Connected 238: Weird Plex, But Okay


Hello. And welcome to connected episode two hundred and thirty eight made possible this week by fresh books. Squarespace and Worby Parker. I'm your host, Stephen Hackett. And because it is an even episode. I will I announce Mr. Federico vitucci. Hello, steven. Hello. Hello, everybody back you my rightful spot as the first what's an introduced t-. Is that is that a word? I don't know. That's that's good like. Hi, hi, bring up the rear. We have Mike early. This is bullsh-. Poise gel. Let's do this thing. Hi, mike. Thank you to Europe. I just saw you just a few days ago. We were in Atlanta together where we did a live episode of genius. And then y'all did alive of sort of the pen addict. At the Atlanta pimco, always Superfund trip. We'll put links to those in the show notes shell, but we have some follow up and the first piece here says Federico's whole childhood was ally. So Yes, What's happening? Made a very unsettling discovery. As was doing some research around thing that I mentioned last week and that made me very sad. And I spoke about this with Sylvia, my girlfriend, and we were shaken by these discovery. The one my committed joke about the keyboard, Butler, case said keys, and I didn't know who UAE was that funny. Any mentioned how Jeeves is this figure this Butler figure from I don't know some movie or TV show like what it from book series book series, okay show. And I said, oh like Ambrosio and Umbro Joe was this character. This Butler for the commercials of popular little chocolate thing the Ferreiro share. You guys are familiar with those right? Oh, you didn't have the ambbassador ads. No, no. We had the we. We had the lady shows how we call them the lady in yellow or something. And she was the lady of the forever. And I'm Brosio was her Butler a need, you know, drove the car and just randomly popped up to make sure that she had her daily dose of our share. That was what Umbro Joe was meant to do to supply her with for shares as much as possible. And but I what what I discovered is that by just googling Ambrosio forever. Shay that kind of stuff. I'm Brosio is a British man. I'm Reggie snotty in. I'm both. I'm bridges a British actor named Paul Williamson who he's a steel alive. He's very old at this point. But still I think working actually. And so, yeah, I'm Brosio not at anytime about later, but a British Butler playing talian and should have known at the time. I did notice that the was over silver going on. I reward the commercials on you can tell that. It's, you know, even the actress the lady, she's an American actress, I think that's super interesting because I don't remember these ads like for Russia like this thing about the ambassador site that was like the advertising and for my entire life. So it's strange that these dubs. I don't know them because I would have expected that they would be the UK ads, and then they dump them. Right. Like, that's what you would think that. I don't think that's what happened. Yeah. So Umbro Joe not a not an Italian Butler, but just you know, whatever copy tilles served in terms of actors and commercials. So very sad. Follow up, very sad story. I feel like this is, you know, it's it was one of the key figures of my childhood in terms of TV consumption, the Ferraro commercial, and I'm broad you. It's like second joke that people using Italy. Like literally like used it last week about ler one I just said about ambassador, you're spoiling us. That is a joke that people in the UK us, right? Let you see dinners at light ambassador's house or whatever. And then someone will bring out like this pyramid. Trae for Russia and someone's you'll spoiling. That thing that people say to each other is like it's like a mean. Right. It's like if someone's like someone's house, and they have like, oh, Bassetti spoiling us. So yeah. Like when when someone is bald and you call him, Mr Clean stuff like that. Yeah. Not so much. But sure it's in that Bain set of wen commercials and advertisements. I'm very very sorry. That that we had to be the reason you found out that your touch. Yeah. Also for Russia is not sponsoring this happy. So is a true story. Okay. That taking care of did remind me of Kate's. Awesome tweet where she illustrated keeps presenting a ipad. Keyboard case on what appears to be a golden platter because that's what. Keyboard keyboards deserve to be presented on. Yeah. And I love the lettering in this. The three D affect is very very Kate is the official illustrator of connected to go. Ago. We have some feedback about health kit data between multiple phones, I think this came up in Federico's multi watch lifestyle section of the show. Yes. I'll know. It was when we were talking about I cloud like that. You can't have. Iphone ipad. But it does sync from iphone to iphone. Yes. So Savan corrected us saying it does sync between two phones. But that it is re this is quoting ridiculously slow so slow that you would think it doesn't work at all. I love I love that phrasing. I can add that I will told the privately that it does merge, of course between devices so it, sinks and emerges. It's just it's kind of slow because it's I think it's due to the encryption going on. But it does work as we hoped. He would so even more so immesnse it is technically possible for apple to actually use these data on the ipad. Even though the the ipod will not capture any data it can at least present. So that would be technically possible already. Federal lemme ask you a question the answer. But I know the the twelve processor in the iphone has that motion co processor exa- just not exist on the ipad. I am not sure I think it does not exist. But I would need to double check on pop. Optima head. I put you on the spot. But my feeling is it does not have the that processor. Okay. I guess it. Why would it like it's it's tracking your steps. Although I think it also does some some of the hotel phone stuff the Wikipedia page for the motion co-processors says that it's in the twelve expl-. Okay. So maybe it's there, but it's just not doing its use for different thing. Just stinks. Yeah. The functions to collect sensitive from integrate accelerometers gyroscopes encompasses offload, the collecting and processing of sense data from the main central processing unit, and they I Pat still have that stuff in them. You can go for a walk with an ipad and use the app, there's a pedometer guess. I actually don't know if you can't do that though. Right. Like has the chip in it. But can you actually do that? I don't know this school say this was a question for underscore. Strap an ipad to your chest. Rounding up you could actually install a knife. An iphone my underscored just joined the chat, we have summoned David Smith. And apparently, it doesn't do step counter. Craziest things have happened. Why did that David's just like he's just luck and somewhere that was such a crazy thing? If you say his name, he will appeal we someday with on demand is that how this works. Underscores the service. He he crushed my dream of strapping an ipad to my chest and using it as a step count. You could still do that it just want work as a step counter is also like a crazy person. But that's from probably ironman type thing. Mike, tell us what's going on in the UK with apple music one the way you were go with that like general. I can't help that. Nobody knows apple music is finally available in the echo in the UK. Congratulations. I have no set it up because I decided I actually don't care about having it because I don't wanna listen to music on my gen one echo, Orinoco dot. But it's vailable now. So I just wanted to follow up on something, which is so ridiculous that Amazon take so long to roll out features two of echo products. But it's now available and you have spent some time with an ipad mini. I believe. Yeah. Friend of mine told us of the pen show had and he brought like many in the apple pennsyl-. And is a really great device. I just don't think it has a fit for me lakes is basically what you were saying to write you use it. If this looked like an ipad pro, it would be a very different scenario like so much of it feels like step back from what I'm used to. If you are an ipad, mini ONA. This is like a no-brainer upgrade totally because it moves super smooth super faucet looks tastic his older the stuff that you love about it and go for it. Like, it's wild like go crazy. The and the apple pencil is great on that. But it's DEP. Pencils way? Too. Big it's disproportionately bonkers using an apple pencil that is about as big as the ipad mini make that it just feels super we're to do that. But it's you know, it's it's it's available. If you want I think, it's a good product. But I'm pleased. I didn't get one. 'cause I just don't I wouldn't use it like. Multi pad lifestyle up his his pretty pretty set right now. And I don't need a device like this. But it is definitely a great upgrade for people that want that kind of device in their lives. So I did also focused a friend of mine, I punch us, and he was at depend show too. And he had an I. With him. And I was holding the ipod touch and was like, oh, man. This such so thin and light. And then I remembered the fun fact about the thinnest IOS device which is the new ipad. And it was funny because Brad had his ipad pro to put them down on a table next to each other like that devices finna than this one. Although you'd never believe it. It's like a super thin difference. Like the difference is miniscule, but it is possible to see it. But it's just hilarious when you holding the ipod, touch, which is like fills still like this impossibly thin does that it is. No longer the thinnest, Iowa suffice both new ipads, affinity. It's almost as if device thickness is not a problem for USCC. Like people think it is. They can go thinner, and so be on the iphone just holding out hope hope. Well, I mean, respectively, the ipads of our phones have USCC. Yeah. Maybe apple of pucks themselves into thermal corner with it. But it is definitely possible to put USB into funds. And this isn't a thing. Like, I'm not dying to I would love them to do it. But if I have to wait and have a couple of years, I'll wait of a couple of years, but I would really like to see you come to the iphone some point. I just wasn't one cable everything I had this while traveling this weekend, right and hotel, a multi charger, and it's like oh have a USB cable for my. I've had in my MAC book, but lightning for my phone and lightning. Like, we have all of the downsides of USB, see without the major upside. The only thinking about this in fields to me like the only upside of lightning is that it is the existing connector and hundred us more the only benefit is do not change it because it's going to be annoying. But like, and I guess maybe you could argue that if you get aligning cable from apple or one of the ones it's always gonna work irrespective of data transfers or charging rates those kinds of issues that maybe are still a problem with I feel like they used to be a problem. I feel like the situation has gotten better on that front. But me knows since who got USB to by two superspy dex f l yeah, I feel like now that she once, you know, okay, thick cable means also data transfers standard cable just means charging. Yeah. It's still confusing. So you could argue that lining is easier to understand just get aligning cable. But also the apple lining cables are terrible. Because the always break eventually after a few months like everybody, I know complaints about the lightning cables, everybody. So now, thankfully, I just saw that anchor launched this week the first. Am I fi- USC to lining cable that's out on Amazon dot com list? But really to me personally, I feel like the only benefit of keeping lightning is keeping lightning. So you don't have to change it. But I would love to have. Yes. Not to the extent though that I've seen some people say unless apple puts in the next iphone? I'm not gonna buy the next iphone of not like that. I'm gonna buy the next hyphen. Even if it doesn't have. Yes, BC, but you know, one can dream. I did just go to ankles website to get that linked to the cable put in Sean statue links out to Amazon, which is kind of interesting to me, but they had like a marketing hashtag, which I like, which is hashtag us anchor. Instead in such as really frigging good that is a brand that understands themselves like their main thing here is like ditch your freebie charges hashtag us anchor. Instead, it's very good people. It's people say. Yeah. That's very clever. I like that good work and come on getting people. Okay. We have a bunch more talk about until you about our first sponsor that is fresh books. Everyone likes to save time. And that's expecially important when you're freelancer and our friends at fresh books can save you two hundred ninety two hours with their simple cloud. Accounting software for freelancers by simplifying tasks like invoicing tracking expenses and getting paid online. I books has drastically reduced the time it takes for over ten million people to deal with their paperwork. Freshdirect has a couple of features. 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I is offering an unrestricted thirty day free trial for listeners of the show with no credit card acquired all you have to do is go to fresh books dot com slash connected and enter the code connected in the how did you hear about a section once again, that's fresh books dot com slash connected. We thank first books for their support of this show and relax them. So Stephen you've been out in the field doing some serious testing for us. Can you? Pull on your findings. Sure. So put a Lincoln the chat room as well. This link in the show notes is to a completely shattered apple watch series for my apple watch series to finally to drop test. We will be looking full. That's right. I said, you know, what my YouTube channel? It's not really growing the way I want it to drop some stuff. No, that's not what happened. So I was on a bike ride yesterday wearing a helmet because you should always wear a helmet when you're riding a bicycle people who don't asking for trouble or electric skateboards or an electric skateboard or rollerblades or or spaceship, a spaceship you should wear helmets. Definitely gravitational boots not enough. People talk about these that this these days Federico, I'm really pleased that you called that out. You know? Yeah. Some ships say real concern. We wanna get on the record about this. We believe in space ship safety. We do. So I was on my road bike, and I had a little tumble, and I learned a few things one fall detection on the apple watch does work if you crash bicycle enter the ground. Kind of laying there doing a self assessment. I'm okay like a sprained arrest, but that's the worst of it. I got checking Malkay to get up. And there's no one around, thankfully, because I'm sure it looked awesome. And all of a sudden my watch which I hadn't realized this broken at this point just going crazy saying, hey, you've taken a hard fall. We're going to call emergency services, and your conduct in you is it let me sound like buzzing levels doing it is vibrating way harder and faster than I've ever noticed it doing. I don't know if it was making a sound or not actually I have my watch on silent. I just don't recall. It was going to say yes that it was making a noise, but I'm not positive. It probably was because if you do the emergency SOS, it makes us aound, even if you don't even if you have it silent. I didn't have my notes out taking notes for the show in this moment as I'm pulling myself together, just not dedicate enough. I know I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My wrist up. And I realized that my watches totally shattered. And then I s a hey, yes, I'm okay, please, call a number one or my wife to end that now. And so yes, so follow action works and my watch is broken. But I have apple care. Plus, even though don't wear this watch every day anymore. I do really like it for exercise tracking. And so I'm like, I have an appointment later this week to get it a soft up. I have never met. Anybody the brakes as many apple devices as you do is unbelievable? The amount of stuff that you break. It's true. You I think every iphone you have owned since I've known you had to have repaired I've broken several phones. This is also my second watch. I've broken. Would you describe yourself as a clumsy person? Happened to crash bicycle every eighteen months or so for somebody who like wash ships computers to the level that you do Bill shrine. That's the thing to break them to fully love if I don't see the inside of them. It just doesn't mean anything I thought that was going different direction like someone who's into computers, you're outside a lot. That's kinda kinda hard. That is true. But like she still trying to make this better being. Ooh exercising. You still? You still your exercise too hard is what happened, and then you have a hole in your watch and my body, but. Did break did break. My original apple watch, also working out. So well that I really wasn't working out. It was in the locker at the gym. I dropped it out of the locker. Muscles. Just got so big that it just popped the watch right off. Right. Right. That's what you're saying. Why why hasn't Tim cook shared this story already? I don't know. I guess I'm taking it right from Twitter. So he hasn't seen it. I guess he'll he'll hear it on the podcast probably. See that's all the story. Really is like I said, I've pretty okay little banged up. But also five where helmet I would like listeners to stop petition to please ask you to stop just being so aggressive different type of workout. You can do you yours flying off that black man like just play stuff? I've had two crashes in like four years. It's a pretty good. Whereas zero crashes that I've had because I work out own. On that we need to review company life insurance. Oh, it's a really good story. Remember, if you just wanna make sure it covers mountain bike accidents. I wasn't the mountain bike. How is on the road bike different things that road bikes then? Yeah, it was the first crash on this bike. And I'm sad that damage to the break the pike. It's not broken. It's just scraped up and a wheel a little bit. But it fell off on the exploded. Yeah. Take it back in my truck and pieces, but it's. But it's fun. I have all the pieces. So I did I didn't make it back to my car. And I'm sure I looked like something like something really terrible happen because holding arm against me 'cause my wrist really hurt. And like, I'm bleeding down my leg. It's like, I'm fine. Just carry on with your day. Totally cool. Anyways, that's enough about me, Mike, you have a dilemma face, and you have come to the right place. You're looking to purchase a new television. And I think this is where if we could use our chat room power. We would summon John Syracuse, but he's probably at work. So what are you looking for? And what like what are your list of needs? And maybe we can help you decide what you get. All right. I've about TV since like twenty ten so I'm definitely on talking to this kid. Okay. You're a visions coming up. So like how people buy new televisions for the Super Bowl where thinking away planning to host a little Eurovision pie here. Mega cortex cottage would recall this place. So I want to get a new TV we've had our current TV for like two or three years, and it's been very good for us. We have like a Panasonic something. And it has like one of the good hasty TV's back when hitched Yale was stunned to happen. But I wanted I want to get a bigger TV. Like we were reserved, and we could have a much bigger TV than we have. And it would still be fine in the room. I think like most people you're always concerned that TV is going to be too big. So I figured as of interesting stuff happening with hung kit right now in TV's, four K and HDR's getting better on TV's. Plus, we have an event coming up, which is very television focused soul. And again, you TV and I don't know. I remember having this conversation. If you if everyone can cost minds back to win this news, breaking CS die said at some point. I'm going to get to a point where I'm going to need a new TV. And I'm not gonna have any idea. What one to get based on all the features that are available. And here, I am a met point. Right. Because initially I thought the Samsung TVs will be the best ones because they have the TV at built into them. But I still wanna use the apple TV. So that's not important right necessarily to have the TV up. Especially now that we know that some point we know this now like the TV's and the companies that I don't remember can anybody help me what of the three companies OG busy. Oh, Sony and video there will getting the apple TV app some point. Yeah. So the the most important thing to me, then is home kit support, right. Okay. As well. As obviously if it's a television. I wanted to be a good television like GDP panel full K H dot in west left. But we assume that given right? Okay. Okay. Okay. But what I wanna have is the home kit support because that just feels like something that I should go for now. You know, what I feel like that is like, oh, there's probably some good stuff in there. I know that you've enjoyed it. Federico? With your like home bridge set up so one I basically I'm looking for is what is the best TV panel, which isn't incredibly expensive that has Hunkin support. Okay. So. There's some questions that I need you need you to answer. Well, mostly I think it's a matter of taste in terms of certain specifics. Like would you like a TV that as a really good sandbar integrated with it or do you feel like the sound bar is not necessary? I'm throw about a sound before also do you want? So you you say you can leave without the I tunes app because when I use an apple TV anyway, you want home kit. Okay. Do you and ears where my personal taste comes in? I would strongly recommend that you get an all Ed TV yet. Just okay. Yeah. I wanna know that TV because I want to get like the best panel that I can get as well. All right. So like that is going to give me the best like h DR on stuff. All right. So I recommend you read through. There's a digital foundry Argo land for those unaware digital foundry is like the technical. Vertical as they call it. Like the section of your game, which is excellent video game website where they do technical analysis of all kinds of games and performance issues, and that kind of stuff, and they are not the best for Katie for gaming. So for us this forbidden games. And I think you are because he love video games, and your pro now, you wanna get a TV that has very low input latency that would be, you know, the time between when you press a button on the controller, and when you see the action on screen, so you wanna make sure that you got around twenty twenty two minutes second input latency that kind of stuff. And of course, these article has all the details here that you need to care about. Also, you wanna check how a panel deals with ten eighty p content because not all content is going to be writing for K. Of course, you have a PS for pro. That's not an issue, for example, with intendo sweets. You're gonna play internet repeat? So you wanna you wanna see? This gonna do some kind of filtering for tiny p what kind of up scaling mode. It's gonna offer. And there's of course union you also need to check for example. Do you wanna have what's it called HD are plus or do you want to have vision? I personally recommend division and atmos-, right? Is it thing? Now, some of these questions, I don't know that one you just asked me. Okay. So my advice would be get an LG TV also happens to be the top recommendation from Uruguay Mer the new version of the LG the c model. This one is called the eight. I think it should be the twenty nine hundred model which has home kit integration. It's gonna have homecare integration. Any runs web address. This have it yet. I don't think it has yet. But I'll g promised that. This is one of the models. That's gonna get home kit via software update the twenty nine hundred ninety. I mean, it's on Apple's website. So, you know, so as airpower, Mr.. Somebody ring the app how bell even if the done deliver in these your Sigel own breached, but I understand you want to have the native integration edgy promised. The twenty nineteen models and beyond we'll have the native kit support this one as dull vision, which is the r dot me atmos-, which is a really good sound. But I don't think it's got a sound bar built in. But I can Mike. People recommend in the Sonos on Amazon's website. Okay. I have an G O lead. Tv I have the B line. I have the b seven your TV's. It's ounce. Really good. You've seen it. It's a bit too. Big paddle looks fantastic. It's super fine for gaming. I have an Xbox One. X I have a PS for pro. And I have a switch Hollick top to the to this TV, and it's beautiful web, personally, obscene, other Sony and enjoy TV's I prefer well as it's actually fast it works. Okay. And you know, when you're actually watching if you watch a live television, but it's got the all these integrations like with smart TV stuff that you can use from the remote. It works. Really great. There are other. Options. I think you could get another Panasonic all Ed does also recommended by digital foundry. But personally, I don't know visa myself on never seen or tested the TV. I think Jason as zero if I'm not mistaken, I think he used to. I don't think I think when he changed recently. He went someone the TLC got TNC. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So my recommendation would be check out this article, and maybe watch some YouTube videos. I remember at the time I watch a lot of YouTube reviews before buying the TV that I have. But the yell gee all the c-h-a-d with upcoming on kit. Support would be a good choice for you. I think or you could always wait for one of these sixteen k panels that Sony announced like takes up an entire wall. But good, I'm good. So on Apple's website. It just says L G O lead twenty nineteen. Yeah. Yeah. So we're assuming that this is one of those. Yeah. I think the I think the c nine exists. I'm just gonna say the. The. Just into double. Check of the actually the twenty nineteen version. I'm not sure at this point new, you're making me second guess myself. Get my recommendation will be the twenty nineteen geo lead whatever it comes out if it's not out already. Okay. I mean, I'm looking at the page, and it looks good. It's not cheap. But it looks good. So this probably what I'll do. Then really like I don't wanna do a lot of research. What I want to happen is what just happened with you have told me what to do. So the see nine the nine exists, by the way, the next version. So I'm guessing that this is the the train I wanted to see nine the let's see let's see what it says. I'm on the webpage right now. They'll be vision for k. Yeah. Google. Oh, it's got it's got Amazon integration. Google integration. Got a bunch more stuff than my model. To this is the one that I want them the c nine yet. I think this is the one from twenty nineteen our will double check real quick for you by our go with this one. Why you've got to the say nine is is more modern than the. But then again, TV I think numbering is in just an impossible thing. Two two five nine to five MAC. They have an article mentioned in this was from March fifteenth. So about a month ago algae, releasing I twenty nineteen TV's with home kit and airplay to results on other things you care about. Yeah. That's kind of what I meant with the homecare. So the next month and the c-9 models. Yup. Seventy seven seventy seven inches sixty five and fifty five. Yep. This is the one that I want then this is terrible news. Then isn't it? Because I can only imagine a brand new Ola TV is that is just been released is very expensive. Yep. Be sure to buy with my Emma's on affiliate link. Please. Straight out. That's the one of the show notes. I don't think it's on Amazon. Yeah. Dude. I'm looking at it right here in the same country. Well, you ship it to you. Any consolation, Mike? That's exactly what I paid for my bee's Avin when it wasn't you? So okay. Yep. Yup. Yeah. This one isn't even on Amazon in the UK. Okay. Amazon either I bought it from a store. Expensive. Well, you asked for all the good things. If I wanna get all of the current new technology. That's what I'm going to have to deal with. Yeah. I'm sorry. Well, think about it think about it. And you know, we'll follow up on your decision. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna look around. I don't know what I'm gonna buy, but like brick if I'm gonna very gently Edina she wants she's interested in a new TV too. I don't know if she's necessarily going to be interested. But I tell you what the price is. But yeah. Wow. These are expensive. Yeah. Looks awesome though. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I haven't shot for TV in a long time. But if I were to have to go buy something today, I would buy L G O lead just pants down. It seems like it's way to go. Okay. There was a story. Just this morning actually from our friend, Mr. Rambo nine to five MAC backing up some stuff that Steve Smith talked about on Twitter that the next version of MAC OS ten point fifteen would include standalone apps for music podcasts and TV as well. As redesigned for the books app, which until I read this paragraph. Totally forgot was on my computer, just like I never read in the apple bookstore stuff. But seems like these are all going to be using fancy marzipan stuff, which I think is to be expected, and he's got the icons here, which look very nice. And I just curious what y'all think about this? I mean, we've all. All sort of poked fun of itunes for really long time for really good reasons. And do we think that it breaking this out will make sense on the MAC, I cannot wait for these to happen on sleet like to have a more. Similar experience on the MAC that I got on US to have dedicated apps for podcasts and TV and music, like whenever you know, some. Some every once in awhile, I test the apple podcasts up, and eventually I go back to overcast because of the sound effects mar speed, but whenever I'm testing podcasts. And I started listening on my iphone, and then I'm using my mic, mini and a realize I want to continue listening to this. And then realize well, I got open I in some like, Nope. I don't just I don't wanna open I wait for my to sink. So I cannot wait for these to happen. I'm coups to see what apple is going to do in terms of items and specifically in terms of managing your music library because I do wonder if those who keep a collection of music files is that feature going to remain separate from the music hap-. So he's apple going to do just an apple music client as a separate marzipan app. Or are they going to roll that feature into music? I don't think so I don't think they will. I think they will keep agents around for. This kind of stuff, but you know, one can dream that, you know, eventually, you will be able both on the MAC and US to actually import amp threes, and that kind of stuff into your musical berry. But I have a feeling they're just keep actions around. And that's about it. That's going to be the case. The it doesn't match with the business model. Right. They want you to choose apple music because in theory, all the music, you want should be that. If it isn't you're on our case, and you can use chains. I think to looking at it from the engineering side of it. I think that just getting these apps up on the MAC is a big enough deal for one year. So I would imagine the launch versions of these will be more or less. What is on the ipad? Now. Right. That whatever the the music app on the ipad does now either good or bad will be basically what's on. Mac, and I think after this to maybe looking for two or three years that come back, and if they're going to add quote unquote, legacy features to these apps, it would be it would be then because I tend to still be around. And if you still need those features, you could just dumpster, dive utilities folder and find it. If you need it. But I would imagine for most people just having. The music stuff there. And I assume I tunes match that. You're matched music would be there to again because that's how it is on the ipad that that's how this is going to begin. Because that that stuff will lives in the cloud now all up there. It's there like you don't need I tunes to listen to cloud music library, right files. They're there. Yeah. So yeah, they agreed at our if you are someone who imports MP threes to your items, I which I do sometimes download concerts and put him in and I tunes that is my guess would be this app doesn't do that. And that if that becomes an important feature that would be added over time. But you know, I'm trying to keep my expectations low for these apps going in as far as features. I do expect them however to work better than the marzipan apps. We see now because they are just garbage and a lot of places I hope the better than that. But to think that this is going to be like a modern take on. I tunes maybe a bit of a stretch for day one. You would be fooling yourself to think that it would be anything more because then it's almost upon app is it then it's a new app, which they haven't done yet. Right. Then gonna do like this isn't a criticism the music app on the ipad is buying lodge, mostly fine, right? Like for what you need to. Do. We spoken about some changes apple could make to the to the app to the service in the past. I think it's mostly fine. It why tell you what it is. It's better than using music. And I can tell you like if you like all those people who think it's they say garbage, which rather have garbage or just be said garbage on file, which is like the kiss, really, really bad. And I started Boll just searching searching for music and the tunes app is abysmal such about experience. So yeah, it's gonna be the ipad version, but there is a benefit to that. Right. Like, I think that this is like one of the intrinsic. Of Mazatlan what it should do if if the Mazatlan scheme works while is it will move these apps forward for everyone. Right. Like if apple consider these ipad apps to be the way that they want MAC apps to be it's gonna make these apps better for, ipads, and Macs. Like that's the goal. So I think this is I think this is only a good thing. And I'm excited. I'm excited about it. I think it's good as long as the one feature you need makes it makes it in. Or at least I don't make it impossible. Right. Like, it doesn't matter. If you can't lodger music falls into the music, compass long as I choose remains on your MAC somewhere. Yeah. Right. It's like garage six number one away or QuickTime seven is just going away this year in. Oh, yes. John Jason talked about on upgrade this week. But. That's always the friction here. Right. Like is this more like a final cut situation where the new version is so hampered and things people really needed weren't there and everyone freaked out or is the delta between tunes in this. So great that people are willing to go back to items only when they they need to my guess is. It's the latter. I think the good thing is you already know though. Right. Like if you use music on Iowa's and are unhappy with it because of a feature that's missing that features. Probably can still be missing are. If you use music in Iowa, and you never like gushed on it. I can't do this which I can do ITN's if you never have that feeling and you're gonna be fine because they're going to be the same. So it's a little bit different to the final thing with the final thing kind of kind of came out of nowhere. So it's wiped everybody, and it's also different because people made their living with Donald writes. Absolutely. And that that made it made it different. But, but like, we already know what it looks like an I tunes is so bad that people are going to be willing to forgive a lot of this. I think if this app works and looks good on the MAC. I just all this point. That's the problem. I guess the point that I should make is that they'll still a bunch of things that you can do in Aikins way, apple music, not necessarily with your music files. Like, for example, you can add stuff to smart playlists, or you know, you can inspect more information about songs that kind of stuff that you can do is. It's four apple music that you cannot do in music on IOS. So it would be nice to have a list feature parity for the apple music experience as it is right now in the future Musica for MAC. But as you mentioned that think, you know, I'll be fine. If unit even if they just remove a couple of features, maybe eventually bring those back. I think stuff like that is probably gonna go away. They feel like, you know, again like niche stages, and they're only features really. That exist because I had them, you know. So like, it's just it's probably easier to have apple music songs. Respect those features than it is to remove them. They haven't added them in music, like smart playlists are cool. But you know, what people think is cool. And now, you know, like just in general carry playlists play this made by tissue intelligence. I that's what people want to give you now of want small planet on. And the info thing is like that is like a Federico t special. You know, what I mean, that's something that you really love and I get but like that is I don't think that's the thing that people like oh who produced this track. Let me let me go to get invo- amac and find out you know, what I mean? Yeah. Well, I don't care personally because I keep labyrinth plaques. But yeah, I got a weird plex. But okay, all my God. I love you. That's okay. Well, the the books bit of this is interesting to again, this has been on the MAC now since Mavericks, I think, but it looks like a re worked version of books again. My my sumptiousness Mars the paint here. Even though the article is a little man. Remember mavericks? Yeah. About those weird. What was that up? It was the last version of the old UI what what was Neely Merrick's maps. Maybe. Yes. All those. Yeah. Let's see. Mavericks revue every oh was it the one that was not it with the new you I for opening and saving files without no. That was lion. Thank. Maybe books on Mojave. Or is it I because I'm running high Sierra. Okay. Still running high Sierra. Yeah. Even though I'm getting these like undisputable notifications now about upgrading to upgrade. It's totally fine. Yeah. I will. I just haven't like on. This point is just I'm on on high Sierra for Natia like rather than fair because I have Mojave on my MAC, mini so Mavericks brought I books and maps and some updates to other things anyways. Not nothing wild issue. Get rid of the Letheren calendar. So that was good good. Good change back to the topic at hand books. This new version of books will have support for audio books and have basically a separate book and audio book store, which I think is make sense. And yeah, kind of bring it up to up to speed. Earlier. I just don't ever use apple books for anything. I mean, I've got it. And I probably have a few things in there. But I've been on the kindle early long time. I just wonder how many people are reading books on their MAC. This is important or maybe audiobooks is I feel like it's like a reference thing. Like when you're working, right? That you like maybe read it on your pad. And then you have your notes in your sitting down at your MAC, and you've got your notes up, right? As opposed to like it. I find it. Like an interesting thought of somebody's sitting on the MAC book. I'm reading a whole novel like that to Zemes less than ideal for me, unless it's here only device that you have right? The as the biggest green. So you wanna use that? But I don't imagine that it is an incredibly high use case. But like would be good full. Like would be good for for reference stuff. The adding of audiobooks even funny to me because I really can't imagine. Somebody listening to an audio book saying a MAC sitting at your laptop listening. Yeah. That one seems even hotter to me than than like e books, but to each their own, you know, it's probably the same people who play games, amac. So let's people don't exist. Some of them. This connected is brought to you by our friends at squarespace. 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Which is it is of interest to awesome, people that use a lot is something called the touch type pro. And it is a kind of folio case that enables you to easily use a apple magic. Keyboard Vira bluetooth connection with the ipad pro and this Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday. Thank. Our friend. Mr. Federica vitucci has a prototype model of this device. So we're gonna talk about. Yeah. I think it's a production early production unity. Looks finished there's logo and everything. So yeah. So the Kickstarter is run by guy called Sam and says you who made a product years ago to touch type back in two thousand twelve which was again, pretty much very similar thing. Right. Like to be able to use a magic keyboard. I think it was a magic people with an ipad. But now, it's like more of even more of a thing than it was before. Because Kibo cases a much more well-known thing, and I've been doing a little bit dig into the Kickstarter campaign. So I was wondering the the timeline on this campaign is pretty aggressive like with delivery in August. Now, I thought that was that was interesting, but I took a look through the Cuban a and the kind of risks and challenges section, and it seems like they have already paid for the production. Molds and stuff like that. Or at least has gone for making prototypes as well. As manufacturers. So that would suggest that they may be pretty far on the line. However, I will say this is a kick Celtic campaign, and I will just say, I think August seems pretty aggressive. So you always know doesn't matter like if Eriko has an incredible prototype this publicly made that could be a problem that makes this stuff delight. I'm not saying that will be but like kick saw through Kickstarter and sometimes difficult. Yep. Yep. Yep. That said go check out the campaign. There's video there's bunch of animated gifts that you can see to get an idea out together kicks. Yup. Yeah. And Venus in this thing for for two weeks. I think of these points of is it mostly a home for reasons that I will mention surely also tested in my car because he spent a bunch of time every week waiting in the car, and I need to be able to use the ipad there. So the this is kind of peculiar for an NYPD accessories. Those the way that this works is there's a follow case as mentioned so you put the ipad into this plastic case. That's kinda like what Logitech is doing in that you put the into the plastic shell. It's actually not a terrible experience. Because there's a the top side as long opening to make sure that you can charge the pencils or that makes it easier to put it into the case and get it out of the case. Well, and also to put it in leave it that people that it's left that because you can still charge the pencil and stuff like that. Right. Like, you more willing to keep it. Yeah. So exactly it. So the entire basically the entire top side when using landscape is free. So you can charge the pencil, and it's gonna be fine. But attached to the case is this folding cover that when it's closed it wraps around the ipad. And also there's this final part of the cover that is actually like this folding kind of like a folding flap that actually covers the pencil. So what everything is closed? It covers the pencil to keeps the pencil in place and make ensures that when you put everything in your bag, for example, you will not find the pencil at the bottom of your bag. So he will secure and protect the pencil actually works. But this cover as we've seen with other folio covers before also acts as a kick stand of sorts in that when you place it on a desk the cover as as basically falls and creates like stand in the back of the ipad. Now, the magic keyboard the way that he. Plays into all of this his kinda ingenious in that. There's a separate case for the magic keyboard. So you put the Medicaid or the second generation model not the old one into the case the case as this flexible attack magnetic attachment that reminds me a little of the old razor keyboard for the first generation ipad. Pro it's got this flexible attachment that uses magnets to attach to the bottom of the case. So the magic word is attached magnetically to the front of the ipad. The cover the main cover. You lay down flat on your desk. You put the magic keyboard on top. And both inside the cover and into the magic keyboard case, there's magnets, and they create this kind of like a train track system where like you can slide the magic keyboard onto this cover to adjust the viewing angle of the ipad. So the cover combined the magic keyboard, they make the I stand up right, and thanks to magnets, you can adjust Yangel. So you can I guess one of the benefits of this one of opposed to raise a keyboard? Is that the case extends so that even the magic keyboard? When it's connected to the ipad is supported by the case on the ninth. Right. So it's probably easy to use on your lap because the Raisa keyboard it just wanted to fall Apollo the time. Yeah. Because the kick San was an actual kick. Stand made of metal in the back. There was nothing supporting the connection between the keyboard? And the ipad case. And really, it's one of those things you just gotta take a look at the picture and the video to get an idea because when you when you describe it in words, it's just a bunch of words, it's really understand once you see it. And I guess there's also the wall. So makes it unique is that if you don't wanna use them educated. Of course, you can detach it because the there's a detaches via magnets. Of course, does not use Mark connector. This is all bluetooth. The magic word is a bluetooth keyboard. So you can detach it and use it, for example, you can keep the op-ed on your table and use the keyboard on your lap. If you wish to do. So, but also what you can do if you're done working, for example. And you wanna put everything away you can fold the magic keyboard behind the ipad. So between the ipad and the case you can hide the magic word. Beneath the ipad than close the cover and you end up with this integrated like unique package, the looks like a sandwich. It's like ipad. Keyboard cover everything together. It's of course, he adds a bunch of weight and a little it's a little book and heavy, but if that is no concern for you. It actually works Thais. You're going to keep the app the, Medicaid and the pencil and this case all close together. You can throw it in a bag and forget about it. Now. I believe that this accessory is mostly a desk accessory. I don't think while this is not as portable as this marketer for you for first of all because it's much heavier. There's a, you know, there's a saved this comparison. So the ipad the twelve point nine inch high with the smart keyboard folio is two point three pounds of the I put pro with the breed with upcoming rich keyboards gonna be two point nine six pounds, the touch type is three point four pounds. So how? Well, there's a there's two plastic aces both of them have magnets inside. And there's this long cover that folds to to you know, to act as the surface for the magic keyboard. And it also becomes a folio for the abbot where everything is close. Our just assumed a big chunk of aluminium. Right. That is the bridge. Keeble would be more would be heavier. It's just a surprise to me to see those because that's significant dogpound adults. So that also includes the magic keyboard, though, we'll show, but the bridge has the keyboard it too. Yeah. Cable. Yeah. Well, it's a bunch of plastic and the ads wait to the entire package there some caveats that I should mention I think it's a bit. I think the sliding system to adjust between angle. So you got hold them educated and slide it on top of the covers basically the cover becomes the surface is a bit awkward in that you got up pay attention to what you do. So what I do is. I grab the keyboard with both hands and slide it, but I get you know, it's it's quite easy to detach them educatable from the case. So that can be a bit awkward that just feels like like with a love this. This is one of the things that you just get used to and get better over time. Yes. I agree. Yeah. Get used to it. What else? Well, of course, the magic keyboard. You know, we talked about it before it's got media. He's so that's convenient. But it doesn't have all the media keys shortcuts that you got for example, from the Logitech like home button or search that kind of stuff does not have that. It's only got, you know, controlling playback, for example. It's not backlit, and it's bluetooth. So if those are important reasons for you to get a different keyboard, you should consider those lean folly of that we talked about last week from Logitech. But what I do like is that I'm a fan of the magic word myself. And if you're looking to integrate the magic keyboard with the app, it pro I think this is an if you're willing to accept that. This is mostly going to be dusk device because of the weight concerns, and because it it becomes a really Boehlke package. You know, when you when you close it all together, I'll try and have a picture in your show nuts. It looks. It's fake though. Like how comfortable and easy to use on your lamp. I think. I think it's better on a pet to the small folio. Well, I think this more folios better on your lap. Because there's fewer move moving parts right for desk. I think it's it's so much better. Because you get in a better keyboard. And because it, you know, everything's bit more stable on a desk. I think it's fine on your lap. I don't think it sterile. I still think the smart keyboard folios is better because there's fewer moving parts. Opping is any Muslim I desk or the kitchen table, and I like it because I you know, I can type faster on the magic word and the keyboard folio of I ask you about that with the desk, then so I use a stand and imagine keyboard. Is that not better than a case and imagine keyboard? So by with the stand you mean like something that I the high of the. Look stand. Right. Which is okay. Many stance that I found this was one that I liked the most. And with that I have high adjustment as well. As angle adjustment. Okay. And I can then use the magic keyboard. Okay. So this thing is still going to have to look down. Yeah. Because it's you know, doesn't adjust the height of broke. I guess I should mention that. Because of the opening of the case on the longer side. You can remove the ipod from the case and put in portrait mode few. There's a photo of these. I think or maybe shown in the video it makes me very nervous topple topple over. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's this is not a replacement for that kind of side up. So if you need higher adjustment to prevent things like next stream, for example. I think you should stay with your setup Mike because if you look down, you know, for several hours, you're gonna feel that and. Also, you know, the difference when you use a stand you need to reach for the screen with this thing, I feel like it's a bit more comfortable because you can keep your elbows on the table and just touched the ipad. I think it's a bit easier maybe than just using a vertical send to with this thing you're going to have to look down because it doesn't adjust the height of. Yep. It pro for your personal use case. I was suggested not to get this thing. Yeah. This this product is not for me out at all. Just I can talk into you. It's like too heavy for me to wanna carry around with me. And it looks like Super Bowl ki- like because it's got the magic Kibo, which is thick thing. And then a home it's not gonna provide me with what I want. Anyway, because I don't I'm at you know, trying to reduce the amount of time. I'm saying a desk looking down. I wanna have to be looking front of me. I just find that more comfortable, and I find that like using the apple pencil like mostly keep my arms on table and just reach up and just have something. Yeah. This I can see the appeal of this product for some people. But I I don't think that it's wants to me. It also is like love the the magic of the magic Hiba like it's fine. It's no I do like it is interesting. This case is the newest in a long line of products that try to marry the ipad and like apples booth keyboard there is the in case origami workstation back forever ago. Amazon tells me I purchased it in twenty twelve that, you know, is the keyboard snapping into it and the original pad went into studio needed the canopy, which kinda does it work with modern ipad, well within vessels. I wish it did. You kinda have to like something in there to the bottom, isn't below the keyboard? I wish there were some how does this thing do that? Oh, it's totally fine oka- because the case. Is thicker as the separation between the separation also the plastic as at the on the bottom edge is thicker and wider. So that it sort of extends the ipad a bit more vertically. So that the homily indicator does not interfere with the Medicare. Where also there's a distance between them because there's the attachment. So it's totally fine. I like it myself the spite of the it's nice that. Because I travel just once a week now not twice a week. I mostly work with the ipad pro when I'm home these days. And so it's nice that I can just open. This got work done for five six hours, close everything and charge via USB see, and I never have to take out the individual parts when I travel a used this marketable folio or if I want to type on my lap. I used as marketable folio, which I as I confessed I think last week in using more. So. My recommendation would be if you love them educated. And if you use your ipad pro at a desk, and if you like these idea of integrating the two in a single package, I think you should consider this one. There's other ways that you can use them educated with with an ipad. Pro I think none of them are as you know, putting together all both parts the app throw the educated they do that as well. As this one. Does there's a as I mentioned, it's it can be awkward to adjust the viewing angle, and you're not gonna you know, you're still going to be stuck with bluetooth. So you don't get the, you know, the simplicity of this market for follow. But if you work at ask, I think, it's I think it's a very clever idea. I think it's very well done. Yeah. So go check out the key Sutter companion make sure that ticket the video and the pictures to get a better idea, whether this is for your or not. Hank? It is a very good idea of a lot of really interesting details. Yeah. Like, the magnetic stuff in the case is really good because you get almost infinite degrees of you find what was just right for you. But like, this just isn't fa my personal agronomic needs. But that doesn't mean that it's not feels right? Like if you'll sitting and using the small folio all day every day sitting desk, maybe this is a better option than that one. But if you're like me is somebody who's trying to use the small folio last one, I'm working this isn't going to give me what I want. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. This is not for you. But I there's a bunch of people out there like them educated or maybe just owned educatable don't wanna buy another keyboard. And you know, they consider this case to sort of integrate the two of them together in a better way than others Lucians right now. So if you're that type of person, I say, go check out the campaign watched the video, and then maybe consider the twelve point nine inch version or the l'avenir version, and I think I saw on Reddit that if you order the eleven inch version, and then later change your mind, you can still swap it for and ten point five inch version for the old diaper Pearl. There's a there's an FAQ about this somewhere. So. Yeah. Go check out the campaign watch the video make sure that you also watch the gifts because they really do give you an idea of this works. This episode of connected is also brought to you by Worby Parker quality eyewear at a fraction of the usual price. 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She look in your of your clothes trial move different styles. Make sure if it's but ordering from we'll be pocket was super simple. Like all I had to do was upload a an image of my prescription my prescription glasses, and that was it like they had someone check it made. Sure. Okay. And then they sent me glasses, and I really of my new glasses. They was exactly the style. I was looking for like round metal frame like thin metal frame. I've been searching for ages. A Pat, and I was super happy that will be Parker had exactly what I want. And now I feel super fresh funky and cool with my new glasses listeners of this show can head to Parker dot com. Connected and order a free hometown kit. Today. You can also check out the war broke Parker app. They've built an awesome hometown companion. And if you have the iphone ten or a phone with face ID, you can use the brand new find your fit feature. 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But this is biased as we can make them, but everyone has biases biases thing you have to accept the bias exists. So like, I just wanna say all of that. We're gonna talk about what it's like to use this thing. It's probably going to sound like some of the stuff talking about when we've done ads because in the as we talk about how we use it. But this is not sponsored content. There's nothing more. I can say that in that. We're just going to talk about his optical. Lure is also sponsored my website and my podcasts. But as I said as a running the article, this is entirely based on my. Opinion of the lowest paid that. I bought myself a didn't tell them they have no idea was working on these articles. So you can trust us or not. But you know, personally, I can say that these entirely based on what I've been doing myself for that. I bought and paid for. So that seat for the disclaimer. Thank you, Mike. So yeah, what do you guys want to know about the article that I published? Well, I think as a few things which is interesting to me. We are using this device in some similar ways but slightly differently. So like I use Klein with my MAC completely headless. There's no monitor attached to my mind. Really? Yeah. Yeah. And I can maybe talk about some of the ways the ideal with the problems that you've had. Well, like, the things that you seem to have what very well for you like, for example, one of them like today when I for some reason Luna display wouldn't connect like the MAC could restart it. I don't allied to that. But I use screens then to look into the MAC to log in. So I don't need to connect to a monitor a Nashes because the MAC mini. You'll MAC mini serves a purpose as an as an actual machine you using to like recall puck awesome. When might doesn't is like home server and like media stuff in which to do more with it. So that the difference there? But I just don't need it attached to a monitor. So that was pretty well for me. But I've I think one of the key positives is like the thing that I love so much to the idea of having MAC OS is an app, and I basically and the flexibility that that gives you like because there are things are easier and can be done way foster back on on IOS. I don't think I've ever said anything to the country. So it's really good to have something like that. And I feel like that's kind of where you are. So I was just wondering like what what are you doing with the MAC that you want doing via? So that you've kind of moved with using Linda display like why do you need this, basically? Okay question. I feel like there's not necessarily things that I can that. I cannot do on US. If I wanted to. There's a things that I now that have MAC that is faster than the one that I used to have any teaser to us in that. It's always on just need to sit down and press, a key on the keyboard to wake it. I think it's a seizure for me to do those things on on on the MAC mini when I'm home. There's also things that I was not doing before like running plaques library or running home bridge server that I was doing before. Because I didn't have a MAC mini Sarai had a macbook pro. So now that I have those I want to be able to manage them, but to give some actual examples beside plaques and back blaze, and you know, I tunes which I use a lot in terms of IT is the that can be controlled with automation. If you wanna have scripts to deal with connecting to replace speakers. For example, there's no automation support for airplay on I us for. The IRS music app, but we IT's you can create scripts that allow you to play specific place in specific modes on specific speakers, and I wrote about this shortcuts before. So that's something that I do. But also things that I could do yours, but that I prefer to do on the MAC whenever possible downloading files from safari. I mentioned a few weeks ago. I think I had to download the few gigabytes of different zip files fry. Yeah. Coulda us. I cab just easier to safari on the MAC just because it's got a download manager. It just click the links, and you don't bunch of thousand you can see the progress. And that's it or for whatever reason you gave me this tip, Michael. If you think if you months ago, if you try and copy reach text from Evernote IS and paste that text in Google docs on US illusion. You're formatting if a copy reach text from ever not on the MAC and pasted in safari Google docs on the MEK. It keeps the exact same for matting that reached ex all your lists all your indentation. Everything's fine. Because reached just does not work. I s as we know it's worse. If you try and have happy do that pacing. Right. It is worse because I I very set up an automation sometime. We'll do bracingly where he would be able to send something from Evernote to Google docs, fire is app here. Action of some descriptions Appier is the TT on steroids, basically, for reasons unknown to everybody when this would happen. It would pay in the formatted text correctly from Evan but remove the formatting of everything else in the document. Yes. That's one of those funny things where I said, a federal co I think your script is broken everything. And he's like there's no way it can do that. And I was like, I I understand let's look together. And then he's like oh. I don't know if you ever found out why that happened. But like there was a link. I told zap Zappia I told them and their response was, you know, those I mean, I love that peer, but there was kind of annoying like our paying customer, and if you know how much sap your costs, you know, it's not cheap. The response through the extent of. Yeah. We're aware of this. Can you go through this form, and send us a bunch of details about all that you did? It's like. Like, you know, I understand what these processes are like, but can you just look him account? And do it for me because I I really don't have the time to sit down and file raiders sensually for that. Like, anyway, I love that. You know, maybe they'll figure it out without my help because you know, forget about these things anyway. So they know about I don't know voted problems. But they do apparently. So anyway, the article that I published is these idea of using play on pro to access the MAC, mini and the Formica's when I needed but trying to find ways to optimize these experience on sort of making it easier and faster and a bit more flexible, maybe to use mcelroy's on the ipad through the lunar display so little scripts little shortcuts little financement that I come up. Up to make it better than the default experience. I think that would be one of the things I found very fascinating with the accessibility keyboard, which I didn't even know existed. Yeah. So I think this was something that I discovered last year. And you know, I always put off in those things that you like. Yeah. One day, I'm going to experiment with this. So the idea is that there's a whole suite of autumn of accessibility. Features on mecca last US, but a MEK less. One of them is the keyboard, which by default. It is an onscreen Corey keyboard. It's a standard keyboard for folks with physical and motor impairments that wanna be able to type, but using an onscreen keyboard rather than a physical keyboard. What's great about? This is that as you know, many excessively to features always often do it goes beyond the. Traditional realm of accessibility. Because it allows you to customize the the entire thing for whatever need you may have. And what you can do with excessively. Keyboard is create multiple panels there called panels this keyboards, and there's a free app that is built and available right? On your MAC called panel, editor and Ilets you design your own keyboard? They let you design your own custom onscreen keyboard that can be a stunner keyboard or can be just a collection of buttons. And those buttons you create those like this ill looks like an image editor you have. Agreed. You have a canvas and you can create these buttons and to each button you can assign label you can modify the size. But then you can assign an action to that. When clicked it does something, and there's a collection of building actions like system actions, like raise the volume more, meet the volume or like type type letter, for example. But there's also actions like run an apple script. And that's when things got interesting for me because I what I wanted to have was. So I was using these play on the pro. And I realized there's bunch of actions that I could do easily on a MAC with the media keys, for example of the magic keyboard. But when I'm on the app, it pro with the lunar display in this market were folio because I didn't have the, you know, the the touch type of the time. But just what you what any been? I if I had like some kind of launcher to do things more quickly just by tapping them sort of like having a floating lawn center. Pro was my idea like he's a possible to have a thing that is always on screen. The lets me tap buttons to execute actions. And I try to bunch of things like keyboard? Maestro pilots or like having like persistent launchers on the desktop, and then I remembered about the accessibility keyboard? And so I designed this shortcuts bar is my the, my nickname. It's like a row of buttons that do things like pause items or mute system. Sounds or open the Aiko dry folder in the finder. And so that was really interesting in putting this together, and sort of it opened Hebron back to using apple scraped, and you know, going crazy over delimitations, and and you know, little idiosyncrasies of apple script. But that was a that was fun to like, it was a funder inexperienced, these you can design your own keyboard panel, and you can make any action that you want using this building suggestions or just using your own. Apple skip stuff. I think it's super fascinating. And then when you start putting like to touch tool, and then you've got like moving all the windows around and stuff as a really interesting way of doing it. Yeah. That was my other problem in that. My means always connected to the altar find these play. And when you when you connect a lunar these play by default becomes the secondary display, and this is called the extended desktop mode or MacOS. The problem is the primary display on the MAC is where your all your apps in your desktop icons. They show up I by default. So when you open an app by default he goes to the primary display, and then you need to move it to the secondary display. My problem was of course. Amusing secondary these pay from another room, I'm not necessarily in front of the MAC mini. So that I have my track bed, but I want to use my class from the kitchen table and the MEK in the bedroom. So how can they move these windows back and forth between this place? And of course, once we will be just unplugged the cable of the altar find so that this becomes the primary display by default. But I don't want to in a remember to imply replied Levy, single time. So I struggled with this for a long time. Like, I came across some system of defections to let you automate which in this place, but they're required. Disabling sip Mojave system, integrity production, and really didn't wanna do that. That idea all kinds of nasty things could happen. So I don't wanna do that. So I sort of gave up on the idea of finding a way to automate displays witching, which is not possible on the MAC and realize well, maybe I just need to figure out how. Make working with the secondary display better and faster and better touch too. Is you know, is this UT that all kinds of people use for all kinds of different things, for example. John Borys, we do outsource together. Customize but attached to completely to us, you know, to access certain logic pro to call logic rotten the new version. Biologic shortcuts logic actions and one of the categories. Yeah. One of the categories of actions. The better tool has is window control. And so you you can shuffle windows back and forth between this place. You can recite them you can you can actually give them exact pixel coordinates to do win the revising. So combining all that we excessively to keyboard. The idea of. I can now just open the ipad logging to lunar display. Move on my windows from the ultra fine to the ipads this play. And now, I have a, you know, a reasonably efficient machoism virement where I have keyboard shortcuts to recite my windows, I have visual shortcuts to do things. Like opening the finder or muting system. Sounds because my mcneese always streaming audio to the home pod, or you know, hiding the lunar display window that always comes up, and it's so annoying or showing hiding the doc, you know, all these things so this combination of keyboard shortcuts umbilical shortcuts. It's it's a it's a really fascinating way to get work done because it's like you have micro s on your ipad. And it works well enough because you can use both the pencil and the keyboard four inputs. But it's still an app so you can sort of use it on demand. Just when you need it. And I don't have to sit down go necessarily to another room and sit down and switch context. I didn't just you know on need to do something on my quest for two minutes. I can just stay at the kitchen table and do it from the ipad. And there are software complete software based solutions. Right. Like an display a too, but I will say from my own experience that they both work perfectly fine. They do work. But the lunar display is a much better experience. The lag is definitely better. The image quality is definitely about a an I find this. You said this euro when using the lunatic play like sometimes it feels like the MAC is just native like I forget sometimes that I'm sitting looking an ipad like it works. Very very very well. And I found the other stuff it works. But it doesn't work as well as I would. Want? It's like it's seventy percent there. And Luna is like ninety percent there that those levels. You can tell the difference in in like image quality, and the generals moutainous and yes have tried. I have a twenty eighteen fully specked mackney while not fully spec. About reasonably pack mini with like sixteen gigs of ram, and you know, the the better CPU option. I have a mesh wifi. You know, five gigahertz network. It's really good wifi. So I I've tried those ups before, but the latency and the image quality, and the majority faxing various glitches they were like I could use those apps, but compared to the release play I preferred the nicer experience, even if it requires buying separate accessory. It was a, you know. It was a fun learning experience really to just dive back into the world of keyboard. Maestro. An apples keep them better touch tool the civility stuff, and I guess what? I try to say in the conclusion of the article was that maybe someday we'll have this kind of apple laptop that can do. It's got the app ecosystem of US, and you know, the intuitive interactions values. But also these idea that you can personalize everything and that you get access to these really technical really, powerful, apps and UT's such as Michael s maybe one day that will be you know. You know, there will be a thing that you can buy actually Iran's an apple OS. But until that happens and reckoning will be a while this mixed sort of hybrid environment. It works pretty well. Now, you can do this via vnc software. You can do these with other vote wireless display apps. Like duet, all of the stuff that Federico's talking about you don't need a lunar display to write like to to be able to use like. The better touch tool stuff accessible stuff like that. So running on the MAC, it's just like whole tool to it. I use the stuff when I'm using the MAC physical in front of my MAC mini as well. Like, yeah. I have the accessibility. Keyboard shown in front of me right now. And I have better touch to keyboard shortcuts set up for the MAC for the ultra fine display. So all of these things you can use them. You know, you don't, but it is a strong personal preference for both of us that the best experience. The most native feeling experience is the lunar display to you know. Yeah, you know, I like nice things like the best option. You know, just the the image quality that you got with Luna into, you know, something that I prefer. But. Yeah. So was fun to write about MAC stuff again for sure. Story. You wrote like a story about the MAC, what could you call that website that? That. Yeah. Sorry maximum. Now that have done this because it was like two months late. I get a I'm going back to more traditional bed stories. Fully before w w c so we'll see there's you know, there's kind of a no big deal like a like a ten year anniversary coming up next week. So after that, call Rex. We have a lot of things planned at MAC surreal be the ten year anniversary. So I usually don't like these kinds of like, self celebrations. But you know, it's ten years were doing a few things. So starting Monday there will be things are maximize by after that. It's all you'll be happy to know that I just registered story, max dot com. Thank you. Otherwise would have I will direct T O website. Thank you start makes. But yeah. So after that I will be back to traditional ipad coverage for a while. So this was fun that about does it if you want to find links stuff, we've talked about, including federal goes awesome. Article about this lunar display MAC ipad hybrid madness. Website, relayed dot FM connected slash to thirty eight dimension to we have a handful of tickets left to our WDC show. So if you haven't bought ticket, and you're going to be in San Jose that I will June. We'd love to have you at the show. So that Lincoln be there as well about like ninety percent sold out. So it's not many tickets left. If you're going to be there, you won't one sits now's your time. So you're saying you want, and you wanna be there because my surprise is complete and just waiting to happen. So really worries I. I'm now I'm now in the planning stages for how the surprise will be revealed. There would be games involved in the audience will participate actively in this. So you wanna be there? Trust me. Into this. Don't already tall save content. It's all. All all safe and unfunny and in good spirits. We have to wear helmets. No, no. But you will also you to participate, but in a different way than the audience. So that's the part of scared about. Yeah. This is what I deceived. I will ask you to jump off of a platform like fear Schiller. That's good. Our insurance doesn't allow that. Anyways. Okay. You can get in touch with us via Email if you have feedback or follow up link there on the sidebar on the webpage or you can find us on Twitter. You can follow Reeker there as a T V, I T, and as we mentioned Federico's site MAC stories turns ten next week gotten a sneak peek at some of the stuff that's being planned, and you don't wanna miss it. It's going to be a lot of fun. You can go to story max dot com on stories don't net both of those websites. We'll take Federico's website that is my gift to you. Anniversary is to redirect stories dot net. Back to you so good as going to Casey site mature. I think it was going to my own site guy. He's going to Mike Mike was right dot com. Where it went to now, it goes it goes to where it should good that feels that feels right to me that you can find Mike on Twitter as I m y K E and Mike is the host of a whole lot of shows here on relay. AM? You can find me there as I am. And I write five twelve pixels dot net. I think our sponsors this week fresh books, squarespace and Worby Parker. And until next week gentlemen. Sega by out of a ditch e Curio audience.

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