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Okay don t know has been common to believe is one thing vein and would never in palm betting people people report. You're young age stayed sean. Harvey beach missed any j. Along with alcohols. Bobby cologne on world. Net radio come out from the beach. In pain or accountable. Radio any jay. From sean harvey morning show featuring the wake-up team catches on comedy world. Radio always say. Thank god for jesus. Oh okay so check this out we are. We're here we're here. we so take. It is a throwback thursday. But there's a lot. More on on a throwback thursday that we'll get into the minute good morning everyone what showing how show featuring cindy j. co host. Probably wait you get. You wanna start right. Why not only place on earth. We want to celebrate. That chat room is wide open. Or you could please call in five seven zero nine two six nine zero. We're allowed today iheart. Radio radio dot com. Sean harvey morning show dot com radio station. Comedy worldnet radio distributors the show to all phillies. Thank you for your patience. We're off podcast. Platform google to harvey won't show featuring waco team and send you all the links this morning right here on facebook live. We are happy to be here. Lord knows i love my job. We are in the building. We are here for you guys. thank god for jesus again. We are in the place to be on a throwback thursday a good morning the so good to see how you doing today how how i have made it as here in bethlehem guys we work has live till you right now. It is twenty seven degrees the highest me thirty nine today. It's clear right now But this evening we will have low snow flurries facilities. Be careful if you're in a roller still slippery so please be careful in strasbourg. Twenty seven degrees thirty nine for the high in clear thirty in newark new jersey. Forty one for the high and Mostly cloudy right now but The clouds are going to clear out. And maybe a little sun peeking through a little bit in atlanta. It's thirty degrees. Fifty four for the high fair in miami is fifty degrees. I'm sorry. Atlanta is thirty degrees. Fifty four will be the high end in. Miami is fifty degrees seventy two for the high and fair in chicago. Thirty degrees right now. Thirty six for the high partly cloudy with snow sometime later in the evening and los angeles. It's fifty two degrees is sixty six. We'll be the high and mostly cloudy and louisville to eight degrees forty three or four behind and some snow and rain mixed today. So if you're out about please be careful and rochester it. It's twenty three degrees thirty seven. We'll be the high in clear with snow. A rain snow mix. Sometimes even best weather half you are wasn't look like where you are coming to. You live from the show every morning. Show featuring cine jay we get. You started right. Gets you wanna start right. Only the place on earth where you should want to start right. We're have the front page news with sydney. As to the why can't deny at the nine o'clock hour we'll give the news locally nationally globally and you know the way i like it from the hood so you wanna stay tuned for the news and lord knows we have a lot news talk about and we also have The morning buzz. And i guarantee you each and every morning one thing we do guarantee on the show that your head will be buzzing so please stay tuned for that barbie. And there'd it'd be some harvey house the split. Y'all stay tuned back dale. We're gonna come back and when we come back we're gonna shout out the room we're gonna show you some love the ministers we did all that so don't go nowhere what we're doing right now we'll go back we have. Dj i hear dj dj rome. We'll go back to dj not here. We'll be right back guys. Don't go nowhere. I come on clay back Stone apiece with a income. I see talk. Show cherie z. I'm happy shoot me crazy. Thank you would a don't she. Just what just marches we just watches may marxist a good britain just with just with just just just walk not just talk sydney. Thank wilson don't just put. Don't wink win win. May may demon d. a music. That's our one and only dj wrong up. Everybody we're back cheers. good morning. It is a throwback thursday thursday february two four twenty twenty one twenty seven minutes. Out the back sean. Harvey morning show features. J. co host barbie. Where you get your morning started right. Why not chat rooms wide open. Please call in five seven zero nine six nine five zero radio dot com iheartradio Sean harvey morning show dot com fan radio station distributed by kami worldnet radio All major podcast platform. Thank you to all our affiliates who of broadcast this. Show thank you so much you could show him on the show wakeup team at pops up. All the links there This morning facebook. Live if you're one of those all stars in the facebook group room then. I guess i'm going to say what i see each and every day or please like our business patient harvey wanna show featuring waco team business page like you get notified each and every morning from seven. Am seven ten when we go live into a ten o'clock in the morning. That's monday through friday. Also we have the group Sean harvey morning show featuring waco team group. That group is amazing. A lot of posts. A lot of people in allah folks won't be And we invite a lot of folks to a lot of people to participate and then we appreciate you 'cause usually with After the show we all run over to the group on barbecue. Manatee really good to see you because you know. I haven't seen anybody stuck in our those as good to see a human being agreed without the good morning. Good how are you. I'm good Some talk about that. So here bethlehem we work. Has lots of you from. It is twenty degrees right now. The highest going to be thirty nine today and clear. Twenty seven strasbourg thirty. I've also for the high in clear and north new jersey. It is thirty degrees. The high was going to be forty one day. Little cloudy right now. I'm going to clear up some time late morning in new york city. Thirty two degrees forty one fourth the high clear with some clouds in atlanta. It's thirty degrees fifty four for the high a. Cloudy right now but it's going to be fair in clear out sometime in the late morning. Fifty in miami seventy two for the high end fair on heaton in chicago is thirty degrees thirty six. Be the high partly cloudy with some snow sometime later. This evening and in los angeles and it's fifty two degrees sixty six for the high mostly. Cloudy twenty eight in louisville forty three four. The high partly cloudy right now. Snow sometime later in the evening and rochester. It's twenty three degrees the highest going to be thirty seven today. Clear right now but the clouds roll in. And it's going to be a little slough this evening. That's the way have for you ought wasn't looking like where you are why we cologne coming to you. Live from the show every morning. Show featuring j will you get you started rates. We want to start right only place on earth. We get your more than started right. We're back and we're so glad to be here. And i'm glad that you guys In the group room in on online. And wherever you listen to us thank you so much this so good to be here Before we get into the show before we shot out the wrong Everything's still stays the same even though we have all this snow february two twelve. We're in paterson new jersey of february thirteenth. We were out here. A bethlehem pennsylvania March the seven your coming hang out with sean. Harvey big birthday bashes down at the bar. So many people come in to screen. I'm sure drop fly. Yesterday was your come through spacious Della I m yield. That's eight thirty. One south delaware mustang by eight thirty one south delaware job eastern pennsylvania. We into building this is the sunday shows early. Sunday march two seven five pm. Doors open source be playing some music action. Make a cadillac. Had the come through to A hassle playing music. Dj beloved Six o'clock show starts on time. Maybe six zero five on the type of comedian. When i put a time on a flyer i walk right to the stage around that time And then we go about seven thirty. we have monique nico our. Monique latif. she's on the show. She's super liars. And my man Timmy hall The comedy copy. This guy's freak hilarious and then after that you know. Oh now. I got a few. Comedians is coming through. Show some love on the microphone. And then after that we're gonna go straight to the after party early separate thirty. We're gonna make sunday look like a saturday night. Bring your mass okay. So all of that we face everything out and if you too scared to come don't come through this fine. Maybe somebody might film on facebook live. But i'm a shut that down to go get that luxury. Somebody's that you're doing on zoom no zone that's sunday moisture seven zero. Come on out. Celebrate your boy sean. Hurry i neil A thirty one. South delaware dr that's east eastern pennsylvania. We're going down on. Costa rica That's a july the twenty second through the twenty six. I like to think of some folks from our group for registering. And i'll take an a part of that Comedy shows theme parties every night. A week nonstop show. Happy morning show featuring wake team. We'll be down there We comedy shows every night but the main comedy show is up myself regime a kelly kelly's momentum going philadelphia and headlined by the one and only Some more so you'll come on down bunch of deejays now we're gonna grown entertainment. Hit me up if you need some information. Costa rica ultimate sole escape. Twenty twenty one. Okay bye before. Shot up to say this. Obviously we haven't been here. That was because it was an act of god right Themselves came down to snowballs on the lehigh valley region. Okay so bethlehem. This area got like thirty one inches of snow. Maybe thirty two. That is a a number that you just can't like computer in your head because what we talk about snow. We talk about six inches ten inches. That's a lot which it is. Yeah this this right. What happened sunday going into tuesday. Because this is one of those slow. Moving storm barbeque for me. We didn't you know we talk about your experience. But for me. I gotta i gotta sunday afternoon. I was done because it started snowing. And i was like you know the whole the whole supermarket run which i've got a couple of items anyway And that was it. I didn't come back outside into i. Guess whatever time. Start to shovel think. That was monday afternoon. Or whatever. And when i tell you that for me i live less than three miles from here. I could walk here. I couldn't get off my block. Slippery crazy barbie. Didn't they didn't plow my street. Yeah like i thought. All the sanitation workers quit after jobs even coming through the block and you can see nothing but snow industry now. I know that i know. Obviously the people who live in this region was affected but it was just is optical illusion for me to say to look outside and go now you not see the street. You can't see the sidewalk. You can't see anything it's just. I couldn't even see my car right now. What is that about like you. Gotta you gotta understand like the amount of snow that falls on the ground. You can't see an object that weighs about three to five thousand para. You can't even see it. And it's weird before i get into the whole shoveling pod so i'm in the house right and like i said i went to the supermarket. Get some things like folk shuzo. Remember the i get old wrong things why. We just like like fifty hours into snowstorm. Tiny and i he got one roll of toilet o. No that's not gonna look halfway done so she's do have any i. I thought we had this though that. So those those next fifty hours out we conserved outside yesterday. But i thought that was funny that that's all. We have one role stating a forum now now. Now bobby cologne. A practice kung food disciplined in the snowstorm. I didn't go to. I didn't run it every frigerator stuff in my mouth every six minutes a day shoving ford all up in the mouth and cause you have nothing to do but watch. Tv show food him know what is actually appropriate behavior for snowstorm. What we usually nobody cologne. I refrained from shoveling food in my mouth. I still stay stayed on my regular dialogue. Had and then you know what you. Boy sean harvey. At the age of fifty five barbie colona be fit six next month. god willing. I went outside and started shoveling. And i feel confident about shoveling bobby cologne because i knew i had that stress tests for months back until about a heart was really good and then i i knew that long. Pay myself in my knees and did everything right. Happy fine right right. And i shoveled the whole day bobby. Cologne in breaks started at five. Thirty six o'clock that particular morning went to seven thirty. Came into the house. Grab something to eat took. That went back outside at eleven shifts. That's right When i saw from eleven rocked out to about twelve thirty one o'clock progress. This is a lot of snow going on out there there then then bobby cologne wit wit from three o'clock. Four o'clock did an hour and then barbecuing out there that day. That was that was tuesday. Get those tuesday that went out there. Tuesday finished up at seven o'clock looked at my and i was proud of it. Then yesterday barbie cologne. I went out to the backyard and we had the these bushes back there and they some of them died because of the collapse of the way and i felt so bad i feel like i have a relationship with the bushes. You have a plant barbie now. Have you ever had a plan. Have you ever had a emotional connection to it. I don't have a great but you don't have to have a green thumb to have an emotional connection yukon for just water. It like i did that and it's still And it was one of the all you gotta do water and it's gone. It'd be good and yeah died. So i looked in the back of the bushes and it was just like horrific for me because i've seen the weight of the snow bing bending down on them and like i said some of them. The branches cracked and it just snapped. And then i go over there. I take my shovel over there. Of course like any places that would that the snow is like yards. Whatever it just went up to die. Fight so i took the shovel and i use it as a crutch to give it to the bushes. You walk through the snow. Walk through the snow. Barbie took my time. I have my cell phone. Jesus is not going to be the time to be fallen right. And i actually so a the shovel i use it as a basic human back up and then i went to the bush barbecue and i started pounding with the shovel to get the snow off of it. Now leaning like out a forty five degree angle. And as soon as i started pounding that snow for the branches they started lifting. They probably all thank you somebody to care. Yuck laugh with me. And this morning. When i left bobby cologne. I looked at the bushes and they starting to breathe again. And i felt like i. That was my greatest accomplishment of this snowstorm is make sure that these guys were good. Now be cologne. I just get to the car situation. I got a standard car like anybody else. Nissan one of those passenger cars little enough four door front wheel drive none. None of that And bobby i. I was actually going to purchase a car but when cova came was i didn't work i but the car runs so good. I like cool. We just have to keep it another year. S what it is but barbeque i am. I don't care what kind of four by four. I think the next car get even though it doesn't matter like this type of snow. I don't think it matter. What type of car. You're driving in helps. But i think it helps definitely have. I missed my alley. I definitely miss my outing driving. Dismiss you all wheel drive car right. So i'm i told my friend my girlfriend. I definitely getting me. A trump like this is great. You're putting them on chat room if you have all wheel drive or suv. Kind of car. Because bobby the data we were shoveling. That was tuesday right. Let's the days right my next door neighbor. This older woman babylonian and she has she lives with daughter barbara. While i'm shoveling the bethlehem police department pulls up in front of the crib microbe. And i'm like i like oh i don't have no wars child. Support is paid dog romances. I'd been pleading if there was any other babies out there. There's none and matter of fact if you take that i'm your father. Please call in the show. Five seven zero ninety two six never got at least two babies out there. The alice pulls up. Yes see and my first thought was like this is not the time for any one of us right anybody. No no one. Alan service in this in this condition right. That's that's almost literally barbaric. Yeah that time. Not the time so here come. Emily is right. Talks behind the The police truck was actually. I stopped shoveling because the black the blackness. Kate blackwell absolutely. Oh i to see something so the young girl comes out to technician is holding the young lady right they put it in the back of the amland. How the police cruiser just pulls off he goes. He's on he's he's oddity right Another pickup truck comes the opposite direction on a two way street but of course there's only one lane now because his oldest snow so guess what the guy comes down one way to emily pulls out the stops he he he he he didn't back up and nothing the job because has been worried about. I'll back up and go to the corner. Don't you know barbie. She gets to the corner and stuck on my blog for over an hour with the lady in the back and another like amulets service came to get her out. I take her whatever. Yeah and that later that took stayed there blocked in that data in the section for house. So my whole thing is like you gotta do not want would. I don't know what was wrong with her. It wasn't in seriously like serious area right. But you don't want to do any kind of any kind of activity in weather like this to have some kind of self inflicted injury exactly because if you call amnesty no no telling how long it took for them to even get the two i. I took an hour after the call to get there. And i was. I was fearful for this young lady. You see the technician and the other guy god. The policewoman out there but in another like van little amulets. Ambi land amyloid emily. Emily emily blurbs. So you know i. I was talking to bobby essay and Of the you know we've been communicating with each other and we thought it would be best to this kind of coming here today. It's much more safer right. Because it's a safety issue. What everybody you know what. I mean so bobby lives about ten tim. House say ten miles. Know you'll live fifty miles away. No you know about fifteen minutes. So you a little bit over tim out before bobby is a straight shot pretty much when you get to the once you get on. Twenty two is punitive. So how's the eastern area on your side of town. What's going on over there. The main roads are pretty good It's the side streets in the smallest recessed. were okay. Well people throwing snow back in the streets so look like they never plowed. Yeah off the car. See it on your side not on this side as much. Well there's a lot a lot of hills over there out eastern very hilly. Isn't that scary though. Yeah and this is one main hill where i live and it's like really steep the the washington post. It's not even they block it off. You can't even until they cleaned it completely. They won't even let you go up and down is completely shut down. This is a hill. Everyone literally it's gotta be forty five degree angle and the gotta be limited twenty five miles an hour to take crazy. Yeah so what they do is they. Just shut that down to clean it. Everybody just We're gonna shout out the woman and man but just if you have insurance stories you wanna share about this because this through everything off but with great food at That we're okay. Safety is the most important thing. Because that's another thing like barbie like that whole like crashing the car because people have to go out and really they really don't have to go out and then they call get wrecked or they get stuck in the snow. That costs money. Then the toll guy gotta come or you got thirty guys helping you out an s. If you're in the right location and harvey don't want no parts of that me aloe state my little self right house. I would have stayed. In the crypto sunday. I caught my son to come and get because we. He has his father's truck which is a four point. So i need to go out somewhere. Come get your mom right. Thank you. And i wanna shout to a all the ladies who don't need a man who don't give a damn about a man who shoveled snow the last couple of days. The in front of my house i did that. Let me queens. We share with all your queen now the not posted in the group. Your had the earliest attitude. I was bad but one more time for all the coins. Gentle beth barbie cologne did you. Would you discover that. Little patch wavering. For you yeah yeah walkway. No and i started my car. I had to get to my car and then there was just when i realized that. The snowplow really put me in. You couldn't even see garbage. I saw that that to call reinforcements because there was no way i was going to myself so i called my nephew. I tag all in facebook. Like ozzy came and got me unless the advantages of having a big family. But bobby at what point while you were shoveling like what minute was the time duration in you're shoveling when he was like i need what was is it. Can i call up on those immediately. We at is your car by jacques cleaned out. Get to be well. What am i nephew around gordon. So he's talking about the exes. I'm not saying calling the expert. Did you think about one. Yeah i wanted to say that you thought about like The hey thank you for your honest. Hey right so you did have a thought. Maybe especially somebody that's close. Yeah yeah as one of call me. I was the one. That's what one of my friends did. call me. I was okay but he was still trying to get his car out now. He said if. I get it on time and up before him about come help you do. I'll come to you. But yeah yeah. He sure i was good. You know although we we still friends we are. France lays put a number one in the chat room. If you we're gonna take a break in one shaoguan late put number one in a chat room if you You went out there and you start plowing. I mean a shoveling adjust even the low bit just just like even this for like twenty minutes and then you realize you know maybe i shouldn't have dumped the the previous guy so so soon and so for some trivial matter and fellows clap if you put it on chat room if you went out there like your boy sean. Harvey and guess what barbie so last night late late in the afternoon. The teenage kid. That always acts. If i need help. Barbara does this young man. Text me at three o'clock in the afternoon yesterday. I am done. He's i hey mr harvey. Do you need any help bro. You seriously now. Here's the video. Monday like like what's up with these teenagers. I didn't see one teenager out there. Yeah all these days with the shovel walking around the neighborhood getting this money right well more. I see more grandmothers out there shoveling snow then these teenage kids and i blame you parents for it seton. I blame every single. Hodel bush on you. I'm talking to you or you parents out there. What's going on you need to tell your teenage especially as a boy a young man. You're supposed to tell him to get dress. Get shoveling get your ass out there and make you a few dollars or help. Some of the elderly people in the neighborhood. But you don't do it because your son is in the house plan fortnight running. They're playing matt in the nba and live and all whatever the whatever. These kids are doing so. I don't blame the kids parents. I blame you gotta shovel downstairs in your garage your basement or wherever you live if you have blessed to have a house even if you don't and i didn't now one teenager parbat now what come through to help out your boy or anybody in the neighborhood parents. Shame on you yeah. Did you see any kids alert now. Now near one. And like you said it was mostly females out and where i live in a crazy against the females that was out have teenagers signs adele sons that live with them or significant others. I said it could have been because baby. Everybody would have been there almost if i had to them snow and they weren't night. What they were is ladies out. Blame you if your man sitting in the house laughing and grinning grin one of my neighbors. And your and your and your son's up in there and you out there shoveling snow that's your fault. One of your neighbors. Were the mama adore shoveling snow in a grow main sitting in the house. Which let my son. Wouldn't i have champa and i would sit there and i'm not blaming. No medical conditions fellas have you out there and you running around when you're doing whatever you're doing now here in these streets and now here comes the snow and now you're back hurt. I don't wanna hit none of that even if your back hurt. Go out the front of the door and direct. The young folks right to do something. But i blame you blame you mom and i blame you dad. 'cause you don't have the courage no more to sit there and direct your son or daughter to do something. My father was at the greatest ball. I'll tell you that much. Hey he wasn't. He had his own issues right. Yeah but if he told me to do something. I checked out there so fast that of course i didn't want my ass whip for the fifteen thousand time these i respected the man and my mother to go out there and do whatever they told me to. But you got sick you got you got to teenagers or tek top. Doing these stupid dances and we asked them to go show something they can't do and i'm disappointed disappointed in all of you. You guys bigger list body. Cologne put up with on horn and called body. Got ten thousand people that have family in eastern outta ten thousand swallow them came over this show and you don't even have any. You don't even have the courage or the whereabouts to tell your own child had gone out there and shovel or go to the store do something or go check on the person next door or around the corner. Not me those harvey kids would have been out there. Saying he would have been out. There was even. Let's go let's go. Let's make something happen all the and let's go outside. I'm a man baby. But i blame you. I can't glow just said it. And i said now one team to put it in one chatroom if you if you live in wherever you live. Did you see a kid. Go out there and make some an how to shovel. The last kid that came to. He only worked ten minutes. I gave him twenty dollars. I would have paid this young man yesterday but he can call me at three o'clock in the afternoon when everything's done it's forty degrees outside. He probably won't come on and he was like that manson top. I'll tell you this if a young man come through charter and if your blessed to have a house of dry with and and they and they offered apply your little row house street or whatever and you don't pay any money shame on you as well now me and my son xinyu. I have put a post on my facebook and now tag all my nephews who live locally in my son and the like a people messing me like you know if you find somebody who all sing ladies if you find someone to I'll pay them to come live. So you know. Meet your entrepreneurs a we know this eastern yesterday. Monday mother cleaning cars off like we was getting people out me and my son and my nephew. We took opportunities to make some coin right. And that's that's a very interesting point. She just she just said anyway. She say a single women fellows Sean hobbies now single saw nothing but fellas if you single and you lived in a town like this will all these single women enhance not only was you. Were able to help out these women. You will probably probably had a few smashes tab last couple of days. That wouldn't even been no conversation as our second out. If i were single. Bobby bernadette with sean can you come up Yeah but i'm going to need to smash whole show. Respect him smash smash in shovel cookies cakes. People probably would have given the all your care. See two cars of your women run around to the snow all over the car and you can't get the car and you'll draw ways and your walkways done now. We're smashing now. We because ladies yard. You know you're single you african american or wherever you are god. Bless you you you got everything. The governor will look at you. Use ready to drop the jaws for the for the cleaning up with dropping. Nobody's roles and even if miles baby income. I would've gotten crowd eventually. Bobby dropped the jaws. Somebody would have messiah came through assigned times before but you didn't have thirty one or thirty two when snowstorm as well and then that would've asya canedo. You thirsty is hell. You've been in house before. Didn't sheet ice on that car. Was i was showing a while the phantom. That's all i would've guys good meal. And bobby witt futa just like in like two hours. Clean out your driveway cleaned. Everything i got a card then came in and said you know just about the leave bobby food out that. How fast would you attack more attacks in bobby. How fast would you to. i promise. You are going to have to take that man. Let me tell you something. If i was a single man and i was in that house barricaded and some fine women came through cleaned out my driveway Going to smack. Yeah so to all single women out there in eastern applaud. You and i pour party. Komo's she made a few dollars off the women that a single in the community How much probably just real quick before we take a break. How much is these snow blows. I don't have one and my and my babylonian neighbors that i don't really talk to. They were showing off. That would add a snow blower we would have been. We would have gotten way more people do but War we call these people. You the snowblower thing. I don't know how much she thinks. Man he's these deep deep. Abalone many the they crack these things open man like. Can you get one posh. What i mean the bob. The average cost of one of these snow blow goo goo. The average cost is about five hundred dollars. But you can get one foot from two hundred to over three thousand depending on where you get it from. you know. i guess those. The industrial wants is more expensive average. Three hundred okay. So let's put this moment of the five hundred so far. Would you think that it would be the for you. We'll take a break. No shuttle you take that it would be a good investment for you to purchase equipment for five out now and ask me because i don't have enough probably if i had a driveway and a whole lot of property. Oh i definitely would have been had one years ago. So i don't have one and we have a driveway. Yeah and the snow twice and shackled twice. You take the five hundred dollars with it and you probably would have made your money back and some the first year you had it going out there but the got these guys you're right you're right but these guys they had the pickup trucks and they put the blow pours in the pickup truck. And i think they drive around and make money. Yeah but you need a vehicle like that. I think to transport it you. We've got four sedan. I don't know if i could put the sky like these guys with these. I'll tell you what we do we to take a break. Who's a chat room number. Two week at tiffany close augusta belief. Or this is what we're gonna do. We'll take a break this gunshot wounds just where we're going with that Chat member week is who again. I'm sorry okay. Tiffany closely okay. So what we're gonna do this okay. 'cause we took the whole week off and We're gonna tiffany travel member. We could've following week. I'll go okay. Seven eight it's not because we weren't here and So what we'll do give. Let's give ourselves a mental note with that Because i don't want on friday so we'll be here but we're going to bypass the we're gonna we're gonna let her be the chapel member week for another week. We'll be right back. guys young. Not being aids sean. Hobby beach missed. Any j. along with alcohols. Bobby on comedy world net radio. P- heck is featuring. Wake up team or accountable. Radio visits semi jay from the morning show featuring the wake of catches on comedy world radio doc a wall. Tj wall in us. You're in the mix with the kissing. My son fake homey hill. I'll see you doing straw face with the class. Are you a black owned business or would you like to support one then. Joining go black owned on facebook and instagram and become a part of the go movement hosting is unlimited and free on go-goes facebook and instagram pages listing will also be free on bo list dot com anticipated to launch in december. Twenty twenty hates social media and business services including highlights features banners and more are also available with gogo and go bo affiliates. Be sure to invite your friends and family to shop with over one thousand member businesses and don't forget to go you doing things people each and every night. Just keep bothering me just trying to figure out what it is. Every town around that is set down with a piece of prostate And style of close you. A smell is so contagious smile. So not bad mama. Way body were that way with separated from america's he did like spin living the single life quite a while she was looking for. Someone wants to leave the same. Give the upper just whenever you to see sick. Pay to shoot just a taste of what you need other guys on me Will with girl you give me. Why chester show real mankin saying mark walkie. Three smart guy. So you wake up. throwback thursday february two four off. Twenty twenty twenty twenty one fifteen minutes at the out to shout room like okay so we already know what the hell the hell we went through and twenty twenty and twenty twenty. No forget that year twenty. Twenty one is not great by twenty twenty one is like giving us a gut punch like twenty twenty day home idea my word twenty one is i think we're gonna let twenty outshining ban. I ain't stamped it. Wow this this last like thirteen months. You gotta put perspective on your life because we was just selling right along and it was all good and now with these last thirteen fourteen months. I'm telling you try to stay as healthy as you can. If you can and humble yash because Do like. I said like i said before we shout. Everybody's got a three five. Year plan is three five year. Plan this right now. Right is the february fourth plan. Let's get february two four for see what the fifth is talking about. Okay so please. Everybody be careful out there in this world. There's a lot going on. We're gonna get into that. But i boy we're going to do is we're gonna do something we haven't done it in a minute. Yeah we're gonna shout out to chat. Snap okay so love in here thought. Maybe they forgot about us. We was gone for so long. They forget they came back. Yes we love. Y'all we appreciate your so much and we want to show you wanna show you guys some love 'cause without you guys We wouldn't be here especially shut out to all our creepy. The folks that listen to the show we say. Go away this folks that just listen. You'll get with it. You got it all right now. Choked crazy when you live a slide down the wrong pipe yes. Exactly where would you bob. Would you help me. Which would you did. A good job would see you know. Cpr certified. But i know say thank you. I did the same for you. I hope so so This is live. So i was like okay. So all the creepers. God bless you. Thank you so much We say that with a lot of love and all the haters dale. I look the haters like choke choke choke panties on down. He's going down on the show. Bobby if i go down like that. Continue to fill back over there at work. But but you but you don't run by running but don't shut nothing more. I'm that i'm not worried about them. You gotta all keep keep everything running. Okay so let's let's let's listen love all. Let's let's let's show folks love banker. Yes i know right like we do it all wrong but it all works. Stick my finger that great son he was about to. Maybe this is what i realize. I need to learn. Cpr he how he was playing with something they whatever it was he put his mouth. He's auto choke. And i panicked. I'm young mom. Only twenty years old. And i so so. I'm sorry i was nineteen twenty and panic. I didn't know the heimlich stick my finger snaps. You know i got it out. But that wasn't the right way but it worked aller cpr. After that. i didn't learn see part. Same thing happened with my daughter goblet. She was a little tired. My daughter arena some. She choked or something. I didn't know what to do. I just opened up. I took by whole out grabbing. I got it. But say i ll erzsi. I should've just took a corresponding. Whatever you line learn. Yeah you know like you to video video. Yeah crazy so the waiting heart set on arts at the heart. Excess fat bobby. Let's go hey heart to heart with with a with a hardcore. Hey bret hart villa. Hey hey hey what's up. Hey wait a heart then. Chat room a chat room. Hey hey hey. Barbie let's go. Hey with hearts with hey where the heart a heart hard. Hey heart set. Hey hey what. Hey hey i'm hot. If ever seems like right who we have in the building. Derek evans is here. hello derek. Good morning welcome back growth ray right. I'm communist graham just popped and gum on beautiful to halo good morning. Nate jones is here. Hey nathan you good morning to you. These voices right. These names Is in the building. Good morning charles. How are you today. Do boys pamela is here. Hey goran how're you to a who we have andrews. It's end the building. Good modern della. How are you today. Beautiful tiffany close. Because you have chat room the we hey chat room member of the week channel. Yes good morning. Phillip brown is here. Hello credit repair kings in the building and mass. My nephew Nephew credit right. That's right who else we habitable than theory jackson. Good morning laura. Hey hey girl. How are you this morning and the queen is here. Yo say good morning to diane early because she is in the bill that hey queen. Diane was keeping us. Postal huw pitchers in On facebook of yeah. I know the poconos must really got hit up there for the first time they used to get more. I think i think we we. We got about the same really. Think it's about the same okay. Nobody wanted any of this foolishness. Diane did the power. Go out there and the poconos because that's a lot. That's the whole thing up there with them. Are you still have barbeque pow. The power will go out for no like it'd be like a sunny day politics because it's just too beautiful acts diane power the power stay on nearly power. Who else in building. Lee scott is head. What's up terribly. Good morning to you you bill for this type of weather. My nephew okay came from kentucky. You ain't bill for you and adore with a froze to death. You ain't bill for this bro. Ass in texas right where you are. Which deep fry grill that you plug into the wall. God bless you. Don't want no parts of this. No none of this is craig. She said the electricity remained on grey mothers clever for that right like being in a snowstorm city and i can't i had generated. I'm allowed to do with it. Have no one just generate award. No see your powers underground but we on the transformer is above ground here in eastern well and the bad thing blows the pablo. It has happened in my era many times. That is why we haven't. I am so serious. And once two days i can understand someone like the queen. Diane having a generator they out there and say you live on a block. Just in case of emergency showing generator. Absolutely you never know what might happen. But these generators like sushi for a house party calling like really vic size it in the basement then we made it through way door up. And what is it gonna lose with What's his power like the kitchen on this. One robot plugged in our freezer. Just the kitchen. This yeah we and we all slept downstairs so it was a generator that just a. It's on tv so you have to. You have to the tv into the kitchen. Now we go ahead like six seriously. Yes absolutely 'cause you get the real generators. Bobby this light up the whole house again and you know at the town it kinda you know how how how back in the day where. You've got the Tasty you got your generator for the street. Hey were great mazing room. Hey let's hear now. My four bay air conditioning. Okay and it was some time to data. Some was horrible right. Tiffany listen here. I am not above having a pet. Come on in here. Let them have some good socks. I buy dollars the is out for a day. You gotta generator. The sony powell up half of a room. Well you've really is right now unless you have like good. Yes what i'm saying. Is generated get a generate like the one thousand you. Are you what you wanna buy the power go out the power going to go and you need to get a double blanket socks now. We need you got someone. And i was like listen. I am not for your well beef yet at my turkey in my aktan out the important that pork chop wood our try to have my full go bad shoot. You'll run around here with all these houses whenever you're running around here with all these houses and you don't have no generator. Well my house. I had no generate. i had nothing whatever. Have my washing machine from the wrong guy cable research. That whole thing with the this guy's gonna come over. You know like the typical sales guy. You know what i'm saying. He has on those khakis with the belt on with the shirt. Tuchman right and was like you can find that. Get generated sixty five hundred. I said if you don't get out of my face dollars. I was like yeah least got no this was of course you know outweighing you could put the meat outside. But this was like when i had you. I had the generator. It was a dad of summer. Honey like degrees as that nephew she. She purchased a generator for somebody knows walking in the street. It was brand end. The was brand new in the box. It was the type of generated i could just like generate like to like outlets in a room i saw. That was how much gas you have to put in his policy of. You put like alan again right. It was a bit barbara. This is not a big generator. It was being small one day was stable. They have the same nine thousand for two outlet ellsmore an eighty two. Don't use that thing on my own thing. If i could find it. If i have to i will okay. I definitely will. Everybody would jenner. Nobody nobody out there. If you're a homeowner you're listening to this show right now. I guaranteed none of them. Got only one on a block the have power that day. My as my phone didn't go bad. He saw the garbage truck. I mean the garbage out the by had hold on because they fool when bay we had a blackout new york city. Like eighty eight eighty nine ninety six ninety nine around those years and we will fine. Well we'd like the light was out for a day or two. I can't remember who who will remember that black i was. I think it was in the nineties. Early two thousands was fine to susan. Power on meet with this. It was an on long enough to meet to get bad. No this was asked today. This was titled veggies folks in his shero now our none of them. They run around with these big ass houses. I'm not hitting. It ain't got no generator. Who wasn't senator. We have jessica wilcox in the building. Hey just good morning. Do you have your home on. Do you have a generator. Girl johnny whip is in the bill. Then hey johnny. Good morning. I'd rather be like in like in mckinley houses or jackson houses in the projects in the bronx. That power never go off. China's says she got generated who channel. Okay so i donald believable guy. Say i have all over that. She said i haven't generated. I don't live in a house. I bought it just in case. I only live in a two story building so worst case scenario i can put it in the backyard. So she does that mean. She doesn't have a shot to generate a attached to the house. One as she got it is it is not new shonda and barbara. Cologne got something in a basement. Pull out whatever. Guess way it to be works sockets. I'll wait ten hours tau immediately. All the frigerator log. Can't even. i wanted to. Who got the generator. Attached to the house you put the gas in and just you know all all power comeback going. I want that generator. You'll run around here going lows with little to and our have degenerated guy. No source the discharge. Your phone girl have one. You need to get y. I can't afford you going to ask you the house but you get one case emergency now like how long will lack of go out go a day without power. Yeah yeah any back. Generally for their usually cut back on the next day sometime. It may not show on this good to have this case emerge. So can you you can regenerate or right. Oh yeah you can definitely say. I wonder one of my constituent one. The may not have any more. You might be right. Let's find out for you by while we find out. How much does it cost generators who knows. Dj cadillac hit. Is here hairon. Good morning to you. Show the trade. Reach out to you about this sean Enemy step will be the cadillac. I might reach out to. Sean shutout you show. Have you hold on one show. Good morning celebrity johnson from florida. How you doing. How are you good. Good good. I hear showing over there. He talking like just like a person that don't have the house and a generation talking a had a house before. I didn't have the radio. Yeah i know. I hear you no matter what size. That generator is figures off. Some some of the trysofi where you can get some electricity and you good right. That's all right. It's better than nothing. Why we can't even find it might generate attached to the house like the guy when i say the guy came over and he says sixty five hundred. That's only get the hell out of those those generators attached to the house a lot of times they They automatically work. But you know when people go out and get generators. They went on generators the those. Because i know here in florida one we without electricity almost a week also league in and you could see. They had generators in the street. You know helping people just to keep your just to keep this stuff. Stop for a minute. Go outside and you and you cook your meat and stuff on the grill. Though i get it bill. I get what you're saying. No matter what sounds generated it is if you put gas in it and it can give you some. Electricity is better than nothing. I don't believe pushed president generated by walking street for twenty dollars twenty house. But hey and she's even homeless guys goes insisting. I'm telling you when that when that electricity was fan. Florida for about a week. A week and a half. I wish i would have had. Bobby's little generator okay. So my name is to say. Okay bobby back. When i was smoking crack. That was no power row for me for months. Sold the a whole different kind of to live like being without power. How you guys you guys. You guys had snow for the last couple of days. But you know in florida since i think since sunday every day it's been like fifty fifty five degrees all day cold for your right. That's cold cold. are you serious. Thank you foot forecast. Down in florida call. Today it's gonna go to high today. Seventy two thank. God you johnson really appreciate you for that. Thank you why you win you flips update where you are right why because cologne. We haven't seen a squirrel out here sunday off frozen all the square. Who's a day. I haven't seen a pigeon obscene bird. I don't know what's going on out here now. Well they just like they don't like the cold. You look became became south. They're here. I see him. I know orgies probably sitting in that big ass house. Huzzah of barbie. Cologne should probably watching the news. And i was going. Not the pelicans word but i said i don't miss that at all right hi. I'm hearing now missing shit. I'm telling you. I'll take fifty degrees any day. Don't don't don't get it twisted or you don't you mike. According to grips of global warming next january have a blizzard down there. I don't want that to happen. When i'm just saying well i get you because it's possible like i said the last the past couple of days i took i've been taking my grand. My grandson went back to school. So you're pray for him 'cause you know. I took him back to school for the past couple of days. When i've been getting up to get him ready for school they take him to school. It has been at low forty degrees and it stays yesterday. Stayed fifty five degrees until about twelve o'clock and then we got about sixty so it's been cold so i know it's got to be global warming because there's nothing else this time years usually warm in florida. First of all. I wanna thank you because you're absolutely right. I do always asks for updates and you have oblige and god bless you barbeque. She's calling talking about his lamb. Wish was fifty degrees here right now. Maybe was fifty degrees out here. I'll run around here with some speed on law roller skates with the left nipple patch. If it was in florida noticed because they still wearing shorts. You know of course me. I got a hoodie on and stretch pants and sock from leakers. And they look at me like you know what what i want you to do for us. You know because you know you from this part of the country before we go back to shine. Not the moon. Is i want you to do orgy to show some some love. A the north where we would have snow bomb once you go get your biggest coach. Who have over coat winter coat and i want you just walk outside. Would you win a code off to stay second. Just no not doing that. Just call people put on a hat and boots and a winter coat for thirty seconds just to show some people i mean they. Yep yep we're woman on the street with a big heavy coat on and say. Hey i'm just representing my people in the north. That's what the heck is going on. Not sorry i love you. But i love you that much. All right. Well thank you. Everybody always you johnson for we. Have we have the sean hayes. Jones in the building halo. Sean good morning to you. She working today working today. We haven't been thrown in a building. She said it got a little bit of snow down there virginia just enough for the kids to play anybody multi right away. Of course. don't brag. No one likes to brag vanessa. No one likes to brag. But she was she had got a little bit of snow a few inches In in virginia the kids played in a little bit and multi. Right away he goes. Well actually brag. I think what happened to what happened with the cookie itself and then what happened was right. What happened with that. We know everybody showed us some low. That's what happened rabbit. Andrew is in the building and robin. You sure the fine time to come back to pennsylvania girl. She was down in georgia. I guess Della said she back up here. Guhua good up here with us. Good reese afresh. Let me say this cold air. Oprah's these lungs up the opium. Your lugs up. You need this fresh air go into your lungs. Coal air going through your body. You need it and like it. You'll be fine. you need him. I'll need it. Alice deane is here alice goblet. That's a good thing about living. In this part of the country we get all seasons so it keeps our brain going without snow. I'll mind i mean. I don't like the cold either but i could do a talent the cold but snow our like it but as part of the living in this article well need it why we really need it. Tell me why. Why no questions to set these people in florida. I don't even know what's going on the shorts of and they win at all year round. But how cow create. How creative are you in your mind that you anywhere shorts and flip flops. All year round. That will go your senses. We need this appear in this part of the country. We have greenery up here. These places those hot is audrey johnson. All these others in florida they live in a beautiful place. They all got concrete houses They don't have houses up. Here we have barbie Because of tornado hurricane coming down the whole thing apart so there's liabilities of being in hot climate locations as well what barbie would you really want to live like an arizona or florida or california all year round with ninety degrees every single day and the air is dry and there's no humidity i'm telling you you will get tired of that way now you'll get tired of it. I'm telling you you will get tired of you. Wanna see greenery. You want to see leased falling. You wanna see. I cold weather spring. What you want some of you want you get the whole plethora of weather. Yeah out of show keeps your mind. Alert and unlike excess heat. I don't you know so all year. I wouldn't folks okay. So a folk snap let. Let's say folks from the caribbean. Let's the sitter. It's always hot down there. It's beautiful down here right. Yeah so this beautiful place all these hours. I'm just doing that. Whole region out there right right. Jamaica or always knife and climate is always night in the caribbean right Heli coming up here now now for our weather for more coming for more opportunities but why you got great weather opportunity for stayed out there. You haven't gotten all year round. We come up here for so they need a better appetite opportunity for have you how happy opportunities a met already. Because the weather's good they may. They may have great weather by. They may not be great job or a great. You know great to make money so you know they have to so there was so so as soon reverse make money and then they go back a year or they say that turn a quad. Climate doesn't make sense to me. Well that's what they do show and then they come up here and everybody in this cold. I'm glad that folks if you live in the in the in the in the west indies every level down in florida. I'm glad that you live up here in this part of the country. He you need. These seasons keeps bringing going our really appreciate the snow. Academia with the caller. Can you wear flip flops. Five years straight. Now now definitely cannot whoever pastor. You won't be able to put a shoehorn because they wish shoes knew this. These these khaki shorts were three years barbecue. You won't do that now. Rarely i want to go somewhere. Wyoming seasons i do. I do definitely do. It's just a snow. I don't like. I really do not like the snow but probably the snow is temporary ads. Saying that's okay. This'll be a for week. I can definitely Go without the snow in winter. I colaco by me. Because i could bundle up. I just don't like just dosier sensors if you stay in a hot climate place for for like many of years. I'd dessus my opinion. I just think that it just is counterproductive. Do need to fill cold. Feel it. I feel sorry for folks that living like hawaii or whatever and they came here for this weekend for this they might not be able to deal with this but they do get some kissel clo- car climbing in your life. We've been doing this for now. who while the santa iago shepherd is in the building. Good mono wanda how are you today. lynn net net net. Serano is here t going on over here because today is a great day for its whole door you go. Who are you got. Your hair looks nice and warm. Michael street justice grassy is in the building. Hey mike good morning to you Meli right is here. Hey girl the morning toronto down in his here. One nikki. Deal is in the bill then. Hey alum prentice cox. Hey baby come. On mr robinson richer nine is in the building flex. Ninety two three is here. Good morning your check out that station over in jersey. Sonia harris has here good morning. Kyw gonzales what's up k. k. Hey horatio missed one. Emoji johnson is in the bill and hey markets sink corey gil crisis here hellosign corey trina pinkerton in the building. What's up girl. Good morning ruth. Kamanga is here goodman. Ruth how are you to say the real sakina scott is in the building. Good morning shoutout to kareem williams. Hey korean good morning to you argued phrase here. Hey girl good morning mathis fragrance fedora. It's in the building morning. Corey to wanna p minutes here. Hey wanna the show be in the building. What's up girl my best here. Halo shaw around alydar. Come on and orel belly. Thomas is in the bill. The hey billy thank you for tornado appreciate you. And he i think he said trinity. Jerry i believe riley sean brown oliver. She probably got challenge. Remember she ever generator driveway. Tom is here tanya. How are you today. The godfather of soul tracy rates in the building. What's up tracy. Good morning to you shall to ingraham campbell. Hey is the knees building. Julius gaucher's here. Hey as tim harriett is here and a low pass two point. Oh hager good morning show. Justin it's in the building johnson. Hey audrey nissan day Sean logos was a soldier. Here can be in the building. Shimmy laugh hey girl. Good morning. Keep those coming home. Who else is here. See lynn rooney is in the building. Good morning crystal. Tiffany thompson is here. Hey tiffany frank clyburn. Hey cuz ain't good morning to you who else we have. Oh that is all the names that we have right now. If you guys are here get shot out. Mitchell you let me know yet so i can you for mexican if we have one create job. Thank you so much so how show sydney barbie. Hello what's up managers kennedy. Hey kenny was what's up brother. What's up what's up song are you doing. Hr i'm good luck. I lived in san antonio texas for nine years. And do you know how up here when we used to. You know on christmas week. Bikes and stuff. We gotta put him up down there. They they bike. Get the riding until you work. The warm weather is way better than we crazy for living up here and this list. We absolutely nuts. I'm getting outta here next. I yes i get. You ain't going down the flaws first of all. God bless kenny. Be winning and it's true. He does win Kenny i'm gonna just say this to you. I'm give real hard reality pause. Oh he have our quarterback. You're not going anywhere. People always say when the weather's bad like this a bunch of they go. I'm gonna i'm outta here. I'm leaving. i'm going away. That's like when trump became president. Everybody was moving to canada. Nobody moved to canada. So it's easy to say that because it's easy to say that the bobby cologne at the weather's bad like this. Everybody wanted to run and move. Nazi kenny sane. Go to florida. He's back on the phone kenya. God bless you brother. I appreciate everything you do for the community man. God bless you but let me tell you. Hold on hold on. Don't let this don't let diseased holding new appeal. i'm old. It gets cold both star. How old are you. how old are you. I'm fifty turned fifty in october. Says i'm fifty years old. You stop it you got one. Which one would you would. You mean what do you mean. What are you talking about you. Oh you're not old. I'm just saying my body feels that way when geico when i'm canes hate me like im seven. Nope i disagree. I disagree that cold weather man. No no i disagree with you. You are fifty years old. You're in you're in pre relatively good shape. All this is just mind games this plane with your mind okay. I'll be fifty six next month. God willing okay. And i'm not i'm not. Nobody's nobody's tired. You gonna be fine. You just traumatized by all this snow. Don't make a major decision on moving to florida. You're not moving to florida and barbie. I've been to san antonio texas joe from houston san antonio desert and cactus and there's nothing out there is just dry. Heat and san. Bobby's hottest l. in san antonio texas yes. It is as sin stays that way the whole for the radio. Life is data that way about ten months ten out of twelve months. They get about ninety nine hundred ninety s and then they get about two months. Where dip down to about sixty You know Sitting scully's when six right out there django bleeders are was in texas. Is i've been there a few times doing standup. Don't even rain out there. You want to be somewhere. We don't even rain. Low change slow. But allie this right. But i'm just saying you wanna last somewhere where you will never see. A raindrop anakin. That doesn't even sound right to me. And kenny and aubrey johnson. All these folks want to run on outta here and this freely confident of being in warm weather this a for that can. What's the live -bility. I wanna hit a liability. If you're living in these parts of the country here's a liability. They have something called like hurricanes and all that stuff that go right to florida tornado. It's like it's like a tornado. Pays tall and i'm a hurricane. I'm not wishing that on people in florida court but hurricanes come right through texas right to florida. You'll pick that's a liability my friend. It's this. It's the same equivalent of this snowstorm. And reason why i say that is because of the feelings a hurricane and the whole powell is out in the flood is all over the place and you get back to life in a week or two. You still feel the same way like we feel like here in the snowstorm. So what difference does it make. And san antonio texas bobby got heat out there. San antonio texas air conditioner cost three thousand dollars. Then you gotta have this guy. I've been several top kenny. You can't you can't live in san antonio texas without air conditioning. My right absolutely not by. I'm sure they have centuries nine. Go down the block here. We could snatch up something from home depot. Whatever your ninety nine hundred anything cheap three thousand. Btu's a thousand whatever it is. I talk about ten thousand out there. San antonio texas you get ten twenty thousand. Btu that thing might cost you fifteen You gotta get air conditioners on the black market air pick. I got shaking. No i mean he was kind of all point with that it. Though rain i moved down here. Mark ninety day rain until about july and then when it rained it flooded everything out. So you you kinda right about random. Called is ridiculous epidemic. That's normal therefore for hope for months and then it rains flavorings flies like like a blip the biblical whole thing. You don't you don't think this normal be exactly. This is what i'm saying. So you'd be fine you in this part of the country sweat. It's going to be fifty degrees in a couple of days. Now the storm's going to go on with our lives you'd be fine and you're not old and your bones and old stamp what i'm going to say this and then my let's go. I'm getting a heck jersey. Next year. And i will still follow you. I was still called. And ob still be sean. Harvey show to the maximum flexibility sitting at ninety degree weather. While you're allocating freezing watching the show. And then a lotta people they move down down to the floor like my friend. My man easy l. He lives in florida to central. He's like i come back to new york. I can't stand you been living here all your life test guys you live in and you gotta like it can listen. I hope you stay in What part you're north jersey of south jersey. I mean like central jersey. I'm Southbound boy Couple blocks from the from the ocean. So so you're gonna leave your ocean view. I mean i can't see the only see the river from my back window but look is cold river it. I go down there and go fishing in it. I can't do nothing right now. I gotta just look at it. Like oh look at all that water but if i was in florida i be able to go ahead and get up in there. I go fishing. Do what i need to do and barbara. Let me tell you something. I've been around these amboise over there. Jersey lot of shows over there. Few of them amboise hoods trust. Now like those per families. A lot of hoods out there Bamboo hurt them boys. The boys not good per fan. Boy bobby just shows out there. It's like this is. This is straight hood. Be careful out the lahood up there. I live southbound boys. This old old town ain't that did i would. Then we need you to stay up here bro. You don't need to move to florida. Where you moving florida where. He act like he would win the mall town. Actually actually. i'm the payroll now moving. I'm not moving to south south florida. Because i drive trucks and then you'll work down south florida truck routes. What is none work in north florida. I think the city was called panama city china to move out there while well you can be friends with johnson. She lives is living in south florida. Right right well listen. I'm sorry that you feel this way. My friend that is going to snow. The snow is gonna drive you down to panama floor plan more city florida. This traumatized you that much mood. And then god bless you cameras right now this expert this day. What so. we'll look. Y'all have a great day man. I love the show. I listen to every day back. People's gopro van. And i keep putting you up to me you to have a good. One eating sean. Harvey of each missed any j. Along bobby comedy world net radio barvikha out from the team for commodore radio any jay from sean harvey morning show featuring the wake ian catches on world. Radio you've should come this gay. So that no and she skiable he was. She was covered. She took down. She was abused me any pound jump concerned about this round. Don't they went down. Also back we back. Thank you so much everybody tune in there so we're going to stay for a little bit. We'll leave here early about nine thirty just so we can kind of derosier pretty okay to getting better but we wanna make sure that we're safe so we could be back here tomorrow. Would you agree barbecue. I think that it is safe. That you know who started on time. We'll do we go to about nine thirty and then Barbie and i'll be back here tomorrow and then we get back into the swing of things Because what would happen is something major valley thirty plus inches of snow. This was this. I mean it seemed like people are starting to come back out and and You know things You know trying to clear. The streets like barbie said the which was very interesting where The clean inside rose but people are digging cars out and putting the snow back onto the street right. So there's a lot of that and you know it's warm enough. I think by saturday. We'd be fine. I mean the snow is not going anywhere this. The snow's this thing here to next week sometime. Yeah but We just want to be saved so we could be here for you guys way speaking of snow so well ever on my block because alley on like off street so the like the city sends the big trucks coming to remove somebody because it's so much out on the street parking so the had the street blocked off cars coming. But you know you can't get through because it got one dump truck and other the what they call it. A whole dumped chalk is one junction so he could okay so islamic art. He was blowing their horns. Like y'all don't see these people trying to get rid of snow so we pass the street right. You know people right here. He got the car. What's what we do. I had gone away what it was gonna be typical black birthday. What's at the window. Hard ota go around. She's like. I can't go around where the go it was in that patient com behind. Jeez cleaning off the street. Yeah they need to block the street from all of us so they can clean it because that to our own devices that had never get done. Right i was. Then you're gonna complain law on a little inconvenience. Come on my people calm yourselves. Down insists the appreciate shaw rocky with us on our first day back in the we china to make front page of. Ej hate pesos. To the devil. Wow she got the job at the new york. She got the front page news. Ooh this hit this. History is low. It's kind of a appropriate not appropriate but anyways black history month. So we're going to you know folks. You still don't see so me. A wisconsin teacher suspended after asking students. How they will punish slaves. Yeah crazy a group of suburban medicine. Wisconsin middle school. Teachers are only leave after giving students an assignment that will ask them how they will punish a slave. The time it was given to the sixth grade students and patrick marsh middle school for a lesson about a set of laws that was established by king. Hama bari. i hope i pronounced that correctly. An ancient mess opinion. Okay needs some names. According to a statement from the school principal rebecca's zayn Issued a statement issued a joint statement with assistant principal. Apologize for the assignment. Not being racially conscious. Our at ten. This is a quote from they're quote our intent missed mark and for that. We are deeply sorry. The statement said going forward we will be sure to think critically about whether our intent match our impact and she said we deeply regret that lesson took place and we recognize that this was a breakdown in our circular process. I'm sorry i will curricular processes and our district wide focus on equality well Principle again again right. It is right i apologize. It is history month apologize. I kind of i knew about forget about it. A lot of tickets loud shoveling shut up the black history month We always do something black on black history on this show since to get all this We need folks because each day. We do African american hero for Black history we tomorrow Now when you say something really fascinates me the court my ears this group of them and so. This is a whole situation in school. Where houses again and madison. Wisconsin usa is madison wisconsin and wisconsin. So shame on these teachers and what was the subject of how to beat how to beat us leave. How would you punish a slave okay. The question was if you're at We'll let me go back up to where you're staying. Your slave stands before you. The slave has disrespected the mass. About telling him you are not my master. How would you punish this lever so all these teachers the group of them. Whoever this is they all need to immediately get get terminated. Absolutely this is this. I mean how much of racism can new. How ratio is it to teach this to us kids in this school. I was wrong with your your adults your teacher you have to have some type of level of intelligence to teach another child you know that so we know that then why you're doing it okay. That's the easy answer your racist right. You're racist teacher and a good the group of them so i say this is an easy one fire. Every single one of there is no desk duty like they do police officers especially like black history month. You go through this black history now. They're there definitely is way one about black history and slavery. There's ways to go about it but that definitely is not the way to go about it. Yes you definitely. They should learn about it. But you don't pose the question. How would you punish damn slate. That's not how you go about. And what happened to them. Well they were. Let me see Finish up love coming up the needs to happen to these people. Right you definitely. Don't you know if you wanna teach about it. You teach him about how. The slaves brought here from africa against they. Will you teach him how was forced to pick you know. Today fee was burned in the hands was raw was have they were beating. Because you know they didn't understand the language other people if you wanna teach teach him that night damn sense okay. Give me hat. She also get fired immediately. Work in any school board in the country. That's it i mean. This is an easy one. That's that's stupid to me I'm just guessing these babylonians. I gotta guess and i think teaching babylonian and so All of them need to get fired in it. Would it suspicious as unbelievable for black history month right. I'm black at that. We'll do a black history. We'll share barbie. Yeah okay we got glen. Let me on the next story New york in rochester new york Mom speaks out against the police because her year daughter where pepper spray was pepper sprayed the mother of nine year old girl who was handcuffed and pepper spray by the rochester. Police said the officers involved should be fired. Police outrage has been high. Since bodycam footage released sunday showed officers restrain and scold in the girl who was scared and screaming for her father. The mother elbow pope told the cny central on tuesday that the conflict started as an argument between her her spouse the to argue outside. And when the pope's there's the mom her daughter overheard them and work with the two were argument outside and poke which is the mind. That's how last name her spouse was outside argument. The door overheard them and she got upset and She said that she was. She was unaware of her daughter was upset and she was full time away and she overheard the fight and argument and she said she they. She called the police on her spouse and when they came i guess the door was a little unruly little upset because of what was transpiring in front of her she got upset somehow another that the daughter got handcuffed and put in the back of the car and she was asking the police to call for a mental health expert to come out and help the daughter because she's having a moment and sad. They handcuffed little girl putting back in car. And i guess she's still being unruly and they pepper sprayed her the chief of police. I believe it was went and did an interview and pretty much siding with the police. As opposed to making them take blame. Responsibility for pepper spray niagara. What the hell does she do. Your i don't know and taken out for them saying that. Oh you know the officers. They went wrong. What would you have this situation What about the the the you know the psyche of officers so wanted to report is actually know what about the what about the second up. Slow now your girl. What should i think in ha. Yeah it was crazy. Invade did not From what i read. They didn't get any type of punishment as of yet. Because you know when public get involved in outcry the public involved they get some kind of desk duty or whatever all right well. This was in rochester. Rochester sort of a sore throat is her boy. I people in general. You're gonna get mad at harvey you don't lie. Get mad at me. I want you. I want you guys to be mad at me now. I want you guys would be mad at me now. Please be mad at me now. Because this sally i'm care. The girl is nine years old. Mother and father is out there fighting an argument right while we call home and the daughters siding with the father valence and the police officers. Come up and then and this little. She's nine nine year. Old girl is out of control just completely out of control grown big ass me now before we get to that part of it. You're right there's nothing short of hitting his nine year old with a data columnist woman down this little girl now. If it's a weird situation why we call the deal. They had to restrain this person. Okay with the puck pepper spray on. I was a bit much. would they do. This was something you want them to call a mental health expert. Seen it a crime. Okay she gets really you handcuff. The was there was trauma hand. You could have put her in the back in a car. She gets higher eventually. She was going to be out of the back of the car while you do what. The mother said mental health person to come and help my daughter was she was. She was trip like that come on. She was intrepid when the mother father was arguing with each other in front of the crib. She was mad okay. Her parents will argue. Or whatever the boy from whatever and that's upsetting to a nine year old kid. I've been there now. Hit come the police for kids well off to spend into a place on administering so now here come the police officers right. The coolest is crazy because she is scared. Showing going krenek thing is calm and they probably just really may even more active. Exactly that's my point. She wasn't going crazy before the police came out so now he had come to police officers. Why why is the acceleration of crazy. The police officers was in. It wasn't even a ted to do anything with the non-euro charles solve the problem. I get that with the mother and the father that ninety rose pine by police officers suspension. Yeah i get it. They do too much yet. A date the police officers. They absolutely did but at the same time. No same time. Bobby at the same time to has to be some type of restraint. Now remember these black folks right. I believe so. The mother and the mother and the father has some responsibility as well knowing that the climate that we live in today with social injustice. And you think maybe that's why the girl we're gonna see the police coming to ask the question john. You're right you're right. I mean what i'm saying is is. She would be extra nice shitting. I've not heard. I meant to say they did. They hit it baby. Let me know you. I'm dying so the whole thing. Is this with the climate that we live in today that back a year ago george floyd the whole thing conversations need to be had barbie cologne even at nine years old and teenagers. The conversation has to be had with the relationships. That black folks have with police offices even with a nine year old girls. Losing a mind shift even have to. They have to have that conversation. Where even mom and dad is gone crazy. He come the police that was even in the midst of arguing with each other. They gotta turn around to. The ninety will go back in the house. A calm down. Don't worry about it. Had this discussion about police take it easy. And that's the problem. It goes back to none of these kids out here shoveling. No one saturday out on bam hold on wait a minute wait a minute. Tournament of some of them on and everything will homeless on the floor. The problem is is well. Y'all can run around here and jump into the cows come home. We still need as parents guardians. Whoever you are to have these conversations with people because you know how police officers are going to react to black foes is all. I'm saying so. The parents who sitting up there probably argued about something. That's so fabulous the typical stuff that couples arguing pleading. Whatever it is they still could have sat. There took a moment and say hey come the police the little girl a listen to look at your house you go into the house and con. Calm your ass download bit with grandma so we could deal with this but this is the problem. We lack parenting and social to these shonda. From sean i and barbie. I think you bumped your head on the real because There ain't no way that nobody should be mason a nine year old girl. I don't give a damn what the circumstances are extremists beliefs. Come they're ready. I'm they're very on point like they wanted to do something anyway. So they had no rights to that to that child the fact she's nine years old. Do you can do at nine years old to be pepper sprayed mace or shot. And i and i and i agree with you but my question is as parents. Can't we had that conversation with these. Kids have probably care honestly. There was a new compensation with these kids. When when it's in the heat of the moment ain't nobody thinking about all of that right. Excuse me upset just like any other little child. She was because she was black if she was white so never prep was great. So of course i grew. Do you think that there's no lack of parenting skills here. we don't. We don't know that those people parenting skills. Excuse me i was we. Don't we do know a little bit. They ask the non-euro kid the go crazy industries come from a mixed family. My dad is china. My mom is black. And let me tell you my mom's status down the we had that conversation but they use the fight and when it comes to the time you just do things things happen. You can't control yourself at time. Conversations kicking it at that already. Got again to be fired by your again. Like i said is extreme. I agree pepe straight over. The parents have a responsibility. And nobody's talking about that. We haven't threats that we know as it does. We know as adults and for sure barbie you and shawn and everybody else have these conversations and it starts like this. You see a police officer. Don't do anything don't try. Don't react because you know how police officers are especially especially towards towards black folks. We've all had bar. Have you had that conversation. Which is this is what i'm talking about is conversations especially with a nine year old. Why do i have to work sarah. That's why but bobby you know you know damn well as always a not out here protecting and serving now that so you just said that we gotta have those conversations sad that i have signed because that's the reality that we live in so you housing three biggest. You said echo again. I've never had that my son will. I had my car. Just wasn't that's kind of situation back that you didn't have to have that kind of that call. I've had that conversation off three of my sons when the police come. You know what it is. You are black men. Black men police officers. Barbie just said something crazy about the protecting survey not supposed to protect the there are lot number racist police officers out now they finish everything and you think that that that this racism is a nine year on my god. You pick this. Don't care about any age of a black person. In america we need to do is have these conversations of course. They're not supposed to pepper spray a nine year old. Of course there wasn't supposed to handcuff nine year old. Of course maybe they needed. Somebody meant to be some counter. I get that but we still need to let our children know. At the time we need to let up you know at the time they five years old six months old one euro that this was going on in america now. All police officers are racist. We know that but we need to have these conversations so these two are out there arguing but obviously they didn't have that conversation with his nine year old. Says we don't wanna do down your in the house. She polly's ronald up. i'm just. So right because we can't have sold the day pam that girl this when you see the police come you give is sometimes. Jerry actually may not be what it should be so serious. Took something so if you was in argument was a man or anybody women and the police pull up and your son. Come out and your son charges. The police entrepreneur turnoff decor- inserted my son going. We say we all know what happened or not. It's still the same thing you still have to have my strength for your children. Say hey go back in the house. We had this conversation. You know what these police officers we're going to do. And they don't care if the challenge nine forty years twenty five years old. We got to have this conversation and how not not. If the child was the parents could have been occupied with other police. Like they normally do. They'll separate through and a little girl you know she got. Let's we don't know could we wasn't there. She was already handcuffed. Why does she need to have their pepper. Spray period again. I disagree with the taxes that they use. But you know we hit history's over and over again on my own so roundup we held. We hear these stories over and over and over again with the police officer abusing black folks. You'd think they can with agent is. They should nine your read. Bobby bobby bobby just shared a story just before about how to beat. Slaves with the story was some fourth grades. They care about the age of the challenge. That's what you want to manipulate the challenge at nine. So if you wanna do that have been in school. And we learned the whole babylonia system at two years old. We've running around here believing in santa claus. You sit there and pepper spray your nine year old. That's why we got to have this conversation. Get them asked us fire. Fine whatever needs gun needs to be done. I get it. But we still got to have these conversations barbecue. If i'm with my son if i'm with my son and with somebody else and the police pull up and my son come out round up well after police almost no never do you stand over there. Whatever whoever i'm arguing worth that stops because he'd come up. Boys won't be the the babylonian version who's racist we're arguing about is not is not more important than my child's life. I see a sea bob. Pull up. that argument stops grabbed the nine. We're going into the house because we know time at the time at the time what's going to happen to black folks and your sit there and you're stunned and shocked because the synon- you roll out to go to a six year old. They do classify people justify. Make his like crazy. No no we're not. It was okay so so you exit question so you don't think that this race is police officer officers in this country. So what i'm saying to me. Never beginning of time. The police were creative. He police glass axes clean late. Exactly they were created the same day was should we want to say page now. Now i don't agree with no damn taxes. What the police did for that trial. So you say so. What was the motivation to calm down. I understand i understand that. That's true polices. But what was the motivation with these police officers to do this. They were hateful. They were at doing something else and then they will also race is. They were raised. This of course them to swim seem. We have to say if my if i was in that position out kip arguing with the baby. Mother who the nine year old is going crazy. I'm grabbing annual taken on a house. 'cause i i see the whole we all of us shonda bob nearby. We all see the picture. We know what's going to happen. What happened to the other guy. That's bad that conversation because my son capacity as a babylonian got well. God bless shoot. You didn't report felonies. Lucky every day. But i'll tell you one thing if your son was a straight black man young you would have. I gotta tell them. Every of saying the son of sane after they serve people. You'd think that racist police officers care about a asia of a black person. No please don't fool. Don't be fooled by that barbie collages sat here yellen up a storm. God blessed but what did she say. But what does she say she says. Sean i had that conversation with my son asked about police officers and with they can do in this country to a black man minority. But i didn't. But i didn't have that conversation when he was little. Because i enhanced with tom i had that conversation more. So within the last half because you my son my son is a big tiny bit. He's six foot three. I believe it is to is our he will. He is a even. My son is a swedish man in the world but he looks like a threat to the police because of his size. And that's a shame and today's day and age. I had to have had my child because you would think ties you know. As time progressed clear has not say why we shouldn't have had to be was really. We don't i thought we didn't have. I said we shouldn't have to do an essay especially would stay. Black child. can't go who talk. Podcast police a right. You know this. Now we're talking because that's the truth can't clo- wake up you. Just don't go now. That's not my point already head kosh showing up deal with the parents. See my point. See bobbie used point and then you got at the end of the day you need to educate your child very dangerous world. Coups live this assume sane. Of course now. We know that it's not you know it's not appropriate but it has to be appropriate at of course the way that we're living in killing us every day. It has to be talked about swim. Saying bobby. Said she didn't have to have that conversation back in the day she had. Now you do you have to have. This is what i'm saying. When in the beginning of this we all jumped on me. So i said i said Shonda god bless you whatever they argued about you see. Your role is flipping. I never see my mom and daddy stopped game. You me too me too. They they they can stay finish their arguments ahead com nam skipping. Then here come here. Come the babylonians in the police car. You know exactly what's going to happen now yet issue and they stay they. They may the had been nine year old was like this is what they do. That's why i was due in lady wherever him him. The police the nine year old. Going crazy i'm snatching up the nine year old. We're going in the house. That's it assumes line. You know back in the day. We didn't grow up like this with the police. The police killing people on regular basis. You're going right now you right. They used to hang out with the family is going on. I actually agree with. But i actually agree with both bobby but please. Don't get it twisted with the hateful. I'll use your word sean hateful. I'm with racist. Police officer they don't they don't. There's no age discrimination. And yes in his shot. That is a little baby. Can't be shocked because race. Halen hateful behavior in racist behavior bobby. Cologne don't have an age. Limit is the mike bobby. I'm a i'm on rockland. Okay well. I'll be on that planet. I'd be on that planet by myself. I'm going to have these conversations. I we need it. We need to talk to a nine year old from right here right now let the weight is let them know that. Don't act up in front of them because they don't care how old you are. Abbas sounded. damn y'all have a blessed day. we'll see les shonda widows everybody your roundup. We're shoveled by bobby barbies a mess. Everybody but he doesn't like my opinion and nelson used to go. Hey throw this complete me off. Or they're talking about this yesterday talked about moby grape juice. Among down yeah what we believe clock system remix with wine and brothers i got i went back Show for shallots shonda. Logan thanks Especially if this shonda. Logan aka sister soldier for calling in share. And she said something very interesting barbie before we move on She said that she never had that conversation with her son because his son is white guess she could pass this right. She says he could pass for way. See this this is a perfect. This is perfect. This is a perfect example. Barbie cologne of this what i was saying. I'm not saying ramaphosa. Roy harvey the two from now. You don't hardly like showing us right out right now. Everybody's heated. I kid it. But what i'm saying is sean logan sister. Sojourner chapel actually just validated everything. I said she's border and everybody come on. Hold on a second she said. God bless you brother. She said i never had that conversation. 'cause my son passed as white. Yeah that's sad we you're bouncing off the walls everybody's going crazy right there. You think white folks are having this conversation with white children of course of course and do you think that we barbecue. Do you think that hateful behavior in racist behavior have the age limit except clearly we have seen does not. It doesn't back in the day. Black folks was born in the in the hated on the baby that was born two minutes before invasive two minutes after the baby was born. Show have you wanna show semi. Bobby good ron and this is. This is going to new york king manager quits. You've got to get these comedy shows pop and again. I'm excited brother. Yes sir i was. Everybody quincy jones looking john. Quincy what's on your mind. These people screaming my mother taking more aid against the snow. Kinda guys on freeze for a couple of days right. Yeah we we live three miles away. I couldn't even get not only get out the way i live. I couldn't get on the street so yes. This is now as a lot of snow out here. Thirty one inches but i mean the the snowstorm and then it parked here and stayed here for a few days usually snowstorms whatever they do they just flat throw calculus they want. She sat right here right. They'll dropped ten inches and keep pushing and this one just sat here from sunday to tuesday and that was it. And what about louis. Their little bit little bit it. Normally we get what you get you. A reverse role reversed ended the police conversation. When it comes to people were kids that pass for some different but okay. We've talked about the police. Rochester pepper spray. Deny your girl after she was already handcuffed and half what what other see. I'm up here so with other people they're not put out there. Fully is the fact that The mother was talking to the little girl told gift. Respectful wanna police. I got yesterday has another team so with this other tate. The mothers calling her bs all kinds of craziness and you can tell by. This young ladies will answer that is seeking advanced crash course in our house so she's a lot older in Inexperience to say that. A non-euro year old right so the nine so. The mother is cursing out her own daughter door notion of like like way too reckless and then the little girl was saying that the mother stabbed the father but nonetheless. There's no control in the house periods so because of the no control this was like the third or fourth call on his on this little girl which is she still now is also you still should be able to control your non-euro right but the issue a lot of times is ladies and gentlemen that when you have a kid and you haven't made that line in the sand of adult who's the kid now. It looks like you sister and brother argument realistically model kit so lease was wrong for the pepper spray fully. because no non-euro is posed to get peppers for a hell shaw me you not supposed to get pepper spray. That is not for human consumption dow but for the police union. Gotta get on tv as of yesterday it kinda economic justified. That's it was. They day union ramp. Well i wish cologne with a total of this story. But that was an article that i got. Y'all don't get that article So talent does radio in the rochester area so we we get a different publications. Some jaw gets out there now. It's going to get out at some point right but now there's two things going on i'm playing hold on. I ain't blaming use apartment blaming city. Go ahead he is out given a thorough report or the alcorn. He found out three minutes ago. This is a couple of days ago showing so hey own or whatever you and and sending dropped the ball on his story i imagine. See cindy j. An barbie cologne. Y'all know people up in that area. You gotta jump over the extra mile update. Let me let me facebook call and see that the extra journalism next hanging out do that next time. I'll make sure matter of fact semi phone number. So i can have a personal contact with my contact and the rochester area. Okay don't don't call starting so again. A quincy god. Bless cuisine morris. Please so it's a trifecta of Events this happening one sydney. Bobby didn't correct story. That's the first. The second problem is again shown. The quincy just said yeah. I must say one more time. Thank you quincy senio. Barbie dropped the ball. This was called numerous times. It's location right right. You're right should never pepe australia nine said that here but we had priests racist police offices out here know what it is shown as this. I'm not even gonna go that far and use that our work. What i'm gonna say is that people don't live in the community that they police so the level of understanding and compassion. They don't have on top of already stressful jobs. Okay so some people are not. They're insensitive and they have the the the way of looking at certain people as animalistic so they go to work to treat you as such now. You call a racist. You probably could did. He'd say racist statements. No he did not however he treated her in such a way that if a why hit was treated in his will be outraged of the point. I'm trying. I would be outraged. There will be off for reform of nearly all kinds of things but what happened is the mayor is black woman. The chief of police as black woman at the end of the day because white men are generally people of of control. and now you're being controlled by a black female mayor. A black female chief of police sometimes a lack. Y'all happens because their power. Their control their entitlement gets tested. Boy i wish i wish i'd known that city jay and have i wish i would have that. So so. that is the issue here because a lot of them. Don't wanna listen to the mayor. She gets a little police reform. This she brought in a black lady and now what happens is when the system gets shook from the floor. The entitled people fell away about see man. You know what men think quincy known you for years. You know me as a new jack. Median god bless. Your now on is allen. All by ourselves i appreciate you. Facility share for share it for shares. Some of the facts of this story. We agree with what he's saying. We not say we okay so we didn't know it was a black man. We know that there was a black commissioner. We didn't know that the to the mother and the father and all these people call three times for this whole situation. We didn't know that. So that is the issue so now you know when when you got this and you've got people in the heat of the moment. Some people don't act well and they're not good improv policemen's as some people are improv comedians. Right they can't think on the scene So in the midst of that this happened so they suspended the officer with pay. Which is what do the other two were put on. Death's duty or whatnot. Of course which is which is realistically an appeasement. To stop riot is what it is right. React and do something as donau with the black mayor. She's really proactive. She's really she's really wanted to put feeding. You don't mean so they're trying to al-sir and different things so she's gonna put borough whole body and soul into the situation now. At the end of the day parents lose a kid nobody wins. Nobody wins nobody a family few as he said. No doubt and again you just sit just. Y'all think i'm crazy which i am. We know you are crazy. What he just said it again. People are not even listen to what he's saying if this was a white kid. Pepper spray been all type of reforms in all types leaves you better. I'm gonna give you a transient. And i say that racism in hatred doesn't have any age limit to it shortly right before you give it to me. Port and then clause here auto parts hard pause and then there's a history going on in mississippi. A couple of kids. You're right. They shouldn't prep is bram but always shocked. The behavior of the babylonia racist police officer. Hayden you'd think that they have age requirements on that and everybody that was angry first of all and secondly they put handcuffs on and i thought you're not supposed to head kids thought. Damn i'm gonna tell you something crazier ladies and gentlemen the craziest thing that to pepper spray or hurt a dog down. You'll ask go under the jail for doll meat from a human perspective. Yup no they say you act like an animal. Treat your work. Life is valuable data but they are telling us again. We live in a time. And you set it barbie cologne and set it as well. I have three sons and they all ones in the early twenties and my oldest son is thirty seven. You have your son and we've all had these conversations about behavior with police officers because we know how police officers are toys. Young black men. Have you had this conversation with. India sons nephews. Or anybody like that mitch. As my son has shot at embiid shot. Okay what happens. Is we as parents when we say something it resonates to an extent. Okay what sean. Harvey talk to my son. It'll resignation different. However peer pressure is something else get peer pressure. From friends on the maverick right but joy time it would supersede what we said. I agree i agree agree. I what quincy wow man. Thanks for shining a light on this whole situation. Hashtag will tracks. And i'll get on barbie cine food in conclusion ladies and gentlemen in conclusion conclusion. What it's not gonna be fixed. It's always going to be banned dated and you guys know. After two days the band aid off. It won't be fixed with no stitches. it won't be fixed with anything of a long term effect so no matter what happens today in rochester. When the band aid comes off it will happen oakland california. When that bandai comes off it'll happen in tulsa oklahoma and you know why because the system they write the laws they enforce the laws they lock you up and bury you by the same people and again having these conversations with the young folks are need not only that they needed. I think there should be in daily conversation with our young folks and america that live here with us. I'm talking black folks. This is a daily conversation now. Racism in hateful police don't care about how old a challenge they haircutters child and spray painting and pepper spray. They should go to jail for this. We know this. Don't sit around here running around thinking about that. It's all good. It's not good like that In this country. I god bless you brother. He's got mcelwain z. Are they talking about this. Yeah neo roundup. I get some Quick sports in. And then we're gonna we're gonna get out of here. Yeah quincy shout out to shonda logo for calls sending gable the story. Thanks garlic dixon please. Complete the whole story young lady. No but that's something that was no no he say. If we're gonna talk about something like this which is serious serious and Giving information we have to give the whole story. We not wholly said a public happy. You know so. Are you saying that quiz is exactly was an extra thing. It may only be known that small little community like i'm having eastern and you may know about where i don't know about it because i read this and the publication you've seen it may not have whatever shown thing is that we have a responsibility if we're gonna talk about this and we're gonna get around up which is fine. That's what we do here. We need the whole story. that's loans. we need okay. What did what difference did it make whether they call the police fifteen towns. One time are pepper spray. Not a damn thing. Okay if i call the police. Twenty seven pounds in daegu house. They better come twenty seven times every situation that the elite on it. Okay if he if he. Yep yep so we've gotta have pepper spray a non-euro and it's already had also have to have college. Her with quincy said to have conversation with children. Bobby calling the nine year old is cursing the mother out like she's an adult yet so there's also responsibility for us parents a real so so so we don't call the police over like this and have these type of conversations where we don't get into a situation where we don't get into a situation where these kids you wanna show semi barbie. Hello hank was this. This is abc jay treaty. Fred from california. Hold on fred. God bless okay. That was interesting to show how we want to show cine. Good morning guys is leshan brown. Oliver hold on showing a fray. You're right man. I'll tell you something to a good conversation about that. Nine year old girl but see there is like that man said well what the man was. Just got off the air but listen. I'm in the new black panthers out here in dc where i'm from california but i'm out there Dc joe but the whole thing is. I don't really like what that police did to that young lady. Listen to dale. Is that daily by you right now. Talking he's right. You know what i mean. It's it's it's like crazy. You know what i mean. Really crazy with the previous us now. Nobody else you know what i'm saying. That's why we gotta have conversations with children about this sean. Saving we even. When we do have compensation would i chat and they still still getting a kilt in these damn street so if you have copies on that god bless you brother. We appreciate you. Listen to did you hyped up this. I'll let your show every day man. Y'all keep it up please. Share the show. Oh i do that you know. It was bobby when i used to do cocaine in the eighties aces sound just like this. All yeah i heard you don when you said it not all you know we aren't. I knew i got high with freddie pretty. God bless you. I i knew i knew i high with freddie back into show. Have you want to show bobby. Hey guys good morning again. The sean this is a this is a rough topic Me having a young man. Twenty eight years old. I've always had that conversation. And it's unfortunate that we have to have it but i also Agree with barbie as well She had made some very valid points but me having a man. I still tell him to today. Don't give a copper reason to stop you for nothing because we never know which way is going to go so regardless of whether he's doing right thing or not the me is up to the officer that day they can. He can flinch any for whatever reason and they have a problem with that. You've got gotta be careful. You gotta have the conversations. I don't care if i gotta say it every day. But i'm i'll say it every day if i have to say when you walk out the door i love you. Remember what i said. Don't give anybody a reason to stop us. This might now get your car. Checked out your light out in the bank. I don't even want him to stop. And nobody. Because i never know. Desktop is going to let him come home and this is what. I've been saying everybody. Everybody is different. i understand. Everybody has their opinion. I'm not cool at all. But this is what i'm saying. Y'all running around acting like you're shocked that this has happened to a nine year. Old shot angry when angry or angry or angry. I'm that sean. Just set along with. Quincy along with sean. This is conversations that have to happen on. She's right on a daily basis. At this point. You got to have these conversations you so bob you say you have all is still going to happen but you still got to have these conversations on a regular basis to drill right into these young folks that when is a confrontation with police officer and your black regardless of your nine or fifty isola hundred years or it's not going to go good so so so reframe from the confrontation you right. It's unfortunate but this this way and this committee learnings which is what we have to teach our our our our our our young black anion women and and i forgot who was on the phone and they said there to grandbabies a white can pass for white conversation. You don't have to because not her per se but most white kids. they're being raise to use their. Would they have a to to help them. In life like they. Are we winning. We wait this is they. They mostly privileged very of course right. That's that's what quincy said alice everybody to have that conversation every day. It doesn't mean that it will happen but it is. You know if i have to have it in no matter if i get mad at him or you can do something. D- i don't like i'll still say i'll text them and you know in both of my kids that we have just been where we have a policy in this house where you can call me. No questions acts. If i got come get you something you know anything. I is just so unfortunate because you never know when your babies are come back when they leave out that door. I just crazy and barbecue right. Elijah is a jew. A gentle gentle giant and size is very intimidating. New cop that new cop got on the boss. That's don't know what he's doing and he's being train sometime in. This is the ones that have been forever also but there was new cops taking fingers. Either they get scared. They don't know how to deal with those types of situations. This is all. I've been saying since we tell them every day when they walk out the door and yes islamic barbie things can change drop of a dime because when you're in a situation sometimes you don't you don't you forget things you just you. You live in the moment but my husband. When he gets stopped by the cop the first he do was take his hands and cross more than on a steering wheel and this is the cause. I'm exhausted. i'm going to sleep. This is the same. This is the same thing i've been saying. We have to have these conversations. Obviously unfortunately that conversation was in had his nine year-old mother important that he said that the you know the type relationship. The person amount behavior comes from the home exactly does so he'll be trained how to handle not on and that girl all she's doing moving around and ninety exactly again has nothing to do with them handling the nine euros racer is racist is hey tortoise hey fu racist behavior and they can say content and they can but they also hate food and they also races and the as does it have nothing to do with the way they feel and that way saw what we do is never going to go away never going away john is gonna die unfortunately to privilege and they feel like they do whatever and you said it right then you we're gonna close off the show which you barbara quick she's done i'm just saying i understand this. You are absolutely right these conversations. Now look sean brown. Oliver done almost daily basis. You right. it's crazy all this was a trifecta of a mess between the police officers. Who are racist and hateful and don't care about black folks who care about is tomorrow is only about painted a nine year old to put handcuffs on him with pepper spray. And then and then he had the babylonia racist the cop and then the parents The mother and the daughter. This whole thing with failed and this was hank. You never know when you walk out that door. You cal- your husband. Anybody else your door okay. Before we close out. Sean let me let you for a second. Don't talk to my best friend who best friend we know. We're in the heat of the moment. We entertainingly talk about. I'm just saying to her. In a respect for the bobby insinuate you'll take. I know you are shot under you. Say that you say it and people will listen for the first time they think only against it has to be clarified like the sony. So you got to go win. I'm just joking sean. Because other people will take that. And then it'll go and run with someplace else just like this half story that bar that i was joe ping you. This have a bar with sending. You'll find her off facebook City underscored j. on instagram. And cindy jada ease at three on snapchat. You guys and catch me on facebook Barbie cologne barbara designed recalling stylists on instagram and barbie snapchat. Just find me. I am just all over. She's done. she's in that hot boxes on a comedy. Net radio radio. We see guys tomorrow. Thank you so much we appreciate. You went over time for two minutes. Oh god bless you guys over there. joe john cochran or you guys in crystal. Thank you so much we appreciate you. Hold on. just a lot of we're shove. Your facebook commission. Hold on facebook instagram. Bobby we'd be here tomorrow right so we're back to my thought. We had a great show today. We appreciate you guys. So now what we do is a barbie head on over to group. And we're we're going there. We're suppose for the show and we see you guys tomorrow. We go play a dj young and nuts snaps. They saved threat conversation. We have uc sydney by yelling. I'm usually the colorado badges. Police brutality pisses me off big. So my son take homey hill. I'll see you bench to the door. Knits draw grace with the class.

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