Hour 1 - Carson Palmer (01-29-20)


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The lives have been since refinancing their student student loans on credible you see actual prequalified rates from up to ten lenders and only takes a couple of minutes to check the rates so go to credible dot com slash. Dan It's credible C. R. E. D. V. L. E. dot com slash. Dan When you refinance your student loans via credible they'll give you a two hundred dollar gift card. Just fill in a couple of pieces of info to check what rates you're eligible for again that is credible dot com slash Dan refinance your student loans and start saving here he. It's from our Mercedes Mobile Studio PA. We made it to a Wednesday starting to feel like Super Bowl Week here in Miami and a variety variety of ways. We're starting to look a little more Miami. At least I think Dan Levitan hard. I think he was bringing gifts. I don't know if he was trying to punk speed brought over some shirts yesterday yesterday and he was bringing over some big PAPI shirts so fritzy and I were able to fit in knows yours is extra large mines. Large polly couldn't fit into his but nice shirts. mclovin has a poppy shirt is well. It says it even though poppy give it to me. Poppy give it to me. Poppy from highly questionable alive. Okay there right so yes certain. Feel and look a little more at Miami and the weather finally accommodating here. I love when the media goes to the Super Bowl. Like wine lying about all the accommodations travel traffic weather not us we appreciate it. Even the fog role in yesterday I thought it was a sign and somehow of Kobe Bryant. If you're watching Audience Channel Two thirty nine direct TV the Live you'll be able to see the portrait. We have our street. Artists Artsy Horsey. He did this on short notice. Folks he did this probably on three days notice. And that's all spray pink there. He did that outside our studio. If you you get a chance to to look at this did a wonderful job. It's a twelve by twelve portrait of Kobe Bryant. He did Michael Irvin on day. One Don Shula yesterday and Cobi and what does and are. She does a lot of artwork for Disney. He always includes a hidden mickey mouse and everyone of his portraits. That's the only portrait he's ever done. There's no hidden Mickey Mouse in there. You'll notice the butterfly in the upper left hand corner that's for Kobe's daughter so our C.. One it'd be to mention that that and you know what maybe we can donate that to Mamba Academy it's just it's so well done and you just kind of capture. The spirit of Kobe Bryant with that are Sierra Street. Artists did that. He's got two more that he'll do Thursday and Friday from here in Miami. WanNa say hello to our studio audience from West Palm. We appreciate the folks folks who came in. That's where you can applaud for yourself there. You Go. That's how it works. They're looking like you're talking to us. Yes I'm talking to you you folks Carson Palmer. Who gave us well? I didn't give us his heisman. He loaned it. Well he doesn't know it'd be pray gave it to us. He loaned US his heisman trophy. We have that back in the a homeland. Cave Carson will join US coming up. saquon Barkley of the giants discarding think. He's picking up his heisman mammal concern about that. Now that's going to be awkward. was there's no discussion about it. But are we going to keep it like for eternity. If he doesn't initiate the conversation by getting it back at some point why are you asking these questions listening green. Yes he can hear them. I don't WanNa give the heisman back. I mean had it like in his garage over holding books. Downers a saquon Barkley will join us. Gardner minhsiu the Jags quarterback and Barry Sanders. The Lines Hall of fame. Running back will join US coming up this well Barry Sanders. He's gets around of applause there like any league the NBA is typically slow moving if Players want to change your uniform number. They have to wait until the next season but when it comes to honoring Kobe Bryant. Those rules are out the window. The League is leading players with the number eight twenty four immediately if they want to and those are magical numbers for players. It's just just like Michael's twenty three and it's been a remarkable stretch of the last couple of days the outpouring of affection for Kobe and the League so many players affected affected by this and so many credit koby for helping them improve their game. And what I've found out yesterday is the number of players that you didn't know reached out to. Kobe and Kobe wasn't working for a team. He was working these individuals. He was helping an individual he was a mentor and they're certainly as a brotherhood amongst those players. In it's it's been on full display cheated wonderful job last night I applaud. ESPN the night before where they replayed Kobe's sixty point performance. Yeah I saw the Great Eddie. George the heisman trophy winning running back in the hotel lobby and he just said I don't know about you but I'm in a daze like I can't get out of this and I said go back and watch the sixty point performance by Kobe. Celebrate who he was he would he would be all over you. Eddie if if he knew that you were moping around here he would want you to go. Hey look back at what I did and Eddie said I. I'll try that Michael Wilbon yesterday and look. We all agree. We all mourn in our own unique way but I got to that point where I said I celebrate this guy because if not I won't get through this week it'll be interesting thing to seal the League honors Kobe. In the coming days there is a little bit of a movement push to have Kobe be the new logo for the NBA. And I'm sure Jerry West I would be happy to sign off on that because Jerry being Mr Humility and he was the one who saw this greatness in Cova. He'd probably love if he wasn't called the logo anymore. Even though I don't think Jerry West ever got a penny for being the logo of the NBA The all star Game. Maybe they'll do something for Kobe. I don't know if you have one side. Where number eight and the other team wear number twenty four? But they'll do something with Adam silver at the helm the NBA will do the right thing first. Laker Home Games. It's coming up on Friday. There was part of me. That wanted the Lakers and clippers to play last night. And maybe that was just selfishly that I I wanted I. I wanted us to get back to basketball and appreciating coby. So you and I know Pete. rozelle caught a lot of grief after John F. Kennedy was assassinated needed. And then you're going to play football that weekend and it was something that he never overcame. It was always attached to his legacy and I think Adam silver was very sensitive live to that but and I know we love to speak for the deceased. Kobe would love us. You know they. He would love if they played. I think I'm pretty confident. In saying knowing coping he would want the clippers and Lakers to get back out there and play last night but the Lakers. They needed extra time. Because this isn't just a free t shirt shirt night at staples. This is something that you're going to do once and you WanNa do it right and they need the extra time so I certainly understand that if you like get in touch with the program you can eight seven seven three show email addresses DP. Dan Patrick dot com twitter handle at DP show mclovin got a poll question for us today. Yeah we have a few. I'll give you a choice. We could go super bowl football or fishing. So what's the difference between football and Super Bowl super bowl. I think they're people are not really talking about the Super Bowl storylines maybe koby by generally show I would ask which tubal storyline gets you. The most fired up look fired up fired Andy. Reid finally winning the Big One. Kyle Shanahan racing the twenty eighth three debacle in the Super Bowl. Patrick mahomes taking the next step into superstardom. The kiddle Kelsey theme is I call it. The best tight ends in the NFL. Or I have this labeled is Jimmy G. Any good question question mark. That's the The seems kind of harsh but well. Yeah but I think there's a lot of questions. What story line is getting you riled up for the Super Bowl or which one Larry paying the most attention to? I would probably go Patrick Mahomes just you take that next step because people view him as the best quarterback in football i. I know that it sounds strange to say this. I don't want him to have an Aaron Rodgers career from the standpoint boy. He's the most talented quarterback. How many super bowls did win? Oh he didn't win any or he won one. You get that chant Russell. Wilson may not get a chance to win another super bowl and he was how close to winning two. I would say I want to Mahomes to be recognized for being this great quarterback and unfortunately you know in our bottom line. You have to win sports society we want to know how many championships you have mclovin. I mean think back Dan Marino God knows his second year and never got back. I mean that could be MOMS Yep on the storyline. I kinda like sneakier is if Jimmy Garoppolo wins the superbowl and like he's the MVP. Or the defense the fallout New England. It's a sneakier your storyline. But if they're sitting there out of the playoffs and they're watching Jimmy Garoppolo who they let go. That's GONNA have repercussions with the Tom. Brady situation deeper but I like it should not if have you said and I said listen that at the time. Hey you gotta get rid of Jimmy G. BUT YOU'RE GONNA win two super bowls. You're going to go to three. You would sign up for that in a second. Not Oh no we never should have got written a Jimmy Garoppolo. Well you couldn't keep both of them. For what Jimmy was going to make and I think Tom wanted him out of there. I would have gotten more. How is it that Mitchell trubisky and Gerry Goffin Carson? Wentz can command more than and Jimmy Garoppolo Jimmy Garoppolo. You've got him for what a second round pick. Yes well that was. Just get him out of town. Tom Talked to craft or something that was Brady powerplays As I recall yeah but Bella check is still genius. You'd think he'd be able to rip off somebody. While finding a soft landing for Jimmy Garoppolo Highway Patriots fans have to he threw eight passes passes in the last playoff game. Jimmy G. They. They can't feel jealous about what they've seen so far. Can they did look good. Throwing those eight passes and that's really important important. The only way you can replace Brady's with a better looking quarterback they had it right there easy easy speaking for Boston. Yeah yes mclovin I suppo- questions off today's guest list. You can't tell the story about. What was Jimmy? Jeez draft profile. Oh Gosh he is not not alone but apparently the word was he had. Some questionable follows on instagram. The follow them or did they follow him. I think he might have followed a You know there are a lot of questionable instagram accounts. And just there's a fine line between influencer and adult influence so he part of his draft profile. Was He followed. No I can't I can't and that's a negative right. That's the you think. Oh you can't talk. I'm just going to say that he was drawing up plans that having the XS and os he had xxx confused. Everybody because you have to have the. I can't confirm affirmed by way but you know they're doing that because they look at all draft so every twelve year old out there. I have a question I should off today's guest list. Would you rather wins the heisman. We have I believe to heisman winners. Anders Carson poem or the Super Bowl. Mvp I'll give you a choice that's a pretty if you will in BP that means you're the man but you could maybe not be a great NFL player and you may not have been a great college player. You could be Timmy Smith right right or was it Larry Brown boys. Yeah I I think I would go heisman because because you can't win a heisman off just one game now you have to be great for an entire season and I would go. I would go with that yet. But the ultimate commit dream when you're a college players to make the NFL and then to play in the Super Bowl then to win the super bowl and then to be the most valuable player of the Super Bowl. How is that? Not Bigger than the HEISMAN. Trophy has cool. Is that trophy trophy. Looks Super Bowl. We've had guys who have won it and they've only been good in that game. Yes but the Super Bowl. Mvp You got to the Pinnacle of Your Sport and you were the most important player of when you're walking around with that ring you're a super bowl champion and your the MVP which a lot of heisman winners. I would trade that in God. I just answered the question in order to hear your yells. Yes all right. Here's one. Let's let's put a name to this. Whose career would you rather have San Antonio Homes Super Bowl? MVP with the steelers a good NFL player. Fair or Tim Tebow Timmy. Chavez ridiculous you go with the most famous heisman player the lease roll. MVP in the last fifteen minutes washed out in the pros and didn't have a pro Legis. Okay let's do Tom Brady or era crouch then. Why don't we do that or you know? Let's Stew Bedrock Burger or actually. He didn't win did he. Did Not yeah. It was a home yes but not by really the Super Bowl. MVP You are on the field there. No I would have given it to the defensive line. It's just. They showed no creativity the offensive line for the Broncos when they won their first super bowl was unbelievable. Unbelievable and I would have given it but you know they gotta have one person and they give out a car truck to one person but the defensive line for the giants the pressure they put on Brady and both of those super bowls. Also that doesn't happen. It doesn't matter what he liked us because they kept the score close so eli only needed to make a couple of plays. That defensive line was unbelievable. Unbelievable unbelievable when you say the Broncos off until I was unbelievably dirty with those child watching. Yes Book Joe. FLACCO or Herschel Walker Joe flacco good an NFL player won a super. MVP Herschel Walker not a great pro-career good pro career but known for college. Okay Gino Toretta or John Elway two hours on that. I'm just saying personally. I take the heisman. Not and also when you're heisman your Hisen for like yeah like a really good club you normally don't forget who was a heisman trophy winner you get to go to Disney if you're a super bowl. Mvp I think they still do that. Remember I'm GonNa Guess if you're heisman trophy when are you can still go to Disney. Yes Todd but when you're introduced in circles you know when vows. Your Ego is introduced US heisman trophy winner. Dan Patrick or Super Bowl champion Ryan. Dan Patrick I don't see how they even come close candidate. I'm just saying for me. It's about the individual ward. And you know. I'm all about individual Ornstein. I don't want to share in a team award in factor. You know if we won a sports emmy as a team for the show. It's one thing but when I win it individually man it feels so much better superbowl. MVP individual war. You're all waiting the super bowl but you're the only MVP. I couldn't have done it without my teammates. Yes Marcus Marcus Allen Ordin. Nick foles Marcus Allen He may have superbowl. MVP and Heisman. So is that fair unfair question. Did he win the MVP. When the raiders beat the redskins thinks he should have with at what he reverse? Oh my gosh I always thought Marcus Allen was the running back equivalent of Jerry Rice from the standpoint. He never looked fast but nobody ever caught him from behind and Jerry. Rice ran a four six forty. I don't remember him being caught by somebody from behind they. It's unbelievable. So why do we study this was. MVP Why do we study the forty like that. Then I would study the ten. I WanNa know how quick you are off off the ball ten yards. You Know How many times you run forty yards in again. Maybe once or twice if you're lucky but this goes down to this. Goes back to Paul Brown great coach and he wanted your forty yard time because of the punt that you were running down the field. He wanted to know how fast you ran down the field on a punt which which is about forty five yards. And that's where we came up with the forty yard dash and now we got linemen. Running a forty yard dash is running the forty yard exactly but we know oh it now like someone says your four to forty that means something. You can't say you're a one point. Eight ten like the base line for national draft. Yeah but we think of four to forty that you're a really good yes. It doesn't mean anything. Yeah it just means you're fast but it means you could be fast and why aren't you aren't why aren't you any better than what you are. One More poll. Would you rather be super strong like saquon Barkley or super fast. Also take one Barkley so you have a choice you can bench press twenty nine twenty nine wraps whatever was at the combine or right at four three like these super fast. What are his ties by the way? That's what I was GONNA ask. A question does is he the biggest question I have for today's guests on the show of any question. Can he buy his pants off the rack. saquon Barkley No. I don't think I've been dining for you hard. Know what kind of Iraq has been like that. Could he put. Could I put both of my thighs together and not equal his. These are the questions America Geico once and we will find out those answers getting together kind of measure them. I'd bet it's probably pretty close. I think his thighs are his thighs. twenty-eighth breath checking twenty eight inches. Just kidding I don't know where. Check that information. We started out with Garoppolo and porn and now with ties with Saquon. Barkley sounds like Wednesday's Wednesday's sounds like this program just getting started here eighteen after the hour. We'll talk to Carson Palmer. I hope he didn't come to pick up his heisman because he's going to be disappointed and also no. I'm not going to say this question. Is I going to surprise Carson went. Yes yes what do you want the Barclay Guy Waist ratio information now hour later. I think I have it. He wears size thirty four thirty six pants in the waste. His thighs are twenty nine inches around each and he's got two of my heart. Can we check that work on that. Okay so twenty nine each twenty nine inches. Well I got him again on the waist equal to him young. Hey we wear the same weight wasting our pets. Let's take a break here. I think we've done enough damage. It's eighteen after the hour. Just getting started here. Dan in the DANETTES. Dan Patrick Show. How much money are you paying an interest on your credit cards every month? Too much then why not consolidate audit your credit cards into just one payment at a lower fixed rate and start saving money now. It's easy with a credit card. Consolidation loan from screen rates are as low as five point. Nine five percents. APR VR With Auto. Pay You could even get your money as soon as day. You apply light. String believes that people with good credit deserve a better loan experience. And that's exactly what they deliver. 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So I looked down at the the heat. Bench justice winslow and other guys. And that's you this guy who looks really old like me and I think that's you donnas Lem the former heat player and he's wearing sweatpants all the other assistant coaches are wearing suits. I'm like isn't he assisted coach. Look he's still an active air quotes player at thirty nine years old. I thought he was as old as I was. I mean he's been around a long time yeah. CNC They took us down for a second into this tunnel on all that the The players run out of like right through the locker room. And then there's this tunnel and it's like the softest carpet I've ever you've ever felt you're walking on like air is really interesting and some goes move move move in there with all sudden Jimmy Butler comes running and I was knocked over all of us. He was last on the court. What did you guys think of those uniforms? When I first saw the heat uniform which is kind of this? Mix of Aqua Greenish bluish color I was like I don't work but when you see them in person they work in the fans love him I I love them. I thought they were great. Yes taught I wasn't crazy about it. Okay why are you Debbie Downer today just feels like by the way fritzy heard from Sbarro. Ro yesterday like somebody from corporate reached out because all these great restaurants she's been gone to spyro because ZD's good there haven't heard from shake shack at no thoroughly things that just to get free stuff ZD. Maybe coming my way to Connecticut. And didn't they have some bad pun. Spiro didn't they said nothing yeah it's not as quite as cheesy as your mock headlines but expect a said you're needy for our Ziti something some kind of corny rhyme and. Yeah but I don't the bathroom because then my creative free as we want to thank the Miami Heat for hosting the Danettes last night. I there's always this look of panic when the PR person is inviting uh-huh everybody from the show and then just dance show up. Where's your seat changes a little bit there? Hey we got some great it seats right up there enjoy. The game guys stood out the we walked over to our seats and we knew a few guys who had courtside seats courtside right behind the heat bench but another. Wow that's pretty good seats. They got and they put us in row six behind the basket and they were perfect seats. Could you could actually see. The two guys are courtside. Texas says we. We can't see a thing. We're sitting seven footers in front of me like we couldn't see one minute of the game so the better seats are actually up a feast of what we did last night brought to you by Stoli Vodka. The Bloody Mary sorry we had with cucumber. stolley yesterday was very very delectable before we went out on the boat probably not the best thing to drink before you go out on a boat players like lime cucumber citrus bowl delicious stolley flavors foundation for a perfect bloody Mary case you're trying to keep up with your New Year's resolution is simple classic cocktail like stolen Soda Soda Zero Sugar by the way only one hundred calories. Todd Nice shot that detailed. I'm sorry I got some pounds to lose. We don't have to do that. National Radio Radio. TV though yeah. I was waiting for the I gotta get to Carson Palmer. I understand that real quick the PR person. I was worried about getting this email. Saying what time is Dan arriving or we'll put it the ticket under his name. Was the thing where we were totally blocked. Did you lie to the Miami Heat that I was going last night. I was under the impression that you were going and then you blew us. Ally are following. Guest is the second most productive red-headed quarterback to ever play for the Cincinnati Bengals. He also had a prolific college career at USC back when the Trojans were actually good he went on to be the number one overall pick and send an NFL record by not throwing a single incompletion in his rookie season. That's because he didn't throw a pass in his rookie. Jason please welcome the man who's Heisman trophy currently sits in my man cave they'll never get it back Carson Palmer the Carson looks like he could still play joining us on behalf of the Fedex Air Erin ground. NFL Player of the Year award. Could you play right now. Houses no absolutely not I would pull a hamstring running out for warm ups. There's IT's no chance if I gave you six months. If you gave me six months to train I could. I could get two more games then. When when do you know that it was time when you just said I? There's is it the love of the game or is it just the physicality of the it's definitely not the love of the game. The love of the game. I don't think ever leaves you at least it hasn't left me yet after after two years post career but you know I think you start to realize it's not a it's not a one practice or a one game where you go. Oh Man I I might be getting too old. It's the culmination of of going through the off season training and and get your body ready for an upcoming season and then you start taking those hits week one through sixteen and you start realizing using at least I did in my experience. I started realizing week. Four week eight week twelve. I was like man. This is starting to really be uncomfortable. I'm starting to lose a little bit here lose a little bit. There might be time. Well I think it's time after we saw you throw during the commercial break because the armed seen that accurate in overthrown to make love and if if we we can show this video here carson thrown to make love and this tradition like any other make love and takes on the great arms of the NFL and he puts on his gloves. She puts on his helmet and you smoked him a couple of times. He overthrew your receiver at one point. I thought he wanted. I thought his bread basket was a little higher than actually was but I was telling L. mclovin after after one of the catches he remind me a little. Bit of shadow chose Cinco. I just had a flashback that you are underneath that sure. Yeah blamed bullying. It's accurate. Yeah I was going to celebrate that but you know this is going to work. Well then what do you miss the most I mean obviously Sundays. You missed the the competition on Sundays But there's there's a certain comfort level you get with with being the face of the franchise the quarterback of an organization the pressure. You have on on a daily basis throughout the off season drama Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday practice in meetings and obviously on game days on on on the stage. When you get that chance to play? But just that consistent pressure Asher and stress and expectation from everybody around you in the organization and on the team. You miss that you miss as soon as you go into retirement it like exact disappear so I really do. Miss you know that that constant pressure when you look at Patrick Mahomes that it feels as if if he's making it look easy. It's not that easy. But why does he give you that. Impure appearance that He. He's making it look he's he. You know he just seems is a play He can reminds reminds me a little bit of farve attitude mentality wise. Where if if he throws one the wrong spot and it gets picked gets picked to come back until two touchdown passes to make up for it or you know that that smile on his face that that natural you know the third down running yet for the touchdown two weeks ago in the AFC championship? It was like he was out in the backyard just just playing at he kind of plays. It's not a reckless abandon But it's just a he plays with with some some some freedoms and and You know just stress. Free worry free It's fun to watch and it. lets him go out there. And and make those type of jaw-dropping place. Can you empathize with Jimmy. Even though he's in the Super Bowl it feels like if they lose. It'll be somehow on Jimmy Garoppolo. That's the position I mean. Unfortunately when when you sign up to play quarterback you're the bummer the hero and whether you play the worst game your life you know it it gets magnified and blown out a portion when you play a pretty good game. It's like it was the best game they've ever seen so I mean that's that's the position there's no doubt about it and people can can say what they want about Jimmy in the NFC championship and throwing under ten passes. But Jimmy's the number one seed and and had a first round by his here in the Super Bowl so he's I think he's sitting in his hotel hotel room or on the practice field laughing at everybody. We were asking a poll question. Would you rather win the Heisman or Super Bowl. Mvp You won the heisman. Would you trade in that heisman for a super blend VP. And that's that's no offense. Obviously the heisman. It's amazing and You know a tremendous honor. Yeah I think I think it's just natural. You always want what you don't have you already gave away the heisman. So is that doc might get in that back. It's on consignment. I think is what it is. It's cemented onto a shelf where I would have to ship the entire bar to you because I what did you do with that heisman before we got it because it had dust all over it it. It's all banged banged up. It looks like it played into game. It was a long time ago. I'm old I know. But what did you do the heisman garage. And and and it's a very mature heisman trophy through its season result. Yes veteran highs. I would've put it on the hood ornament. I'm in my car if I had a heisman. Rolls Royce Bentley Bentley. Yeah nobody has rolls-royces anymore. They they they. I'll get it back to you eventually eventually. Okay you know what when. USC USC wins the national title. I'll get back to live that long. Are you in your question. What advice would you give Joe Borough to go to Cincinnati you know? He's he's such a spectacular talent. I mean I I think I think people have really kind of overlooked him by talking about chase young and some of these other guys and Herbert from Oregon. You know I think he's. He seems to be an obvious number. One pick I think he's more athletic than we think I think he can run more than than than he shown and what you saw him do with his legs an SCC against SCC full of defensive NFL talent. You've seen him athletically takeover games. You've seen him do it in the national championship just dropping dimes left often right all over the field and into tight coverage You know he's I it's I think it's he's head and shoulders the number one pick Gone gone since CINCY I. I've been there I. I know that feels. I know you at least went to a team. I think he'd come off. Eight wins like you've got drafted number one. And then John Kitten played and I think you guys WanNa game so you had some talented. I'm just worried that as much as I love. Cincinnati Joe going into that environment with that ownership up and not having any talent. I mean that's a recipe for disaster for quarterbacks but the one thing that the Duke Tobin's done a great job since he's he's kind of seems like he's been leading the charge charge as far as the draft process goes. There's been some talent there you know whether the organization Bison and is fully going after a super agreable and really trying to win a super bowls. There's the other question but talent wise. They've had some good players. I I was fortunate to play with a lot of really good players. Cincinnati just the receiver position. I mean from shadows just Cinco. TJ Zodda Peter. Work there was and you can go on and on there was there was some really good players some really good skill players on the offensive side of the ball. Aw you still got. Aj Green hopefully. He says he wants to come back. We'll see But they're drafting number one for a reason because they were the worst team in the National Football League so obviously obviously. He's not going into an environment. Like Patrick Mahomes went into in Kansas City So we'll see mahomes went into an already made offense of but he sat behind Alex Smith with that healthy. Andy Reid there and then you have those great skill position guys but you know you start to look at that position and you know you just go. You can get overwhelmed quickly. Even if you're on a good team or better than average team so I I worry about that with him Carson Palmer joining us. Your favorite shadow chose Cinco story that you will tell your grand in killed kids I not. I don't have one that sticks out in my mind just remember. Every time I stepped into the huddle. He was open open on Monday. They were running forty two eyeso-. I'll be wider offense lineman blocking downfield. I'll be wide right open. I mean that was that was that was an every every play occurrence in the huddle. which don't do you want that from your receiver absolutely loved? Did I never. I never thought I very rarely said Chad. Sh- very very rarely because he brought that energy and I think you know as serious and as as big as the NFL is. You still need some jokesters. Unique guys that make make light of certain situations call complicated play force right now. Gun Pro. Full voice minded scrimmage or am I I'm in the huddle snap count I need that and then the SAPA I need. Did you do Dan Marino fourth. Okay so like like your your your shadow Cinco in the huddle and and I'm giving you the play in the huddle you're GonNa give me the play. And then we go to line of scrimmage. Okay just a simple downplay. It would be gun pro right. Zip Rip six. Eighty six Z over H.. Ricky onto onto ready. But that's three huts. I know but I went on the I. I I used to do that. I would say it's on one and I keep saying hut so that maybe a defensive lineman would kinda back off go. What's and then and then rush the passer rogers pretty good Rogers really good at it and Marino gave you attach? It sounded like it was a pretty good. Yeah you want to judge these guys right here. Lowly why is it green. Nineteen I understand that AH polling Aaron Rodgers and white eighty I was a white eighty beattie. Okay Fritzy you WanNa Give Carson Sixteen thinker Bruce Ankle exit angle the. NFL films was mclovin. You got one six Mike now. Fifty floors of Mike Mike Is. How does the best one won't uh-huh cut through? You really have to point out the Mike linebacker. It feels like that's actually paramount. That actually is don't doesn't a center where we're the Mike. Linebacker is the Mike is always changing and everybody up front. Needs to know who the Mike is especially the halfback in the backfield is blocked. What is the Mike Linebacker? The middle the three. So there's Mike Strong side linebackers of Sam weakside linebackers. The will okay senior. Got One GONNA actually ask. So what exactly is the Mike Linebacker. Yeah you gotTa say talks about so I know you guys talking you know you get these analysts who just flying over your head. You're GonNa sit the Mike. Mike linebacker Middle Linebacker CAMMO block like hey gap and all that so we let me come on man. We consider chalkboard could get up on the phone for you. All right Tell me about the Fedex air and ground. NFL players of the year award. So you have voting INS for for fans tomorrow at three eastern you can vote on. NFL's twitter page KUBOTA NFL DOT com slash forward slash Fedex. Were going to hand out the awards Saturday night right before the honor show. It's it's It's coming down to the wire. The three quarterbacks are Lamar Jackson who got my vote. who had obviously spectacular year? Russell Wilson Patrick Mahomes and then the tailbacks For the ground employer the year are Derrick. Henry who also had a spectacular year and the niche of an mkx and Christian. McCaffrey McCaffrey McCaffrey did was phenomenal catching catching the ball. Run the ball But yes voting voting closes tomorrow at three And Fedex is donating forty thousand dollars for both players and and they're names to the USO so an USO program is a spectacular program. It helps our recently retired servicemen and women transition into the next phase of their lives so nfl dot com slash Fedex addicts and. Can I have your number if I need to. Send your heisman back. I'll do whatever it takes to do. Whatever it is not saying? Why are they sending sending your heisman back to she care that haven't even though she knows the Yes? I'll pay whatever it costs came the feeling it's GonNa take a while. It might take a while but I promise I'll get back to promise and we don't want to wait for USC to win a national title because that's not happening anytime soon not next year all right. Here's the Great Carson Palmer. 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One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast button and there you will see all our wonderful sponsors sponsors that help make this show possible. Thank you for downloading subscribing at of course supporting and now back to the show play plays of the day the play on the day. Check this out. Lopez top of the key handoff to Middleton Chris driving for fifty one forty. Three one thirty fifty one for Chris Middleton any did in a powerful. Wow Bucks radio network. I believe this is will Smith. I don't know the name of the song but has something to to do with the Milwaukee Bucks Miami so I think it's Miami Miami. Welcome to Miami Rift From and the beat goes on the music in the background is from Song Long before the which is very close to welcome to Milwaukee Civil Will Smith with Miami Khris Middleton drops in fifty one. As the bucks beat the wizards he also added ten rebounds and then I was wondering when the Greek Freak Greek freak didn't play last night. So the Greek freak had a game of fifty and ten. I'm back in November without Khris Middleton the lineup and then last night middleton has his own fifty in ten game without the Greek freak controversy brewing question Mark Mark. Play of the day brought to you by legalzoom go to legalzoom dot com today into the Promo Code Patrick in the box at checkout special savings legalzoom dot Com Promo Code Patrick Legalzoom we're live meets legal. What's poll question we're going to go with? We put up Super Bowl. MVP versus heisman sixty two percent super bowl MVP K.. That's fine maybe these were down at the Super Bowl. That helps. Yeah they're normally. You have a little bit controversy during Super Bowl Week. It used to be that there was always something that was said jozy on Monday or Tuesday and then it was amplified because it's super bowl week. We haven't had that. There isn't really been much buzz here. You know Richard. Sherman hasn't had anything thing to say about Patrick. Mahomes or honey badger. tyree kill nobody on the chiefs. I think you had Frank Clark say something about De Ford. But that's not going to get any headlines here. How well did you hear what Frank Clark said about De Ford? No I didn't. I'm not fond of Ford. which guys on which the that's what the casual fan? Yeah and you know. We sometimes like to create some buzz but I think because of the Koby News that it just felt like that was as you know quieted down considerably the last couple of days. And you know somebody may say something stupid. But the the media doesn't get to talk to the players Now from Wednesday. Stay on they get to talk to some of the coaches. I think. Final press conferences. I can't imagine you know Kyle Shanahan. The big controversy is his wife. Doesn't want him to change hats. Because it's a good luck cat and Andy Reid. What's the controversy there? Hey Are you going to win the Big One. You need to win the big one to be a hall of fame coach. Yes mclovin do you think that any of the quarterbacks doing media Wednesday through Friday we'll say give up anything to help us figure out free agency. I think they're all here except for Brady. Like Grease Dak.. Are these guys going to give a hint to what they're thinking. I just want to know breezes coming back which he says he's either coming back to play for the saints or he's not GonNa play. I think he's in less. You said he's got the Monday night job or let's say Tony Romo goes to ESPN. Then what happens does if you got him going to Monday night football Or Tony Romo goes to Monday night. Football then would you know he. CBS consider him as a replacement there. In Yeah we started to talk about this prior to the start of the show if I'm CBS. In it's going to cost me ten or eleven million dollars to keep Tony Romo I let him go. ESPN ESPN really needs. It feels like that you know if they want to make a splash and you've got somebody who's proven commodity and you can put him in there. I it feels like you might get people more people people who are going to stay longer to watch Monday night football. It really comes down to how good the game is because if if Seton Paulie were doing the super bowl on Fox yeah. People aren't tuning out. You're still no they won't they. Might turn down the volume. But they'll still watch the game. I don't know I think I'm at the first half now. I know what you're saying. Is Tony Romo. He does the one o'clock or four o'clock national game for CBS. But it's not prime time and when I hear Tony Romo's voice on us guys like Nice. This is fun but I don't keep it on or turn it off because him but there's something I don't tune out when it's not Jim Nance and Tony Romo but when it is Jim Nansen Tony Romo. It feels like a bigger game. You you know that this is the the big game right and I know that you don't need that for the Super Bowl but just having the presence of people like that or like an Al Michaels and it just brings things up a a bit. You know it feels like a bigger event when that's why when people talked about Dick Towels much as I love Dickie v I. I didn't tune into a game like Duke North Carolina. lynam still watching now. If you WANNA test just how popular in announcer is an analyst is put him on a bad game and see if people will watch a bad game. Because somebody is doing doing that. And I don't know how many broadcasters analysts and I agree you know Jim Antonio Wonderful team but I don't know if the ratings improve the ratings are good because the game is good saquon Barkley. The giants running back will join US coming up in about twenty minutes from now. Gardiner men shoe the JAGS and Barry Sanders will will join us coming up as well. We got one hour in the book. Two more to go here on this Wednesday Seton Paulie Fritzy mclovin. Yours truly here on the Dan. Patrick Show it was happening. Everybody this is the official Lakers podcast on your host Mike Trudell super pumped to be your flanked by Erin Lahr Sewell. You ready to go. I'm ready the Lakers will be top ten defense Shane team that has has two stars or two. Superfund Lebron AD can sometimes cancers other out. I think they're both good candidates. I really like the way that this team. You just feels to be around the. It's a it's a very clear message to stars and the Navy and everybody else on board the relationship that is developing between in those two off the court and on the cohesiveness on the court I think in this case is a special case that the two of them will enhance each other. As opposed you taking away from each other. Be sure to rates. Subscribe and Leave Review available on Apple podcasts and podcasts.

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