31 Teams. 31 Thoughts. 31 Trades?


Ready to rock and roll one two three four five six seven eight nine ten unfriendly my last apple okay well nourished podcast Elliott. Are You caffeinated? I am caffeinated. Now Elliott. Are you awake? I am awake and look just because I don't remember texting you in the morning doesn't that I'm asleep. I'm going somewhere with US okay. The Elliott appaled am appaled. Elliott are you cracker D-. I am crackers. Are You cheesed. I am cheesed. That was your lunch today. Yes it was Jerez. Let's get going before we get to the full thirty one team. Rundown of WHO's in WHO's out. Who's at the card table? Who's walking away? Say about to break into Kenny Rogers Song here in a second. I'm not Wanting to hold them in a folder go nowhere. Nowhere to walk away. No into run tyler. Toffoli is now a member of the Vancouver canucks Tyler Madden a second round draft pick and a conditional fourth go the other way you write about this in thirty one thoughts sports net dot CA. Why brush thoughts on this one? I understood why Vancouver did it. They got some injuries. I think this probably goes back to how you felt about what Columbus did last year. Did you support what the Blue Jackets did or not if you liked with the blue jackets did which I agreed with? Then you support. What Vancouver did today from a logical point of view from a now? You're making faces okay. Well does have that differs. Who plays they're about to walk away their cornerstones the goaltender in the winger and there are elite level players. And we all knew they were going. Vancouver's GonNa have guys that are walking away their last Hurrah. Yes they could Jacob Marcham. That is one very good okay. He's a huge part of their team. He's an MVP LA. He's not just a goaltender this season. He's an MVP level. You don't think they're going to get to jake marks from contract dunk. Well betting said the other day they tabled it till the end of the season. Right that says to me that they can't get it done at least not right now in the history of the NHL Niimi the one goaltender has won the Vezina trophy and then walked away from his team. There's one know how many of them are free agents that no. That's the point like this. This would be a rare but the canucks have cab issues right. They have cap issues. They're sitting there you know. They've got the Longo penalty there a deep team. But that means they've got guys lower down the lineup or making a lot more money than average players would be down lower in the lineup. What do you do? They're going to pay Patterson That's GONNA be huge in Queens. Going to be huge too and that's on the horizon. I think the two Foley's appear rental. Well I understand that but that also affects what you can do with marks from right uh-huh and what we learned. We've learned the young players now. They aren't really that content with the bridge deals. They want the big deal right away. So if you're Vancouver you've got to be preparing for it. You'RE GONNA pay how much you paying. Patterson you're paying him ten on. What are you paying us? If he keeps going this way I said last week the night of the deans. I was voting today when he was my caller. Guy K. Imagine. Here's another year like this now. Sources tell me. He can't win the calder Trivia. Second time how but if anyone can could be quin hughes but you know what are you paying him? So you're sitting here and you're looking at this and you're figuring out your cap situation. It's not easy so yes I do. Think there are comparisons. Plus they've been out of the place for four years. They've won three playoff game since two thousand eleven their divisions not very good. They're right in the middle of it. They're deep they see. They compete hard. They're flawed everyone's flawed. But the thing is like in. You know if you don't do anything by Monday. That team sits there. It sees an empty locker for Besser. It sees an empty locker for Leo. It sees an empty locker furland. And you do nothing. And what are the players do unless they go full major league and they bring a cutout of Jim Benning into the room? Pule a strip of clothing off every time they win again. See I look at it in terms of winning cycles and where is Vancouver at on their winning cycle and unlike Columbus where last year we knew was going to be load up. It's a last Hurrah this bunch and then it's going to be a step back for Columbus now. What they've done. This year is magnificent. I think it's speaks to a lot of the work. John Tortorella Kick Elaine and Have already done And did they get like the Golden? Yeah of course they did. But goaltenders are Voodoo as we've seen before I look at the Vancouver canucks and say listen even if they don't make the playoffs is here. There's still heading upwards on their winning cycle and that's where I see different than Columbus Situation. I do understand your point of looking at you know. Oh there's no better And install. Oh where's leave? Oh where's Ma like? I understand all the things that you're saying. The only question to me is how much of the future are you willing to sacrifice just to get into the playoffs. This season now. The one thing that I do like about the move is for all those Pedersen's in queens and all those players who have never experienced a playoff chase and what eighty two meaningful games feels like getting to the play offs. I find value in that. The only question is is that worth the mall specifically the second round pick and is that worth Tyler Madden. I agree with you on one point and someone from Vancouver said this to me. They do also believe there at the beginning of their cycle. You know they feel that. Patterson and Quinn are barely scratching the surface of where. They're going to go completely. Agree with that okay. Hundred percent agree with that. Here's the other thing though. You've got to sell tickets. It's been a little bit soft there at times when they've been losing. That's a factor. Don't kid yourself if they win their division who they're going to plan the first round the wild card from the central maybe not writing wildcards from. There's there's a better than decent chance that it's going to be someone from their own. Division like Nashville is the team. It should be. That's the wild card. Pardon the PUN. But that's the wild one and all this. They're winning three one. Three games in a row beat Saint Louis twice and then got derailed by Karen. The cough up a hairball lake. I cannot figure out that team there so schizophrenic I cannot figure them out but my point is if you're Vancouver and let's say for the playoffs you get besser back Okay and maybe leave Obama. They don't really seem to know. Why can't it be you in the playoffs? But any but that's my point like when do you bet on yourself but you're bidding on yourself with the rental and you're getting rid of a piece of the future. The count their top prospect to fully up put Colson and hog. Lander are still there. And I'm with you on that one I put and this is maybe speaks more to where I I value Tyler Mad. I think he's a hell of a player. I like him a lot and I see. I disrespected him. To be honest. I didn't include him in the list. I'd calls in and Hog. Lander are clearly one to all right. Y'All y'all we all know that and I put madden three and don't think he's a long shot to make fine it's at northeastern and all of a sudden he's on the Vancouver canucks. I think that highly of this kid you know. The thing is like sports is about emotion. Okay like I try to look at it as logically as I can and I wrote this in my blog by sports is about emotion and I think sometimes you have to let your emotions go and this to me like I'm a gambler right. I like to gamble. I like to play cards. I like to bet on Games. Part of gambling is knowing when to pick your spot on the Vancouver canucks. This year haven't made the playoffs in four years. Got A good team. Plays hard is Marsha. I'm GONNA be back. Not sure is going to be back. Odds don't favor it. Someone else may have to go divisions not very good lecture deep with prospect. Your jeep fraud guys. That are coming out of the lineup. We can all fight about that. I was happy for Zach. Mcewen that he really seems to be totally out from that roster within fight about how many of those guys are going to play but the fact is they've got a few all I can do is say if I was sitting in the same seat what I make the same move and my answer is yes. I'm making this gamble now. I'll tell you this if I knew that I was gonNA play Dallas or Colorado or Saint Louis in the first round. I don't know if I make that bet but I'm not. They're not playing those guys but if you're playing. Winnipeg I make the bet you don't make the benefits Dallas or. I might not make the bed if I thought I was getting Dallas or Saint Louis or Colorado or Colorado. We're GONNA get all these teams now. As if they completely crapped the bed they might end up playing one of those teams. But you're looking at it from now and saying we can avoid it. Would it be a disaster if they miss after making this move we disaster yes? Oh I wouldn't say it's a complete disaster but it's a big disaster. I think there's a bit of a difference between big and complete. We are really splitting hairs. Here early Okay we're GONNA get to Vancouver and we're GONNA get to Minnesota a little bit later. On the reason I bring up Minnesota the other big story from around the NHL. This week before we run down. the teams that are in the teams that are out and you're full trade deadline preview. Bruce Boudreau dismissed in Minnesota. Okay I think I've kind of figured out this one okay. I think that Bill Garin is sitting there now. This is my opinion. I think the bill Garin is sitting there. And He's thinking of if we pull this off we're gonNA have to bring them back so force the issue now with Boudreau and if you go on the run then he's now I think they had some legit headbutting there over rosters so this is Chicago Chicago situation. We'd love to fire Quenneville but dammit he keeps winning. I don't even know if it was that that organization there was a lot of infighting yup like one of the great untold stories about Chicago. Is They won three Stanley cups in six seasons and people. They're really get along and it's the kind of that's okay though well. It's the kind of infighting derailed other organizations. I think honestly I think stuff like that is healthy and sports and I don't think you need to like someone to do business with the many can actually clearly jerk. Well I was talking to our producers the bigger idiot than you are but But to me the Chicago stuff it sounds like at times it went beyond. I think disagreement is healthy. You don't yes very good. You got me there for for sick healthy. I never want to be surrounded by people who tell me what I wanna hear and the good thing about working at this place is that I'm surrounded with people who constantly tell me like we should tell you there's a great and you started to do it now when. Berkey gets off the air after a segment or sees us after a segment. Like you'll see you go good job Jeff. And then he'll ignore me or he'll do a good segment Kelly and Dave and totally ignore me and it never fails to make me laugh always funny every time but the Chicago stuff went beyond. I think what was at times healthy. It was almost like at times. They couldn't share in the victory so I think it's kind of amazing. There were successful as they were over over. That time Garam would have had to have brought Boudreau back if they had the running. Got To the playoffs coaches dismiss. Well how how would you like Bruce Boudreau? There were several times in the past two years where I think the GM wanted to let them go. I'm Paul Fenton did I think. Bill guaranteed protected by the owner. DidN'T WANNA pay off contract. Poodles CONTRACT ENDED THIS SERIES. A couple years left and consulting. But I think he's GonNa end up coaching. I think there's too. Many vacancies needs to good a coach. That he's not GonNa end up somewhere and you know you can talk about that. His playoff record isn't great. You still gotta get there. This is a hard league to make the playoffs and he generally makes the playoffs much more often than not so. I think the owner stopped it from happening Didn't want to pay off the salary you know. They had some real challenges. There he had three. Gm's to them who didn't pick him like what coach survives that to this point. I was thinking about this when he got fired. How many coaches have ever had three general managers? Yeah other way around totally true. Secondly I don't think the staff was very harmonious. I think they really had to battle at times to sort out which was weird about that. Because Bob Woods and Dean evison were guys. Who were they worked with him before? I think the way it Kinda got put together at times this year with Everson brought in by Fenton. It just breeded some mistrust that they all had to sort out. I don't think that was it. Didn't those guys weren't putting great situations initially to succeed and the other thing too is. Minnesota has a really tough room at the veterans. You've got very headstrong veterans. You've got suitor. Who's got a big stick in that room? You've got Parisa who's got a big stick in that room clue and at the same time has kind of struggled with the fact that at times his career hasn't been as strong as he would have liked it to be and then you've got Koivu. Who was the big stick? Those guys got there and at times. I think chafed under what those guys brought. I don't think it was easy. And Boudreau had to all that and then this year came the kids and Fiala looked like he was going to be right out of the League. Denardo is really struggling. They put a lot of hope. Incontinent greenway and all the sudden those guys started coming and they were leading the charge. And I think all of those things weren't easy they six and a brutal schedule at the beginning of the year. I had a governor telling me that if his executives had allowed that scheduled to happen to their team He would have fired them. He said like you cannot let the League do that to you. What was done to Minnesota at the beginning of the season? They looked like they were dead. They looked like a team that was going to finish in the bottom of the league and they charged and I think there were questions about usage. I think there were questions. I do. Think Boudreau bow with his veterans. I think the kids really thrive which was good for Minnesota. But I do think and I will tell you. There's a number of coaches who feel the same way to that Garin Boudreau that marriage might have had to continue and they didn't think it was healthy for anybody they said. In the long run Garin Boudreau will be better off that this move happened. There are a lot of coaches out. There everything comes in Howson's her lennon this one and get to the trade deadline preview so a lot of coaches that are out there right now. Who should we have our EYES ON FOR MINNESOTA? Well I'll tell you this. I've heard a lot of Doug weight now and you strickland who I think is a really good reporter and is based in Saint Louis were Doug. Weight is a lot of connections. He tweeted that you know. Doug Weight doesn't want to coach. And maybe that's true but at a number of people told me that Doug Wade son Danny he plays for the penticton. V'S ABC H. L. And Doug spent a lot of time watching them this year. Hey be a dad man. I one shot to do it. You've got one hockey good on you. Like the most important thing apparent actually do is be apparent so I I'm great with that but you know Doug Weight and Bill Garin of a long history and I do think the Dugway at some point will be the Minnesota Organization role. I don't know but it's possible. It could be the coach if not then. I think you'll hear Laviola. Minnesota tends to have a really strong. Usa Hockey Connection. Yeah one thing. I didn't realize until it was late. Was that Paul Fan. Didn't get fired because this whole Minnesota. Bu Miracle on ice thing Ed but it was a factor like they didn't like there. There's a territorial group there. That doesn't like the Boston guy coming in and telling them Minnesota guys what to do so but I think it's a very strong USA hockey market. And I think they would lean USA hockey if they could and the fact that guarantees they're probably adds to it all right. Take a sip of coffee. Get ready because we are going to empty out the brain of Elliott Friedman here as we kick off the podcasts thirty-one thoughts supplied gas brought to you by GMC Sierra trucks full trade deadline preview. Okay Elliot here. We go team by team not divided by conference but by Alphabets Liens. We start with the Anaheim formerly mighty ducks who have fallen on tough times. They have a guy who I think. There's some interesting and that's Derrick Grant He's there a center. Who played really well for him. Bob Murray really likes Derek Grant and had a really good year this year to me. He's a perfect depth center For the play offs I think Andrea causes a guy who had some interest. I believe there was almost trained to Carolina. There are other teams like him. He's a guy that would go depending on health. I think that's something that worries people but from what I've heard like they're big guys. The Lynn homes the Fowler's the Manson's the Silverberg the Kells. They aren't going anywhere like Racal's rebels not having a great year. Sure but he's still going to get between twenty five and thirty goals. He makes three point eight million Lake Wyatt trading that in itself Brooke. If you're Bob Murray and you see the return for Jason Soccer do you not look at sulphur? Burg and say No I don't think so. I got the I know I get it all of it but I just look at what Pittsburgh gave up to bring in Jason's Anaheim on Mike Cannon breaking in a lot of kids and I want some more lottery tickets here. No I don't think so. I don't think Anaheim will do that. I think Kasa brings you that right like Cast is the guy that gets you the first row. Now if he's healthy because he's got term first round I think you. I had heard that they believe they could get a first router for him. By the way I think the other guy they would consider moving Henryk by. I don't know what his value is right now at times this year. He's been their best player. I I mean it's I've heard his name out there a bit of a center so you kind of fish and see right Okay to the Arizona. Coyotes two names stick out here. Fill in if there's any more Carl Soderberg and Taylor Hall. I still don't believe Taylor. Halls getting trade Arizona's. They're recovering that huge weekend. They beat they beat Washington and they beat the islanders at home. While you Tracy Taylor Hall Carl Soderberg. They need centers see. I wonder if Arizona's going to be in it to get more scoring like I think. That's they're always looking for scoring right and they still struggle to score at times. I think Arizona's going to add. Subtract Boston Bruins. We know they want to add Their team name has been linked to Chris Kreider. They have picked one two and three their own. Have some prospects from what I heard. They weren't crazy about giving up their first rounder for Coleman and that's why the the get em they were in it Edmonson was wanting to give up their first rounder and so was Tampa. Obviously and that's why they got it done and Tampa had to. They gave him the Vancouver one. Like I've heard that Boston isn't crazy about giving up a first round pick. They hit a couple years ago for Nash. I don't think they WANNA do it again. Now I think its Kreider or it's Paul. Mary and I'M GONNA throw one other name in there brandon. Saad they might consider it because though crowder doesn't have term but they're getting a first round for him but Saud Palmeri. I wonder if Boston would do it. I think Boston would prefer to do one of their younger players. Who may be hasn't gotten as much of a run and Boston as anyone would hope. You're Vaknin maybe I don't know like maybe a bjork or something like that. Okay so that okay. Yeah like I think that. That's kind of ejects. The Nikkei or anything like that like Sydney still think they have high hopes for him right So I think that's what they would prefer to do. I think the biggest question is and it's tough to tell them because I think there are really smart and generally really calm organization. But how do they feel about what's going on around them? Well that would be my question. Pittsburgh's made their move their big move. Tampa's made their big move. If you're Boston dear respond. I think that's one of the questions. Were all kind of asking. I think they will do something. I think the Bruins as our windows with these guys. We feel. We can beat anybody. We lost the Stanley Cup last year and a game seven the Charlie coyle trade turned out to be really good for them. They know they might not be able to keep torey. Krug after this year. And he's a big part of what they do like. I like Coleman I like to fully but I think at the end of the day the Bruins said if we are going to spend our biggest piece. It's going to be on more than that. And that's why I think it's Kreider Palmeri. Maybe Saad and also with Boston. I know we'll talk about him later when we get to the Blue Jackets Jeff. Josh Anderson's health. I think that's another thing. The bruins are keeping an eye on buffalo sabres. It's never good when your general manager becomes a gift but we saw that on Tuesday with Jason bought from all way through down the paper out. I mean it's been such a nightmare for them this year like. I think he's really trying to do things. I think he's really trying to do things I think he's been trying to do things all year. People in Buffalo are like you. GotTa make a trade. You GotTa make a trade. You gotTa make a trade. It's not like they haven't tried to make a trade. They've been trying to make trades all season and they can't get anything. I think they got a lot of good side pieces Connor Sherry. I've heard you know Pittsburgh and if Nashville Sherry Pittsburgh New Matt. Cullen going back they know I've also heard potentially Nashville like John. Heinz had Sherry in in Wilkes Barre but I think that probably depends on does Nashville. They think they're in it to they go for it. That way. You'll hand Larson. I gotTA think somebody's GonNa take a chance on Johan Larsson in the playoffs. Evan Rodriguez you know. They couldn't trade emerged earlier in the year because the number was two big two million. I think he gets dealt. I think it's possible. Jimmy Visa could get dealt Michalik. Yeah I think that's possible to occasion. There's something going on. There currently suspended for now reporting to Raj everybody's being quiet which leads me to believe. There's some kind of thing they're working on like I don't know determination to make him a free agent or whatever it is but they're working on something. Their wrist aligning see. Here's the thing like wrist. Aligns value is down. I think they were always hoping they could get top to center for wrist aligning. I don't think they're going to be able to do that now. So you know I. I think it's tough. Like traded scandal for a fourth and Montreal Delta for a second and a conditional fourth. Yeah it's like it's. It's been hard there this year and again. I don't think it's lack of trying. I think that if you ever get a hand on Jesus bottles log for this year you'd see a lot of things that he got proposed that in the long term people are going to say thank God. He didn't do that you know. I think the biggest wildcard there is you know what does it look like next year is bottled back is Kevin Adams elevated to a higher position. Is Ralph Krueger elevated in the organization? I I don't think anybody really knows what the Petunias are going to decide. Another coach for jackals two point. Oh I don't know I just know that they're really frustrated. And I think all options are being discussed already to the Calgary flames First of all is this the last shot for the flames with this group. I think so I think so. Monaghan Guerrero no brody. I brodie hamburger on restricted now. I know that negotiations with Ham this year having been close Brody is in a situation where they've tried to move quite a bit using the Caggiano hasn't he? Yet I saw is yes he was. It's been weird. They've had some unbelievably good performances and some unbelievably bad performances. There are really inconsistent team. And we've talked about this. They were in around to fully. Although at the end. I think they kind of backed away. There's no point for them to pay that price for to fully. Not not the same point Vancouver. Did unless you look at it and you say I always do something like this. And it's a big downfall for me always because it's two different leagues but I say well. They played together with the Ottawa. Sixty seven's and they were magical together in junior and let's see what happens. Listen to that same thing happened with Dylan. Stroman Alex debrincat in Chicago and for Awhile. It worked. But that's why I looked at to fully in Calgary and it said you know what maybe they're maybe they're shame on you know I. I think they looked at it. But I don't think at the end like it didn't make sense like if you wanna go get tailored to fully. Your best bet is to do it this summer. Think to fully goes back. La I know he likes being in California. Like the thing about Calgary is. I'm a big believer in players. Determine the future of team I think they could become into the end of this run Carolina Hurricanes They have to first round draft picks to me believe Traffic Traffic Golfer. Patrick Marlowe is top. Ten protected We've talked about Eric Hala. Before radio. Now Carolina hurricanes are seeing what life without Dougie? Hamilton is and they don't like it. No big win in Nashville though on on Tuesday night. They don't like rentals. The owner doesn't like rentals think. They've tried to move Gardner. Not a lot of takers there. I'd heard they were interested in lanner but somebody after I kind of mentioned that in my blog the other day somebody reached out to say. They don't think Carolina's GonNa do that. Morozov played his best hockey at the end of last year. And also as someone reminded me. It's very difficult to bring in a new goal in the middle of the Season Carolina. Lakes turn if they trade for somewhere they give up something to get someone. They like term. So who's the guy with term that they're gonNA go get out there and also the other thing too about Carolinas they trade. They made a deal. The other day would go che. Julian Goce fourth in the NHL Angles. Twenty six and they trade them for young defenseman. Who's also playing pretty well in the H. L. that the Rangers just didn't have a lot of room for someone made a good point to me about ideally said Julian Goce. The kind of guy uses a sweetener to get deal a bigger deal done the fact that Carolina made that trade says to him that they didn't feel they needed that sweetener because they didn't like what was out there or they're not prepared to do anything to big and out going to get the Rangers here in a couple of moments Let's mortar on Chicago. Blackhawks Gustafsen Crawford. So I've cap space the AC Colorado. I heard after rube our got hurt or even before grew our got hurt but probably after I heard they were looking around on him. You know I think Chicago is going to make a decision like if you're trading one of these guys Crawford or ladder. What are you doing for next year? Are you going out and getting to new guys? We've been talking all season long contract waiting in a drawer for one of them. I'm not as convinced about that now. The Way Lemming Day may go shopping with an empty grocery cart. Well I just think it's possible. I mean I heard the biggest thing with Leonard has term lenders. May as position very clear. I mean the guys are reporters dream. He wears on sleep tells you everything. He thinks he thinks he deserves to get a fair contract. I'm not sure Chicago's willing to go. Where he considers fair and I heard last week and I wrote about this about the game he had in Edmonton where he just didn't look like himself Do that had people speculating that. Maybe the talks weren't going that well now someone said to me don't say they're dead because they could always get revisited but I think initially Chicago's position was not where lender wanted it to be like I was talking to another GM and he said to me that is going to be one of the hardest negotiations to do it. The deadline this year is going to be leaner and Chicago because he can see Chicago wind to keep him because he's made them better this year. I think they believe in his ability but what they wanna do and what he wants to do is very different. There's so many goals available right now in terms of free agency in one guys in one eight guys that the goal is don't have the leverage as much says if you're willing to walk away and it's always not so easy. Talks about March from in Vancouver is an area that it's beneficial to you so he thinks it's the hardest negotiation unit who needed letter this year. Who Buffalo. Yeah. Of course kind of funny how that works out but I think Chicago a lot of things on the table. They'd Gustafsen they have the two goalies sawed and You know Keith told one of their reporters. I can't remember. It was Mark Lazarus or Scott. Powers that he's not inclined to do it this year. Now if they only know trade to go to the Florida Panthers or anybody anybody. Everybody talks about for it. I think the panthers would love to have Duncan Keith. Okay you mentioned Colorado Injuries the call of the day. They're Mika Ranson. And natsume Qadri Mad Calvary mentioned Philip. Grube our what happens to Joe Sakic's crew here come Monday. Why they're looking at two different things I think. They're looking at some short term inexpensive options. I think domestic of would be a guy who would be on their radar because it will cost them like a mid round pick and they can plug them in and they've liked domestic off before Like I think they would on Kreider. I had someone tell me they were on Thomas to Tara but I don't think that's going to happen. I think they're looking for both defensemen and forward. I can think Colorado sees it as a year they can go for it and I think they want to add though. I also think. They're looking at some inexpensive options to plug in while cadre and rant and all those guys get healthy and I think they're also looking for goaltending depth. I wouldn't be surprised if they go out. And get a depth goalie Columbus blue jackets Jones Vendor Murray Atkinson texts all injured Josh Anderson Question Mark What is Columbus did. Well I think the biggest question is what John Sanderson's health if you're Columbus. And you get. The Blake Coleman offer for Josh Anderson. Do you do it? I always a tough negotiator. Love Josh. Andreas I know that there are only a handful of players like that in the league. And when you have one you don't let them go last time around. I know the negotiation was tough. And it's not GonNa get any easier this time. I know but just because the negotiations going to be tough. Does that mean you walk away from a player? That's a team. That negotiates hard and Darren Farris the agent negotiates hard on the other side of it. See I think that right now there would be a ton of interest in him. If you knew he was gonNA play I think that's the concern is the health but let me ask you. If you were Columbus would you take that return and then do something else with it I think Columbus was in around on Martinez to. I can't get past the trading of Josh Anderson. I just see how valuable those players are. And even if you get that offer the Coleman offer. I don't know that you do it. That's how valuable I think he is and that type of player is in the NHL Right now. Nobody does that. Nobody does what he does occur. That's why I look at them. Solicit beginning to trade him like. If I'm the Boston Bruins. Gary did Boston. But if I'm Boston and you know the Josh Anderson is one concern about the start. It's not as play. It's the health by the way as an aside that bumps from kids going to be real good see yes he is and I could also see Columbus trying to do something like I mentioned with Colorado like an inexpensive add to reward their players. Like you can't pay the same price I think is to fully because he did it last year But I could see are missing. Our guys played hard there in the race. We've got to help them out the Dallas Stars and by the way before we get to Dallas one. I mentioned Monday. Our sit down interview with Dallas head coach. Rick Bowness will drop. Let's hear a little bit of a preview of US sitting down with components. You were once a real life. Reggie Dunlop and had the jacket prove it I was. I was a player coach in the American Hockey League Back in nineteen eighty two eighty. Three I believe what happened was Ron Roussette had been named the head. Coach of the American Hockey Winnipeg jets. We're moving their farm team to Sherbrooke Schubert jets and run. It had a brain tumor removed in July so he was not ready to start the season. So I was the captain of the team and basically a playing assistant coach anyways at that point in John Ferguson Senior The GM at the time asked me to fit going until crabby Christmas as player coach. And I didn't know what I was doing so I should sure I'll do I can do that. Doesn't sound hard way over my head so as little as I know now and I knew a lot less than but I saw I was player coach and I would come off the ice and I would stand behind the bench and then I would bench myself for a lot of time to play so but I was a player coach and unfortunately Ron was able to come back so I did finish the year as player coach of all the players that you've had all the hold on one side yet because part of this is televised and we have to give a shadow to The cash Jews podcast which is Kevin B and Ryan Kesler because without them. I wouldn't have known this but you had a Reggie Dunlop Jack and for those who can see this on Youtube. This is not it. What happened is not it and I took so much abuse from those two that I had to retire. It my wife's body she loves you loved it and I wore for a little bit but again the verbal abuse in those two guys. I couldn't take it anymore but I did were when I wasn't around them. I love. That jacket was great. It was very comfortable. Didn't matter what looked like it was very comfortable. Hey Comfort is more important than anything else. Okay that comes out on Monday. The Dallas Stars. We saw them in the off season bringing in players. I- Corey Perry and Andre Sacra. What happens with Jim? Nils team come Monday. I think they're gonNA look for some speed and maybe a bit of scoring like one guy. I've kind of wondered. I wonder if they're the team that takes a shot with Athen. Ac- You ooh from the traits and we're GONNA get there in a moment because Jim nill would know him. Yes the there are a playoff team but they could use a burner and he might be the fastest player in the NHL. I mean I one. Gm Tell me if they were trading for him. They wouldn't do it at the deadline. It would be a summer deal because you got to get acclimated with all your guys. There's a risk to bring him in the middle of a season. But if anyone could do it you think it's the GM awesome right. Listen I understand that new guy in the room is always challenging and difficult in new? That's a pretty big personality. Yeah huge personality support in a room. Young really comfortable true or false with your leadership group. If you're doing that move in at the end of February the they'll way all this stuff but that's the one team I've kind of wondered would they ever Edmonson and yes can haul in those them well to to me. He is the kind of player the Dallas could really use a burner with finish. You know the other thing here. This year is that I don't think it's an easy trade to make because Detroit is going to say we're training with thirty goals scoring Dallas going to say I I also wonder if Joe Thornton goes. I could see this being a fit. You already jump into San Jose but I just you know I got a mention it earlier. Because he's there okay. That's t's have a bigger conversation about your thornton later and I'll talk about hockey poetry in the Boston. Bruins ending the career there and I'll becomes a Dallas owes. Its the dream San Jose Sharks Detroit Red Wings is all of it have to go. Is it all for sale? Is it all out on the front lawn? As long as it's not Dylan Larkin in Anthony. Mantha everybody's known WHO's available from Detroit for a long time now like that years. Been such a year from hell for them. I've got no desire to put the boots to them anymore. But the one thing is and it's just the truth is that nobody on that teams trade value has increased this year. So I think that makes it really hard for them to do one guy. Detroit I do think would have interests would be luke glendening. I'm just not sure that they're trading them. You know the one name I had heard in the past couple of days was Mike Green. Someone told me they thought that Washington might consider bringing him back. I heard Calgary but some other people kind of pooh-poohed that a bit I mean Calgary Needs D so it logically it makes sense but maybe nice from there but someone said to me the Washington might have some interest you know not allowed to make the power play. Pass anymore strong. Carlson's sets second power play although the first one plays a buck fifty seven. So here you go into. Let's scores seven seconds left in the power play. Edmonton oilers Does the cleft bomb injury complicate things for Ken Holland? It does because I think their their cap situation now with guys on or injured but not on L. T. I. R. It really affects their whole situation. I think it makes it very difficult. Ida couple teams. Tell me that Coleman was the one guy that they were going to do the first round or four and I think that was a smart try by Edmonton and I think. They pushed the price up like a like. Sometimes you're sitting there and you're saying Okay New Jersey's telling us when you do this and this like we're negotiating against ourselves. I don't think Tampa was doing that. I think they kind of had a good idea that edmunds and in Boston were kind of their Edmonton in particular. I think it's going to be hard for the oilers to do it. Because of their entire injuries situation I think they liked Pasho. I think they do like patch show but I just don't know if they're going to be able to pull it off. Do we say Jesse. Pull your name on Monday. In terms of what has been moved. They're not really thrilled about the idea of doing it. For a rental. I think they would consider doing it for something with term. I was just told to expect. It was unlikely they would do it. For a rental it was not their preference was what I was told even if that rental was Kaufman. And let's get there now the Florida Panthers. You see the panthers to me are kind of an interesting team. They want to remodel themselves. Almost on the fly. They've got pethick and Matheson playing forward. Which is fourth line? Bud The novel Cherry in there. Hey Hey filmed. The net. One of them was on the second line a couple of games ago. You know the thing is really interesting to me. Because his name has gotten out there and they think they'd be willing to do it if brought them back a study. The the question is what does bill. Guaranteeing Vincent Tro check. Because that's the kind of thing that Bill Barron's looking for now. Tro check hurt his ankle couple years ago and he came back he rushed back and there are guys who told me that you know. They think that that cost him a little bit with his foot speed and stuff but he's still a really talented player and sanders at that high level with two more years under five million. You don't get those kinds of guys so if Florida's serious that they'd be willing to do it I think it would you a defenseman. I think they would do it if you got them. An impact enough defensemen. I think Matheson's out there too. I know there are teams. Who Like Matheson? He's not crazy about the contract. So I I think Florida's got a live different pieces going in different directions. But they've got to think the way. Toronto's going gotTA think they can catch Toronto. They'd guy two games in hand in their two points backs. They're not going backwards. They're making themselves better. I always have thought that and it continues. Mike Hoffman is criminally underrated. When we talk about shots and releases and guys are able to score easy goals. No one ever talks about. Mike Hoffman. But they should and he's on an expiring contract again. I think he's been out there and I know there's been interesting him at times but they're not doing anything that makes them worse nothing. That makes them worse. They're going for the play offs. Okay Los Angeles kings well as worse. But they're getting better at the same time ads. We do this. They make the Alec Martinez Trae. The trade him to Vegas for two seconds. I think they play really hard. I think Rob Blake has done a really good job with what he's decided to do this year. Like the the one thing is it was such a rough year there last year. But you learn your lessons and I think Rob Blake learned a lesson. They tried to extend it last year. It didn't work so this year. They're like okay. Let everybody know from the beginning of the season. This is what we're GonNa do and this is what we want. So they traded to fully for a second and a and a good prospect kid with a chance They've traded Martinez for two picks. They've still got Trevor Lewis out there. Ben Hutton this got Ben Hutton out there and they're going to have an interesting one. Which is Jeff Carter? And they're not really looking for D. but they're looking for forwards and look they traded Campbell and Clifford up for a couple of picks and a local kid who needed a chance. So I like what they've done. I think they've committed. They said look. We're keeping our cornerstones COPA. Dr Doughty and that's it and we're GONNA move pieces around them and we're going to build ourselves up. They have a good prospect base. I it's great. I think they've done a really good job. I think they've made the smart play. So I put my notes this week that I think Philly's considering Jeff Carter and I think a lot of it depends on in sheree going back to Pittsburgh going to Philadelphia. Go home again week with Nolan Patrick's health I think determines a lot of that in someone called me today and they said there's definitely interesting Carter. The kings could increase their return if they're willing to retain the big question is what is Carter think last year. He made it very clear. He did not want to go anywhere. I'm not convinced he wants to go to Philly. It's too far. He's very comfortable in California. But like what if it was Aruna? I don't learn Jeff Waterford somebody around there. I don't always look at players at that stage of their career with term into a market. You know roots getting deep and I said to myself why would you WANNA leave? Why you've already had success everywhere at the NHL level at the international level. Your place in the game is cemented. Why look like when I was a single guy? I would go wherever I want. I agree now. You've got me everybody's different. It's up to him right like he like if it's a short trip from California. Does he want to do it. I can't answer that. I have to say that. I think it's a it would be a great story. Affiliate brought him back and said look. We're writing wrong and you can really help us. I don't think Philly's doing it for charity reasons. I think they're saying we think you could really help us. And Carter has been better since the trade deadline last year. Like I know that you know before last year like there were some people internally in that organization who were very upset them and when he didn't get traded. They think he's been a lot better. You're right it's his call and he's you know he's earned the right to make that decision and I don't think he's going anywhere unless somebody asks him. How do you feel about this where he talked about them? But just to put the ribbon on it tied the bow around it Minnesota. While he's got maybe the two biggest trade ships around Matt Donde and Yoenis protein one or both move could be zero. He could keep them both in wait until the summer. You want US brought in a long talk with someone about Bodine. Said that nobody knows who he is. But he's GonNa play fifteen twenty years and nobody may know we. He is when he's done. He's just a solid player. Who's never put up a ton of points? But he's really good defensively and he can play against anybody and I actually think the price on him might even be more than the price on Bumba. Why is contractors last and there aren't many guys who can do what he does anymore is not a point getter but he's a minutes eater and he does a lot of things that a. Lotta defensemen don't do anymore now. Defense is all offense all transition defense and he's good at it a now. We'll take a break when we come back we'll finish the rest of the NHL teams as our trade deadline preview continues on thirty one thoughts. The podcast it's texture for a while. Then we'll start recording again. We're back in the day and assumes ca saw this month or feature band is fade away as from Toronto. Before the break you heard get along from their debut album taste of life. Now you're hearing Kentucky and the sounds of Kentucky dovetail right to the Metro Canadians Elliott Friedman trying to think of the connection between Kentucky. The Montreal comedian adds a reach will be here for a while. Tv tonight the Kentucky wildcats basketball are. They liked the Montreal Canadians of hockey. It's a weak attempt. Okay Montreal White Flag Time. Yeah well you know the the fact that they dealt scandal probably tells you that although I I will tell you I I had some guys who said to me. They wouldn't be surprised. If scandal goes back to Montreal in the summer. Now here's the thing so I've heard rumors about Domi and I've had people say he's out there. I've had other people absolutely shoot it down to me. I think they're trying to extend Petri. He's eligible July First Tatar. I don't think they WANNA do it. But you look at the prices like do they say we gotta do it. I've had people tell me no on drew A. I don't know like I think he could do anything. I don't believe the price of Colorado stuff there's no way Colorado is adding that kind of term when McKinnon's op three years and Macara. They gotta pay in a year. Like I just don't see that and I don't necessarily see price going anywhere right now. Anyway I think he's a total wild card now one of the things about him being in Denver Again. I think he has family connections to Denver. Which are one of the reasons. They're get so maybe watching as a bonus I think he could do anything. Kovalchuk or nothing Kovalchuk. I would trade him and bring him back. I get the piece I'd say to him. If you WANNA come back come back here in the Summer National Predators Grantland Smith Have Been Exhibit A. Exhibit B. For a while. Now my question is what does David poile believe? Do you believe that you just have to get into the playoffs? The sake of your ticket base to your fan base or anything like that. Keep it going. This is a playoff team. WanNa keep that established elegant Nashville honesty. And I see a lot has been done by goaltending gremlins on the market. But he's been one of their best players since the coaching change. He's been really good. Smith has been on the market. He's hit up a bit lately. Tourists has been on the market. He's been up and down there looking for D. I think like we mentioned Sherry. Like I could see them going for Sherry biggest questions. What do you do at grand like now? Are you looking in saying we gotta keep them or I wonder if after the season if it doesn't get better we hear that they start seeing Hades as we see if there's a market for Johannes earned we see if there's a market for Duchenne I think when you make a move like they did with Peter Live Yolette? There's a lot of Peter laviola players on that team. Don't you know start looking for John Heinz players? I just think they're gonNA look at this year and say do we think this is one year off or do we have a problem here like I asked David poll a couple of weeks ago? Does he think he's got a complacency problem? Did one of those the breath pauses and said I really hope that's not the answer when it's over if they don't get in. I wonder if he suddenly thinks okay. That is the problem. New Jersey devils. Have Been Frisky Tom. Fitzgerald I think the biggest question is. What's going on with pulmonary? Do they move them? See I think with Coleman? I got the impression too that they not only they look at what they got for them. They looked at it and said you know he's a UFA in a year. What are we going to have to pay them? And I think they looked at it and said boy. That's going to be a big price and are we sure. The price is going to match the production. I think they felt. They were dealing him at his apex. Paul Mary to me is a bit of a different guy. He's got a bit more proven track record as a score. So what do they think the to me too? Is You gotTa have veterans for your guys to play with okay pause on that because Tom Fitzgerald was on hockey central on Monday and he talked about having men in the room. I'll say this guy is just a mand league. You can't just have kids you'll be happy to have meant and that's my job. Here is not to to burn this thing down the ground if they keep this group competitive by adding men to the lineup. That can help support these these pillars. I call for organization. That's exactly what you're talking about here. You just can't load up with kids. You need to have players in that room. Yes at show these guys not just how to play but how to be pros. That's why I say it's one thing to strip it all down. It's one thing to everything must go. Trade trade trade were in the futures market right now. You still need players. They're older players established players successful players. You can't just turn the whole thing over route that news. He sure and the kids a hundred percent and the other thing too is you gotta give your fans or reason to buy tickets right and that's one area that we've talked about a lot this year where they need to stop competent. I wrote about it and the blog couple of weeks ago when I met with their President Reynolds at all star and heat are really good. Answer for that but I agree. There's there's a limit you know. Green could come back next year. They always resign him to a one year deal. Zajac indicated that he's not going anywhere right now but you'll talk to them in the summer. Yeah you have to have men around if you're trading simmons and your trading pulmonary and your trading green and you may trade ZAJAC. Yes what are you doing around them? I think it's a a very legitimate question because not only that but you know you've got Hughes and you've got out there you know you gotta have someone who can score. And he's that guy but I'll tell you this what the what the colon moves said was I don't believe ratio wanted to trade coleman or pulmonary. I don't think he did but now teams are looking saying okay. Well maybe he didn't but the new guy might so we better make our offers and see where that takes us. Sami Vatanen I think so although he's been hurt islanders. You mentioned Andy Green other than that. It's been pretty quiet season. Well that's because he's not telling us anything but you know. We talked about life though Dougie. Hamilton Carolina Says Life. Without out pallet. Yes so he added the one D and I do think he's a non Kreider and my hunch is that he knows if he's going to get them out of New York. It's got to be a big deal but I had someone say to me. Do not underestimate his ability to maybe in involves someone else in this like this someone trade for Kreider and then go to the if the islanders actually pulled this off or to the Rangers. Just say to hell with it. It's our best like I would say it's our it's our best deal all trade 'em there. I think the odds are going to add. I think there it's the same news we talked about for Boston. It's Palmeri it's sawed. If he's available I think. I think they're going to look for a depth center along the Nate Thompson. Kind of thing You know I think he could do a couple of things. Rangers you mentioned the Goce Trade. We've talked this podcast. Plenty of Chris Kreider do we throw this Anderson into this mix? I don't know like I honestly don't know they you know. There was a lot of noise around Anderson and I think that everybody involved there from his representatives to the Rangers. Done the smart thing. They've taken his name out of the public eye. So I don't know the answer to that question Lundquist. I probably stays Georgiev. I bet stays. We've talked about this. We've got a lot of feedback on our role playing last week. I have to tell you more that we're good activists To me a lot of questions of the Rangers are what are they do with Kreider because if they extend them you know then they've got some other cap things they're going to have to deal with do they. Trade the Angelo. They trade butchnevich they just punt it all until the summer. I like the way they're playing time the other day. They play really hard for fun team to watch this and we all know how fun to watch. There's a lot of good reasons to watch The Rangers Ottawa. Senators jean-gabriel Paseo. Let's an Ottawa rate. Now has seven draft picks in the first three rounds of this And they're probably going to add. Come Monday this thing is being built once through the draft. You mentioned Vladan domestic off early on as well patio domestic off exhibit NBA and Ottawa. Well I think Pagil- someone told me boy scared about seeing this right now because the anything could change but I think early on. The market for him was soft. It wasn't as high as OUGHTA wanted. Now that's not to say that it won't change because he's a Sanur and it's hard to find centers these by the top center available. What ARE THEY WANNA? I WANNA I wanted to if not conditional first rounder. It wasn't as high as they'd like it to be I think Edmonton was. We mentioned earlier. They liked patio but I'm not sure they're going to be able to do it. Patio and I would do the same thing if I was in his shoes. I think he wants term and Ottawa is scared of turn. The other thing with Ottawa. Is some players will tell you that. Ottawa likes to back load. Their deals and some players are like when they make offers say we'll do most of the money later and some players take that to mean well. Maybe I won't be an Ottawa later. Yeah so there are a little afraid of that. I think it's more likely than not. He gets traded but I just heard early. They weren't getting what they want you know pneumatic of. I think they'll have no trouble getting mid round. Pick for him One thing to follow to. Ottawa is going to be stripped as much as they can. We know the pure durians in that business right now. I love watching. The boys love watching Brady could shock in two thousand eight two thousand nine. Dustin Brown recorded two hundred ninety two shots And two hundred eighty five hits or is this the dubber Hockey Stat. That somebody's yes. Did you see that? Yes Brady could shock on pace for three hundred shots and three hundred hits would be the first player in the history of the NHL to do so spa little things. The game within the game. Things the fall off your senators fan. You mentioned Jeff Carter and the Philadelphia flyers anyone else we should keep an eye on in the keystone state. And we'll get to Pittsburgh. I think that says to me is they'll look for center help. If it's available patio grant guys like that maybe patio. Yeah why not buy? That says to me if they're looking at Carter. They're looking at some center help. If they're they're like they've gotta be at least Legitim- legitimate reason to believe that Patrick might not be a factor this year so it says to me that they're considering their options Pittsburgh Penguins They made the move That's worked out greats. Yes so far your mother for done. I mentioned Sherry. I think they could add another D. as well. `specially with marina lawsuits. I think you'll as well I think he'll add. Well Dumoulin I think Solo I. I read an update from Sullivan before we did the podcast. Thursday. I don't know if playing Thursday but he's getting closer. I think they add for depth. I do Saint Louis Blues Defending Stanley Cup Champions. Doug arms well look I mean obviously the fact that they put Djabel Mr L. T. A. R. I mean the math just indicates he might not play again the rest of the regular season they went out and they got skin della by the way. I think the blues deserve a lot of credit for the way they've handled us first of all obviously the blues the dachshund unbelievable job in the moment of Bom Easter. We talked about that last week but I think the blues have done a really good job of making updates available and saying here's what's going on like when they played their first home game. They had an announcement. Here's the situation. Armstrong met with the media on Tuesday night after trade for scandal. I here's the situation. And he said it'll be seven to ten days before Any update on booster's future and I don't think anyone's going to be chasing that or so much as understanding that he'll make the call when you make the call about what's going to happen but I think where you can assume that he's probably not gonNA play. He's not GONNA at least the rest of the regular season and Saint Louis this year. I don't know what to make of it but I've had people tell me the day thoughts. Saint Louis was more in on Taylor Hall than people realized. Now I look at them and they're all about winning the Cup this year. They're not doing anything that makes team worse. They're going for the repeat so I think they're still I think they're looking at what's out there and saying is there a way we can make it work and they still are being cagey about the. Tarasenko return date which gives them flexibility truth. How much Saint Louis Do you watch? I watch quite a bit like watching them play. Same as me So in your estimate because I think the answer is really close but then I just might be biased. Because I've watched his kid play forever. How close is Robert Thomas to being the best player on that team? I don't know if I would say is the best player on the. How close is he to become all best player on that team? He's he's taken huge steps. This year I really feel I. He's a great player. And there's GonNa be a lot of teams kicking themselves for that draft that they didn't take him. Toronto took Timothy Lawyer. You just have to put the boots the lease while. They're at their lowest second but Timothy Logan was air. Maple circum over. Roberts wants the clicks on this podcast is playing for the London Knights. This is when hunter was still a member of the maple leafs anyway move on San Jose Sharks. This has been a brutal season and it's not over until the Friday of the NHL draft when Ottawa takes their pick. But this has been a disastrous year for the San Jose Sharks and you mentioned Joe Thornton earlier. What do you think I think that there are teams? Who want him? I could see Dallas liking him. I could see Boston liking them. I could see Toronto Aching. Go back there please because I always here for the best story nature for chaos. That will give me both. I could see Toronto Liking Thornton but the thing is like Doug. Wilson's made it clear that I thought I heard internally that it's got to be Joe Thornton call so they'll work on it together. Toronto's looking for depth. You know we did our two Wednesday night hockey Tuesday edition game the other night we talked about how Sheldon Keefe met for the bottom six in Toronto and I think it was about offense and just can't get caved in and they got caved in against Pittsburgh and I think after that game I I heard dubious was starting to look around again. Senators got a lot of those guys. They've got Sorenson. They've got Carlson. They've got good role That's melker Karlsson. By the way they've got Barclay good row you know they've got guys like that so those guys are all going to be available. I think so I. I think that's kind of where we are in del. Yes Erin de like for example. I could see Colorado. That's it yeah like doing that. I think Aaron Dell is a guy that could be available. I think he's going to have some options Tampa well. They made their one big move. I don't know if they're gonNA do anything else. That move gonNA make it trick year for them next summer. Circuits have to be paid to rally to be paid. Well the goaltender goes to nine and a half. You know that this next year this off seasons the big one right there by the one thing about Tampa is the advantage that they have someone was saying to me is that they draft so well in the middle they have been successful finding guys in the second third fourth fifth rounds and that is the difference between them and everybody else they can make those moves maybe he goes for a depth th-they Jeff but I think generally this is his team went to Vegas Washington Winnipeg. These are the teams that made the death defensemen moves. Those guys are all gone now. Toronto THE STORE Gustafsen. You WanNa late the late. The podcast. You WanNA get Clicks Tyson Barrie Toronto. It's like they were not competitive on Tuesday they lactic. You saw the difference to a team that works in a team that doesn't and they were embarrassed. And like I said I think dubious is looking for depth forwards. I think he might even be looking for D. But how much more can you give up like you know they can trade marchment for Morgan? Morgan's a guy who wants to play. They'll give him a chance to play. Got Some talent you know. We'll see but I think this is a bigger issue right now than Toronto. Like the heat's coming on the players. They wanted the coach gone. They got the coach gone now. The new coach sounds like the old coach and Malkin pulls out in warm up tonight. Because he's sick. They put a guy no one's ever heard of he gets his first. Nhl Goal and they storm all over lease because they work. Toronto needs Pittsburgh's Danny. And you know I always believe you bet on talent. Washington was a team people. Nobody ever thought they were GONNA win. They figured out now. The timelines are different in Toronto. Because those guys aren't signed for the same term the only way those guys are gonNA figure it out and it takes time is. Do you really believe you have to change. Based on the embarrassment you suffered on Tuesday night. If I'm kyle dubious I am not chasing until I know that they are not just Tuesday though. Well that's my point. Unday was brutal. Well it's my point. This comes out Thursday morning. We'll see what happens later on. Tonight's that's my point. I am not chasing for this year. If I'm kyle dubious they're not ready to leaves could be sellers on Monday. You've traded a first to deal marlow. Yeah you don't have a lot of your picks you you trade a couple of picks to get Campbell and Clifford. What do you think you could get for? Berry just trying to get back. I think that guy to it just didn't work for whatever reason it just didn't work the other thing now too. Is that with Johnson out. Can you really trade captain or perfect? It's more difficult you still can. If you get something with term you can do it but I would be saying I might deal Berry. Might just say you know what it hasn't worked and I bet you he would almost appreciate the chance to go somewhere to see if he can revive the end of the season Vancouver. Be An option for Tyson very. Let's get to the connects quickly as we talked a lot about them early on. We all thought of the draft going to the Vancouver canucks. Yes and I think he thought he. He told us he thought it was going to Vancouver. Canucks I think Calgary would have interest. I think there would be a lot of teams that would love to have. Tyson vary run their power player. Be Part of their team for the play offs. The guys talented in Vancouver. I think they're on Wayne Simmons. I wonder if they would dangle someone like you. Alavi for Simmons. You Know Jim. Benning See. Didn't want to trade anymore picks so. I wonder if you allow V. or someone like that would be part of it. You know maybe a guy getting you the new start somewhere else New Jersey's looking for D. But I think I think the canucks will add. I think they'll add another forward land stature. I could yeah. They're gonNA have the same qualifying offer issue stature that they had with Hutton last year so I could see them moving stature last year trade deadline. Vegas made the big move picking up Mark Stone this year so far Alec Martinez anything else. I think that's probably their move. Why wonder if they go after a goalie though just adapt goalie and whenever says that always Arundel? No and Sodas Pete the bore couple of years ago Washington did a nice bit of business. Picking up Michael Campany at the deadline and it helped him a lot. Help them win a Stanley Cup last year. The role of Michael Company was played by Nick Jensen this year. The role of Michael Company is played by Brendan Dylan. Yes anything else. We expect that a Washington. I've heard that Jackson might be available. It just hasn't worked there as much as they liked. Like you just added Dylan and your top four is going to be Carlson. Orlov campany and Dylan. I think Washington might have some interest in Green Jensen's what extended for four years at two and a half million. That's a big number. I just don't think it's worked there as much as everybody hoped so. I could see Jensen potentially being moved. Y'All Brian maclellan. He's got big brass ones. He's not afraid and when he comes out the other day after he trades for. Dylan's says I don't like the way our team's playing right now like he's not just saying that for the hell of it. He's saying that because he really means it. Finished Winnipeg whenever defenseman is available by way of trade or by way of Waivers. We all look at the. Winnipeg jets Dylan to mellow goes for third round draft pick. What about when a I think they could look for senator depth to not a big price unless it's with term but you know obviously littles out for the year? Cop? I think has played pretty. Well has by. I think they'd like to get some center depth but I. I don't think they're doing anything big unless it's for term all right that's it. That's thirty one teams anything else to add or you exhausted. Are You? Spent you have anything other than fumes for TV. Tonight's I'M ALL WE HAVE BOSTON. Edmonson better brings some. I got some. I'm always lousy on. Tv You know that. I mean your command is always at his best to say around these parts and on that. Wrap things up for the PODCAST. Now nobody make any trade. So this podcast understand. We don't want to disturb amil tonight. He likes his home time. He likes his downtime. While those downtime tonight is putting together this podcast he would like to get to sleep at a human our before two nights thinking. So as you're listening to this podcast a reminder again our interview with Rick Bowness head coach of the Dallas Stars comes out on Monday morning and we say goodbye with. She doesn't know why by fatal as the guys are currently on tour through southwestern Ontario hitting up auto walking Ston London Kitchener Toronto and wealth home of the Griffin's home of the storm home of the Speed River home of one thirty to Elizabeth Street where I used to live when I went to the University of Guel. Elliot's chest dog frozen. Thanks for listening to thirty thought supplied podcasts. For back next week town yes.

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