Ep.129 | Michael Knowles and Elisha Krauss Join In & Kavanaugh Hysteria Continues


The blaze radio network. On demand. This is the news and why? Why? Why? Why it matters. Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and why it matters still out here in LA. And today we are joined by Michael Knowles and leash Krause. Thank you guys so much for being here. It's really nice to have the big the power couple of the daily wire you're on with us at the same time. We're not really a couple. This is something that people assume. Sometimes my wife is named sweet little LIZA and then Alicia sweet little Alicia. It's very confusing sweet or little like she. But he leash uphill. I'm a married, man. I'm sorry. I'm a married man. Okay. Very believable. I see the cavenaugh things. Never going to court. Yeah. All right. Glenn, what's the top story for Kevin? Okay. Okay, Michael top story is great. If you're a masochist millennial Orbis is offering to tattoo their brand logo on you in exchange for nothing, tells us a lot about millennials, son, good times ahead into Cavanaugh. I think actually a science silent story of the week that everyone should be paying more attention to is the fact that Google is now working with the Chinese communist regime to start a specific search engine geared toward the Chinese market. I suppose that allows them to limit searches on free speech and religion and other things as well. So it's definitely very concerning considering that Google is now reneging on their, they do no evil kind of policy change the policy last year. And it kind of wondered why changing that. Before we before we get into all of that, one of our sponsor radius own radius own. I love Ridge's own day. So yeah, this is me about, I don't know, twelve years ago, the big giant ten. That was me. So I understand the struggles, weight loss yacht. Glenn had some transitions since then, I know the struggles of weight loss. So I am speaking to you with personal experience and radio and has really helped me. It controls my cravings. It helps boost metabolism. 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What kind of fact is that the reading then she comes out and says, by the way, I not going to testify I, I was empowered. By the internet to make those claims yesterday empowered that she deleted it because it had the effect that she wanted. And once it had the effect that she wanted to have, she decided to delete it all. I didn't see anything credibly dangerous. I think so telling when one it's telling an incredibly revealing to it's so dangerous to that. We live in a day and age that you can just tweet whatever you want. And then once I had the effect, I'm just gonna let it some good. The New York Times has been doing that for decades. They run a story on page. A. one that's the big, you know, Kavanagh's a super secret Nazi and then five days later they retract on page ac- fifty. Seven. Oh, no, he's not. They've been doing. I mean, this is just the social media quivalent if that, right? Here's a lie. I'll delete it later. But you know, we used to. We used to come together a little bit more and say, we're better than that where we finding out now we're not better than that. And let's what's terrifying is. No, a deep fakes are. Yeah, OD videos. And so just last week they've, they've hit another milestone in that is they can now mimic the movements of your body near. Yes, they took two videos of people. One was, you know, President Obama, and I don't remember the other one was and there they can make anyone move. They could take film of President Obama and make it move like me and walk like me. So now you know. Gate is a big way to find people facial recognition, but also gate. So now you can take video of anybody. I can give him the right gate as long as they have video. We're getting to a place to where the truth doesn't matter, but our eyes will not be able to tell us what the truth is and wait until that becomes mainstream. We've been talking about this for about four years. And since that you've been able to start doing the easy, deep fakes with pornography. Wait until government gets a hold of this. Wait until Russia gets a hold of this and takes a video of Hillary Clinton or or Donald Trump, or anybody, and they're, they're starting to make progress in the polls. You dump that fake out. You've seen it burns into your your senses in your memory, and then it's proven that it wasn't fake, but the damage is done cab just like. Aw, except much more powerful. It's like that old Marx, brothers line who you're gonna, believe me or your own is your own lion is and that that's finally true. We're now at the point where you cannot believe images and even video that's that's put in front of you. That's a whole new world. The fascinating thing about having those Huffington Post poll showed that this morning only twenty eight percent of men and twenty five percent of women believed professor Ford story. So I think that. Huffington post. Yeah. So it's fascinating because I think a lot of women unfortunately have undergone levels of harassment, not at the extent of professor Ford with this atrocious assault that she's alleging. I'm of the mindset that something horrific probably did happen to her when she was fifteen years old, but she's being used as upon by the Democratic Party to try to get cavenaugh and has buddy Mike judge. No. I think that having had an incident happened to me which was then logged and went to NYPD trial on a New York City. Subway. I remember every single detail of that incident, even though it's been fourteen years, I have people just exactly what I said. I actually wrote about that. It's up on the blaze dot com right now, but it was over two decades ago. Right? I remember and there were multiple multiple times at this happened to me. I remember exactly where I was. I remember exactly who it was. I remember exactly who was around. I remember all of the circumstances surrounding each and every time it's just it's boggling that the New York Times had today and you should listen to it as the I don't know what they call it the new day or whatever it is. The daily is alia daily. And so you know, I listened to it every morning first thing just to just to evacuate. Your mind? No, but listen every day just to just to hear the balance and and what what that that perspective is. And today was a woman who was from California, and I think I can't remember where she moved back east. I think New York. And she said she was groped at fifteen was a horrible experience, but she detailed the time the day, the truck or the car where it happened, who it was, I'll never forget it. And she was credible because everything she had every detail and the New York Times didn't notice that that there was a difference there and was trying to compare her to Ford, but there is no comparison for if this woman would have come come in and she had details that that would have been different than it would have added a little bit more to the. He said, she said nonsense. The details of the house of the party. And who else was there? Understand not maybe time. There's multiple serious, anything you, you could lose a lot of things, but I'm really into pivot points in life. And I remember when Mitt Romney said, oh, you know, I'm, I'm absolutely pro-life. No, you were against life and had him on. And I said to the audience, right for came in, he was he was away from this, the studio. And I said, I'm gonna ask about this. You're going to know immediately because I'm going to ask him when and wear. If he doesn't describe the room, he's lying. Right. Good point. Right. And he came in and he said, I remember sitting in Harvard, they brought all of these. Eggs in and they were talking about fertilization and he said, I remember listening to the guy and just watching him talk. And I kinda got a little movie moment of fuzzy, and I'm thinking, wait a minute. This is life. We're in a different world. Now I believed him. She can't tell me anything right? And I do think, unfortunately, you have the Twitter trolls that have gone after her saying, well, why did she wait thirty six years? Or why did she wait thirty years? I mean, having had friends and family matters that members that have experienced severe sexual trauma specifically in their adolescent. I kind of understand and get that they would suppress it and keep it quiet and be especially for women. It's it's incredibly embarrassing, and you have self guilt, and there's all these, even when you tell the truth, you still your relations and there's all which isn't unfortunate problem that society still needs to deal with. And so there's all of these issues around sharing what happened to you and getting to the bottom of it and. And making sure that the Justice is served so I, but it really bothered me. That was the one thing in the story that I think when people on the right were a little too quick to jump the gun be like, well, it's been thirty six years and she kept her mouth shut all this time. So shame on her, the remote. There's, I think there's. I think we have to be fair. Imagine, well, you don't even have to imagine what they said about one Nita Broadway, you know politics and there are those people that cloud, the mind with politics. It's not getting us anywhere. It's just turning us into monsters. It doesn't matter whose side you're on the other side. The whole thing could be flipped and he'd have those same trolls on the other side who are defending him now would be tearing Merrick, garland apart and tearing her defending Merrick, garland, tearing her apart, feel like we're going to move on. But I feel like this is a good time to just bring up while we're talking about this. You can get addicted to outrage now. No, that was out. Yeah. Gum completely forgotten. All right. So eat at arby's Michael, this this story today really struck me right now not far from here, Long Beach, right in California. You can go to tattoo parlor. This'll be paid for all by arby's and get arby's logo tattooed on your flesh forever for free. You don't get anything for it. You just get a tattoo of arby's on your flesh for free. This follows a major campaign in Russia, just this month where they said, if anybody is going to tattoo the Domino's logo on their body, we'll give you free pizza for life. This was supposed to run for two months. They ended it after three days because they would have gone bankrupt. All of these Russians doing and it's not that surprising in a nine Listrik culture like Russia that how many suicide games are named after Russia, major one, you know, but this is true of of Americans now to this is true. I've noticed this with American millennials, everybody has a tattoo, Instagram, -able. It has to be Instagram -able. This is why I don't have enough hours nearly forty percent of millennials have some sort of tattoo. It used to be just convicts and marines head tattoos. Now it's everybody. I saw a guy once in New York. He had a tattoo. It said a four letter word. The begins with s. Cray on his finger that. What is it? What what does the tattoo I have. I will say while while you're doing that, I do. I count in this because I do have a tattoo, but it's not Instagram. -able. What does the to say on purpose rodeo project. Pro pro pro. Dale proprio. Pro familiar? Yeah. Now that's a good tattoo tattoo that says a four letter word. The begins with s. Cray or an orb Linda. Kind of tattoo I might to for the curly fries for the. You know, one of the the number one metric on Al them's figuring out whether or not you are a conservative. Have you eaten at arby's? Really, really they say that almost no liberals arby's. So in California, they're going to probably not having a lot of tape really through sonic would be another judge of that too. And I'm sure a lot of it has to do with graphically the location of, will it some cheddar peppers? Can you brought it. Excess. We'll know for next time the Orbis slogan is we have the meats and they have little drawings of animals on their on their bags. So I see how that attracts conservative, but I do want there does seem to be actually ties in with this brand new book that's just out. Heard about this Glenn book. I think there is this aspect of millennial culture which is so nihilistic that would slap Domino's right on your arm to get some free pizza were were robbed of meaning, and so we just treat politics. It's religion. We treat every little thing on Twitter, like it's a religious devotion. Unlike your tattoo, which is actually about religion actually is about meaning that I don't know how to get that back. And I think the culture's just careening the more and more we had in that direction. Well, thank you. Glenn Jin here for the doom and gloom. Linpac is coming line to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way he might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing, Glenn Beck line the addicted to outreach toured on tour this fall. Got a lot more to get into here at the daily wire HQ. But before we do that one, I think our sponsor I target pro. Aiding to try it. This shooter shooters. Okay. He pretends to be, but let's be on very good shot. Thank you very much. Couple of couple wobbles. Right. Okay. You gotta tell them what to do so dry firing is the best thing you can do a hate dry firing because you're just sitting here and just pulling the trigger is stupid. And I just don't. I like a challenge. But if you're going out to the range you're spending so much money. This is you put something in a little laser like device. You put it in like a bullet, you've cock it. You put a target out, put your phone by it, and then the laser tracks it on the target. You can't see it. You're just you're using a laser to aim. It's just printing on your phone. So you get the target back and it shows wearing the show. Wow, that's cynical is cheaper than amount and wage the waiting period like we do here in California. Just ammo Baria go, there you go. Yeah, you can just do it in your living room, but you don't have to wait in Texas. What does this mythical land. There is no such thing as an income tax being from Oklahoma. I don't know. Don't know it down. There has to be some Red River rivalry just can't like flee their flow wonderfully. I wanna shoot my gun. I don't wanna pay taxes. It sounds great. I wanna go to this mythical land. All right. Well, then you guys listen, you can save ten percent right now on target pro. You can use offer code news that is I target pro dot com. Aleisha Google China. This is absolutely terrifying. So as I'm sure most of your audience knows understands, freedom of speech doesn't really exist. There. You know the stuff that the chat we've been having about criticizing democratic senators here in the United States this week regarding Kavanagh does not happen in China. In addition to that, of course, there's been the recent crackdown of Christians there which is very concerning and they're going to be starting this very black, mirror type social grading system. Well, my concern is in, sorry, if I'm a little like anti like deep state conspiracy theorist here for moment, but join me and cross conspiracy corner that they're going to be utilizing technology that they're working on with Google too. To start monitoring their citizens. And apparently the search engine that they're working to create will of course not allow certain things to be searched, words to be searched, and everyone will have a user log in that is connected directly to their address and phone number. So the communist regime will be able to track down on these people and what they've been researching what could possibly go wrong, though this this goes with their project cult, sharp ice which was a, which is a Mao term time. Everybody had sharp is to watch each other. Now, the state is doing it now in, I think it's Beijing is the first city to complete it, major city to completed pretty shirts, Beijing there, three rings of the city, and there's the the outer ring. And that gives you kind of the level of security probably of New York City of being on camera. The secondary ring is much more. More. It's like a souped up London, the interior ring. Literally, you are on camera all times. In fact, people who are in government who visit there are told if you want privacy. It's in the bathroom in the shower, and you're gonna have to turn off the lights because they'll even see you there. They, they put somebody out into the inner ring and China did. And then when they turn this thing on, they said, find this person twelve minutes and he was in the back of a squad car. Whoa, that's that's a city with millions of people, twelve minutes. He was in the back of a squad car. Unbelievable. So Google has sold their souls to the devil. Yeah, and it's kind of disconcerting because of course, we all remember that tech versus government kind of argument that occurred here after the awful sin burgundy terror attack. And I actually despite the fact that I wanted to know more information and believed that there was a terrorist cell involved in that orders shooting understood apples perspective of, no, we're not going to unlock this iphone just so you can see what's inside of it. And so you had bigger companies and Google, I think at the time backed them. So you had larger bay area company saying, we're not going to do this because of the right to privacy and the Bill of rights that protects us and our users, etcetera. A little then and they head attorneys, and they feel you never gun gung ho about it. But now you know, if helps the bottom line a little bit, we're willing to infringe understandably. China does not have the same, beautiful constitution that we have. But if it's going to be a policy in one country, I'd like to think that they're also adhering to that policy and other. Here's what's really interesting. The Google, the people in Google. You know, all all up in arms that Google was going to provide cloud space or the US government. They do not want to get into bed with the US government, but they will get in bed with the Chinese government. That is to me, terrifying terrifying the we are in a race for AGI. Now whoever gets that wins, China is pushing to get that the the companies here in America. Really the leader in it is probably Google. I'm just uncomfortable with Google having that as I am the United States government or the Chinese government. I don't trust anybody anymore, and it's not good. It is a real fear. You know, we always hear about the multinational corporations from the fringes of the left and the right. This is the danger. This is the real danger when Inc has no loyalty to its own country. And when it can concentrate that sort of power in its own hands that is just as greater threat to liberty as it would be. If if our own government we're doing well, there was a crappy, Tom Hanks movie l. about that. Attention. That is the frustrating thing because you know, you look at Google and even if you were to say, you know what? That's the those principles are messed up. I can't believe that they would sell out to China. What are you gonna do stop using them. I mean, they're so big that it you can't use a tent. Yeah, so you can't put it win. Where is that RV. Really quickly. So the new spending Bill is out and the Bill was approved. Ninety three to seven in the Senate, it's going to the house ahead of a September. Thirtieth deadline to avoid a government shutdown, and Trump is really upset because there is no money for border security and the wall in this Bill. So he tweeted out. I want to know where is the money for border security and the wall in this ridiculous spending Bill. And where will it come from after the midterms? Dem's obstructing law enforcement and border security Republicans must finally get tough, Michael. I thought that Mexico is gonna pay for the wall. I'm waiting for Mexico to Sturt schilling for the wall. This law by tweet is I think this does show the weakness of the public facing reality TV, star president. I think there's a lot of good that comes from that. I really do think it helps shape the culture helps us cut through the media. LBJ didn't use Twitter when LBJ was twisting arms and the Senate and in the house he didn't. He didn't use Twitter person nation AM. Yeah, right. Hoti question that, right? Exactly. What's your take on that? At least I kind of Michael, there won't be the, hopefully it's less time. It happened. But I think that additionally Trump needs to own up to promises that he's made that he cannot deliver. And maybe someone is a tad too proud to admit this. Yes. From no, no, wait, wait, wait, but I disagree this is not Trump's responsibility Trump was to to show the will of the American people and then set the direction. This is congress in true. Any did campaign on saying, I'm going to make Mexico Bilbao while I'm going to make Mexico pay for the wall, you believe that your a dope. I'm just saying he said it. Believes it. Yeah, I do think that there's a part of him that thinks this can be done in the Republicans are keeping me from doing. Real quick. We're gonna take we. We can talk about when we come back. Up next enjoy bonus overtime content from the news in white matters available exclusively for podcast listeners and blazed premium subscribers become a premium subscriber at the blaze dot com slash subscribe. Before we continue the conversation about Trump promises made and kept wanna. Thank our sponsor ministerial. Minnesota is of course they've got the wild rice from the north woods of Minnesota doc likes to say the north woods and Minnesota, but we're not really sure how north woods is in fact, edible, don't really want to try to taste it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, no, but the good news is the wall. 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So we could really use your so ten percent of the proceeds will go to mercury one in the Nasreen fun. All you have to do is go to blaze wild rice dot com. And use the promo code help ten, Michael. I want to let you finish what you were saying after before when we were talking about Trump and making the promises and keeping the deal yet, you know, this president actually has kept many more promises than I thought he would even the ones I didn't want him to his right. He'll never do that. Does it. So only when I thought he would do with the wall, no, no, tearing the tariff. Oh, the Tara. I was kept saying on the air. He's not going to any of this except the terrorists areas about he's done. A lot of things that I Israel never will happen worse. Wow. Was that the judges have been good? We'll see how Mr. cavenaugh does, but he has made a lot of. I just wish that he were a little more had more of a personal touch on the hill in the Senate. And in Congress, working with people. Yeah, look if not working with people got us a lot of good stuff. I'm fine with that. But I think you know, you gotta take the man's weaknesses with his strength more years two. And I'm I think he's going to be reelected. Especially if things continue the way that they are regarding the economy excetera if things go is the way they are. I think he's going to be Charles. The second dissolved parliament. He's going to be emperor for life. For many reasons, but I think that we have we've maybe he has six years left right to on a minimum. He's got to learn to work with people that don't have the same last name. He's never going to do that. So here's the so so here's my question to you. You just said, you think he's got another four years. Six as long as the economy continues. First of all. I mean, we're on the longest bull run of bull run in the history of probably the entire planet. However, we also have, I think, the Democrats they're going to, they're going to take the house if they take the house. Is there any way you see that they don't impeach not remove with the Senate, but they don't file the papers of impeachment and actually impeach this president. The first thing you know. Derryl professor Dershowitz says there must be a legal basis for the for impeachment and I don't know what they're going to get him on legally and I don't look. We know Democrats are not treating this as a legal matter they're running. Their candidates are in their Twitter hashtag impeach hashtag resist. So it seems like they'll impeach. But you know, I think President Trump has learned the lessons of his lifetime of the nineties. Impeachment did not seem to hurt Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton seemed to benefit in many ways politically from impeachment. We are not sitting in the nineteen nineties. This country is under attack from every angle. I think if they impeached without any evidence, remember there was evidence on Bill Clinton. You read Bob? Yeah, I was just was somebody I had a meeting just a few minutes ago and and I'm meeting with this group of people and they're all very, very liberal course. California. And one of them says, don't hold this against me, but I'm reading Bob Woodward's book and I said, good. I read Bob Woodward's book. Have you gotten to the end yet? He said, no. And I said, oh, you're going to be interested in the last chapter last chapter Trump. It's very clear. Nothing happened with Russia. They have nothing and that's Bob Woodward. So you know, nut lines though. Definitely. So you've you've had a press that has been telling you one thing that wasn't true. They have politicians who are saying, we're gonna peach. We're going to impeach. We're going to impeach. We're gonna peach. They're all geared for you to impeach when you get in, how do you not impeach and if you do impeach, how do we not add to the chaos that is going to, I think dislodge between the tariffs and impeachment you have a good chance of stopping the heart of this economy you could. I mean, fortunately today the Dow jumped again, it seems investors are still playing it safe. They don't think the tariffs are going to lead to some trade war, but who knows when you're at the when you're when you're on the longest bull run in history, come down that's has to come to eventually it has to the two issues specifically that women tend to vote for our economic security and actual physical security and something else that Trump has done an okay job of is making sure that. This is no longer in the headlines. And so I think that a couple years ago specifically during the twenty sixteen campaign, there was this fear and concern of of homegrown terror. And what where is this was you had the FBI at the time at the end of twenty fifteen saying that they were ongoing ice investigations in all fifty states. Those have definitely pared down and he's done a lot to increase national security as well. So even if there's an issue with the financial side of that security, the physical security, I think matters a lot of Americans. All right. March for our lives co founder Cameron Caskey he has quit March for our lives. Yeah, I know I wanted to end this on kind of a good note, right? It's yeah, it's a little light in the darkness. So he has regrets about some things. He said, let's watch when March for life went on this tour embarked on. I met that person in Texas who's got out Matic weapon. That's they liked to protect family. Fifty, some odd percent of women who are pro-life, even though I thought that it was preposterous that a woman could be pro-life, not pro it time. I learned that. Our issues politically come from a lack of understanding the perspectives, and and also just the fact that so often young young, conservative young liberal, we'll go into debate, like I said earlier, trying to beat the other one as opposed to come to an agreement. And then you know, that's not important for things to be competitive because I think competition is very important for everything, but it comes to a point where all we're doing right now is Dr each other apart. I mean, the people who who were okay with Trump will now forgive him for anything and the people who didn't like Trump will pretend to every single thing he does is pure utter evil, and and it's a direction we need to. We need to have away from. So I'm working on efforts to encourage bipartisanship or at least discussion that is not that productive and help a lot of people, the mistakes that I make that he read here buck. You know what he is unbelievable. It's unbelievable because if you notice what he said there was, I met some people who were that. Had you know, the four, the or the four for for home protection. I met a woman and I couldn't believe that she was pro pro-life, but she was. So what does that imply that the people that he met were not in front yelling names at him, his calling him names, pointing fingers, yelling, holding signs of aborted babies. This was somebody who somehow or another got to him who is reasonable. And he was open enough, which is also the other part of the. Miraculously, but they're out there. He they, they approached him correctly. He was the right one and you've just changed the heart of the guy who started the March. That's phenomenal. I do think that there's an element of sometimes people can be so trapped in their bubbles. And then there's like this a Hommant. I think that history specifically speaks to why on both sides of the aisle. We should not be idolizing too many young people and seeing them as the future of the movement or listening with bated breath to every little policy idea that they have because there is some wisdom biblical principle that comes with age, and I am definitely. I've been political my whole life and involved in politics of media for very long time as well. But I at eighteen understood. I didn't expect a forty year old parent to listen to what I had to say over their life experience. And I think that maybe it sounds like he was surrounded by all these loud noises and had that moment of, is this the team that I really want. To be on and how much of a this actually have. You know, I really like this kid in particular. I got to meet him actually about a week ago. He was coming through town, and the thing that really struck me about him is that he acts his age, and that sounds like damning with faint praise. He, he acts like people, his age should act, which is that they don't know everything. They don't know much of anything. There is some humility there. There's asking questions saying, how can I have not met a young person who has that sort of attitude, the attitude that he's embodying in that speech and they're in that that talk with FOX radio. I have not probably met even one other in his generation. It's really impressive. Gives me a little hope for the future. I think we should end it there because there is not not too often on the show and we end with a dose of optimism. So really quickly the blaze y comment for today and podcast listeners. Remember, you can be tweeting us your questions or comments using the hashtag, the blaze. Why is the spot of Glen on Glenn Beck's hand from cigar won the. The backstage shore again, made someone very upset so it is. It is a burn, but it's from Ben. He didn't like some of the things I was saying and. It'd be that either that or I write with a stupid fountain pan. This is all right without all right, really quickly. Before we go, today's poll that you can vote on Twitter. Do you support your tax money going toward building the wall? Let us know at the bolaise and we will see you guys tomorrow. Coming. Like what you're hearing become a blaze premium subscriber and watch the show anytime anywhere live or on demand, go to the believes dot com slash subscribe and start watching today.

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