason. Yeah i mean. We went through in that episode. Both jason and i about why we didn't really care for it but certainly your perspective is the more common right. I think we got. I had multiple people in my life. Kind of shame movie after we put out our episode including one person who turned off the episode in discussed ten minutes. So maybe they would've preferred if you took the lead there. But i will say yeah i mean i don't need to go over what i didn't work for me but i will say i agree with you on the look of it. It does looks beautiful. We talked a lot about robby muller cinematographer and how great a job he did there so that is certainly true. Yeah so what do you got for number six. So my number. Six film was going from a well-known classic to something very obscure movie from nineteen seventy-one by director. John d hancock called. Let's scare jessica to death. Which is one of the all-time great horror movie. Titles and i'm pretty sure that was the primary reason that i wanted to watch it. I was on the criterion channel and it may still be on the criterion channel as part of a program of a kind of underground e seventies horror. Which is something that i like anyway. But based on the tidal and based on that designation you'd expect this movie to be something very different from what it actually is and it's really more of this slow burn psychological thriller about this woman. Jessica played by zohra lampert who i was not familiar with but is really good in in this movie. And she's just been released from a mental institution for tb reasons but obviously is not quiet stable and her husband and their best friend. They pick her up and they decide. They're gonna kinda get this new start by moving to this farmhouse in connecticut. And they're they're it's nine hundred seventy one so they're super hippies and you know. Start almost like this. Commune and they arrive in this little town. That is super creepy. And all the like old men who live in the town. Give them glares. And it's already just got this very unsettling like something is not right tone and then when they get to the house. There's this drifter who's living there a squatter because the house has been empty. And they just befriend her and decide to let her stay and she seems like she's kinda hippyish too but then obviously something else is going on with her and there's a dark history to this house and everyone in the town very suspicious of them in suspicious of the house and so it's kind of a haunted house story but also about this mysterious woman in the house but really what it's about jessica kind of losing her grip on reality and this kind of gas lighting. That goes on is that because she was just in this mental institution when she says. No supernatural shit is going down. Everyone's like oh sure of and it's just very moody and atmospheric and there's not a lot of scares in it but it just gives you the sense of wrongness that i really liked and it has this this kind of theory old narration to it. And it's one of these movies that opens and ends kind of on the same moment and it's it's unresolved and it's unclear. Sort of what is going to happen to anyone in this movie and in life as it ends and it just really envelopes you in a mood so i like that one a lot. It was a. It's a kind of cult. Classic that was avail unavailable for a really long time. And now criterion has brought it out and hopefully more people will see it. Well the description sounds great but you could have just said the title and i would have accepted it on this list because that's a great time right exactly. It's a great. I think it is a fantastic title of my only caveat. Is that the movie that you think you're getting from. That title is not what you're getting. You're getting something that awesome awesome well for my number six. I actually have a tie for unfair. It's a good reason though. Okay because in two thousand. Thirteen denise view which i probably should have looked up how to pronounce that name better. How do you pronounce his name. Josh i think it's via nerve french canadian. Yeah released two movies. That i somehow didn't see then and didn't see until this year enemy and prisoners to movies. That are right up my alley. The exact kind of thing that i love to see. And i just i just let them go unwashed but then on my birthday this year we rented a house with a home theater and i made a big list of movies to watch some of my all time favorites and some are things. I've always wanted to watch. Never got around to and we watch both of those back to back. And i loved both of them. Enemy more so than prisoners but They're both great enemy with to jake dylan halls kind of weird. You know head trip of a movie. That i'm not a hundred percent. Sure if i even fully understand yet at this point but one day i will An prisoners just a really good tour de force performance from hugh jackman and paul. Dano that just really going head to head and a good story kind of felt like a little bit like a. I don't know like like an. Hbo mini series or something like that turned into a movie. But i mean a good. Hbo mini series turned into a movie. But both very good movies from a great director that. I really have no idea how i didn't watch before but i finally got him watch this year. All right. well. I suppose that's fair. They do connect right and also connect in that. I don't like know. I think this weird because i was from a period. Where when he made a lot of movies like those especially like prisoners which is like super dark and super serious and super long. And i just found. I find those kinds of movies. Just like insufferable a lot. Because i think they're just taking themselves so seriously and i've enjoyed his more recent movies. I think when he's worked in a more like pulpy blockbuster mode i mean i like sicario. Allot i liked arrival. I like bladerunner. Twenty forty nine. I'm looking forward to june. But i think is more like Contained like serious dramas. Just do not work for me. I'll definitely take the cario over any of them but yeah no. I love the thing. Those are all good. It's just the earlier films. Like also on d which was his big breakout. You know which is a french in infringe. But you know got an oscar nomination. I think in is dreadful as far as one of these is one of these movies that has these plot twists where it's like the characters are miserable and the twist. Is there even more miserable for an even more ridiculous reason. That movie might like yeah. People really liked it. So maybe check that out. But i do. I do like the giant spider in enemies spoiler. I don't even know what it means. But it's you could spoil that it would not change a thing serious so true right. What do you got for number five so number. Five is a movie like thematically that weirdly connects. Although i hadn't realized how many thematic connections. I ended up with here but it connects to. Let's scare jessica to death. It's called home before dark. From one thousand nine hundred eighty eight by director mervyn leroy and this is a movie that i watched of because i wrote in october when rhonda fleming passed away Who is a classic. Hollywood actor and was connected to las vegas and so i wrote a kind of a tribute to her and i watched a bunch of rhonda fleming movies in a short period of time and this is a movie that she has said was her favorite role although she's not the main star of it. Gene simmons is gene simmons from kiss of course but gene simmons j. a. n. Simmons is is the start of this and like let's scare jessica to death. It's about a woman who's just been released from a mental institution and is trying to readjust and she has all these family around her. Who are helping her but really are kind of just condescending to her and gas lighting her and not trusting her when she says things about her own life and this is not a horror movie. It's a more of like a psycho drama. And the things that she's talking about are not ghosts there the fact that her husband is probably cheating on her and that her family is trying to cheat her out of her inheritance and rhonda fleming plays her stepsister who's a schemer and it's a decent performance from fleming but gene simmons really carries. This movie is just such a fantastic performance. And it's the kind of thing that in nineteen fifty eight would be thought of as quote a women's picture and could be really melodramatic but she plays it. Underplays it but she just plays it with the right amount of seriousness and sensitivity. And this movie. That is remarkably progressive about mental illness. And about the treatment of people with mental illness for the time period. And i mean she's the hero. She's the main character but it's not about oh she's hysterical and she needs to be kind of put in her place like she is right and she is. The one who is being. Mistreated and ultimately is vindicated by the end so is very effective drama. Shot gorgeous in black and white home before. Dark from nineteen fifty-eight right on. Yeah i. I'd not aware of the movie but it sounds great and it is interesting that theme. I mean we had that this year with invisible man i mean. I'm sure that was kind of in the air for you. Yeah i guess it wasn't. I hadn't even thought about it. Even though i've watched both of these movies but when i was putting this together and there's one more actually that's coming with a similar theme so which again totally unexpected nice. So my number five comes also from awesome. Movie year is three women. Robert altman smy. I robert altman movie that watched from nine hundred seventy seven. And i've always heard his name. You know turn. Around is one of the big influences for paul thomas anderson and you know how much i love paul. Thomas anderson's movies and this is basically like getting a whole new paul thomas anderson. It's like exactly the kind of thing he's made over these last fifteen twenty years. And you know it's a very weird story about these three women whose personalities their identities seem to be kind of changing away got these great performances. Shelly devolved he space sick. And it's it's just a weird movie one that it's the kind of movie that really is soon as the the credits roll. You do not stop thinking about it for a while after that. I thought about all night that night for weeks after and it just kind of just washing around your brain just trying to figure out what is going on here. But there's just so much interesting stuff happening and so much to dig into. Its just really my kind of movie. Yeah i liked that movie. And i'd seen it already so it wouldn't qualify for this. Listen but i was glad when we did that episode that it really like that it spoke to you so much and that was a movie that i think the first time i saw it. I liked it but i was a little. I mean i was baffled by it. And i think it was expected something else for some reason based on other altman movies that i've seen and i think i appreciate it a little more this time. We talked about this in the episode. I think i knew better what to expect from it and i was able to get on its wavelength A little more. So yeah. that's a good one in sort of i. I don't know if it's maybe not anymore underrated movie because i feel like it's really gotten a lot of attention in more recent years but still if people have seen stuff like the player or Gosford park or whatever and want to delve a little more deeply into altman. That's a good one to check out on some. What do you get for number four. So we'll go back to awesome move a year and my number four. Pick was from our nineteen ninety-six season. It's mike leigh's secrets and lies. Which was the can palm door winner in that year and that was why we talked about it. And i've seen a few other. Mike lee movies and i always enjoy his films. I think he is a brilliant and very unique kind of filmmaker. We talked about his process. That is something that. I don't know if anyone else really quite does the way he develops characters through improvisation and works with the actors from the earliest stages of creating a film. And i think that always leads to these characters that feel really well rounded that feel like they have so much depth to their lives beyond what we're seeing on screen and this is a movie that has a story that could easily be a kind of sensationalistic lifetime. Movie story is about this middle class or upper middle class black woman who decides to seek out her birth mother and it turns out to be this working class white woman who has kept it a secret all these years that she had a child and it's about the way that Hortense played by marianne jean-baptiste tries to integrate herself back into the life of her mother. Played by brenda blethyn. Both of whom were multi awarded and nominated for this movie and deservedly so and again it could be sensationalistic. But it's just this very rich and layered portrayal of a complicated family. We've also got brenda. Blethyn brother played by timothy spall and her other daughter who is acknowledged and who's lived with her for her whole life and also has to kind of integrate this whole concept into her sense of existence. And is this really sensitive. And anytime i feel like it could go in this like oltra melodramatic direction. It takes you in a different direction. That's even more rewarding. This was from just before. I started trying to make sure i watched every awesome movie. I have not seen it. But i probably should. Yeah i would recommend it or any. I mean if you haven't seen mike leigh films. Happy go lucky or mr turner or there's tons. I mean he's just a great filmmaker. Yeah so i will go for my number four. I just realized. I have back to back movies from the nineteen. Seventy seven awesome movie year season. It's a great sees realized. It wasn't awesome season this. This was probably the biggest surprise movie of the year overall for me new movies old movies it saturday night fever from john badham and i i think everybody thinks they know what this movie is. And you know he disco dancing. And you know john travolta dancing of the bg's in that white suit in like you get into it and it's this incredibly fucked up dark weird movie. These characters are just absolute pieces shit and you know by the time you get twitter. See and and gang rape girl the pack of their car. While i mean it's absolutely insane movie. And i cannot believe that this is like one of those classics. Everybody's mom claims to love but of course as we talked about tv at it which is probably what most people are watching but yeah for such a dark movie For this to be such a dark movie was just such a huge surprise and it's also really good like i just think that the is really interesting. I think that the You know the the connection between all the characters is really interesting to watch like in how this like almost like a gang away you know and how how they interact and all that and then on top of all that. The dance scenes really are great. Just like you've always thought. They would probably be. I mean they're shot so exciting and Just visually just cool to watch. It really. is the dance movie that you expected it to be so i mean. This movie is just great on so many levels. Yeah it's really good. I liked it. I not quite as much as you did. But i certainly enjoyed it and also felt like it was a surprise as to how complex and dark it is and and it works though The combination of the disco dancing and those serious heavy story lines. I mean the way that going to the disco. Dancing is an escape for these characters from their kind of dead end. Lives like it all makes sense and it all fits together. So yeah i. I liked it. I think the darkness may be gets a little overdone towards the end and we talked about this in our suicide and yeah yeah but but overall like i i definitely thought i thought it was quite good and i. I was impressed with how different it is from. From what people think of it so Yeah another one that i think. If you're like oh. I know what that is again like thelma and louise or something right you. Maybe don't like watch it anyway right for sure. So number three. What do you got so number. Three is a movie that i hadn't realized until i was making this list. That is also directed by mervyn. Leroy who is an incredibly versatile and prolific director so home before dark is from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and this movie is from twenty five years earlier and could not be more different is gold diggers of nineteen thirty. Three from of course nineteen thirty-three and is a pre code musical and i love pre code movies People who are not familiar. These are movies that came out in the early nineteen thirties in the period between when sound movies started and when the hays code was implemented in one thousand nine hundred eighty four that basically sanitized everything and was the regulation for movies from nineteen thirty four until i think maybe nineteen sixty eight when the cia was formed and the rating system was created and during that period like everything was essentially g. or pg rated But there's this brief period from like thirty or twenty nine to thirty four where movies were not censored and there's so much stuff that you never think of being in old movies that are in movies from this period. They're always fun to watch. So this movie is i mean it's naughty. In sort of an insinuating way. And it's a musical so it's it's really big and find and but it's also about the depression it's about these four dancers played by ruby keeler. Joan blondel alien mcmahon and ginger rogers who is so good in everything but also here who are kind of Down on their luck as everyone is and all this talk shows are getting canceled during the depression because no one has any money. So it's this big like let's put on a show us ical. They get an idea and they tried to get the financing together. And there's a whole silly romance subplot about ruby keeler's character falling in love with this air. Who's slumming it because he wants to be a composer and his. His family opposes him getting married to this chorus and then his snooty brother played by warren. William who always plays great snooty characters comes in and he tries to sabotage the marriage but then he falls in love with one of the other chorus girls. And it's super silly but it's just so sharp and so witty and so well acted. I mean it's full of great comic lines and also full of these incredible musical set pieces that were choreographed by busby berkeley. Who of course is an amazing talent. It's the source of the song. We're in the money which people know. Even though they don't know where it's from which is the opening number of this and it features ginger rogers singing in pig latin. So that alone should make it worth watching This is another one. I watched on the criterion channel. I don't know if it's still there. But i think it's showed on all the time. It's a well known film gold diggers of nineteen thirty. Three sounds absolutely wild. And another addition to your list of some really interesting titles on your list for sure. Yeah i try to keep it varied so my number three is pretty recent movie Two thousand eighteen thunder road from jim. Cummings which is honestly one of the best movies. I've seen in the last few years and i i don't know i missed it. I didn't really know about it. I think i had seen the title at some point. But i've really liked the look of the poster and the trailer for the wolf snow hollow. And so i was looking forward to that. Even though i didn't know anything about jim cummings and i watched it and it's very good like it didn't make my top ten or anything but it's a very good movie but immediately after i was like well see did this thunder road movie. I'm going to watch it. And i was just fucking blown away. It's just like such a roller coaster about this cop who is just kind of like on the verge of you know like a mental breakdown or midlife crisis after divorce. And his his His dad dying or his mom dying. Forget exactly but Yeah it's just it's it's funny but it's really dark and it's really heavy but it's also back to being funny because it's so damn dark and so heavy and He just does this character. So damn well and and i will say it's Very easy to criticize the fact that he did two movies back to back where he's a cop on the verge of a mental breakdown but his next movie is going to be completely different from what i've seen so i look forward to seeing him. Stretch out a little bit more but still. This movie is just absolutely fantastic. And the whole story of the bruce springsteen song that is based on that the The the short was based around and they couldn't get the rights to in is very funny just like adds another layer to how good this movie is. i think. yeah. I like that movie. This was actually on my list. Not my regular top ten lists but on my this list maybe last year. Because i hadn't seen it right when it first came out and i caught up with the following year. Nice and yeah. It's a really great. And like you said this sort of mix of it's like funny and dark and you're laughing at this guy as he's having a mental breakdown but and yeah. I don't know if you've seen the short i think is pretty easy to watch online and having i want to though. Yeah it's interesting. Because i had seen the short at a film festival before the feature existed And so having watched that as a self contained short and as us it's about him at the funeral of his mother and he talks about how his mother loved thunder road by bruce springsteen he plays thunder road. He plays the song on a tape player. And you hear it and he does a little dance to it. That's extremely awkward and in the feature. That's the opening scene and they didn't get the rights and so he doesn't play any just like sings the song it's even more awkward. But i i remember either way. It's this great self contained bid and it's done in a single shot. And i remember seeing the short and thinking that was great and then reading that they're gonna make that into a feature and thinking i don't see how they power. How the how could that be possible right right but he really expands it in a really clever way. So i still haven't seen the wolf of snow hollow. But i definitely want to. Yeah it's it's fun it's good. Yeah so what do you got for number two so my number two pick is the only movie that i watched twice in twenty twenty four Mainly for work purposes it is douglas mcgrath's version of emma starring gwyneth paltrow from nineteen ninety-six. Although we did not talk about it on awesome movie year but it is from that year. And i initially watched it because the new version of emma starring On you taylor. Joy was released early this year. And i was in anticipation reviewing it. And so i wanted to watch this famous version and i loved this one so much that i think it might actually have tainted my potential appreciation of the new one which i was disappointed in because i was so taken with this version from nineteen ninety-six and i think in part because again i had no expectations. I thought this is some nineties. Movie with gwyneth. Paltrow whatever and win windfall. Paul tro is so good in this movie. It is so smart and so witty and so emotionally satisfying to watch her as jane austen character. Emma woodhouse douglas mcgrath. Who's not a notable director in any way. He's kind of a minor actor he. This is what. I believe his first film as a director and his career has been pretty spotty since then but he just gets it exactly right with that tone of whimsey and y but also like it's are cast but you also need to buy into all the romances and care about them and want them to work out and yet also kind of laughing at the characters and i thought that was done really really. Well toni collette is great as the kind of awkward woman that takes under her wing is going to be the matchmaker for and so i love this movie so much and when paul chose performance in it so much that it made me really like re evaluate my entire sense of cultural who we think of now as just this like lame out of touch. Rich person who peddles vagina candles and nobody takes her seriously or respects or at all But in the nineties she was just on. Fire has an actor and so i thought about other gwyneth. Paltrow ninety s movies that at already seen like the talented mr ripley and shakespeare in love and great expectations and so i wanted to pitch an article. About how great she was in the ninety s. And so. I did that and this was like my big project for the year and i think i pitched it to six different outlets before i finally found someone who had published this article and so when i was writing that i went back and watched again and even though i've just seen it within a month or two i loved it again so not the kind of thing again. I think this is something that people would look at it and be like. I don't know it was just some random ninety thing. It's nothing like there was a bunch of jane austen. In the nineties there was clueless which is also based on emma and you know pride and prejudice with colin firth and whatever but watch it so good. It's actually on our list of things to watch. We almost watch it just like a week or two ago. It's so funny but yeah people check out that article that you did. Because because i was great. Oh thank you yeah. It's big visages. Thank you to quin huff. The editor who finally it's like okay. You can write this weird. I appreciate that though Right number two for me is blue. Ruin from jeremy sagnier from two thousand and thirteen which is a movie. I've been wanting to watch. Ever since i saw green room in two thousand fifteen which is just so fucking good and i heard that his previous film was so damn good as well and for some strange reason. I thought that that movie was the ruins. That movie where they get stuck going into like a mayan temple or something like that evil evil plans the mind controlling plan. Yes we actually. That's never saw that either but So that's kind of what scared me away. But i'm so glad i finally watch this movie because it's just as good as everyone made it out to be actually watched it right after watching murder party for awesome movie or but yeah this movie is just i mean talk about you know tension and like just revenge movies in general. This is just such a good revenge movie. Make him blair. Who's in all of his movies. I believe is fantastic. It's just so like darkly funny and Just a every scene is just like a masterclass in in this kind of movie and then straight up until the very end which i just think is just pitch perfect that ending. This is just a great great movie. And i i guess i have to listen to people and they tell me that it's so watch movies. Sometimes people are right yeah. I'm sure i was one of the people telling you to watch that. Because i was on that train for that movie really early on because i saw it at an af. I fast when it showed there in two thousand thirteen or maybe it was even in twenty twelve at the end of two thousand twelve. I don't know but whatever it was it was playing the festival circuit. And i didn't really know anything about it and i went in to see it and just was so amazed and jeremy sony. It was they're talking about it and so from that moment on i was just telling everyone how great it was and it ended up. I think it was the number one on my list of my regular top ten list that year and yeah that's a fantastic movie and he's really talented and he's gone on to do great staff green room as you re mentioned and i. I like hold the dark to his good. Yeah but Blue ruin easily the best thing. He's done so so good and I'm glad you watched. It are some so number one. What are you guys so my number one film is another movie about a potentially mentally unstable woman who is being dismissed by the people around her. Here yes there you go exactly and again not one that i had anticipated and i watched all these movies for completely different reasons and this was just a movie that i randomly that it was in my net flicks dvd. Cue which is still a thing that i have and it just kind of came up the next thing the innocence from nine hundred sixty one directed by jack clayton and it's also kind of relevant for this year because it's an adaptation of the turn of the screw by henry james which was twice adapted in two thousand twenty first into the movie the turning with mackenzie davis from the very beginning of the year which is not good at all And then also the haunting of blind manner the net flicks that a lot of people really like from mike flanagan which i have not watched but both of those are based on the turn of the screw this i would venture to say even not having watched the haunting blind manner is by far the best adaptation of the turn of the screw. Deborah kerr is the star of this version and is so so so good as the governess who comes to this remote estate to take care of these two children who are orphans and our Nominally the uncle. There uncle is their guardian. But he doesn't want anything to do with them so he hires this governess and he's not there and she starts seeing maybe ghosts or maybe she's just kind of losing it because she's a woman was we're she's a single woman in the nineteenth century you know so she must be insane but the way that this movie captures that like certainty of are there ghosts or issue going crazy and if she's going crazy like for good reason you know these children are weird and they're kind of messing with her and everyone there is just giving her these wrong. These vodka to death. It's like something is not right here and whatever it is. It's not okay and why will not anyone believe me that something is not right here so it really builds suspense and that tension and again the the performance from deborah kerr is so good and also the two kids who are actors who. I don't know what they went. Onto but martin. Stevens and pamela. Franklin are the names of these child actors. Who really give you that. And one of the things in this story is. These kids are sort of like disturbingly grownup. And i think that's a really tough thing for a child actor to play and for to be believable. And they do a really good job of that The other thing about this movie is that it looks gorgeous. It is shot in cinemascope which you would not think of for movie that is basically just takes place in a house but Freddie francis cinematographer went on to be director of a lot of like hammer movies and cool horror movies Just find these amazing compositions to give you the sense of this house. Like sort of swallowing her up in a way and the way that she feels overwhelmed. And it really uses the visuals and also the sound design in this movie to just immerse you in the world of this woman who is slowly being driven mad by something so it was definitely my favorite movie of the year of any movie. You know better than any new movie that i saw this year as well so I mean this is how stingy with my star ratings. Not counting movies. That i had already seen before. There were two movies that i saw in two thousand twenty that i gave four stars one was dreamland which was my number one new movie of the year and one was this last so there you go very good very good well. Yeah i've never seen it but it feels like from everything you're saying about it and knowing about that story. It seems like a movie. I should watch because it would be a puzzle piece for like nine out of ten new horror movie. Yeah it's clearly very influential. And jack layton is another director. He made other movies but he didn't really have the career that you might have thought he would based on this film but it's yeah it's certainly influential and the story is still being told over and over again i will. I will skip the turning though. Definitely i saw that in a theater. You know thank goodness. The theater experience so rare now and i managed to see the turning in a theater. And that was the wrong choice My number one is a movie that i really hope to get to see in a theater one day and i may be cheating here because i might have seen it as a teenager but i really don't think i did. I really think it was my first time watching this back in january and actually watch this twice this year it's john carpenter's thing from one thousand nine hundred eighty two. Of course i was so aware of many of the great creature effects practical effects scenes. In this i saw john carpenter live at the hard rock a few years back and playing the background. And and of course. I've seen clips elsewhere over the years so certainly. I was aware of a lot of the things that happened in this movie. But i don't think i'd ever actually sat down and watched it and it's just awesome. It's it's so beautiful. I mean those snowy landscape shots are just so just gorgeous and then once you get into the insides and the tension and the you know the that just like that tense feeling of not knowing who is who and all that stuff that he just. So expertly Creates which you know. It's funny because you know you always think of him like you know what king of horror or whatever but you think of usually of the effects and stuff like that. You don't think attention. But i mean yeah i mean he's that too and so there's so much going just firing at one hundred percent and You know the score of course is amazing. It gets so weird at times Kurt russell's rigging greeted. Everybody else to is so great. And i will say the ending. I'm not one hundred percent sold on once they get underground in the whole confrontation. But other than that though. This movie is freaking perfect. And i said there's another dog performance on my list. This is the single probably best dog performance. Ever unless unless actually now i think about it the dog from independence day but this is the second best dog performance ever so take that lassie and benji those dogs. Yeah that's a great movie. i've seen it. I'm sure probably multiple times and actually this year. I wrote an article defending the sort of remake slash prequel from twenty eleven. I've heard a few people defending it lately. Yeah i liked that movie with mary. Elizabeth winstead if you haven't seen it check it out and it actually connects a lot to the carpenter movie. And so i watched as i was writing. I was like skimming through the carpenter movie. And i didn't watch it in phone again. But yeah it's it's great. And yeah i have nothing but good things and it actually did play at the drive in over halloween. Oh almost went to see it. But i was weirdly. Like right after i had just watched those parts of it and i was like. I'm not gonna go do that again. Yeah but you know you miss your chance to see it at the driving. Well let's let's be hopeful. Yes maybe someday you go inside theater and they'll show it certainly the kind of thing. That theaters will show again around halloween. One of those movies. I would think so so yeah. I think this'll a really interesting list of movies. Are are twenty movies here. But do you have some honorable. Mentions you wanted to throw out there. Yeah well one is one that i thought maybe you would put on your list although maybe you had already seen it. And it's another awesome movie year movie from our nineteen eighty-four season Beverly hills cop by martin. Brest which i had not seen although i had seen beverly hills cop three and a that was a bad start but It's just a really really entertaining fun. Mainstream action comedy eddie. Murphy is so charming in it. And it's just like enjoyable to watch all the way. One of the themes of awesome movie year in eighty four was like the new development of comedy plus action comedy plus horror and it. Does that really well balancing those two things. So that movie a lot of fun. Yeah and the other honorable mention. That almost was on my list is dark. Water the hideo nakata original from two thousand to the japanese film and i. I wrote another article. This year defending remake. It was about the remake of dark water. Jennifer connelly which i actually think is a little better but i had already seen But in prepar in preparation for writing that i watched the original and is quite good too. I think if you like j. horror of like stuff like the ring. And i also watch the original ju on the grudge this year which is completely an incoherent mess and turk. Water is much better. So if you're curious about those i think it was. It was on amazon prime. When i watched it. And it's a cool kind of underrated movie in in the japanese order cannon. Not a big fan of those movies. But beverly hills. Cop is very fun though for my honorable. Mentions i have I've got two awesome movie or movies. One yard he mentioned pumping iron The other one is a racer head. another movie that i may have seen bits and pieces over the years but i don't think i ever sat and watched But yeah i can weird movie and is pretty damn cool. Ed one other honorable mention a little movie. You may have heard of called citizen kane that i watched in preparation for manque Turns out pretty good. Yeah well and that's one of those movies. I think they're saying and you're being sarcastic like oh citizen kane but lots of people have never seen citizen. Yeah like i already know like no watch citizen kane. It's good yeah exactly so yeah and eraserhead. I've like paris texas. That's a movie that we jason. I didn't quite appreciate the way that you yeah. Yeah and i didn't. I didn't like it as much as that. But but yeah. It's definitely an interesting movie. That's just say that it is an interesting movie and something that i didn't really like but i'm glad that i saw right for sure so just to finish this conversation up. I thought it would be fun to bring up one movie that we watched this year. It wasn't first time watch but something either hadn't seen in a long long time or maybe didn't give it. Its due a while back when you first saw and you you finally re watched this year. What do you have for something like that. So yeah i was kind of Going back and forth on a few things but my my choice for this is going to be a nightmare on elm street. Three dream warriors which is kind of a weird journey because i saw as a kid and i think it might have been the one nightmare on elm street movie. I saw i Because it's almost like superhero movie. And i was into comic books and stuff and that's why i liked it then and then i had revisited it at some point A number of years ago. And i was like this is not that great and then i watched it again this year because i wrote a piece on heather lincoln camp as nancy in the three nightmare on elm street movies and sort of the journey of that character in the journey of her performance. And i just really appreciate it on that level like if you watch weirdly if you make if you pretend the series is just nightmare on elm street dream warriors new nightmare and you watch the journey of heather langan camp and the journey of nancy is really fascinating and i think when i watched it that way dream warriors really clicked from and the way that nancy is sort of this haunted figure from her experiences in the first movie. And she's trying to not. She's trying to guard the next generation of kids from experiencing what she experienced and her sort of successes and failures at that and other lincoln is great and all these movies And i had a new appreciation for her in this one. So yes that's my. I like it earlier this year. I did a friday thirteenth like marathon. And i'm planning on one day this year doing nightmare on elm street so i look forward to get into one. Yeah there's overall the nightmare on elm street series has a much higher level of quality. I think friday the thirteenth series shelves. Imf jason guy so we shall see so for mine. I am going to go with bill. And ted's bogus journey. I love bill. And ted's excellent adventure. I've seen many many times. But i always remember seeing bogus journey as a i guess i would have been eleven at the time and just walking out of theater so upset that that it was just the worst movie in like. What did they do to bill. And ted and i never return to. I never watched it again. And then finally watched it in anticipation of the new on face. The music and i almost maybe liked it. More than the orig-. I just thought it was so fun. So ridiculous. So out there it really embraces. Anything goes like comic book kind of nature of the of the series which was really only the second one at that point but It's basically like a living breathing cartoon and is so all over the place But i absolutely loved it. I love station. I love death. Of course everyone loves death even if you don't like the movie And i love evil. Bill and ted i just. There's so much in that movie. That although i'm sure you know plenty of people don't give it a second chance or maybe did and just still don't like it i. I loved it the second time around. Yeah i also revisited this year because of the new one coming out and i hadn't seen it in a while. Probably not as long as you. I think i'd seen it at some point since it was out in theaters. But i i you know it's an interesting i don't hate it and but and i and i appreciate what you're talking about the way it goes for all the weird But i i love the first one so much. And i feel like the first one is such a pure concept. That bogus journey is just like. They're going for everything in part because it feels like they don't know what to do and how to make another bill and ted movies or they're just like whatever right and station is fucking. I'm sorry yeah. I i could see how someone might think that. But they're wrong. But no i mean overall like i like it and i really liked face the music and i'm a total bill and ted van. Hell you right on. Well that does it for our two thousand twenty look back episodes. And i'm so glad you were able to join me for this josh. Wanting to tell people about what's going on over an awesome movie here. Yeah well as we've been saying many times in this episode we've been talking about the films of nineteen eighty-four we're getting closer to the end of that season and so we'll have a new awesome movie year to announce fairly soon but yeah. We've been talking about a lot of fun movies. We've had some cool guests on including albert pune the director of road to hell. Which is the sequel sort of the streets of fire and some. I don't know if it's so coming up or not yet. But maybe something cool coming up. That i won't know it will already be out by the time this goes up. Okay well then we also joe esposito on our episode about the karate kid. He's the singer of course if you're the best around. Which is the best song around. So yeah it's been a lot of fun. Jason harris. We got a mention is the co host and check out awesome movie year dot com and awesome movie year on facebook and instagram. Jason allegedly is going to put some things on our instagram and awesome movie pod on twitter. And you can hear dave Offer his opinions in some of these episodes as well. We appreciate that you have been watching the movies along with. I am trying. It was my goal going into twenty twenty and then i had an excuse to actually follow through on that goal. We hope you continue. Yes i will. I will tell it. Tell everybody also where they can find some of those articles that you're talking about you have links on your site. My sight is josh bell. Hits everything dot com and you can find at least a write up what we've just been talking about which i should have a set soon. Hopefully by the time this episode comes out. Those links are on my social media. Signal bleed on twitter and josh bell hates everything on facebook. I always linked to everything that i write. So i did recently on my twitter. Do a thread of my Favorite pieces that. I published twenty twenty and that includes some of the things that i mentioned a piece on heather langan camp in the nightmare on elm street movies and my on gwyneth paltrow in the ninety s and the piece on the two thousand eleven version of the thing. I mentioned all those in there as well. Some other cool stuff so yeah follow me on social media for all my observations about movies awesome awesome. Well josh thanks as always for being here. And i will talk to you about a new movie sometime soon. I look forward to it. Did you like the parent trap or too young lindsay lohan. Discover their strange twin sisters in summer camp and switch places and you might also like young camp. Counselor is being stockton murdered. One by one by mask to sail and friday the thirteenth did you. Like reporter drew barrymore going undercover as a high school student to get a good story and never been kissed. Also like the i. Agent johnny utah infiltrating click of surfers who moonlight as bank robbers and point break. Listen to you might also like a podcast where he received. The movie suggestions didn't know you needed posted by me. Lou spalding to get moving suggestions. Like vive and many more absurd but surprisingly helpful recommendations each week our view to movies that are very different but surprising linked. And you might like both of them. I said listen for new episode. Every friday on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever else you get your podcast and then finding on social media you also like all right so hope. You enjoyed that conversation about our top ten first time. Watch as of twenty twenty. Thank you josh bell for joining me on that one and everybody. I hope you're enjoying this end of your coverage and are excited to get into some new movies but make sure you go back and watch some of these movies. We just talked about and some from the top ten films of twenty twenty in the top five documentaries at twenty twenty cause lots of great movies to check out but now it is time to start moving forward and we are planning a whole bunch of new piecing it together episodes in the coming weeks and i am always looking for new co hosts so if you enjoy what we do here on piecing it together. Megan touch with me. Moe's looking for new people to join me. And of course i love getting all my old favorites back on the show as well so always beaten everybody to come back and do episodes but love get new people too so that does it for today's episode make sure subscribed wherever it is you. Listen to podcasts. Also check out awesome movie or makes you subscribe to that while you're at it and follow us on social media at piecing pod. Join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces. i already told you about the patron. But don't forget to check that out. Produced by david rosen patriots on and Yeah that does for today. So this episode. we're looking back at classics. So i'm going to play you out with a piece of music from my first album at goes in the dark. Let's look back to that. And i'm going to go with the track. If only tonight. I could sleep which there is a great music video for directed by my friend. Doug farah a filmmaker here in las vegas. So check that out to over my youtube channel. Youtube dot com slash. Music by david rosen but Yeah this is. If only tonight i could sleep from my first album in the dark which is available on all the music services out there and joy this track and we'll be back with more piecing together coming up next week uh-huh Points west production produced by. David resin in las vegas.

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