Hour 2: AFC East Race


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Four man. the guy that doesn't play with the ravens anymore. Bart scott shawn jay. Will you've been presented. By progressive insurance lou roaches will join the team. Keep drizzled over here key hole in the manual play for the rave no more than ten years ago. If you think the pages got a shot at winning the Winning winning the Afc going to the playoffs. You got some beach front property and iowa we got you donate to say arizona beachfront property. I never say. I know west coast. I know damn well. I weigh nowhere near the ocean. Arizona's a little closer. So you could at least say arizona if you want to say they all wanted to make it abundantly. I wanted to make it abundantly clear. Where i stay on all. I'm saying all i'm saying. Is i understand the frustration of the ravens in the pat years in history. They won the game. I don't give a damn. What the monsoon eight thousand up. I don't care if the lights went out again. I don't care if you can forgive jon. Gruden aca forget the patriots and jon gruden. We ain't never had no no beef like that where i can't get along with the man. I just know what he is he. I'm just pushing a false narrative man. Because i i've ran out of excuses you know and we're having this conversation. Obviously because zubin says that that the doing the patriots are done and cam. Newton is fool's gold right now. That's basically what he said and i said to him. I'm not counting the new england patriots out into the mathematically eliminated. I don't give a damn with nobody say because zero bella. Check his the head coach period alma. What might happen indeed. I've said this. Before and i think you're just backing it up if there's anybody that's in sports right now in the four major professional sports anywhere in college your local youth coach wherever. You're listening to us. If there's one person on planet earth that's involved in sports that deserves the benefit of the doubt. Obviously it's bill belichick with track record. It's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk. Wireless might've just you might have just heard at the top of the program greg. Mcelroy said he wanted to hear cam talk a little bit less smile a little more. He referencing the win on monday. Shaved the season and then upsetting baltimore ravens on sunday night. Bart's old team and they're right back in it. Even though the football power index right now has the pats with just four percent chance to win the division but me say them out. Who did they play before the ravens. The jets on monday night. Okay in struggled it looked ugly was it was playing down a competition and all of that right on the final play winless team. It was the worst thing that could ever happen in india. What did everybody say on tuesday. The way to the ravens get older. Do well god. They're going to do this. They're going to do in then key. They win the game king. They do what they're supposed to do to get the w. and we still have a problem with cam newton. Oh he's not throwing for there's no way so damn what they got the w key loquacious johnson wrong. That we don't is because that's loquacious calling somebody look way. Listen aller one. I learned one college where two week man that was. That was next. No we all understand. The game against the ravens was really. You know. we've all been in those games where the elements can kinda beat the equalizer a tremendous job understand. That collapse campbell was out and they ran the ball and they did what they had to do to win. They wanna convincing. Fashion and bill said they were bill beltway does he took advantage right here of situation football alps game. This is gamed up. Dissolved coached up. You know what i mean and and you tip your hat to them but we know if this was on a on a regular. I don't know. I don't know if all i know is what i saw you want. I don't know details. No i got you. But what i'm saying is like you know dallas to equalize the fact that the elements you know when when you when you know. There's certain things that you can't do with the element is to equalizer for team is so much better than so. Let me ask you this question. Though. 'cause you play defense income you know. Have the ravens ever been able to throw the football rain. Snow sleet sunshine anything. I think they can throw a better if they don't have the elements guys in the ball but listen. They'll those oh bad weather games. Those are equalized because mistakes happen to do. Is you supposed to put a game plan together. based on the week of the whether you look at the chart like we've always done. I one of the things that we do. We go and we'd look to see what the weather's like but the team but the team but the team as living in those elements have advantage because they know more about what the weather's going to be about us no difference between the weather in baltimore and the weather in new england. What is what do you see. How do we look at you. Like man was was so nice. Say damn thing. It ain't color california coming east from. I'll say a million times baltimore below the mason. Dixon as i was saying a million is for me okay. Dc baltimore new jersey new york boston anyway. Hail students go is ice up to defend. The thin meet rains in baltimore through football. Sue new way. I know your name is on the show zubin. Come on you gotta weigh in. It's a different is different weather in new england than it is an book. Zora zuma got to say go away in on. I'm not ams her nwa certified. So i can't really give you the answer for the book. But i gotta give you. I gotta give you one option to weigh in on. It's not that i want you guys to weigh in on something else. And that is essentially this morning's twitter question. The question essentially this morning simply put we talked about. The past are sitting there at four and five right now their ten th in the afc east if you look at it obviously seventeen are going to make it this year but they won two in a row. They got a little bit of momentum. Kim also said something that belichick told the team the other day is we are a little better than record indicates. Only we've can be true but lose it fell. The last two weeks does show us that. So that's really important. That ballot check mentioned that in can put that out. Let me tell you so man this guy. Sitting to my left. He played for the jets and he played for the eleven years. Yeah he does not like new england. So i can't listen to him when he talked about the patriots. I'm like pittsburgh's ryan card. Come on he's going to say certain things about teams that he played a kiss. Is this the reality of bill. Said this was the best that he had. He couldn't do it because of the salary. Cap is the best thing conflict floor. Say it's like come on man. Listen you what i think. This is more about and is less about the patriots. And it's more about the job that brian flores is doing and it's a job. That's that's what's been done in buffalo. I think that this isn't the year like you know when you go against a team. That's been great and you finally recognized that you can beat them. I think it's no more fair with. The dolphins is no more fear than the building when you look at the dolphins dolphins have the easiest remaining schedule. Let me say the dolphins compete. Who i think the dolphins potentially can win this division but they still got to see new england. I don't think that's going to be a problem. I think. I think we're i think we're how great how good that the dolphins have been playing on defense. I think they have no problem. Plan my Playing playing you know the patriots. So i think that they should be a legitimate threat to win the division because they got the easiest schedule in yes what makes their schedule the easiest to remaining in football the fact that they're paying pass that's four and five and they're playing a team that don't have the weapons they don't have the ammunition to get it done so they got a fool you with smoke and mirrors. The trick plays and things like that doesn't say that but listen. We saw last year when we all thought that the patriots were going to beat the tennessee. Titans when you go against somebody knows all your jedi. Mind tricks bill you know. I think that that's the equalizer you saw. Variable out belichick. Bill last year with jumping off sides pressure miami and beat him once. I got that but that was the first game of the season. This team is different football team. This team is believe in. And i think they're inspired and energized by a young quarterback in their plan tremendous on defense. I think brian flores has them believing and we've seen him do this in turn this team around in short order in two years. He's made this team from a pretender to a contender. Okay i'm i'm gonna listen to the raven in the jet against the patriots. Listen you don't think. I hate the dolphins to own all nano. The south beach is undefeated south southeast undefeated. You go down there as other things for you plan more than the dolphins when you go to south beach we gotta break. Go straight talk wireless. No contract no compromise a week one. It was the pats over the dolphins by ten points. By the way they'll meet again in week fifteen in a game. That could be huge down the stretch week. Seventeen miami at buffalo. Keep that in mind. That could be absolutely huge. A reminder. we're asking this morning. We tried to get to it. I tried my best. I'm going to get to it now. Keyshawn jay z releaser. Who in the afc east sixty five percent of you of said the bills again. The football power index has them at about seventy five percent to win it. Still to come cuyler murray. Mvp talk on the field tomorrow night. After the hail. Mary why he owes a debt of gratitude to the guy standing on the opposite. Sideline tomorrow night. That's next it's keyshawn. J. will zubin with bart scott in the house on. Espn radio is brought to you by red box. Red boxes new movies at the box streaming on demand from the producers of us. Don't miss antebellum starring janelle monae visit red box dot com for all the ways to watch big story in college basketball yesterday. Wichita state men's basketball coach gregg marshall resigning after an abuse investigation. That was put forth by an outside law. Firm of physical and verbal abuse against players at wichita and his previous stop winthrop. Espn college basketball analyst. Jay bilas who played in high school in the early nineteen eighty says in twenty twenty. This just can't be happening. This is not the way to coach acceptable. When i was coming out of high school is not acceptable anymore. In the truth is it wasn't acceptable. It is clearly not acceptable. Now if you're not paying attention to the way. Societal norms have changed. I don't care how much you win. Nobody deserves to be treated the way those players staff were treated if indeed. Those allegations are true. And i believe them to be true. Bart tell you what man you ever heard of market correction now. Somebody should correct the him a long time ago. The fact that he's gonna get seven point. Five million dollars is absurd. If i'm one of those kids that he allegedly assaulted. I wanna make sure. I'm gonna get some that seven point five in the form of lawsuit. It's ridiculous that he can do something. Conduct detrimental supposedly that you void your contract. Yeah understand. i hate to chime in on this when i get with. Jay bilas said there but back then now anyway periods never said it was never accepted will never be accepted. I wish a coach would ki ki coach. Ever approach me like this. You never heard me because the guy out there named michael vite tried that and then go away. He thought it was going to go indeed once again. Seven point seven five million dollars heater rolling seven year contracts every year. It would roll over to seven. He could have been twenty three million dollars but they settled at seven point. Seven five million dollars. He's in his fifties. He may coach again. Who knows people are always willing to take a risk on people. We've seen that in sports time and time again. Last thing mike tomlin and the steelers are getting ready for. What should be a simple game right against the jacksonville. Jaguars one of the worst teams in the nfl. Ask green bay about underestimating jacksonville. Played tight mike. Tomlin not falling for that into the trap game discussion. I understand it. S things that you guys like to talk about. But this is the nfl and more than anything to guys know my attitude regarding that. We're not a big ten team. Plan a mac opponent this week every time we step into a stadium plan professionals players and coaches and we got a ridiculous level respect to that and so you know. Write your story. Man follies storylines trap gains and things of that nature. We understand what we're going into in jacksonville. That's group is trying to kick our professional group capable group and we're preparing with that understand. I'm glad he didn't say the pac twelve. That's for damn sure Mitee knows that all coaches across the league knew that and they know that now in green bay new that green bay won the game every now and then teams that are superior than others. Play down to competition. It's just something that happens. You you kinda just nature you fall into the fog of the situation at times you you you know you like. It's not that you know prepare. It's just it doesn't feel good. They're not going full speed sloppy so things happen until you switch turns thinking about the dallas cowboys. They took them all the way to the end. In pittsburgh finally got turned around they won the game. It happens you get two three of those a year for sure z. No doubt about it and thanks to mike tomlin for the promotion. Three games action last night. A couple on espn citing gum. Just glad he just say pac twelve. That's all state offense. Looked amazing man. We'll have to break that down another time for four hours everything dollar but i'm not watching that i'm watching. Id network zone. I'm just i'm sorry. Yes indeed and on that note. Cuyler murray killed the buffalo bills on sunday man. We're still talking about the hail. Mary three full days after it happened. It's a short week because with just four days to get ready. The arizona cardinals are heading up to seattle to take on the gigantic game. Gigantic game in the nfc west with three teams arizona. Seattle and the rams sitting at six and three if arizona gets this game on the road. You paired with the win. They had over. Russell wilson and the seahawks on sunday night football in overtime and suddenly the arizona cardinals are gonna wake up on friday morning at seven and three and sole possession of first place in the nfc west and perhaps an mvp candidate at quarterback. This sean jay will zubin coming to you. Live from the seaport district. Appear seventeen brought to you by chase key. I can't help but notice. Yes kylo was the first overall pick in his draft. Yes but when russell. Wilson came out the other quarterback on the other side of the field. That was getting all the mvp chatter that keiler is now getting he was the seventy fifth overall. Pick even though he was a winner at every step of the way including a rose bowl at wisconsin but everybody said despite drew brees being in the league despite doug flutie having had a level of success everybody said well you know. We really couldn't have drafted him where we wanted to draft him because of his height so we drafted him seventy fifth overall in the third round. He flourished and i think it's been pretty fair to say since that happened. A lot of shorter quarterbacks including the one he's gonna face on thursday night oh him a debt of gratitude. It can work. Here's the blueprint. Don't be afraid to draft me. When i think when you you look at it. It works for certain teens. in certain situations. It was a blessing that drew brees was able to go with. Sean payton in shy pain didn't have a problem. Putting him at quarterback in the rest was history for the new orleans saints championships records potential hall of fame ballot guy. But there's a reason for as long as the. Nfl has been in existence. There hasn't been a large number of under six foot. Quarterbacks that have been successful in the national football league the nfl is a big man sport. It's a large person sport. I know there are the smaller skill position players that have had success. There's a ton of them from defensive backs wide receivers and now. We're looking at the quarterbacks two running backs but lot of the smaller body types have been stacked his former teammate. A guy like ray rice will stat. I mean he was built like a brick. So when you look at that and you look at slider guys russell. Wilson is a thick shorter guy. He's not as slight as pat white. Or even kyla murray kyla murray is really small. Man in this is why this is so intriguing in dominant and when you look at it. He's so it just is different because he if you saw z. Giving like he's skinny though he's not but he's not like he's going to grow and he's gonna he's gonna grow into a pretty probably will grow into it. I mean he probably will but when you look at it he's not small in he's small. He's not as thick as russell or drew brees. Drew brees is in little means not like little. He's not frail. Is so when you when you talk about quarterbacks. Most of the quarterbacks are six feet in above six one six two because they need to be able to see over the off offense line they need to be able to throw throw around guys not necessarily perimeter. Big receivers want to see the ball. Come out of the hands of quarterback. I played in a pro bowl with doug flutie and it was hard as hail. I'm coming from vinny testaverde prior to the pro bowl. So everything. I'm seeing is coming off a vinnie's rhys i could see it. Come out when. I breakdown boom ball out. I'm looking for doug running the cut. I'm trying to find all of a sudden ish shoots are like it's coming out of machine. That's hard coaches know that now. The tide has changed to a degree. Whether it's to whether it's russell and now cuyler baker mayfield when you start to look at these six foot type. In under quarterbacks they're having some success now is it changing will it change forever. No because there's going to always be room for the sub sub zero refrigerator quarterback of the big philip rivers time. But for me. I think every six foot quarterback olds russell. Wilson tremendous You know gratitude. Because he daybreak the mole because not only has. He opened the doors for the shorter quarterback. He opened the doors for the mobile quarterback because before the most dynamic player that this leak had ever saw before russell wilson came in was michael vick. But what was the nocco michael vick. He can win a lot of games for you but he can't win and beat you from the pocket. Russell has found the balance between doing both. He shows you. And i remember mike. Singletary told me longtime ago. Greatness comes in every shape and size and russell wilson was the first one approved can come from a shorter quarterback. They can beat you from the pocket. No win the run and you know we learned something about playing michael vick. I never lost a michael vick every my career but we understood something that the same windows that he used a throw through. Those are the same ones that he used to run through so like where they don't have. The sort of quarterback doesn't have the ability to throw over the top but a defense they found a way to be equally as to be equally as dominant by throwing through the same windows that they run through because at the end of the day most teams. You always going to have a lane. So i think that russell wilson is to is to translate. I think he is the mark but the guy that has made the transition that opened the door for baker mayfield. Open door for lamar. Jackson opened the door for a column. He's going to continue to open those doors because he is one of the most outstanding quarterbacks at this game has ever seen he's doing more with less since lease no boom left in any other quarterback in late. This is an opportunity for kyla. Murray to not necessarily surpass russell wilson if he wins this football game but kinda put yourself in a position where he's going to be talked about as an mvp type candidate in a serious one because this will mark the third time in three tries consecutive the arizona cardinals. Mary have bumped off to seattle seahawks. Stop right there. Think about that key used. Just say that like it's rolling off the tongue. Think about how many other teams in the nfl if the play the seahawks span of three games understanding that division foes. No the seattle seahawks better. Because you're playing. I'm twice a year. Think about how many other teams in the league. If you said you have to go beat seattle one to three times in a row the list of teams that can do that small. It's very small but it's gonna be a challenge going to seattle chance of rain. Sixty sixty percent towel. I'm sure it will increase as get closer to the game You know it's going to be twelve th man but the snow the rain and win all of that sort of facts. Oh so that factors. We're back to this. You didn't even keep you. Just be quiet manually. Let me finish when you take a dome team outside of the dome and put them in that type of environment. It's a little bit different for dome. Teams opposed to a team coming from baltimore where rains or snows code. Arizona size retractable you. Just move them up to up to ninety five a little bit and get them up into foxborough in their dome. Yes it it's retrial. Ever ever opened up there under seventy. Yeah under seventy degrees. Yeah i haven't seen them open it up in a while so anyway. It's a little bit different for them. Look i i think they can beat them. Are the jamaa the key to this football game. It's gonna be jamal adams. You don't necessarily have to spy. Russell wilson russell wilson. Kylo mary. but you've got to pay attention to it. You gotta get him on the ground. See i think he's got to be the edges. They gotta make sure that this kid throws the ball from inside the pocket half to throw over and all those big arm. I think they have to be disciplined on the outside. When you go against guys like michael vick we you say when you get the quarterback depth. You gotta get the quarterback. Deb gotta spend back. Because you don't really do not want to. You saw that last play. What did he do. He broke the integrity. Defense got outdid built off schedule. Plays allowed his receivers get themselves open and put personal defensive backs. I think there's going to be because you can't spy column murray because you only have one spy that he can go inside the his loss. And now you're taking somebody out of the pass coverage that you need to double. You need to double hopkins in christian. Kurt is not in the you know the to sneeze at as well so it's gonna be interesting game but if seattle's wanna win we know there's going to be a shootout. We know the amazon has the ability to win a low scoring game because they do have running game they do have a somewhat. Adequate defence is no defense seattle. And that's going to be a problem. That's going to be achilles heel. The entire year got break. Yes we do. Jamal adams hasn't played a ton this season. So that's something to keep in mind too with regards to just familiarity being out there. Just real quick. I wanted to mention for people that people don't know doug flutie enough. You may not know fluidly. Ten thirty flakes russell wilson. Five eleven drew brees leading the pack at six feet and kyle murray officially at five ten. Whether or not the weather will be an issue seemingly as an obsession for art on the way though obsession can they go. Unbeaten will ask steelers super bowl champion in one minute right after sportscenter. We're just hours away from the twenty twenty nba draft. It's on espn espn radio tonight. Coverage beginning at seven thirty eastern on television on the radio. J. will will be knee-deep in draft coverage he'll be broadcasts. He's still studying. He's going to join us intact coming up at eight. Am eastern talk about it. The wolves have the first pick the warriors with clay and staff back healthy. Have the second pick. That could be very enticing. We talked about the short quarterbacks the long and short of it with drew brees. He wants a second opinion on the rib injuries. He's got five cracked ribs which led to punctured lung. One zero kemin rolled by kentavious stream at one tier barred essentially say drew a little tougher. Nick foles if you've been with us. Throughout the course of the morning. He absolutely was demolished on that play. But he's looking for a second opinion cubs president of baseball operations theo epstein stepping down before his contract was up on the north side of chicago. General manager jd. Foyer will be promoted into his spot. Baseball insider buster only joined us this morning and essentially said. There's no way the end of the line for theo from boston to chicago to. He's only forty six and he says buster does the might be involved at the ownership level. The next go around to bump up sportscenter presented by progressive insurance drivers save with progressive. Save over seven hundred fifty dollars on average. That was a mic drop moment from big ben after their win in dallas which was a little closer than they would have liked ben essentially said. Hey it's america's team. But when. I see the towels and all around the world. The pittsburgh steelers are the global team benz. When a couple super bowls ryan clark has won a super bowl here renegade man and he joins us this morning on the shell. Pennzoil performance line. Good morning ryan. We were crunching the numbers. The music do this. Because that's what the defense of highlight take. And i'll i look at my quarterback. I'm saying coach. Look at this. Get the divas feel. Punt quarterback is under duress down. Now donna one thing ryan. I would say the steelers. The steelers aren't putting much this season at all and they are just scoring drive after dr after drive but the football power index number crunchers ryan. You want to super bowl. With this organization gives the steelers they six percent chance to win out and finish the season at sixteen and in the regular campaign. What do you think about that with picking up just a little bit more. Steam week after week with mercury morris sweating somewhere in south florida. Listen mercury moore's right now is ready for his free style because you don't expect teams to go sixteen and keys played. Sports play both been on extremely good football team. Just hard to show up every week and win. It's the nfl. S kind of what. Mike tomlin was saying like. It's not college. You don't get to be ohio state and be the dominant team in baby out recruit all the people you play and so you know they still have the bills. They still have the ravens. They still have the coats and is it a possibility. Yes but it's also a possibility or was a possibility and probability at times through the first nine games that they would have lost. I don't expect them to go undefeated. But i do expect it to be between them and kansas city chiefs for the number one overall seed in. Afc woody's teams in the nfc. We certainly know ryan will not be undefeated. Who is here right. Who wins. The nfc eastwood the giants. I guess coming back to pack the cowboys. Getting andy dong back in the philadelphia eagles just being the philadelphia eagles. You know what. I look at the new york giants and it's the team had the most confidence in like. I remember when all of this started and we realized how terrible nfc east was. Many people picked the philadelphia eagles because of their coach and because of their quarterback. And we're starting to watch that. Those two people art functioning to their highest level. So when you look at gioja when you look at daniel. Joe was having a couple of weeks without turning the ball over drastically. It looks like this team is playing the best football right now. It looks like that fits please the most intense to most aggressive defense in the nfc. So if i had to pick a team. Today i would pick the new york giant and when i look at this team as well i see a team that has bought into their coach. You know i know joe. Judge was getting a lot of early on about you. Know not named the quarterback not saying if saquon barkley going to be a starter but. I think that we're starting to see some things that he's trying to teach him. He always talked about toughness in. Now you're starting to see their team. Reflect in also whenever you bench top ten pick. It tells your team that everybody is if you can play. You're going to win. And that sends a message throughout the entire teen to. Hey the best players are going to play in. Everybody has equal opportunity. keyshawn johnson. That's important bart j will ensue. Progressive insurance august joins us on shell pennzoil performance line. You have that little bit of a delay there. So sorry about that ryan. Go right ahead. you got him. I was just saying though. Like i remember being on teams where you felt like the best player would play. I remember being in pittsburgh knowing that if a fifth round draft pick undrafted free agent could help us that that guy was going to play and so you practice that way. You work that way and you start to see those things on the field in new york. Giants absolutely reflect who. Joe judge's and right now he's showing that leadership being able to delegate being able to reach people as much more important than the x.'s. And o.'s when you're picking hey coaches ryan when you look at the afc east to new england. Patriots are playing a little better here in the last couple of weeks. They beat up on the they squeak one out against the new york jets and they beat up on the baltimore ravens and got out of there. With w buffalo loses a heartbreaker to arizona in miami is rolling along with to who wins the afc. Now i think it's the buffalo bills but i think they have to win in week seventeen. I think he's gonna come down to that week. I think the miami dolphins have a little bit harder of a schedule going here down the stretch and you know they'll lose some games like the buffalo bills lose one or two win. That game is going to decide when you look at brian floor and with the miami dolphins or doing that team is the sending but you gotta realize the buffalo bills also put themselves in a position where they still have half game lead so going down the stretch with his defense playing a little bit better with josh allen. Kind of being up and down. But we've seen him play. Will the last two weeks other than some erin throws against the arizona cardinals. I think this is going to be a race to the finish that the buffalo bills just edged out the miami dolphins. Let me get this right. Keyshawn j. zubin is presented by progressive. Insurance all join us on the show. Pennzoil performance line ryan when you look at the chicago bears and matt nagy. What happens moving forward with nick. Foles i guess he's on his show. And then mitch trubisky trying to get healthy. What happens after by. I mean in the position for me. I think men aggie has to admit it right matt. Nagy has to come to his team during the bye week and say you know what guys i miss this one up. I was so i was so ready to get get by mitchell trubisky. I was so ready to get over with him to get past and get to. Nick foles that i didn't really see what he could do for our team. I didn't really see that. If i just who i was as a coach it will work. I had not had to take his ego out of it. Go back to mitchell trubisky. Because you've got a defense. Playing chapman is championship caliber. Football and your office is terrible. Offense is horrible. Like i don't know if there's an office in the league that i would pick the chicago bears in front of and so when you have this opportunity with an ageing defense. You don't have a lot of picks. You have to capitalize when you can. And i believe if matt nagy doesn't get this fix that the chicago bears may be looking for a new. Hey coach heading into next year. You know ryan you've been seeing in college merged praises and deservedly sold. The guy's came in and kinda picked off where he left off in college. I think the fact that he's able to be comfortable in the same office of system. And then you look at russell wilson. We've been talking about. How great he was playing. But he's kinda come back to earth you talk about the turnover seven and the turnover these over the previous weeks here but are we overlooking the los angeles rams and the fact that i believe that they're the most complete team within individual eventually offensively when it's all said and done which one of those teams you can win that division. You're absolutely right. I think we overlooked the rams. Because the quarterbacks those other two teams are so exciting and we like we enjoy watching them play. But you look at the rams defensively. They probably have to the best position players in the nfl. And aaron download and jalen ramsey darius williams balling on the other side in the package. Leonard floyd of rushing the quarterback and then offensively when they run the ball. I established the line of scrimmage jared. Goff those weapons play extremely well. I think it's the best team and the most complete team in the nfc west to board. I think that that's the team ends up winning it. Even if it's not the team that we want to watch the most interesting we'll have to keep our eyes on that it's a huge game tomorrow night and it could be a huge game in determining the winner of the nfc west. We'll see ryan this morning on. Get up with greeny and company at eight pm eastern and then would stephen a molly at ten. Am ryan thank you so much a run a single handedly bring him back. The a single handling bringing a narrow collar back. I've tried to address for success. And the super bowl champion right. Thanks very much all right on the way. We haven't really touched on this this morning. This is normally a big deal. Tonight's the nba draft will fill in the blank. Fill in the blank. Who will be tonight's number. One overall pick self explanatory fellas. I'll give you a couple of categories will fill in the blank. We'll start with the nba draft tonight. Espn eight eastern. Jay wills gonna join us here coming up at eight. am eastern. He'll be ready for the draft at eight pm eastern hills to be there to break it down mike. Schmidts draft analyst will join us at eight ten eastern and cash stanley from duke coping. Here's name call tonight will join us at eight. Thirty am eastern. That's your rundown fellas. Here we go fill in the blank key. Fill in the blank will be the number one pick in tonight's nba draft lamelo ball lamelo ball number one pick in the nba draft. They like his length. They like his size like his about five years ago. Many might have been five eleven all of a sudden they do six seven six eight. I mean he you know he's got some pedigree. I could see him in in the morning overall for me. I think i'm going to go with Anthony edwards. I think if minnesota's capes the number one overall pick you got the ngelo russell there you've got karl anthony towns. You know you wanna you want somebody that can be a shooting guard. That can fill up the box score. I think that's the perfect complement. But i don't know i expect more trades in this draft in any other drive before in the nba. You know they like they like potential in youth if a guy is twenty one versus a guy that's eighteen they'll go. I like the guy that's eighteen. This old man's drive to four year type guy draft indeed. I'm sure many of you have heard of lamelo ball. Anthony edwards played collegiately one season at georgia. The warriors got the number two pick that is spicy. They screw it up. They trying to move that one. Screw it up their injuries. How about this quick note on clay clay's not playing a single game in the nba. Since game six of the twenty nine thousand nine hundred finals the game he got hurt. He has not played since. June of twenty nine hundred took the ghost. Words lakers air by climate. We off season. Here we go. This is the big one. James harden will play for fill in the blank this coming season. it's a referendum. Yeah they the deal. Probably want him getting done at some point. That's where he wants to be. That's the way wants to go. He doesn't want to be in. Houston i know. A lot of people are talking about one hundred and three million dollars that he turned down with the extension. But you gotta remember if he comes in new york and he goes a brooklyn he wins. There's more shoe money on the table for him. Not that he needs anymore but also they're gonna give him an extension in may not be a hundred and three million. What's the difference between eighty and one hundred and three much. You already got made bank about five hundred million. i mean. i think it's ran. Its course right in houston. He understands that he can't win. They're the project no small ball ball. Big man it was crazy that he's coming here he's gonna play for d'antoni again and play that same style ball. I know nashes the coach. But i think he definitely plays for the nets because when you look at how the golden state warriors playing. I think this offense were more favored to go to say worst offense. The ball moves can be beautiful basketball. And i think everybody you know will kind of take less to be to achieve more indeed. Mike d'antoni if you missed that story is now back. He's an assistant with the brooklyn nets. Of course he coach. Steve nash obviously hardens great. Play his best play of his career. Came under dantonio fills. Let's combo this one because we want to just kind of run through it. The steelers i lost this season will come against. I'm just gonna run off the schedule. And then you just chime in bony have to add jaguars not a chance raven. Homebrew the ravens thanksgiving thanksgiving. Ravens it comes against raven so that's bartender thanksgiving night. The third of three games on thanksgiving night. He love ravens. The ravens beat the hell out of the steelers. They just had the turnovers. They been checking quick versus the washington football team. You still have to find their first loss if there is one no i think. They think that they have a chance to go. Undefeated run at buffalo. I think they win at bengals win home versus the colts win. At cleveland win. So that's it. Those other teams are going to be desperate. Those who be decimals other teams toward the end of the season. Ain't got nothing right. You taking called the cold. The cold take indiana dome and you putting them in and with this is different india. They got the number one defense in the league and they got a ground and pound type of offense. I believe you know the thing is been what about his health going to get those tough defense. He go against the ravens. You go against buffalo. He against a coastal. There's some of the top defenses in the game. Big bands already. Been you know hamper. If you get to the end of the season would you consider resting. Been knowing that you've got number one overall you know slot locked up. So that's why. I think i think if into all that. Then that's something different. But if he's zuma said quick. So i think that if you get into what you're getting into what he's saying that's different than what i'm saying. What i'm saying is if they decide to play them the entire way. They're gonna go undefeated. I'm in an inappropriate cousin. Comes over to talk too much. Say do your job. The parental lines depres. He likes to call himself all right. So pittsburgh is that mentionable end the season at cleveland. Maybe key says sixteen to no on the line that sunday this year for the browns has been fill in the blank. It's been fine fine fine nothing. I mean the browse man they they. They got a chance to win the wild card. Get a wildcard spot and get bounced in the playoff. But if they get into wildcard. They're the one team that can upset a favorite because they have something they got a decent defense but they have a run game. That is ridiculous you talked about last week. Job coming back over. One hundred yards rushing. You talk about kareem hunt hundred yards rushing. That's the type arrested people success in the postseason. When you know is going to be bad inclement weather if you have a running game you have opportunity to win in this league and polcies. What happened in denver. Ma oh no. We bought allston. Cleveland does have the. Nfl's long ran away. Remember you call it a key no talking about last week but go here. Maybe that extra spot will finally end that turkey. The fill in the blank is the best division in the nfl. Right now. Destination and football. That's tough nfc. West got three teams at six and three niners have four wins west. I've se- seems right. Yes seems really six. And three teams yeah. Nfc west but you could also argue which is crazy. You could look at the south end. Nfc even know the records a weird atlanta in a record we're with the carolina panthers it just they play teams tough. And you know you could also look at. You also can look Afc east side of the jets right. I'm gonna ask c. north. I mean because you just talk about pittsburgh you talk about the ravens you talk about cleveland. All three of those teams can be in the playoffs. Yeah you could do. Afc north cincinnati takes you all the way down to the wire every week. Right to bars. Point and undefeated team leagues only undefeated team a pair of six and three teams and a really scrappy team at the bottom of the division. So that might be the answer. Now that i kinda always good thing. Gold bars it's got. It feels like the right answer. That's for sure. On the way the cowboys need more wins. They might not get him but they might be getting more fans. That's thanks for listening. To keyshawn. Jay williams zubin make sure to subscribe rate in review. 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