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Ah. This is computer talk with Tam hosted by airing Semel of ten computer system interact with Eric at his guest by phone at five to two WTI, one eight hundred nine six six WTI mail them in the studio at get help at tabby dot com. Or get help anytime a computer talk with tab dot com. Now, here's Eric. Good morning. This is computer chocolate tab. I'm eric. And I'm Bob and we are here until eleven o'clock on this lovely Saturday morning, feel free to get online in hundred nine six six WTI, see five to two WTI in Bob, and I will help you out Baba's Bob story. He's one of the tab that comes in and helps me out with your computer problems comments questions and concerns. So usually again, this is the summertime now. And the early part of the show is usually easier to get in on so one hundred nine six six WTI. See five to two WTI are the numbers. But as usual customary, we do have some technology news for you and Bob stock, and vacuums. Well we were talking last week you talking about your new room by get a new roomba dog. Yeah. Yes. It's an amazing little robot. So it's amazing dirty your floors get every other day. When I left last week, I went home, and I looked them up and started, comparing prices. Yeah. And I was thinking to myself, why is this one three hundred bucks? Yeah. And this one almost twelve hundred bucks. Well, because clearly Bob someone's ripping you off at twelve hundred dollars dollars. Right. Why should I buy a twelve hundred dollar vacuum? It I can get three. Oh because it's just because they're ripping you off at twelve. Right. So that's different technology. Holly. Yes. So anyway, they'd set up test room and this is really a neat article. So, I would encourage you to go to computer, talk with tab dot com post linked to this, the name of the show dot com. Name of the show dot com that works too. Anyway. So you can go there and they'll, you can see the pictures of how it maps your room and they talk about the different technologies. Now the cheaper ones. I'm going to call it a bump and go. Yeah. The early ones so they just basically went somewhere straight. Right. Hula hit something just changed all the direction. Yeah, it was random. Yeah. So, you know, it might have caught all areas of your ROY Moore might not missed a lot. And it took a lot more time, right? More energy more. Yeah. Some of them were over sixty minutes to clean the single room. So anyway, I'll get back to the article your roomba takes a weird path around your home. They actually mapped it. So you can see the patterns. That's in there. Yeah. So here's why it matters a robot vacuum. Might navigate with lasers electronic is or simple bumpers, and the difference, affects how clean how will it will clean our brand new test room helps us show the difference? Yeah, it's pretty cool. Any? Robot vacuum cleaner will remove at least some dirt from your floors how much ground it covers though and its behaviour moving through the rooms will vary. A great deal from Ladell tomato. Yeah, yeah. Big time. So ours actually, maps, the room. So it'll actually start understanding the room. No, which room it is, then you can label it on the app. Correct. And you can set like a certain Rome, or different floors. And, and then when you put it in the rom- figures out, what room ascent. Yup. You can tell you can tell it to go clean the kitchen, if you want, and it'll just do the kitchen, if you want to do the whole downstairs, it'll do that. So anyway, the most important factor behind. This is a robot's navigation system. It's navigation technology together with software determines vacuums actions, that plays a massive role and how well a given robot cleans a space, as you might expect some robot. Vacuums perform the task better than other this'll be eleven hundred dollar one might do a better job than the three hundred dollars much. Job just like computers, guys at three hundred dollar computer is not some bargain. Oh. Well, you don't save money. If you paying your people, and it takes them twice as long to do the job because they're waiting for the little thing that goes around in circles anyway. So fortunately, our brand new robot vacuum testing room at our warehouse lab in Louisville. Kentucky can help us show the differences between robot vacuums, including how well they perceive interact, and otherwise move around physical space, and there's a picture of several different model. Okay. So. Robot navigation on a budget. There are three main types of systems robot back in cleaners. Typically use to navigate a space in the first is a simple collection of collision, we'll brush and cliffs sensors, they tell robots when they are hit or about to hit objects with what information they can altogether. Additionally, these help them to prevent them from falling down a flight of stairs. Okay. So they will fall down without the sensor. You put in front of them because they can actually sense that they're coming up to stairs. So then they talk about one hundred ninety nine bucks. Right down, the downstairs the downside is they operate in a random Fasching bumping into things. Yeah. And veering willy nilly around the room. The very first AIBA robe, Rumas did the same thing, sadly, that results in incomplete floor coverage right spots in type places corners table of chair legs. Get lots of repeat attention open areas. However, a likely vacuumed once or perhaps, not at all since the robot travels in a straight line until it detect something in its path, right? Then just goes over and over and spins around things around. Yeah, I don't know where to go on that finding any. Anyway. So then there's visual or optical, navigation and other robot. Vacuums combine the basic array of collision sensors with the main visual sensor, that's off mentored by a lens. These vacuums use navigation algorithm called V slam or visual simultaneous location, and mapping, the optical systems can identify landmarks on the ceiling as well as judge the ceiling walls visa lamb, also, calculates, the vacuums relative position in a room in real time, letting the baht create a map as it cleans vacuums that operate this way. Navigate a room with greater efficiency efficiency, systematically, cleaning the floor and a logical pattern. They won't waste time. Vacuuming areas of Rome, the I bought knows it. It's already traveled over now the one drawback that we've found with our little robot. It does that exactly. But it's got really dumb sensors as far as one, the little basket is full of somehow, you get a little extra dirt in front of it's free. None of the full sensor, it'll stop and say, hey, you gotta empty me. I come home from work after I'm done working, go to the robot and emptier. And I'm like, wait a minute. Jarvis's not full. He's still got plenty of room in there. But I just got stuck in front of his sensor. So rosy, dozen the hunter arduous, we call them Jarvis. Well, I was thinking of the jets. Anyway. In the last one is laser navigation. Yep. Yep. Another way. Robert vacuums can sense their environment is with lighter, light detection, and ranging. That's what they're using in the salt driving cars, but some of them tesla tesla wants to use vision. And that's what it says here, it's the same sort of technology, you'll find in many self driving car prototypes, such as those from Waymo, and all needle bought Bax use this method, including the eight hundred and twenty nine dollar buck Bhakti seven connected. That's all right. When you can also get I actually picked up a robot for my pool, and it does the same thing accepted stupider it every day, everything put it in there. It doesn't know that it's in what size pool. I have is just figures it out, again, in randomly bangs around and we'll disappointed frankly in in its abilities to clean the pool. But. We'll see how it goes. Well, this is pretty neat. Article and it gets into a lot of the different technology. So you can become a more informed, consumer, definitely if you're in that market, I got news for you. So. My CEO playing games from the cloud seems to expensive to be viable right now, this is kind of an interesting and it makes the point that we've been making for a long time. There's so many companies out there that are looking for that, quote unquote, holy grail of cloud gaming and basically cloud gaming, basically, involves playing video games via the web by just a web browser with graphics, rendered and audio generated in the cloud, and then beamed down to your computer in real time. The idea here is that you're not going to be buying a, a console anymore. The problem is that's a lot more expensive. Right. So it's again hardware as a service when it comes to putting your, your computer businesses in the cloud of same thing. These companies have to invest in awful lot of hardware, technology for you to not have to and what they're finding is you look about video and all the processing that has to happen in the cloud, and the expense, that's involved. The. Economics doesn't make any sense. It makes a whole lot more sense. If you have purchased your three hundred dollar console and it is doing all the processing locally in your living room and all the cloud host is doing. Ascending just pixel data based on your location on the map versus having it do everything process, everything, and then send it to you without any kind of hard ruin your sounds like that's not that, that's a technology in technology that waiting for gigabit could be. But the problem is to the hardware that has to sit there. So the economics, according to alchemy is that is really not there. It makes more sense to actually have your local gaming console where you go ahead and by that. And then connect to the clouds, so it's just another example of how the cloud economics can not necessarily work out, and it can be applied to businesses. Well, you bring up one more article Bob before we go break. Sure. U S customs and border protection. Tra- says traveler images were taken in cyberattack boy. Okay. So this kind of leads you to believe that it was the government that it was hacked. Right. But it wasn't a government that was hat, right? L photos of travelers in license plates, we're taking in data breach at a federal subcontractor in may. That was the subcontractor. Yeah. Okay. The US customs and border protection says, photos of travelers into an out of the country were stolen and militias cyberattack, the hit one of its subcontractors, none of the images have been identified on the internet or on the dark web customs and border patrol said in the statement, the violation of customs and border patrol policies and without their authorization or knowledge. These sub-contractor transferred copies of license play images and traveler images collected by CB p to the subcontractor company network. Right. So, basically, the subcontract t took the data, they shouldn't have touched and they violated their policy. They're not supposed to take it out off site. And their network. The subcontractors network was got act. Well, was hacked, or was it kind of fish to fish nose, or they were sold? The guy who are up graduate, contractors taken the date. He's not supposed to this probably some inside guy who was giving it to the bad guys. So anyway, this breach comes as customs and border patrol seeks to expand its massive face recognition apparatus and collection of sensitive information from travelers, including license, plate information, and social media identifies. Yeah. Nima sing Guliani American Civil Liberties union senior legislative council set in a statement Monday. This incident further underscores the need to put the brakes on these efforts and for congress to investigate the agency's data practices, the best way to avoid breaches of Cincinnati sensitive. Personal data is not the collect and retain such data in the first good luck with that. We're going to step out for a quick break. We got two lines open for you guys everything we talked about, we'll be posted over a computer talk, matab dot com. Pretty good online, guys. Charles, and Danny hang on two lines open for you. Eight hundred nine six six WTI see five to two WTI. I see we'll be right back. And we are back because this computer talked with tab, we're going to be here to eleven o'clock on this lovely Saturday morning, feel free to get online and feel free to call in eight hundred nine six six ABC. I see five to two deputy. I see you can also listen to us over the, the old interwebs on radio dot com. I will also our podcast as well. So if you miss a show, you can always catch us over rated radio dot com is our podcast are out there. Let's go to your calls. You're gonna go right to Charles and Hartford first morning. Charles. Good, sir. Can you free? I upgraded from seven to ten great. And I bought up, I get these messages, one says the input signals out of range input signal is out of range and the other meshes telling me the changes set up to fourteen forty time nine hundred sixty eight z resolution for your video input signal out of range. I'm trying to think is that just mouse made me go. No, no, no. That's the video video too. Yeah. He's got his video right? It's too high. And the it, it can't take it, right. So I mean he's lucky he's got any picture at all to be honest with you. Pitcher. Oh, that's why. Just just just a warning. Yeah. So he's going to go into safe mode. But you can't change the resolution that safe moment, not in windows. Ten you can't. No. That's why easier as above with me. You could do that. You can't you can't change. What's he gonna do in base? Safe mode? You only get the basic driver. All right. So what he's going to need to do is see if he can connect another monitor. That's the answer you kidding me. Or how old's your monitor Charles? Oh, I don't know several years old. I think it sounds like it's so old that it's not even able to capable of higher resolution is the monitor a lot older than you, computer. That think they might be about the same. I mean, it's not capable of displaying properly something happened with your resolution that got up so high. And if you can't see a picture possibly, connecting a second monitor you might be able to get enough of picture to be able to change resolution on, we'll get what's going to happen here, as you tell the computer display in a lower res-, fourteen forty said right, right? Or you what you could do you could try. This is. Booted into safe mode. That's what I said. Well you shot me down. You put Poon will you can't change the resolution. Right. All right. All right. That's my suggestion. Okay. He a boot into safe mode, and you go into the device manager. Okay. And scroll down or open up your, your video card, and actually remove the video card or uninstall it problem with the loan, boot up anything I can't get into anything safe motive should show up in low rez. If you can't get an image in safe mode, then you've got an bigger problem with your computer because in safe mode, lows, the basic driver so that you just get a relatively low resolution image, but you will get an image and you can change the resolution and saved. Motoo. I Google had I had to call. I gotta check. So you, you can't if you gotta get into shape boat motels. And that's when you re reboot the machine and press FA does that still work. Oh. Well, if you catch it, right. Yeah. Tried to get him to save by pressing the FA key and the Buddha. And you can go ahead and select windows startup settings one, then you're gonna hit restart, and then the computer's going to restart choose safe mood, and from the list of options, you're going to go ahead and chooses, screen resolution, and you're going to lower the screen resolution to what they said, what it suggested or lower. I will tell you to do to down to ten twenty four by seven sixty eight not the fourteen something go down to ten twenty four by seven sixty eight but you can do it in safe mode. What you do is then once you change into a law resolution but doesn't fit on your screen, right? You can change the resolution. The test, which one actually fits your monitor right? Any irony of this. Charles is before you did this with windows, seven your computer newest resolution. Right. It knew it, but for some reason, Microsoft now doesn't and it's a new operating system. Well, most of the time it does get it. And one of the improvements does do which I think is pretty cool. If you have different monitors with different resolutions normally, it'll pick the right resolution for each monitor. Right. Just. Time is running. Let's say an older monitor, that's with ten eighty by seven, sixty eight right, and you plug in a newer, one that has sixteen by nine right? You know, then, you know, it kind of consensus that, but you, you should be able to change it and save mode Charles. Good luck, sir. All right. Bye-bye. The I just think it's amazing though. I mean windows ten it's looking at the Paskhin fig and doesn't know how to set it for you. I mean, it's the least it could do really Celestica do. Well, you're gonna tell me. I can't do it again. We're just about for a quick break. Two lines open for you. Eight hundred nine six six WTI. See five to two WTI. See everything we've talked about his posted live over a computer. Talk with tab dot com, the name of the show dot com, which also works. And if you go to Facebook and like us at tab computer system in Mark Zuckerberg, deems, the news, worthy, it'll get into your news feed. And of course, if you follow us at Twitter on tab, computer sys-, it will get in that feed as well. We'll be back. And we are back put those links there for Charles and we'll see if he can get that resolution so he can actually see this after his upgrade, an upgrade that turns your monitor off. Oh, come to windows. Let's go onto your calls, and we're gonna go to Danny last Barry, it's going on our resident grubby. I just search are usually just tap the mic on chrome and you know, dictate it and last night when I was trying to do that. The little circle would come up with the mic in it. And when I talk it would blink off and go read in say offline try again. And that's what happened to me before. But if I typed in used to the keys, I could do the search. So it was just foist wasn't working. A service that was down over it. Plex. Okay. That was my question, because I've been getting a lot of prompts lately, start using Google assistant. And I didn't know if there was just shutting the Mike off on me. Trying to move me over to assistant or not. For that to work, probably two, okay. Okay. And it's actually funny. It is a Google did I do some same thing, my wife and our, you know, they text back and forth. I just hit the microphone and have the thing. Listen to my voice, and Google did something really weird and not Freudian. But just bizarre. I was telling my wife it was beautiful beautiful day. I was driving in and put the button there. And I said, hey, you know, you should open the windows. It's beautiful out. But what Google actually texted to her was, you should die open the windows. It's beautiful out. I didn't say the word die anywhere my God, forty I don't know. Is it Google Freudian? I mean it's kind of bizarre in, I mean it just put the word die in there. Now with with Google, obviously, when you Google anything. Right. It's going to fill things, and it's due to like the most popular stuff that's out there when you're googling is are people telling their spouses and girlfriends, the dial the time, and that's why they pre filled die on me 'cause that was the pattern, right? Is that the pattern is that we should be all for. I mean it was bizarre. That word was not used while. I mean it's not like you should open. The windows would have the word die at all. And they're literally and says, you should die, and he put the work in the wrong place. Like I'm dying to go outside. Yeah. Weird Sergei Brin the developer of Google. Yeah. Russian. Okay. Okay. So you're goes the Russian word forgive is die. I should open diamond. We give me. Yeah. I wasn't speaking Russian Bob. Yeah. But you know he probably taught in rushing. It was, but it was freaky to anybody most likely that Google plex was down. Did you see that still SpaceX launch the last one from Vandenberg? You should watch the video. There was a heavy foggy morning like it is a lot on the west coast. So when the rocket went up, it burned a hole through the fog. Ascended up and the cameras shooting back down. You could see the cloud cover, but you could see the whole where they went through, well, when it went up, and after did the watch and the first stage did it spurn back in turn around the come back down and land. You could. If you look real close, you could see all the cloud cover. You could see the whole that they burned through coming up. And as it went back down it went back down, and it came down. And it went back down through the same hole. It's, it's Ripley the landings are need enough as it is. But the thing came back down through the through its own whole sounds like. Who believe in conspiracy theories, he just ran the video backwards because the odds of it not having any kind of wind up there. People have stopped now seems to work seems to work, right? Okay. Guys. Thanks a lot. I think it was a CGI computer generated image. Let's go on to lend in Deford. They what's up. Good morning on. I've been a follower of user for years, okay? Got a new computer a laptop. I'll say drive everything works great. I am stalled bird and it was working flying for about a week. And then one day open it up and all my emails, God, everything now. Fortunately, I didn't transfer anything over my other son to bear to my other computer. But yeah. Kind of freaking out because on the sound box, the inbox trash, right? All the emails were gone. Mailbox, you have one is you have a mailbox talks talks about that. Is it a pop or is it a good? Is that the sun an exchange one? Bob, what's the mixture? There you got pop and you've got a map. I'm at thank you couldn't think of the word, lists gave me is that I'm up. Sure. Actually kind of auto all that self here. Well, no what I'm saying. So if you re put your, your mailbox information in your Cox username password. All that fun stuff. It should repopulate it will re download the mail for you. But you may need to repair your folders. They actually may still be there. They could go. A repair on the folders tells you to go in and delete a certain folder, and then restart it, and it rebuilds that holder and nothing happened. Fortunately, on this computer, I have not set the settings to download from the server in other words, take it off the service. I hadn't done that yet. Still serve. I can try to configure your Email is I'm app, you'll be much happier than running pop, and go ahead. Go ahead and just configure your account that way. And it should just repopulate by by the fault, and that leaves it both locally and on the server. So when you let's say, you're, let's say you and your wife, use the same mailbox she goes ahead and deletes a Email, little delete as well off of yours which is kinda handy on that way. It's kinda it's, it's kinda like exchange but it's not it's a it's a little smarter. Pop and. That's probably all you gotta do is put the information back in to have it re repopulate, your folders. So go in and just redo it. Don't delete anything. Don't weak, the account just in well, I go to the cock side of things log into Cox, and make sure your mailboxes configured as an I map and then read the configuration as to how to set your ports for, I'm at mailboxes and then go into your thunder, bird and configure, your mailbox based on Cox's directions to configure an I'm map mailbox and then it should up. But I always, always put that in quotes, it should just download the mail in including NBL. Nice and synchronize rave is what it should do. I'll definitely try to find question to that. He just wrote up, I'm, I'm the only one that uses computer not married. I'd nobody else touches problem with it. I blame myself myself very good. But when I, I normally take it off the server, I normally have download my mate, and my computer take it off server. Yep. But I've heard other people just leave their emails on the server Orson is, is. I don't know why do that. Maybe I just don't want to get a warning that your reach your maximum server delete meals. You know, that is that really concerned I should have believe it or not every I just recently got a warning from Cox about my mailboxes. So I had to do some leading you will keep shrinking that available data space. I mean, they're not gonna give it to you for free forever. They, they gotta pay for infrastructure paper servers, pay for all that stuff. So. You can do whatever you want win the beauty of having it on the server if you are using multiple devices. Let's use your phone smartphone. If you use I map intellectually, if you if you read it off your smartphone, it'll show that it's read off your computer and if lead your smartphone, it'll delete it off your computer. So it kind of improves your your, your how you function. It's more more efficient really for reading Email. But if you bring it down here machine. That's good, too, obviously. But you don't you don't have a backup of it. I suspect. Okay. All right. Hey, thanks for like, all right. Have a good that. All right. So we're step out for a quick quick. Quick break. Antoinette hang on. We have three lines open for you. One eight hundred nine six six WDC five to, to WNYC and everything. We've talked about so far. I've been posted over a computer talk with tab dot com, the name of the show dot com. And if you follow us on Facebook over a tap computer systems, it'll get into your news feed, if you like tap computer systems, and Mark Zuckerberg, deems, the news worthy, it's gonna have those two things, and then, of course, you can follow us on Twitter, if you've got time for that. I don't know who does. But if you got time for that over a tab, computer system, get into your newsfeed as well. We'll be right back. We are back. This is computer talk here. Till eleven o'clock on this beautiful Saturday morning to give us a ring. Eight hundred nine six six WTI I see if you're calling, if you're listening on the stream anywhere in the country, get to lens open for you. We hundred nine six six WTI I see let's get to your calls. We're going to go to Antoinette and Fairfield like I promised what's going on. That little which you guys are the. Yes. Returning, the routers and modems. I did that. I have my own issue with not having internet, less weekend, sunset vote, give it more time. And then turn it back. I had uncharged take out everything even what they totally on Monday. I got to someone who had a brain. The internet company. This is awesome. Okay. Yeah. She was trying to get me to pay for monthly Dan, and I wouldn't have to pay for every side to come out. But I tell the no because that's ringing my Bill up even now more. They're not going to deter is all like that. So something happened. And I was able to get back online while we were talking with at a service magically, right? Yes. Managing magic. Yes. But what I'm concerned about or not sure, about is now, the, the modem that's the one that looks up to them that three middle light blue when before they all my life, green yellow, you know. I'm on the internet. And I'm wondering how that, so when before they were all lit up to make sure I was on the internet. So it depends if it matters or not. So those, those LED's do mean something, but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to worry about anything. It's how the system communicates back and forth. So if your internet speed into an is what you're paying for if you do A, B test. And let's say you're paying for fifty megabits and you get fifty megabits you really don't care that much about what the LED's are saying now. If we can get into technically, but it wouldn't matter as long as it's working, it's like you trying to explain me, how internal combustion engine works. You could tell me how it works. I guess in the car. With the computer. Exactly. So, yeah, so I think basically don't worry about that. If you're getting the speed speed test, make sure you check your Bill and it matches what they say. They're charging you for your good. Go ahead about I would guess, at some point when you in your conversations that the tech over it optimum ask you what the MAC address of your modem was right. Because that's how they allow them on. Right. When you get a new your own modem, you've got gotta call them and tell them, what the MAC addresses, then they'll allow it to communicate on the network, so he probably had to make some adjustments modify. Okay. She has this modem and all of a sudden it worked. What's that day could bed up who what they do on their end? If I had that equipment. And when wending times the price. Yeah. They wanna say that modem rental. I was the Motorola you can buy Motorola. I know what it said on the anywhere. So why would that make a difference? And why rent it forever when you can buy at once? Right. You giving me, a Motorola modem, why would I have to have your Motorola? When it's Motorola, right? I have one question which may help other people how come sometimes because of happy with NBC last. Was able to stream and be seeing on the ipad. But when I did on my desktop, it wasn't coming to. Again, that will depend on your internal network and how, how good it is. You could have an issue with the performance of your PC. There's so many variables now in your streaming. So in the old days of just a an antenna and a TV it was just it was just that those two things that we're working to make your TV work now. It's a rube Goldberg to get your, you know, your, your TV channels, you've got the internet company involved, you've got the modem you've got the router, you get the PC. You've got the operating system. You've got the bandwith you've got the all those all those variables, right? I'll have to work together to give you NBC on that computer, so it could be just that you were having an issue with your computer. Maybe it was doing a virus scan. Maybe it's just lower powered. Mike. Okay. 'cause it was working yesterday. Okay. Produce beat does make sure you're getting paid for it. You know, aunts when that's the key and again you only need fifty megabits. So if you're paying for three hundred megabits you can even save more money if how many people are in your home. Just you can get away with twenty five megabits. When I was the renews. The Bill cheaper down only thing they were able to get me. That's about kept the TV because just having clean internet. Was costing just about the same as having internet and TV with just a dollar a different assets. As is. Up because all up on pricing. So you're using you're using a kind of a combination of TV and internet. Okay. All right. Well, right. You have to have a TV to stream with Roku or the five the you need to have TV, or cannot by five and cooked it up to the computer and get other stations. You could buy a fire stick up to the computers know, different HDMI connection on the monitor. So if you're monetize multiple HDMI interfaces you could stick the stick into that. And then choose that interface, when you wanna watch on the Roku, okay? Then you could cancel the TV. Because what they charge you for all the taxes and baloney on getting TV. You'll save by removing it right? I just do remain channels, because the other moms unless I have a TV I can't watch them anyway, date on the loud over into next streaming anyway. Yeah. Oh, so the cruciate that. I. So, yeah. I mean, everyone's cutting the cord, you still need a cord. So you're not really actually cutting a cord but you, you know, you're, you're making some adjustments to your, your access to these, these systems, and believe it or not fifty megabits. I'll tell you this over and over and over again is plenty five people in my family three boys surfing streaming all day long fifty megabits is more than enough for high resolution displaying, multiple TV's. While the kids are listening to music streaming and playing video games at the same time. So don't let them sell you. More than you need invention. We can all get fifty mega wireless through, like a cellular connection T Mobile's offering. We can actually cut the cord. I just can't wait until that day comes someday. It's gonna come. So we're gonna be here till eleven o'clock feel free to get online. Got a couple of minutes here, right? Matt should probably take a call. Or he sitting back kind of relax armor, started, call here, but we'll have to hold you over to the news, something good. Good Hank in Enfield next. What's your question, Hank? We're gonna get your question that hold you over to the news. Good. I just got a quick question here. I passed I've been able to attach little cartoons. I run a golf league. And I little car- cartoons high. When I send the sign up outs messages out and everything it all of a sudden, when I paste them on the Email to send out now. But when I send it out, and I include myself as a as a recipient when it goes out, is somehow that the strips appears because it's a risk. It's a what it's a risk any kind of tach -ment on emails or risk. And so a lot of male systems will strip that stuff out to save the recipient from whatever you're doing which in your case is completely innocent. But most likely it's as being stripped out of security right, bub. It was only only about the last month that used to work, okay? Beautiful before. Disappear. Any embedded meshes stage on the on the thing. But thing I had to like you sit line attached. What's your Email client? Okay. Are you doing? Browser. Yes. Maybe Yahoo starting to step up their security could be probably security thing Hank. We can look it up for a little bit during the news. If you want us to confirm it to Ken. Okay. Yeah. Fire help yet. Okay. Thank. Bye bye. Attachments, in Email are becoming a very dangerous thing these days. So we'll take a look at that and get back to more your calls three lines open for you. Eight hundred nine six six deputy I see five to fifty to get online during the news, we'll be right back.

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