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Eighty eight seven in houston. I'm eddie robinson. Just end the houston. Texans have closed their facility this morning after one of their players tested positive for covid nineteen. Espn reports texans announced that they were informed at the positive test last night. At all their operations today will be conducted. Virtually in a statement. The team says the player immediately self-isolated and contact tracing has begun. The texans play the jaguars jacksonville on sunday. And there's been no official word yet on the status of that game. Meanwhile new cova nineteen cases in houston continued to rise but not had the steep pace seen during the surge the summer. The number of new cases confirmed each day has been rising for more than a month now. The texts medical center measures the virus spread as increasing at the same time. New hospitalizations from covid nineteen in huston have remained mostly flat in the long term. The story is different for the whole of texas hospitalizations and new cases across the state have increased drastically over the past month been counties democratic county. Judge is blaming gerrymandering. For tuesday's mixed results. There are political reporter. Angie schneider tells us democrats thought that increase diversity in fort ben would give them the edge. Republicans prevailed in texas second congressional district with sheriff. Try nails beating sri preston. Carney despite called carney spending nearly three times more on his campaign. gop candidates also won three of the county state representative seats. County judge kp. George said it's no surprise. Given how those districts were drawn forty more than five six percent to the democratic side even in tony eighteen also but These districts match is still didn't flip Expected fort bend. County is one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation. And one of the fastest growing. George noted the democrats took three of the countywide contests where gerrymandering was not a factor. Those included the race for sheriff as well as for county attorney and tax assessor collector. I'm andrew schneider in houston. Meanwhile voter turn out here. In harris county set an all time record this year immigration attorney gordon. Quan told townsquare yesterday that diverse voter turnout was a major driving. Force have more elected officials of different ethnic groups than ever before we head engagement by the hispanic community that we've been begging to get involved with the african american community the fact that so many people voted. Everybody wants to participate. Latino voter registration was up by more than thirty percent compared to last year. The harris county clerk's office says a majority of them voted before election day. A. bit mile not as chilly this morning but still pretty cool and comfortable with a few clouds. There's some patchy fog and areas but expect some sunshine to take full control this afternoon with warm temperatures close to around eighty degrees right now. Some clouds sixty four in the third ward sixty. Four near the galleria. I'm eddie robinson and houston support for. Npr comes from npr stations. Other contributors include jones day in integrated partnership.

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