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The. AP radio news. I'm Tim Maguire stopped to for President Trump is he campaigns for GOP candidates on this last day before the midterm elections. You tell tells the crowd in Fort, Wayne, Indiana, Democrat agenda will deliver a socialist nightmare. The Republican genders delivering the American dream optimism. The American dream Trump has another rally tonight in Missouri. AP Washington bureau chief Julie pace reports Democrats field they have momentum. Look at the polls which have looked favorable to them for much of the year. They look at voter enthusiasm. They look at early voting numbers, and they feel like that should mean that this election at least in the house is heading in their direction. And yet they can't forget those memories from twenty sixteen when they also headed into election day feeling really positive, and ultimately, we're really surprised tens of millions of people have already voted many of them women and young adults. Bridget Harrison is a political science professor at New Jersey's Montclair state university. All those people aren't going out and voting democratic, but there are large numbers in some places double the percentage of two thousand sixteen or or even greater that are voting early. Trump administration is impose. Tough new set of sanctions on Iran suckers. Terry state, Mike Pompeo regime has choice. It can either do a hundred eighty degree turn from its course of action country economy crumble. The sanctions target Iran's energy, financial and shipping. Sectors Pompeo warns companies not to try to evade them from the with Ryan. And defines of our sanctions will be much more painful business decision than pulling out of a Ron and it being connected to Iran entirely eight nations, including China and Japan have been granted extensions to continue to buy oil from Iran for six months without facing US economic penalties. This is a P radio news, the US Olympic Committee taking steps to revoke USA gymnastics status as the governing body for the sport of the at the Olympic level in an open letter to the gymnastics community USOC C E O, Sarah Hersh land rights at the challenges faced by USA gymnastics are more than capable. Of overcoming organization. Even with a new board of directors made repeated mistakes after the revelations former team, doctor Larry Nassar, molested Olympians. President Trump says he'll announce a candidate replace Nikki Haley at the UN by the end of this week after the elections. President Trump heads to Paris on Friday and was asked about replacing outgoing UN ambassador. Nikki Haley, the president says he'll have an announcement before the end of this week last week. He said former State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, a former Fox News reporter is under very serious consideration. President Trump says Nauert is excellent. And she's been a supporter for a long time. Jackie Quinn, Washington. I'm Tim Maguire.

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