234: Shaq & JCPenney & Ellen & Walmart


Hey, guys. And this is Karen. And. Another no. Spoiler jumping right into it. Do you wanna know what I thought of the fasten the furious ride at Universal Studios. I have a waiting a week to find out. This piece of information. Tell me I don't have a good review. No, it was bad as the most disappointing right of the entire day. Lisa. This makes me so sad. You were looking so forward to it. I have been on all the other rides already. That's how this pointing it. Was it case you missed our show last week? Lisa has been waiting for one year for the fast and furious Reid. I can't believe it was disappointing. What made it bad? It had too much plot. Unlike the movies that Reid had more plot. Too much plot. There was so much setup between the minute you walked in shoe the minute you got on the ride and then continuing on the ride and then the right? Didn't even go that far. And it's not there are a lot of like the three d glasses rides. Like, I get it. I understand why we have those. But this didn't even have three D glasses, and it was on a vehicle that didn't even really move that far. It was just like a big rumble seat. Was it a roller coaster Anka fused? No. It was an experience. The whole the whole premise of the ride was that you were on a party bus going to an after party for a race. And you had to like run from the whoever while you're on the party bus. We've all watched speed thirty years ago. And it's you know, we're over it. But you're on this bus on like some sort of track. And all these obstacles and stuff are on the screen. Basically there smoke. There's water each jump bridge. I'm really into spoilers now. And and at the end, you're like that was it. Did you go on anything fun that you're excited about? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because I've been there before and I've been on all that stuff. So I mean, the real draw of universal at this point is Harry Potter world, which is not the real name. It's like the wizard world of Harry Potter. And that's the best part. Okay. Got it. Yeah. So we we got our money's worth. Justin, Harry Potter world. Man. I'm I'm sorely disappointed. And the fasten the various franchise, man. I'm sorry kids. That's why shouldn't get your hopes up. You should set your expectations low at all times. Is that the message that we want to convey to the world right now. Yeah. Man, because it's expensive to get into those theme parks and into America's new cycle. It's expensive for your mental health. And with that cheery note. Let's get into do. Yeah. Okay. I have some like fun news fun because it involves Shaquille O'Neal basketball legend seven feet, one inches shack has a new big and tall men's clothing line at JC Penney. So for for everything we say about how JC Penney is just like swirl at the bottom of the drain. They do have shock and big and tall line. Shock has been a brand ambassador with JC Penney. Since March he's been in some marketing for the brand, but it has evolved into what's going to be called the Shaquille O'Neal X L G brand. It's going to be in about three. Hundred fifty JC Penney stores and online starting on September thirteenth JC. Penney is the largest big and tall retailer among department store chains. Oh, I did not know that that's wonderful. I have no idea. Also, fun fact the men's big and tall category. Made up about ten percent of the men's apparel business in the US last year. Okay. How are they going to pay him? Their stock is valued at one cent. That's what economists are putting in their projections to do their calculations. It's that bad. How are they paying them? Hold on. Please hold. I'm reading through this article to find out we got this jar of pennies that we are going to pay you. I don't know how they're going to pay him. This also makes me realize how JC penny is still needed because if they provide that category of clothing and the United States, they're gone. There's going to be a vacuum, and that's category of clothing that is meted. Yeah. The XL g line is going to have more than sixty styles of men's suit, jackets and pants up to size sixty. That's amazing. That's great. It'll have dress shirts extra-long ties and belts up to size four x l suits will be priced at one ninety nine ninety nine and shirts at thirty to fifty watt, stretch, fabric, willing technology and flex collars. I really love this quote from Shaquille O'Neal, oh Shaquille. O'neal who by the way, had a clothing line with Macy's a couple years ago. He no longer house. But in a press release Shaquille O'Neil said every big I should have the opportunity to bring the sexy. Like I do. Hear hear that sounds great. Yeah. Yeah. And today as a recording this podcast on Tuesday, JC Penney. Shares were at a dollar sixty seven a piece living on what else could check really by JC Penney right now if you wanted to God, that's a great idea and turn it to a big and tall store. That's all. They do. Shack penny. I mean, look, no ideas about idea at this point. I'm I'm okay with it. He's a businessman. He might see an opportunity there. Okay. Next story. You guys don't worry. Walmart is rich. Af if anybody was worried about it a story came out this week specifically about the Walton family who owns WalMart last week. They added almost twelve billion dollars to their families wealth. I'm sorry. Was that what the be- eat the rich? Yes, it was b. Wait, hold on. I think we I think we need to make a distinction here. The Waltons are the founding family of WalMart, but WalMart is publicly traded. Yes. And we're gonna go all into that. Oh, okay. Please. Because I had to do it real quick just to make sure because I'm like, my mashing this go on the Walton family controls forty eight percent of WalMart. So they don't own the entire thing that own big chunk of it though enough to make a difference. That's a pretty big junk their wealth is tied to the company's stock and last week. Walmart stock surged ten percent, thus adding twelve billion dollars to their Bank account. Their stock. Spilled. Lacroix up in here. My second seltzer spill of the day. The first came out of my mouth and the second time it came out of account. On. She's so surprised. She's just like throw in water out their stock went up primarily because of commerce and grocery sales. Not surprised WalMart controls like a quarter of all grocery sales and get this. None of their heirs of the company are actively involved and WalMart's day-to-day operations there on the company's board. They were just sitting at home one day, and we're like, oh, we just made twelve billion dollars. That's called outsourcing. Wow. We gotta get our lives, right? This puts things in perspective when I think about WalMart because it helps me think through what's happening to their employees and workers, and what that is balanced again on the other end. It's just a perspective story to add to the WalMart is rich af news category. I have another collaboration bit of news. If you haven't heard already Walmer is going to release EV one in September. It's a new women's line that the retailer is rolling out with Ellen Degeneres. The line is going to have about sixty items and the core of the collection is denim. A statement from the company said that designed to there's a word missing from this copy and paste job. The statement said designed to be effortlessly effort, I think they messed up in the press release. I wouldn't copy and paste that bad something about effortless style. Anyway, new quote, EV one was inspired by Ellen's own confidence and optimism think tease with inspirational sayings elevated denim, and of course, fantastic sneakers and quote all items for the launch cost thirty dollars or less. Wow. Yeah. Allen said via WalMart that inclusiveness was the biggest inspiration for the collection one which kind of sand for everyone. She said it promotes kindness and love and diversity. We wanted it to appeal and be available to as many people as possible the collections going to be online and available in more than twenty three hundred stores. It is not Ellen's first clothing line. If this sounds familiar, it's because she also has e d by Ellen which. Is available online and through some department stores like Dillard's, and Nordstrom and that line has sneakers that run about ninety eight dollars in teas that run about thirty five dollars. So obviously, this WalMart connection is going to sort of bridge that gap for shoppers. She also has a furniture line with Thomas Bill furniture bedding available at bed bath and beyond and fabrics at Joanne's. A few thoughts. The name evey one. I was confusing it with summer's eve for for like half a second, isn't that the name of the feminine hygiene product. Now girl is not as Ellen's new line. It makes me think of electric cars. But you know, personal interpretation is just that. It's personal exactly never to question for Lisa is Ellen out. Martha Stewart Martha Stewart. Oh, my I don't know if we're allowed to speculate along those lines on this show why I would never disrespect Martha Stewart by implying that she may not be Queen for long. Oh, you mean, the former convict you don't want to hurt her feelings just because she's a felon? It doesn't not deeply interested in her personal life and businesses. I am too. But remember there was a time or Martha Stewart was doing a version of all these things it wasn't that long ago. She's still doing it. I haven't heard her name in a long time though, girl the sheets on my bed right now. I am looking at them are Martha Stewart, and they are so good. I got them from Macy's. I'm not saying her products are bad. I'm just saying maybe there's a rival fight fight fight. And I'm here for it. There was a time in our not so distant past that Ellen was not allowed to admit that she was gay on national. Division. And now she's going to have a clothing line in wal mart. It's pretty huge. When you think about it? It's a big deal. I own a pair of her shoes. They are doorbell. I love them. I'm not excited about the influx of inspiring tease because we don't need any more of those. But I am here for cute denim and cute sneaks always and inclusive. Sizing god. Yes. I'm not sure exactly how the sizing is going to run for the brand. But it should be fairly in line with what? Walmart already offers. I think they go up to maybe three or four x usually they may not be perfect. But I'm hoping it something good. I like it. That concludes my celebrity connections to fashion. Well, it does it. I think it does. We'll see how we do on that. Okay. Another question for Lisa is claire's worth one point five billion dollars. I didn't realize clears was worth anything right now. But Byron surprise me Clair's is that jewelry store in the mall. That carries all the accessories. The stuff that makes it turn green. But you look you for a minute you'd like so can't everybody's got their ears. Pierced? We've talked about how bad mine. All right. We did an an episode longtime ago dead. But would you like to refresh everyone's memory? I got my second set of ear piercings done when I was like twenty one at Clair's and have only realized in the the very recent period of my life that those holes aren't anywhere near where they're supposed to be to wear two pairs of earrings at once it's like the second set of holes there, even with one another. But they're both lower than the first set. It's weird. It's weird. I am disappointed every day ten dollars. I spent well, let's say the karma's coming back around because Clarisa struggling they filed for bankruptcy in March. There is a company called. Called oaktree capital management that is responsible for all their debt, and they are trying to raise one point five billion dollars by August thirty first. Oh, yes. This thing has a deadline. How are we coloring in like a big thermometer outside the hospital to show our progress on the fundraiser? That's how they're doing it. They're doing a big yard sale, which is airings. Let's fill in. It's sad. Because it's true. They are trying to find a buyer is willing to pay senior leaders that one point five billion dollars in cash. No, no, that's not going to have cash. I mean that is a big expectation that you're putting into the world right now is that a millionaire billion billion billion. This. I'm calling it. Now, this is going to be the episode where I can't keep any of the money straight. It's all in billions in this episode Jesus. No, no. This is not going to happen put it out of its misery. That's so much money. Where are they going to bring suitcases to an office building Western Union that shit? That's a lot of money. Okay. And story that's all like they're trying to find a find a buyer. That's what's happening. Damn. Okay. Well, if anyone's interested don't call us, call Clair's directly. Okay. Do you wanna fun story or a terrifying story? Let's do let's do a terrifying. One because I've got a terrifying too. And the will like book into something fun. Great. That's lovely. Buzzfeed news has released a report about retailers using facial recognition to stop that. Now, this familiar it's because a couple of weeks ago, we talked about juggle makeup. Deterring facial recognition software love you. Juggle juggle owes in this particular new story except for that whole little bit where I added them in. So BuzzFeed did a piece on which stores are using facial recognition to try to stop theft, and how it works. The reporter talked to Peter trip. The CEO of the facial recognition software company face. I who told BuzzFeed news that hundreds of retail locations growing thousands, very soon have been outfitted with the company's facial recognition software as part of their security systems. So right now, there are a bunch of companies that offer facial recognition software for things like border control, logging authentication and photo analysis trip said that face I is the dominant retail vendor for facial recognition cameras. Software and said retail is not quite half of our total business. But it's getting there if you think about the top forty or top eighty companies, you know, almost all of them are thinking about facial recognition or they've at least looked into it. That guy said that client companies run their own databases of dishonest customers, and they don't share the information with other retailers or even with face. I the software automatically purchase visitor data that doesn't match what's in a criminal database every fourteen days. Target is one of the brands that tested a facial recognition program in a small number of stores. It posted signs at the entrances of those stores to let shoppers know that by entering the store. They're basically consenting to this test of the facial recognition software spokesperson at target said. The test has since concluded and the company does not currently use facial recognition cameras, but BuzzFeed wasn't able to find out which stores were doing the. Tests and the online privacy policy for target still states that some of its store cameras may use biometrics including facial recognition for fraud and theft prevention and security, but there's more. Of course, there is so bus meet, of course, try to find out what stores are using this. Or maybe have used it one. That has really been vocal about not using facial recognition software has been lows. The hardware store home improvement store, but when Buffy contacted Dollar General gap, Macy's, Costco, and Walgreens, they all told BuzzFeed news. They don't use facial recognition software in their stores yet and a couple of stores that didn't respond or haven't responded yet to buzzfeed's requests are CVS best buy TJ axe and seven eleven just gotta throw seven eleven in that mix. Here's a here's an interesting tidbit. I don't know if we went over last time companies are not legal. Required to get consent from shoppers to collect biometric data like face images, except for in the state of Illinois where it's been a legal to collect biometric data without written consent since two thousand eight wow, how you feel you feel like you want never leave your house again. I feel an easy. We knew this coming. Yup. It's here that list of stores that you said, oh, they don't do it. Well, the thing is they don't do yet. This is just a matter of time. This was one of my major questions this past year. We were learning about facial recognition and retail was like what is consent, and I think consent is walking into the store. So what are you going to do? Are you going to turn around and not by the toilet paper that you need? It's like the signs that stores have been posting since the dawn of security cameras. That's like smile, you're on camera. And basically by walking the store you consent to be recorded. Yeah. Oh, I know this is where everything's going. And it's just a matter of what are you gonna do put on your juggle makeup? Clearly, we are all going to become jugglers is what's going to happen. You know, what we did a story? I don't know if we did a story, are you? And I just talked about it maybe like two years ago, and I looked on our website. That's not on our website. But there was a story. Where people there was a prediction that people would be using things on their faces to evade facial recognition software like you might put on a sticker on part of your face. That would have a pattern that would throw off the cameras. So it couldn't recognize you or stickers that would obscure a certain defining part of your face like like your chain or your cheek bone. Like, it seemed very minority report and matrix at the time of like would these things come into style as a way to identify yourself as someone who doesn't want to be recorded? There are a lot of designers that listen to this show. Do you wanna get into this arena? Make some stickers that helped throw off the software. Go for people. I'm intrigued the future is now. Kudos to BuzzFeed for great reporting. I don't think they get enough recognition that they do some indepth stories. That was a good story must be nudist disater redesigned to try and remind us all that. It's a real news organization. Looks very serious. Yep. They do some good shit. And so none of that information in that report was super groundbreaking for me because you know, I've been hurting out on this topic for a couple of months now, but it was really awesome to see address a mainstream publication like BuzzFeed, hats and sunglasses aren't going to be enough kids. Here's my hard story. It has to do with the bridge collapse in Italy. Did you guys hear about it happened this past week abridge fell apart and the Italian city of Genoa a section of the bridge? Just fell down the pictures are just horrifying from it happened in the middle of the day, tons of traffic as of this recording the death toll from that accident is forty three. It's just really scary. Here's the surprising part. It was the Benetton's bridge as in the United colors of Benetton. Oh, here's how interacts with fashion United colors, Benetton fashion store. They've been around for a long time. They have five thousand stores worldwide, they were huge especially in the eighties and the nineties if you haven't heard of them this company was hot a number of decades ago since then they've really been competing allot with fast fashion brands, and they haven't been able to really hold their ground as much as they would like, but they were smart because in the nineties they divested their business interests. So now, they do things like apparel. They still have that going on. But they also do infrastructure low airports turnpike's ridges that's how they make the bulk of their money now talk about. Versa. Firing. They own a thirty percent stake in a company called atlantia, which is a toll roads operation business. Atlanta was in charge of this bridge to some extent. Now, the Italian government what's to pull the toll road license owned by this company. The problem is Atlanta operates half of Italy's motorways. So everybody got ticked that. Of course, they did that this bridge collapse happened, and they started going after this toll road company, which the Benneton family owns a chunk of up until this point. The Italian government has really worked with the Benneton family to acquire those toll road licenses public outrage has been very high since it happened many people are accusing the family of pursuing profit over safety measures the family came out with a statement expressing deep sympathy for the victims. And they said that they would work with. Authorities to determine the cause of the collapse. This quote is good. A professor of marketing Milan. Said quote, they made a mistake by not promptly clarifying their alleged role in the fatal bridge collapse. What the family now urgently needs straight plan of communication and crisis management with last time. He thought about this company. When I worked at an outlet mall in the year of our Lord two thousand six. Yeah. Two thousand five and there was a Bennett in down the street and used to stop in there every now and then. Yeah. That's the last time. I thought about them. I think that's the last time. I bought something from them was right around in that like mid two thousands range. They were having a lot of sales on work clothes, and I went into one of their stores and bought some more clothes, but they haven't been taking brain space in a while until now until now I had no idea that they had this connection. Everybody's got a zip it, I really families zip it, you know, nothing until PR handler fixes this for you. Oh, you mean, they shouldn't talk at all. No. Because of because without marketing guy said like they sort of set like over so sorry, we're going to cooperate with the thirties, which is kind of an admission of guilt. Even if it's not really, you know like it sounds not good. I mean, look the whole situation is really not good. Many people died is not good. It's scary. And also making people wonder about other infrastructure and their country. Of course, it is. Of course, it is. Wow. I'm. Suddenly way less upset about the issues. We were having with the toll collection agency in the state of Florida over the summer really was a big deal coz, nobody died. That's why I need to calm down about it. Yeah. They were upgrading their system, and nobody could pay their tolls for like a month. And then they quit collected all the tolls and overdrafted a whole bunch of accounts. Oh, no. That's awful son pass was a hot diggity mess, but nobody died, and that I gotta keep it in perspective because that is terrifying. Yeah. You were right. We had to get through the terror. You know, the terror part of this episode and then go to the fun stuff. But I have a fun thing. Cool tomei. Everybody breath. Okay. I'm glad we did that this next story comes from listener. Cindy, I'm very grateful because it is more mainly cockles of my cold, cold heart. The New York public library's riverside branch on the Upper West side has unveiled a new collection of ties briefcases and handbags which library card holders can take out for Cajun's. Like interviews. Weddings and other events. Oh, this is lovely. I like the so much. The accessories are part of an initiative called grow up a lending program. That's funded through the New York public library's innovation project any new York Public Library member. Can check out a piece of gear at the locations information desk, so long as they have less than fifteen dollars in fees on their count, and it's a three week lending period. Just like book the program is only active at the one location, but the new York Public Library also points out that it has. A whole host of resources for job seekers at that location. They also have information sheets on job interview tips, they have career resources and organizations that can help with professional fashion advice and a tire. And so it's something where it ties into that libraries whole program around job readiness and employment readiness and just feeling confident. When you go into a job interview. Can we just give a shoutout to library and right now because really over the past month, I've heard of so many Enervate of programs that have been happening in libraries in this country, and they work on shoestring budgets. They are overworked, and they still manage to pull a rabbit out of a hat a hat that you can check out right? The programs are so comprehensive and thoughtful and creative, and this is just thrilling. What a great idea. Okay. So there's a similar program. Mm-hmm. That has existed for a couple of years at a branch of the Philadelphia public library. And it's a location where they have a job readiness lab on site. That already attracts a ton of job seekers. And so they started with like a rotating rack of ties, and they were like, this isn't gonna work. What else can we do? So a staff member repurpose old clear cases for VHS tapes. He lined them with paper like decorative paper. And then secured the ties to the cases with small binder clips and then could display them on a shelf. How clever only God, it's so cute. A post about that program included this anecdote that just is so good. So a patriot named L frontier. Muhammad recently returned a tie. He wore to an interview this was in two thousand sixteen there was this piece, and so he'd returned from an interview, and he said, it must be lucky tied because he got a job as a maintenance worker that very day. He said that added the finishing touch and boosted his confidence. And he said the little things mean so much. That's incredible. Yeah. So cool Superfund? There was some funding that came through donations for the New York public library's innovation project to do this program. And I think are are also donations tied in where people can donate gently used goods that can be used for these special events for people. I want to start this in DC fired up. What a fantastic idea in Philadelphia. They call it the Tiber. Oh, so cool. Very cute. Who knew what a library? Do you guys? I've heard about libraries doing art lending. You can check out a piece of art and put it in your home for a number of weeks. They wanted people. I can't remember where they're doing this program. It's so people can understand what it's like to live with a piece of art. Check out a big piece of our and put it on my wall, and then have a bunch of friends over for like a like a grown and sexy party. Art on my wall. Like, I have some original art, but it's all very small that'd be so cool, libraries. Cindy. Thank you for sending that made me smile, so wide next story farfetched filed for an IPO farfetched is an online luxury website. I know this because I spent twenty minutes on it looking at dresses. I got sucked in they filed last week to list their shares on the new York Stock Exchange. They have a reported value of five billion dollars. Because today is all billions the IPO is being marketed as a technology company rather than a retailer. That's the big news farfetched as potentially worth like three and a half Claes's. Exactly. Okay. Just checking they say and their materials, quote, we are a technology company at our core and have created a purpose built platform for the luxury industry. Our platform consists of three main components applications services and data. So they're saying we are not retail. We are technology. Here's another important point that you need to know farfetched does not own the inventory that they sell online. Instead they help brands sell their own merchandise. They do not have to deal with inventory management. So smart. This is why they're tech company not a retail company. So when you go to the website, the reason why I got sucked into there because they have some cute dresses. But also I wanted to see how comprehensive their look was of their brand we've seen other websites do this that you go on them. They have a lot of different brands each brand is doing their own thing. Yeah. The the consistency is not great on the styling of the items or. Yeah. It looks really thorough. And that's the thing 'cause it's straight up money girl. Would you think a good idea bad idea about this? I b o I mean if they get that five billion valuation. It's super solid fortune magazine pointed out that Macy's is worth twelve billion based on its stock performance. So it's it's not impossible that this could happen something to think about in comparison was stitch fix which went public year ago. It had a value of one hundred twenty million at its IPO and is currently traded about thirty three dollars per share, which is up from its first day share price of fifteen dollars. So that stitch fix came in kind of low and has boomed in terms of share price. And that's also a company that saying, you know, hey, we're we're data company stitch fix all about that. Algorithm. Algorithms can get you. The rhythm is not going to get you anymore. The algorithm. Gonna get gone get that song. It's still cool out of that that song's, right? I think that's the end of our fashion news now to listener letters. Oh, yeah. That is what comes next. I was like don't tell people how to find us next. No. We don't. Are I know is from Scindia who says Hello. Are you going to meet up in Miami? This is my favorite fashion out. Oh, do I break this bad news to you, probably not? But we are so thankful for you asking that is very kind. I do love visiting Miami. So I'm hoping to get back soon after hurricane season staying put until November one this next one is from grace who says, hey, ladies, I was just listening to your most recent episode and very much related to the article y'all shared about people abandoning their shopping cart. If it's too hard. I do this all the time. Specifically if a site won't let me use pay pal. I did this recently trying to buy some wax cloths from a company I follow on Instagram trying to cut out those plastic bags, and they didn't have an option to let me use pay pal. Instead, I hopped over to Oetzi and bought some from other vendors on there. Why do I not by without pay pow online? The more flippant reason is I'm simply too lazy to dig my. Out of my handbag details, whereas I have my pay pal credentials. Memorized valid the more serious reason is with all the hacks and such happening with credit card. Details online and in-person businesses. I would rather not have my debit card numbers. Strewn all over the web that has all the same legal insurance protections as a credit card, the fewer places it is stored at the safer my information. Sincerely, grace, excellent points. Grace. Thank you. Heard that someone else wrote in cheer and told us that he is so fed up with Alta and checking out at Alta that he's thinking about not using that site anymore. I've had problems on that website as well with checkout. I have not shopped online at Ulta in some time. What is the issue with? There's always a mess up. Like, it can never remember something or has problems with the reload. I think there's a tech thing happening underneath that is just not quite working. I don't know maybe that where small percent of larger whole most people don't have problem. But my guess is that other people having problems to but thank you for bringing up those points grace. It's so good to remember this next one is along one. So buckling. It's from an anonymous listener who says hi, ladies I wanted to pass on some advice to your listeners. This is a long story. So feel free to edit L. That's funny. I don't ended a damn thing. I'm reading listening word for word. The letter says last week I left my job after sixteen. In years with the company I worked for an international retailer in their US division in the visual merchandising department. I joined as a visual merchandiser, but spent the last thirteen years as a graphic designer in the department creating signs for the stores because I've been there so long. It was a key part of the department. I gave a month and a half notice. So they would have time to hopefully hire replacement and I could train them for a little bit. For reasons. I don't know that didn't happen. A person from another division was interested, but HR delayed eight days before I left my boss, and I can -ducted phone interview with this person she's been with the company eight years, I was in the same type of position with a different title. So it would be a good fit. However, her current job was located in the middle of the Pacific an involves relocation, which the company doesn't offer to nonmanagement. Most importantly, I found out her current salary, and what they wanted to offer her my boss, and I were shocked at how low both figures were for what the position is. They were offering her arou-. Eight to ten K less than what the person who reports to the position makes our hold on. Let me let me think of that. So they offered her ten K lasts than the person who reports the position oh to her. She currently makes less than half of what I made and she's on an island in the Pacific with presume a high cost of living. This ticks me off that they would try to low ball someone like this. So since I'm no longer with the company, I reached out to her confidentially. Oh, oh, oh. Bravo, Pravo I explained what I knew about the situation and told her about salary guides in the marketing and graphic design fields professional organizations and search firms put out salary guides that list average salaries for a job. These figures are derived from people working those jobs and anonymously submitting their salary today to collectors the guides break the data down by jobs location and a lotta high range during the time. I was at the company I presented excerpts from these guides that related to my position to HR twice both times it resulted in a four to six thousand dollar increase and the first time also involved a promotion out that I had a great performance record. But I also presented the info matter of factly professional manner. If you go emotional, or with a sense of entitlement, it won't work, HR and finance data people. And if you come at them with a bunch of facts, they will probably take you seriously. The woman I emailed replied banks, and that she had no idea about these guys. And how to approach HR I would hope most industries have similar guides available. Find them and use them the worst, they can say, no. And then at least, you know, where you stand. And if you need to start looking if you re this on the podcast, I'll stay anonymous. I'm on the job hunt myself. What a story what fantastic advice. I'm so proud of you for helping somebody outs. You didn't have to do that. But you're looking out for someone else. And it just I think that karma that good karma of putting into world. It's gonna come back. And you're going to be blessed in another way. Yeah. I know probably didn't feel like at the time. But it was a very compassionate thing to do. And for those of you who have been in your jobs for a while maybe have been at the same company for a while. Don't forget to check these guides on a regular basis just to make sure that everything's online with what it should be for your amount of experience or where you're located in the country. And if you have trouble finding guide for your industry, send us a tweet. I'm sure I can help you find one at just about fashion. I'm here to help people make more money is that what I do in my life. Heck, yes, let's do it. So tweet us tweet us, and I'll help you find one if you have issues help you all help connect you to someone who can. So I didn't know that these guides existed either I know that on glass door, you can kind of see our range. But for what we do the salaries are so all over the place. I would have no idea where to start on. What's ask for? Yeah. And usually you think that it's easier to figure out salaries for jobs that are like nine to five jobs rather than a freelance. I've found it recently easier to find guides for freelance roles or you know, contract position. An hourly rates for that kind of stuff that I have about you know, tenured positions in a company. So it's complicated. But don't be afraid to ask around. Whether it's us, you know, colleagues at your company that you trust or with professional associations that you know of in your field. It's always good to stay on top of this stuff. Even if you're happy with where you are. I bet you could find out that information at a library to go. Ask your favorite librarian. If you don't have a favorite librarian, get one make friend mind by default is my mom to whom I explained yesterday that this is a news podcast. So that's how much she listens. Actually, there's a moratorium in my family. She's not allowed to listen to the show. And that's how Kearns mom, and my mom are different. Anyway, we have one more letter. This letter is from Priscilla who says hi ladies, sending lots of love your way, perfect timing with yesterday's episode and discussing the drop off of transactions. If people get frustrated with checkout process, I just sat in a meeting about my teams event logistics, and Alex in which we talked about the drop off we get when people get frustrated with our we admit outdated checkout system, the recent analytics show that we had twenty four thousand hits on the page to register. And when they see the log in page that number dropped off to fourteen thousand that's ten thousand by the way. Oh, wow. All that's ten thousand ten thousand twenty thousand fourteen thousand in link one page I'll because they had to log into their account. The numbers continue to drop off further. Once they go through are more complicated process and actually pay and that's people that want and need to come to the conference. I can only imagine the numbers that retailers are facing. I admit if the process is too hard, I leave my basket one of the. Features. I wish every page had was when you enter your address it pulled up a list and auto completes your address information. I'm sure there is something shady behind it. But it saves me time just thought I would share hugs both of you Priscilla. I'm glad she's bringing it up because it's a problem in lots of industries. It's not just retail lots of other industries have checkout processes that. You need them to be straightforward. Yeah. I hear it. But that is a big drop off. I understand the frustration behind it. Yeah. I love when I see I'm seeing it more often a checkout page where it asks me my street address. And then before asks me city and state it'll ask for my postal code and then auto fills the city and state for me. I mean, it's never been wrong. You're not gonna unless you type in the zip code wrong. It's going to be cracked. So it saves me like two seconds. But I am impressed. Every time with this small that of technology me to that is it from. The listeners this week. If you wanna get in touch with us, go to pop fashioned podcasts dot com, you can also find on Instagram at fashion podcast, come join us. I just want to give a quick shot out to Danielle for her contributions through the tip jar on our website. I think you pop fashion podcast dot com. Every little bit counts. And we are endlessly grateful for any contribution. So think you Lisa what is your one? Good thing. We so I'm thirty two and I have just discovered the power of lip liner. Would you got girl? I'm a person who loves Matt lipstick and loves bold lipstick. But I've always had the problem where it just kind of creeps into the lines of my mouth or at smears really easily. There's a highlight -bility chance that it's going to look messy by the first glass of wine. I don't know where somebody finally convinced me if you just put on lip liner and might have been a discussion on the fat mascara podcast, but it was like just put on lip liner. It's not for people who are trying to look like they fell out of two thousand two it's actually for everyone. Oh my God. There's a sharpener in here. Holy shit. Magic clearly clearly have in my hand. And I'm impressed easily the whole thing behind lip liner is that it's not necessarily a different shade. From what's on your lips? You crazy hobos? It's to contain the color. That's on your lips into the outline of your you're nodding. Like you've been doing this for years. No one's told me. Told me here's a way that you can solve your problems is lip liner right now. I'm really into Revlon colorstay. It's a good. It's a good little pen. The thing that I'm curious about is I like to try a lot of different colors of lipstick. And I'm like, how can I buy the least number of? Sabrina wants lip ladder to why are you keeping it away from her Sabrina waited until the last five minutes of the show to show up Simon press. So like, I'm worried about my lip liner matching my lipstick because I'm not always gonna wear the same brand. And I'm not always I rotate through colors brands a lot for lipstick. Can I do a nude lip liner all the time just to contain the color and not have to worry about it matching my lipstick? This is a question for the masses not necessarily for car and for the cat. But for all of you, please write in tell me how to use the finer. But otherwise, I'm really proud of myself. I'm impressed that looks really beautiful the color that you're holding. What is the color? It is called red. It's just read. Yes. It was actually just read. Revlon? Yup. Revlon colorstay lip liner crown in red love it. Yeah. So that's that's cool. What what common item? Did you just cover this week? My one saying this week is the cheesecake factory now. I have to tell you a story that goes along with cheesecake factory theory why? But I'll listen and see if I'm correct, no tell me your theory. I'll tell me I think that she I think the one cheesecake factory in the in the area of DC is right by your physical therapist office. No. But or you went to the one in Baltimore's inner harbor, okay? That's a lot closer. But there's a story behind it. But I'm gonna tell you it is about that. She's cake factory and Baltimore's inner harbor. Here's what happened this past weekend. I went on a unexpected quick romantic vacation with my husband. We decided to Baltimore because we didn't want to read to car because we don't own one. And we didn't want to spend a ton of time traveling. There is a commuter train that goes between DC and Baltimore, it's eight bucks. And we said, let's spend eight bucks go to Baltimore for one night. We had a great time. It was so much fun. We did a lot in twenty four hours. It was a good mini vacation just help to help clear our heads. We went to enter harbour, which is very touristy in Baltimore. It has lots of restaurants. And we came we walked right in front of the cheesecake factory. Now. This cheesecake factory was a site of very important event in my life, many moons ago, we're going to travel back in time many moons ago, I was in between my sophomore and junior year of college. And I had an interview at a television station in Baltimore, I was with my roommate. She was going to drive me to this interview. We're going from college park Maryland to Baltimore City. So it's not that long of a drive. It's actually maybe like half an hour or something at least, I know you lived lived in that area. So I had this interview with them. I was going to do an internship with this television station. It's what I was going to do with my entire summer. I needed something that was going to be an internship. So that's what I wanted to do. Had an interview, and basically I had the job. But they wanted to kind of see me and meet me we were on our way. And there was a car crash on the highway on the way there, and we got stuck in traffic for three hours. I missed the enter view I- bungled it. They didn't hire me. I asked if I could come and again, they said no that I was irresponsible. And they would never hire me. I'm we quick clarifying question was this time before cellphones. I think my roommate may have had one which means it was before the time of cell phones. If you didn't have on you. I remember talking note, I had a cell phone on me because I remember talking to them on the phone while I was stuck in traffic because of the car crash. Okay. So just wanted to put this in a time scheme that the youngsters just give some context for the young people. Right. There was a time. When you just didn't have a phone in your pocket, Angie. Who's my roommate? She was so sweet. She was like let's just continue onto Baltimore week. We spent so much time in traffic. Let's just continue on she took me to enter harbour. And she bought me dinner that cheesecake factory, and I cried the entire meal, and she was so sweet to me, and she was just trying to like lift my spirits, and here I am. It was decades later I came back with my husband. I am doing job that I want to do and it didn't ruin my life that I didn't get that job. I sometimes I think that we feel that if we do something wrong or if you have a failure. If we mess up as going to send us on the wrong path, and we're never going to find our way back. I'm here to tell. L you there's more than one way to get on the path that you're meant to get on and going back to the cheesecake factory like I asked if we could take a picture in front of it. And he was like don't you want to take a picture in front of the harbor? Why do you want the cheesecake factory behind us? And it was like you don't understand. I thought like I had ruined my life. The last time I was here. But I'm here with my husband with the person I love, and I have my whole future ahead of me. And I'm proud of where ended up and I didn't ruin my life by that one thing I had so much life head. So if you had a failure recently, take heart, take heart. It's not your only chance you got another chance and another one another one, and that's my one good thing. And through it all the cheesecake factory stands resolute. They're still there. They lasted. Did you eat? No. I just done front of it. They have nothing to eat with diet. You're on like eighteen pages into that menu. Like, what is it fried in? What does the loyal? Thank you. I need to leave. I'll have a water, dude. That's that's such a good reminder. I just I I'm having so many giggles thinking about a good story about cheesecake factory in Baltimore's inner harbor. I didn't realize how hard it was going to hit me. I just didn't realize when we walked up to it. I was like oh my God. This is a place that really I felt like I ruined my career before I got into my career. This is the place you were so young and tender. It was a good moment. A good moment. Yeah. You don't you very often don't realize how those memories are going to hate you when they come back. Yeah. I could eat. I could he right now right girl. Let's go eat something. Okay. Let's let's let's leave have a good week guys.

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