Animal Talk Episode 68 Just Kitten


You're listening to the podcast, Detroit. Visit WWW dot casted Troy dot com before information. Hey, there's the music that means it is time for animal talk. Some of the best dog on pet people on the planet here to help you with your pets. Whatever the problem might be. I like our animal behavior. Ston dog trainer. Brian Donovan, who is not here. Absolutely. The guy Senlis guy sent across from me. Why? Hi, my name's Matt FOX and the lady down at the end. I'm Sam basin. I was always smiling name's Jamie, just making sure everybody has a good time. You do a good job with it. I just I almost gave out the phone number. The phone number. We don't have a phone number. Do I put it in? They just put it in the Facebook thing. But I just saw the sudden I just slipped back and we do have a phone number. I just slid back at old radio days. Well, no, it's in the child so see so some people's but yeah, just slide in an old radio days. They give us go. Hey hundred seventy. Taller right now. You get so animal talk here. It would be here. We're going to help you with your pets. We're gonna talk about animals stuff animal related issues. We're broadcasting from downtown Detroit. We are in the podcast, Detroit studios. It's the Detroit shipping company on amazing fantastic Klis. I feel very contained are you contained? There's no containing container. While they're you guys that so yeah, but yeah. So the Detroit Chevy company and podcast Detroit's studios, there's a whole array of shows on the podcast, Detroit network. And we are one of those, and we enjoy being part of part of the team at part of the family and I liked to I listen I look and see you know, there's only one hundred different shows on the network and I try to tune in and catch the other issue, what our compatriots are doing. And so I was looking at the feed, and I was like, oh, hey, look. There's a new show. It's a city. Kitty sy-. City kidding another animal show on the network. Great. Hey, we're trending. I'm going to give this a listen and is not an animal show. Wait, it's not. That was on here. I had to switch the name, it's at city. Kitty like. Yes. That was the one that I had mentioned earlier that you were supposed to run, but they switch days. Which days is city. Kitty is I'm sad. Three female comedian, laid two of them were comedians. Okay. And they're, they're, they're from the city here, and yet, it's. That's. Talking about kid, we're gonna leave it with that. It's a little body. Okay. It's a little actually starts out really sweet and nice. And then I think about five minutes in, they're like, wait this podcast. We could square right? And it, it, it went it went from there. All right, topics, the topic shifted. Sorry. It was it was it started out very well. It's a you know, like like many of the shows on the network. It's just people having their voice in talking about the stuff. They wanna talk about. There's a lot of passion that goes into folks have on the on the network. That was amazing. Yeah. It is. You listen to them. And then they just when you talk to them in person. They're even that much more animated. Yeah. Not much more passionate. So you just hear them here if you if you ever come to a networking event, if you're interested in learning about how podcast sure know coming meet meet these folks because there's a lot of passion that rolls around. Yeah. Yeah. The podcast. And Sam will give you pictures of her feet. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. There's that two or three talk about pay. I need some money. All right. So, but she'll do, like scratch on the microphone is some arts. Yeah. But so people all throughout the network talking about their passions things that they, they love their passionate about, so congratulations on to city kitty for, for launching their first episode. Yes. And talking about their passion hills, and they're passionate Gruber. Ladies now, animal talk has been around for quite some time as it had gone through a few changes. Yes. Right. Than I've been alive. I mean we started on on radio. Yeah. I mean it was I mean we're talking. Ninety four ninety years before I was born. That's one does like shortly after I met, you right? Yeah. No. Yeah. It was working at all. They started Brian in two other gentlemen. Dr bread and markets started the show prior to me joining, and they, they went from a small, it was like a pay to play station here. Right. Metro detroit. And it was like a lot. It has like a lot of ethnic programming. Ukrainian music hour. And, you know, polish mass, and, you know, these crazy, you know, ethnic programming and just buy time on it. And so there were, there was actually a couple of cool shows on. There is some there's a couple of guys who would play forty fives from the nineteen fifties, Chuck Berry. And so they would they would do all the classic car shows and stuff and all the car cruises. And so they're really passionate about. And that was a cool little show, because you don't hear the songs from the fifties much on the radio. So it was a night little niche to hear those or if you're at a wedding that, that I'm DJ and you'll hear the fifties. Yeah, oh yeah, apparently, I'm old. I'll kick a couple of those and. But it was so, yeah. People talking about the end than we are that they've got to a commercial station twelve seventy w IT. And that's why I was where run on the board there. And that's why hooked up with the guys but target about people talking about their passions, right here on podcasts being able to cuss words, try to cut out the cuss words. But it's a family say one, but I just didn't the family show. And but there's a guy who you know, you has a dog breeder, right? And actually show dogs at Westminster seat gotta be. You gotta be pretty passionate less. So getting finally getting around to pass. Ray you gotta be pretty passionate about. Your animals to and that's like high, you know, that's like Olympic level Westminster, that's the, that's I know in your Super Bowl Duff. Yeah. That's all stuff. That's that's that's animal World Series. That's animals Stanley Cup. That's the chrome daily animals Super Bowl. That's it. That's the Crump dealer all animal puppy, bull. Oh, it's already. But there's a this guy he was he's a top breeder and he had dogs at Westminster. And he just just had his house rated and he had a hundred eight sickly dogs. So he China spiraled down. And he became something of a hoarder and a hoarder. With dog winner dog order. Yeah, how do you have a hundred eighty eight dogs house? Lemme tell ya. We're gonna find out. I don't know. I just read the headlines, and then the then we discover the rest of it's again, it's really, it's really out of this. Like the flow of sheep wide. That's great. We knew that was coming. Oh, that's what the sheep said. Okay. There was a. Understood. You've been hanging out with us way too long. But here, the story goes on to talk about this breeder with one hundred eighty eight dogs. There was a time when the mention of too high dog breeders came with a shower of praise and Edme ration-, the New Jersey couple at the helm of rocky ridge Russell's kennel could proudly boasts dozens of American kennel club winners, and a two thousand nine Westminster kennel club breed best in breed champion, so they had a Westminster champion best in breed, but neighbors near their firemen rural Stockton, new Josie had warned of a far less lustrous operation and on Tuesday, authorities revealed the scope of the kennels troubling truth, nearly two hundred unkempt dogs, some of them pregnant, many appeared visibly sick. They were removed from the home out on county, route five nineteen a small number of dogs were found dead. According to animal welfare officials. So there are some there's some dead dead dogs. There too. So just very, very poor. Poor conditions hundred and county. Prosecutors begun. An official animal cruelty investigations and thirty said charges are pending against the homeowners. It's just got out of hand said, Martin stroz ski one of the breeders who lived at the home with his companion and. Business business business partner. Marcy. Nassir cannot Nassir. Jersey. This is just a were aren't you going? You're going. All right. So this was this wasn't backyard breeding. He said, so this is defending himself. Yeah. Things just went sideways. It was about eight AM on Tuesday when a coalition of animal welfare, and law enforcement agency, including prosecutor's office state police, Saint Hubert's animal welfare center and the animal cruelty society from Monmouth county. So they descended on the property. It sounds like he was surprised they showed up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Things that just a little out of hand. Dead dogs in one hundred eight six craters. Man. What are you doing? So they reported finding at least one hundred eighty eight parson Russell terriers and dachshunds. The rescue came after the couple previously surrendered thirty terriers to local authorities a decade ago. Rocky ridge was well, known in respect to a respected, kennel in two thousand nineteen parson Russell terrier name, terrier bred by, Mr. miscast ner. The dog was named Keenan would win best in breed at wis Mr. for the dog kennel dog club show. The it's the oldest perhaps most respected breed competition. The victory made Keenan the number two parson, Russell terrier in the United States. So is very, very admirable position to be. And yet amid the victory financial crisis of two thousand eighteen Ed begun to spell doom for rocky ridge. The economy fell out, Mr. Stras Eski said, we were in the process of breeding, we were putting people on wait lists and all of a sudden the economy crashed and people just went away and weren't buying the premium dogs, the lack of interest in terriers, create an overflow of dogs over a time a couple dozen terriers grew into fifty than one hundred than a hundred fifty. And now here we are over two hundred. We couldn't give them away, stress Caskey said it is a hobby turned bad. Well, how hard they try? Oh so Stras Eski said the dead dog. Were in the process of being buried some of the rescue dogs were pregnant others were suffering, physical wounds and conditions parasites. They had on assisting conditions. Yeah. So they. Yeah. So animal, Saint animal welfare center took those dogs in. So as news of the rescue spread many social media users reacted with anger, and sadness and accused the owners of being hoarders, stress Eski admits to being partially responsible for poor upkeep of the animals, with the media reports of the rescue of grossly exaggerated, the dogs living conditions, but so he should know better. So he's a so they were well cared for and had their primary needs food and water. I change their beds. Every day I was spending twelve hours a day with the dogs and a lawyer. They lawyered up a lawyer for the couple did not return calls for comment. To the Nora Parker works at Saint Hubert's, and the welfare society and said, the dogs were neither an optimal nor light threatening conditions so they weren't in great shape, but they weren't in life threatening conditions. No dogs needed emergency care or were in dire straits. Most of them appeared to be fed. Well, but that's not all dogs need. They need space socialization human contact and they were not getting enough of that. So when you have two hundred dogs I mean that's just a lot to take care of. So how do you go from being, you know, best in show, even with your two left feet? Right. And then down to down to that, while she'd be on that. Let's say she'd be on that show. That's the fault trace the show like what they do is borders. Foreigners the show about hoarding. Say my street addiction. And I'm like, wait. That's not that favorite hoarder. Courtship of Eddie's hoarders. I'm going to start a podcast called my favorite hoarder, and the we're just gonna talk about people who killed ordering. Ding pile. Yeah. Do you need that? Do you really hoarder bunch? And then I had a great idea for our for our podcast. We next we should do an AS Amar animal talk episode. Oh, we should whisper. She get like, like brushes, like animal Russia's what we should. Then just brush Sam all our or like brush, the microphone people like that stuff, you know. Yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah. That'd be. This. Thing though, this is this is how they think isn't it? Santa's how Shaef as Samantha's further young people. Yes, I'm part of the young people, and I'm like an old soul. I hate it. When people say that's what I said, you're an old soul, but you have younger thoughts on young people. Yeah, I mean, I guess I'm yeah. I guess I am. I mean I don't like all the things that young people like like like, like. But you like blink one eighty two. So you're yeah. See nobody. Nobody knows your next blink one eighty two adventure. Samantha, she just start Mark, Mark, compass smart office, the bass player. We're like friends now, I guess I don't know. It's crazy. And he. Yeah. Well he. Yeah. I'm gonna yeah. It's crazy. Well, I'm gonna go out to okay. So they're not bragging because I asked you. I mean it's not really bragging. I mean I don't really I mean we're just kinda like Fran. Going to go out to some shows and we're going to take pictures for them. You know, I was going to be pretty cool. But their first shows in Columbus, Ohio, on the twenty seventh of June. So that's like week two weeks. And I will be there for that show and the late. And then. Warped tour in New Jersey, which is like it's like the last it's the twenty fifth anniversary of war tour. And that's like the last this is like the last run of shows. They're doing when was the first time you went to work to her. I call then I've only had how did you get to the warped tour the first time I've only been like twice while the I I drove her. Yeah, I get the tickets. That was my second time actually. This is my second, okay? I, I said, Samantha, because I because I teach high school journalism. Okay. Right. So it was one of my students, and sometimes we get free tickets for things. And I had this young gangly crazy. You know, I it was after your first year. So that was between your first and second year. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So and I, I got the tickets. I'm like, hey, this happens in the summer, you wanna go to cover us for me. She's like Heke so good. Food center did blink play that one. No. They I mean they used to play back in the back in the day in the nineties, when they were like I like starting out, they played at warped tour. That's why they're doing this like twenty fifth anniversary thing. They got like all these big bands back to, like to play this thing, but you're going to go, you're gonna go to jersey and I'm gonna drive out there and you're going to be able to take pictures and leading photographers Klay. So that's we're probably a Sam. That's, that's cool. It's crazy. I just it's so crazy. I just didn't ever think that something like this would ever happen because I had that guy's posters on my wall. He's still on my wallet. So crazy enjoy yourself. And then the other guy the other guy, the out of the van now Tom Tom delong chasing aliens. Yes. Gotta he's got a show on the history channel. He's gonna show on identified the show on the history, and he like chases aliens, he talks about Amy Benz like all his money on chasing. Aliens on putting the show on chasing aliens. No, he's like talk to government officials out, and he's like, yeah. Yeah, full that's crazy. I haven't watched it, but I follow Henderson guy. There's a guy that lives in a Oiseaux area this way in Michigan. And he claims to have worked at area, fifty one oh, I feel like aliens are real. There is a show on Amazon prime about the struggles area fifty one and it's a real aliens are real. I feel like they're real. But I feel like I don't know. I feel like they're not going to hurt us. You know what? How can we be the only thing here? What's it? Do you think do you think God or which ever everybody believes in? Do you think we're the only living thing I don't know sentence. Yes. Living other things organisms. Absolutely. Okay. We really that's my thought okay? Maybe not in the solar system. But what other solar systems like other possible very possible. Yeah. So weird to think about we'll never see it in our lifetime, though. Are. But all right. So we're talking about that guy. Who's a hoarder right? The Westminster champion history. He's got like a like two hundred dogs right. I'm a cat guy. Yes. Two hundred cats. I have two hundred cats you would think I have two hundred cast with how much hair mind figures throughout the house, this creature makes me insane. But can you imagine having being a cat Horder? So what? What how ammonia? That's all I can think of right now. Yeah. So how do you how do you avoid? Getting to what are some signs that you might have too many cats? Oh, I'm interested is a top ten twelve topped off. Okay. Fantastic. Bring it. But what if you only have one cat is? And like you what if you have one cat, and all those boxes are checked all those twelve boxes? Does that mean? One cat is too many. It's too many. It's a major cat has multiple personality. Cats. Cats are adorable. Little furball 's who doesn't love him. Right. But there comes a time when a few cats might be too many cats. If you hear the TV, if you can't hear the TV over the meowing. Wait a second way to have academy agency. Yeah. So we got somebody. Okay. Yeah. No remember, I wasn't here when you talked to her, it was it was Hillary. Okay. Hillary chant who had baby, the dog who did the surgery. Oh, yes, she just said something. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I gotta take a picture with it with my phone because I can't read it as a bike Samantha, though. It's okay. It's good to talk in the microphone and do the same. She said, hey, guys, baby surgery got moved up to July fifteenth. I don't know what it. What was it before? I don't I wasn't here. Probably far away. Very excited to continue her journey, and get her out of her heart failure forever. Please wish me luck. Thank you guys. Oh, sweet. Trying to look up the go fund. Ryan stock go fund me dot com through fix babies. Fix baby's heart. Yes. Are you looking at the go? She put the she put the link. Oh, yeah. Click it. See how she's doing on her. I'm gonna pull it up on her fundraising. Yeah. Because. It's a procedure that they can they can all while it's, it's expensive here overseas and it's like it's cheaper to take time off fly to England to have Japanese dock way. Do the surgery on the dog. That's crazy. It's cheaper to do that. Then I have the surgery here. So it's insane. Do it. Yeah. Well, yeah, but you're not a surgeon. I mean no. No. I mean. I mean, I would I would do that for my animals. Swissarmy to is like. I don't think we babied be happy or anybody. It'd be happy about the results. Now I'm not a not a surgeon, but I would do that for my dog. I would, yes I fixing baby's heart. Is that popping up or looking on it here to the link pop up? Oh, you gotta entertain here is not yet. It's malaria, so far. She has she's as she met her goal. That's just about halfway on her goal. Yeah, she's looking asked about their. We'll good luck is a gofundme fix baby's heart. Go check it out. If you got a couple of dot com slice a little cute. Little puppy. Help help them out. So it's a very, it's a very amazing 'cause so give that a shot, but we were talking about having too many damn cats. If you have a can't hear the over them yelling. It might be an emergency. If you're lint brushes on you twenty four seven then you might have an issue number one, because I have with my dogs. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, if you're not sure if you're in denial of owning too many cats, here's, here's a couple of signs you have too many cats. You started naming them after the seven dwarves and you've run out of name. Right. So if you've named them after the doors and you've run out of names, you might have to too many kitty cat. If you sort your clothes not from color style, but from the least Terry to the most Terry. Yeah. Italy is a little bit of here. You might have too many cats in your life as crazy 'cause I get dressed like early in the morning. Right. And it's like dark in the house is wellspring. It's, it's, it's better now. But, you know, I don't lift the shades because then you got to put him back down at the other day. So why, you know, the shade lists the Shane Linda shits. Oh, then you have to put us Zoya minute because if you put it up in the morning, then you go to put it back down when you go to bed, you could just put it back down before you leave for work anyway. Or just not at all. And get dressed in the dark. And then you get to work, and you're like, oh my God. This hair all over get the lint brush, you get scotch tape, and you push. Oh, you brush in your desk at school. I am a middle aged man. Yeah. With a with a white cat. And I wear black clothes all the time. I brochure Mike Moore. I'm I'm yeah. That's crazy. All right. Another sign need that. Another sign. Yeah. Might have too many cats. You're getting a hairball yourself. She's trying not to laugh. China to love. Have. Hairball and the copier sir. It's not mine. Mine are in neat piles on the floor. All right. So here's another one. Another reason you might assign you might have too many cats in, you'll have the room is dark in the morning when you open your eyes because there's a cat on your face. That can happen with one cat. I needed a new this take one off. I took a nap after I took a nap after off. It's still there did you before? I came down here needed. Daddy needed a nap. Took a nap. I needed a nap to the data Percy cat I went to bed. I can't wake. Yep. Yep. Oh, I went to bed at four woke up at eight. So you might have too many cats signed if people call you the crazy cat lady, and you're a guy. Janjia. Yes. So, yes. So crazy cat lady. So but you don't have too many you only have one anyway. You might assign that you might have too many cats in your life. If you spend more time pleading Linter boxes than anything else, right? That's what your teenagers, or for the cat. There's a me here of a cat looking all shocked, and it's like the literature is empty against someone keeps stealing my poo. Oh me. Gms. Where did we how do how did we ever communicate are funny before you? You know what memes are through conversation? I just I'm just surprised you know how safe and you don't call. It means my mom calls it mimi's. Nice started laughing us funny. I call them mimi's once and every one of my children jumped down my throat, it's me. That's crazy. You might have too many cats. If you're not exactly sure how many cats you have. You have so many you've lost count. You ever do the dog the dog? Because the dog Horder yeah, I don't know. It's fifty one hundred. I don't know what two hundred okay. We got two hundred just got out of hand. So another. Reason reason, but sign you might have too many cats. Your Facebook is filled with pictures of your cats and nothing else. Well, that's kinda guilty. Yeah. Honey? Honey? Kilty. Yes. Is forget the friends. It's all types took a picture of that cat on our new sexual couch before I took a picture my wife on the couch. You just buy new. Yeah. Because you, you put up pictures of you guys shopping, and having wild fun. We weren't we have way too much fun. Yeah. You look like you're. They did. And they take me shopping, and it actually happened because they posted pictures of yes. If it if it didn't without if it wasn't if that wasn't posting it wouldn't it wouldn't have look at it right now. Maybe I didn't. So, so another sign. You might have too many damn cats. Right. Yeah. You always ask for cat. Toys gifts year birthday and Christmas. Somebody just asked me because I guess, father's day's coming up this Father's Day and I had nothing. I'm like the cat something. Oh, god. Did you really know what it wouldn't surprise me? If I actually I'm answering questions like Sam Nunn. Did you really? You're welcome doesn't so gullible. I forgot it was Father's Day. Sunday, Sunday, Sundays, eight dads. So yeah, I'm gonna be broke. No sorry. Nobody's getting anything SARS make us a card. Oh, can I get you a car to car? Don't get a car a make a card put it just on Crohn's. I like this, you know, with the baby hands. Because they'll that too, I'm gonna make one for each each. All three of us marshal, another sign you might have too many cats. Wow. There's this top twelve you've thrown out. You've thrown out your slippers, because you always have a cat on your foot. You don't you don't need slippers. So there's always a cat on each foot. Well, another sign, yet, too many cats. He had to take out a small loan to cover food and vet expenses talking about fixing baby's heart. And that's an all too true story of the vet bills. Can they add up? They add up they can add up. I can't find it. Where is, is what is a good number of times to take your pet to the vet on an annual basis. One time two times. What does the Nissan three and a half three and a half types? Okay. Three and a half through, at least once twice would probably be the number. That's what I said. All right. Fairway just curious. Oh, yeah. Oh, I thought you had looked it up. No, no. I was just asking. You don't know how many times do you take your first, you cat? So the number one sign three and a half you might well, because we see Dr Bredahl time. So it's, it's social. Hey, look at this thing lazy. Good. So this z sees vets all the time. It's not professionally so. Was the number one the, the number one sign that you might have too many cats, your vacuum cleaner. Bag only lasts one round. Yeah. I mean sometimes that sometimes one cat can do that. Yeah. So, you know, I say, well, if you only vacuum once a month. Yeah. Oh. You guys back you to three point five three point three and a half to three. Three and a half. I don't know. Man. I'm just I'm not looking forward to this. Adult thing. Okay. So. Me either. No is I was you got the try to here going on. So, yeah, I was thinking about, like getting my when I get my like my own place in the shower. Gets like clogged with like hair and stuff. I'm just I just don't wanna clean that out. And I'm just like I'm not looking at just. Yeah. You. But here here's the thought of that light bulb went out shoot. We got a blue. Honey? We gotta move showers clogged again, say, if it's your own place in it's your own hair, you shouldn't be grossed out by that. I mean, yeah, I guess, so. But I feel like I feel like a loser gets in there. And like soap stuff like dries. You're I know some people don't have soap and I should be thankful. And. I don't validate my own feelings, because I feel bad that I complain about things that other people don't have. It got really silent. Let's talk about something else. I just saw picture, and I'm kind of freaked out. Wait. Let me see what is it? You said nothing about bats. Is that what that did you get bit by bad? Is that what you're triggered? No. Are you triggered? I am triggered by bets. Are you are a little bit next to a field? And there's a forest side of the field, and we get bats over our house, all the time of there's so much. I love we sit in our hot tub, and with there's, like two bats that must live like around our house somewhere. We don't have that box. We wanna put one up, so we have more bats because they eat like just a bazillion insects. Yeah. I don't. I love the bats that yeah. You actually can take a tennis ball toss it up. And they'll try to catch it, don't come down. If I like I like watching them zip around the yard to they're wonderful. But that if you saw the story sitting here, I didn't read it. I just saw that. There's a no one said anything about bats. What's the difference? What's the difference? Where is it again? Thanks for the free parking. And somebody answer my. Jim carey. Cut detective. I knew I saw that one. So both of those the really long time ago anyway. There you go. I understood that reference halfway so, so US fficials beware of wildlife. There's a raised a rabies risk going on in the states right now and bats pose the greatest threat of transmitting, the typically fatal disease to Yuma. This is why I'm afraid of baths, but other other animals can't be dangerous to federal health officials on Wednesday urged Americans to be attentive to the risk of rabies and avoid contact with wildlife especially throwing tennis balls up in the air. Matthew, especially bats despite a dramatic drop in the number of domestic cases of rabies infections over the decades rabies causes about fifty nine thousand deaths worldwide each year, including on average about two annually in the United States doing their well we're gonna find out on that. That makes you happier than I hope I hope the hedgehog didn't die of rabies from a bat. That'd be real sad. So there's an average of. Two deaths annually in the United States. A new report examining Rabi trends in the US researchers from the centers of disease control and prevention and the US department of agriculture said, one hundred twenty people reportedly died from rabies between nineteen sixty in two thousand eighteen accounting for about twenty percent of the five hundred eighty eight human cases in the country over the wider period. Nine hundred thirty eight to nine hundred eighteen rabies typically transmitted via saliva from the bite of an infected animal. Though the infection is ninety nine percent fatal in humans, there's no successful treatment once symptoms are present. So once so if you get bit in your life. I'm okay, this is really dark. So, yeah. The report notes prompt medical treatment following potential exposure. To the virus, effectively prevents the disease. So if you get bit by a wild critter anyone critter. Yeah. Go, go get checked out the mmediately before because once once the symptoms show up, you're in trouble big time, so out of one hundred twenty Rabi deaths, and five other suspected cases of rabies in humans in the US since nineteen sixty eighty nine were acquired domestically. Oh, wow. Yeah. Sixty two or seventy percent linked back to bats. So seventy percent of the deaths were linked back to balance. Why why we got two pets? Another thirty six of the one hundred twenty five cases where associated with dog fights that occurred while people traveled internationally. So does the dog at bat I paid a lot of dogs in France. They didn't bite me though, that does numbet dog. There were dogs just wandering around, like we would be like, Hello. Is this your dog because the dog was like following our group or like is this your dog, and they're like, no, and we're like, well, the strays? Was kind of like here downtown Detroit. There's there's, there's like a whole colony of cats out behind this building here. Have you seen some of those calves seen him? I've heard him. Oh my goodness. They look like talked about last week. They look like they looked like the cat out of pets materialism, as but there's one that looks exactly like Percy out there. Did you think it was him? And you were like. Did you all over down here noise sorta got took a picture of it? No way. No way. No. Why did you take the cat downtown? I'm like. I didn't. It didn't I wanted to show. Oh my God. How that looks just like Percy. And he's a little why did you? Nice to us. Let's but in his tail yeah. Kirby and Kirby personally has the oh has the rings yet? And this is just he had the brownish on it, but not the ring. Okay. But still, it's crazy. Did you did you send that to her? She was showed it to. Yeah. Shoes. Are you taking the cat downtown? That does not make. Yeah, sorry. It's so bats rabies watch out if you're travelling, don't go pet straight dogs and France rights. They were very cute. Samantha oh I pet a stray cat too. So it was wandering around the hotel, don't know who is cat. It was like three times. Oh, yeah. So bad passer, the common Rabi carriers across the state. So they are more of that snow band bats bad bad, bad bets, so love their mosquitoes, though. I remember somebody don't play with the back Biddle miles don't reach into the house, once once you built it. So all right. So we post post rabies exposure is about thirty eight hundred dollars a person. So why would you pay them money for, you know, you're going to die any, though? I mean that's just exposure, let's no, that's not like after symptoms. So basically. If you are experiencing symptoms and you go to the doctor and they're like you have rabies we can do nothing to save you like officer. There's if you don't do it soon enough. You've made me oh, I remember this kid when I was in I one hundred twenty five times one hundred twenty five times since nineteen sixty one hundred twenty. Yeah. Well, I remember when I was in first grade. There was this thing on the news of this kid that got bit by a bad, guess he loved his like bedroom window open. He got bit. And he didn't tell anybody got bit and he died. And I was like, ever since then I've been scared of like everything. You know what else is really frightening? Samantha. I think I know what it is. Oh, no. This is worse. Fiction. You decide. Oh, wow. Headlines ripped from the news. Two of them are absolutely true. One is false created by me earlier, when I should have been waxing the car. You X your car. So what we call it now. Sorry, Samantha here has to decide which of these facts is the fake fake one. And I guess what I'm gonna pick a true one because that's how it always goes three packs. Three fax. Matthews gonna read them thinking. Gone there. Good luck. All right. The women who are killing it in taxidermy. That's it. That's the first headline that cannot be true women who are killing and taxidermy second headline for MS Sam Bermuda land, snail, Bermuda lands now an animal back from the dead. So from the Bermuda triangle, where Amelia Earhart possibly height or over murder of crows third one here murder of crows responsible for saving Milwaukee woman's life. The third murder of crow. So it's on a murderer of crow this, it's a group of crows. Burder Krista crow crows. Murder of crows group of pros is called a murder. I know I was thinking of murderers grows, like somebody who kills crow's saved a woman's life. Let's go through let's review. This one more time. They're all fake headline. Number one. The women who are killing it in taxidermy. Okay. Headline number to Bermuda land, snail an animal back from the dead and headline number three murder of crows responsible for saving Milwaukee woman's life. What do we got you can't fool in a friend? That's the audience if there's anybody in the chat room on Facebook. If you have if you have a guess. All right. There says a three people in here, somebody please. Tell me. If you want to help them at the out, which one of those is fall, I'll give you like to the women who are killing it. And Texas army the Premiera land snail back, back from the dead. And then murder of crows responsible for saving really in my world. Those are believable. I feel like those believable. I feel like the first one says the women who are killing it in taxidermy. What are they doing? I know they're killing in taxidermy. But like who are they, where they from, I feel like it needs to be long? Well, that's good. That's a good headline because it makes you want to read more. Just exploded a little bit. Your journalism, teachers. Right. Good lines. Anybody anybody, you're on your own, you're on your own their kids somebody please, please tell me which one just give me a random. Why? Because I can't you gotta decide once. AM arda swear words, what do I think? Yeah. I think they're all true trick one nine I actually. How crazy let's let me, let me just be you for a second. Sitting I'm sitting at school. Lord say SAM's my favorites. All those. And of sitting at my desk. I'm supposed to be doing work or maybe not because it's like the second last school, and I'm going to write these things. Choose nobody timed it. Okay. Okay, I'm gonna choose. What's behind door number choose the first one? Oh, the women who are killing it, and taxidermy problem. Yeah, it was. Crow. What do you think? I'm gonna go the Bermuda land snail. The murder of crows. I don't know. Have you ever seen the other two head to do with like killing and back from the dead? So I wanna to do something by one bird, channeling his inner Alfred Hitchcock. So I try to usually try to try to find too, that have some sort of, you know, thematic linked to it, and then I right one to match that little theme. Right. I don't know you as much as I thought I did. You said you said it was a good headline. There's just a whole bunch of women who are like you don't expect when you say, oh, the taxidermists rate, you spend this little old, guy, maybe creepy fed, dude, or something, the mustache go, you know, in, like overalls of one of the overall straps on little mouses and put them in over on somebody playing the banjo on the porch guy from human centipede, too. Have you seen that movie? Oh, I need a picture. No. I didn't see one. There's a to a third. So, so women killing in taxidermy. Here's the story, if you're act to conjure up an image of a taxidermist you could be forgiven for free visualizing move stashed man in Victoria hunting entire. No. No. More than a century after the practice reached its peak of popularity, a new wave of female taxidermists aims to change people's perception of the profession. I always have crows in my freezer. Very lovely young lady with a squirrel in a like a champagne glass. My goodness, taxi squirrel started was a school trip to a museum. The dinosaur bones were boring as so the fossils. But when it came to the dead animals, six year old Hannah deadman was hooked freaked out a lot other kids, but I was just staring at it the lion. Tiger the articulated horse skeletons. It was just utterly amazing to me now Twenty-eight. She's one of the growing number of young women who've made taxidermy their trade. I spot dead animals when I'm driving and I take them home. Is it a buying me flowers? My husband brings me dead things. I can't stand. The thought of seeing these animals, go to waste riding on the side of the road. She says. Something having fun with roadkill MS deadman who lives in Suffolk often post Facebook, asking people to alert her of road. Kill's I always have crows freezer. We currently have a polecat and a puppy that died from a tragic accident. And. She often gets emotional has to walk away from her work to compose herself, as laborious work peacock takes up to two weeks to preserve. And she finds it tough because she has health issues herself as peacocks got a fly man. So there you go. So women are starting to, to be leaders in the taxidermy field. What was the other true story? Apparently the Bermuda land snail is coming back from the dead. Don't call the comeback hit thousands of critically endangered snails have been released into the wild after being rescued from the edge of extinction. With a little help from a British zoo. Is it Amelia Earhart and her afterlife? No. Nice try though. Manabe now. All right. Sorry. The greater bowl. That's muted. Galapagos. Okay. Greater Bermuda Lansdale was thought to have disappeared for many years until it empty shell turned up in the territory's capital city of Hamilton. Live snails were then found among a litter of in nearby in a nearby alley in the Sheller at habit. Yeah. So. Zoo for a unique breeding program, more than four thousand snails raised at the zoo have now been taken back to the island and released. So the repopulating the snail population so many more captive sales will soon be returned to their homeland to help give the species newly of newly of life. Mark outer bridge, a wildlife ecologist for the Bermuda. Government said the snail was a labyrinth species, which was considered extinct, not so long ago, then in two thousand fourteen a man walked into his office in the capital of Hamilton, holding afresh snail shell. It turned out that. Yes. This was in fact, a greater butyl. Lance nail species that we thought to have gone extinct forty years earlier he said, so they're coming back. Don't call it a comeback. They already make that joke. What thirty seconds ago? Oh shit. We did. I was looking at the pictures coal to come. Pictures of the guy from the. Snail's. You never guess where they were found where they were fine, there were found behind a restaurant, so a small, but thriving population Lance Neal was discovered behind a restaurant, the gastro pods were living among litter specifically inside thrown away. Plastic bottles and a dark dank wet alley surrounded by four storey buildings. So these snails were found at a restaurant go. Fig anyways. What do you got Jamie? It's still, vampire birds of the Galapagos have fascinating birds in our lives. Yes, they're vampire. In the Galapagos. Silence. Do did it did it? Glaucous now. It's my head. Sorry. All right. So the islands for a year and a half Little Brown birds in north, most island of the Galapagos uses wickedly sharp beak to pick it seeds in nectar, and insects. But with the climate dries out in the food, drives up, they drink blood, no way like there is such thing, as a vampire fish. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like the Galapagos finches have been used since Darwin's time to illustrate evolution in action, even among them. A really tough to pronounce name is an outlier of one of the birds in the world to intentionally draw and drink blood. It's a species found only on wolf and Darwin islands to the most remote off limit places. In the in the in the island chain. So vampire, Finch method, I one burst hops on the back of arresting. Booby. Be OPB wide, Bobby. It's a movie. It's two of them. It PEX PEX at the base of the seabirds wings and drinks, the blood, and it stains, the Bubis, white feathers, other finches crowd around await their turn to watch or learn adult movies can't fly away, and the attacks are almost never fatal. I feel like we should not call them then. Bubis told movies there. We're talking about animals, right? Yeah. But just tune them who. We're talking about birds everybody talking about the only casualties are the chicks that flee from the finches on foot and are able to find their way back to back to their group. So vampire finches of evolved and have a special bacteria in their guts to aid, digestion. So, yeah. Themselves crazy. Little vampire fishes. That's all I have for today. Really? Okay. Well, we tried would it be would would we be heroes? Yeah. Song. That's a song. Yeah. No, I was going to say, like if we drank human blood with that make us vampires cannibals. Oh, yes. Great questions, like, is it only cannibalism if you eat like meat that's flush. Drinking. The blood is MS Moore. Vampiric. Yes. Okay. Cool. That's not the right thing man. This is just a rehearsal. That is. It's time for bed animal joke of the week. I it is time for the animal to human really, really good. I have cat ones. I looked up some Catlin's his doing cat stuff and twelve but do it now. But where's my, where's my cat jokes if you want to call them that? Here we go. All right. So Samantha what when does a cat, what does a cat have that? No, no other animals have. Wait. What was a cat? Have what does a cat hell whether animals have? Kittens? Oh, hey, I was like hanging. I'm like, all right. So what did the grandma cat say to her grandson, when she saw him slouching? So what to the Gramma cat saves you were grandson when she saw him slumping by sun? Jeeze you'd be you need to pay more attention to your posture. Really? Speaking of being old, okay? He he Sam. Hey, what why are vampire bats like false teeth because because they come out at night. Steve. No. That her to believe. No just kidding. I'm just kidding. You wanna hear a bad catch joke. Yes. Just kidding. Just kidding. Hey Sam what people find us. So we got our website where you can find everything in, we'll talk radio dot com. That is our site. And then we got our social media's Twitter, Instagram Facebook at animal radio. And then we also got the YouTube, which is I forgot it's, it's something different animal. Talk radio talk TV. Talk radio TV TV. That's the YouTube sorry had a brain fart. But yeah. So. Yeah, if go to wherever you wherever find podcasts are sold. Subscribe a comment greatly. Appreciate thank you for hanging out with us and do that. Send us a message. Step of your pet just put it in the pep parade. And then all the people that do that will be entered into a contest to win an animal talk t shirt in the size of our choosing. All right. Let's go to do it for this week Matt, thanks. Hey, my pleasure. I love hanging out with you. Smet that. You have an exotic week. Okay. Cool and kiss Wild Thing for me.

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