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Dream Guests, Problematic Faves on Instagram, and a Lot of Animal Questions: It's a Tea Time Mailbag | Tea Time


What's up guys? Welcome to the ringer. PODCAST network bench mode made its grand return earlier this month and Mallory Rueben and Jason Concepcion are deep diving on the star wars franchise covering every movie the newly released Disney plus series the man delorean and fan favourite characters. You can check out new episodes every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Wherever ever you get your podcasts and on the site of more mandatory and coverage written by Michael Peters Alison Herman and Ben Lindbergh as well as staff wide surveys throughout the season? You can check it all out on the ringer DOT COM. Welcome to another episode of any time. This is a weekly pop culture. podcast on the radio PODCASTS. That were I must. I've yeah well and you guys. This is Ed. We're doing a mail bag episode. So thank you guys for being really Nice. He's an answering our call for questions. Were really worried there were. We're going to just make some of these over one hundred questions as thrilling every time you hear the bell. We're GONNA move onto the next question. We've got Steve Filling in for today. So we're GonNa Talk Shit about But he's we're GONNA have his hand on the bell go. Yes we're just GONNA roll through some of these great questions. Yes and disclaimer. I really sincerely apologize if I mispronounce any of your names torture handles you. Can Yell at me about that later. But I'll do my best. Please do okay to start us off status on a really good. No we're GONNA do a lightning round behind the scenes not time. A lot of you guys are curious about. You Know How yes and it is so mary. Pritchard said please give uh breakdown behind the scenes and look at how you create your podcast. Who comes up with the topics? How do you assign them? And where do you do research. Cade third such a strong word. We do a a lot of research. I do phenomenal. Amount of research does so much research she goes like thirty to deepen adjusted area. Dot Com gestured and Veg News. Those are bibles tea taste. She also watches like long videos of Guru member. Charles Incredible Never Forget. The truth is honestly that at this point in time I am over the past year. We've been doing this for almost the entire year. Which is why we're doing the mail bag? It's devolved into kind of an ongoing chaotic group Chat. That is out over four different platforms. So it's mostly on on slack when we're at work. We've got an instagram group. Chat for like Jason Derulo just knew we just have to just get off of the work platform. Yeah we've got a twitter one that we occasionally us and then we do have a text on that we also occasionally is for like really breaking news so right depends. Sometimes we have several going at once. This is really confusing. When you're like trying to find where you're talking about something? I think I really wanted you to know that John Legend had one sexiest man alive. Send it to you like on. Every the I wouldn't Leeann Miley broke up. Well we had at least three different alarm bells that go off at any hour. We talk pretty much all day long. Every single Dan Workweek yes and then sometimes like a special category like I say a wildly unpopular opinion that becomes like the high today or when we're confused by something that becomes investigates it changes a little bit. Does the outline is kind of in the works throughout the week and just like very fluid and they usually guys this is going to be a twenty minute positive. We have to say that. We're okay what do we want to know about. And then we get things like wildlife news rain and strong enough internal brands not to the outside world but to each other we have strong. I'M GONNA brands. Where if I see something? That's very familiar related. I'll put it in blue gray color on the outline and then when I see anything absolutely Chris to give it to kate and that's how how my creative process works yes it works out fabulously okay. Next question comes from a P at power ginge. How did Liz Kelly get the welcome to the ringer? PODCAST network GIG. Did she have to do Voice Tessa. Who else was up for the job and then I wish I was confident in the sound of my voice? Great question question. Yeah I also wish I was that common. Let's Kelly was worth the voice of an angel and that question I went through a rigorous audition period did and Got Seven calls back and materially thankful to Bill Simmons who put me in that position and that that was really good Liz if you left the ringer tomorrow who would do the thing. It's gotta be Sean Fantasy. It does have the next best. PODCAST areas home. You're right that's a good answer. Do you think he would have the time to do it. No definitely also in from wherever I go quick. Shout out to the guy who tweeted and deleted the question. Are you the same lists Kelly. That does the podcast. The imagine she wasn't there were two lists Kelly's at the ring road trip like seven Danny's so like that as possible but imagine if there were two people with such a heavenly voice is like people do comment that like Liz Kelly on time different than lose Kelly that they encounter in the day to day really Laureus Individual Professional on here. She's like yelling about all sorts of curse topic. Like your voice changes and I was. We started doing that. You should start doing a different voice for the podcast intros than you do for time about. Okay Steve there. You go panda beer as do listen in. Kate actually not like each other to answer. Serious question really. Thought we actually really don't like each other. I thought half of these jokes. I think this one was real. Oh Oh my God I know. Did we come across that. Yes we hate. You know what you're saying we haven't tape line like in the middle of our office like you do in your room when you're staying with your sister duct tape down the middle and like the microwaves her and the fruit is mine. That's diplomacy sharing office as well so it's just constant the big three. I'm single wife emailing Liz. Like slowly taking over her office. One day I'm just GonNa be in her chair and it's all it's all part of the process we're really though in all seriousness. We all time we consistently are like this is the best part of my week. Yes absolutely are like we're having a really long day really in a lot of meetings and we come in and we're like in the L. About Pete Davidson for an hour so again. That's another behind the scenes league. Normally we have to sage. The room are bad. Spirits and negative thoughts play some pop. Music is good. Yeah really do some starbucks the whole process and this lightning on that wasn't even that lightning on a PSA for those who asked about my Paul read hatred it is real that part is Jada and you will find out in due time you're ready. Why a hate him to my core and that's why you need to keep subscribing and listening to and when that time comes I have a four page outline with evidence? You really does. It's just waiting released upon the world. You've seen it. I can't wait okay. Moving right along this is serious. You guys okay. We gave us a lot of thought. We're going to keep going with questions. Turkey based hater. I wish that wasn't the the next one that I said. I've been seriously Turkey based hater. Professional said who is the all time ultimate teatime guests to each of the host of a different pick or is it just Sophie Turner. Amelia WANNA start. I honestly when this person said Sophie Turner I was like Oh my gosh Truly perfect I would be a great guy. I can't think of another one as good as sophie. Turner so good job Turkey based hater. You nailed it to be a great time. I'm guessing she would cause she's not afraid to talk shit right. Yes who else is never talk shit. I took very seriously I I was like what do I just want to hang out with like. Who Do I just want to come in and like hang out with us for an hour but then I was like no? It's about the content. It's not about who I just WanNa hang out so then I was like what celebrity has the right blend. meam awareness Just total lack of tact act like shit about anyone. Yeah interest in celebrity drama and just like social media. Now how guys I went with Bette Midler Miss. That was out of left Midler on twitter because she is constantly Steve. As I'm talking about talking shit she's constantly engaging with the memes engaging with all the trends this is the worst pilot act people. She's like Sophie Turner Sobe Turner had like sixty more years of life. Yeah that's what I want but does bet they want to talk about today online. Yes Oh yes you guys need to follow her on twitter. She's a great okay. They sure I share two guys again. So messieurs crab about the low level guys. Do you think share wants to talk about TRICIA. PATEX Amelia about. She wants to talk. My answer to this question was Andy Cohen because he knows all the drama. He's he's organized so he won't bring more chaos to an already chaotic podcasts. He would be a professional like me. We'd be on the same team and that's who I picked. Wow she's replacing. I love. I love that ever. It's fine okay. Next question comes from page paper. If you had to be on a reality TV show which would you choose. And how do you think each charter would you on the shows that you chose Kate. You WanNA start us off. I do see. I'm not a big reality-tv person but back in the day. There was one that I watched constantly with my family. And we would always talk about. We're GONNA go on at some day and that's the amazing race. Yeah yeah now okay looking back like the mazing races like Kinda bad now and like definitely racist however at the time it's just not great it saliva however very entertaining basically. If you don't see amazing grace go to different countries. You like do all these challenges travel you weird food like us to all the stuff breath. Okay I could see why you know right so I basically my mom and my brother and I used to argue about how which two of US would win on it and we're always like taking my brother but it was like me and my mom who would win so basically I was thinking about it. I was like if if I had pick on from time to go on the amazing race with would I choose first of all. I was thinking very organized. French isn't that good of a language to speak. You're going a rude isn't isn't that awful. Also it's so similar to Spanish that you could probably get away with also saying doesn't need a lot of me like isn't bad adventurous of an eater you know there's always lettuce in every country. Really why are you fighting for. She knows her heart. I'm the Best Assamese race president. Cool under pressure just PSA through Amelia like definitely like willing to go for it. And and I was like you would probably like Bungee jump off something if I was like a million this. You'd be like all right. Let's do it but then it was like not sure because I think I would pick I understand. I can't even like two states but a battle aside. I think she would like into Australia and just got back from Japan. She's very well traveled now. Starting out like this translation APPs on her phone. She's ready to go. I'm ready kind. I would win the amazing race. Do you have an answer for that. A million yeah. I probably would do survivor because like I I feel like I would be able to kind of get along with enough people all that I would stay. Hope crossing my fingers until like like when they start doing the jury stuff. Yeah but then I probably really fuck it up really bad and be like Oh yikes hoops and then the here's why were for you in reality. TV Hot the actual competition or getting along with people. I worry when you're put in that confession booth. Oh what. We'll come out after a particularly bad conversation or you get upset. I'm worried you go into that booth. Oh my God you would not believe in. That's what really kills people in the. I like that bitch trash talking. Yeah you either one. WHO's like I'm not here to make friends? I'm here to win like half and half like es. But if I have a friend like like great but yeah fine but like just like one you know what else willing to throw you off the boat. That's great great. I love you guys. Went Very Nature Center we saw more so I thought about the Bachelor I. I'm way to shy out get kicked off night night. One the BACHELORETTE. You're just like on the Bachelor Test Right. I guess you on the Bachelor. I think she shy. I think this guy would be like I don't know she doesn't say anything home night. Want him out so then I was thinking maybe like a big brother or who had a a house because a hate conflict and I feel as though I would just kind of stay in the corner the whole time to just hunker down through the week and try to be a sounding board. Offer your people person people like you. Yeah you're not annoying time time okay. Cancer by the nature is pretty much the main thing I feel like yeah. Why not? And you can just lounging which is nice. Just like hang out with yes. That's Sir thank you guys. Thank you support. Okay Doreen Ballack asked for each of you which celebrities popularity confuses you the most. I love this question. Great good job during start a couple. I need to get off my chest. Obviously Paul Rod goes without saying we're just move on. I do not get the appeal of the in the following. People and I know you'll have problems with pretty much one in particular. I'm gonNA fire Mov really quick rate. I don't understand how people are famous. Anna Kendrick hate weekdays woman the crown so boring. The Jonas brothers are bad band and then Jodi calmer and killing you. Aren't that Great Wall. Whoa what about? This has been our last time spin early Amelia online. That's like Jodi comber. Skin me with a Blunt Ryan. Sorry hang me out to dry do I don't get it. I don't get the appeal I've literally never felt more betrayed. I can't believe you sat next to me and wrote that down and then just continued. Living Life Tonic. Okay what are your answers. There's a first of all can we just. I'm just saying exposing because this is only my aunt and Kendrick because Anna Kendrick short. Don't dare you yeah. I don't like her short girl energy. I don't mind us you short shorts. The short is her personality. Is the the problem being five. One doesn't make you more interesting than being five six. It just doesn't I. That's why I have two. ooh amazing. I know you've always been my favorite. You're the only person I like them. Just like I've elgort and I also have and I know you guys are GonNa Disagree with me. But like Shawn Mendez. I don't mm care. You don't care about Shawn Mendez especially with Camila Cabello. Yeah I very low annoying ads. So you're not even like disgusted MANKATO's you're just full apathy. Well I mean I'm disgusted but I feel is actually talented. Though here's a good voice. Constitu Song is pretty right. I understand how he's famous and popular Ansel elgort. I literally do not understand. He can't do anything better than anyone else. Acting singing dancing man really annoying face really annoying personality. Audie somehow this pod turnout even spicier the episodes in. I don't know how that's possible okay. Next question comes from Brittany Quinn. She asked if you could say courtside next to any celebrity. Who would it be? There's only one right answer and it's Gonna I literally had Willia- We're discussing. Do you WanNa just do this mayor so there are plenty of reasons. First of all the cameras are always on you. However no one's looking at you so the perfect courtside outside situation because you're experiencing it but like no one cares about you? You're hiding in plain sight if she interacts you literally. Anyway you're instantly memed for all eternity. Ethan Hawke how he like moving sons he could sit next to courtside Jake gyllenhaal the. Meanwhile he's like looking at her like into talking and he's like literally die for you she's GonNa. She's like responding anytime in her presence. Like ads. Ten years on your life and you know she is shit talking every single one of those on the court yes and you get to watch everyone else in the entire building. Their shit over. Yana be jealous of you. You're sitting there talking to her totally. Here's the problem with three on. I respect that opinion but I don't don't WanNa be memed on twitter. That's actually one of my greatest fear. So you often Riana yes. They need a thousand Paparazzi photos so much. So that every single reaction. She's going to be photographed. What you need is a celebrity where you'll be photograph next but just like one singular shot these magazines these outlets need like one photo to prove? Move that my pick. Jennifer Aniston was sitting courtside. They don't need Jennifer Aniston looking up at the jumbotron ten thousand times. So here's my plan sitting next Jennifer Cranston burst. I think she'd be pretty friendly because she likes doesn't know the big sports fan so I feel like the whole like like what is this like a hook kind of thing report and then also should be photographed once and then that would be it and then you could actually enjoy the game. I don't WanNa be nervous the whole time that I'm like you know Slough Chino gene like looking ugly or something like that. That's true. Are you worried about who Jennifer Aniston like brings with her. She's like some annoying friend Ellen. Oh that's true true and also Ellen de get in trouble with right sitting next to people accidentally be pulled into that. Ray I pray that she brings Courtney Cox and then Oh all yeah. Yeah or maybe just throw like a reconsider any part of that alone three rows away not into that okay. Fine we honest the right answer next question comes from our very own. Kevin O'Connor thank you so much Kevin for submitting the following question. Where do you grimes James and Ilan rank as the greatest celebrity couple of all time I would put them I? That's Kevin's words. Please never change Kevin. They're low on the greatest of all time list almost dead last. They're very high on the weirdest celebrity couples of all time. Though I think right yes agreed this this market. We weren't having a regular can talk about it. But never UNSEE Elon. Musk have the guy. Throw the metal ball into the window of his car yes it was supposedly bulletproof. I just I don't care about Elon. Musk you'll die. I'll show it to you off my really good and I think we need to get you some better celebrities and also this is the equivalent Glenn of meeting like Charles. Berkeley's my favorite basketball player. Because he's funny. Wow now savage. It's true though actual best celebrity couples of all time favorites. That we WANNA shout out. I fucking love Goldie Hawn and Kurt. Russell we're agreeing. I knew we have more common cancer. Thanks David Bowie in Amman. On on my that's not conic. KFC can I interest you. Putney Jennifer Connelly that any all God why is it. Kevin likes this because he likes them. Music of grimes right. I think he's also just fascinated by how we're there okay. Because I appeals. We could find Kevin. If you're listening we could find you like a cool music person just right. If you want like a bizarre couple you you deserve better Kevin Interest you and Lana del Rey in her cop wavefront on TV. Yeah it's something we're gonNA. It rolled right past Paul. Benny Jennifer Connelly. But I love that they have you ever heard about how they got married because of nine. Eleven what yes. He told me that Strat. They like. We're in a movie together. And they were like very casually dating and then nine eleven happened in Putney literally called her and was like our lives are so impermanent like could happen. Will you marry me then I married. It's true that's also. What kind of happened with Jessica ESCA Simpson and Nicholas say? Wow I can't believe you. Just compare well they ask you again Kevin already. Yes all right next. Question comes from a lyric crooked. Then his question is what movie would you do if you were on the remarkable in a group and individually. I believe they have done all three of my favorite movies. Oh they've done the princess bride and when Harry met Sally and I think they've done Moulin Rouge have if they have it. That's my pick for me individually and together. I think we would crush a high school musical rewatch ables would crash a sisterhood of the traveling the whole pot on Blake Lila's nose job And her extensions. In that movie I could do a Mano Solo on Mike About Blake and how that changed the course of our culture. Are you listening. This is how what does go. I'm like in shock right now. Okay Yeah wouldn't that be great. I mean I wanted to do that since day. One and I didn't know you guys are on board but I guess here we are. I WANNA do how to lose a guy in ten days because that is a genuine watch them a lot I think Mr and Mrs Smith it could be good because then we can talk about branch Selena at that time period goes juicy. So there's a lot there and then you know country strong case honestly country. Strong long I think is a great one another one I was gonNA say which stars born because Hell. You haven't really done that. Yeah Yeah Okay. I think musical movies more unreliable burlesque with Christina to share. It's the most rewarding I was gonna say it for doing watchable movies. We we gotTA DO Mama. Mia Classic spinoff musical Rewatch Ables Pod. Okay in secret again. Okay okay. Next little set of questions are based on instagram winch. We're all our experts aren't as everybody knows. So we have the authority to answer these Kathleen Hill asked. Who is your most problematic save instagram follow? Great Question I thought about this so much. I literally went through everyone. I follow it on. So did I see I. I was like okay. Follow a lot of these fucking models. Which I got an fall? I would pay someone to go through. My instrument follows unfold. I really do that for you for free. Can you please do. They're really bad. GotTa do it but I decided this is really embarrassing. But I'm really obsessed with those like hip hop dancer accounts. Where like they do the dance? Classes like jazz. Do no and they do like little short choreography routines like songs. There's one called Delaney Glazer. But it's probably already funny but it gets worse. Backup Dancer Chris Brown No. She does a lot of crisp red. SOx It's really bad trying to stop but she's really high promised people listening to this. podcast have heard of her and follow her and instagram. She's great but she's trying Okay so great about it. I was thinking about this. I like I'm not. I'm sorry I'm so not there. I didn't go through all of my unscrambles but great for me. Yeah we'll see exactly. I think probably John Travolta. I've always been on the John Travolta train and I feel like and I don't even WanNa go deep deep into the things that he's been accused of stuff but there's that whole scientology aspect before that I'm afraid of and I should i. You know maybe I'll unball you have to the following because we have to track his hair. He's insane days. He's bald sometimes he has like some like. It's such a rich text. You gotTa keep up on it. I follow Elisabeth. Moss which covers the same way. But I like to him made sale like madman but yeah that's tough also today. Oh problematic on follow him. John Mayer same thing holidays in secret but my real problematic follow that I need to quit is busy Phillips. Do I really like a year ago because so annoying. Oh that's the only problem or woman is just kinda difficult to listen to these days and I feel like I followed her originally for for these like ten parts. You just talked right now. It's a lot of sick. That stick is so thin I know year and a half ago and then she got her talk show and everyone was like. Oh this is really annoying. I I know it's bad. I gotTA follow that woman next question about instagram. Emily Day asked if you could only follow one celebrity on instagram. Who would would it be and why I'm going to say it again Riana? She's just I don't know I love her life. I think she's really interesting funny. Does she post enough though to sustain your instagram. The easy like I don't like really follow that many celebrities on instagram. Like I try to make a point not to but which is so stupid but I a guess. Yeah posts enough for me to be like every now and then okay understood. See my thing. I tried to pick someone that wouldn't like if you follow reanalyzing like her. Everything she goes on INSTAGRAM IS GONNA get headline GonNa tweet and going to face a choice like you're gonna come across it anyway. So I was like if I follow someone on answer. I want to be someone who likes pretty under the radar. MHM provides me with a wealth of content. I want the outfit pictures I want. The means I want the family content or you guys are GonNa make fun of me again. I went with Diane Keaton. Oh Oh my God. Incredible instagram follow and list on educated. You guys got to catch up on your like your Dan Keaton because she posts means means to. Yeah sh you guys if you know you know Diane Keaton Pioneers of the social media generation is telling the UK. My answer was Laura Harrier because Oh don't roll your eyes for him. She is stunning. She is absolutely beautiful legitimate legitimate crash on her second she posts real photos of her boyfriend Klay Thompson and he's on the Warriors Pretty Cute vacation like very nice luxury as places. Assist Heaven. You for follow. Oh my God. Great Idea Connor celebrity couple of new thing is welcome. Great Idea yes she posts per same thing that Don Keaton is. Suppose those personal photos and then photo shoots and like it's a healthy Combo which is what you need. And she's going to be the new ran murphy. Show Hollywood. You GotTa get on very lot. Okay Theresa TC. Tanner asked if you could to give any celebrity a social media tutorial. Who would you pick? And what would you teach is. They're great questions you guys. Yeah good job. Let's go for it. Okay well I have a couple that I would give to the entire celebrity world. Yeah I would say please. My one gripe about instagram Larry's how they use their instagram stories. They blast rap rap music. We post a selfie video of them like powdered encourages looking into the camera. Five seconds them and it. I need those videos to stop. Although I'm not who they're like Kylie Jenner. Jenner is not posting that video for meat. AC- she seen it like maybe drake sees it but I hate those mindless kind of just like it's like a thirst trap but with rap music and you're just silently looking now want celebrities to stop reposting publicity about them on their stories a million different times. Yeah AH interests like an article from vulture from deadline and you like click into the link also do not if you're like a-list if you're like reese witherspoon if you're Nicole Kidman don't do that. Don't you're stupid to a level that is so beneath you exactly my last lesson for the slavery the world to be more. QNA's because I fall every single one of those. I read every Q. and A. C. on Instagram. It's a problem milia. I would say you know a Centenario Antonello. I feel like he opened his mouth and everyone fell out of love with him and he had like and again I was too young to know what Brad Pitt in the nineties was like but I feel like he had the same kind of momentum. That Brad Pitt in the nineties had with like Thelma and Louise like he became a huge thing and I think Noah Centenario kind of became a huge thing with to all the boys love before but like thank. God I mean Brad Pitt. Seems like Mark Guy and like you know there was no social media back then Nelson to nail. All of his thumb asked the world. So you have a specific authority talk about this because you are you. Work exclusively and social media. What would you tell him to do? Just post more generically or captions. Honestly if I was him I would hire hire. Someone got me except I will say this because I was looking at her instagram recently. Jessica chastain has this new video up which I think is by that that westbrook group who works with celebrities and it's like her but like her as like art. They Morph into Jessica chastain conflict. She's really trying here like you know. What a plus for effort? But it's just not working out. I think hers to curated more like I want to go viral because remember she had Beluga Dr. She has this this other video where she was like a whole thing Sophie Turner. Yeah it's just like you need to calmed down into a little bit less. Yes I would say the same thing for reese witherspoon what you know. I'm happy because she's a very joyful woman I feel bad crapping on this but it's very very very orchestrated all her stripper. James Jane Ocean Club a club. Yeah I also on the same. I felt really bad about the Su- but like Chris Evans. He's so earnest on social media and the pictures of his dogs unlike the political tweets. And like he's like the strength and leadership and like Blah Blah. I'm like I just he just so UN cool and used to work for me and now it just doesn't and I just need him to like be funny one one time on. So he's a little too hokey for like just like one thing that's just like dumb if he had an instagram. Do you think that would work out better for him. Because it'd be like all dog picks yes a little bit because I think the dog picks him a little forced on twitter. And then it's GonNa go viral dog and I'm like yeah I I think instagram would fit better for him. But just over the stick okay last. INSTAGRAM centered. Question is from Nicole Alameda. She said if you could have one one celebrities phone for a day. Who would you choose? What would you do on or with the phone? Okay Taylor Swift. ooh I have a lot of questions first. First of all you can get the tea and Carly Class Haley just needed in my life. I just hiked to know. Were they ever madly in love. How did it end? You could get the T on. Basically all at one direction hairstyles included -cluded. Like did that happen. who were they with Zane with G G? What happened with them? What happened with Harry and Taylor are you? Then that means you're looking through her text messages and just searching like hairy. Ah Yes. I'm reading that she's ever said. Oh Wow okay okay you get all the Kardashians true all of them. Everything happened with you. Get the whole scooter. Braun thing you know l.. Who are not which I know about tillerson general like I just need to know is she? Is She like a Kris Jenner. You know like issue orchestrating all this. Yeah four is she like actually a good person who's talented and like we sport like. I just WanNa know that in my life bull. It's hard to tell Ya. I WANNA leave behind. Read her entire conversation with Joann. What did they talk about current lyrics? He saves all his dirty jokes for me. What does He? I don't actually. That's the big I need to know. Like what Ah Joel. When working with seems like the most boring human history just like imagine the group chat imagine all the tax imagine Mike all the information that she has about everyone and it's just also just like a huge rolodexes celebrities like you dislike? Everyone's phone number. Tell my God you're so right for you. Kim Kardashian famously deletes every single text conversation. She's ever had her mom. That's it'll appear new like every day. Basically she likes to have like net zero hero and her texting psychotic to hide. Perhaps we're not gonNA think about that. Do you think Taylor swift is the same way. Do you think it's just scrolling of like every illustre under the Sun. I think he probably deletes. Yeah the celebrity way you think just to clear out. Yeah probably do you think any of them. Have you know how sometimes it goes viral on twitter where it's like you have eighteen. Eighteen thousand emails giving celebrities. Have that same thing but for texts. No because I think they're assistance like cleared out interest in like a MAC book. Yeah through all the like random shit of like Julia Roberts being the K.. Win Can combine like Nancy Eighty nine. That's why I think I would have several phones right one for like my really good friends on this for like Julia Roberts requests exactly. No one else has answer for that question. I mean I really like your Taylor Swift answer I would. This is so basic. I almost don't want to say it allowed not to be done. I want to read what beyond say is doing and what she is texting texting Jay Z. And I WANNA know how much stuff is delegated to other people. What is she giving to her different staff members? Because I'm assuming it's at least the teen people large also. What is her photo editing AP? Oh Yeah I wanNA see personal photos of the babies. I just you have serious a list. Celebrities yeah or learn. I know maybe I'm thinking like now Brad Pitt or Leo just because you got an expert that contactless and you have every single person on right exactly. Yeah okay. It's about to get pretty cursed savannah. Get Wild but we're GONNA do lightning round animal questions and first of all. Thank you guys for knowing us well. Enough to address special brand that we've cultivated over the past year that we did not intend to cultivate. Indeed we know life experts we didn't set out to talk about fish tubes or feral hogs and yet here we are so here we are a to you Kelly Seymour asks. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck. Sized horses is a very popular Internet questions. This is like all the celebrity like red at. Ama's ask them this. I want to propose it. We changed this to one feral hog sides duck or one hundred duck size feral hogs the promise answer. Not There's no there's not a big enough difference I would say pharaoh you're right because the duck would be taller than you if it's a horse size but if it's verlag it's waist height rops right. You're right so we gotTA stick with Horse. It's gotTa be the Horse Sized Duck Right. That's what I was thinking. It can't be the horse sized stock horses. I was actually a bundle horn. Kick him around. This is so bad but I did. There's a lot that I could just kick them away as a postal horses that the vehicle loan could swallow at least half of you like an alligator right but our ducks actually like bloodthirsty is the thing. Horses aren't either like the duck like trying to kill. Oh you always okay. You're right. I'm switching to a hundred is so many though money. Duck sized horses. That's true but what what do you do to defeat the one horse sized duck just like hit it with a baseball bat so now we have nothing to know just like you you and you're like tennis shoes and your will to live League Zac. EFRON killing second okay. I'M GONNA go I'm still GONNA go one is it would be a million. What's your answer? I think see like this is really weird but have you ever seen Donald Duck doc in Disneyland. Yes he just has a cute little white belly. Yeah I don't know be scary. No it's not dire pettit. Yeah yeah so it would benefit me in the long run. I could use as car right like right. It's work everything exactly as I'm going. One hundred duck excised horses okay because of the kicking power the power thighs can kill. At least we never really we never released. Liz's this is failed bottlecaps challenge but I have no faith in your ability whatsoever. That will never see the light of day unless you tell all book about me and keep dragging injury calmer I have all sorts of things perhaps moving right along Logan Smith as which animals will have viral moments in twenty twenty vision Asian tubes and Feral Hog nineteen cats. They're coming off my God. You're so I forgot about. Why C? Yeah those my only answer. I don't have like I can't predict what animals are going to be a little depressing. I said Lake Koalas because apparently those brushfires in Australia and it does matter the entire population already with a cast like you had a cast on his leg remember Qua- I shouldn't have gone last. Oh mine is so much. That's such a nice lovely and sir. Oh No we need like some fun. Yeah Okay I got my answer was I thought we're going to see a big rise in like tick tock. Friendly animals like chaotic quick. Moving things because tick tock so popular we need in all of that will like like dogs out. Dogs don't do anything on a moment's notice. This lizards act really chaotic. Really quickly. Are you Liz Lizard. I am J. It's going to be like lizard like jumping at the camera. Yes exactly we do can be a viral. Take taty jump. And they don't make any noise high lick things and they move. What's an animal that moves really quickly? That's households Or Hamster actually know hamster. Cats have had their moment per million years. grumpy cat was born like two thousand. He's dead now are happy happy. I'm sorry we honestly don't like a urinary tract. It was it was a she. Thank you very much cats power. I suppose we'll see okay. Next question is from German keys you you got it gets worse from here guys. We have to choose. I just want to say that they asked this question. Let's like there's an obvious and other is an and obvious answer Jordan Casey Fuck Mary kill thirty to fifty feral hogs the fish tube and then one of the cat slash human hybrids from cats guys guys. who were we fucked marrying and killing okay? Let's tell us your obvious answer. We actually disagreed earlier. We talked about this but she seemed pretty tied to this okay. There's one obvious answer sir. I believe I'll stay the same as I'm looking at this again. You have to The sound so it sounds through crass going out of my. I'm really sorry to my family members who listen. I'm going to the fish to marry the thirty to fifty feral hogs the cat human hybrid. So you gotTa Kill the Barrel Hawks under feral you gotTa Kill the Feral Hogs you you fucking cat human hybrid. Some of them look like Idris. Elba like you just gotTa do it. And then you marry official because it's saving because stems and salvaging the natural rhythm. There's an obvious reason why you marry the fish you but that's not why we're not gonNA take because it doesn't house it's economical. Yeah that's it a million. What was your answer? I would say I would marry the thirty to fifty feral. Beware them and they can work for me. That's smart thing is as imagine having a team of thirty two fifty feral hogs at your Beck and okay. Feral like the dogs were once barrel breath. And so we're we're darned if you're sorry sorry. Sorry we're ending this with the best question of all a heading into the holiday season at Emily Ruth Twenty four asked which teatime episode or segment. Would you be most horrified to have played at your family's holiday gathering for everyone to hear including that last night there immediately I feel like there's only one answer. Yes is this question. I'm curious if we agree agree. Oh shall we say it all at one time and you're GONNA sink. I don't know that we are actually go first because I don't think we have the same one. It's gotta be the toe-sucking so I had that. But but then I remembered art bait about whether Emirati Hausky scandal has been late in the name of name a feminine. I love love that I'm like blushing. You Bet that conversation so bad it was really bad. We really went for it. That's my number one silent. You're the one wishes. But and that is the key to my entire being with my parents and my extended families are like we. I know you're weird. Like oh whatever's when horrify on your on your family where no yeah I think yeah the toe-sucking for me also also I have tried to get better probably no avail but my curse a lot which upset my Mama Ram and that song having gotten better about that really but I know family members listen to this podcast. Cashmere graves submitted. A question to this. We didn't get to in for Dave. Wow nepotism we'll get you. Yeah the Toe toe-sucking Israel uncomfortable and I know both we've talked to a lot armie hammer worst one that was dumb dumb dumb Donmar Yeah Code. I wasn't really a part of the armie Hammer toe second thing but I was very first one and we've come so far really embarrassing. Do you think any of your family members will bring up time to you over Thanksgiving. Yes okay. I'm working. I'm trying not to let like my grandparents know that it exists constancy. Ever feel like they're like all the time and I'm like well that's true that's right. I love their media is the I can picture like Kylie careful with that Ad. I probably have some that okay. This is so lovely head so much undoing this yes we didn't get your question. There were some. I'm really in depth. Really good ones that we were like. We'll just save this for a future Pie. So don't keep sending them to us. It'll come in different categories point towards the end of the year. When you have a question every week guys on answering also sometimes like I would give Disney stories? But you're going to have to me because they can't be heard sometimes too hot pockets stuff anyway for listening. Thank you Steve. Filling in pretty serious armless Kelly

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