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Let's call it. Let's let's make a random caller listener maybe a little. Maybe they WanNa dedicate me almost song you WanNa hear today before I fire. One of the interns. How's that sound good all right good for everybody? Short Steve You know. Why am the fire? One of these insurance. I do not know there you go. There's a tease for you. Make a random call or you guys who knows could be one of your to Shit. Ed's I don't know all right I don't know it can do a podcast eating asshole. There's GonNa be a spot for that soon enough here. I think I suspect. I don't know that curious. Just caller number Steve. People want me Hearing you hello. Hey who's this? But who is this adage Maxwell Maxwell this Kirkman the hand? Good morning how are you? I'm fine what song do you even listen to the show today at did I know? Are you going did you? Are you going okay? Music with songs like the song for you to kick off the show them and make everybody feel better before I fire some fucking people. So what do you want to hear what I don't want to pander too much but I I really like dancing in the dark all right? Fine Play Steve. Thank you Maxwell. Have a good day all right maxwell speed maximum mighty Max on the skins on this winter. I Max you go dancing in the dark. Jesus Christ manage the fuck in terms of their Bruce List. Should fire them right there. Well could they have done? Say Me fucking situation. Seems very well aware of him yesterday. Oh boy pay nineteen eighty-four suck number two behind when doves cry prints? Here's Bruce springsteen he street band bugged me your off such to produce that has been overplayed in the favorite song. I was nine years old right. I mean this is my favorite song but tired. Tired of more self image. Rest up as bruce in this video for Halloween one really. Yes you would. You can't start a fire without a spark a great pop song. Don't get me wrong but I mean this Song Mashal wants to hear what the fuck we caught em guard. I guess I mean Jesus messages. Keep hitting clear radio owning a move in place that look in the mirror close face fastest. I had a strange relationship with the song you play now. But for years he didn't. I don't like the success. I think the success of one USA scared makes sense in some cash checks but still I think it got too. I ain't got too big. He didn't like that. The play all the hits at his shows like or does he try and go deep co two nights in a row. He'll play thirty different songs. Forty sometimes just sit around and get known Omega trucks in a new stadium. The streets sterling in the IMPROV. You up you say that your sophomore some action offer a needle. Report was baseless accusation. Let me apologizes. There's no draft them breath software year. They were already in his mind. I think over two seasons over the hump idea long in the tooth cat stone about little world phone. Video Steve. Who's Bruce about the puck from scarcity? Fame you know. I HAVE NO IDEA. Watching the Bruce shaking around right now at white shirt jeans look like a million dollars. The video directed by Brian. Depalma directed the untouchables. Motherly the kids out there. There's video is Charlotte eight times in the concert to all knowing must've fucking fans were to play the song eight times. No SNOOP DOGG. But you know what are you GonNa do? Because there Steve Pickers by looking at this regulation all right. That's I didn't WANNA say no. That is no idea she might. She did change a lot of the year. She wore hair's very short. He said I can see that was put to the people in the backfield. Because we're like a guy that looks like very short hair which is always progressive. But they're all right there. You Go Max where happy I give you a big fat hit this morning. Good morning out. Their cats and kittens Kirkman show presented by a great friends at Barstool Sports. So I do now know what you're talking about okay. Who's the culprit me? Oh I know who posted it with the phone number. Yeah why just it was a funny wanted poster. Okay so so. I didn't even know about this instagram post. Because we know if he knows you look at the Texas state. I thought it was the Tim. Kaine call well. That was posted as well. I know that it's so I'm sitting in my home yesterday. Okay just you know Shit Day out totally raining. I'm doing something the cave forget. The Doorbell Rings. Which is in this day and age rare so this is a sitcom champagne us. I mean the doorbell ring is I can tell you last time it happened my fucking I mean. No one's no one's going to do it so go down the stairs and Lo and behold there are two uniformed police officers in Lexington Police Department there. Okay to police cars too by the way. So I'm like get the fuck is going on. I don't know where I don't know where Mike did. Fucking Harry sneak out of the. How like what the fuck happened here. Answer the door and said what took you so. Yeah so I. I'm like what's up. Hey guys one guy. One younger guy. The older guy was very. They're both very nice Kirk I as a fan yours doctor. That said See No there. Was this thing on your instagram With our phone number on it and people are calling because it was the wanted thing from the globe So it's my face and then it gives you the phone number because I guess he's a fucking idiot is the actual Lexington Police Department number two. This guy's getting calls like you know besiege with calls right. See the Hugh I. Why wouldn't you put? He is number on that or the red sox number. I didn't check the number that was listed on the wanted poster. This sort of thing so. You didn't write the phone number know who did that. That was nick. Okay here we go again. I don't know that these guys are you know like they feel bad and I'm like no that's you know maybe I'm being am I wrong. I don't know I just don't know police officers. Do you think they really need like? Wha what's the what is the benefit of if you put E is number on there or you put the Red Sox number or you put the Globes number where you put fucking whatever Fucking your number on it. Because it's no I don't care but where's the joking calling the Lexin? The Police Department over and over and it's not a joke then what happens should have been the item so then they go and look for it like I i. It's funny the posters funny and the prank phone call from Tim was very funny. That's what I thought was talking about right. I don't even know about this other one I did later on. I saw them like I'M GONNA have to explain how explaining to this guy so I'm like all right but we'll we'll don't worry about. We'll take it down so text. Even that's why I thought that was. That's why it takes you later. We also need this one to go because I thought it was. I didn't even realize that one and I assume that's you knew what I was talking about. Was I guess? The wanted poster. Yeah yeah that's the one I deleted right after the call has the fucking Lexin. The police departments phone number. I don't get it like I don't get it being inundated with calls. Yes of course they were. Why wouldn't they be mailing the only trauma house ally about it what? I don't get the humor in that. I get the humor in the poster. Yeah I don't get the humor in putting like where breaking their balsam making their lives. Two percent more difficult that I don't get well especially now right well also especially now but anytime but yes especially now but that. I don't get yeah I mean I should have checked the phone number. I just googled it to see what what number was on the poster and had it rewire. Why would nick put that on there? I didn't see was making it realistic. I know but it's not realistic right. I mean it's not like there's benefit to put the actual police Pharma phone number on. No like I don't see you put the thing on and they get three hundred phone calls that's funny to me. That makes their lives more difficult. They're useless. There shitheads their their jobs. Don't matter but like this again. They're not there's Alexa they're not. We're not getting in the way of them. You know bringing down fucking real crime or anything. No but it's still could happen to somebody. Answer the phone is a pain in the ass in their everyday life while they're going through shit while they're not home. I bet the nine the nine one one calls are kind of uptaking now because of the pandemic as well so yeah yes but I mean again I and they were totally totally cool about. They think it's funny like the posters. Funny we get it. I think one of the guys you want to give too much away. But he was aware of the situation with globe. So like you get these examiners feel bad about this and I'm feeling bad for these guys so they got two cars. They're like fucking arrest me or something. You're freaking out her first one again. I'm like is this. So fuck he's GonNa Happen to my me and my fucking family miss something right you know what the fuck yes. I guess I understand why he did that. I really don't get look real like and it's not real. That's a funny though. Humor there no again the the thing. I saw this funny. That's funny right. I mean whether you think it's funny or not. I think it's funny. That's an attempt of humor but putting the in look. That's I mean Steve. Okay because this kid's been been banned right. Yeah he doesn't know you do your job either then right so I mean we didn't. We didn't vet it properly. So you know. What am I gonNA do fucking fire this kid because Stephen we took away? Privileges invented properly. Yeah I don't know I mean. It seems like I get why he would do that. I don't do anything I can think is that maybe he was trying to base it off. An actual wanted posters and stuff. I'm saying he was looking at posters at the Lexington. Pd puts up and just copied and pasted. But if you're going to route humor you gotta think about yeah like. Where's the payoff? The calling Lexin Police Department saying Kirkman a handsome looking for Kirkman. Like if you call doubt he he was trying to get people to call the police department. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure it wasn't. Yeah what did you think was going to happen de? Probably just didn't think he's dealing with audiences that he's dealing with. You know I don't get it. I just don't understand yeah. It's a strange one because there was no malice behind it and he didn't post so stupid. I mean I I don't Know Yeah. I mean I'm guessing that's what happened though. Is He just copy? And pasted a thing in a probably figured it's public number like he's not giving out someone's private school he was not. That's true but that doesn't I guess I mean excuse it no. I know but it's not Kirkman to hand cell phone numbers giving out know what I mean. It'd be inexcusable. Not to see him. But I've issue with it right like I see what you're saying but I'm just I get why he wouldn't think Oh. I have to delete this number this number because the public number sure it is but I mean first of all I also. I think it might be illegal as to what I'm all for arrest I mean you're calling the fire it's like calling nine one one frivolous nine one one. Yeah well if you're if you're filing a false police report. Yeah that's illegal but I mean if you if you the people who dial nine one one to complain about homework or some of the telling people that call that for under false pretenses on her instagram page. I did the cops say anything about. That's the thing. Yeah but they showed up. I don't know I mean put this way. I feeling if I because I didn't care. If I've been like Wolf Freedom of speech you know go pound sand asshole an issue which you know I again. I'm not trying to their lives more difficult but Mike what the fuck fuck it to explain everyone why you're not in today. Well it's yeah he's fine. He's fighting for you guys. Well Know I. I'm not sure I don't know I don't I don't I don't really understand it. I don't like I mean those instincts are bad. That's not that's not great thinking you know yes. I mean it's it's clear it should have just been the e number. Yeah we always give out on the call when Tim McCain does his prank call. 'cause I was like he's like yeah it's and he's like and there's a number so. I thought I was thinking maybe in that prank call the one of the timber. The woman on it said the numbers things I kind of dumb but not a big deal but then I saw this is not very. I just thought out just thought that was all I. I don't know I I. I don't know I mean I guess you know you got you guys in terms of the fuck up but you know I guess we'll just laugh about it and they'll joke about on the show and they'll be another thing where they just fucked up fucked up forty times. I don't know she yeah. I mean it's up to you. Steven charged in the. I mean is even charge interns fire all three of them myself at this point. Just find new people but hey what do I know right? I mean I. I don't know how many times you've to go. This is not what twice in two weeks fucked up Yeah but I think this one's on me though. Okay but he. I'm the one who posted it. Sure okay. No vote like taking away. His posting privileges was both on not going to fire you over this. So I mean you know it's just not my gonNA blow up the a huge part of the show because of this because I think he he posted it or he wrote it and you didn't you know maybe didn't give it the full look over. That's bad that's a fuck up. You know. You're FUCKING IDIOT. But you know he did it though so. I don't know you know. I'm not sure you know did did when when Francis posted at the K. Marco should Francis posted. It never actually got posted Francis posted. There's no there's no second layer of Kmart EXO got fired. I thought that's what that was. The whole thing is that K. Mart in Russia for instance was one of the bloggers who was allowed to post without secondary approval. Okay I mean it just seems just another annoyance can stoops over the fucking cops in my house. The fuck you should have fought him. I fucking daughter their demand. What what why. Because this kid's a fucking idiot. I mean many times. I mean I don't know there. It is yeah there's a number there even get this jokes all the way through the rights. Please contact lesson. Police Department gives up the number. I mean I don't I don't really get it. I don't understand the thought process there owner. Stand it I would assume copy and paste. That'd be my tonight on. It's not to me the fence. I know that there's just saying it's probably what Hap- yeah all right well. I think you know it's up to you guys. It's up up Steve. You handle the interns here in charge of the attorney you want to do. You know they'll have a good laugh about on their fucking shitty show on Friday. I suppose but they do they fuck up and they joke around about it and then that's it I guess right. Am I missing anything Yeah I'd like to have some time to think about how to handle it. I think you're right. There's two two cups in a row but I mean I really feel like hanging this one around his neck. When I'm the one who posted it would be unfair. Okay so which you then. I think that the this this kind of ways against Him getting posting privileges back anytime soon. Okay boy and I've just I've just got to have a closer eye on kind of stuff. Okay great perfect though the Flerfu that all right What else. Oh and the other. So we wanted to leading that Instagram post which tied into mother theme. Before get the other stuff is Mike. You're deleting is known tweet. I didn't know the hell is happening. Mr This tough guy. I thought I was being hacked. Oh I know I was the victim of a Robinson razzing. Well somebody's knows it was me. Somebody sent it to me. I was on on our show page oak. Somebody's eye so that's funny. So I get I get notifications when the show tweets or when either you guys tweet and it didn't happen this time all of a sudden see this too and I was like I didn't tweet this so I deleted. And all of a sudden I see Steve tweeting from a bunch of a bunch of tweets. Then I looked at the I was like Steve. Do you know your account is tweeting. He's fourteen texts. That are you aware out? There's a problem. So somebody found her old tweets some Russian hacker from your tweet your mom from twenty very so very pro Katie Nolan. I became very. Fsn Give to the work. She did a podcast. That was good and was having well. I don't know about good. But it was different than she's not Jewish not Super. She's not super untalented. That'll put her in that leg. She's Nowhere Comedians. I was I always thought the problem with Katie Nolan. Not Katie Nolan. It's how big people have made Katie Nolan. She's meant to be the superstar on. Espn she's kind of just like she's mildly funding podcast positions where. She's not funny to well. That's kind of what I'm saying. Considering these robots she just did a podcast once a week. She she'd be alright. Yeah she's fine. She's not like the Caro. Obviously that crowd I mean Katie. Nolan did a podcast once a week. Would you listen to it? He would not. I did forbid. Would I fell off? Athlete Katie Nolan was a blonde Mike Fan at one time. Okay so it's like a it's a Jim. Florentine admire that goes. I bet you four hundred eighty followers on twitter. I bet you know this is what I was inter- The big time. This was like fifteen fourteen. This this tweet It must have been fifty. I didn't I didn't discover it allows an Internet. Discover her yeah. So you're you're barstool then. Yeah Okay see six thousand tweets you were looking for that retrieved yes of course it's skip it f s one on that because they probably saw that they were like you know the vice president of programming was like you know what. Mike Giri thinks we need to give him no one in a bigger platform. Jesus exploits that's like Mike with not delete that even if you understand no fucking idea what was going on. I thought I was tweeting. This be hacked square near the attack against old tweets. I thought for sure Okay All right so I mean I don't know what I mean. So okay you figured out Whether that's a noise from cop show of my house. I feel bad for these guys. Become this shit was part of you. Thought it was because of the cemetery thing. No no no. I'm actually two police cars Thinking this is pretty fucking some some serious happened. Who the fuck knows. And I have no idea what happens. So tough guy back. None of the fuss shrew but I mean I don't know this kid next fucking to me with this. If it was my show either either problems still being around who run things around here so you guys think time more times against the fuck up before we just say well. That's a tough one though you you get why. That's a tough one. Because Steve's the one that posted I get what Steve Sang sure is that he's the one. Yeah okay well you know. Rules are different. I'M NOT GONNA fire Steve for that right no no. I'm not saying I'm saying it's was sent to Steve. To be was yes. Steve didn't do his job right but I will say. Steve has to be fair other things on his plate. Fifty other things show related on this play. That wants now. That doesn't excuse it. Because I put the responsibility on him but What else is NICAD for the show other than that? You have things you have to think. I know he's a kid you have to think. Why would I possibly possibly put the real? What's the upside of putting everything you're right? What's the upside of putting the Real Police Department phone number on? What'S THE UPSIDE DOT COM? He's married man. It'll be up at this hour. There is because you because he's just He's a nice kid. I don't want to do you just not going to be combated. He's been back. Oh yeah he's GonNa say yeah. You're you're right. I knew that not only make me more angry. You'll say I wanted to fuck the taxpayer. May He's going to say you know. Jesus I didn't think of that. Yeah I should have put the owner. I'm sorry I should be more pissed and make me feel bad the same time it'll feel dealing with that understood you know. I hope it's fucking wedding. Kill Bill Wedding crew shows up and blows them all the way now. That is a fair punishment. Yes I think so. Fucking white is crawling around. Jesus Christ what I play the piano laugh. You'd be there was invited me. He's definitely now mind now. Jesus pitcher Larry Bird on your invitation. Remember when I forgot about that too anyways death wish coffee dark roast blend that. Oh Oh yeah. We'll do that first. Good yes death wish. Coffee death risk coffee dot com slash Kirk death wish coffee dot com slash Kirk. Dark roast blend double the amount of caffeine the average cup of coffee. Mike you still imbibing so. I'm so alert and vivacious lately. I can tell yes great. They don't want that. No I think when this other ones we are going to kill myself during the more death. Wish coffee dot com slash Kirk. Death wish coffee dot com slash Kirk with that. You'RE GONNA have to win a MAC pro death. Wish Cold Brew Barstool. Sports merchandise a years worth of death. Wish coffee that's death wish. Coffee DOT COM slash. Kfi ARC looking for some coffee ace APP you can also receive fifteen percent off your entire purchase from Code Kirk. Check it out now. Death wish coffee DOT COM SLASH K. I R. K. I mean you know this fucking We're Wasser story continues. I guess. Sort of Dato I guess he's getting rid of the Tattoo. Yes yes he told Steve Berg News. Wbz A sports reporter in Boston. Speaking which I find it very strange. I've said many times if the globe if there's a nuclear bomb heading toward the Boston Globe right if the call one person probably Chris Gasper very nice guy and then I forgot about Alex pier and I felt bad right. Gaspar left the globe to channel. Five News did you see that? It's very weird. Sports like a up like a sport like a channel. Five Guy who's Castro? Hey such on the road tonight. Maybe we'll do some writing. I suspect but in twenty twenty. That's like going from going from working in a place that makes you know take place that make. Cd's baby replaced the you know. I don't know that it sells magazines barely that honestly because I would think the globe is at least more relevant than channel five is how solvent it is versus channel versus row. I have no I have idea and it. Yeah it is very strange. They offered him more money. I wonder basically operating as a nonprofit right now subsidized by John Henry. I guess the the cash went Volvo. The obituaries situations there on new deal. China yes but but I mean that's the weird. He's not he's a smart guy. He's not my favorite writer. Because you know writer into go and be like hey weekends with. Chris. Hey what's going on right now and the boy. You won't believe what happened in the Indianapolis five hundred today. It's the mood. Espn Boston or maybe he thinks this is a stepping stone. Espn getting in front of a camera. Forever I mean if ESPN with a call long time ago. I think I don't know maybe maybe the globe said. Hey listen not a young guy. I always assumed he was younger. He's been around for a while. I've known him for ten years. I mean but if yeah I don't know I don't I don't know maybe maybe go. Hey listen we're gonNA make some cuts. Yeah I've always said that the five minutes sports segment on local news scores from the navy for this very strange. But you should see butch stearns when he walks down the street all the girls. It's crazy it's crazy. The office a little text and my little media world where everyone was like. This is a bizarre move but nobody had any real great theory on it. He's still do ninety five. I don't Oh I don't know there to work with Jim Right. Yeah Yeah I can reach out speaking of Globe sports columnist on the show this morning. Steve Get there. Steve is a whole process relaxed. Jesus Christ so Roy Asha tells Steve Burton and he's getting sanded often. Read I think Lizard as our friends. Oh the Tattoo No. They don't do. Tattoo removal joined. They could turn into something else. I'm getting my three percent there that day. Okay covered it up which originally said but knowing the guy had in my old show a few times Why like Jason Whitlock was weighing in on twitter and being like I'm sorry let's see any proof here there's no proof of this kid's a white supremacist? And of course everyone's goal typical with law. You know so. That's what I hate. Is Jason Wilcox? One guy that will get if you don't know he's black. I mean that's that's par. Sorry it's relevant to this conversation. He talks about racial stories all the time but he doesn't take the company line every single part. Sometimes it's sometimes he'll say no that's racist which means he's much more believable than fucking alert than Jemele Hill or Whoever laid out on the last Friday or anyone most people saw knew him. So that's gone. He's GonNa have that removed so literally. Like what else do you want this kid to do? He's apologized for it. Said he wasn't educated on a piece of called himself an idiot. Play the Marshall. By the way just keep that. Just keep the calls you play was. Marshall has his teammates some on social media. Those guys definitely racist. He's not as white teammates saying no kids not really racist at all. Nope good guy. Good kid doesn't matter. Not Part. White supremacists premise white supremacist. So I guess he was a secret. White supremacist all these. All these often are is. Eli a Lotta Nazis. Say No no. It's amaz- on my fucking army's Nazis go to work you know go u-turns Company get home at the end of the day into the but the kids Abedin and start that cross burden. You don't humble bracket the desk. The deadspin story covered about the media coverage of it so far. They're not happy with the last line of it was like it makes you wonder how many people have been hiding their tattoos. And he's basically what he's saying is like Robert Kraft probably has some secret Nazi Tattoo. That would make me. Does that make sense? I think they're self aiding Jewish people. Here that's him. Yes I mean I. I've spoken a few times. He's always very nice to me. Of course you're white men. Do I think he's a member of the Nazi par a member of the Nazi party? I have no proof. The is no proof. Isn't it with a gun to my head? I'd say he's not a Nazi I know again. It's it's probably 'cause he's been nice to me. We'll have to ask them. And we have a mobile asking Jonathan or any of those guys. The Kraft family has raised. I'm getting I'm getting pretty close to a billion dollars worth of charity but that's all covered up. That's exactly how works right? This is this is a job for guys elvin the crew right the okay spiracy show the great one of the guys I love. Oh right here. I don't know what happened. Approval in bloom out of the water. That's what happened well. They reached such heights. They were your favorite show. What else could they have done? That's true I mean what happened that show. I've never they never produced a pilot. Say fucking Mike. Talking about you. Know you'd better call Saul. Hey she's good stuff right. So do you think roar? Wasser comes out and says he's going to donate his salary to some the southern poverty law center's you think there's anything really he can do so weird story in June of Two Thousand Nineteen Times of Israel Patriots owner craft pledges. Twenty million to battle anti-semitism. Really what do you think the angle is? I mean come on twenty million and every year you bring craft brings all these guys Israel every year guys go. They travel every single guy on a couple of years ago. You said unbelievable like it's just you know now. Is he there for secret meetings with the other? Five guys run the world. I have no look. I don't know that but I mean this is what they're talking about. What the fuck so craft in their minds because craft likes the president liked him when he was a Democrat to yes by giving money the Democrats But who cares about that crafted belt check like in their mind? They're conspiratorial my. None will come on and then these people come on. Obviously the ones who are like you know. Obviously Robert Robert. Little came on and was good and like you can have a conversation. I'm talking about the lunatics in their mind that works that Bella hates the plaque Jewish people. Okay and then specifically builds a football team with the guys that also hate them. Yeah win or lose weight loss be named. Yes notice toys but very successful winning getting you know. Maybe that's a good plan for that. They've noticed receivers the Patriots backers. Who's the most successful coach of all time? Oh well that's racist of you to say. What are you suggesting? Has Eight super bowls six to the giants? He was a big part of that team. It's one eight super bowls and he's been in. How many eleven thirteen fourteen is? Damaged will every single eleven. Oh you're saying nine with the Patriots to the giants in one with the Patriots. Because he was. Oh Yes we've been twelve fifty three because she's been like twenty five percent of them. Yeah say I am. I must look. We don't we don't WanNa came as well. It's coming out of this deadspin right now. Can David Duke. Running offense diva do can run offense who knows. I have no idea. I mean there's a planet so think more fundamentally fucking unbelievable. These people are fucking idiots. They are really fucking idiots. It's it's funny but it's also it is like like my finger but this fucking shameless. Jesus Christ it's always been to me way more raise. It's like when the Patriots signed him and Dole or whoever to go. Why do you think the Patriots are looking at these white receiver? I think maybe the league judges them for being undervalued. There's either slower and yeah we mean they're slower. You know what I mean. You know exactly what I I mean. You're saying their genetic differences maybe white people to pick a side lights. They're slow mentally and physically. Hey that's a good angle. You'll be fine. You never get fired. I enjoyed playing the woke character on twitter. That people have been coming at the last couple minutes. You will but you know so so. They're all gone now. Checking crafter picking just so dumb craft is like the most fucking generous charitable fund guy in America basically one of the five whatever them on the five most. What's ahead good question? But now you can text me or anything that you just heard that. Would she do about this intern situation? It's a good question. I'll ask earner podcast immoral excellent So yeah so A. I don't know you know you want you want to try and have a rational discussion like yesterday. Is it Josefina Josefina? I think it's both ways. Josefina more frequently to me like maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I misread or tweet because I saw some people saying oh she at that way and so I took it to a lot of people. Most people responding to it that way through the phones wrong. I'm wrong she tweets out It meanwhile the pay of the Hashtag Patriots called Cam Newton yet just asking not really Hashtag. Not a news tweet. So how would that be taken any other? I would say the ninety percent of them did. It's kind of like the Journal. Health thing where she's not she's not she's not saying the the real part of what she means loud right but does that mean. It has to be a superstar because they just signed it undress black kid yes yes well all of a sudden them against each other and I have no idea no nothing with the current salary cap and everyone's saying the Patriots of the money to do that. Whatever also maybe I'll check things came in stinks. Yes or has done yeah. Maybe he just doesn't like him as a player you know by the way. I'm George Attention. I don't think Hamdoune's really in the uptick right now. So is he's this is this is probably the last chance as a starter. Honestly wherever he goes so. It's not like that this crazy. How do they not want built your changes his mind today and says you know what I want for a year? Just just sticking in there for your is Joe Flacco. Look the fuck out and by the way if if any you may thinks bill belichick would thinks he brings us a color skin player in any part of the equation fucking minds a fucking football coach. Never makes sense that. What would the logic be with going after Randy Moss or deadliest Thomas Sir any even do this all day? I mean it doesn't it doesn't it's it's insane. It's an insane line of thinking but it's a lot of it comes from Comes FROM TRUMP? Love comes from trump of course so yesterday Chad Fan. Who's The I guess? He still right media stuff for the global now. I thought I just seen Anderson. She gets toll passive medium GONNA carry tweeted back at her and I just took me two seconds to do stuff like this guy. I've got some audio. Do you remember when not cam. Newton was doing the press conference and a female reporter Dick tour routes and he was like funny to hear a female talk about routes. This was just just Anderson with Stephen. A Smith just reacting to that. The only thing that would perhaps mitigate that somewhat is personal knowledge of Cam Newton or a personal interaction and I would have to say from my personal interaction anytime I have talked to him or interviewed him or been that locker room. He has been respectful. I am not had that personal experience. Felt like in watching that interaction with the two of them. I saw a little bit of a lack of respect and lack of familiarity with those two so pitiably on the girl. So let's hang so she she does. She is critical of him earlier in that segment. But what she's saying. Is You have to have personal knowledge. But she doesn't give roar Wasser the same treatment. She doesn't say like all these people who know him and have that personal experience or saying that he's not just a nice guy is such a coded leg tweet where she's saying she say bill checks a racist right. Why why is the ALC- was or the organization has structure? Abc's Canyon fucking sucks now. What about that? Because he's to me the other way around like please. You should sign this guy. Because he's black or maybe specifically a black quarterback bell check would never have a black quarterback even though he has any would like you think bill belichick wouldn't fuck and I mean I don't understand like I don't I don't even get it. It doesn't make any fucking sense Yuli Belt. You're GonNa Padma homes and his team. No tomorrow it's just fucking silly. When they traded Gronk I think it was like if they saw. If grunk stayed with the Patriots that would have been like eleven million over the CAP. So it's probably the camp signed. Kim. It's just not good name more. That's if he thought he was really move to figure out a way again. I'm guessing I don't know who the hell knows. But it's but that is such. I hate those fucking cowardly tweets. That's why I I was almost I would respect you so much more. Just Call Ballot. Check Racist Right now really. Would I'd say well you. This is what you think as opposed to dancing around it but instead took me two seconds to look it up. She works this every president. Who's ever been in? Espn's a white guy every single one there CFO's white CFO before that was white. Almost all the executive vice presidents are white. Their entire system is white. Why don't you take your fucking house? I with proof before going after bill. Belichick ESPN sort of a system network. We can just you guys. I guess I don't know the coach Miami. Dolphins is Brian floors right. Yeah I think is black as far as I know. Who did he work for? I believe the Patriots you know. It was Belgian Botero's dining get rid of them. Who's a token? You want to get rid of so many of these do this all day but then when the burden of proof is like that again. I'm not carrying the Patriots. I'll give a fuck. I just hate baseless accusations you give me real proof great. Let's do it but this is your proof that they brought in wes. Welker Danny Amendola. Yeah my whole thing to where she says well. I didn't say he was racist. I said what did they say. Why don't they sign the reason Justin Anderson by the way? Espn PR says. She's not available interviews. That's weird. Why not they didn't give an explanation. Football they're unbelievable. You WanNa hear roar. Wasser in his own words talking about audio from that conference call sure is German or American. You have or at least one of them it matches a group called the free percenters What's what's the story. Is that something. Yeah see we're no I Cut The and I have a lot of family military and I thought it stood for military. Support them all the time and obviously evolved into something that I do not want to represent and I look back on it. I got it. I mean you know whether you think excuses bullshit or not it very well. Maybe what would you? A glitter wind chop his arm off. Fine that's another thing I've been thinking about like. What if he says? Yeah I support the three percenters. That's a great question. I said yesterday I was like look. You know the Schofield thing happened. They disavow out. They did this about that and by mature that they were really part of that. But let's say they were the this about you know he's like I want the government and I believe in the right to have guns now by the way the world would literally explode if he said. But let's say you said that right that what but not even that. It's not that he's saying that he's now saying yeah. I don't like you disavow. I don't believe in this. So yes but he might privately. Think this of course. And that's what we have to fucking controls. Look he does privately. Think that though he's I or maybe you did four years ago. A white supremacist. Oh no I'm saying he's it's not like he's he's repudiating his belief in the second amendment. He's on the hospital getting a huge contract and starting career. So he's saying what he needs to say. They draft the kid from Florida. A bunch of guns in this house. Now what was his name at a young whippersnapper title ever happened in Montana and he's a good player. He's not doing so well he's well. He's just a young eccentric gay youth. I don't know if that's your area. There's enough Chris breakdown nine hundred but that's not funny. That's not funny somewhere but yeah it's in. I'm just I'm the globe conroy. To wishy washy today was more of a newsy kind of thing was totally biased pointed right to the southern poverty law center in the Dow. Who who are. I guess they're the lawn. This exactly. It's kind of like the lazy journalistic move where you can immediately point to someone something. That's GonNa confirm your narrative that way. They don't have to call anyone who identifies as the three percenter. They don't have to call an oath keepers. Something like that and say. Hey what's this group all about it and it could be somebody who says look we. I just believe in small government in guns. I believe in liberty. What would do you want me to say? Like and again is we're lucky. There's no proof that this kid is believes any of the extreme stuff that there are other members of three percent group who believe in crazy shit shit sure. The members of the Catholic Church or believing that same yes. Other members of the Democratic Party believed probably some of the same. Yes what guilt by Association Double Standard. So if there's one three percent or who was at Charlottesville G. O. openly carrying a firearm. Everybody's research through percenters tarred with it. But if you have ANTIFA protester who knocks somebody the head with a bike? Lock that you know. You can't judge left wing protesters and I and I agree with that second part. You can't but that's not what they want. That's not what they want. Now I mean is there nothing? They believed when they were eighteen. That they didn't when they were twenty one. Twenty two a great not a crazy amount of time but it is when you're eighteen. Twenty two is a big difference. You know when you're sixteen seventeen year brought you you see something on your mind. You lock the man. I'm GonNa get this Tattoo I got. I was stupid and that was in. That may have happened in. That's pretty stupid and I'm sure he will get stupid tattoos when they're eighteen. Didn't you gotta go? Those could be so. Look so Chad Finn is the media critic. I still at the Boston Globe else. Does their longtime he hater. We had Moore's with him for years with tweets about a lot of other non meat like I followed him to get media stuff. But he doesn't have you blocked. It's not no. I guess he's blocked King. Oh Yeah he's got me block implying every every time you meet him. I can't even see. Follow me. Follow him after leaving. Because I was like I don't care about can who's a better right handed pitcher in whatever. So Chad Finn Thought Rosser Roar Wasser handled qsles tattoo will benefit of the doubt for now. Well that's nice but the rationalizations barstool piece I guess as Jerry Thorns. Yeah he was a kid. I don't know what that means but it doesn't mean. Would you think many like trump require a special kind of cognitive dissonance tweets? Cognitive dissonance is a classic Globe Douche fucking words right there fucking attitude though he better for the dote for now. But I'm watching you roll past the Chad within sniff test. Yeah Oh no Chad Fins. GonNa come after another shit then some Guy Berg Berge. I guess with Patrice Bergeron Avatar. Says he expect anything less from them and then he writes makes me wonder what they would have thought of the Christian Peter Pick so not. Everybody knows right so peaches drafted twenty years ago more than that longer belly check. I think yeah drafted. Chris and Peter who I think was playing. The BRASSICA brother was good player to they drafted him. Look up Stephen around the US fifth or sixth round turns I think he beat up his girlfriend or something. Yeah and Myra Kraft so thanks. Get rid of him and they got rid of them so they drafted in the fifth round nineteen ninety six ninety six so they said get rid of him he was gone. What's the story? Is that what happen? Yes while attending Nebraska. He had several run. Ins with law enforcement Threatening parking attendant refusing to comply with police minor in possession of alcohol failure to appear in court convicted four times nineteen ninety-three. He was accused of groping right. God Talia Qiu Jin van Hoven. Okay so there's all that. So when Chad Fan tweets that he saying it makes me wonder with they unite take his Barstool as a whole with the thought of the Christian. Peter Pick and I don't think he means from a football perspective. No yeah he saying he's also saying like Z. Saying that like Mush and Ria with high five the fact that pages brought a guy who groped a woman while not those two in particular. It's fans at the office. They would do if the giants is that what you're saying yes. Of course. It's always with Brandon Walker. Be Like fuck you. That's the guy who beat up a groped a woman. Yeah all right. We liked that here. We're never happens by the way this guy's writing it in an office where editor of the newspaper you know where that would literally happen sexually harassed a homosexual. Rasmi by the way where they also cover up sexual harassment it. I've done more to the Boston. Globe has to govern their own place. I call it that guy. Jerusalem that creep worked at the globe and they're ready to hide him and covering they have a guy. Brian Mark Ward Right now. Writing Obituaries would pull dick out for college. Kids this is going on at the bicycle. Brian grow runs a paper. You know put together. Drafts of college interns. They want Africa interns for decades at the globe decades and decades and decades of sexual harassment in Chad Fins. Calling Out Barstool Sports. Because when they said you know when his rigs or I don't know Jeff Lowe said you know or Robbie Fox or I don't know who's the one who's dating. Hank you said earlier. Rio Rio US the other one Fran Fran to they. They like that. They like when I started college kid when they when they grow women like. What did you write? That doesn't matter. He's drawing a moral equivalency between what this guy did and what role Rosser Tattoo is right. He's trying to say having. A Tattoo is equal to all of these convictions. And the convictions beat equal treats fan and supporting with the Patriots to put the globe like they're fine with sexual assault and harassment. They are and it's just what that's how they run their paper. They have no problem with him and doing it for decades. They're doing it now. I'm sure they'll do it in the future. I mean let's see I mean you know. Look it's start from the top. I mean you think John Henry. Linda Zoo in love with each other of course not marriage of convenience. It's just never seen them. Look at each other's dusting honestly disgusting so I mean it starts there. I suppose that's consensual shirl. Say That then the moves all the way down to where it is. You know where it's just been allowed for years. They look the other way. People Shirley knew everything they look. The other way by Chad didn't know he works by guys like Dan Shaughnessy. I know you're didn't do participate in them. I have no idea But I know that you know this is how it works at that newspaper in for Chad from the say. So I'll choose me. Chad knows me. He knows about bad human being what I would think if the Patriots picked the guy who played out twenty twenty where things are way different and they drafted the equivalent of Christian. Peter here's what I'd say I would say. Jeez that's a fucking awful. Look this guy. Seems like a scumbag For Up to me I wouldn't want the guy representing my franchise if they get rid of him good for them if they don't they're gonNA take heat but they own the team. It's not my jail. It's on my job to say what they should or shouldn't do but it's a really bad luck. I wouldn't want that Guy Mayor Organization. That's exactly what I would say. It doesn't sound like I mean I could just take. I wouldn't I would not be. I wouldn't be leading the I would be standing outside. Foxborough leading any protests. But those will be happening. I'll be fine with those are so committed and invested in the Patriots continuing to win Super Bowl so you put true moral. So that's exactly what I can tell you what I would think of the Christian Peter. Fick I would be surprised. I'd say it's pretty dumb. Pretty bad you know. Legwork got the old Steve Robinson editing job. He didn't fucking instagram. But it's not not not great fact checking but I wouldn't be you know. I'll just say you know this Chad Finn Right. Nice things are mean. Things Manny Ramirez Right. I'm just asking I would. I would assume it. Pretty flattering things for guy. You beat up his girlfriend his wife in the guy's a scumbag so makes me wonder what the Red Sox hold a special. Yeah which was chatting. Think of Robert Parish. See right negative things about him. What is Chad Finn Think? Does HE CRITICIZE DENNIS? Rodman during this whole love. We'll get to that. She did a minute. He's western during the whole. Dennis Rodman guessing us. I am re tweet a story that. Guy. That's IRA special bond between Craig Sager Dennis Rodman. Well okay we'll go to Dennis Rodman's history in the second. Does he criticize Robin you say while his ESPN. Give a platform for this asshole. They have somebody fighting back now so makes me wonder what he thinks about abuse of women and because he just saying it about me. I mean this is obviously partially about me is afraid to say it. I don't make me wonder. I know what you think about sexually harassing assaulting when you work at the globe your Ford Bronco. You've been drafting the way no fucking idea. All I know is what our nose. W- companies I've worked for. We've never done it. I know he's worked for half so you know. I don't know I mean is started with a company. It's an old man who you know has a young wife rooted in some Zainal. What the hell they're marriage is about all the way down. The Guy runs a paper who didn't lose his job and phase any with offers harassment in. This guy is calling barstool. Why because Davis Sam Ponder Years Ago Erin Andrews? Yeah because Dave said something about skiing like I. I'm I'm confused. And is he ever spoken to anybody? A barstool Maybe maybe not since I've been there now maybe Dave maybe once or twice restores. I don't know maybe it's possible Jerry. Maybe but now he does research at six years ago Barstools. Exploding that kind. You know what I mean. That sort of thing Casey. Maybe before she left sure is at it. I've got to say I I am. I really sure Barsha was great. I know some people. They're not all I have not yet met and I've met a lot of people there. Anybody who I thought you know what they would really like if the pages drafted somebody who gropes women. So I can tell you what I think. Most interesting tweet. Most of them would say. Oh that guy seems like a real fucking asshole. I hope they get rid of him. I would imagine right. I mean missing. I mean there. Are there honestly? There would be people that defend it and say well we don't know but that's just be somewhere because they're patriots fans in several because right but that's what he's saying he's saying we did like it right did that because he groped a woman which leads me to my other. Curiosity is why is it? Alright for Chatfield to generalize guys who bet on Sports or whatever the Stereo type for the whoever he's talking about why is it. Ok to generalize them or generous people roar Wasser but if you do it on the other way then it's then we're we're awful. What do you mean? See what I'm saying? No he can say oh. The barstool crowd would love if the Patriots drafted. I ponder this racist roar walkers punter but if you said Peter you're peter gear ponders confused that one for Dave my pocket but if you did the opposite like if people raised questions about black player than they would be racist. But I don't like the fact that we're that means we're on the opposite side of that though even because we're not you know I know what you're saying. But yes but you can't just generalization in the hole with no proof general's general some people not with Wasser. I'd say there's almost no proof but you can make A sort of a weak case if he has the tattoos and he's like stuff from people who've liked other stuff in. It's very circumstantial. It would never stand with this one. There's literally no proof anybody company will be like. Oh awesome it. It's like Oh like you said it'll give the guy a chance he saying no. Oh he groped a woman that's awesome. We love that love that the proof would be that people support everything the Patriots do no matter what but that's support but he's also you see you're thinking of it he's saying it because it's a patriot. We Sang Bar likes a culture of guys grabbing women and beating them up. That's what he's saying IDA okay. I didn't take totally can no? Yeah just like a chauvinistic blindly support the Patriots now he says in the past Mrs. expect any less from them. This guy with Patrice Bergeron Avatar. He's Barstool is that other bit of contempt and scorn where he can't say Jerry Thornton's name and he can't link to know peace or anything like this fine beneath him real giveaway. He's way might hate me. We've gone to each other and I we expose the globe. Like if you're a guy worked with hate me I work day and night. Exposed civil podcast. Yeah you would come on. Come on today. He said no one thing is. I have to clarify though. It's unclear whether he would have participated in the Boston Globe. Fuck ability list drafting. Because he was at the Concord Monitor until two thousand eight at the draft. Took place a little before. I'm sure they're still doing. What does your gut tell you? I think around two thousand eighteen thousand nine. There are probably still doing it. I think you're still doing it now but like I can get. Why would hate me? No mentioned my name. I can Jerry Thornton Nice Guy. I don't think Jerry Thornton is would be so. It'd be me my mic argument. I think he's saying Barsha was more of a culture that it probably right. I didn't take definitely right. But that's okay but even even in my mind right but if you're ways right yeah. He Sang Jerry Thornton thinking to Chris. That's how I torn with Jerry. Thorn would probably defend the pick but would also say this guy's a fucking scumbag if he got rid of me that no problem with it and that to me is perfectly reasonable thing to say. Isn't that also was Barstool? Just pro Antonio Brown when those allegations came out. No much said you know. Chad Vincent Fan boy. What's The fucking difference? Yeah mainly eras and the defensive. It was we'll maybe Antonio Brown didn't do. Hey great if he got suspended for the glow again. This yachtsmen for globe from month to years ago talk about. He went so hard in the Red Sox for the Stephen. Right thing that they were like can you? Can't you just can't you can't get in the Jeremy Stuff right? May Jeremy Job with the red sox after being in jail for three months after beating up his wife and then coming back does he ran off with a column in the globe. Chad Maverick. It easier so I mean it's just it's it's just hypocritical. Bullshit that's why which is a fucking makes me sick really does Jesus. It makes me sick. Makes you wonder what they would follow the Christian Peter. Pick they better than he gets the benefit of the doubt for now right now. It's just like it's similar to the Justina thing where you you. He's not going to come out and say what he wants right again. I mean just the two of them are actually pussies just fucking trust them guts. I'm watching you Chad. Finn is on the lookout with a few my column by All right tristate. Running companies official sponsor of the Dave Port Memorial. Five K may twenty third. Get your tickets and t shirt now at Kirkman showed dot com right. Now it's moving on that tickets. T. Shirt right now on. Kirkman an show dot com. We are less than a month. Much less than the way. You're the tri-state dot com scheduled virtual shoot fitting with a run. Walk specialist to identify the right shoe for you. You'll talk face to face with a specialist who can answer any questions You know feeder different shoes are different. 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And since everybody's picking their own route to run the five day I wonder if there can be some competition over. Who's going to pick the most dangerous route two runs through? We'll see put your life in peril folks your why not this cross country routes. There's some Some hiking trails that you could run the five K. On as opposed to just a smooth track that's true if people want to up the level of difficulty here it'll be doing yes. I'm getting response from Chapman's. We talk right now. Against said didn't like didn't like the column he sent us it. They go did not want to come on with a shame. We probably will come on tomorrow. The only other Just Anderson Audio. I have is in at the beginning of February. She actually got to sit down interview with Antonio Brown to yes. I don't know if you watch any of that. I mean she. She does ask kind of explicitly about the questions but she doesn't really press. When she gets a non-answer we should fraud fraud. Just a fraud. I mean they're frauds is fucking fraud fraud fraud another Fathers Sarahspain. By the way who had not spent much time on the past Who's an enemy Barstool tweets? Where I love her dearly. She's got issues bar in the past she was one of the ones who complain when they were at ESPN Part might take Sarah Spain I became known because I think she auctioned herself off as a super bowl date. Oh yes I'M NOT UNFAMILIAR Act. I don't WanNa be wrong about that. Steel up I think I I discovered during the Julie dicara commercial rats. She's the Co Star that yes. Is that right? Steve Yes she did an auction stunt fine no problem with me which one I want to go to the Super Bowl that bad but let me see here. Yes so she expressed concern over polarizing barstool. Collaboration that polarizing show part might take the shoe of the charge on that. So here's my issue is and I saw this all day yesterday and it started with Simmons where Simmons said which is a thousand percent and I guess we could play some sound. One thousand percent true Dennis Robbins a drip right. Nothing interesting is ever come out of his mouth. He wears. He's tattoos dresses because he has to be interesting. He's there's an interesting because he's while he's a fucking nut. I never found them interesting for a second ever. Never for one second. He'll do pretty crazy life. It seems I guess isn't going to North Korea's kind of here I guess but I mean when you talk you hear him talk. He's a bore toe bore SPN. I tweeted knowing it and I watched it. They'll covering the state tree just wacky guy. Go look at his fucking record is three arrests for domestic assault violence. He has a domestic assault charge Mitsubishi Casinos like eight times a women super spreading. Std's this is a guy completely abandoned. His kids you know by the way is also like really good friends in complementary of basically this generation's Hitler we all joke around about the guy I mean. This is a fucking scumbag scumbag awful human being and I'm looking at twitter. Blow this guy on Sunday night because you know a team with throw the ball in the sky it wouldn't go through a whole and then he would grab that ball with more frequency than other human beings would do it on rebounds. That's it I mean. That is what he was good at. And did you know those Pistons? They were tough cover mean group. I know I grew up watching them. And when the other team at the ball and he was preventing a guy from getting the hoop. He's very good at that U. S. So that's some nation of what he can do. Well and twitter and Sarah. Spain is one of them is talking about wacky. They are and she hosts podcasts about this. Some of the the the the pre dance she has Expecting amazing stories from whoever Abo- will purdue years with the Bulls? He was partying with Rodman. More robust my story parting with my college track team it's at robins infamous beach house in the SPN. One Thousand Radio Dump Button gone wrong. Twenty minute warning Sarahspain. So it's all fun and Robbins Fund and this is a woman who is really been outspoken. And that's fine about a mentor women. She won an absurd usually Caro's Wing Man or woman or person on absurd fucking thing. We've played before and we have Sarah. Spain started petition for a ban on all kind of goes back to okay. Descru- that twenty one of the greatest sketches credible. All right you're right tweets. I'm ready nagging wife on TV today. Not Even married yet. Julie Di Carro is a run of the mill mediocre. Beat writer not atrocious. And that could just sorta there and actually that'd be writer at all but okay scrub muffin. I don't even notice from there. Should be you to death with their hockey. Stick like before you are. I'm just reading this. Can we do that again guys? We're the light issue if you weren't aware I am not saying these things from time to time with you. This these tweets these guys. Are shitheads a tweet? Clearly assholes that we all know that they're fucking idiots that being said this is so ridiculous. I mean this is a production. They really have music playing they style. You sat down Sarahspain car on the road. Or they're like we we need to. We need to organize these tweets from lighthearted criticism. All the way to the really serious stuff so I can build a tense narrative do a little Sarah Spain digging this morning so I find a Chicago. Mag DOT COM call. They talked Julia about this. How much of the guys in the video? Nobody going in answer. They didn't know he's fucking guys. It's like what so. Maybe they weren't actors. The fuck is this. They thought they were doing. Some sort of Jimmy. Kimmel mean tweet thing. Same these total assholes. Our COUNTRY WASN'T FOR THEM. I. I'm not quitting. So of course airspace. Park Guy keep playing paints part of this. This is why we don't hire any females unless we need. We need our sucked or food cooked. Sarah Spain is also thought they were on a double date. Jeez okay all the seaward tweet me tweak this dumb seaward there's a lot of yeah yeah. I hope your dog gets hit by a car. Hopefully this gang Julie de Caro goodness I mean like these guys what the fuck she sitting US air and Julie and like their appraised by Blue checkmark idiots. It's the most absurd thing ever. So Ho- These guys who put these guys told them fuck. Yeah that's where we should always be looking like I would fuck so she's been leading this charge and that's fine. Dennis Rodman said some of this kind of stuff. Now never to me much worse. I've salt women. I'm sorry that's much worse than calling. Somebody embiid Scher whatever on social media not to mention. How many women do you think are in hard labour camps in North Korea? Oh when when you know. But Yeah Batman's they're hanging out smoking cigarettes. Do you have any soccer? We get some sound of that. You ended Alinksy. Maybe we could play later. Sarah Spain to will produce a partying with Dennis. Though it does sound so again no problem with that. But which is it which is it. Let's hear will produce take? He's got to have some real doozies and by the way Our friend Jen staggers sturdier surgery. But you might be right. Do we know her right or is she from. She swing and misses her. No yes that's and she was the girl that got the far. Well it's funny. You said that because during that whole thing Sarahspain said well INSEN ESPN. I saw the pictures morning. Well do you think the? Maybe it wasn't breakfast. Maybe she led him on this woman. Participate in this whole thing. This page spreading is that her name. I don't know if she's a good Golfer. Yeah she wanted her to have your job because you're looks like she's so she's again. She'll shame women she'll defend f-fund with these guys who beat up women but yet wants you can't have it all. He just can't sorry it doesn't work. Well you know it does work that way. Twenty twenty I suppose but it's just example after example of her being a total fraud. And that's probably the real Sarah Spain and where she was maybe different from what you have to honestly Wayne is now. You have to be that in media for some reason you have to be ultra feminist too but those other things are just a real opinions where she gave those more. That might be actually kind of interesting. Maybe amazing stories from his years with the Bulls and was like partying with Rodman. That'll be that'll be really interesting. Two hundred dollars you know and then is be big Dick Energy. Is that what this sounds? So Charlotte Wilder who also hate twee though. Dennis Rodman the Pete Davidson Similar Energy and Sarah. Spain says one hundred percent devoted is one hundred percent be d. e. so like so. Now she loves Robbins. Big Dick Energy like okay. All right just wanted again this just so you know. Sarah I know you know. But you don't care. Because he played for your bulls. He beat up women. He's a fucking scumbag America's blowing this guy in the last couple of for some reasons imporant disgusting human being fucking terrible person ever seen him in a wedding. I know you know I know he is. Yeah he's he's funny watching data Madonna and and by the way Carmen Electra in filed assault charges against each other near married. I know that it doesn't matter. I mean who care either. Either you care you don't if you don't care don't care but don't have care right but but they when there's heroes do it whether Chef Emmanuel Mirrors are Sarah Spain with Dennis Rodman. They just overlook it it. Parcels the same employing. Dennis Rodman is a fucking vomit puke. Here's crazy oh using bed with Carmen Electra epoch. Wise that epic. Imagine why I don't understand why she's Haji? Looks great so you can imagine how crazy that would be. Rahm fucking mumbles and says like always last thirty years announcing interesting said Larry burbs give because he was white and that was about it. That's the most famous quote. Frankly and then that's it and then was like. Oh it's epic Robbins. The greatest crazies. He partied all night. Great he fucking beat women. Does that have a role anywhere? No no okay good. Guess we're moving on like he's fucking phony. Such fucking phonies. That's why Sarah Spain thing I saw some between me something that she tweeted about fucking fraud really like you said they're having a having these guys come in these things to you and how awful you feel while this guy the women who actually got beat up by the guy. Yeah that is that that to me. It's way worse. And that goes we talk about this with the Globe and the Red Sox all the time but they'll shit on Barstool for blowing athletes like that. But they do it. Supposedly more reputable network. It'd be treating this fucking Jordan linked. It's the greatest thing of all time. It's embarrassing it's fucking embarrassing. It's entertainment on some of these days. I'm Steve Right now. No I found the The Purdue Interview Audio but I don. It's like twelve minutes long a chance to go through a cut it up right now for tomorrow. Awful it is conventional terrible will produce on that produce story. So what's it like punch? That girl was that was that fun. Actually I've got some incident. Great if that's what it was not the sense. I got a big DICK PIC energy man. Great She Jesus Christ. I don't know I don't know I mean he's very confident. I'm sure maybe I have it who What else would get going on Steve? Well we've got Jeff Goldblum Zealand a little bit of trouble. I don't know if you saw that storing did see that. So he's he was. He was doing one of these Fashion shows and he happened to ask a Iranian trans model about the conflict between the religion of Islam and Being gay or Trans and just asking that question has now made him The subject of criticism by so. What's the question? So I've got the audio complaint. Are you religious? May I ask? I'm not and to be honest. This Alfred really represents the importance that visibility for people. A religious minorities need to have in. This country isn't this interesting. Wrinkle though is there something in that religion that is anti homosexuality an anti a woman. Why does that the issue you say out loud? Maybe being stupid but Yes you are. I would say that it's pretty clear. Muslim religion has been very kind but they will say is. You're talking about different practice of that religion rate. The core religion believes in love for all right. That was at the argument against you know. I'm sure that there are some fringe group. This fringe people in every religion. They tell them they love them before they throw off. The top of buildings are no. It's not I mean that that has happened. I mean just to be clear about this. You ever been to a Muslim gay wedding. It is fantastic shirts. Great Wild Yeah. What's what's the Muslim stance on gay marriage? We have Death is it or no. I don't know Muslims. I mean why to are. We being being to broaden our thinking here. I think that in some extreme practices of Islam. Death is a punishment for homosexuality. So I'm saying muscle Islam's is listen to this. She's so Islam you would say is overall is an open thought process toward gay marriage. Yeah overall I would say I would say the public the general public. That'd be the policy. They think that they adhere to yes. Mandalay with another man who why not do they serve their? There are more progressive versions. Look which there's plenty of American Muslims shoo. Who Don't want to condemn you find that in any way to be ridiculous thought question ask no not at all. I think it's it's a serious issue. It's one it's one that if you're if you're an immigrant to this country from a place like Iran you might have to deal with. The culture happens when you fall three or four episodes behind Ru Paul's drag race. Now I'M GONNA fucking catch up to this is why I miss you define program even way Jeff Goldblum asks it whereas afraid. Maybe I'm being stupid. You can't do that now. I will say if golden could've asked the same question and just like oh you're from a southern Baptist family and you're you're trans or gay like that must be interesting because I'm sure your family is opposed because Wisey being friendly to this big it. That's yeah that's true. That's true. So Poor Jeff Gordon. That's a shame. He seems like he's a nice guy. I don't own any curse you know. Great Dresser Park Yeah tremendous performance part. What else is it? New Contemporary Witnesses for tear accusation against Joe Biden. So not that I've seen so what the globe every that. Yeah in reading in the globe is the New York Times. There's now more evidence supporting Tara. Reid's narrative her story than there ever was for Christine. Bazi Ford Listen Milano. By the way saying that she's onboard now. Good to some extent very limited. I seen here Utara. She says we were a little more progressive than on this one. Does that mean that she's correct? We lead the charge on this one. Yeah thank if I'm if I'm a campaign staffer for Joe Biden and I'm reading that tweet. I'm were somewhat concerned a little nervous. We'll she withdraw her norseman high tail on that. But if you're if you've openly committed sworn that you're going to pick a woman to be vice president and now you're going to have a conversation with Elizabeth Warren. I told you this is GonNa Start Women. I mean again stacey. Abrams looks more and more like the person who would say yes. This despite this I just makes me think of this and I was getting really bad for Biden. I watch BUEHLER'S DAY OFF WITH HARRY. The other day kate bailed on you liked it. You liked it enough okay. The girl in it Sloan why was liked. She's can Harry arms like yeah. No good I'm just saying I just awesome When I saw that and again. That's just my personal preference. That's part of the world. That's part of the world the Mediterranean's Moana's Italian pro Mia Sara's her name. So I don't know very pretty young lady on church is lovely woman album just saying. That's discriminating. Well No I. I'm glad people like that. That's fantastic not for me Yeah I'm aware of new developments in Tara Reid's accusation against Joe Biden. I want tear like any survivor and have the like every other survivor. She says which means that. She's saying that she believes her. I would think so. Yeah the space to be heard and seen without being used as fodder I hear and see Utara Metoo. Or what will she? She apologized for ripping originally or no. I don't think so. I thought the worst tweet though is coming from the Washington Post. I think a lot of work to write this one. Yeah that's the second right for the goal by the way visor. Yeah yeah trump steaks work to write the headline and the tweet are both a lot of work. Trump allies highlight new claims regarding allegations against Biden. She's that is that is gymnastics right. That's pretty clever though. I like the way that is trump is now. They'll they'll say these women raw. These people are lying though that really just reach out to recently and said Hey. Can you tell them that we had this conversation was next on the on the far left? Yeah they might say that. But if you're if you're a straight up news reporter your only way the only way you can deal with his right headlines like that of course whereas if it's if it's cavanaugh off any republican headline is known rapist. Donald trump should be impeached or something like that and that's straight news story apparent cooperation surfaces. Like maybe it just. It's amazing they're writing it though. I guess I mean at this point. They've been bludgeoned over the head to our people on the left. Like the Hardcore Bernie rose. We're never going to vote for Biden and rather just burn the system down there screaming about this. They're screaming hypocrisy especially after New York just cancelled their primary mount mounting evidence. That Joe Biden has a B two problem and New York City. Just can't sold a primary. Not that Bernie. Sanders is GONNA come back to the chance but the narrative doesn't look good of the Democrat Party the machinery trying to put it look at these days. Listen credits and these women. Listen TO KLOBUCHAR I. This case has been investigated. I know the vice president is a major leader in domestic abuse with protocol about something many fundraisers for women's rights of I gotta save all the rapist defense. He's wondering what is the toughest one for me to come up with a reason. Why are lying? I can't I can't build a defense of Biden honest. Jesus Gretchen Whitmer Who says she was sexually assaulted while in College Zest? Npr If she was concerned about the allegations how was that question. Poster an NPR. Oh now you sit here. The reports Joe Biden has possibly engaged in some aggressive touching. You'll believe that. Do you certainly not. Okay go ahead. How have you found Halloween's accusation to be absolutely absurd? I think women should be listening to this answer. Why women should be able to tell their stories. I think is important. These allegations are vetted from the media to beyond and I think that you know it is something take slightly but there's also something that is personal. It's so hard to give you greater insight than that not knowing more about the situation. That's true I mean just just tumbling all over themselves for new refreshingly fingers being called into quick. I'm fine with a full investigation. Cavenaugh as much as you want to do the same. I'm on I'm on board. I agree wants to be a supreme court which is frankly more important than being the president if you think about forty years versus four or two before. Biden's book and brain falls out of his head but I mean like give them a full vetting. I'm all for that. Let's go and this is the other thing is no one's asked Biden about it. Yeah well that's I was GONNA say story show how little people actually care because it's now getting tweeted out by me like I saw Daily Mail tweet about it. All that like regular mainstream news outlets are tweeting about it and talking about it. And there's not a huge. There's not this Harvey Weinstein outcry or bets. But also because when you say that the people who do the outcry want the win. That's what I'm saying. They actually don't really care about these issues. What's up yes and easier to you. Know what you're talking about this. Well what have you talked about the sexual assault allegations against DONALD TRUMP? I think I think I think we've aired though I e Gene Carols and I believe her and I believe that's why in vote for trump for years ago. I won't vote for him now. I believe he sexually assaulted those women. I have a daughter. That's why I said at four years ago Jerry mocked me because he doesn't care about that stuff I guess right but he mocked me about it and I believe he did those things do. I believe trump to each individual. One I don't know there were a couple. I definitely believed in I. You know I remember reading aging Garo Thinking. Well that's definitely possible definitely possible but also accusations that the media hasn't gone hard enough trump dug into him enough. Yeah right I just give you my side of it then you know people. Don't you know the Djamil Hills and the they don't WanNa hear that side of it for me because the paint's me out to be something that they're they're not shorter so and I get that but when you say that there's more corroborating testimony for reads accusation there is for aging carols. Definitely if you look at it. Look Easy Jean Carole Story. It's just her word against trump's basically when that you've got a phone call which I believe happened on. Larry King his scrubbed. You have a people who again this is. This reads very very much like these powerful stories. You read about Weinstein and about whoever? Pick your you know. Les Moonves says where they would report. Do a good job. They would talk to the victim. Of course no one is basically done here The MOM made a phone call. And then you have witnesses from that time. Who Remember her that story. Exactly when you read those you think. Well that's pretty damn powerful proof. I'd like to at least here from the person who was accused of it but instead he's doing these weird videos of his wife. Yes it's just these fucking. It's ridiculous and this week. Actually this week or next week someone else will come out snow. 'cause if she's telling the truth and I think she is. This guy was senator in Washington. Powerful guy for forty fifty years. There's no eighty that just wants fucking way. The only thing is if if the WHO- whoever has victims were at the time now have such a vested interest in trump losing and by women. That will override. Are there people out there who are keeping the secret getting pressure out to who knows? But maybe someone's GonNa speak out and say you know what I feel bad. I which is being shamed she being mocked and she's telling. I know she's telling the truth because this happened to me too. They're saying that she's a I'm saying. I'm saying Russian. You know agent or something. Just 'cause she wrote a now Putin happened me with him. Really tell us from our highway yet. Tell me would you be more willing to open up? Pay Come on man like today the podcast. Donald Trump gramma dick once in for once a meeting with like unbelievable revelations. Unbelievable president assaulted sexually assaulted as they say my business. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa give you the whole load. How many how many four women of my business again. Jesus Christ as I say my business. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa give you the whole load today. Southern there to give you the biggest black audience such strong support among Black Democrat. You still have that means Zimba. You've ever seen a poll or anything anywhere What's going on now? Is the time to heed the timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt? Speak softly and carry a big stick end of quote. I promise you. The president has a big stick. Bronco. Fbi Brock Obama's Christ seaflight's so happy to see him. He literally just started perked up. He does he get so happy. Okay North America is going to be for the first half of the century. At least the epicenter of energy in the world not raving peninsula not Venezuela Nigeria North America Mexico the United States and China China. It's it's like the confidence he has part of. What a leader to instill confidence is demonstrate. That he or she knows what they're talking about and communicates people if you listen to me and followed. I'm suggested we can fix this. Stock Market crashed. Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn't just talk about the you know the prince's of greedy said. Look here's what happened. I can remember that that's accurate. We've still got the clips of that. Don't we phone off of his podcast? By the way think that was unbelievable. Gangs got one now to listen nine. Guess News Dot Tunc cannot concern. You are raping her. You are raping her. If you cannot say it's okay I really mean this we gotta talk about. This consent requires affirmative consent. And if you're too drunk to be able to consent is not consent Joe Him. Talk yourself in the mirror to not do the day. Joe Do once the audio they dug up. Or maybe it's been out there but they were playing it a lot this weekend. Where he was talking about Harvey Weinstein and he's like you're an accusation to be taken serious. That woman should ever chance after the Tar. Read on your podcast Joe. That's listening to that. Hillary Clinton way then. She defended Terry yet. This warren. I think when when Hillary Clinton weighs in thereto nothing breathe. It's probably this warrants. Not Now they have a lot of prominent Democrats. Female Democrats have not weighed in on the tar each year credit. Yeah I actually I think there are some. You know like the the trainees ensue. O'connell's quiet on talking a lot about Terri Lee. More evidence right Kevin. They wanted to wait. You're the story and then the way in US also isn't the time to be talking politics. That's a lot of sports to be covered point. You know the the Boston Globe just printed twenty pages of obituaries. And we're gonNA talk about Tara Reid here. It's good money for John Linda though for them. It's pretty Brian Mark. What is sure is the safest time for high school students right now. You have the quarantine and all these deaths is. Just pull his pecker and fucking RUB HIMSELF KIDS. You still there. So we're those fucking worries an incredible credible. What makes you look back? Chef Chris. Peter Pick though I've been wondering that lately mark well how people would react Christian. Peter Mark was in the next cubicle. Spag into the way so you can have twenty though she actually had a somewhat more reasonable position on Roy. Wasser let's take a point. I know I think she might have learned something. During the whole let's accuse all of West Point of being a racist institutions to deal with the fans anymore. They makes you might have to just pump the brakes a little bit of you in the hottest machine as soon as you get locked in their founding. My biggest thing is that you know when you have something like that whether you meant or not I guess I would have loved for him to expound a little more about why he changed his mind maybe pushed a little bit more on when he realized the origins or how the signal the sign had been hijacked. But I know that you're a little limited in the conference call and what you can talk about. And he's he's a kid so at this point I hope it's a lesson. Learned lessons learned now but for the West Point flashing the Okay Sign dishonorably discharged felony conviction for the rest of your life. You can never get federal benefits. Never got a job. Who'S NOBODY'S STOPPING? Trendy from join that conference call. She was back curious about it. Oh yes you can invest fifty questions. But I even hate that defensive at where it's like well I would have liked to hear expand more on what he's learned like two year old kicker aware of how much she's grown over the last three years the other things. What do you care this fucking kid works right fuck do you care? What good he really really care like. What does it really matter matters? We votes for influencing I mean again if he's remember the clan fine. I'm with you. Get rid of him. Oh Stephen Gostkowski influenced a lot of votes here. The same Jesus Christ. I don't know anything any other. Good Sound Steve or now Yeah we've got some prank calls to mark Madden. Oh good good. I want my near new couple parody songs. To at some point she's craft and got in a long time. It's not regular flu. Don't don't call up and say I'm being sensible and then be utterly nonsensical a tough guy. He's line open four one two three three three. W X T X. Let's go to Steve Steve Ass. Mark ANYTHING MARK. Will you be church to enhance the long liberal rumbles from simulcasts? Next week between Ashley Robinson and Thom Hartmann W CSX HAMMER. Quarter is disgusted by what you're talking about. Let's go to the only call them. No there's there's one other piece of audio format and then another another prank. Call this the guy who listens sir. Mark Madden all the time and pulls audio being that character all the time. It's a lot of work. That's that voices. We Ed Bouchette says Oh that owed on clinic from their cat. Ed Bouchette says Ju just got after the season I think so too if the steelers take the wide receiver tonight that'll push him that much closer to the door. Your thoughts on any or all of that. Four one. Two three three three. I met at get away from their go to a break. One five nine a cat screaming bucket cat and sounds so disgusting human. Talking steelers of complete. Poor cat outrage. But that won't be steeler in two thousand twenty one. We'll talk about that more tomorrow. Last we anything not really Kim Marquette Mark. What is your favorite Robert Redford movie? Is it Jeremiah Chapter? All the president's whispers bicentennial man all lost a candidate all sorts of cash into Sunday get it probably puts watched. The walk fucking Redford to play. Bicentennial man made me laugh. Talk about that. One won't be steeler in two thousand twenty one. We'll talk about that more tomorrow. That sounds exciting. Go to Tim Tim ask Mark Anything Mark. What is your favorite Robert Wright this Guy Jeremiah? Johnson is the electric horseman. All the president's men is if the Horse whisperers advice antennae man Brubaker. All candidate all sorts of night which catching the Sundance kid or. Maybe it is. Okay Stop Stop Stop. You stop me even posses like come on. This is valuable airtime. What do you do? What do you call him for that crap? That's gotta be fucking always be on edge low tire a very high blood pressure. It's all fake to everything is fake and rooted in obsessed with wide receivers. Do you think the show like it. Like I don't know if he's married but like if he's at home if someone asks him a question like that and he's looking for the roast beef tonight. I'm very whole zucca wrestling announcer to it's GonNa be a whole thing. Yeah you get edge. Edgy always angry. I asked if fired for five for celebrating. The Ted Kennedy died or something. Oh I don't know. Steve Steve's changing tune in this. He's not so bad we celebrate with brain tumors something. Oh I haven't heard that. Yeah man removed from the air by ESPN after US girl. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette calls it a scurrilous remark. But you'll be able to chappaquiddick. Oh okay so this is. This is bad. I'm very disappointed to hear that. Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because we brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated ties in the wide. Receivers the key candy for Florida State. However the slow death of brain cancer. Maybe what Ted Kennedy deserves. She's that's extreme. I'll say that US. That's good news that Jesus Christ. Wow what else will you saw that? The Lakers are taking some heat because they applied for a payment protection plan. Loan this big bucket of money that they're handing out to any business that applies for it unless you say like a sponsor of the Kirkman hand show but la Lakers. Do they got like five? Million Dollars seems fight they qualify for. Is it a small business exactly? That's a really good question. There are a bunch of huge businesses. That are getting. They apply though right. Yeah they had to. Because it's the entire bucket of two trillion dollars that's up for grabs so every single company with lawyers and accountants saying. Oh let's go there with our hands out and maybe we get lucky. Maybe we don't and so that's what the that's what the Lakers have done. That's what what was the burger joint shake shake shake shake shack wanting applied for it. And then turn it back immediately because they knew it was going to be a PR problem. But I mean what is this? Would it surprise you with the Red Sox applied for? Oh that'd be great. And and if the red sox had applied for it. Who's going to look into that we will? Yeah you looked exactly where we're going to look into it. How did the Lakers appl- I mean there were four point six billion dollars? What does this small business exactly the? But now so. This legislation was written vague enough. So that like the Lakers and shake shack can qualify for these loans. And now if you're Elizabeth Warren or any politician who voted for it. You can turn on and just be aghast shocked about how. It's being abused by corporations. I mean this is literally they use the panic of the pandemic to pass a bill. That is probably more significant than anything that was passed under the Obama Administration. He's probably more significant than obamacare. But don't say that. But like potbelly sandwich place aged but like I mean I feel like they probably could use sure. I'm sure there are some Lakers. Even shake shack say well. They might need it. The Lakers don't need it now. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe SHAKE CHECK. Doesn't need it but I don't know I could see a couple of shake shack being really fucked. Shake shack is cutting money handed by networks by television. My rate you know I don't know although I do say for all the crap. Lebron gets for being just a young kid working for a small business. He's really stretchers Jesus. I don't know who knows. I'm a good small business if you're looking for one. Give them money to repeal kirks builder dotcom Brown dog builders the contractor of the Kirkman. Show Again if you need some stuff around your house done we're talking you know you want you on a Little What were we talking about? Maybe A my room. Maybe I've credit bathroom a kitchen. They'll do it for you. They'll leave you alone going plenty social distancing a walk in the do their job. That walkout need something Some cabinetry man. Cave family rooms outdoor living space. If you want it they will build. Steve can attest to that. So can I so Mike in here if you WANNA? If you WANNA podcast studio built. They can do that. That's also true Kirk builder. Dotcom Kirk Builder dotcom. Twenty-five years over twenty five years of Construction Experience Brown dog. Bill can renovate your condo in the city farms and the country everything in between the the experience and the construction knowledge to bring Your Vision Life Super Super Nice guys. Great Company the contractor of the show as we said Kirk builder dotcom Kirk Builder. Dotcom contact them You'll see the email. Instagram encourage builder dotcom Brown. Dog Villiers So go there right now until the Kirkman and show sent you. Get if you look. If you're looking for business just at least go avs. Go meet with these guys. They will probably be a virtual. I suppose but they'll walk through if you're looking to have anything done your home. Don't do it yourself. You'll fuck it up you want and spending more money. These guys will do a much cheaper price Get Much Better. Bang for your buck than these other places. And they do an awesome job. We love these guys so go. The Kirk saw builder dotcom Kirk Builder. Dotcom unleash the hounds here for a few minutes. Real quick though odd twitter activity yesterday from An accounts known as A. Everything's off or everybody's awful except for you. I don't I think that's that's Florentine though. But he's at account. Yeah he's got some kid who's like doing stuff definitely definitely not him. I thought it was interesting though that they even responded they've been doing the last couple of weeks. Oh Joke Oh really Aberdeen on the joke. That was the first time I saw a good move to the flavored. Yes yes yeah. They're kind of the interacting last couple of I've seen them interact. Okay first time I got okay but it's definitely not only Florentine. No no no certainly not but I thought it was funny in general. Fourteen is somebody. I don't know doing it like that. He's a comedian. Gay Pride that account even honestly. That's probably true. Yeah I did notice that I mean you think it would be funny if he's going to be like no this is. This is how you actually do prank calls from guys who did crank yankers. That's true. It's true Minna fucks DONALD TRUMP. Many states moving to safely and quickly reopened to the stressed to eleven. Now Jesus getting back baby back to get America back to work. I don't know it's like when he wants them to expound more did she on her situation no she claimed right up. Refused Freud on the okay. Did I miss her locked every year? Old Kid to expand more on a piece of now. She didn't interview with me. You remember that ball. Guess also went on. She went on to Jimmy named Mary and they'd never asked a thing after tweeting. Yeah we're going to address this. The beat the press said they were gonNA address never did and they never addressed it so they did kind of like a fake cover. She wants of Tokyo could describe some drawing on his arm to go into more detail than what he did which was pretty decent detail busy apologized but she shaming fucking like people in the military. Yeah students hoping that their lives would be ruling. Let's not forget that honorable discharge fucked up their lives right. She wanted them. Convicted of Justin Roar Washer to expound more but she won't say fucking syllable by the right. You're the fucking phony God. I hate her. She doesn't have a tattoo. I always hated her. Go ahead caller. You're free Kirk what's up. Who's this maxwell? Just talk to you. I know I called back in on The public wine though. So what do you want to Say thanks for supporting the LGBT. Keep W community all right. Why remember that group yes? I called on Friday. That's that's why dancing dark typical fine. I wanted to talk about Mike in the minivan the little bit shortly critical orange juice. Well we'll see but those first twelve minutes were I mean absolutely. We're okay but where would Khurana on that was on the first twelve minutes? Oh I mean he doesn't shut up when he's with fouls face but where was he was once they once once the show started he was there. They had this. They do that. Me and just horrendous. Preamble disagree great. A lot of things got solved. Well he did not like those point blank jokes. Mike I can tell you that Khurana. Oh Yeah do you might as as a as a gay man you do you care and we do stuff like that or do you think it's funny. Oh No I think it's funny. I don't porn confirm whatsoever. Get someone in this guy. What's up with the guys? Anything new husband dating. What's what's going on. Now it's been pretty slow with the virus so what goes what goes on in the for you. What are you doing during that you? What are you facetime and guys? What's the play Yes snapchat? That's good that's good. You get you get your name off. Yeah Oh yeah oh boy money But I I do think you know kronos going back to world like that little bitch. Bowdoin College Police. That is oh well. There's another retirement announcement from him and I think Khurana well off accounts it is. Yeah what happened nouncement? Oh I he what he saw that you saw into this game and you really are okay. Oh deep dish from who took low from there's a new parody account. I came as cloud counter. I think okay. Clothe away from from Bone College Yeah that's too much for him on the show lately mostly the Bowdoin College. Police tweet out a bunch today. Oh Oh maybe even maybe pulled them. Hp But no. I did want to help out Michael Little Bit. I know a lot of people have been critical of him though. I wanted to give him a couple of really original show. Ideas here So I do have a couple of rapid fire. If that's okay mic please. All right So it's I one Mike is GonNa get drunk at different Greg Hill restaurants. Don't extra sauce. That's good I like that Next one called. Kill the Mike. Mike has to take calls but has to be on mute. The whole time So he doesn't get sensitive and talk all right and then the last action everybody knows. You know Mike's Dance moves and his head wobble. Yup some thinking this would be a damn show called bump stock in Boogie to three There was more get okay. How how about you in another game? Any fan have a a game fan show on Youtube. We get to talk about. You know the experiences of being a game in a fan. Yeah that was Knuckles worth of free advice. Oh that's right. Yeah you can do that. Anybody reach out. Nobody's reached out to me. I like what I like that idea. Knuckles worth of free advice. View it. Yes I like that idea. Antic do it. It's true well we'll talk about. Get Him on the phone hanging there next. You would need a guy that used to call your old show well. I do think they've come back with more than just one gala and those two. I would think to hello good morning. Maxwell are we doing what's up? Hey I know how much you love when minute fans tell you it's Berkeley. It's mine today. I was hoping to get slapped around a little. Bit By podcast. Jesus okay. How old are you thirty thirty. What's your situation married? Kids married with a one year old last Sunday. And I said Oh. Congratulations thank you thank you. What's your what's your story. What's your what's your back story. I mean you're a fucking drip so far I don't know it's fucking happy. Birthday and toilets pizza ship. I- podcast. Jesus. I don't know if everything goes right. Everything goes right and we all fucking get we all wish and right now listening to you after the first fifteen seconds. This'll be your last fucking birthday. No one wants to see live thirty one at all no gearhead who give me a great. Mike. Give me great. Might give me a great Mike. Line floors yours go phone. Give your favorite Mike. Oh You love. Oh Jeez poor fucking kid a boy or girl boy boy. She's he'll be raised. Be a fourteen years now. He's going to be bringing over to DC House for fun. I writes fucking your neighbor Australia. Meet them pretty soon. I need daycare the closed. Just don't they just they just fucking open the You know open so they did. Yes I mean. It's been more constructive talking about the school soon. So what's that only teachers are? GonNa have stock going back to School Soon Massachusetts Waiting to figure out with the white going back to work. Oh she's a teacher. Well a little bit higher than that but yeah oppressors. What do you mean professor BC? Ba worked with autism kids all that good shit that's higher than hey take a little longer audience. But she's so act you sir. Thank you for your so happy birthday to you buddy. Speaking of birthday news. I'm reliably informed that that's not the only birthday in the medifast world who. Oh God dammit. Oh Gee how did you know that? An asshole prisoners. He did he. Did I protect my sources? I'll never she is or no fifty six. I believe ever second five fifth the old move out the old fifty six gun salute from can avoid this episode. Is that inappropriate? It just seems right. Sure why not turn it off no reason you should still be listening. We've given you enough time six. Well Happy Birthday. No reason listening birthday to you. Wow corentin birth. She wasn't pass fifty six hundred. He's terrific I go away or in Town Hell. Akiva singing crap song offline. It's a real hoot. Someone will tell us that. That was not actually six. And we've got to do it again. So what's Virtual birthday or what? Yeah I guess so I sent flowers. What's Nice Yeah that's good. Good okay. I'm there were a lot of insinuations yesterday on twitter. What my tweets men as well delete. Some of those are now. I didn't have exposed to Worcester. We actually saw those flowers to do. We have that sound live or no. Oh some flowers in a rousing moment. Excitable flowers yes was that lets me after she. I understand you say God Jerry Jerry. Kelly was why would he be in the house or in exchange power always trying to convert Jerry? Jerry say I'm ticklish. And then she said Oh. It was surprised I was surprised. I tickle my feet and then Marjorie. Jim Islanders this is very much part on my little young for but when I get invited to a party I said Yeah was Mike was there to Stephen F. fucking my mother. We're especially there. I wouldn't think I would need what is best happy for contest. Oh it's way sounds dancing hotdogs tonight. Asked him to say that. That's why it sounds different. Yes yeah in the main AREA JERRY LINED UP Steve. They are lined up all right. Go ahead Hello Happy Birthday Mrs Jerry. Yes the Kirkman ahead show Kurt. Kirke what's up brother? What's up two part question? Firstly is Leon the professional good or great movie Good good I disagree but fair. Second thing I know you're not an guy but Jon. Anik is one of the best sports broadcasters in any sport regarding that way. You're totally agree with that. John John John Well. He's does a fucking. He does a great job. That's my follow ups. Never I've never read classic way. I know I know him from. I know him from fifteen ten. I've never met him. I've never heard him broadcasting anything Frawley. No He's great. He's terrible. I've know either. Oh all right kerpen shy. We'd say broadcasters great news really. Do you really took the wind out of cheese. Sure does a great show connecting. Here's a great show. He was on the show with Ryan in Asia. I've never I've never met the guy. What do you fucked up when you want them to say? Jesus Christ you're better. You're better praise podcast. He's great I shit. Tourist does great. Give me some John Annex. Sound calling for. It's unbelievable. Sounds so different than every other Emma. Mma Guy. I've ever heard relax. He said you're better but he said this guy's good. Why don't you ask me that question? That I don't know doesn't Joe Rogan. You then or no. Yeah but those drones like the color. Oh okay I need to call accommodator. Where that are you being like golf? Color commentator. Something Dana. We just asked him many years ago did you. You might have to look alike. The balls one. Cas that's saying. Yeah Yeah you could say they all look alike to you. I can say I'M GONNA him. It sounds even though So there's just like interview if not him calling. They are in fifteen ten he was on with. Russillo in somebody else. I forget who it sounds wild if peppy maybe a big star man. I don't know why but he is. Roll up naked people's houses. Hello Hello Kirk. Yeah. Hey Kirk. Huge Fan Steve. Huge Fan Mike. Anyways I've got a question for you and what's on what's up. Ironically this Reminded me when you're talking about Manners giving you Felicia last week was didn't Ria and Hank circulating when radio was intern. Who I don't know that is that true. I know nothing about that bar. You maybe I'll I'll I'll take a look into that someone's GonNa Start Digging. It just reminded me six months ago when you were talking about. Krantz that That might never happen. Barstool but I was just curious about who? What are you talking about six months ago talking about why Chris Curtis? Oh Yeah Yeah. That's good I'll I'll find out. I thought she worked at the front desk could be. She could've been you could be right. We'll get we'll get to digging on that. Hopefully cost some people their jobs. We hate hang so short. Thank you asshole him in. Because he's been sitting on us. He's fucking Puke. I thought that was all patched up. No He never apologized. No no the big cat given the stamp of approval. I'm sure he's in the whatever I don't care whatever you get. Sounds like to me like SM- issues though. Maybe they still load up. Steve they are loaded up. Hello Good Morning. Good morning guys how are you? I'm fine thank you. Oh No I know you hate that. Singapore Sabah there Hey a couple quick things so get to Friday afternoon and I listened to the whole week and the weekend is like a fucking wasteland of content so I tune into Jerry the other day. Oh fucking God. It's terrible I haven't listened to longtime stipe. I Love Jerry for years. But it's pretty bad but but it made me think for once It made me think this and I want to kind of Steve this too. Because we're all in this lockdown. And of course he's leading the charge to get out and all that sort of thing marathon. Yeah sorry when when? The marathon lockdown happening right. Yup We're all told to stay in our homes for two days. It was not there was on TV. That was not. It was two days the big there was the morning happen. The gunman night knows not it was not. You're not told the senior house for two days and you could walk around watertown right around the corner from where you guys Yes yes fucking Little Tim. Mark ahead ask you dumb question good. Was there ever any this asking? Steve are Political Guy or was there ever any Legislative Conversation about the constitutionality of that? I never remember hearing one person ever question any of it so that that was really the question I had. I never remember anyone questioning anywhere. Goodbye thank you good question. You talked about the not exactly perfect Parallels no one was like it wasn't like a you know a long term. I'm sure that the lockdown wouldn't have lasted longer than thirty six hours. I mean there was legitimate. I mean you had bombs terrorists fun. Yeah I don't think no no one was saying we're GONNA be locked down for six months until we catch these guys know. It is a little bit different. They were going to people's homes and trailer but I mean but I mean yes and you know I understand how for people that was but I mean there were legitimately. There was a terrorist on the run right. Just blown up the fucking marathon. You understand why they went to those lines. Yes If they done it every day after I think people have said what the fuck you doing here but it was not two days to work that morning Friday morning when it happened and then Friday that when they got I was still in Western mass. So I kind of remember being today's but I wasn't out here so I don't really. It was not me if I'm wrong. I'm wrong I do wonder what what goes through your mind if you're like Jerry or any right wing radio guy to just banging the drum about reopening Massachusetts right now when things are the way they are. It's just a bad place. You lose credibility maybe six months from now the in the economy's not doing great you can turn around and say I was saying from the beginning. We didn't need to shut down the reason. I don't like this because they're doing it because they get arise there they don't believe it they don't actually believe it like if if if right now the economy opened up and someone offered Gerry Callahan. Free tickets to a sporting game that he really wanted to go to woody. Go or music concert. Something like that. What he would he hang out at a venue with two thousand people are we. Not The maybe would just act tough. I don't know I mean I don't you know I don't know but I mean listen. The Governor said yesterday we flatten the curve. So there you go congratulations. I told we've been doing our part. We have. We have coming in here every day. Shaking HANDS WITH EVERYBODY IN THE CHURCH. Next door Garesh. They LOADED UP STEVE. Rubbing that handrail. Like there's no tomorrow they are loaded up. Yes they are loaded on me. I don't know why just dump good African questions. You should be asking yourself. Why did it annoy you? Maybe can seize Olson's a constitutional lawyer Kim Jong return to normal more. I would like to thank you for the delivery and the act of good faith. We received a cyanide gas. Thank you Steve. Actually Zyklon B but. That's okay how much does it hurt when there'll be laughter that I do? I was wanted that for the call. It's rough very very upsetting. That was one of the Great Leader. Agree Weird when you have that. Dead Silence. Tough go ahead number bounceback. Let's hear the worst thing that's happened. A member of the Kim family true. Don't say that don't say that so. I was thinking about taking my next long range. Missile tests and using it on Matt Current. Oh this isn't GonNa work reflect. There really wasn't him Her I'm sorry. Her identify guys. Listen back to that later today. If a North Korean person goes on. We're Paul's drag race. Can Jeff Goldblum asked about the tolerance level? There are no yes well. I don't know right now and I mean all cultures are equal right up. So it's like if the North Koreans they have different way of doing stuff. And who are we as judge that they've been open policy on? Trans Rights and gay marriage rough pretty Pretty Wide Open now. You're disrespecting their culture. I'm just asking I'm just finally got a lady in our own time. We actually haven't seen those tweets by the way. I think I tweeted out. Ironically I was like I was like we are going to see hot takes on North Korea having a woman leader before the house talk. Greatest little girl in the whole world teenager now came in Handy lunches saying what's the other day. It's I guess it'd be better because she's a woman singer fucking minds now. She's right yeah she's a woman it's not like she'll have to overcompensate to show that she is even more of a hardliner than any ever been raised in violence openminded already. She was the brains of the operation before. So it's always the women six. The wind beneath our wings. Fifty six years old young is yours agreements. Well happy birthday to her four. Oh one year up to celebrate with her own mom. Hello Mother fucking mercy. What did you take a sledgehammer to my boss? Hello did you hear me when my boss who can eat then you fuck enlisted the whole issue in. Us knew how bring somebody with doctors. It said someone questions you ask one question about diet. What's going on junior? You're doing okay was always a dumb fuck. Wasn't he almost drowned three inches of water? Yeah what was it? The was it where we're the happened with. The Tony says again the words he was stupid. Fucking Jackie Junior. Jesus he was. What do you think of Christopher Muller Santi? He's got colic yours. Well maybe gives you enough for a change. Absolutely not you fucking mind. Absolutely not I will say when I'm making a west of where I no. No no I never really understood why they had to kill Jackie junior especially when you see the later years and some of the struggles that Tony goes through like what. He really have killed Jackie's kid but he took a shot at it. Kristen though right but he was doing it as almost like a tribute like Ralph. Almost told him a story where we know that. That's true yeah that's true. Tie Junior guy that you want any partying words. My my post. That's GonNa live told me there's abroad waiting in the car by balls. That's one phone. Call Away what are you GonNa do? He's caught of a whole generation. Remember the crazy here. The dope in the military. I don't like to live here but I'm more time. Thank you would not hold up. Twenty twenty I mean. He was an older guy. I'm just conversation with me. I understand Steve Fly one. Let's see L. E. G. Just to be clear had flagged good at one correct. The lines are filled. The Lens of old fold fulsome all right good. Hello good to hear from uncle June. Of course five. Eight eight. Eight guys. two questions one for one kirk from all right. That's my best. Guess Mike the Question I well can you? Yes I get very close to my screen. It's it's brings a lot of humor. People I find it very imagine blind guy to get closer to his phone. It is funny the next question unless like good verify that you could actually read so we don't know that right right do you read. I try my best okay. 'cause it just seems like you. I don't I got real fictious. Call fucking taking this attitude Mike when he was fucking father. I just don't like it. When people condescend Mike. Respect the questions you want a guy good. I just discouraged it just you know what would preparedness for those great with Kirk and Jerry. Was they both actually read up on a rack who I agree with the good old days. Never as good as you think they are but yet you do long for them until you get infected so weird so weird. Cut Right there You have a question for me. I just as tough as the ones from back to the Sopranos the much up Ritchie. Prixl I do but like where are you on with with Ralphie this fifty better caricature we talk you? We're talking about that million next. We've done that really kidding. Well yeah the to turn what I guess. Hello there Steven Steven is that you. Oh why yes it. Is Dan how your mom was dead. I thought your Bill Nye the leg. How's that leg injury as I have a few things that I want to tell you? Who gave them different personnel guy? Mr Robinson quite a bit of forgiving. Her he's what snorted. May Dad spent a long standing issue extinct in the first thing. I want to tell you that your brother more than you about being in the service of consider it okay. That's interesting start. Guide Mr Robinson WanNa tell you hold on hold on a little of sucking Benjamin toes going on. I wasn't aware of it. I guess you wouldn't be though right now really turned the only way to recover from a car accident. So you're saying that the CONFU. My brother has told you the only way to cover recover from a car accident in which you killed. My mother is to suck his toes. He didn't kill your mom. Well she died because I thought I thought the story was that he ran her down. Terry Man's talking gentlemen. It does not seem that. That's the way you would do. It seems like it was a clear accident. Only the only other thing. I'm going to have to let you go because I'm telling you Stephen show that you produce this terrible. Oh wait a minute. The only the only other thing that I'm going to have to say that that Blind Mike Guy. Not so bad you Spanish snap is the worst thing. You've said that Dr Sky's get some really Schuss appreciate that abyss Robin Young. Up to talk to you soon. Toes to it. Well Yeah Geez. Do you feel like he does like your brother. Better than you probably. Yeah Oh really. Yeah probably still main guy more. I don't know probably the issue feared now no. I don't have a lot of parental trauma. Be Nice skews us. Mr Perfect happy Thanksgiving kidding. Jeez Sunshine and Rainbows Cotton Candy and dreams by seven. Oh you're up good morning. Hello James I guess I was right when I said it wasn't gonNA become into the Wilbur for the show. Didn't that Kirk. Oh yes remember that infamous time you call member James Check. No check me on. That's true. Want James He won you call him at. It called me other day call two week. What would you like messaging you go? Are you going to go to the show? We hope which you Kirk I wanted to quit. You buy just couldn't even know what the I don't know what the fuck you talking about. We had this guy on argued with him or something. Is that the guy I've no idea? Yeah he called me Jimmy. Which is strange. Because I'm not like fifteen and he was actually my eight year eight years older than he is. But who the fuck are you how? Though I don't remember Y- you gotta remember King. I don't know anything about the show. I'm sure this happened but what happened. You had texted me because I had said that I was in. I was mad because of what you did to. Steve Oh Wilbur you WanNa we if you got fifty with me asking me if I was GONNA sell my ticket. I said he wanted to give you want to give the tickets away. The people who want them. Yes yeah yeah I remember. Yeah your asshole right right I remember. Yes yes yes yes so but he but like. I said you insure during that show. You're right about that but there's I'm sure I said there's no way you're away no chance and guess what here you are. I can't quit fucking apartment by yourself. I am like for four days behind credibly readily difficult to what about what about the show in September. If it happens in which. I don't think it's going to in September will you? Will you go to that show? Well I guess I guess I can find my way there. All Right James Thank you. We'll talk later all of energy. That's right I remember that. Yeah I remember saying in. Can you give a scam trying to sell? This guy was all over twitter. That test and just fucking sell them then. Yeah my concern was going to give him the fucking whether cares so he's out for he said no he's again. Yeah totally quit you know. The show's happening September right. Steve tweeted out announcement. I would strongly doubt if the policy environment here in Massachusetts in the city of Boston was favourable towards a large gathering of people by September. I would agree with that. Load Up. They are no chance in September morning. Zero Hello Good Morning. I don't know how to quite ask this question so I might as well make just fucking ask it and Steve has to blurt it out. I guess he has to blood it. Oh Okay I listened to yesterday's show and I guess the question I wanNA ask. Michael is did did used to play basketball with the kids because I know he was in regular in town but I was not very good. I didn't think of that like how does it? How do the work day like kind of move everyone aside and let you shoot? No no no no. He was blind but I was. It was like a mutual understanding. Where you're saying yeah it was. It wasn't like that vendors just said like hey let mike let the better. What I'm saying is no joke saying no. They didn't do what you could see better now for sure. But I still wasn't good to pitches like Mike Mike Smuggler. Doing a little something. Extra the coach to get enforced four. Yes places like the the the crowd Charon form and saying Michael. Like thirty points and no even crazy scary. Well there you go all right. Thank you very much. See you later there. You go my push. Will you bleep that out? I wonder offense. It's it's out Stevia. Yeah the our word is no go. Fem BEC- family anymore. Either I don't mean whatever fine not inaccurate. Yeah right all right. Hello they lined up. Buongiorno KIRK isn't Kim Jong Un. He's alive Mr just caught. Your sister just called this or that. Pitch you away from her. God tell you something about her? She's so nasty. She used Rabbit Squirrel for Tampon. Very Nasty I mean I would think giving her position in the country she should be able to get top notch Tim Pons no intimate craddock repented. People have correa. We do things different. Word has it that she actually have keys in lady pots. Sh that's that'd be difficult navigate sexually. But you're not you'RE NOT GONNA you're not dead. Those room is our as fake as other lies. It only went Steve Robinson tells on a daily basis. I am alive and well in fact I just finished up a three day. Three way with Jim Imagery was tremendous. How was breaking news? How is Jim in the sack? Let's just say not. Only do I think Marjorie might be carrying on the Kim lying but Jim may also be progress? If you know what I mean at Alba's everywhere unlikely but okay questions for for the leader microscope. Know How quite doing this? Why Did yes joke continues? I wanted to tell you though from. Oh okay got off to your question after go ahead. I'm sorry dear. Leader YOU GO I. I just wonder which show you let your kids watch while you make these phone calls is question which Netflix show where they watching the tells me quieter these calls. This is different in the Democratic Republic. Married Mike. Thank my kids busy assassinating aunts and uncles where your weak feeble children are playing on the computer. That's true hair. Does have many assassinations unders bill. I don't think so. No I don't think so. Oh he could do it. What's et feel like he could pull it Is TOWN SPA? Open right now in Stoughton fearless leader. They doing take out or no howdy. Spies not not only doing take out but I can bring some generals by and they will be taking out if you know what I mean so I must go Kirkwood. I'm wondering having tranny quite trendy over. Go ahead yes trainees. Coming to visit. Show she can actually for once really here actual gun. Five from North Korea's got making score had Steve Me. Go ahead Steve. It's your second swipe at that little special project. You weren't intoxicated for that. Where you can neither comet commit deny or agree I will just say there was much Hennessy in smoking of the met so to speak. It's goodbye. Yeah I wish I forgot about the old days those who was at the Olympics or something and she's like she's reporting sick. I can hear gunfire from here. Never that yes. Brian Brian Williams of sports true. All right hello. Hello yes kirk. Cook an egg. And I'm singing a song. I WanNa see if you can get good. Come Ono for the rise in come on for the ride into La Bruce springsteen with that that's the rising beverage springsteen Kirk how. The book is the rising not on your top five albums of Bruce springsteen. Hasn't held up that gray for me. I like Tara great like Paradise. That's my favorite song on the rising the emotion in that album into the fire sky. It's a it's a good record when you say you're talking about a guy. He's me like ten great albums. It's on it's not as as the kids would say nowadays they called diss to say it's not in the top five is another. Diss you know what I'm saying? That's very hip of you. Thank you now understand. What you you when you say. It's a good record. I just have to disagree that. That's fantastic was say. I disagree eggs in your mouth. Shut up Jesus. Goodbye at the guy that always makes maker haven't heard from lately no you didn't you in the same way where no understand though. It's a great record. Now the good record of okay agreeing with you like the more night. Do what do you want me to say? It's good I like it. They want your approval. I thought you you know it is. It just doesn't can not much of a music guy doesn't connect with me. I understand that's why you don't do listen more. What's it called? Afghan must see. Must leave your friend. Yeah Good Morning Captain Yes. Good Morning I reached the hammer. I I need your help with something. Sure my one is Pam Smart. She's a schoolteacher. Okay go ahead and She's been doing these zoom meetings with her students. Okay and I guess Keisha I don't I don't I don't know if they if they're doing anatomy zing on these calls really I wasn't sure If maybe there is something you guys can do to help a most always interested in these. Like where do you? Where are you going with this? If I give a funny answer we are the best answer. Are you done with that point or do you have a follow up? No No do you have a funny answer. No I don't know but bullshit pretending pretending hold on hold on. Let's pretend to something funny okay. One laugh no go ahead. No no go ahead. Well I know she likes Rose News as long as they're long stem See that's good. You should let me know that. Okay okay so so your friends so your friend your your wife. Pamela is a teacher in New Hampshire. Is that right? Yes she's been doing. Zoom work for you did say the hammer me fair. She's been doing zoom work. Well I mean I don't know if there's anything going on if we had a chance to talk to Pam what's your name. Greg is correct Jason. Oh sorry Cha ged Greg again. Your name is Greg. Smart is it not is that right. Steve Preferred Gregory but Gregory. Now by now speaking somebody murdered and a bit just to be clear here. We just had the fucking new leader of North Korea. Taiwan tampons join. And my right. Steve Gregory Smart. Your name is Gregory Gregory but Gregoire homages. Would it be angry normally? Sorry Three Three Geez. They're all like G. R. E. G. G. I didn't know that Greg Almond Almond is that not all men. And all things as much as I Gregg Allman Ted Nuggets Greg Allman surrounded by idiots. You'd be good spokesper shot dead and Glenn Lucas yes. He used to be offended by that. No offended by what. You Make Fun Almond Brothers taking his bit your allman brothers Guy. Aren't you know why would I be in all of this kind of guys? I don't know maybe Leonard Skinner. There's sort of an southern rock world. Yes Bozo could poke fuck fuck fuck and Squirrel. You fucking asshole. I'm trying to help you get a fires right here. Okay you'll get the fuzzy my ass you'll find out about later so here comes level to so we'll reach out to pam that's fine. I'm confident that she's just doing her job. If we ask her to send roses to certainly be to you I would think I I would assume yeah. Okay do we have to speak to or no Tam's not right here right in this. Kind of issue Pam Pam. How are you? It's it's Kirkman hand with the hammer on the seven point three W. CSX? So we have this. Opportunity Tation. Oh thank you have you every day. What do you think of Mikey be? Oh he's so kind of like really is you're the opposite of the working for me so pam you're in the room right now with your husband. Greg. Which makes it. I suppose unusual so we do thing we give you a bunch of rose. I I don't know if you notice you're not well. You must listen to wardrobes all the time. We are good so we have a chance to give away a dozen long stemmed roses right now and you know. Greg's there so I don't know how it works right now given the situation with the Cortina's he mentioned. But there's somebody you want to send the roses to be might be nice for Greg to come home and get them or whoever just give us a name of the person who's sending it to rerun for you. Jeffrey Roses. Yeah are these loans. As I said they are long-stemmed. Yeah Pam yes there. Well many step out of the room. Good idea swing to one of my favorite grade. Students Mike Myers thinking about Highschool Pam. Yes high schools but they actually third. Okay well let's listen. I think that's a nice. That's a nice sentiment with all this going on in the world is sort of send a nice set flowers saying I'm thinking you get walk through this. That's fine. How about the no. We'll the note read. Okay thanks for the hot zoom sacks. Well see Pam Greg. There you go back in the other room. No let me see what new problem. This is really dark dark. Greg we know you can you. Can you PAM on another phone at the same time? I talked to both of you at the same time real quick. Let's that'd be great. That would be great. Nothing allman easier. Go Pay Pam Pillow Greg. So I'm just GONNA say it. You're suspicious right greg. Pam sent them no incentive for students and thanked him for some watch. How well I can't believe that. Go ahead her. Could you do there? You've heard my well Pam to be fair. I mean you knew you're on the air. I don't mean to Mikey B is laughing. I don't know this is a serious bid Steve. I don't want you to kill us. Might be Your Life. Long live poetry. Why don't you just don't WanNa hear you to talk it out a little more. I'll just say there was talk of Zun Passion going on and I don I believe it. Nope nope there's no explanation for this behavior. That's you're right about that I I I gotta go. We gotTA talk this out. I'm sorry it's amazing that she hasn't interrupted you at all. You know better. Okay well Greg Greek skulls again. If you'd like to be on the lookout for Billy Flynn there. You go take appreciate the help anytime armed out. I'm sorry Greg I'm sorry about that. Hang in there mark that call the beginning but he had bad instinct. You want you can even tweet out that we just had very funny. Wasn't it funny? So loaded up Jesus. Hello people don't want calls. Yes question fair to say that the darkest how would I know? Yeah maybe just had the darker than Kim Jong Un. Yes without a doubt the most bizarre call all-time there too dark. Okay Hello Hello. Hey Movie Trivia question for you sure that question for Steve to fee would never some? She came from ninety movie. Cast featuring Alan alda Kevin pollock rip torn rhea Perlman. This movie made less than two hundred thousand dollars in the box off and they go more direct to that all right. Yes he did is only non documentary. John Candy No John Candy. John Candy his last film. Actually I mean obviously no. Don't tell me political movie cameos by Jim. Bellucci and Stephen Right. Yeah Canadian make Canadian Bacon. Canadian Bacon yes. There you go pretty if you look at it as a comedy and not Michael Moore piece of crap. But he's back. You can meet how much money must make money it. The budget was ten million intimate. Two hundred thousand. That's never good. That's never good. I'll let you ask your second one. I saw they denounced yesterday. Appetizer movie with Davidson's going straight to the demand may sense. That's probably better home for it. You know that Oh yeah. Don't you think I don't think that WHO KNOWS I. Actually it'll be like five ninety nine to watch it. I if the by the first couple of weeks twenty bucks but I think that those appetite that feels like he can watch at home though. Like you're not losing out off after you know what I mean I like. I like P Davidson more than some people. Don't understand that. Imagine him running home movie right by me. It might be good but I'm saying it's just that feels like a nice top gun. I could see ryan seeing theories. What's the one with Scarlett Johansson Scum pushback which one that she stephen in the marvel world? Oh Blackwood Blackwater right. Yeah go ahead question to you that you want to see in the theater and you can go see at the theater in Texas on Friday right. So do I talked about which is doing things like twenty five percent capacity actually saw a picture of plexiglass shield setup around a blackjack table. I saw that something. Casinos are looking at. It looks like fun I mean. Is it worth opening a movie theater to have it? Twenty five percent capacity when you know that's going to happen if you're the person working there probably because your hourly wages I I understand that but I'm saying in terms. Yeah you're GONNA get Bang for your buck for that. It's more than zero. Think about if you own the movie theater and was always twenty five percent capacity you close. Yeah yes but right. Now it's zero capacity. I guess but yet you're banana paying people though. Yeah true turn on the Lights. And your all your all your. Y'All your costs are the same but you revenue was twenty five percent of what it was. So does it make sense to open yet question. You look at their books to work on that. What's your second question So there's a rumor floating out there that Steve Lettuce High School Basketball Team in points. Yeah he's on record saying he was not a good basketball player couldn't dribble. I was driven through a strong wails in the background. It was You know Central Maine. It wasn't like Super Competitive Basketball. Game drivers I mean I don't Wanna I don't WanNa say specifically I probably I probably somewhere between twelve and eighteen points just because somebody is going to go look at the differences numbers. I don't know exactly. I don't know I don't know exactly. How many questions big difference? It's probably it's probably in a book somewhere and somebody's GONNA find Steve's a lawyer so I don the true answer is I don't know the teens. I scored there there were. It wasn't like I always lead my team in scoring bud. Six six five and central Maine. I actually don't know what my career high scoring is right next. Call interesting. There's a lineup. They are all right going to beat you. Hello Good Morning. Good Morning Perky I I know you've been bitch intro. While that you can't play good podcast. Yes so you run away. This is a good one this morning. It was. Let me tell you right now. This is very specific for me. Let me see. Put My specs on. It's called documenting popular music. Nineteen seventy one thousand nine hundred eighty s and he was remembering Dan Fogelberg It talked with producer Fizz like Dan Fogelberg mill hard to say again Fogelberg in the background which ABC's hydrogen. What the Hell happened to strip? You always takes his time. He does a every two or three weeks. Oh He's an artist all right good he's fucking. You Know It's hails. Are we talking about? Tv fucking does eat these guys and artists. All right. Yes the question. Turn my family all right. Jesus which your second part to Comedians. And they just talk about absolute that you know. I've heard of that. Yeah I haven't listened to it. There's a good Yeah I would recommend Dave Meggett or any of the wrestlers they do. Okay sounds good. Fucking wild they sure are imagine. It sure sounds good. Thank you good one. Thanks to the wreck Chris. Benoit's sounds like a few. Do you want day Fogelberg? Did you say Dave Fogelberg Dan? Sorry and Ethelbert Jesus Christ tunnel before you know. You don't like his last name because I name right at least we Steve. I miss the days when I can laugh about that me a few short minutes ago. Cheese Day forward Greg allman alone back to fucking yacht rock early eighties due to SOS field get feel. Come in my house. Bill Record kid listening to the radio upstairs my voice of an angel. That may be so come on. This is only child yet but I was a kid. Probably top ten. Hit Slow Jack. America's different times though you cry. Barron era now died. Thousand seven loves obviously look him up. I mean died in deer. Isle Maine so used to going out to you. Did we lovely with gene. Fogelberg died in two thousand seven zero fifty six or fifty seven pretty young or fifty one fifty six okay answering future. Has this make the list in the eighties? Who knows who knows he didn't fan. You know you in Maine Jeff Baron. Our own now. Clear one hundred thirty songs. Who's to navigate in? Who Steve Crazy realize? There's a man with children's knees pretending to be Greg and PAM SMART. Not Ten minutes ago. Either course that and it's far to say the part of eighty sons. I liked so we singing. Then get Glenn. Fry THE EAGLES COMING UP IN THE MIDDLE MINUTE. To in the back of here we go. I love that Jazz. Just come in and do background stuff best. I got to take a few more calls. The Guy Love. I like Dan Fogelberg. I was bummed out when he died. You would know some of the songs I I'm sure I know the name is the This is best known song maybe longer. No hello hello. What's up so you remember making a murder correct I do. I grew up in Wisconsin When that came out it was right around the holidays. My sister sent them a holiday card. Wondering what's what is like incredibly Chris Number that you love has done no matter what she normally he's only like I generally find person like normal. Cool whatever she said the Daciana to Years Guy's name I know Zafy didn't INDAC- in both of them every like the Daffy family. Christ there's all kinds of weird course of course was wrestlemania he wanted Alfred. Said you have a family member somebody that you love that has done something just inexplicable that you. I mean it's four years later and I still weird. Yeah I mean yeah. I don't have any quite like that. I mean I try picture of like Adam. I was talking to him. He was like yeah. You know what? I just hit me like a head to send this letter to Aaron Hernandez Anthony. Yeah Right. I'd be like what do you mean why you're right? That they must get back then too and that was the so. He's now by the way and just keep in mind as you know. I'm sure like this is a completely biased documentary. Just absurd I mean. They may have they may be innocent. Then you'd be guilty. But they left out. They made that Ken Kranz and villain and the the weird thing they did is almost like watching it. I remember thinking. Oh did the the Theresa Holbeck did his her brother do it because they spent Lake Right. He was this villainous character. For some reason yes right. It does seem like the the first conviction against avery was bogus. Though it was got TA. Yeah yes but he's also done some very strange things. Well I mean the victim of the system could be could be. I can't think of one that the equal to that often think about that. They still loaded up Steve. They're still upcourt cheese that's weird. That's funny normal guys it's card. What fucking what? Jeremiah calling in Florida got a question per Stephen Kirk. Fireworks can't tell me what All three of these people have in common answering Neiderman. Hp lovecraft and Raymond. Who was the first one again Andrew? Neither man yeah. The only one I've heard of is HP lovecraft or they all short story authors. They're all those riders. Oh can HP lovecraft right for? Jesus Steve GO AHEAD ANSWER THE QUESTION. High calm down. I'm curious to. I'm curious to who the goes for. I don't know fraud you pussy. Take off ghostwriter. Did you say Richard Bachman? Zoe sent her Raymond Benson Neiderman. Okay going to go ahead. What'S UP I was born in Nineteen Ninety driving. Miss Daisy won for best picture. Can you name the all John as best actor that year for best actor that year? Yeah they're just Tandy won for best actress correct okay. Denzel Washington with one for best supporting actor for glory. Is that correct? This how my mind works. I'm just taking it. I'm not sure about the recording actor. Shame on you some thinking of the other films. That were nominated that year for best picture. I suppose Morgan Freeman was probably nominated crack. Driving stays. Miss Daisy did not win. Of course one thousand nine hundred ninety best actor nominee Susan movies from eighty nine. So it's a weird year. My I think I'm missing missing the great performances day. You're right you are. Yeah I am for meeting I. O cruisers nominee the correct correct on the fourth of July which Oliver Stone Won. Best Director for film is also known for best picture so crews Freeman. We laughed not BEADY NOT DENIRO DENIRO FOR CAPE FEAR. Now and they are the narrows not on this list. GimMe a with Daniel Day. Lewis won Lila foot right correct. Okay correct two left up to left jerk myself offering them. Let me think here Montesquieu's today here. Kirk Okay Robin Williams. That's four. I got you rob Williams's four got their thinking. Fall of eighty nine star okay. Fall of eighty nine is the last one unknown or known he's known it's been a breakout performance for him chaplain. Charlie no Sarah Not Damage Union shop on. Okay now. He's a little later breakout performance. Give me a hand. I'll take a hint. Why Not Piss me off? The is now more of a director's than an actor per se. I guess he's more of a director now than an actor. The help you Mike Ron Howard. Nope not nominee. I wish I was more of a director than no. What's that more fun to hear you? Guess Oh there you go I would I would. I would not remember that. The other four with a gut So I think Denzel one that Your glory which was not nominated all right. That's not realize because I always hear trained. There was like a makeup because he never won before we never went back. Yeah there you go. He went for glory. Yes all right. They sold up Steve a one call Nicole doing all right. Who's up? Hello Sweetheart Hybrid. Hi Cookie to mom mom. Are You doing this? Oh I know in your father kept saying don't bother him. Don't bother him and I'm like you know I'm just GonNa call and see what happens so it's funny. I I've always said my dad's anniversary of his death will be Monday. It'll be three years. You say all the time I wish I shut up. Mom Mom shut your fucking mouth. So ruder Goddamn I was would say boy. I wish I could talk to my dad again last couple of a chance to and. I really don't really want to work because mom what's up man. What's going on? I think the program quite a bit and I heard you tell that. That's suburban story. I'm sorry mom you didn't weren't big fan. That story in life as well as I recall Ya. I WanNa give you a fun fact about that story. You may not know I had to. I had to clean up that the cockpit oyster You left me back I am. I'll I'll tell you that I'm happy. Found it because it's funny when we when we were as I remember we were driving on the way back way to take There was some sort of detour on that travel. Never told this part of the story and we had to go through like the Rhode Island area and there was a consignment store there and there was a man out there in front also masturbating but was right to the window of the consignment. Store was really yeah. It was like dolls of little kids and stuff very I thought he did. Yes I remember. Yeah that was my memory. That's actually got me off now. Think about yes. Yes Guide Mama. I'm sorry wonderful. No no no no. That's that's see the things that come out when you speak to your mother. It's wonderful Delphi. I had my first experience with a black man. Appear Mom was a mom and I say well you you tell your story. Then I'M GONNA I'M GONNA call bullshit on you. I'll have Ryan rather than verify. I don't think it's your first experience of the black. You're right creek. You're actually rich. It's my first anal. Well again. Mom got a call bullshit. Respect mothers on this program beatings. It's my first double concentration. Okay moms fair fine thank you thank you thank you. I don't to he was. He's fucking costing. You don't know as much as you thought what's that mom. I'm sorry your fighters try swinging. Oh good well listen. Your thyroid is for that. Germany Ramsey described. She got older. I mean she's probably probably almost thirty now. No Cook No. She's about twenty eight twenty nine five beautiful wonderful good and he sent me up with Corey Haim not much but he knows his pussy vulgar in life. What is I mean? He's really you jump in a in a poor grade smart? These victims are taking a beating. Today I'm sorry I'm Kevin Mom dictate for you in life and the Ellesmere Sweetheart I have to go into this unit. I love you miss you. Every day going Balance Task Force it right now. He's Lucky Dad. He did like her. That Peter had noted where the Katori House. You all right. We'll talk to you. I love you mom much monsieur LE. Let's go talk to them. It's a nice experience. Heaven was just one nonstop orgy. Think so people would think that call click. Yeah well I mean a fascinating where this goes. I'm just I'm just here to. I'm Marie journalists have reporter Okay. Open mind well I mean. I don't know what to do here. I'm comfortable a bus way just from that fact there that I don't think that was my mom. You don't think so no I don't I don't I don't own Colombian I'll call it. How's he doing putting away? Groceries true. Do Buy Groceries Reputation of a fine woman with a decent honest life sheltered. Whoa I'm training for the K. U. R. O. Eilly time you now to hold I can bring them put them both both in ooh talked about the Minneapolis. Recreate the magic of Mike Macho professional and get something out of these guys Mike. Okay Zip it up. Hey what's up? I'm talking to you and at the same time right now. I'm you're still there. I'm Ryan what's up okay. I'm I'm so we'll take some calls from my mom just called Okay Nights. Well that's fine but I think she lied in the call so I'm going to say something and I both. I both want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Mom called said she had her first experience and had been sexually with a black man. When I say that to you live. We'll give me give on account of three. You both do me the name. One two three mop doubly. Yes thank you must thank you boys. We'll talk to you later. Now what is this you said before she married my dad? She was in a relationship with a man named Moss. W who was black. That's was an issue. That was an annual. He may have back in the oval base. Had some fun with renounce can say. We're now in a different time and that's it's wonderful. It's wonderful I will say that you know my grandfather. Wonderful Man He's been gone for a long time from generation where that was a difficult conversation. I can imagine yes. That's all. He was a very nice guy was from a different time interesting. So point is mom. You're a fucking liar. This way. You Liable Moss Dudley reliable. I know what I'm saying either way. It's hey maybe I should be consistent. Maybe invented Moss Dudley. So she could be more woke rule. This was this was a story should tell us at badminton. Read the book. You Know Mrs before the War Generation Right Dr Susan. Yes yeah the piece of the puzzle that BBC me actually reminds me of Mazda for that Dr Seuss way like you know whatever you know and when I left and then we took good trick and I bent over and he gave me his. You know that right sure. There's sort of that relation but no she told us about because we I forget. We'd asked if you've ever had a real boyfriend before dad. And she said this guy they must which is not a funny name. No it's not. It's not funny. Not A fucking Nope Ben Stiller moving into some cheesy. Cbs screenplay these about the show up on social media. Unfortunately which is not going to be good for anyone but we asked but I'm sure he's a very nice man and unfortunately if he's still alive he is now the phone calls and the whole fucking thing. Why do I do this? Why people don't want calls? I mean this. This is incredible phone calls. She's had Greg and Pam Smart Company Ramsey Maas Dudley. Yeah Kim Jong. Both both families represented advice from studly. Simplisafe simplisafe dot com slash Kirk by R. K. listeners. 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What Day calls can imagine Zambales to get to throw that well. Yesterday the Pentagon came out and said that videos are real aliens. I told I told my guys I believe that the other night. I'm a UFO. I'm one of these people who care that much but it's naive to think it doesn't does not live somewhere else. Yeah but breezy I do as I believe that as well but why would they come here but eventually you shop here. I guess go everywhere else. Come to listen to the Kirk nan-chou. Maybe that's well if you think. Ufo's are real isn't getting to the bottom of that situation kind of the most annoying about it. I'm good I'm good not knowing you're if you were offered the opportunity to know the truth about aliens don't don't WanNa know. I'm out like at the end of Richard Dreyfuss. The other close encounters that goes on there. I would say I'm all set. But he knew he didn't have to do anything. No one say no one knows you know. What are they know? That's what you'll find out poet as it can help. I know that stuff. It's going to be my head. Just be interesting. Yeah I guess with its boring like you wouldn't WanNa have a conversation with an ulcer dollars no fucking way. That's freaky is hell. You would want all the more fucking. What if an alien called? What if an alien was inconsistent? And you've got a chance to get a different conversation. They were calling out now. You say you haven't been mutilating cows but we have video events but but I mean he tweeted this out but I but I but as I said I think it's simplistic to just think. Oh were it. That is weird to think that that's making sense. Lets the big universe. It's a big universe expanding it's we I think. That's that's that's that's simple thinking stinking thinking I would say my agree yes. I don't know I I've never been but I've also never been like into it either. Yeah nothing I don't watch I mean I think it's a little naive for people to be like sending signals out into space looking for alien intelligence because if they come here. It's not going to be like happy saying that's not well. There's I mean what does it. All the evidence we have is based on assessment of our behavior. I mean what happens? When a superior intelligence comes occupies an area where a lesser intelligence higher salary if they've mastered space travel that's evidence on his face at the moon. Get people in Mars. Yeah but if if if we're talking about travel outside of the solar system we haven't had manned flight to Mars hidden somewhere like Neptune or something even then they're more advanced intelligence than US understanding advanced. Tv over like we have all these series. They have the great shows. And what if they're hiding lease true stuff we don't know about sports and everything that's unusual thing is the the American science fiction has always imagined them to not have any kind of culture. Right the Amarilis. There's the cold logical beings that don't have Rhino Porno except for South Park. South Park is the one. That's sure did aliens right. That's true what was it worth using Mar. Well there's a couple. There's a couple of ways Margaret Right. Yeah Yeah there's a couple of ways but they've done the aliens remember when all of earth is just some reality television shows. Yes that's what I'm saying though. Maybe it's a film. It's better than the Godfather was mu over there or worse honestly but probably worse. But maybe there's some masterpieces great pouring. Yeah who knows? I don't know star Dick. That's the next project forever. Let's do it. We'll make some calls demars. Yes I look a call. The each Solar System in the next week or anything else. No I don't think so. Alastair Black responded. I don't know if you saw the email along yawn. I saw social blacks work on social from his radio days. Though I will say I think it's No say you know again? He's younger than I am but hustler. You know I understand you start earlier. So he's ahead of me radio twenty two but doing coffee contests in new Bedford a long way to being the most polarizing radio personality in the country as the black. I like my i. I don't know this for sure but I actually feel bad for taty Alastair because I think he seems like a Nice Kid. No he doesn't we we like them. It seems like he was making moves professionally as a victim of the corona virus. Yeah hopefully we'll be. Yeah I mean it's like he was he was. He was between gigs. When this regard to a different radio station sound like he was he was trading up. All revere was that as the next time Connecticut. Who's WHO's going four? Point one wilbur. Ham's greatest he's a hustler are respected. Irish is doing a drive time show. I agree but it's funny that he's this wild man there. Yeah he's like. Oh pretty good coffee. Is that a hint of hazing. And if you want your coffee of used let me know one one zero seven one. Jk HERE FOR DJ CASE. Summer coffee so our first place on the list is bearer. Sauce can mirror soul cafe. Lakers all sixteen push the bad boy. Though in a bad boy their beck. I get suspended for two weeks for young John. Henry I don't know I'm just saying he's younger. Though you know like we play your old. Sports commentary added drew. You gotta go through a river. If you say look MINNEAP- I'm playing by the rules and playing right now. We write the book. That's right that's right. That's right. Osama social media this weekend saying you're supposed to be a bad ass Kim. Some advice here from one bad ass to another. You can't say with a great moment of your life when DC follows you on twitter if you will just a piece of advice looking for some strange anymore. I'd be more fear if you're if our him made st young boy so Alisher black citizen email. Yes Oh okay about the interpretation. Yes Oh how was he a possible kind of he he was the an email with fade to black or no? You'd be interested in considering it but we have to understand that his next gig is is still has Peres Monterey negotiation. And so he would. He would have to put precedent on the Paid contract is a problem with that but he be willing to I guess pit us off of the radio station for negotiations if the forecast at work available at the end of so there's not no but I mean I shouldn't say that if he does a good job open anything so he's so we're GonNa add to the mix them you can get rid of the shithead and add to the mix. Yes what do you? What would you like him to do? Just that the notes mix it. He wants to be like the The on air intern. He's on airtel. He's very so that's what I was saying about thirteen. Okay I mean listen. He's GonNa Ambition but see what he has some ideas we can. We can bounce ideas off him. I mean it's the understands. Now he's entering my world my rules with respect in his world. Those are his rules. I get that because you walk in there. You're like with fucking lights places are they. It's like being Mike. I can't see a fucking thing in these rules here. One canley blows out lack no. He finishes his email. I know that's a lot of information but I presumed it necessary to get it out there. Thanks Alastair Black so does this pseudonym play elsewhere or is this just a Kirkman hench hell no DJ K. On the radio did you get a different voice than the guy heard on the minute. No Man he's still young my hair and then I'm here more of a you know I'll high pitched yeah. Yeah I don't know but sure they say hey. Listen rope anything. If he's got ideas bring him. You Know Pitch Something. Something are have him say. We'll take all ideas. Definitely good. Exciting exclusive youtube channel coming up. Speaking of which I today's supposed to be a nickel's worth of free advice but I don't think we I don't know it's never consistent with that guy. Yeah no I don't think we have never released terrorist No we didn't I wanted. We discussed shoot it why reshoot it With an actual paper bag on his okay. It's Dan he was on the rundown which I liked that show But you've gotta again you again. Have his back of his head or something. It's just a fucking when you're watching it you get. I got violently ill. It's just an issue. There are people I was running and people vomiting. Just near me. Just gets contagious. That's how ugly would you say is the most attractive person on the Youtube Network. Mom I mean all minus ladies. Were all lovely. You're saying yes. That's a tough one. I guess. Probably Steve or Tj. You say or now. Would YOU PICK STEVE MY GARY? Obviously he's really waste fishing when he's got that chain hanging out. You Damn Swag on air personality here. I was thinking Mara our Justin. You think your wills handsome beautiful. Yeah he's guys at God and he managed care for the fact that the only person who defended his Looks was me as a blind person. Think well we got to a lot today did didn't we? Did you see the posters writing about the daddy girls as well? So keep an eye on that. Yeah no new information. And that's now recycled. Yeah that is. I don't think there was a poster sent yesterday by the way that was hacked up with a machete to hear. Oh to what he said my call. I saw that. I didn't see it was a picture of me and him with his arm around me. His best buds on the bottom. Did you send this to it? That's right he's like rap for who I really don't care for. I worked for Kirk minutes. Which one is he? He's over here? That's what I would you be. Shedding man is the one hundred million dollar man probably not today but yes by the way On Financial News Bad News and AQAP flying. Somebody Message Man's dollar twenty yesterday. Somebody was like why is why is entercom stock skyrocketing? What is it going to be like three four dollars? A shower ten cents or twenty dollars ninety s up a dollar twenty six today right now. Congratulations and by the way if you made a wise investment entercom just five years ago. You're now down. Ninety percent of a week ago though yes. Swimming is Jesus all right. We'll talk to you. This was pretty reprehensible. I don't know how it can be anybody's idea of humor.

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