Thoughtful Thursdays 008: Are some jobs beneath you? Hopefully you think so.


Welcome to hacking, your leadership. I'm Chris and welcome to another thoughtful Thursday's episode. We appreciate everyone. Who's listening today? If you haven't done so already please follow us on Instagram at hacking, your leadership, leave us a review in up podcast. And most importantly, if you're an episode that resonates with you share with your, friends and coworkers the reason we've been on the I tunes what's hot list for the past few weeks is because listeners like you continue to talk about us and Chevy's episodes. All right for this week's episode. I wanted to discuss the attraction some leaders seem to have to doing some of the most basic tasks in their organizations usually out of an effort to appear like no job as beneath them or like, they have no problem getting their hands dirty in an office building. This could be stocking supplies data entry or cleaning out the break room. Refrigerator in a retail store could be jumping on a cash. Register to do some transactions when it's busy taking the trash out or even cleaning bathrooms when I was much younger. I believe these things were indicators of a good boss because if you know, your boss will never ask you to do anything. They wouldn't do themselves. It implies positive things about their character. But as I spent more time in the workforce and had the opportunity to work for many leaders and see. Many different leaders in action a come to think a little differently about it. Come to believe that many of the leaders who do this just don't believe their contribution, and the business is visible enough to their employees or understood enough by their employees, Lorenzo, and I have spoken several times on the balanced between strategic work and tactical work, and every person does both just to different extents entry level position. Spend almost all their time doing tactical work by the leaders of organizations. Spend almost all their time doing strategic work tactical work is visible work. It's it's either visible when you're doing it. People can watch you do it or it's visible in that the results in the outcomes of that work are quantifiable, but strategic work as much harder to see in quantify strategic work is shown in high level outcomes broad policy changes and the general inklings of change in an organization, it has a much more significant impact on the culture of an organization, but it can almost never be attributed to a single person with. This means is that people who spend their day in this space need to be confident in their contributions. They needed to a lot of trusting that their people execute effectively. But more importantly, they need to understand that their days of receiving credit for the. Quantifiable tactical work are largely over when a person finds us uncomfortable. And they get promoted you can see them hanging onto a lot of their former job duties or trying to micromanage how those duties or done by the new person in the role the leaders who are comfortable in the space are the ones who understand their most important job is developing their employees, both as employee's. But more importantly as people who almost undoubtedly move on at some point to a different role at different company, a different group of co-workers leaders. They understand that not to have the right to develop an employee. They I need to have a relationship with that employee based on mutual trust and respect I've been in rooms were leaders were innocently asked by an employee. What it is they actually do all day leaders who feel like they're being challenged or grilled in the situations tend to get flustered and then answer with a made up list of very tactical items than an making them seem overpaid for what they supposedly do, but leaders understand the importance of relationships as a prerequisite to people development have no problem talking about how they spent some of their day people watching then it'd be had lunch with an employee where they didn't really talk about work much than they sat in on a conference. Call. Asked another employee to take the notes of that call and send them out by Email. Maybe they had several three to five minute conversations of employees were sports or clothing or kids were discussed and then the last hour of their day. They sat down and how to performance appraisal where career growth and potential was discussed with an employee with thought they about to get promoted. But it just didn't happen this time, and they really need that employees to continue to perform engaged at work to the untrained eye. This looks like a pretty cushy day. But in reality at some of the toughest and most consequential work person can do the responsibility weighs heavily on leaders who grasp the magnitude of their job, but they also wouldn't trade it for anything. So when I see a leader whose job duties are supposed to lie heavily in this world of people development start to take on tactical items and a very public way. I don't see a person who showing they can work in the trenches with their people. I see a person who doesn't fully comprehend that every minute. They spend filling the copier paper or wiping down shelves is a minute. Their employees are being shortchanged. So if your leader people instead of worrying about proving, your employees that you're one of them start showing your employees how seriously you take their futures. Gnome of lookback memorably on the best boss. They ever had who helped the number you the trash, but they will look back on the best boss. They ever had who made them into better people and who helped them fulfill their professional dreams, thanks for listening. And we'll see you on Monday.

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