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Hello everyone and welcome to the fragile. Asked. You to spit your water on. The video game podcast. Humor the video game where we come to you biweekly. Hit You with all the video game news. What we've been doing what we've been watching. Get Out of your hair. I'm your host always for Corny joined by. Stackhouse. A BOO-BOO! Down he is. Is? Below us some on the bottom. That, other voice Levi shut up sack Levi. We might. Where can people find you? INSTAGRAM and twitter as Franken boosy. And on twitch as Franken culture game. I. If few. If you, sir, following, it's now you get a magical alert. or so I heard. Kinda yeah. Grocery store till. I couldn't remember how funny 'cause I'd ask. Dude that would make me laugh so. Seconds Working People find you. Twitter and instagram all under lumberjacks. I as always free and culture on facebook instagram twitter. And streaming on Youtube Al Franken culture on Youtube guys. It's been two weeks. We had. says. We just clip. What are you doing? What mouse you use in their stack us. Heck logitech take five oh two. Nice and it looks like someone else the. Marie. Get that razor. Bullshit Outta here. Logitech. If you're listening, we'll take sponsorship. Filo to you said which one do I? Know, the five Oh to. Fuck you Levi. Why didn't pay for mine, so it's OK? The Caesar's corporation paid for yours. Yeah I mean I guess not. But yeah. Hate for it with your time. Yes. Sega's. What you've been playing. I have been playing ready for the first time since we started this podcast ready. At seventy six destiny, two wars What was that I was playing earlier today. Cup Head. I played them dark souls, three guys, stream, something and the other day. What were you streaming? Destiny to and Worrisome Wa wa legal around though. Internet working again. Let them nearly again. What or what did you do to your Internet? I did absolutely nothing. What I did was. As doing everything it could. And then cylinder to pay for the good Internet. Bob while. People had the idea she was like. Maybe it's the Internet cable. You're using I was like no. But anyway. Core! That was just gnarled. Of doing a phone cable, not an Internet. Suck it had been using that fucking cable already for two years. I'm like it's fine. WHATEVER NO BIG DEAL! He was using and telephone, not a cat five. Yes. How do you live? Are GonNA tripod. I can't take it up. That was my nickname in high school. Only because your stomach hangs low around. Very High, school thank you. Way Back then. A field to get back in the. Fold the streaming gaming fold. Funding and good. Times. Suzanne, she happy, you're back. Funny Story. Levi back for like a stream and it was just gotta get. Under a whole new name let me see. I got a friend request disco here. Was The name Hotdog Aka A. Go Jira VECON. New Jer- of Kong. So little young. Gong. Go Jira is the Japanese name for Villa Levi. So, you know who else does that. Suzie the. Steep, son. Knows more than you about Godzilla. Wipe his ass. List! I. I got something else you. You're going to be fucking. Amaze robotic. Robotic deal. But. I've watched all the Lord of the Rings. All the Hobbit, the entire man delorean series. I watched like four different Korean. Only one thing we care about and I guarantee. You haven't watched it yet. It's in my in my watch later. and. Say Right now. It needs to be in the watch today. But I believe I. Media Plus uninitiated we are talking about. Demolition demolition man. The classic what? We're living in that world right now to. Taco Bell's not come a fancy restaurant. About. On the Strip. Seconds what are you doing? My friend. He was excited to tell us that he's been playing stuff watching stuff. Don't count if you're. fucking movie! What do you mean you? Watch it. Watch it now. I want it right now during the. There's going to be test. Yes stallone announced. He's making the second one. How far did you get in? Follow seventy-six? Me? I'm like level sixteen now. Dan Hollywood signed on fire currently. TURN TURN DEMOLITION MAN OFF! You barely involved in this podcast in the first place. Sick infusing more Levi. What are you playing? Halo Master Chief Collection. G. It's. Until like I've been playing more than that. Animal Crossing Animal Catholic. I haven't touched animal crossing duff. Levi. Did Download Red Dead Redemption to Yasser. What for what? Not. There's something else I've played I. Remember when while out if only been those two? No, I haven't played fallout in something played with you guys. We'll just lots of Halo. Oh! I started playing World War Z.. Oh yeah, that's. Right, that's the other game that I've been playing. It's good. It's like left for dead. But. I WANNA. Here's a character stats and stuff like that like you can increase your. Carry Weight and Your gun powers and Each carry like there's a medic, an enforcer and crowd control guy and. You've said. Yeah world. War Z like the movie. Is it under his own steam. I don't know I got it off the game pass because my xbox works and. They're. To. Do. So fucking xbox. A So I had I had the game. Pass I've been watching. I'M GONNA. Go ahead go ahead. I was so excited. I'm sorry I. Never watched anything you mother fuckers. You've been watching what I think I even told. Steve the other day that you I was making fun of you because you had just he was like. What are you guys like? Stackhouse, just help me. Is that day. You help me fix my stuff. I was like you'll never guess what he did. Though you watch the movie, and then we made fun of you because he would just watched. Doctor Strange. Yeah Watch those two movies to. Five years later doctor strange great. Yeah no right. It's a great movie. Like. Whatever? Panther or Captain Marvel? Like. There is a thousand times better than Kevin Tomorrow. We'll. Messed up garbage. Needed an unneeded movie. Levi. Wanted, you watch something when you watch. Oh no I didn't really watch anything. Just the usual. Stricken with disappointment in grief. It's okay. My. My body hurts. Disappointment. i-islamic play! Animal crossing still mile. End is at four stars. I now have an upstairs that has turned into a music room. I have a pinball machine. April has created a resident on my island. It is great having a great time. Spot turnips for ninety nine bells. Today we're in business. You guys are both fucking loser. Man I'm doing. I've also been playing. I want to get the name rate because I was. Fuck it up. Eighty mania wrestling on I. Because I want to say. wrestlemainia eighties. Of On that. But it's a like wrestling general manager. Sim, so you pick like wrestlers and. No there's no like. Jewels or anything you have to buy to like. Continue playing, just play. Great? Stackhouse blowing smoke out of his nose. Eddie. This week I was very busy working. My real job because I. AM essential. I'm okay with looking GONNA. Leave I'm looking directly. I am not a central. With that. Leave. It when they serve putting robots in the good do bartender jobs? There I am happy an essential until July twenty fifth. Actress central money runs out. And then I'm going to be mad at Shit. Let's get into news. Do, do, do do do. Forget. Forget your your stick. I've still waking up. I can't believe it is one o'clock. Okay Well as they're losers. Six thirty. Oh Man, you're bigger loser than stackhouse. It's Mother's Day, Levi Jewish. Happy Mother's Day off mothers out there. And have you had others Adelina the biggest motherfucker I know? That's right. Don't you forget it? Levi. What it was. The XBOX game play reveal. That wasn't necessarily a game. Play reveal. You News on this, but let me we'll tackle what games were shown. Second extinction. Call of the sea the ascent. Bright memory scorn. Scarlet Nexus bloodlines to vampire masquerade. Yakuza like a dragon corpse. Dirt Five. Assassin's creed vodka. Did you guys Washes Levi? Did you watch it? I watched ninety percent of it. Stackhouse to. Three underwhelmed. Was the. Essence creed like cinematic. Terrible. Leeway. What did you think of scorn? I must've tuned in after scoring. That was the one with the Dick the. Wall Dick. Oh Yeah. It's very. Alien H. There's a Dickin- wall. An Alien Dick. And it gets erect. What? It's all very Zeno more themed. It's very like h Geiger or It's alright. Bourbon. Let a burps. Blinds to look someone interesting. Vampire Vampire game. This looks cool. Yeah I. Don't give a fuck about dirt. Five core seemed like it was like Listen Keyboard. Like a shoe, yeah! The Games are pretty good. And second extinction I'll play because it's GonNa make me think of killing arc. Skeleton pregnant. Yeah. It's all fucked up. It's weird. That's okay. You see the ball Dick. Yeah Man. That's a wall dig Bro. What leave I. You said You were. underwhelmed, I was under wound. The the Games that they showed I wasn't excited for any of them. They didn't show halo though. Was a little bummed about that. I think. Per The cinematics. I'm kind of excited about this assassin's creed game I just when they said this is, this is video game footage. I was like. It doesn't look like video game fudge. The same one of these things. Them in, you said. Yeah, and that seems to be leave cover story. Most of the heat on this whole thing was really stemming from the creed, Valhalla! Game play footage that. was. More, so just bowl shot, fake screen shots and. FUCKING CGI cut scenes. Yeah he in super-quick like I was expecting you know like. Maybe ten minutes of something. Yeah. It was nothing it was nothing at all. I mean like they could have showed like a a one minute clip of a battle. Or Him scaling buildings, or even some of the supposed fights at sea, In biking, Byron, out or even like. Odyssey where you could, you got to see him running through just as town it was was run through town. Jump on horse now his actual gameplay. Something! Cinematic those don't. Yeah. Other Games look and then I just maybe because we haven't seen him, and they're not out yet. I wasn't visually impressed by any of the Games. Like that I think you're GonNa see it more in the game. Play on the cinematic though. I don't know man. I guess it needs to come out. Well like. The playstation games that are about to come out like ghosts of to or whatever. I, those games look amazing and I. I didn't see one single game in the scarlet thing. I was like Ooh, look at that. Yeah, I see what you're saying, but I think when you play when you're playing it at sixty frames. You'RE GONNA. It's an seeing different than when you're playing it on thirty for most gamers agreed. I think we've gone pretty far in terms of cut scenes. Like. Leaving thirty famous per second cut scenes look good on consoles like they look good. They're just. withheld. Chubby little stinky finger. I don't know some of the Games looking okay that second extinction looks like left for dead dinosaurs new. I can't wait to fucking kill dinosaurs and go. Fuck are fuck fuck arc. See and that sad arc is such. Good. Oh? So fucking. Wait! Before you get into that. Are you going to tell me that Xbox won't let you play minecraft again? You mean. How's your? Mind Craft World Steve. Have you touched it or Nobody's touched. I'm paying eight dollars a month. Cancelling it today. Maybe he's. Of Say, do you work so hard for that? One Beehive and you're just. Well So. Okay I ultimate game pass right. And, then I didn't realize ultimate game. Pass included xbox old. So, I bought. Three months of xbox gold off Amazon plus another three months, so I had six months. and. Like. Put cards in right, and then it kept saying that I had already put them into my account, so I kept going back in front of Xbox. Then I find out that when you do that. They just like. Put the take that as credit for xbox ultimate. which nobody told me so six months of xbox gold got me like. A month in fifteen days of xbox ultimate game that's. Not Worth it. Story Steve Yeah. I was. A little frustrated. So. Yeah, now I, don't have xbox Gold I. Don't have game breath. There's nothing going on over here. But does villagers leave the ones that moved into your town? I created A. Oasis for them. To leave their their leaders left them therapy to be destroyed. No. Raiders are going to. Yeah Jesus, Morris. Come down. And Snipe them. All was funny is GonNa Come? I did all that Shit and stone her like I. don't even know what's donor was doing. It's tough to play games like that was stunner because he's always million steps ahead of everyone, but was he because I, was I was mayor of a town? was. He. was. The leader of a tribe on people moved in Yeah I had multiple. Iron Golly. Remember, do you make those talking showed up? appeared. Did A great job Steve. Thank you. Do you know you're not essential in minecraft. And his family's life. How dare you? Drink Stackhouse, What did what did you say? Boba. Boba. St. Did you wear a face mask? Focus rubbed hub. You Lazy piece of Shit. Please don't support GRUB hub. Why, not the? Go to the door Steve hates that. Do they do. What are you talking about it? Drop it off at the door. You mean they take like seventy percent. So like this restaurant showed like it's monthly like. Thing from frogging grub hub, and they made a thousand dollars, and only got like four hundred dollars of it because of all the fees Grub with yeah. They're fucking crooks. Kim. I'm a post. Nate's Guy Myself -posedly. It's the same shit. Whatever I'm in the mood for anybody would hire is not a place I would want to work out. Well know good thing. You don't have to work with me. Temporarily Jesus. Buddy Buddy White was trending on On twitter. Yes. She's fine. You know what else is trending on. Twitter right now melts Yup Yup the second. If you think I'm not looking. I did this morning. While Sankara. Who Pictures of Mothra? Yeah well, let wrinkle podcasts guys. Witter. Levi. What people bitching about? Oh, just that that. The assassin's creed. Trailer during the project expert, PROJECT SCARLET VIDEO GAME! Released thing was just lame is bad and then even to the point that their director. WHO's trying to stream stackhouse? Got Him Down There Undo that. Oh, you send some the. Now I gotTa Look No. It's just Mahthir. Picture I was looking. Wow? Well worth it. What are you? bitching leeway. The! What since stackhouse interrupted us with pictures of Mantra? While here, what's his name? Ashraf. Ishmail. The director for assassin's creed, and you rightfully expected to see more today. We have a long marketing campaign ahead of us. You will see indepth gameplay and get a lot more info about the game. And like. Finishing off, thank you for your excitement and passion. be patient with US and behind. It will be worth it I don't know. You can't. That's it that people are excited about the game I. Think for the First Time Oh my God stackhouse. All that's me. Where's that? It here's. Screaming at me God. Truck goes. On this huck website, but it was all the way down the fucking bottom of the. fucking thing. For that would be like. I don't know why just randomly started on the web page. I've had the web page open for fifteen minutes. Oh porn hub doesn't circling the videos until you click it. Was a gears of war. Trailer! Gears Fi. Did you ever play? No. Way, what. I haven't played. Years weren't forever. Here's a tactic also came out. It might have been gears tactics trailer. I didn't read it. I just tried to find it so I can meet it. But no. The, assassin's creed, people were to finally see some gameplay for an assassin's creed. That might not sucks for the first time in. However many years and then they got gypped. Leave his. Yeah, see Lake Lot is a great. Game. When he talks to either play it. I didn't finish it. Why It's so great. I'm pretty sure I. DELETED IT OFF! My expectation for was so good. You deleted it. Why can't play on continental? Work Council suck. Your console sucks. I always do it just. Like fuck you. Why both I play on both Gammy to stackhouse you fucking club. Yeah I forgot why? Sorry I'm so good at games that I need all of them. You don't even finish your game, so you mean you play like the first ten minutes. I gotta go to a different game now. Yeah, yeah, because I'm so good at all of them. Like a pimp too many hosea got attention for all of them. Just got right, yeah! Bomb. That's it so and. xbox scarlet student another Another thing in a couple of months they said July. Yeah well. That's around the eat three timeframe. We're also going to. Games of summer, which will be a lot of those? Lot Opportunities for games, the kind of Show off what they've been doing. I don't think it's necessarily fair. To attack assassin's creed at this point. There's a lot of shit going on in the world, so like to see anything from a new games exciting like yeah, it sucks that they were like Gameplay, but it wasn't game play. Seems. I'm not shitting on it I just they just getting out. Sit here and take it. They're like okay. Your game play, and then we didn't get it. It was cool to see, but it's like. I was like fuck. Yeah, game play, and that I see any game play I was sad. showed. Yeah. Why what else do you guys stackhouse anything yes. Nothing. No I the only one that I was able to find was the one that Steve told me never going to be true and I was right, and that was the reason I picked it. Because Steve was so adamant that the new consoles would have a new destiny. It's not happening definitely to just move into the new consoles. Why are you okay with? That is a bigger question, not fat. I mean. That you were raw and he. Got Right, about that, but that's it so as a company. The company making us into. Is just partying. They're fucking game to the next console, right? How do they continue to make money? They just do it like an animal. Adding pay to play. Who is? WHO's destiny? It's fucking the halo. People yeah as. Both the fucking all over Bunch Dirk. Don't you like you like? BUNGEE JUMPING Out Bungee. Off The stratosphere. Have ever been budget. ME. Yes, yes. I can understand like. Constant deal see by. I'm trying to think of. Do they have a big enough fan base plane to last like? World of warcraft in elder. Scrolls online. No there. I don't think those games. You're created with that in mind. Yeah, I'm saying. But. That's the route they went was emo, so they're going the same route as final fantasy and wow, in those other games like that. It's up rolling your mustache Mr, monopoly. So essentially what you're saying is they're gonNA fail in the next two years. Yeah, I mean it gets to a certain point whereas a disservice to play these games on fucking like you're not updating it. You're not doing anything special to it. While Disney to the same game I've been playing on the fucking PS. Four I'm going to play on the. PS Five now lake. No I want something new and exciting. and. Bundy's also working on some new title. They haven't talked about yet. They have a new game coming. What do you think it is? I don't know. If you think they'll leave space. Probably, not there too big underwater. Yeah. That's yeah. It's IT'S A. It's a new bioshock type. By. But they can swim. Submarines instead of spaceships, and instead of the the thing that you right around on a jet Ski. Legally is just creating and he. John Reya Yeah First Person Shooter Levi when you into its dude waterworld. It's just waterworld. That movies. P. In the coffee machine, you get water. That's Gross Levi ever seen waterworld. Of course. It's great movie I haven't. You Know. Why not. Because Fuck you fuck movie? Where did you? Where'd you type that into? General. What's wrong with? What? General Yes, right! General Voice Chat. oops! God you're fucking idiot. I don't use discord. What is wrong with the both of you? To fuck you. Make Me Click these windows just to see poop. That's the best thing about it. No It's not. Levi Actually what? You would know Stackhouse Do you know who billy Mitchell is. Billy Mitchell. that. Name sounds very familiar to me. Don't look it up Levi. Do you know Billy Mitchell is? Billy Mitchell. Kong. Come on. I, know this, yes. Leave. You never watched King Kong Watch it. Blue Mitchell individual. Don't he will sue us? What are you doing? He is suing twin galaxies. For millions millions of dollars. Because twin galaxies earlier in the year. Well in September stripped Billy Mitchell of his records, saying that he cheated that he uses an. Arcade machine on. PACMAN! He's saying it's bullshit. Now. He's saying McCartan suing them for damages. Levi. Have millions I don't think so are. We. Watching this guy's documentary. King of Dude. It's so good. So, it was so steen. Why. I just remember them sitting in just rooms like sky had like a legit cult following. People. Yes or no people heap billy Mitchell. Because he's kind of Dickhead. I always wearing the American flag tie and he has like a hot sauce company. I think his wife or ex wife was like part of the Heintz family. Home. Yes. What Yeah? Could be talking of my ass, but I'm fairly positive. That's all. Try vaguely remember that documentary, and just all the work they put into. They had to play for X. amount of time and fucking they took little, pissed breaks and. No you can't you take breaks? His breaks and stuff like that. No. Just pissed yourself. Yeah, because the one guy is trying to like. Billy Mitchell record, and the kid comes in, and he's like I. Wait my mind my bed. And he has the like. Wipe it while he's playing. On the tape you can hear. On the tape. That's so gross, mom, mom bucket. Reminds reminded him. Well? There's nothing about his wife, but I swear to God. I feel like you made it up Steve. Mitchell has three children and lives with his wife and was in Florida. Did I thought somebody had money in that family. Are about to become millionaires become millionaires shoe us. Going to sue me for getting it wrong. Good. Anything else going on guys and he. Pressing Game News. And then coming out on the horizon, you guys are super psyched for. Girls. That'd be pretty cool, but. The, what's it the company that made arc and Nutro. you will be adding the new map. Val. Guerrero, or however you say to the nutro servers. So. You'll be able to play the new map on a private server in July. Pc Right now i. know you air, but. What is that? At the cat. What the fuck. Levi. Did you know this? Yeah, You guys eat next to the cat tree. How was your sister's birthday? Good really good shit, which one would you? Would you get her? person on Wallet. With, employment money, yes, she put any money in the wallet. No what are you doing the bad locker? You're supposed to put money in the wallet when you give to somebody. Thing! Somebody an empty all it. Does she like older men? Does. She like older fat bearded men. On unemployment players. Okay Baseball. Play Baseball. Yeah so there you go. Play Baseball. Baseball and hockey off I my mom's. My pictures of my team's not in the past. I want to see it now. The the PHILLY fanatic. Obviously Mites first job. He was the Philly fanatic. A still have it look. Look the go. How stiff is? Stiff at all really. Did you oil it recently that way. What's that movie? America I. Know. Goodwill hunting tells them to jerk often as baseball Mitt. he's an idiot. How do you like them apples? That's it. That's the movie. I was working people knew. Switch, twitter instagram lumberjack stacks. With an S.. Yeah. Put the. Stream more now snacky. Chairs that. No name brand. Where'd you get it from? Amazon one hundred bucks. Can you find? Can you find the link? If you. Well, this chair, three hundred sixty nine pounds. British currency. Four hundred dollars. Levi what chair you sitting? Up seat. seagrams. To. Corsair. Expensive. Share. I need to check my, but but hurts. I need a new chair to this one's starting to get. This one. fucking thing. Done now. This is. Looks like a fucking lazy boy. Do I want. Like what is that? This is one hundred nine dollars. I'm trying to find the other one that I have a lot of America that no. Wow, Cougar Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa. Gaming, so this one seventy nine dollars. This this chair was four hundred dollars and another one hundred dollars ship it. Doesn't sound worth it as my D-. People knew. If they want they can find me dead. Franken culture gaming on twitch or Franken booze on instagram and twitter. The. What? Can we contact this cougar? Ranger Gaming Company and see if we can get like an affiliate. Bergen or something I'm trying to get a chair for main gear, but they're all sold out. I get all this shit to review their stuff and it never I can never do it. Aren't you contact them? While, I know like the. Pr Person But. You can find me. Frank Culture an Instagram facebook twitter, all your social media channels. Make sure to like subscribe. Follow leave us a review. Stackhouse robotics. Goodbye. that.

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