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He order breakfast at mcdonald's drive-thru tell yourself you'll wait to eat at work but it smells way too good so you eat it right there in mcdonald's parking lot neil. There's a meal for every morning at mcdonald's right now get any size. Iced coffee for ninety nine cents until eleven. Am and pair it with your favorite breakfast or one of our tasty bakery treats price and participation may vary but by mcdonalds. i'm lovin it take. This is bloomberg radio now. A global news update index say are by about seven tenths of one percent. It has been all about the show. Technologies debut look at that now up one hundred and seventy two percent Its valuation jumping by about one hundred billion dollars just in the first hour of trade now evaluation about one hundred seventy billion usdallas crude also in focus up seven tenths of one percent oil set for its biggest weekly gain since october on these confidence that opec produces are committed to restraining global supplies. And we've been watching as we may mentioning a lot of string.

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