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Welcome to the inova. Bus podcast with l. Job is to help you don't visibility p- professional credibility and connection with your ideal client like putting a human at the center of innovative marketing. So you can build and strengthen and engaging enduring relationship with your clients on european straps from his and honored that your here with me if you haven't joined our wonderful marketing transformation community yet go to see and collect your free gift as well known do subscribe to the show and also labor review because it helps abbas find so. Let's get into today's master. Close on this podcast. When you have an inkling of an idea go for it don't sit on it because you could regret it later or you might not have an amazing opportunity develop because of it so i would say i'm about going for it doing it and then it's not being perfect but it's done and also no regrets absolutely do stuff. If you think you'll regret not doing it. Then you should probably do it. You know as long as it's law abiding and hurt anybody. Welcome back. i hope you've had an awesome weeks of if you haven't yet listened to my recent conversations with paulie innovator. Dustin miller and with photographer john d'amato then do check them out. But only after you've listened to today's conversation. I'm really excited to have on of bus. Podcast is my guest today. Lee way hara. A former teacher and reporter turned. Podcast is the co founder of pods on a virtual conference for podcasters and the co founder of the asian american podcasters association. She also runs four podcasts. Self and produces many alba's for clients in our discussion today late. Talk to me about the keys to staging a successful online event. We talked about keeping your vision in focus and taking action towards that vision. Leash it an interesting anecdote about a fly. Think mark pants and the lesson from that and without further ado. Let's fly into the hive and get the buzz from lee way era. Hi i'm your host jagged strauss from and overby and. I'm really excited to welcome today to the another buzz. Podcast all the way from new york in the usa. Lee way harrow. Who's a podcast a photographer a speaker and author and she's coastal pods on and host of the house of show. Welcome to the another bus podcast. It's a real privilege. Heavy is my guest. Thank you so much i you. I didn't know you were going to say so much about me. Oh my god here. You've got so many amazing guests. Thank you happy new year. Happy new year. You're getting you know it's the year of the ox. Did you know that the year of the ox. now. I didn't check it. But i'm just amazed that i'm in twenty twenty just flew by and close. We had so much stuff going. Twenty twenty so twenty. Twenty one can only be better kinda seriously right. A new horizons great things to To do oh by the way. Do you have any new year tradition. Not really so. What i do is on the first day of the new year. I try to do something physical like a bike ride and drag my kid along and i figure it's a good time to do it in the morning because everybody else is recovering from their. That's right well. I i actually did take advantage of those times. Yeah so when when it's quiet exactly so you know. I just hope that your listeners have an amazing twenty twenty one. Yes sola best for twenty twenty one and let's hope that we get this get on top of this virus. All across the world is exciting developments with immunizations. And andy. vaccine's coming down the track. So let's hope we can get back to some some sense of normal and have a kind of boring year in somewhat. Good point all right. Well i had the honor to be one of the present on on twenty where where i met you. You hosted together with danielle. So it's wonderful to follow up on on that appearance there with the conversation here on the another bus. Podcast you know. And that's everybody listening. Needs to know that that's how it works when you connect then you connect right. Yeah that's right. It's all about building human relationships. Now you started off fuel career. I guess as a teacher. And then you transitioned at some point to podcast or photographer. And i know you also do a little bit of training which is another hobby of mine. Now headed you first start podcasting. And how did that come about that. You transition from the casting right. Well we have to turn the clock back a little bit before the teaching where i was in publishing an and was an actual news reporter. Yes and so. I had the equipment in a drawer collecting dust somewhere and one day i decided to pull it out but with a friend who said that she would like to start a podcast together. And that didn't pan out. But i had the equipment on my kitchen table. So i thought why not. It's not an and i've been thinking about doing a podcast for forever. Like probably some of the listeners. And i have to tell you just get started. And that's really what i did. I sat down and i just started recording. I thought well now is better time than any. It's it's interesting though you. I guess you had the equipment you your intention was to use it in your news recording career but then you the motivation for starting. The podcast was more equipment. Who might as well use said. What did you start podcasting about in the early days nearly days. Yes so. I really had no plan other than you know what i had started a youtube channel and i had this tip. I made a video called I think twelve plus tips on how to stay warm at an outdoor football game and And so i thought i would use that as the basis. I i knew. I wanted to provide tips of some sort Hacks or you know resourceful living ideas. And so i thought well let me let me start with that one. Because that's contents. I already had know. Repurposing content is fabulous for this purpose. Especially when i had no idea what i was really going to do the show about a long term you know and so i think i also might have done a review of an nbc. Show here called. This is us in the jimmy fallon show and maybe even the half full asari. The halftime super bowl. Performance here in the. Us was really not not planned out at all. No and and what kind of what was the transition then to something that had a coherent same going through it well. And that's what. I think folks find is as they do their shows and they're moving along you you refine things or fine tune them. And that's what i did in phil house of leeann y c became a show for life's random hacks how to's tips in. Diy's and i recently started a new show. Can i tell you about that one true. So i'm nine episodes in at the time of our recording here today and i decided to put it all together all those things that you mentioned in my bio so i started a local neighborhood news. Show fo- surco going back to the news news reporter there you go. We can't we can't. We cannot run away from who we are. I guess in the end. Yeah and so this is about what's happening in your local community correct and tell you getting the word out about that one so anytime i need someone which is what i would do with any other show is. Hey do you listen to podcasts. And no can i show you. Will you pull out your phone. Let me show you how this works. Let me subscribe for you. You're one of those people that subscribes somebody else. It's been working all right. Well let's talk about pods on then. And when did you start i dot pods on and why sure will thank you for asking. So we're now going on to our third year and pod. Thon is an annual virtual conference and we started it well before covid and so as again. We're in our third year. And i also co founded asian american podcasters association and. I got together with danielle zere. Who's the founder of the women of color podcasters group and we've formed pod don as a way to highlight podcasters of color as speakers and we wanted to provide a stage for folks to present their amazing content and then go on to other bigger stages globally which is what has happened and the reason we started is because we noticed at the time. Many rejections were going out in terms of speakers. Submissions and speaker notices at a bigger hod casting conferences and we thought why why wait for somebody to say no. Let's just start it getting. Yeah that's a good tip there if you're getting lots of rejections from teaches your might start your own. That's right. which is why. I started the news. Show the What what some of the challenges when you first decided to stop pods on. I mean you mentioned it was your intent was to go virtual right from the get go so had nothing to do with the pandemic. It was a conscious decision just as a business model what what was some of the challenges to get it off the ground. Get people on board on. Get it up and running. Yes all of that. We had to find speakers we had to find attendees we had to let people know about it and create create awareness and excitement for it and then what was your final question how we got it up and running we use. Zoom zoom is amazing. I've been an account holder for years. Her the zoom when you zoom was what you did. Further sessions itself the One of the things. I was curious about all kind of and remember how i how i across pods zone. And and what kind of prompted me to get in touch. But i guess it was. I must have seen something that said calling for speakers and so well putting a pitch and obviously got accepted. I was really impressed with the whole process that you went throwing looking off the speakers and getting speakers prepaid knowing what to expect from the sessions so weld on that because i've had other experiences that were total opposite route across the spectrum up to really good and Headed you so. What kind of things did you do to promote. And get the word out to attract speakers Well thank you for the compliment. We do take pride in the way we run things and how we got word out. Is we just sent words to everyone. We knew hey. Would you mind sharing that. We have a speaker window. Open a submission process open and please if it resonates with you. Please share it. And that's what folks did you know not everybody did. You're always going to run into a no somewhere right but it's it's to you know. Put that to the side and keep going. What were your criteria for selecting speakers so with anything you want quality content. You want a really good pitch and one that it tells folks what they're going to get from the presentation but also a really attention grabbing title for your talk right so no one wants to hear. Oh here ten years of what. I've learned through podcasting. Well that's not a very punchy catchy phrase is it. You should have to repackage it. So we were. We were also looking for qualitative Presenters meaning who were really invested in putting on a good talk and i think In an earlier conversation we had you talked about actually settling for a much lower number of speakers than you had planned initially because the quality was so important yes and so we decided that we wanted quality over quantity so of that meant. We only had ten speakers than that's what we were going with. Unfortunately i think the first year we had our almost twenty for the two days. But you're right me you know we don't want to waste anybody's time we don't wanna waste our own time and certainly we don't want to waste time of of the speakers to Yeah it was certainly a pretty impressive lineup. The second time around. And i had the privilege also to be on a panel discussion on the other people on that penha laws completely blown away so i know you've introduced me to one of those people but that was a fascinating conversation that really. I mean it was totally free flow. It was all about How you conduct interviews. If i remember correctly and that was were given in terms of coming to the party there was three questions and then we had a bit of a rehearsal got to know one another and it was just magic are really good quality content looking forward to finding out what's going to happen in twenty twenty one so he plans on the books already we do. We do july seventeen eighteen. Sorry july seventeen eighteen twenty twenty one. So yes the it's in the books and we are in planning stages now so we're excited as well. Thank you so much We'll have to keep a lookout for that and we'll make sure that people know about it so that listening and if i have a really good topic a really good speaker and can contribute some valuable information than said a lot of that gaza as a speaker as possible baker arkansas. So wonderful experience through the experience of presenting the but also the whole process from beginning to end. And even the lovely touch about a personal. Thank you card from you. And danielle with a photo of the two of you with hits hits on if i remember correctly and a little badge a little on edge a really wonderful experience over out. I'll thank you so much. You know we we. We wanted to say thank you somehow. So i'm glad that that that that touchdown reached you. I'm glad it made it over to australia. From new york. City didn't end up in a river. Someway look a lot of the votes. Apparently all right well. We'll move past that one so you talked about the rejection from the conferences. So tell us a little bit more about that in terms of what your experiences. Because i had arisen experience and also that was a core not because of the rejection because of the basically just being ignored and well it was It was the podcast movement. That went virtual in when i went virtual. I got excited. Thought off can go along. Because i hadn't budgeted on traveling to the us for the live event. Also virtual right all participate and all put in a space mission which i did and i got an acknowledgement saying. We received a speaker submission. We'll be back in touch and that was the last. I heard of it until until i started sending out the the anticipation emails of saying. Hey we've we've his the first set of speakers and then later on night announced another Bunch of speakers and also it will. I guess i didn't get a gig but would have been nice if the head of come back and said i'm sorry. We had always wonderful submissions. And you missed out on this occasion. Oh that would have been at least shorts the wrong way to do. I'm sorry that happened. Did you email them and ask what happened. But in their defense. I know that they do send out things so maybe yours when mixed through the cracks. I don't know but i'm sorry that happened. That's you know we we do our best to even even folks who don't make it to the speaker round we do send them an email and i'm sorry that happened on what send my name on. Just just have to be a bit careful workers as our site. It's not it's not about the rejection. it's i had come back and said sorry. You missed out. Would i wouldn't have been thrilled about it. But at would have been okay know are yawn and maybe some feedback would have even been gripe to next on. Give something more interesting right right what. What's been your experience. You talked to bet. Lots of rejections from the big conferences. So i have. I have pretty much been able to speak at most conferences. I apply to But there have been a couple where it just didn't work out for me but in terms of the the rejections when we started hotline we a lot of people were getting rejected or or just not accepted and a fair amount were podcasters of color and so we thought well let's just create our own stage and that's what we did. Yeah yeah it's a bit said that still going on these days. But i guess we're seeing signs of that all across the saudi. Unfortunately well i think things are getting better little by little. You know they're there. I think because what's important is when we see something we should really just say something and speak up and even if it's just a simple mention of hey did you notice anything about your entire eaker schedule and you know they're nice ways to say that kind of thing but i think it's important to speak up definitely. Yeah yeah i agree. If she say something speak about speak up i think what. Who's the quote by the ol- it takes for able to triumph Good people to stay silent. Yes that's powerful. And i don't i anybody anybody. We'll look it up afterwards. i noticed you. you're also into photography. Is that a lifelong hobie luck. I have as a lifelong hopi or did that. Come through your journalism right. So i have been of otographer most of my life Started when i received my first camera. Which was the kodak brownie. Way back when and remember that and We'll maybe you're too young for that but the one ten cartridges in one was a fox camera. Oh my gosh. We'll see so. You know joe still have in my cabinet here as it is nice. Nice well so then i. I was actually trained as time for. I went to school for that funny enough. And i have been a photographer on the side and never made it a full-time thing until recently i decided to go ahead and beat the photographer i was always meant to be and then covert hit. Because you would come to me if you want your your photo taken. When you're speaking at an event i am. I am a keynote. Slash event action photographer. I don't do weddings. That don't do but mitzvahs. I don't i just do strictly people in action as well as environmental portraiture so that kind of got a little I don't even know what to say about that. Other than i segue. Pivoted to using my photo journalism skills alongside reporting. And i started doing that right before. Covert and i. I actually worked. I was a speaker anti worked as a photographer at pod fest in Florida before covid really we. That was like the last live podcasting conference before everything got shut down. We were all quite fortunate about that. And then since then. I have not been doing speaker. Photos clearly But have i answered the question. I don't want to babylon yeah. Well the timing. The timing is a little unfortunate. I was speaking with john. D'amato who's a photographer new york city and he's very similar so he's had his photography business for a lot longer than he was he was a thriving business and of course when covid hit all of a sudden everything he was doing stopped a lot of what he was doing was events and speakers and authors because and he started doing photography the of virtual events. So you actually has figured out a way where he can. Present photographs of virtual events and also the virtual photography four the speaker on the author osa which still captures the essence of them and gives them some photographic assets that they can use in a marketing and websites. and whatever. yes yes and i. It's funny you mentioned that. Because i was thinking about how to do that because i do that. Just for funsies for friends. When i know. They're in an event. But you know the the fact that somebody's monetize that i really need to look into that as well. So that's great. I'm i'm happy for him. Good get great. Congratulations yeah well. Hopefully we can get back to some semblance of in person events. soon i We've just head out twentieth day here in in the state. I live in australia at twenty style. Zero new cases in the community zero which And given where we were two months ago that is really impressive. Did involve a pretty severe lockdown and severe restrictions on people's movement. Well i will have to say that a just a few hours ago new york city schools have closed for in person learning. So so you can have your son at home schooling. Well will still be learning but you know online so yeah there goes my tuesday so with the so. Have you brought in that photography into that local journalism. Can you still get out and about and take photos of what's happening around the community absolutely absolutely and you know the other thing. I did this for anyone. Who's looking to pivot or use their skill set. Which is this figure out an outlet for it. So what i did as soon as i saw the writing on the wall. I started an instagram account. Where i was just documenting what. I would see daily while walking my dog because really. We're supposed to stay at home. But because i have a dog i have to go outside. So that was one outlet. I used and yes. I do. Use my photography for the local news. Show that i now Produce correct Role was to get out with your dog. That's hot will I guess one of the other things. I was interested in your podcast. I know you've got several podcasts. Do you have any that involve guest conversations like we're having now sure sure in fact one of them will two of them are co-hosted and so there's always a conversation but on those sometimes you bring in a guest and then there are three conversations or three people in a conversation but yes i do interview and have guests on the show for sure for sure what. What can i answer for you about that. While i'm curious to know how do you go about preparing you. Guest and setting them up. Given the experience. I had with putts on our imagine. It's a very sarah preparation you know what i think. You're your process is a lot more thorough than mine. So i never take unsolicited People and i always extend a personal invitation. So a when i acquire guest. It's usually because i'm talking to them in. I've connected with them. And then i say oh. Hey i if you wanna talk about xyz and you wanna come on the show. Just let me know of be great to have you. And then what i do you know. Then you ask for the profile photo of course in the bio and is this the kind of information you're looking for your should i keep going okay. And then and then at the beginning of the oh and then i'll say you know we'll talk about x. y. and z. Right and let me know if there's something you don't want to talk about because i'm not doing gotcha journalism. I don't wanna do that right. And then at the beginning. I will record their consent. You know Could you please say and say your full name and spell it. What's the date your grain appear on the show. You know though unusual disclaimer stuff and then we just get right into it and sometimes you know with guest. You have to stop the recording and and mentioned a few things if if the show's not going or the episode recording is not going the way you think as the host should be going. Yeah that's journalism background that you've always got the confidence to know. You've you have control and you can. You can stop in coast correct if things on working out as you as you want them. That's right you know because sometimes has this happened to you where you think you've got a really interesting subject matter with a guest you think is is like Entertaining as well right. And then it turns into book pitch or they're just trying to sell their products right. Has that ever happened to you. Oh yes right so okay. One that i went back and redid the whole episode. Because it was very self-centered at even the second time around does probab- octroi hans out probably wouldn't publish it right right and so just know that we we have. I give you all permission. I give you permission to give myself permission to stop hit pause on the recording. Hey listen i'm gonna give you time at the end where you can mention this. But you've gotta stop otherwise. I'm not gonna be able to use this and then you resume and then you know. This has happened a couple of times. But i also think that when when we when we do this will be taken this action where we say. Hey this is not. This is not we. Don't do this here kind of a thing. Then the universe in some ways stops sending guests like that. Because you see did you know. cosmos or whatever what your what your boundaries are. You know what i mean. Yeah being really clear about the boundaries. But i think what you mentioned earlier is is the idea of reaching out personally to the guest and building that relationship to with allows you to then jumping lock you've described if things are not progressing properly if they're doing a picture so it's funny because i was having conversation not with someone who has been on my show but will we actually connected about something else and we were having this conversation and i don't know how we got onto it but we were talking. The question came up of. How do you manage guests. Because he's a podcast as well. How do you manage a guest that comes on. You clearly can tell rod from the get go that you don't actually get on with this. I knew this no human connection there. So how do you manage that. And i said well i've had that happened a couple of times. What did you do. What did you tell us what what did you do. Well i look for the things common ground and and spoke about those and then dug into those so it was and you have to be prepared to let go of you know. I'm not going to be disposed. Not going to be my best friend and after this conversation the relationship might go as separate wise again and that's okay but right now it's about getting them to share what they have. That's evaluate my audience. Yes and i think you were very clear because you knew the goal you know in anytime you stop and you think or are you have to and think Is this going. Well you wanna think about what your big picture goal is and whether going and continuing meats and fits with that. Yeah that's right and occasionally i've had a show where i thought on hunting called publish. He saw got some recordings said. I've never published for whatever reason. But then i got back to the personnel say. Look we're not going to publish. This gives them the reason. Yes exactly exactly. I've had to do that a couple of times too. I think we all have you know the more that you do it. The more that will happen but the easier it gets when those things do happen. That's right and if you do. That's why i like your preparation and the philosophy of building that relationship so first of all. You've you've decided that person's interesting enough to have on your show so you approach them to bring them on. Then you have the conversation around Building a relationship. I and let's talk about xyz. Because that's the thing that i think is really fascinating about you and would help my audience and Then i think that sits the whole environment in a way that almost guarantee success. Yes i will say. Thank you for that and i will say that a couple of times when you speak to people one on one. It seems fine but then you put a microphone in front of them and they freeze. And then i was just like i cannot use this but in that case you know i i really appreciated some of the information so i i just chopped it up and did voice overs. So sometimes you think something is unsalvageable or unusable. If that's a word and and you can find the nuggets like you were saying earlier you know. Go for what you wanted them to share. Yep that's right her i will. This is fascinating or could talk more about oli sings podcasting. Photography and women even got onto bike by culture. Now you do a little bit of by catching us little about that. Wow thank you. that's a. That's that's really funny that you mention that because yes i was a concierge by coach for many years and what that means is just was a high end coach that worked around my own hours and i was certified right but Before i do that. I wanted to ask you. What kind of photography do you do me. I do probably mainly landscape and animal photography. So at the moment i'm trying to capture these Their coach purple crowned lorikeets. Who for the first time. Since we've been in this house which is being well over. Twenty years. I've come into the garden into one of the flowering shrubs that we have here feeding on those shrubs. They actually there around every year over in the park but now they've come into the garden so started photographing them and lots of joy out of that because they're very colorful but also very fast moving and really well camouflaged. That's quite a challenge to photograph them. Wow so you'll have to tell me off line like what lens and stuff you use but You need to email me one of those pictures. I've gotta see this okay Back to bike coaching. Well i was in a previous life. I was a motorcycle instructor. And when i found out that you could become certified is a bicycle instructor. I thought oh my gosh. What a no brainer. And i could probably reach it affect more people in change their lives and and teaching children and adults how to ride and ride better right in traffic commute that kind of thing and what was the question you what. What am i supposed to be answering about that exactly. Just tell us a little bit more better at night. Hey got into that. So and and a lot of and a lotta people marvel because they think everybody knows how to ride a bike and that's not true. That's not true. And in fact i a lot of my customers or clients were adults as well as children and so in fact what i want to say about that is. I started by coaching. Well yeah because it was easier than motorcycle teaching right. But i also wanted something where i can work around my my son. I because at the time. I was a teacher and i took childcare leaves that i could take care of him and i knew i wanted to plant the seeds of owning some kind of business and working for myself and that was what i had at hand and and i really i still enjoy teaching and so i thought that was the way i could continue to work and do it on my own my own time. And that's how that started but i did recently when i decided to switch over to being a full time photographer. I stopped becoming bike coach. I stopped being a by coach. And in fact i still get calls. You know to this day about. Oh hey. Can you help me like this. One woman wanted to have helped writing up a hill here in new york city. That's very steep and my answer to her. what so. I basically ended up coaching her for free via facebook messenger. Because i didn't want her to go away. feeling dejected. do not teaching anymore. But like i my theory and my philosophy is that one can ride up a hill. You just have to be in the right gear at the right time always really. That's all it is yet. And there's lots of i mean that that's a great Note to finish that that little conversation. Because there's a lot of fabulous metaphors. I sometimes take out of my bike riding and and the anyone can write up any hill. you just have to be in the right gears. Crite metaphor in business are one of the facing a challenge. How you can get through. You can get over this challenge. You just have to have the right equipment and the right support. That's right. that's what kind of bike riding do you do. I do lots of road riding. I also a little bit of mountain bike riding. Not single tracks stuff. Just janos fire tracks and Royal trials alright. Trials are a lot of fun recently. I put some water tires on my roadblock and started exploring some of the gravel roads. He which is fun too because there's not a lot of traffic mice. Heck i will listen feign fabulous. We've covered Podcasting we've covid Photography was covered bach riding. So i think he'd all passions that i have So it's probably good time to move onto the buzz which is our innovation round. And it's designed to help a audience and listeners who primarily innovators ladies in filled with some tips from your experience of got five questions and ugly will give us reeling software. Alliance's that'll inspire the listener. Gundy something awesome as a result today. I hope so. Gosh that's a lot of pressure. But i'll do my best. So what do you think the number one thing is. Anyone is to do to be more innovative. Yes i e need to be. You need to be yourself. And i know you've got a funny story that goes with that or about what. Oh my gosh the funny you bring that up so what you're referring to is really as capturing the essence of being one's self. And so what he's referring to is a recent pta parent teacher association election. That came up. I was new to the school with my son because he moved out of elementary school. And there was a position open. That i thought was interesting and as we all know. Most positions within the peachy. Don't an election because nobody wants to do them in so but apparently i was wrong about this one position and so there was a another candidate and she was very experienced and had done a lot of good things for the school already so she. She was sort of like an incumbent of sorts. although she'd never held that position before. And so basically i. I reached out to the candidate and i said hey because of these unprecedented times you wanna do the job together and she was basically like no and i was like okay game on and so an and i couldn't withdraw because the the leadership had already posted are bios sense it out to all the pair body and i was like okay. Well i'm in it now. And so basically i came up with this dick where i use the recent. Us vice presidential a debate as part of it. Remember when mike pence had a fly on his head. And so i created a fly. And i put it on my head but before then as i was about to go on they called my name so that i could you know it was my turn to give the speech and mind you. This is all during zoom and it's alive polling voting process. So you're sitting there while everybody's voting in front of you right so you've got a smile and everything so i thought okay. I'm about to go on the call. My name and in a split moment a moment of doubt. Oh should i. Should i do the fly. The fly act and has like oh. I don't know if i should do it. But then the split second later literally the words were nah. I just i gotta be me and ultimately i won. The election was sixty percent of the vote with fly on my head swatter. And i'm happy to show the picture of the year later but in that moment had i not been a hundred ten percent le- i probably wouldn't have gotten sixty percent of the ida who knows what would have happened. But because i was me. And i did it in authentic way. And that's when i say be yourself you've got a truly be you end offensive. That's that's really important isn't it. It's not couldn't the the the different to what they will experience. When i work with you and and i'm guessing that you had plenty of substance in your speeches. Well yes yes. I thank you i did i gave. I gave a good speech. I thought and the thing is. They said that we had a minute and a half to give a speech so as a speaker i said i said what's the time limit gave me a minute. Half an i rehearsed in rehearse to get it down to that minute and a half. Where's everybody else was like. Six seven minutes literally was policy. But yes You have to have substance in you have to. You just have to be authentic. I know i sound like a broken record but and the preparation is another important there. Which i think you glossed over a little bit but you rehearse rehearse do not just with in the timing so i'm assuming that you will so make sure that the message was still very clear even though you probably trimmed what you started with down to that ninety seconds. Yes and doing it all. I'll do that ninety seconds and figuring out the best did he says so. The fly on my head would stick and and how to position the fly swatter so the zoom camera would hit it. Just right. I mean a lack goes into election. Y'all zoom great. All right. well what's the best thing you've done to develop new ideas yuppie. Be myself literally. So and i i know it sounds maybe mundane and boring but if if we are ourselves and we're allowed we allow ourselves to be ourselves then we have the freedom to brainstorm and come up with the wacky hist craziest awesome wonderful ideas and to pick from those and see which stick and of course take action on them. Yes yeah right okay now. Do you have a favorite resource use. Most often so i love transcription A i artificial intelligence rights transcription so Wait state the question one more time. The my favorite resource yes resort. That's my favorite resource. Yep so you use it for all your podcasting. So i use it. Also you know what i it's. It's one of my productivity tips. And what i do with it. In addition to transcription for podcasting. Is i use it to write books. So when i'm walking my dog. I'm also working because i hold my recorder up to my mouth and i and i i chat up chapter and then when i have it transcribed. I have the draft of my tractor or section. So that's a that's one tip. That i i absolutely adore and i try to tell everybody so. I'm glad you touched on that. Yeah yeah that's a great great way to do that. And one of the other things. I'd i've been using it full more more. Recently to you know you talked earlier about repurposing content. If you take. Let's say a podcast and transcribe it but then take that transcription and just really taught it up and turn it into a complete blog post or mockby a solar video that i've done. I've done a lot of that with with videos that have done. And then use that transcription as part of the either whether it's a of blow post or A lesson that we're doing some of our courses that's right that's right and you can pull from it and use quotes for social media posting as well you can do a lot of things with with co once you've created the content you. There's so many options. You're absolutely right. Wonderful all right now. What's the best way to cape a project on track. Best way to keep a project on track is accountability. So you can buddy up with someone and agree to check in at such and such time or Or you can have a a group of people and do what's called co working session pods you keep open either facebook messenger or what's app or email some kind of or even google groups and whenever you want to get work done you can say hey anybody up for co working today and you know open up a zoom link and do the work and maybe even use a pomodoro time you know the twenty five minute increments of work type timer who here. The accountability is a really powerful motivators. And i locked the idea of the yes. Votes co working session pods could even do it on. Zooming have people on video so you can say them actual and not goofing off doing something else. What normally happens is you say. Hey you check in and then you turn it on you turn off video and the the mute the microphone and in twenty five minutes or whatever. The determined agreed upon time is than the buzzer goes off and then you say hey. How's it going. did you get it done. Should we do another one that kind of thing but you could keep a video on if you wanted for sure. So it's kind of like a mix of the pomodoro with an accountability. Buddy isn't yes her on and you've probably answered this already but i'll ask it anyway. What's the number one thing. Anyone can do to differentiate themselves be yourself and what you said is take action on being yourself. Yeah i love it. And he's given us plenty of examples of that. How you do it and and ideas for how to be authentic around that as well. Yes and You know if. I could just add when you have an inkling of an idea. Go for it. Don't sit on it because you could regret it later or you might not have an amazing opportunity developed because of it so i would say i'm about going for doing it and then it's not being perfect but it's done and also no regrets absolutely do stuff. If you think you'll regret not doing it. Then you should probably do it. You know as long as it's law abiding and doesn't hurt anybody. Yeah that's right and i love. The done is better than perfect philosophy. L. thankfully this has been really fabulous network. Can people find out more back you and maybe even reach out and say thanks for your shed today. Sure the easiest way is lee. At house of lee nyc dot com. Easy will post that in the show. Notes to mike. Show people find it. And then i noticed a whole lot of resources. They that to your different podcasts. And other activities. Let's thank you now. Do you have some parting advice. Ellison today take action or whatever it is you sitting on and taking action doesn't have to be some jain normal movement. He can be as simple as making a phone call. It can be as simple as sending out an e mail or even looking at your email an answering your email. Now you might be thinking well. I would love to answer the emails. But i just don't have the answers right now. Well here's the answer you can give always is always being the flow of where you are and who you are and so if you don't know the answer to an email you must absolutely respond and just say hey. I need to get back to you on that but i received your email. Thank you and you'll hear back from me or i'm really not sure to be quite honest. And i need some time to think about blah blah blah right but always answer those inquiries in emails and calls. Even if you don't know the answer because you don't always have to know the answer. I guess i guess that would be my other tip now. I love that. That's an it comes back to that human relationship. It doesn't because it's like donelly people wondering and and we talked about the Ejection from the events before where that fits into this This recommendation if you're saying no to somebody to come right out and sign node but the caught open and honest and the rejection you. No this is the approach. I take when i get a rejection as i. It's not about me and that we should actually take that approach when we're giving rejection. That's not bad the person that's right. And here's the other thing about rejection. It's a double edged sword. So what i mean by that is in general rejection is protection. We're being protected from something from that situation and or being directed or redirected to bigger and greater and more amazing girl. And here's the thing. The other part of it is once you reject someone like from an application process or even like. I don't wanna go out. I don't wanna go out tonight Ask someone else you know that leaves that other person to go on to bigger and better things from your offer right sometimes when we reject things in people. We're actually helping those people in those things become greater. So that's kind of neat to see unfold over time as well so once you get over the grieving process of the rejection which you know sometimes. Some rejections are harder than others to swallow right. Then that leaves you open to so many other things. And in fact i because i was rejected twice. I was rejected both times. So if i had not been rejected these very these two specific times i would not have become a bike instructor and i would not have started my podcast and i would not be sitting before you today. So there you go. Yeah so wonderful rafer. I'm is not and finally then. Who else should i have on this show. And why so. I think you should have danielle zero on. And i think you should have. Andrew wong and the reason is because danielle desire is the co founder of boban and andrew. Wong is the co founder of asian american podcasters association and he has his own podcasting. Education arm called podcast. Jim i think and so. He's a wonderful resource a wealth of information And his interest he likes music plays. The guitar is very model out it. But i'm out in you now injure. Well we'll stay tuned for an invitation andrew and and daniel. We have been talking to danielle. But i need to follow up on where that's at of. Make sure that we do get daniel on the show so yeah. Thanks for those suggestions lane. Thanks also for sharing your time and your insights are generously with us. today are really enjoyed. This explored a whole lot of areas. That i'm passionate about two. So we hit it off straightaway. Offline you and i have to go on a photo biking trip. Yeah that's right can absolutely the right up that hill in neutral when we travel again. Thank you so much for having me. Hope you enjoyed that engaging informative conversation with lee and took something away from her episode. Least clarity of focus was evident threat. Conversation and direction focus along with experimentation. The whole concept of done is better than perfect philosophy. A really inspiring. I'd love to know what you took away from episode. Leave a comment below the blog. Post which you can find that in inova biz dot say a forward slash lee way hara that is l. e. e. u. e. h. a. r. a. all lowercase or one word in other biz dot. Co forward slash. lee way hara. You'll also find contact information for getting in touch with lee as well as links to her website. The house of lee nyc podcast who social media pages and the other resources. We spoke about in our conversation today. If you lock this episode please share it with two other people that it might help really important to get this wonderful information that my guests are sharing out into the world and into the ease of people. It could help tag me in that chair and already out to you with a special surprise. Lee suggested the we have a conversation with the other co host of padron. Danielle deceive her. And with andy wang managing partner at runnymede capital management and host of the inspired money. Podcast on future inova bus podcast episodes so daniel and andy keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation from us to the end of about podcast. Courtesy of the hara tune in again to the next episodes of the another bus. Podcast way. we've got more fantastic guests lined up including wealth mental jackson millan and business strategy and marketing consultant. Mike thanks for listening to this episode. Mike shoyer subscribe to the show to be reminded of new episodes. Free to subscribe and leave a review. If you like even amac. I'm asking you to leave a review because it helps other people find show biz dot. Co two joint marketing transformation community and a free gift. My team and i made for you. It's the marketing mazda mini class. We want to give you everything you need to. Transform your marketing. Indoor human sounded relationship focused whereas injury until next on on your stress from in over these remember. Be awesome and keep innovating only.

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