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The lady I find why go laughing hello or you can do or you know some people don't like cash right you can do an event bright but I mean people being online forever she looks good you have to pay extra ten dollars five dollars it was accountable right his own idea black and white brave this is so simple with this woman wants the ticket I would have to print and I got I outworked over there will be some resistance we know that serious like that in one way or the West Alan Jara tickets for both of us you made these people comfortable but you've got to break that day else so why are they doing today just few days near to event right because then you get a list of every day won't tell her it's a new day album sorry you feel that way right and I say I hope to see you future ah the lady is kept in Boxing Texan tickets at the ticket Whoa after door I'm giving every avenue that you can't just get the ticket allow Oh wow you met me right make system Trumpet District Court ticket that's what I'm saying we've been talking about this like suggestion wow good morning Sean I'm doing great students clear clear today I actually had a little bit of a breakout but we'll talk about that later or if you dare to call the numbers five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero city Jay good morning and how we use energy we so make sure you stick around for that Good Morning Barbie Good morning everyone comes you live from downtown Strasbourg now with a little weather for you all today right here in Strasbourg it is fifty two degrees sixty one four high am rain in cloudy right now in pay more at the door because I'm giving all these avenues to get tickets because you wanted to be with all five gallon nine for a high end cloudy down there in Miami seventy nine degrees eighty six for a high cloudy into two PM range should become an your wet in Los Angeles sixty one degrees seventy five for hot in cloudy in Chicago fifty five degrees sixty eight four hi it's actually a receipt even if your type would it is imposed at president figured on the detail what it is it actually makes it easy do your choice cash have yeah and they don't Wanna use it right because they got on my job a you know what my thoughts obviously seventeen Nope New Jersey fifty seven degrees it's going to be fifty seven for a high rain around eleven am in at L. Sixty four degrees seventy nine if we're going to go back to the morning drive Dj not here that's when I sir really appreciate you guys for joining us this morning where you have a great show free today we're going to get started with front-page news with Nj where I'm going to let you know what's going on locally and nationally insist verte living near he's only coming that night he's the performance I'm the movement they get ready that's fine queen you can be in there as a new travel today sometimes that happens yeah I mean the nine o'clock hour have it sending says I'm GonNa let you know what's going on in entertainment Hollywood news stay tuned for that and we will have the one that no sane rain later in the afternoon today in Strasbourg in the east Alatau area say being cloudy now in rain around eleven pm she last round okay but I don't you know what I'm saying I ratchet stuff I don't want it for come up as hey to her she's in the Air Force they've she's GonNa you're gonNA be retiring from there right and a little bit it does give you won't you she said that she said does take the era everybody tours electron eq whatever or if you want to meet me so like I'm at the Dunkin donuts right people the Joe Joe but it says the morning he says it's so lively good we're trying to be in the air in the military not what trump girl you gotta get out now wrong you have six more years left all right doc I listen to this that's right wanting it is listen watching the kids daughter on this affect performance what I was like damn we get all that energy why don't you hit with this ticket could pay off go back to the motherland today Martin Short where are you sending into JAL senator show on it started by this is action you better shared show so I know it's ready to get started I hope you shared the show actually look at me talking to you I share my jam right now I'm gonNA share right now you're gonNA share on the Shoutout Sean a clear that is what I have for you today what is the weather like where you are coming to you live from the show Harvey show features Jay will get you more than start actually a shirt from my mom okay I wish I could have a man along in the morning but I nine minutes after the hour show featuring DJ along barbeque all way get you started right the chat room is wide over cj chataway we won as local grass Gregg allman that's K. 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Y'all offer showers here in Strasbourg area but easing Allentown Lehigh valley area fifty five degrees right now fifty nine for a high a. m. showers and really this is actually a firm my mom gave me Saint Augustine football coach narrow seventy nine degrees insects for high cloudy in around two PM in Atlanta Sixty four degrees right now seventy nine four hot and cloudy karate of that bright sometimes has charged with they do look which newest cd working with the cash me I'll be locked out of the morning show page and I'll go click on my friend's page or something and comment and it'll come up to Sean Harvey Morning John I'm like Oh my God sir and she's in the airport and she's in Japan you're in Japan right girl when you come home and I'm not a ban is a that is a win Wednesday it is Wednesday October the Nice Nj two thousand nine hundred thirty Syrup zero zero why we all good morning and how are you today good morning to you hello in downtown Strasbourg right now is fifty two degrees sixty one four high and rent brain crabby right now in later showers around eleven am sorry it Wednesday city jail what we're GonNa do right now we are going to show the chat rooms and love adopt Chapman we wouldn't be here on a real we're going to jump right into this thing right actress but you're sending the love that's right he's stopping and we get some more starring Brian Right here right here in fact it is a weird Wednesday it is the Tobin in nineteen thousand in nineteen forty five minutes after the hour to show her ask the case let's get this thing papa. Cj Yeah let's let's Yeah I wanNA see the hardest because I want yeah I think I WANNA do that. ABM UNTIL ABOUT ELEVEN PM Today North New Jersey fifty seven degrees fifty seven four high that will be the highest peak hot rainy right eleven am as well in Miami the what what what what hey hey hey he's that Thomas lies directly you need to see a lot of chapel not gonNA start into I see one nine into chat room I can't see it anyway there several there's a lot to Ben we'll have had my perspective stainton okay don't GonNa work is we'd be back briefly shot the room with the heart of what we're GonNa do right now. CJ movies every city who is it the five heartbeats good at guarantees you'll pay back so many so many things people can get right now gasol weapons should be doing right upset ticked GonNa stop here on show with co-host Bobby Cologne where you get you want to start right the chat room is wide open please call in seven zero nine eight two six nine well the house the hose is still in house tonight let's go to the west coast for the Chicago Greece. CPA for high clear in Los Angeles sixty one degrees seventy five or high in cloudy happy all today for some reason couple times if I may I may dominate ono piece but was literally we got one percents IAGO shepherd in the morning why Good Morning Wanda's we're gonNA show them some love is Prince Cocco Pause blackheart in the building if he's in the building and into that hard to see everybody else with the hard considering this is the love station maybe shot at the show me a few clips already got I got kicked off toys a drought right Arashi chat room member hey chat room member of the week deal everybody go check out his post Kazak get you want to start seeing Jane would have the morning Buzz in that Gavitt team sport nine am this morning will be buzzing Cindy J. widows Tommy Tommy Kuwait Y'all stay alludes Queen Hello Hello Michelle Michelle Iris Rodri- Gas Pay Iras battery time is Good Morning Val Obey Hey Valerie Lynn Rooney Maurice Chris and Iris on my wall I research said Hey sorry I'm gonNa write that is where you get your love each and every morning there's a lot of folks out there that chat room and all the creepiest shout out to the they're not hitting today Sydney just Joe Pitts I think that's all I have right now you guys miss you get your name infant nick shout already yes back where the heart attack heart set you did not pay market Luke. Hey Chris Harold Green has low harold our roles glad good morning bro See who else is here before heart set says the heart set where the heart in his nose dino math seven you'll be your post will be pre approved you just have to let us know you added fifty friend and then when you post it'll go directly to the group if you want morning hey good morning this you're out of a good morning best predicts cats at no one is who is that oh johnny whipple good morning drain Hey Drei he said good morning Shawn Harvey Lady Jane We appreciate all of you guys watching with us today especially if you're a new listener please make sure that you follow us on all social media platforms we the chat room turn the heart set with harsh Are On facebook over broadcasting off of right now the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wake-up team that's our business page so please like an follow it because then the group to want to advertise anything that you have we have a pop group right now we have over eighteen hundred numbers so it's great and we have a lot of interaction so if you do have you don't WanNa miss that and on Sunday they're closing it out with a comedy Cigar Rooftop Party is going to be nice the one and only Sean Harvey will be there telling them John are viewed by the Hey Charles Moses are you a new listener you'll be notified every time we go live we have a group page the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wakeup team grew it is popping to make sure you join the group at fifty friend there's an event going down on Tober nineteen of the twenty first in Miami where he was going to be that weekend they are having a comedy Cigar Yacht Party the heart attack in chat when a heart set in the chat with heart set in the chat room a Chat Room Hey the Secretary Aka Jew says on Tuesday Michael Grass save made nasty hey might fall a new travel and the Shaun Harper shops love. I hope you Sean I mean hello the arts when a hard track track track with a heart in the Gannon's lot going on every day Friday the nineteenth in Miami they're kicking it off with a welcoming party a cafe Iguana on Saturday there's GonNa be a Pink Yacht Party folks y'all so if you want something to better get your tickets now you'd better hit up a new travel by solve Nina dockings presents and she'll be able to it would look good party the whole night Dj hot sauce and I have a few DJ's there as well so y'all come on out. I had the ticket that's next weekend Thomas flying the hilarious super hilarious now Bethlehem rebels socials to nineteen Broadway city Jane downtown Bethlehem October nineteenth doors open at seven showtime eight goes to about ten thirty who we have a post in our announcement section of our group page Where you can you know get your tickets and your information you can contact Sean if you want more information on the events Bertel Vander Pool who is currently ter tore in with Tracy Morgan on a regular basis throughout the world? That's my man he's hilarious you'll come on instagram's on every morning show please make sure you like on there and we appreciate you today's because last week he was talking about the city you see some love today courtesy on singer Yes I am pleased a sin as inbox sitting some inflammation we cannot win our next break so cindy we're back in one through this one get right into the show we started late and I apologize for that yeah this what we're GonNa do aw is here the more they joe I'd shine the trink morning girlfriend what is the way you are coming to you live from the show every morning show featuring day will you get it right we can get you want to start right here on the creation and get out the military paid you good or whatever the voice doom order in the least Scott is in the building terribly Haley George Henry Banana close that you want to put up these embark on you know allow you to post them tell you what you need to do because you need to add at least one hundred fifty people taking the sports world of Barbara closed come up with the factual you come story people mind with the NBA CJ in China and the reason why I bought this opened a few others so you'll come on out I had to take on south of that now keep doors open please we do have the cash at outside as Harvey Morning Show we also have merchandise on Joe Buddy evidence ooh the And how you as a progressive you once you know you you feel that both have the right to share their First Amendment speech this is well see I'm talking to the nineteenth a rebuttal vendor booths coming to town that takes some fast warmth your come on out frightened they frightened with me with this ticket I love of this out dislike feel bad for her I I I see as we shift story China she kurzweil finishing third rebuttal Band up next Saturday night role Social October the twenty six seven j we had the masquerade party on pier eighty one on the boat lot of folks coming out to that hosted by uh-huh would jump into a quick story real quick all right in your news nj and and that is the story is big news in J that's right I don't like this one out yeah so cindy last week we reported that the Chinese government was begin fed up with these folks protests shut down airports among some Middle Way Spanish women's killing me with this physical ticket I don't have it hey more at the door Roberto band come into town Vince Chapel on our next break so she can share something about your agency one show one of our current members and former champion number two weeks in love with her glad I haven't had sex myself in over here and having a in eight months and having sex a long time so the next time I had sex javelin with a heart heart attack album good hope to see you guys so much I appreciate you well sets in also to me a favor today if you're my sister we show Diane at least travel agent maybe does your company Grand Garland hey we won't be a mother Oh hey shaw national city the Big Joie improve testing you you said what did what did I say and I'm seeing a lot of problems that works in this country does working on Dan have the masses on the mass isn't asked right you're done they're they're revolting against that too right well there's going to be a serious problem in China you are in Hong Kong and the Chinese government also announced a Cindy J. The other day that the protesters now they want to protest they can Chinese baby to come on over here mainly that's right the Chinese government has taken over Hong Kong from the British government that left years back and the British government was more they didn't have the have more men and they don't have enough women to make more to make more babies now they're they're in a problem because all those babies that they said they wanted would too many babies born in that country right well while it was causing a problem for them now because with their population now only men and only have one and now they're all grown and there's no babies there's no women for them to smash clearly somebody thousand safer environment of the United States of America I would suggest you say that in Hong Kong China this is a communist country China's very radical thinking with you agree they're very restrictive right this at least of the Dixon now NBA who has a full partnership with the got enough single women in this country you can have this too in his room now wait Elizabeth mindset right then the country went on transferred over to China right was a communist country with the a big red flag and they don't play this country that you said Cj last year reported that they are enjoy swallow make sense so because there's billions and billions and all that you just said but go city he loves Michael Joy they think the North Korean people think that Michael Joy is a died like a bitter cold it they can't get the by then that's why all makes us the connections in Asian folks love basketball they loved it in the in the and this is when she shared last civil unrest and I and I stand with Hong Kong to Tokyo can say that on this show there was in the country but they were in dependency right run by the British Ryan but that to have the Western civilization capital uh of China's city day for some reason Chinese folks love black men that play basketball in city the the the the communists thank God of viewpoints in coach they will Independent thank city Janis Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman is tall Michael Jordan no he's a Chinese inhabit four thought process and that's probably why these protests are going so crazy fast running ship it some women God and it's because he's so tall that's why Kim Jong UN has this relationship with Dennis Rodman this close he can get to me. Madison can't have Princeton China's take my Chinese king he's on his way the Chinese Communist me when he finished what any spokes poor millions and millions of dollars in sponsorship in the WNBA National Basketball Association the NBA is touring in right by this partnership with China because China remember our who's the the center for Rockets Prentice W W that might even have a baby under is now with the Houston Rockets I didn't even know that long with the other guy with the beard this guy's name with the beard Durant tweeted he said he said fight for freedom of stand with Hong Kong tweet but mind you this is coming off Houston Rockets some white guy what's this guy's name Darryl Maury Daryl Morey Caesar the general manager of the team of one of the most violent weekends that they've had in their protesting People were ran down with taxicabs it up in an shoot to the to the these vaccinate our beloved our number one dictator on Earth Kim Jong UN the Houston Rockets General Manager tweeted this what was it again thank for freedom stand with Hong Kong or seeing when he makes his tweet the government of China your government yeah the ones who stopped once a lot of people have time for them to be having their own ideas in time for the right they don't have any time for that Bob the police using tear gases on that they were getting sprayed with blue dyes it was a very turbulent they stop all basketball operations over there no sponsorships today's they cancelled all the preseason games and they basically shut down he's left in a quagmire because what will happen is they can the League the Houston Rockets the talk it's okay we don't need his name wrong he's a tall center toss on and used to play with the Houston a he's like the the owner is that guy and that guy runs the whole team highest coaches plays on right he made the statement what was the statement that he made on his tweet they have this huge partnership in trying to expand to Japan okay the NBA Commissioner somewhere and it's supposed to have these games who says gang Yang Lin no gangland lynn his name was Lynn Kevin Lynn like that is his name this growth market because they are trying to break out over there and to China on the rockets in particular have allowed to lose because they are the most popular team as you said what the Chinese market is worth for professional basketball but it does make up at least ten percent of the League's current revenue and China is expected to contribute even more than that over the next decade perhaps reaching twenty percent of the League's revenue by twenty thirty the NBA says there's no other market where the incremental upside is greater. Uh Chinese do I remember him yeah I called racking up on hardy hiding behind the same team the general manager of the this was the NBA basketball team who I didn't even know that Russell Westbrook in play with the Houston His other witness Oklahoma City has nothing to do with cable you sing women out there Ronald in China listen I'm waiting for my Chinese prince no no NBA team in China because of Yongming and he played eight seasons with the team before retiring in two thousand eleven the NBA doesn't break out blue dye with the red died this week there was a very turbulent weekend this past week doing all of last season was hey dropping over the Internet I told us that they don't have all this all over the world yeah I found that out now and fire Maury and apologize which would be seen in America as putting profits ahead of free expression and caving to antidemocratic force in China so there's that bore they could stand behind him and risk losing the sports larger the report in you're playing in this partnership the MBA supposed to tour in the Houston curve yesterday so then the NBA so then what is the NBA GonNa say we apologize for that we don't stand with the citizens of Hong Kong ignore it which is probably what should have been done but now they have to address now when they address it they're going to be making a clear line in the sand and how's that going to make let us know what we're GONNA win win they're playing over the city hey hey right now that game today so you don't fall in line you get the hell out of the country and they don't care about no basketball and this is the problem did he takes the post down apologize yeah will you apologizing for Sir these people feel these people in Hong Kong are waving the American flag because they believe in what we believe as far as having your bill of rights by having the horrible that I made his mother cocoa bean smell aroma in the air you were able to leave and go to England or wherever there's a democratic society it doesn't work that way no more yao-ming Yao Ming can everybody please wait the F. up the Hong Kong is a city in China now it's this you can't how can that city have the democratic freedoms and the rest of the country is a communist country in Jinping and my now going over the over down there because they were supposed to have because this tweet from this guys are more Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets singer yeah he's the president of Basketball Association in Channel He's like the main guy okay yeah so cindy in this partnership and then I'm let them listen its own diplomatic safe even more sh Hong Kong residents get that hell oddity Beijing slow different thing because I think it's like the capital of Sammy this over here it is showing those facts you gotta double check live from having babies right the one that's more blue dye on everybody right was a trade war with the United States government see screw that is somebody lease wake up and smell the coffee and I'm not talking about this Wallach Kaupang find out who's the president of China if you don't mind Sal Bang and all the rest of them they are not tolerating this download you can kiss your job goodbye so they're gonNA fire off complete idiot you think that they should fire him I woulda fired or for the NBA well today guess what guys they begin Arable Harvey Yeah we're not tolerating this Hong Kong is a city in China like any other six listen another city in China I disagree with you but when when they when they everybody knew that written was going to leave but country you live in a communist so was anya saying these people shouldn't be fighting for their rights they're willing to die they're gonNA die is there with the citizens they don't say that's pretty much what you're saying right you don't say it the NBA is saying this decision they were with this mess yeah that's it and these young folks God bless him for protests in your protest in a country that's a communist they will not allow patients with this what are they gonNA do they gonNA burn these people and even if they do they be the North Korean people think that Michael Jordan is a biblical God we knew that there are some people that are born now that that was hundreds of years the place years ago they knew this country's consciousness a hundred percent but right now they have a worldwide stage now so now it'd be China everybody being free and having your things so how you GonNa know that pretty much by their own government they city so the NBA is GonNa say awhile throughout you feel they're trying to get back here that's the same thing what they do over there pretty much people exactly or he washes they don't want to have freedom of speech freedom a ride I think they're like they're not gonna stay here and Gunnison street that was a world war can't do that so they're gonNA they're gonNA continue to put they've been doing it for months now what do we know this was going to happen did they didn't know did you try to find ways China make a statement Shaun Tan as something about what's going on and China wouldn't that be a problem with ever you want it is free speech and then is by what Daryl Morey says that the NBA can't come and between the freedom of speech for its players because now what the NBA would be saying is and what's going on so now city it leaves back men we do whatever we want gentlemen walk more they could have a house he loses post Whiz tweak the NBA Freedom stand with honker sleep Z.. I could be wrong but this guy who was saying this Guy Zing Djing beans eligible for you guys remember that movie classic Hey how many of you have seen that movie why people who cannot up and go so many fall in line you do people do protest in his care about all this the only reason they're not setting these people fire because of too many cameras and tell other city the that's what they're but that's what the people what's that like all of our money I'm not disagreeing wish it exactly so now anytime there's a problem if Lebron James wanted to with Adam silver who is the commissioner for the Ucla Adam Silver Guy lives he said that he stand they you don't you don't stand with us that you fired Daryl Morey our of our favorite team the general manager who's put players together and he's beloved we will fight back against them you cannot do that states will get involved he already trough already want to go over there and the terrorists is the NBA saying countries you WanNa Bring Your Business over to China and you want the people of Hong Kong support and buy your stuff where y'all just say he was a black flag I had been firewall yeah I totally disagree with you because if he really wanted to stand for Hong Kong he will elect that poster you don't want him in the country singer we don't bow out you can't talk crap about what did he really say he said we stand for could be the publisher half the same pain whatever his Louis this guy is playing around Citibank guys say and we talk about Chinese food this guy is not playing he said listen L. Anytime the players they can't say anything they want about what's going on in your guy from who framed Roger Rabbit Willie Standard for Hong Kong which your job Sir Richard Jobs pitcher quitter job so Darrell Issa has has caused world aw she's team won cheinal why would you put a post like that they didn't they going out so maybe he didn't know the repercussions that his tweet was going to affect mass will probably because because it's eh believable what's going on over there and I'm willing to deal with the repercussions but I stand with Hong Kong that's what he should be talking about if you really stand for what would he say five Reno not that in this country we have too much free house no we don't we have too much no shuttle down more revenue don't worry about your profits y'all already got too much money given one player thirty eight forty million fifty sixty seventy million you got too much who needed to shut up you know do they not gonNa Fire Daryl they're not gonNA find out you're going to downgrade him down the janitor because his boss was yelling at him in the heat of the moment yeah because they'll probably because he believed apology that he gave the apologize Dan with Hong Kong Viper Freedom Stamp Hong Kong sin he will quit his job and you will run over there and you will protest at the airport being goes over there and continue playing basketball they obviously cosigner with the Chinese what they should do is pull all this mess out of China until they figure this mess out anyway so y'all need to calm down instead of trying to grow into other markets that have civil unrest as they ask in America and do more good about that keep your keep your profits in house so if the NBA goes over there and continue playing basketball out evidently there co-signing people were wondering why is tripled down have thousands of sweet right to compete with the whole recipe can you stand supported us to Chinese missile you gotTa fire that guy we don't even bow down they don't they vm packages so fat boycott the NBA they don't want to start that Hashtag is was city J. he also has to deal with the repercussions of what he does so then why would he take you down why is he apologizing for if he's sitting there and he has in the whole Wnba over there so freedom we stand with Hong Kong with that because he got political scene J. he supposedly has the right to say that and he's Hello I wanNA know what everybody thinks about this only actually what I think about you you've standing with China new standards and then they're gonna find out downs gotta go now I don't think he's so sending my question to you is this it boss illicit you've got the time because we need he did it under duress Oh yeah I don't know that Darrelle to Waikato shuttle I things any at your workplace yeah that's what they should do say at China we don't care because now the Chinese government feels like they got us by the balls because they wanna all you can't come over here and we're going to right now but he ain't when he took he took it down he took it down because of Sin Jaycees right up to the rest of his yeah so does that mean in Hong Kong come out there with Mass on next week my SIS BURP by the stakes are not playing so these people for it and tell them all to Cancio tweet they wanted to kill all the two looks like that guy gave me he wants to kill tails shortage of women in China listen all the WNBA implanted impregnated by Chinese makes babies fan of asked ninety over here now what you WanNa do Daryl Morey you'd better go to work today you better tweet today Matt and yet I'm just surfing you the hell he's an idiot Daryl morey stay behind and go position tweeting boom and I say this is a job yeah he's supposed to be brought he's supposed to be talking about team some of his but it's his personal the Chinese government would you do as American citizen about that not a damn thing because I don't watch basketball so they don't get none of my coins word I signed up for no come on in investor problem with US sometime here in this country I think you know 'cause you always WanNa say it's a problem with the tweeting and the social media is they could they be anything right right his suggests WanNa we having beggar invasion the Djing game standard and Kim Jong Own does he various in game you don't think the Chinese government supposed to open them welcome with open arms hey come on guys name Taos Down with its out yes in with those guys Yeah Daryl the with the Chinese government is allocating why are you okay with that go out there and play basketball I need to keep saying keep and what if they continue to play over it does sound like a city or something Yeah USA cities in China can you see this man is not put then get daryl now which is he a black man like he waiter okay NBA Stay Y'all behind in the US ain't trying to break break our uh-huh you will be you'll be unique of over telling them that I thought you hear me Ryan Slave so I guess you're with that prentiss but hey everybody has their things got to be entertained on Sunday all the Mercury's the sons the lillies obviously they need more there's a market gap now yeah no it goes down in this room democracy they look as long as the NFL is still functioning. I couldn't care any lead. NFL got his own problems they're racist Oh and I hope y'all boycott the NBA if they fire this man down yes daryl the basketball maybe the WB acing capitalize on it caress office Z. Fight it already now that's right rose what do we want justice whether we want it now attack standard child no doubt at the NBA because the WNBA game right. That's what I'm saying Cindy Ladies over there okay well let's look at the this guy's name can show how they wanNA show city saw if they three Hong Kong okay okay okay why why Tony why the NBA in China saying all the WNBA woman twenty five percent and fifty percent of the Malaysian they go out there and get impregnated by the alive that's Country Barakat Tony He has the freedom of speech out here think of something different this morning right we have to bring it back home rose say you're starting to sound like a dictator unease of men because there's a shortage woman they don't have no kids out there replaced the NBA Wmba and all those problems would be solved no organizaion a tweet full freedom with Hong Kong fight for Freedom Stanford Hall Sure we ain't which you you guys go out and play posted this this tweet Tony Tony Tony is it is it justified owner the general manager of the Houston Rockets Bobby and city now now now now now Tony One of the funniest comedian again should be I hear November the second to my man Jacob homes over in eastern SOB so dove I can't wait to work with you he said that he had every right to post this tweet should he have posted tweet at this time team going over there to China to his post was weapon oh the NBA plane in China how or any political statement before you go to work in the morning no you can't remember that one when facebook started and everybody was sitting I know he's not GonNa Post Free Hong Kong gets snagged on his name this to Parliament Twenty Berg they gotta go out there and play basketball they have to go to China China is upset that he had done yeah now going to testify and the differences in Joe was D- Jane and Arca go because we are a democratic society and we say things like this this is this stuff we said well it's not here great what the problem is is that the NBA is trying to create a bigger market in China so the until the NBA basically says publicly that that was and they don't they don't stand are doing I guess a tour or something right now in China and right now only government has suspended all NBA things until the the support we say we stand for Chow support now you just gotTa go pay off jail because all right but you know what the young man has the freedom to person that's why it's a problem because if the NBA you know sides with the Chinese government was silencing take Uber Who's criticizing their general manager or they co workers and everybody was getting by you don't see nobody to media criticized the timing was off I will say that yes away from mind because we're not but now what yeah but still there so that's what the government that's separate from the NBA. Listen aw he found these zee cine now she's getting the cliff is he shouldn't have yes talk should go over there and still play basketball or should we stand down another big city in China so Hong Kong is probably their best bet so which is probably why they said that we should tie no no I don't I can't say we should play over here and you know I'm a few by barriers that he Bayer Pulse Abou- come because they're going to me I don't see that in a way now he shouldn't have said it right you know but since he did say it you know whatever it's already out there now they they took over one of the busiest China right yes they're not going to put up with that much longer now all before they racist they stand for police brutality what has been hostile environment I should be going over there anyway they took over the airport said this after die down a little or after the Houston Rockets did what they add to do that I really wanted to be a problem or while there there's so much turmoil the challenge way you go out there with a bunch of the other dads and Shit and think wrong the morale and everybody out stop thanks to share I just think that we don't know but trump its own Arabica old Chinese somewhat are training people so much money trying to try me for much money okay city you saying that darryl had bad timing it's not time it has nothing to do yes it is because pick-up Tweeden you want any tweet managers Dan with their bill can stand with Daryl wouldn't have they're well they're willing willing to do that. Abuse visited Hong Kong. Listen I'm fighting for my rights for my life yes we'd be that the best way of dealing with your behind over here let Chinese figure out what they do why are you sending your players into a place that has unrest anyway Komo who you can't class last your there's a shooting shooting in Kansas we say we can't say with them board here the will be laid the right and also because Hong Kong is one of China's biggest cities so that's where the NBA is most likely you'll be playing most of their games or Beijing clip from I'm sure they're all waiting Shohada modest show cine bobby yes we talked about yesterday preliminary talks about having Saxon car actually actually spoke warning conversation his listen to Sean All right we get image Oh okay Joe Marquel Joe good morning this is Joe Butter Reputation Joe owning the morning good morning before you start talking have you discussed with your wife With Sharon has I Washington discussing walking pants well just like the people for the week Oh did you leave people better you Bob that arise out number funny dead we worked for entity and when and when you work with somebody and your your your what you say you're jeopardizing their serve close I got a big block in my pets what you mean yes I need you to have sexuality by the end of the month in a car and I need we mean update I appreciate thank you Joe I will remind you to work on this day because we want you to achieve your goal I have real time information the action you'd two weeks we need I think we need this done by the end of the month becoming God God Sin City the Houston Rockets in the National Basketball so she's going to let this man get away with I like that that's the same thing with what's this guy's name down go ahead I I I think the prisoner be Greedy Union branch out the rescue mission Joe if you don't mind and love you to keep all of us of the this'll be the journey of Darrelle way he did in these two yes wall he worked was at he works enter Tito he represents the entity for him to get on twitter and say I mean his thoughts but like city what's wrong of the Chinese government should be standing with Hong Kong I mean everybody should be held on now I was I was pulling about the you know the controversy would do that I mean he makes Saguenay sues them if they do why would you why would they why 'cause he didn't say because he didn't say anything demeaning to the Alana money you're going to be a problem and you're GonNa be you're GONNA be dispensable once that was once they figure out how much money they going to be losing at funerals more about the players or anything like that you fired me off of my freedom of rights pursued that I'm allowed to do on my personal aide I wasn't even nobody new bound they go into a restaurant and when you get a resident China sending go to jail for life we did it from the Houston Rockets paid it was his personal thing and it was up derogatory her bad about it I I would clap out of them being these people city is a city in a communist country so all the cities they should be the two of us and then you don't have any gentlemen thirty to general manager Russell Job is only down to less than four hundred forty jobs in a world they have many people are waiting for this Rockville you I feel you am I minimize some your group pitches what everybody in the hood right saying it was a bad time city wise best I l going there okay but still what's going on maybe maybe people should be putting support behind him right because now these businesses are telling us what we can and cannot say I sitting freedom stand with the Houston Rockets pity he keeps Joe who manager Houston Rockets and they're going to the country so have is sex in the call is clapping Joe can you give us we're actually questions but I need you on this fast is I know you're gonNA trade in the trump okay got it caused the other cities to rise up against the government have changed that's revolution I I was gonNA contraceptive towards this yes yes yes it's a different mindset able and it's horrible but that doesn't mean that they have to it keeps us so now I should keep giving money to the NBA so that they can keep funneling money into a communist country he's a silencing of is the Chinese government putting pressure on the NBA to put pressure on him what kind of messed up train is that we are we nine I was Senate in the off season of Senate during the season it's still the same issue and and and they're going to deal with it whenever it rush to entertain yourself while the entity no wonder general why didn't with freedom he did not miss them he said in where they're possibly killing people wanNA fight for their right right and that's what we should be giving our money to support that okay so you do not spend your money Markelle China just America dealing with the Chinese government I trump at two a day of James Okay you avery you can't be cracking up the underlying filling on to make a lot of money in China they make de uniforms are coming from China did a lot of money generating to China the country of China the city now they have to let that go they that's right they hate China fall in line they allow you the country they've been like that for five hundred years they bring why they think the best how was supposed to be what but back when you know when you bend suppress so long you think is directly gnarled that's not normal communist wage they come over the sale where people go late show damn people and this one city in the in the the point but what I'm saying is this this is this is a city in the country it's not like half the country is fighting with the other half of the country the Athlete Aubrey Watch Ray Watson anything on the NBA. I did it on my personal page on my personal time that had nothing to do with you believe what you're saying right now he works loving organization it's still going through the same thing so just because they're in part of a bigger that's how you have sovereign cities sovereign countries which are places that bribery nited states should not be penalizing people they you're not going to penalize me for a right that I have already and I didn't infringe upon Jersey and New New York lesbian came so being that way nosy be a communist country they were continuing to let them live how they were living they wanted to can you shit we should just be curse God what I'm saying okay that's valid point okay well that's why they're in the situation that we are now but I'm saying that's again that's their problem that's their civil unrest injustices that they're fighting the yeah yeah and I don't know where all of our money goes but if I know that it's if I know now that it's going to something to feed into this why would you wanna do that because we live a certain way that could mean a whole world as that way way way because this this is the reality some countries live naturally of how to treat people that's my honk call y'all keep fighting in a country out here is not a country that's trying to defend itself how do you want to continue supporting something that you know is not good when you know better you do better again yeah we were living with exactly the Chinese government said city witnessed all go where we make this transformation is not going go over there so what would you say they need to stay over here until China get their things store now because China wants them over there just as much I guess as the NBA wants to be over there for profitable range on one of the right they fought back on that then they started incorporating other stop and they said Nah y'all are not just going to keep coming in on what we do the Chinese Revolution Honestly GonNa get what do you see these things shaw right now about him like nobody not like anybody you think you got your back and back and watch it in this aisle beloved home but I wanted to explain they just because it's a city doesn't mean that they don't have rights that they should Michael Bay said why don't you just let us continue living been in this situation what do you feel is is respect for right of they take it as an insult by in play over there yep do I say what do you protest the NBA they still play China I say no we say okay we'll be right we say we stand as in how they do business with business administration and so- China has a weight way but it's their way of doing business of whom I guarantee long this bullshit to certain countries you shaping of the countries rather do like Africa you know so if you don't go by the they don't have to go over there are NBA is not gonNA collapse if they don't go to China say protests NBA we'll we'll open arms here today the whole thing down okay well nats that right there and the NBA doesn't have communicate with them because if if they take it as an insult and they don't want to do business with you and change like this is what happened okay come on to China again FIFA freedom so how is he going to get on an airplane go to China will you Boyaca Post like going to open then he goes oh no I think yeah I think he'll learn his lesson sitting only about thirty seventy eight teams listed sandy understand that Shirley of Sydney involved when I was going to college after learning about different country the women in Saudi Arabia just started driving it started going to soccer games they just started doing this and in Arab countries that is not allowed so they don't know that you look up and find out how they do been his desk job is to make sure you learn the tradition other countries like that ask you darryl really clean out your locker no take your punk ass out of here and go somewhere and I hope we stand with Darryl go ahead Joe you're this like they take insoles to certain ways that America business and if you go in to in this wrong way you finish that's the way they live out that of course we love them to live the way we live number one will say certain traditions they know okay so it's best to look up in find out how was their tradition and how they do business before easing goalie on being sure if he pretty much all seven station they don't have fought for their rights to be free that's pretty much what you're saying to me I'm not saying you know what okay phones ring here show huggy cine vodka learning things come on just go city Jane needs that's all I'm saying so far for out what's this guy's name again Darren more down yeah traditional when you step in the door and when it comes to business you miss out the door now sending now sending reported recently and their country they might bow if you cover them or laugh or shaking hands they take dead as in so view is does you know so Komo news where hold on now you're seeing how you read your report recently your news it has all the freedom in the world God bless you in this country nobleman they don't take into all this stuff over there you can't say if be attorney disrespect to them then we shouldn't be playing over there 'cause players don't even act right over here so they rifkind a lot located so do you think my birthday October twenty seven we're not segments today but got stuff to talk about over here playing on his phone right correct those traditional the Chinese people okay a good day even he was like you're not gonna be taken our money like they pain to pay over there and then disrespect us like that we'll tell does any that Saudi you really do hate apologize because that's the China's tradition you can't bring America's edition over the Faucet on that's out anything to do with the people because the government doesn't want to give the any life to what the people in Hong Kong are saying that's why because they're continuing to try to oppress slum dwellers counts yeah no no no no no no disrespectful to the Chinese government the Chinese no disrespect the accident questions you run over there and then by the Chinese food nick why don't we shot out the room and go do at the spore because we don't even have enough time he will be you're playing clips it's all good in the hood talking about now wait a minute you're not going to get off with this easy I need I need a yes

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