SYSK Choice: Is "Gut Instinct" A Real Thing? & The Fascinating Ways Sound Affects You


Today on something you should know could you be addicted to cheese some people apparently are and you could be one of them plus using your gut instinct to make big life decisions is it a good idea people believe that they really are able to so it gives some credence to the idea that cheese can be addictive and act like a drug in some people cheese seems to trigger a parts of the brain BNB host I know at least three people who are airbnb hosts and they love that extra income no matter what kind of space you have engine light comes on that'll save you a lot of time money and trouble all this today on something you should know researchers at the University of Michigan report that casing acts like a drug in fact some refer to it as dairy crack the fact is that we each eat about thirty five pounds of cheese per year which is three times more than people did in one thousand nine hundred seventy cash do it now while you're thinking about it this is money in your pocket by being an AIRBNB host visit AIRBNB DOT com slash action of up to a million dollars for free visit AIRBNB DOT com slash host to learn how to turn your extra space into x so it's perfect for every schedule and lifestyle and to put your mind at ease Airbnb also has a host guarantee that provides property damage can be an Airbnb host of course there are some people who aren't comfortable letting stranger stay in their home but hosting on Airbnb is much more common than you might think I suspect like most people you could use some extra money and there's a great way to do it simply by letting someone stay at your place while they're travelling by being an air regan thing and at the end of those two weeks cheese was really high on my list of foods I wanted to eat so what is it about AAC talking about cheese of all things now if you were to ask a Vegan what is the one animal products similar way to drugs this part of growing research that shows that some foods really are addictive and in fact pizza is considered one of the today something you should now with Mike carruthers hi welcome to somethingyoushouldknow it's a weekend edition and we started back in fact there are millions of hosts in over a hundred thousand cities around the world and it's so flexible you can decide when and how often you WanNa host at all dairy foods have casing in it but because it takes ten pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese it's more concentrated in cheese host addictive foods and it may be that the cheese on top of that pizza is a big reason why and that is something you should know all the sound and noise you hear all day every day what's it doing to you know as according to a world health report noise is implicated they missed the most very often they will say cheese and I can attest to this because I once did a thirteen day or fourteen day the he's that makes us love it so much while there's a chemical in cheese called K. scene think that's how you pronounce it K. C. A. S. E. I N. K. Scene How many times have you gone with your gut you used your gut instinct to make a decision but what is your gut instinct is it in has the second largest environmental health concern second only to air pollution as an environmental cause Seville health and what you should do the next time you're checking host somethingyoushouldknow fascinating Intel the world's top and practical advice you can use in your life who wishes and what is intuition all these things are hard to define their hard to identify their certainly hard to locate in the human body they may in fact not even be real and yet we use our gut or our intuition or our instinct or whatever you WANNA call it to make a lot of decisions I know I've relied on my gut and sometimes my gut was right and sometimes my gut was wrong which may just be the law of average his it play there anyway Mary Ellen O'Toole is a former FBI profiler and she is author of the Book Dangerous Instincts and she joins US took this reliance on these mystical concepts that really cannot be cannot be described they cannot even be located now some Mary Ellen a lot of people say that they've used their gut to make a decision with the rationale that it just felt right it seemed like it was meant be or maybe something similar like well I just connected with him we seem to be soulmate it's this gene decisions you can see where we can easily be hurt we can easily be conned are we can easily be see one of our loved ones have the same is it just wishful thinking or what are these good feelings objectively if we look at them I've always referred to these gut feeling gut instinct you can't refine your gut you can't improve your guts and when we rely on on some mystical concept like that to make life change the help do you know if there's any evidence that that gut feelings are real and ever did serve a purpose and now they don't or as being kind of magical thinking some people believe that they really are able to rely on their gut and by the Right House Mary the right mate make the right financial decision but they can't really discuss with you how they're got got so much better than my gut so again it's magical thinking and life one to ten twenty years down the road that's very dangerous to rely on something so magical if you want to rely on your gut for simple start or do you just throw them out altogether or what here's what I would say about that if people rely solely and completely on their gut they're lying on their relying on something that really is is more magical than anything and if it comes to making a decision that could impact your analyze violent crimes and in doing that you really spend a lot of time with victims and victims families and you hear repeatedly we'll uncomplicated decision that's one thing but not if it could change your life that you're really you're really running in to some potential problems if you do that and those are all decisions that people make on a very superficial level I looked at him he seemed normal my told me to do it that's magical thinking yeah and I personally have seen it over and over again as an FBI agent of twenty eight years how how would you explain that but I opened the door because he seems safe he looks so normal you know my gut instincts said there wasn't anything wrong with him I let my children go over to the house they don't rely on a more realistic way of assessing a situation or sesing a person they're about to turn the for sleep over because they seem so nice I mean you know we all go to the same church in school so my sense was he was he was he was fine for I've seen I worked in the behavioral analysis unit the Bu for more than half of my career and so the kind of work I did was to went wrong if the gut went right the FBI and the police don't get involved what about all the times when you open the door to that guy and nothing happens life go back and take a look at the maybe the five most important decisions you've made in the last year whether it's by a house sure and and people are GonNa absolutely going to say that but here's what I would say to those those people if you are a good decision maker if you go back in your data person allow your child to go somewhere look at the the last five ten decisions you've made in the last year and see how well they were met off belief and and and its influence certainly by things people read and see on television are they one hundred percent useless or are they a good place to my experience with these kinds of really kind of life changing decisions most people are going to say I wish I would not have done aid see what the consequences were and and see if the results are what you want them to be and and it's my sense my what do you know about what's inside that home that you are about to send your seven year old son into our their weapons around at least two or three of those things out of the five I actually encouraged people to go back and see how good they are at assessing other people and making decisions and there's room for improvement I think that's dangerous instincts really comes into play but what about if my son wants to go over to his friends how's it seems unlikely in unrealistic for me to say wait let me call the private investigator I and have the whole family checked out before I let you do that into an unknown world in order to understand that world it it's going to take getting to know the family maybe over in house or their children over two but isn't there a danger though of by definition your work you're always dealing with where the yeah that that's not something that you're going to do in that next door neighbor may be someone that you know quite well because you've spent time with that family or even damaged forever former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole is my guest author of the Book Dangerous Instincts a certain period of time so you get a better sense of what those parents are like and what what their personal habits are inside 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indoor and outdoor cameras smart hotels rental cars and more just book and pay for your travel using your venture card and redeem your miles toward the cost capital one from the most trusted name in home security in fact Adt's the number one smart home security provider they have a team of professionals that will design not when you need real protection for your home and family you want the experts at Adt when you hear those three letters adt you think what's in your Wallet Credit Approval Required Capital One bank USA NA something you should know is sponsored by ADT locks in lights all controlled from the ADT APP or the sound of your voice and everything is custom designed to fit your home and lifestyle the your danger everyone's a potential threat until you know better it wasn't too many generations ago when you know if a kid from school asked you to come over you and it did exist back then but we did not have twenty four seven cable news so we were not aware of it does it exist more today you know the environment to which your son is is about headed into that's important and it doesn't take a lot of time and it may be a couple of questions over time asking them to your home section you need Adt so mary-ellen one of my concerns about all of this is this over emphasis it seems strange some people that say that that it does and is it paranoia I definitely would say it's it's concerned because over midwicket from school how what harm could there be and now it's well we don't know the johnsons very well and just seems like it is there are things that people can do real live tested techniques that people can use to give them more power over the decisions they make it about themselves in about their families to size somebody up and to size up the situation and prevent things from happening they're going to happen anyway basically tell you anything and are you really assessing their answers I mean really or you just hearing what they say back to you and too often if they avoid the question are they not answering you are they giving you other information that you really didn't ask for so it's it's understanding how to do an interview how and then whether or not you decide to take it a step further and give them a key may not come for a while it may come once you're comfortable that that person uh-huh different today you know that's a really good question about what we are living with today did it exist in the fifties and the sixties in has proven to you that they've been trustworthy for a period of time so it's not a it's not necessarily an immediate decision so besides have you been to prison Oy and I actually I did hear that on the news the other day somebody just said well things are going to happen anyway that's true they are going to happen do you want to be a victim or do you WANNA pre- go back and look at people that maybe you or people in your audience have you have interviewed whether it's a cleaning lady or plummer whatever the questions usually where the problems are and you want to find out what they have said about that situation you WanNa ask a question like this if you've if you're the and when people would come into my home because I would tell them upfront what I did for a living the question did not seem so awkward but here a couple of other questions that you can ask you pose your questions and then how to evaluate the information and not do the cursory who who who was the person you work for the last time not the cleaning lady or not a key immediately but one of the most important things is the assessment of that person when you first talked to them and if you I want to ask people in your in prior jobs that you've had as a cleaning person have there been times when it didn't work out and you left the job you WanNa find out what was your reaction to that you want to find out a little bit more about their personality when there's a problem have you ever have you what other kinds of questions can you ask people maybe leading up to that I imagine that's maybe not the best first question how much do you charge and have you been to prison hand and you watch for the answer it does not mean that you don't hire somebody because they've spent time in jail or prison but you do want to know why and you want to see their response really are Who if you work for before what are your hours how much do you charge maybe do you ever have anybody substitute for you and people can agenda that really require that they give you information about problem areas that they may not otherwise generate if you don't ask what you're not what you're looking for is yes are there a lot of protests statements when you ask those questions I would never that could never and you evaluate the totality of not only the the home and it's it's amazing when you get the responses I ask people if they have ever gone to jail or prison you may think that I can't ask that question we yes listen you've worked for has been dissatisfied with your work and they and they told you that how did you work that out what did you do as someone in their employment and you know that's or maybe it is kinda throws them off balance and I don't know how I mean how do you approach that well and the content of their answers back to you but their behavior so you're looking for content and and evidence of deception in their responses people will simply ask the routine questions and they and they won't follow up with what's really important in fact one of the one of the questions that I ask of the people that come to mind ever had someone terminate you because they were dissatisfied or they felt uncomfortable with you what were those circumstances you're asking them that never happened that's that's probably pretty deceptive Behavior and I and I walk you through dangerous instincts how do you spot deceptive behavior if you're looking for the answers but you're looking for their behavior are they avoiding your answers are they talking about something else are they saying oh no no this would that could never possibly happen the era experience is too one-sided and you just think everybody's a criminal and the just this isn't my world I've had people say that wanted what what are some of those I remember seeing it was either I read in the book or or in the press material about you know you hire a cleaning lady do you give her a key or don't rely on their gut and by the Right House Mary the right mate make the right financial decision but it's very dangerous to rely on something so magical and what about what am I going to do I'm not gonNa have investigated so what how do I size her up to decide that she get a key or doesn't she give a key sure and it may not be decision to give that people have said to you and I'd like to get your response you're you're just paranoid because of the work you do you're just too over the years but I've actually had more people more often say this the work you do is absolutely fascinating the work that you do getting inside of people's heads is incredible how do you do that I would love to know more about how you do that and more saving more doing you only see store for details you are surrounded by sound the noise or music or our interactions with others does it develop because it needs to the auditory sense FBI profiler tactics to avoid unsafe situations. There's a link to her book on Amazon on the show notes page for this podcast episode on German is here to discuss Alex is the CO author of a book called healing at the speed of sound welcome Alex so why is our sense of hearing right now you're surrounded by the sound of this podcast but sound is all around you all the time stop and listen and you generally can hear something as evidence by their interest and fascination with shows like the criminal mind and law and order and all of these programs that that are about people who commit unusual acts or engage in criminal behavior so it really isn't about the sometimes sound is considered wonderful and sometimes sound is just noise but all the sound we hear affects us in interesting ways and that's what Alex watched they just can't get enough so whether it's raining down on your head or raining into your bank account it's your cash back and discover is matching it discover cash back match what are you waiting for least of what you know and I appreciate you sharing it with us Mary Ellen O'Toole is a former FBI profiler and she is author of the Book Dangerous Instincts US danced develops because it from an evolutionary standpoint we need to hear to survive when the Caveman was alive trimester so the brain is wired for sound and there are very few regions of the brain that are not affected by the sound that we take in our life flee so it goes to our basic sense of survival and that's very very true today the auditory sense helps tell the brain whether we're say more learn more at discover dot com slash match take a step toward updating your home with exclusive life proof vinyl plank flooring from the home depot no limit on how much you can earn amazing it's kind of like being showered with cash from above which would also be pretty amazing it's so amazing that millions of people a year are getting their cash back website somethingyoushouldknow dot net wanna hear something amazing discover matches all the cash back you earn at the end of your first year automatically dollar for dollar he needed to assess this environment for safety and now if the sabertooth tiger was two hundred yards away or twenty feet away they knew they're not they had to fight her colors to choose from and that's a step in the right direction today's the day for doing with life proof vinyl plank flooring starting at just three thousand nine hundred square foot the home depot placated has the second largest environmental health concern in Europe second only to air pollution as an environmental cause they'll health noise surly affect us in a way that we need to run away because you know we're about to be eaten by a tiger but but just the noise itself just irritates us so the sound goes in your ear and it gets into your brain and then how does the sound communicate with the brain so the brain knows to flee or two who are limbic system so there is a pathway to understand and analyze what's happening with sound so to make a decision in response to well not only does no gratuitous noise according to a world health report that was published this year my noise is why is sound so important sounds a pilot reality of human life it is the first sense to develop in the brain develops in eater around the second sound environment or not and that has a large impact on her stress level because if the body feels unsafe the biological response to that is a stress the second is to create a good sound diet to make conscious choices about the sound that you're taking in your body just as we conscious choices about the food we eat if in our environment whether we're awake or whether we're a sleep this system is constantly monitoring for safety so it it is an essential sense to our survival problems so the first step is to be aware of your sound environment and take any steps you can't avoid noise or reduce the noise in your life control by avoiding noisy situations using noise cancellation headphones or using a good soundtrack in the environment health benefit rather detracting from your health that that's how I would use a simple noise definition has no nutritional value we can use noise cancellation headphones in order to reduce noise if we're commuting in public transportation or use your car as an oasis what we like and its performance affects so how do you do that I mean how do you how do you manipulate the universe to do that Oh you so knowing what you know how do we use the sound for better eliminate sounds that that live to take a break and find some quiet in your day especially after or before a stressful event so just as important as it is to avoid noise and choose healthy sounds we need periods of silence to relax you may be able to monitor have noisy Tisch washer consider a dishwasher that has a low noise rating choose to avoid for many people in terms of have having something around that accompanying them and making them feel less alone to stay or how does that work there there are direct auditory pathways from the ear to the brain than indirect pathways that go aren't consciously aware of it we just do it automatically as a means of adaptation I imagine people have preferences about the sound and the noise in their life prefer silence I like it really really quiet are we both right you're both right so it's about what's right for you individually and art so it works on on planes but what about sounds maybe noise would be a better word that doesn't well we you know in terms of avoiding noise it's about you know you start in your home you look at those things in the home which are causing noise paranoia paranoia that really hasn't been my experience it's been more we WanNa know what you know yeah right well and now I know a little bit necessary part of us music is biological fact of our life music has been with man since the beginning our first instrument in low level noise is having very serious effects on on our health and our stress levels and noise is defined by the list anti process and to spend some time with ourselves what about though I mean people seem to like to have sound around data soundtrack during your commute your personal vehicle to help offset the noise that's in in your environment so there are a lot of things that we can do to especially if they live in a very singular life but many people are actually using this sound in their environment to filter out noise and way to reduce stress to US within worship to increase improve our productivity as a means of health of self expression so music is very much part of who we are and one thing that we can use in our life in terms of using it recorded music for example to have an amazing impact without any work to play an instrument to get a a means of self set and family time and do work activities in quieter portions of the house one thing I strongly encourage is that we take five minute time outs take the other thing that we ingest all the time is out so to use sound at present and increases our performance and to create a playlist based on true music has very you know very specific cultural components to it and generational component so it is it is and what mine is is very different comment on the more recent phenomenon now where people have ear buds in there about music is it is it necessary I've I've heard that pretty much every culture in the world and throughout history has had music that it is a part of it but there is also a subconscious process going on in terms of stress regulation and survival so that we know whether or not we're swore safe and Addis faction in a way to express our thoughts and our emotions where language may not be sufficient to communicate and convey who we are starting at just three thousand nine hundred square foot it locks together for easy installation it's waterproof scratch resistant and comes in a variety of trendy styles with over forty noise is defined by the listener if you think about it like Uric Gardner and you've got weeds and the garden and those weeds or competing for the nutrient list to improve our life to improve our productivity but that can come at a cost of socialization so I understand what you're versus noise to sleep people have different tastes in music as well and one person's music is another person's noise it seems absolutely saying that good sound is good and bad sound is bad music plays a role but how good and how bad I mean if you add goods into the vegetables that you're trying to grow their unwanted nuisance so if you think of nyons as unstructured sound that is not providing example at night my wife likes to have the air filter going or a fan go she likes that white noise while she sleeps it helps your sleep that can create some some marital stress can my gets you may be wearing earplugs to block out that that sound that your wife's playing we know the cortisol is a marker of stress and there are numerous studies to show that using the right kind of relaxing music reduce stress levels and stress with the TV it's kind of like company sounds great companion and we we all use most of us I should say you sound as back companion so rest of us. Numerous imaging studies have shown that musicians especially the longer they play in the more they play actually develop reach is one of the leading cause of ill-health in America so music is a non pharmacological anecdote to stress and of scientific research today showing benefits of specific types of music in different situations so you know for example with stress levels background so this is this is a pretty common occurrence but the truth is that you're both right and it's about finding a happy medium for a good marriage was her own voice so music is is essential and vital within every culture as a means to celebrate and ACIS have and the fact that the the headphones that insert into the ear canal don't block out background noise level we're listening a major contributor to improving health in the educational setting the research has shown that music improves academics in in our country seventy four million baby boomers concerned about their health they can use music to help prolong their mental acuity maintain their hair performance at levels that can make or break the difference between getting in college based on sat performance We know that musicians have larger brains than hand well we want to share so music is absolute central part of of our high and just like we were discussing about silence the thing to consider as who are you keeping company with so what what kind of sound do you really want to spend time with but it it does filled longer in we're listening louder than we ever have and that is actually raising the rate of hearing loss and young people where audiologist Sir now seeing people nearly knees have noise induced hearing loss they never would have seen before on the other hand we are using music as part of our personal here's pretty much all day long and they've pretty much blocked out the world in favor of listening to whatever it is they're listening to good bad or okay in small does they you know they turn the radio on not necessarily 'cause they're actively listening they just like to have some sound I'd like to hear someone's voice they like to hear music they do the same thing the harmless being done is there any type particular type of music or any particular type of sound that seems objectively to be up to it in any stress that it created in the beginning dissipates while we LE- All have adaptation responses to our environment and even though are adapting habituated environment the negative impact that noise on our body is still happening it's just whether or not we're consciously processing that uh of prolonging our our mental acuity

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