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Brandon Alvarado- RHOBH Recap


Hello Hello this is reality of reality. I'm Alisa Rosen. A longtime TV producer and development executive every week on the podcast. I talked to interesting people in all aspects of unscripted content. So before I introduce my guest. I have An announcement and I have some good content to recommend for the week so first of all. I just WanNa let you guys know that. Even though I've been having a blast doing to podcasts a week for the last month or so maybe longer since the quarantine two months I can't keep it off anymore. I'm just too busy and I just can't keep up the pace being honest with you so I'm going to scale back again to once a week. Maybe I'll go back to some weeks. I don't know but for now we're going to do once a week and hopefully that will be enough for you. I'm trying my best a couple of things that I want to recommend In terms of content. I'm loving Mrs America on Hulu. It's really well done really interesting and Cate Blanchett is just ridiculous Emmy Miami. They're all good but she's just a revelation so that's the first thing and I will also recommend the most brilliant wonderful documentary. The last dance. I think I may recommend it at last week. about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls Ninety seven ninety eight season again. Don't even like basketball. I like it but I don't really care about it and it's just an amazing doc. I highly recommend it's on. Espn every week and it will be on Netflix. As a full series of ten episodes this summer Billions back on showtime if you're a billions fan and there's a billions podcast that Brian Koppelman and David Levine. Do the show runners which is like the behind the scenes. Stuff if you like that and one more thing. I highly recommend I listen to Terry Gross every day usually every day fresh air on MPR. She did beautiful interview with Tim. Gunn who from project runway now making the cut on Amazon and it was one of the most amazing interviews. I've heard in a really long time and it made me cry. So if you are a fan of Tim. Gunn I highly recommend you lesson so today on the podcast. I am here with my friend and Bravo Guru to Brandon Alvarado. Hello Brandon. Hello how are you holding up? I'm holding a fine. How're you doing? I'm doing okay. I cannot believe were weeks into this and I frequently winter. All the housewives are doing during quarantine except for oc because certainly letting us know that they are not have. What's going on there? It's bizarre? It looks like Shannon has decided she decided to host a social distant socially distant like happy hour with the girls which was one Shannon I kinda thought would be the person who would be super super super paranoid. Because she's I mean I understand. Why should be nervous about the current affairs but she's afraid of like anything so. I thought that she would be like. I'm not seeing anybody for a year. But instead she was on the hosted at her house. And she's like you're Unin scrimmage she's like here's the measuring out six feet but then she decided to take a Selfie with the girls next door. It's so Shannon and so say. I mean this is the same this is Vicky. You saw her tweet saying that they need to hear salons and and nail salons right. Yes and I saw. Kelly dodds like horrific comments on her mom. Nine I didn't we're just thinning. The herd. You know what she hosted and she limited the comments because she was getting so much posted. A video of I've I've not talked about this with anybody. So this is I mean we've not talked about. This was gonNA send it to you but She posted a video of someone else's kid playground or on the beach or something in. She's like he's. She was key so upset that he can't play time to open up because she was saying that zero people died from corona virus. And I don't know that statistic 'cause I don't live in a safe but she was like ten to open up and Andy commented saying do want him to get corona virus from the from swing and I saw it after the comments were already limited. I saw it there and I clicked back on it again and it was gone. Wow Wow it's just so I was wondering how I it's so I was wondering what he would. You know. Think about all this because he outta right exactly like that. He actually had it. And you know thinking I was wondering what he would think about. Someone like Kelly completely disregarding any beano socialist distant rules because then do you know that the new is this Her name is Elizabeth Vargas. She's supposed to be the new housewife. This season we vargas. I know people think it's not the journalists argus it's the OC version of Elizabeth Vargas has. No He's blonde. Yes she's a block. She still has a drinking problem. Probably I thought there was a photo of her. That was leaked to for like holding up gun which was bizarre. Like shot guy was okay It was not a shotgun. It was something else and she was posting. I don't follow her but I had seen written stories and she was posting. How annoyed she went at. The beaches were closed and she posted a video of is random woman who their Elizabeth hosted people for a party at her house like last weekend Dan. I know so. This woman is dancing and the woman says to Elizabeth Don't say my name. I have a business. I can't get in trouble Elizabeth for whatever reason post that than I look at Kelly's story and I said other and she was at Elizabeth Vargas House Party. Wow was that for filming or just because just because they're friends Kelly and Kelly one points of the show. There is Elizabeth on my show. It's really mind boggling. I can't wrap my head around Olivet. We'll bravo news. That like socially quotes socially distant footage that Shannon filmed in her iphone for the season. Like we know that they weren't distancing. I mean how are they on the hook for that? She did it on her own right. That's true yeah. It wasn't a good production was there she said like. Oh Yeah we have our our iphone footage or whatever it was like her and Ron Win. And Emily wouldn't weird. I and Kelly. What a cast is you're saying yeah now that you're saying their names out loud. I feel like I might sit the season now. I just Bronwyn triggers. Something in me just hearing her name. Why Ron would? I didn't mind her but I do think that broad like looking for now I mind her. Now because I real- minder now yes but during the actual season I was A. She's okay right. Says she was sort of like? I think a lot of people are freaked out by the idea of housewives coming on the show the fans of the show but I'd like to remind people that any housewife was coming on the show on any of these shows eight seasons nine seasons or like. Oc Fourteen seasons end. They're going to ban you're just not going to have. I think if anyone saying that they don't really watch the show there joining. I think they're buying anything that stupid. They should be watching the show that they're joining. I would never do a television show that I have not seen. Okay I agree with you however I still want you to solve the mystery of. Why Leah from New York? Said she didn't know what Giovanni was obviously a yes. I think Leeann so Leeann said she did not know what Germany was because she said she did watch New York but she stopped watching around the time. When the whole Tom Thing happened like I think on my guest based on what I'm gathering the last season she probably watched with season. Eight with land got engaged to Tom and then found out that he was cheating. That's an amazing. Why she would stop there. I don't know yeah I noticed about Dozo. Could I know the show is such a peak at that point? I don't know how she had the will to to drop out but she right but she claims that bats what happened. I would assume I would assume that. When she found out she was joining the show. I assume you probably caught up so again. That doesn't really so we're back to the question of Haddish not know what Giovanni was. I'm GONNA assume she played it up the princess. I think to it had to think there's really other explanation. Yeah I mean she did a good job of it. She did a really good job. I I'M GONNA leave the New York stuff to you and Aaron. 'cause you do it so beautifully but I am just to say in summary. With the season I absolutely love it. Annely love it. I Love I love. I love the show a lovely I should say I luckily on the show. 'cause I know people I know there's you know there's a she has passed. That has come out with some comments but I love her on the show. We don't need to let people in real life. We just need to let them for the show. I mean listen I think at this point you know people who are GonNA continue to watch? Oc C. Knowing what Kelly been saying publicly a I. I just think when it comes to the housewives. Yeah I wouldn't look at them as you know my moral compass I because if I did then I been a lot of them a lot about we know. That Ramona's trumper. But I want Ramona on the show. Exactly right and listened to. I want to hear Ramona. Probably says when the cameras are not they're probably not notably dot with her close group of girlfriends. I would probably not want to hear it so I mean we know what she says when the cameras are on. So can you imagine exactly? That reminds me of my God. I don't really watch Melbourne but I have seen clips here and there and I know it's like one of the best. I have to watch but went into housewives. Nickname is Janet. Her tagline was something. Like you know if if you're say Jim wouldn't thinking that just reminds you totally that's awesome. I love that all right but here we are today to talk about the real housewives of Beverly Hills. So before we dig into this week's tell me how you're feeling about the season in general I love it. I love that. We're moving at a very fast rate. I we're clearly moving fast. I was reading a tweet today. Actually actually did math myself before I was like this is interesting. You're no good. Well you know. It's I was thinking about this because now that we're lining up. You Know New York Beverly Hills in terms like for fashion week. You know both cities have now added league. So they're same time but you know. We're Beverly Hills. I think it's obvious that they they had water footage. Probably about a month's worth four on the season starts because if you're looking at if you remember when the press release came out of course ellen sudden rejoining that was August Fashion Week commend happens In September and it looks like we're about six or seven something like that like at least like six weeks now in like between episode one and episode was three or four or four week. Yeah I think we're about six weeks through which makes which I think is great. I love that. They're moving fast. But meanwhile New York they were five episodes It's not it's like. It's about five days. Truly two weeks worth of footage. It's amazing okay. Since you're so good at math and my head is exploding trying to think about this but you have an uncanny ability to figure it all out. Explain to me than where we are in terms of when denise stopped filming like. Where's that going to happen in the time line? And how much time do we have before? We catch up to that so denise claims that she stopped filming the show said episode. One Not Chiron Denise the group in December yet I think I think right now. We're not tober sometime. In Eastern Europe we could be in December in two weeks basic. I mean we could be because next next week is already the Bravo Bravo fucking Bravo Club. Notts next week. Because that's when she taught because here's the thing. Are you sure in five Brandon same thing so that Bravo Bravo fucking bravo does not have to do with the brand? Eat Denise drama the next week because I don't remember chopping next week. Okay Wow yes. So what do we think it? Is Airing Cuckoo? Had I think it might be so? Here's the thing so teddy. I think Doritos well so tidy said on twitter. During the Premiere that the Rama fucking Bravo thing is that that does not have to do with you know with The didn't being sprint. He stop because apparently the women had issues with Denise Right before that a nice from what I remember reading in the online When they were filming an I want to say that they should have it. News for a while was felt. A denise was very in and out assuming on because at that point denise was doing beautiful really and I miss that Yup yeah. She was doing the soap opera so she was doing that and I think they were. You know They were trying to. I'm trying to think there were upset with denise because she was filming which I think is interesting because we've gotten a lot of denise this season so far and if anything ourselves what who says that she's been in another filming because she's also working and I think that shows more so far in the season like I think it's very clear that car sales very in and out but denise looks like. She's very much filming an either. I don't yet and she showed up to that dinner right like I don't notice if there was any absence I've not noticing it. Maybe it happens after. Maybe it happened in the in between that we haven't seen right and I think the wind. I did also read that. They were upset because they felt like denise was sort of leaning in to what was so popular about her which was like kind of like easy breezy. Cool like kind of making fun of the women for being so fancy when she was in like her old navy shorts and like mask like yeah exactly talking about like errands. Big Tina's and I can see that I mean listen. I think it's clear that she's leaning into that. I love that about denise. She's one of my favorite recall slides. I'm not authored. By the fact that she leans into that and quite frankly I think every housewife leads to what makes them popular. I don't think that's very bizarre. They didn't totally but I also think that she turned it up several notches this season. Two or at least try to you know like. She dolled herself up more than usual. I I I miss the kind of Jean shorts and tank top denise to I I I loved I really loved Denise Really on hair that dinner. I know we're doing this week but last week. We just have to discuss at dinner with. Aaron was hilarious so okay so I was very thrown off by I wish Aaron just never spoke because I listen. The holding of with errands work was always weird and kind of did that on purpose to try and get Aaron and actually. I don't believe that because she was trying to. I don't think she was initially innocently. Ask you like what he does especially because she was like I hear what you do. Aaron is you know what did they say cutting edge and so thin. Please explain what you do and you know. I wish air every time he tries to explain because this is not the I mean. This is the first time he's really really explained. But we've heard like what he does especially when denise was recovering from her surgery allow her right so I it seems pretty horrifying. I don't agree with that. I will say this because I am pro denise than I will always stay by her. Some people thought that she was antibiotics. She is not antibiotics. Because good when Not I know. She's not when she was divorcing. Charlie actually which was abortion Charlie Sheen. He brought her to court because she needed the kids behind his back. Charlie Sheen's and antibiotics are Corson. Basically he I know and he brought her to court because he claimed that she was putting poison in their body by getting them vaccinated. God I can't I let us so. Our girl girl is used tear. Some crazy type MAC server erronous. He must be us. Yes I think I mean. He thinks cancer is our friends. Can you imagine a cancer survivor? Camille grammer was at that party. Not God i Miss Camille. I really Miss Camille. I think Camille is a fantastic housewife. She's a fantastic house. I have to say that while I'm enjoying what we have right now. I'm really loving the fact that these women are able to breathe especially because you know Camille was such an NCAA last season and she was doing the work. Bless her. But I'm glad that the brand Communal Kinda Group of Shit stirs and Kim are not with us yet because we're really relating to women's professor on their own it feels like the room to breathe and I have a feeling that I feel doing okay but I do think help their close to needing help limbaugh exactly the problem. Now and we'll get into it is that they're ultimately still friends so it's not going to escalate to the point where they're not speaking like Lv Kyle. So we know they're gonNA make up so the the stakes don't feel as high yet so I think you're right. I think that the Shit Stars will enter stage. Left at the exact right time Aliki in any way no not an neither. Don't even think about her. She's she's irrelevant saying here. And I feel like the show really is a feels like a a new kind of era and it feels like such a breath of fresh air in a way that early hasn't built in a long time and I don't hate Lisa then run by actually was like kind of on her side a lot of the time to be and so it's not like I was like get her off my screen but I did think by the unknowns like we gotta get her off because there is no there. Was this really no room with her. I really was interested in watching season. Avi Peanut speech. Anybody or like kind of halfheartedly for a move on but hold those grudges against the women. Yeah wasn't Ken putter. Around with Gygi I just you know. Even they could buy. Kyle flashback while I appreciated it. It didn't it didn't make me Mr was just like wow that fight and it's over and I don't Care Yup so let's get into this week's episode with Teddy's amazing retrieve I mean I I wrote on my notes all and cavs not interested. Yeah no that was not no. That was on interesting at all. It was teddy. We touched down in Orange County. At Whatever Hotel we rock a hotel pretty Yes which I'm pretty sure we're ozias filmed a couple of their finale. Is I WANNA say that was filmed and it could be wrong. I WanNa say that's where they failed their season. Five finale right after Tamra like rip Simon a new one and she's like we're getting a divorce shows that I'm pretty sure that's where they were wrong. I definitely it's definitely film there. I have no doubt that the learner unnaturally teddy decides to host her very bizarre retreat. There at what was the point of that. The point was to promote her brand which is super annoying. So funny too. Is that you know Teddy. Tiny house to understand and has to see that people really don't like her but she also has to really see that these women don't take her brand very seriously at all if anything like to throw it back in her face. When matter like tag ahead wasn't a flashback to greet like Teddy's first season going. I'm not I'm not. I'M NOT PARTY ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM TEDDY throwing right back on her face. Because Chinese job doesn't Nicoletta sons and we know that yeah and the fact that it's only blown up since she's been on the show really pisses me off because it's a bullshit program and now she's got something like you know five thousand people in it and it's like they're paying for people to say hey don't put that shit in your mouth go. Go on the treadmill like really. That's what this is. Yeah and like I don't want to you know I hate to bring teddy certifications? But as she certified in any way I just think people don't take her brand very seriously ends of these women don't so I think as much as it makes sense theoretically to invite the women you know obviously economic for the show anyway to have the housewives they're gonNA fill meant. I thought like Teddy must know that we're GonNa talk about like when Erica revealed in the room like custer cement. We'd want speaker. Yeah no one wants to be here and tiny has to know that nobody wants to their teddy knows that Teddy I will say this about teddy and part of what makes her so boring is that she's not delusional. She's with the program. Terri knows what's up and that is again. Why think she makes a bad housewife? Because the best price wives are completely delusional. So Teddy knew that. And that's what's so annoying about her. To which is that she knew. WanNa come and then she purposely made that a story line because she knew that people were bitching about it and also with like a ten hour drive. Teddy is someone who I thought like a ten hour drive and teddy just wasn't clear all and like I think my annoyance with the way she ended of the whole situation is that it's one thing to say other invite the women and you know what if they want to I would I would honestly right a similar tax. That was pretty big. I know I would do that. I would say like all comedy you want and if you don't no problem so it was like okay. I get it. I would kind of like a wishy washy talks to you and I would be guilty about impasse. Massive y'all a little bit like I would do and I wouldn't do it intentionally to be. I would do it because I would try and be like you know onto I know right. Here's where teddy loss me. So when she says to win on the car I would prefer that they would come in leave by dinner time. I didn't understand that I was like never that. From what like. She never made that clear and then when she started doing the whole. I don't give a fuck. If you guys come like I would never say that because it's just not I didn't understand where she was calling about point like it just didn't make any sense. Her intentions were not clear yet which is ninety. Cetin because it was like well. Then why am I coming right? I agree I totally agree with that that it was very standoffish and very weird. And if someone was saying to my face multi acknowle ones but maybe two or three times. I don't give a fuck if you come. I decorate well. They're not coming well and that's the other part about teddy that annoys me. Which is like my style is direct. We'll actually your style is not direct because when you tell people to come and you don't care if they come that's not direct. Her styles not direct because she also spent part of the season last year. Defending yourself because it was real that she was conspiracy Band or to take down to read rather than just stated to reach. Were such a Laker very much. Like there was like Teddy's person at all as delete reminded US last night. Yes and greet was right about that because teddy is not tiny. Thinks that she's a very direct person. She's you're absolutely right. Not urge directed all. Don't you hate when you end up agreeing with people like Doritos and Kyle? It makes me sal mad. It's so shocking. I okay so I love when Kyle by the way like talking about all the things that she's doing right now so with the to the the things docket is that she's filming Halloween. Reminding US up right hence the BANGS She's working on Kyle by Shahida which I'm surprised she did appoint didn't just come with like a whole like you know stupid bags with like those hideous kyle. She'd outfits out to everybody what I call it when I call the collection. Would you call it? Lions and tigers robes. Oh now I would never action. I will never forget. Kyle saying that. She just takes pictures of things she likes and then suddenly. She has a sample in the mail. The Mail box Shahida Justice for Sita dresses for Shida. I mean she's really doing the work at but I can say what like those. I'M SURPRISED KYLE. Hasn't been wearing all season. Honestly okay don't even call them outfits branded they are robes and pajamas day are rogue Simmons. You're absolutely right there robes and CAJAL. And they're like I can't even say that look like curtains. 'cause they jump but the curtains kyle by she gets me. Looks like we are tablecloth washed too many times. And you put them on the everytime you say. Kyle Vic- I want you to. Does she have any plans to open up? Another Kyle to head. I hope so good Dabbagh. Kyle's the gift that keeps on giving she was a hot mess. This episode right. So let's talk about her reaction to Dorri because that was fascinating to me. What did you make of that whole thing? So she made me side with Torri which really bothered the fuck me. Because because here's the thing we know that your eats assets late. We know that she's laid to everything to time. Which have annoying thing by the imagined? Bethany having that interaction because Bethany Bethany which skewer her. Because you know. Bethany is a stickler for everyone being on time and delete someone who will casually role in two hours late and go. Hey and doesn't care to know. She is on care but to be fair. Teddy was very aware that Coming late and Duri told our will be showing up until lunchtime And so what if she had clammed Listen I I understand. Kyle Point your clearly Hours in the chair or she wasn't super super super busy but the reality is directed at five in the morning. Because who would Showed up late but she's still showed up and who cares a t t tiny wasn't mad about it the Somebody wrote on twitter. I wrote it down. This fight was definitely not about Derek. Hemsley being dingley. It was about filming the show. Kyle Richards traveling working like crazy. And Kyle still showing up at what was supposed to be a group filming event. I get her anger but she couldn't really say what it was about. So I think I mean your dad has some validity that probably is the basis before I would assume and I think mileage will appoint Yeah good for good for Kyle. She showed up early. Teddy is her best friend. So I don't know I I kinda quite frankly think the obligations ten different. I just think caught Very very very close on got White House early during Teddy are not very close. Friends and if agree to shuttling. Kyle do about this days. I don't really understand why calls acting like she had no idea to be rolling in our. She's jealous I think it's a combination of jealousy at annoyance at because I think she's jealous because she would have liked to spend all that time in Glam till acute for a retreat but on the other hand feeling like it's a stupid yoga retreat. Why are you getting Glam and in a fake workout affect when we know you're not gonNA work out like that's just irritating that what irritates me? Tell me because Incredibly fake or sudden and is a fraud so like doritos whole existence annoys me but it would. I would have been annoyed by her rears ago. We show was but but it never became thing. Well I mean I love when Kyle finally realized by the way that she like she could she tends to pick the wrong side a lot like NSA. That because like your. She was defending Torino last year against enter pump. I always find it interesting to see you. Kyle Saddles up to. Because Kyle tends to always saddle up like I would say the wrong person like she became super close with Taylor Armstrong. Those first couple of years which was fine which was fine. But I say that because Taylor with Kim for no reason she saddles up. She's some reason saddling right up to sutton and you know she's doing it. Because he wants to be like relevant in Beverly Hills world and she knows what saddens a legit socialites. She's I feel bad for. I really like her a lot and I think these girls would understand her. Yeah it's so transparent. I agree because she and Sutton have nothing in common. She so not. Kyle's Kinda girl sudden is coolest talking about Sutton. I do not know what to make of her. I love her on the show. I actually think what's great about Boris Ellen Sutton being cast together as they're eating like courcelle. Cnn easily easily. Love and sentence at one clearly coming on as I would say she some version of a villain. I think she brings an interesting energy to the show. They like presence I'm sorry to keep talking about New York but it will say this that I feel like that was a one thing I wish from. New York's costing this year is that as much as a lovely. I think you should pass it someone else's while the sort of work rounding But I think they did that perfectly with Beverly Hills this year. I feel like a lot of people in Beverly Hills. A lot of women like that at I mean Denise Barbecue was like one after the other. Mike are Thirteen housewives on the show. It just feels like too many for me. When Brandy and Camille Rolling with Mike with Kim's booze outnumber the trailer restrict protect was just like hanging out now. I need to relax immediately. Allow in the trailers said they're gonNA roll it that's GonNa roll into the season like hi. Everyone. It's GonNa Twenty five women. 'cause I lean is also making appearance and Adrian. Oh my God you're right. I Miss Eileen so much. I know this isn't the popular opinion but I love. Eileen I love Eileen not a popular opinion I thought that she was such a thought she was pretty loved for being lake such kind of grounding force. What's the point of Eileen like? Eileen you know she's to we didn't yeah. She didn't contribute much to story. But I will say that at the time I got a pretty great presence and also at that point. She wasn't taking banner of bullshit so I thought that we're pretty well on moments and I always thought was bestself Lean the upgrade. I love their friendship because really respects are in a way that I don't think we're respecting for like she. I think she respects her friends. I think she respects her friends. But I don't think she would have ever turned lead in the way that she clearly denise and will be will turn on Gross Alabama totally agree here. So right right like she's GonNa turn on Garcellano Open Yeah I really like ourselves and and again I worry about that because she seems normal like a good mother like I hope she lasts. What fascinates me but settled versus Sutton inside. It's very clear that Garcia having the show in her life like as a part of her life while she's doing other things. I think that was a worry for a lot of people when they cast addresses. Not only will they be sort of fake and and seem like they're acting but also that it they won't really fully immerse themselves in the experience of the show. I think renee someone ill. I know that she's an actress but I think Renna is at that point or she joined the show was way more just a TV personality. So I'm not surprised that she kind of let the show be her entire life. I think it started leading the show. Her entire life and Garcia is leading the show. Be Part of her life. And that's what worries me because again. She's just normal are seemingly normal. Where shall living by the way where the fuck is her new house? Because is it okay. I'm not sure it looked like a lovely home. It just looked like we drove to let God does where let's say it's not Beverly Hills and leave it there. Not even close. It's not even Valley. Look like no-man's-land will stay at as it is but lot cheaper up there. I'll give you that you get a lot more house I can imagine are. Let's get to the retreat and I guess we covered the You know the Dory being late but but there was something. The great editing between the meditation downstairs in the girls yelling and eating French fries on iphone video. I love that that was amazing. That was I just loved that it was cutting those like those more women coming from. God knows where just trying to just trying to do John. We're dog without like these random people that teddy team teddy. Whoever's on that team was that person who was doing the leading the The random she's team. Of course I do love. I do love it. Cuts back to the other women eating. You know Sweet Potato fries because you know that they had nothing to eat all day right but then they were like oh nabbed full from knocking by the way did you meet during tweet back to teddy her clapback and twitter. Teddy said out. For Terry said quote I came to be with Teddy. She says she eats French fries. Inter sweet rather than actually be with Teddy Smiley face or like tongue out EMOJI and then claps back a wasn't alone in that sweet other one who order the fries. I was however retreat for nine hours with four hours of driving. I think that shows the desire to support a friend Arms up in a question emoji at one hundred percent that one has hashtag Beverly Hills. How'd you three? It's absolutely right by ANYTHING SADDER THAN WATCHING TEDDY. Roll up those mats with those hurt the personalized Matt's while the women's names like Osuna coming now but also like she knew she just A. But I do love. Juries comment that ninety minutes of meditation sounds like Hell and she go to the DMV every day for a month after the mazing see about point we needed someone to come in and just like the state we just need someone to like terrorist shut up. Imagine just picturing Brady glad that retreat like she would've been mike either screaming cursing at someone or should have like ran naked into the ocean teddy's like that's a part of the retreat. Do we think Ted. He's good for the show just taking a step back from it all like do we really do. We need teddy now and I even felt like they needed to bring her back. I think teddy such a weird casting choice because I think she's very clearly not a good fit for the show and she's not like a fund like Person WITH ALEX mccord. Was New York City right the way it is now or the way that like Carlton could've been like I like the first and only season But I think with teddy like she said she so out of place and I don't know if Kyle like demanded that she comes back telling what part of the deal that was part of the deal on her wing woman slash St Slash. You know on the hill for your person but why does why was Teddy Brandon like I don't understand why she's even a full time housewife. She got pregnant. She could stay on the show and thought that would be what I will say. I think when Teddy got pregnant she knew immediately that it'd be a great story light. It she was like I had to the next year. Because I think in this like Weird Post Banner pumped world. Teddy was the one who's like what like. What was she supposed to do? What was she supposed to do? And even how has pregnancy even a storyline? It's boring? Sorry I mean I've being pregnant but come on it is boring and I think you know. It's tough pregnant housewife. Because he either is a moment where they could be like completely like. These women are crazy. I kind of the voice of reason or they're just like sitting there wasting time and teddy someone who even when she's not waste your time but at least it can drink and be somewhat entertaining. But now she can't even drink. And you know what I think with teddy like. She's one of those housewives I can imagine only gets a lot of like like tweets Bob Boring. She is an then curious to know what she got from being back on the show like I get that it helps her business but like she must feel humiliated a lot. I think though I mean she cried during when when sentence coulter boring yeah that was too much and I know that she was triggered by the fact that she said. Oh you're pregnant but I as much as Sutton was not very nice in. That moment. Suddenly bent like. Oh you're boring because you can't do anything and that's the truth on sorry like this is you. Nobody wants to see teddy like unlike a girl. I mean not that these women get wasted anyway like on the on the occasions they do get wasted in I don't WANNA see Teddy. Just like sitting there being like. Oh I have my water now or something like I'm GonNa go to bed like nobody wants to see that nobody wants to see. Nobody wants Because you know every time drunk which is not often kyle always gets into the let her split so much. Every time she goes into a split. My concern us like wiped out on the floor. Every time she goes into his someone else's how Mike that's who asked you to do those like this is not appropriate. The and I'll tell you what's even worse. The split with the hair twirl is so triggered. She's a whack people in the face or their hair and she's just like destroying someone's more when she goes into the split. It's not fun. That's not fun when she does it. What are you thinking about Africa Jane this season? What's going on with her but she's much better this year. She was becoming a wasted space to for a while. Now she's much better. I think she's being way more open. Honest I think that she's just feels like she's happy to be there. I didn't realize honestly how much she aided been pump. And I really think that better like being on the show had affected Erica's experienced because and she seems like easy breezy ready to do whatever now completely she seems happier and she's and now that she's happier and sort of the verite moments. I feel like for testimony. One liners packing even bigger punch the really funny and cutting in a way that they just seemed angry before. Now they just seem like. Hey I'm with you know. Kind of what? Carole radziwill was but in a way more fun way. Yes I do love that she Was saying about Sutton when she showed up last week in that you know not so great. A We knew it was no was that it was the not so great ready-to-wear edge is so bad even Delta in Gabon. I'm makes mistakes so all right eventually. They go to dinner and denise wanders in like a hub every cards in east like walks out of it. Just like booze you know. It's not like she's because she's such a Tequila girl across Amigos Ella. But she's like in goal and a double and he's not a double and every time she's like what like stumbled out of the car and kind of like melts into the belts into the floor. And you just know that. Like it's nells bad in that car. Full-on Keila Yeah. I tend she rolls in being like. Oh I caught up on emails. I'm like no. She had phone sex of their husband. Machar with the driver there everything she doesn't care and I love that about her. She does not care. Do you think that she and Erin going to survive? Whatever they went through with this whole brandy thing well I mean I don't know I don't know I mean he's still he's still only now. I feel bad. I loved her on. I mean he's still. He's still there so that's a big. It's been months since this whole thing came out. I mean what do you think happened? I think that they were together. More than once and earned didn't know about it and I don't know why they were together. I don't know why on God's Great Earth Denise would get with Brandi Glanville people but it's definitely happened so you can have more than one spine his back. I think it happened once and wetter that it was more than once I quite frankly don't have a reason to not believe brandy as much as brand is a shit. Stir a garbage human she. I don't really know where to be a liar exactly exactly and she was always the one who kind of spilled things before it came out like she was the first person Bill early one of the first. I know Kyle said it's but like brandy really was the first personnel goal against pump. That and she's right. How about her telling the world that? Ag Saragan. When her kids didn't even know it hasn't we forget that that was nasty but listen she rog. No she was lying. That's the thing so I just don't think brandies Aligarh She she's not a liar I'm curious how denise is going to handle it coming up you know that. She's like denise handle it in a very weird way to me were she like really has not addressed it like I think at one point when it did come out it was. It was a publicist said. It wasn't true but to really hasn't addressed it head on and clearly. We're going to see that the way she talks about on the show but I mean who knows maybe she will come out Cheap at something did happen in. She's like it's another business right. I think she may have to cop to it. That's my guess and God bless her. I feel bad because I if she is bisexual or or queer. I don't know I mean I. She wasn't out. I feel bad out in that way. Listen is she is not bisexual and she is queer than Kudos to her to having sex with their and every single morning because that must be trower. Well that's why not buy car. Sorry guys get your. I mean the way denise describes him remain God bless her she. She is a strong woman but yes. Hi what I meant was yes. If she's Queer meeting by sexual or you know however she by Irish night label. I don't know I don't know her to. I don't know what your sexuality is but in the business so I don't really know uninsured snout even comes on on the show. Actually I bring it on. Yeah I'm curious to know why brandy brings it up in the first place how it sort of gets out. Yeah exactly I love more. Co this season. I love that. He's just fully leaned in to like this character and he just doesn't give a shit. He's like watching the dog while Kyle's joining on and on I love that as well Brandon sorry one second. What carly doing a podcast? It's in the dryer you can grab it. Sorry what do you think Maurizio? I felt this year Is I love his presence. I love the fact. He was one of the only ones trying to. Who's on the same level as Erin when he was trying to talk about whatever he does for a living because I think Aaron clearly look types out for a little bit. I don't really taught us. Exactly how could you go over at this point stumbling into denise backyard with looking like Paul Runyan are Bunyan lumberjack? That's weird question by the way piles hair because those things are horrible and I know she tried to save that. There were horrible to try to get some kind of like beyond their before. We were all on it. But what doesn't understand is that she seems to love that weird up to it's like not only in the scene but also the words that horrible horrible up do with the BANGS. I'm like why are you liar? If you'd think if you think the banks are bad why are you? Why are you making a high on Yeah like why your stupid thing brandon? I've said this before and I'll say it again. Kyle has terrible style. She just does. She rarely gets it right now. She's very pretty. She's always put together so it can be deceiving. But if you really break down the hair and the outfits now boy no no. She's always dressed. Horribly really is always like one is by the way and you. It's sort of like test for this is easily reunion. One Kyle ever had a good reunion luck. I can tell you one was Ryan look. Was there green one that I liked. Maybe she wondered I liked. I liked it agreement. Okay there was the that was probably the green. Look these seven when it was when it was going I brought the Bunny. Police arena in these cries. Walk off okay. The Look. I think that wasn't too bad for sale and she ruined it by. Having Red Lipstick was received five reunion which was R- Eileen first season you just have an encyclopedic knowledge and Ameri. It's like you're the rainman of housewives if rinsed. How'd you this because it's funny? My brain can't remember super super important things when it comes to Kyle's reunion luck received fire with the lipstick. I can remember that in two seconds. Yeah it's I also like no one lines which is weird. I know everyone started going. Which is very rare. You basically from every season probably maybe bowed down down. I do all right. So let's finish off with the yes. We're at the dinner and I love. I love the fact that Denisa message. He's showing up late to her own events including around wedding. She just doesn't change. He's amazing she won't change for these women and she's now I I like her. I like her new Malibu House Right she still renting. I like the fact that she has like her. Party's don't make a lot of sense. Thint she was like this is a pizza party slash Sunday party and she always looking where she goes to my wife. Buchan Sundays. I love like think she has a cigarette mouth or something like she's like no lilly. She was like weird already. Because I love fucking Sunday. It's the so she speaks. It's so good and you know I don't blame her. That food looks very good even better than that fucking. Shit shied at Kyle's party. I agree with unease. Food or calls party looked so bad that I love where he could have. More of your salmon he can play. That was Guy Merisi. Mvp This season yes. Diesel like fucking take towncar. Take my sister. Pizza Vendor fucking why was Kyle so confused about Denise Azzam Ice Sculpture? That was a nod to the show that they're on. Oh Okay I didn't get that either till this moment. Oh that's hilarious. I mean I think it's because it was just kind of like cash backyard barbecue. Feel and then all of a sudden it's like a LISA VENDOR PUMP ICE SCULPTURE. Coming OUT OF NOWHERE. Just did feel a little bit strange. Was it a little out of place you guys. That was unbranded to have a party. But you can make a lot of sense. When I was expecting her of an ice sculpture that was modeled. Up THE COST AMIGOS TEQUILA INSTEAD. We had a dime at is so funny guys like fancy. She always digging show. He's taking those little digs. It's very resnick. Kyle's trying to start something like A. She's she's always trying to anyway but especially now because she knows Scott and she's like I will not have a boring season She had that all over my husband and that in every scene she's producing and she's she's digging to start a fight and you know what that's fine? At least? She's doing her job. That's fine but she such a bad producer in the sense that it's so funny 'cause people that try and produce the show like typically can't produce any of their own set like Kyle. No offense Kyle. Kyle's like ten years. A producer seems to have ended after the failure. That was American House. Way Zik American woman I watched a few episodes by the way was it. It wasn't bad. I'll say that I'm not GonNa say it was good but it wasn't bad no offense to kyle an American woman I mean God bless our. I think very good housewife. But you know I'm not going. Say the her ten years. Our producer was not successful. It seems that she's not trying a gun now. She's back to Kaya by lane to Shahida to Kyle's now back to taking random pictures of things that she likes at the supermarket and then to India sane like texting shaky like. Can you just give me? She's she found slant that I really really love in Beverly Hills and I want you to put like a flair to it and you know that you know it has some undertones that you don't like we don't like we kyle saying anything like there needs to be a lawyer to just like when. Kyle said like new. Who Does I lost my life exactly? That is Kyle's fatal flaw. Which is sheet her trying to be funny when she's not it makes me insane. It's so bad. Kyle's not a comedian. She's not funny. She thinks she's very funny. Here's a one thing that kyle is actually very good at a wish that she did more these. She's great. She's grinning Russians. Oh my God. Her Teddy impression is other level Hebrews. It is so far as she's actually pretty good at doing everybody like she was always greeted. Public pressure asked doing a good job with theresa voice. Like she's a really big impression. I would encourage her to May continue on that journey rather than her her like fashion designer journey. She Jen eight and should have an impression faceoff impressions to okay sometimes sometimes during these dark times. I simply watch any do impressions. But I think her impression if Margaret when she loves laugh is so funny. 'cause HE GETS MARGARET SLABS DOWN SO amazing Dunedin's funny actually. I'll say she's really funny. She's a very good housewife ended. On whatever the hell was going on at the end of this dinner Kyle ended up in tears. I mean it was kind of deep and dark in the sense that what really came out to the four is that Kyle has all this resentment toward these relationships that she's lost kind of of the show. I don't know felt like that. What did you make of it totally? Well I call. Kyle started really weird way where she was like so. Do you think the lesbian denise choke up her food and because of what's to come associate Denise Johnson she goes I'm starting my girls are over there. So is their dad. My my girls over there at I think denise ended up saying at one point because I saw a clip for next week. She ended up saying that would and I picked up on this. That would bother her. Moore was not really that it was girls. Mussa girl's friends and she didn't want them going like she didn't want her girls friends to go back to their parents. And say shut about denise which whatever but also but you know what kind shit comes out when you're filming. Why would you have them there in the first place that was just diagram I had? I had the same thought it was like with a word even show but whatever. But didn't that was denise mentality so she's like okay let's talk about of the girl and it goes back to apparently greet making some comments that Kyle and teddy slept together the literally in the same bed in Provence and Yeah again who cares who cares? Personal jury was not calling them the lesbian first of all and second of all sleep on hairs like this stupid like it's just dumb right like the fact that Kyle was even remotely like bothered by. That was so stupid but also I mean I think was right on when she said that you know Kyle. Antennae will always protect each other. That they're a package deal and that they have this weird alliance that goes above anybody else's but I will kyle discredit kyle was right said that she defended to read against banner pump The factory kind of slipped over. That one was pretty rich Cuts back to the little by Kyle. Goodbye Kyle I think after that you know I think we lost Kyle because Kyle was kind of grasping at straws. Because she was trying to she was she was trying her best to be like all. I defend everybody in this group. Okay everybody and for some reason. She chose Rona as the A which I thought was silly choice. Don't use your example okay. So that also was not super dark. You're basically saying that. I lost my sister because I defended. Renna. That's not true and it's not fair. I've really bothered me. Yeah I think kyle trying to throw it out onto runaways. Not Appropriate got rid of I was. I was pretty surprised. Rent pushback facing would not with your sister because I thought that was kind of weird but at the same time was wrong. No but it was. It was definitely a weird thing to say because it just that sort of a good way to cut deep but I think I'm sorry but I'm going to defend my sister before my friend. Blood over friendships. All right. Yeah I agree I I was KINDA CONFUSED. I felt the need to even say it by. Of course kyle that makes kyle short-circuit which means I mean and we know that that was to one head was to cut was recalled of short circuit like I do love by the way that how we skip over there. I think the top ends denise like guts up trying to defend. She was trying to defend within six dopamine. Kyle and kyle turns until like mean girl Kyle which people tend to forget tower. People tend to forget. Sometimes that Kyle is being housewives that we house. She's always been seeing anytime she's not a mean girl is kyle acting. I'm sorry yes. Kyle at the core of the mean girl and if People Forget. Let's remember season to the way she treated. Brainy glanville hiring was so evil it was so evil the way that she would always talk behind your back and when Kyle gets very threatened by women like the needs she just like immediately goes after them. It's a very ugly ugly ugly traits. Big Kathy junior like this is they have the worst mother on the planet. It's amazing they're even functioning people. Well Kyle is not Kim. Rae So kyle turns to Sutton inch like God. This one always has that like top. Non Her head an enclosed. That was so mean and out of nowhere. Oh but kyle's the first person by the way to go after people's physical looks she's passed like she's about with brandy were like brandy was saying and like the way it's just like wow what was like. Oh she's Tall. Like is kyle gets really weird about people women in there. Looks like we'll start like making weird comments. I'm not surprised at immediately. Tried to Denise Richards top-knot but at the same time I'm like all right really kyle. You WanNa go there because Denise Richards can wear a top and still look better than Kyle so like let's listen to me is woman but the model Denise Gorgeous Liking Dan have been wanking off to wild things for like thirty years and by the way I don't mean to compare their lowest. I think calls beautiful woman but my point is car. Wants to go there. She's not GonNa like the answer now. Not against any searchers honey. Sorry Lake during like it's just the truth but you know at Denise never went after her luck so denise I just don't think that would be Indonesia's nature to be like locale addresses idiots like it's like I don't think he never say that. Now no she wouldn't is rude. I Kyle feeling the need to kind of get into mean girl Kyle Mode was interesting and I'm glad that kept it in because it just shows Witness yeah I feel like she's getting bad it which I'm surprised about. It's so funny because I was thinking the gang Villanova at it but I I will say that at the end of that. You know supercar in the preview for episode one where they chose to not show any of the housewives they choose to show. Kyle out reacting to this where Kyle's like. Oh what do you see? The News Reina. And Rene is like I don't think Washington's which was a gun I immediately thought. Oh they're getting villain it coming onto biscuit euro. I wouldn't be surprised actually. I think that's narrative because I think for her even I think the producers are respecting the fact that she's one gonna carry the season on her back at the end but also the fact that she's actually going to talk about what's going on like at least addressed the rumors other than Lisa. Banner for way out I think producers are GonNa give her the Euro etta in Kyle. Runner look like major assholes. I will enjoy that I think. Oh bubba yeah bring it on. Well I'm so glad we have a good season. It's so nice to be able to talk about this and not be annoyed and pissed off like we were like for the last three years basically. It's so nice to look forward. So I'm glad that we have this content during quarantine especially because I I don't know if you watch Potomac but you know Bush yes I think high Newark Behind York thome because the best one and Potomac was actually supposed to Muir on Sunday but the end up pushing it back to leader the summer because Bravo unfortunately is going to run out of KANU content fairly quickly So they're trying to kind of keep whatever they have a kind of spread it out and sew. Potomac is going to push on. I think actually it's. It's GonNa be better that way. Just as I think we start near the end of Beverly Hills. New York will be nice to kind of have the attention on too good seasons of those two shows. I think that's GONNA be. It'll be nice to have attention on Potomac without the only new housewife series. Airing on Oh and then probably the last one while because at this point. I don't really know when the other is going to pick up shooting again and it you know the way that they usually near the shows like interesting enough like we're in. May Overseas was usually premieres link July July yeah July or August dollars usually Gel Dallas user premiers as well in July or August. I don't think Dallas is gonNA come back. No they're coming back with junior housewives. Wow okay they were they were gonNA come back so they're on their on hold jerseys on hold Premieres November Schmidt and an? Oc was about a month into filming. So they're onto love. You know everything about everything brandon a breath of fresh and so much fun. I love listening to your recaps with Aaron Martin. On her podcast. Pink Shave with our Martin. Where can everybody find you on the socials? You can find me on twitter. At the the over. Auto and on instrument the Brandon offer out amazing police follow Vanden. He's so fun and it was so great to chat with you about all the things we actually talk about when we see each other which hopefully won't be too long when all this eventually. Yes exactly thank you for having me or a so great to have you and I will talk to you soon. We'll talk to you soon.

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