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report. Paolo welcome to she podcasts where we are figuring out how everything ourselves and it's going okay so far. Yeah, we have a couple of people washing. Hello, hello, John is not with us today he is. Not Feeling well and so we can wish him get well. You might be around. He said he was going to watch. US Wash could be watching. We don't know, but if you are high cyrus growing it out, we may as well just apologize for screwing it up. Sorry we're screwing it up. How have you been? What did you do this weekend? Oh. My Gosh. It was so hot. Introduced this Elsie I'm just guy. Hey. All, you knew people that might possibly be listening to us, and of course all you old schoolers who have been with us for how many years now? Sensex. Only God. We just had our sixth birthday in June. We missed it. Yeah, we missed it the thirteenth or something. That's right. We have people saying get well John Domingo Bonnie and Kerry so. You, guys were thank you so much. Everybody and St John's mingle back next week for now show. So. You walked around Iwa ninety nine, because I really needed to deal with getting off my behind. It's been very very jam-packed. I would say stressful week last week. and I didn't really get off of my very much as much as I needed to. And I really needed to go outside and so I did I walked in ninety degree. Heat in the mind you I. Don't go work out specifically I. Just I Walk Sometimes. I like to walk faster. Sometimes I walk slower. But it was really hot, and I have bug bites all over and you just and you jess in the heat. What did you do in the heat? The only thing there is to do around here is to go to the swimming pool at the JC so. I'm grateful that all the other people who are there are people who live in North Wilmington and are sort of in this little. Is kind of being a little safety bubble because they're also the people that I would socialize with around here. They're also the people that go to school with him or that. We'll go to kindergarten with him next year so I'm not really branching out socially as far as like. It's like probably a mix of one hundred people that I don't deviate from. That sounds like a lot of people but right. It's like it's really parents and kids, and so it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be at the pool like what else is there to do? I don't want to take him to the movies. Nothing else is open like those trampoline parks and stuff like we're not doing that I'm not taking them to a restaurant I. Don't WanNa go to the mall like this is. The safest thing is chlorine. Chlorine just shove him in a bunch of chemicals, and then hopefully we won't get sick, so that's all I. do I go to the Poi- left and we went. Yes, Hussy. When did they go Saturday? I was there from one to six and then yesterday. I was there from like two five thirty. It was shorter day, but each time I have to drag him out of the pool by is hey. Go Right, but that's like that's a common occurrence of every single child the first day and it's actually happened last week to were like I of just let him play I. Don't really bother him because you find on his own. But he doesn't drink water and then at night he gets crampy. Yeah, so like so like, and he did it again Saturday and so yesterday every five minutes every time he would like run by me and like water. Drink some water to. Grab him just to get him to drink something because it's hard to get them out of the pool. And just because he's in water and makes them think he doesn't need to drink any so yeah, well. At least he's not drinking water from the pool, but alas look at what we have going on in the chap after. School plans just came out for me as a teacher. I want to cry and I'm concerned and overwhelmed, but Patrick Keller it, but honestly loved saying it's bad like I still we still can't guess whether they're going into. Not because it's bad, you going in as bad staying home as bad during a hybrid is bad, all of it is bad so like he says he needs distractions, but like What about your school are you guys on? Because it's a small school. Right? You're. Battering as of right now they're trying to figure out some kind of solution. And of course, my my lovely other half has all kinds of ideas, so he's trying to. He's trying to get our home school coop together with our gymnastics, people and see if they can come somehow together to create something, social distancing and spacious. Because the are gymnastics, people are suffering. Greatly have classes, and they have to pay for this gigantic. You know what I mean Yeah, this extra stress that I'm thinking like. Oh my God. These people so there he's trying to figure out how we can unite those in some way, and if we didn't like something like California it would be not. I can't say it would be easy. No, it would be. Be I guess you could have classes outside, because there's all of this space, but with us that have sort of inclement weather here and there I don't know how this would play out in the like. Can you imagine having classes outside when it's windy and cold, it's supposed to be ninety speaking from someone who got married September twelfth. That doesn't go away. The second school starts. It was hot as a mother. And a Lotta time it's hot as a mother on Halloween. It's GONNA be hot if you do school outside, it's going to be i. mean probably more for you than me, but it's going to be hot for a while. At least through I think you're right at least through like mid October, because we have had October's that for the most part that starts to get rainy and Yaldo, when the cult member last October when I was doing my like instagram story like John was making fun of me, because I had like all the coverings on my head. Anyway, speaking of Johnny's in the chat. That John John. batchelor. And we have colors. We have collusion. The I was very nervous about sending Isaac to a private school because it's very small, and it turns out that it was the best thing I ever did because it's small enough where we in person classes, so they're going in. At least for now but right. I also saw this morning at is one of the two states that are declining in cases, so that's good. That's green. So. Do some of my friends who were going to send their kids to public school now looking into where Isaac's going. Because it's the only chance they're going to have of having school in person. I think he's got like six kids in his class now. Probably end up with ten. I guess, but yeah small so luckily as long as they. They'll probably have to wear masks and social distance the idea of doing that as a kid for me, it would make me miserable. I mean I guess they'll adapt right. They'll have to adapt and also I mean even. I just had a situation with my eleven year old. You know we were. She's very sad like she goes through lots of emotions. Of course mind you. She's A. She's a tween. But then she sitting there in like the stat like Randy had to have a conversation with her meaning. Not sure we're going to be having classes when we come in the fall and that's what she's been looking forward to. So now. She's like there's a sense of defeat inside of her. She doesn't see the light of day. Oh! It's just overwhelming like all the the friends and all the things she's going through in like an all honesty I'm like I don't even know what to tell you. I am very sorry. I just hug and kiss her. Just say I'm sorry hang. With her friends like yeah, we're GONNA try. We've already started to touch me with parents. You know texting and stuff just for the couple of hours just so they can. Discern exactly just to have a little something, but it's really painful. You know because in in all the things we try to solve these problems right Oh. If she needs more outlets, we can do these things if she wants this. We can do these things. Terribly. Socialization Patrick, saying forty six kids and one of his classes holy Mazas. That's a bad I eileen. That's a lot of children. Where does he live in southern right? A. Knife a knife and is oh my own. Business having six kids in one classroom I'm sorry. I hope that they changed that up. Your state starts declining cases soon. Maybe everybody will call. Maybe a miracle will happen. Everyone will cooperate with one another. That would be amazing. That would be amazing, but now on that note. Why don't we talk about some of the things that you've been worked? Not quite some news the stuff that you've been working on. That, so Jessica has been head to the ground trying to create this amazing shop, you guys. People I'll share sprain. Even though I have no idea what this end up to sound like I will share the screen and show you guys the store so far. This is the store we have all different logo styles. Pink Blue Green, Retro Soap Rainbow. Including one spiral, this is the t shirt I got because I love the red eye I love ringer tees, and then it's like a red ring, t with like black on the sides I got that one I got the I got the ringer. T that is the. The navy with the gold things on the yes, okay, so that's the one that I got though, but but rainbow right, but rainbow. Yes, I got the Rainbow One and I also got a tank top. For the super squats so one that is, is she podcast so yeah, that's the one. I got so really. Look at that. It's so perfect I can't even? Look so cute. Okay So anyway so far it's only it's most teachers just made the one notebook as t shirts and tank tops and one Hoodie. That you can get in different colors and you can shop. Buy What you can't yet because I haven't put it in here, but you can either shop by super. Squad logo or the she podcast logo. I was going to put that. See So. There's two different ones you can have super squad, or you can have casper squad. Yeah, SUPER SQUAD GEAR! We'll probably put the two different logos here that you can shop through. And some collections, and whatever, so yeah, this is what I'm working on X-xi podcasts dot shop. The store is live and ready. It's just not designed. It's designed not finished, but it is functional, so if you go to catalog, or if you go down here to see the different colors it should work. It will work. Elsie already bought stuff. And they were always amazing. It was so easy to and we figured, and so the reason that my body it people, which is kind of nuts. Is that I'm here I'm? I'm on my facebook on IPAD because I again? We talked about this in in one of the Super Squad Cuny where Patrick asked. You know what are some best practices for not going down? Rabbit holes in on social and one of them is that I can't see the feed when I'm on the computer. That's like more work time, and then I. generally check facebook. When on the IPAD so I was in the. On my fat, it and I started to see. The shop come feed and like. Those are so cute. I would've I won, and so I told us. Kelly buys them. Yeah, So von Channel Now total Patrick is asking what Fatman look like in the she podcast shirt. I mean we're happy to find out because some of the shirts go up to five X. so if you need any size from small to five x you got it. I'm assuming fatman look fantastic in our shirts, matter of fact Iraq or even. The sweat sweatshirt at some point there. Harry's asking for a new coffee. Cup because her hers. As soon as Clara Clara wants to know what I'm using print defy shackles lie. which brings to today's brings me to today's poll for the people who are watching it live, so do we shot a by? Has the opportunity to connect to? Something called obair. Alot o'beirn low helps you put stuff in your store, and then they help you drop ship, so for example let's say I. wanted to do beach towels. I can type beach towels and here and see. We have to show this screen shitting. Wasn't showing I'm sorry. Yeah, sorry, everybody! That's listening! You are missing. L.! Sorry, all of. Guests. Mike Okay so okay so I so I searched channel. Let's just say I wanted to sell this hamburger beach town that you see you add it to the important list. And that imports you're an import your product right into shop. If I can change the title of the Collections Import to store, it'll just show up in the in the. She podcast store and boom. We have hamburger towels and pizza towels. Wow! Is there. Is there a desire? Do we think and just say yes, or no or give me your opinions? Do you think it would be fun to have stuff in our? She podcasts dot store that Elsie I liked, but the don't necessarily have our logo on it like a hamburger towel. Something totally put in there, but also you know like fun stuff that we. Like a microphone necklace like those little key chains that we way, we could probably put those in our store right, so should we people in the chat at this moment? And if you are listening to this later, you can always feedbacks at she podcast dot com, and you can even just put it in in your subject line. Yes, other things or no. Does she podcast brandon? is their desire for hamburger, towels or hamburger pizza doughnut French fries, watermelon, strawberry cupcake. And Sugar Skull the week because it's. Like Bonnie's comment is their desire for hamburger towels for example. Yes, okay, so carrying says yes Jenny. Says I think it'd be fun to have other things to be Honestly it'll just any one or two things as I. Peruse yes I. Love My mic chain, my. Some good good good. Yea. I love my key chain, so that would be a fun thing to put in there. It's not going to be branded, but I think those things would be cool. Are you shipping to Sweden? I mean yes yes. Honestly. County from India, so there's no reason why I couldn't come to me or sweeten I. don't even know I she podcast. Tell us. Via Printer Fi, but you know and also I can find that drop ship. Besides print fi, but it's just whether or not you would be interested in some stuff that is non logo. I can separate it out in the store where it's like she podcast logo other. You know we can organize anyway. We want so things. Yeah, things in what's in Jessica's bag. What's an? Yeah, so ran. into if anyone not into it or think it's stupid, just tell me tell us feedback. As she podcast dot com, but yeah all right. That's very encouraging. We can put some fun stuff in there. Sure so everybody needs to go check that out and see if you guys if you people. Shop for something for us to see if things are working I actually tested it out. Because the first time I bought a t shirt teacher ended. It was twenty two dollars for the teacher, and then the shipping and handling was like almost twenty three dollars I was like just. Who Are you? Have you calling you? People are people here seething. Sorry, are people here? Yeah, so? Anyway aw, but she fixed it for me. And now everything is not twenty two dollars, shipping and handling, which was Zoro? Okay, so shall we move on with shows? Oh, my gosh, but we also have not talked about that. She podcast super squad. Wait that we have coming up as well. We have so many things. Jessica has been a busy busy person, and we have lots of oops. That's the wrong banner. The one. Jess has been working very hard from working very. Very hard yeah, so I've been making all the things the membership actually so for those of you who are watching this live. You're in super squad and we are going to be dumping you in there probably this week so that you can piddle around in there. See all the different functionalities. I will see that some of the. Courses are fully put together. For example. We have every video Qa we've ever done ever. But Scott is transcribing them today, and they will actually be transcribed with time codes, but we what we really wanted to do was put together an Faq with all the subjects that you could just search Faq. That's not going to be done for a while. That's like a I want to get all of the videos in from. She podcast live. I want all the Qa videos to be in I want there's something else? Oh. I hope. Does it mind this? But I'm thinking about doing like our like our podcasting school for women or something just to get people started just with a disclaimer that it's outdated because people are saying asking for the unit that we have and I took them out of the grooming. We can just disclaim at some of the videos may be a little bit outdated, but the reason why I'm GonNa Dump and dump is not a nice word, but whatever I'm going to dump you in their early is because it has a lot of socio socializing. What the fuck am I trying to say? It has a of socialization built into it, so for example all the things that you liked maybe about the WHO've APP and we were doing our event. We use this great APP. That allowed you to update upload photos and articles and posts and Ping each other and have private conversations and public conversations and. Events and meet ups like all that functionality is in our membership so sorry I was eating cherries, and now they're coming back, not sure. Everybody needed to do when you eat cherries. You get a lot of Air I. think in your belly well, because you have to spit it out, you know so. There's an in the workflow of eating creatures. Okay okay. Anyway. So anyway, so I hope you guys, will I mean the idea of a Web test is to like break in I. Certainly don't want you to break it, but if you do find stuff that isn't working properly. You! Tell me if you don't mind. You don't have to certainly, but anyway so I'm GONNA. Put you guys in there soon. Four, super squatters who are signed up currently. includes. Anyone who signs up before September first right because that's when we turn on the pricing, anyone up before September. I will get the first three months free six months three months. I don't remember to think changing I ended up going to like twenty twenty one by the time September. That's like four months and then. Four months free, and then it's a sliding scale so then after that you can choose what you want to pay. We have three different tiers that all have the same access. So in the chat I'm seeing lots of deviation. Somebody makes Patrick made a hamburger pillow in home Mac Reversible vast Patrick says he needs a lot of today and one from you next. When is it going to come I? Don't know we might be discussing things that will I? Don't let that means. Let it rip matter but. This is what's so so we have. Another stuff because it's. Time for that stuff, 'cause. It's time for that stuff. Shall we move on? Do it the news you can use? For, the informed portal. Offering News. Actually. Why don't we do this I? The the Webinar that you're doing that I, so I already did that Webinar. What I am you play right in here or the reason that yeah, it's the replay because it really went very well we I am so excited by it I can't even tell you we had I think. By the time the Webinar was live, we had about one hundred and seventy something people who had signed up. We had a a little bit over fifty percent. They are live, which was incredible? Incredible we had about thirty percent, go to the call to action within the collar action was released. It's a webpage that we decided that we created at Lipson. Everybody always wants to know like. How do I contact so and so like? How do I connect? What are they doing? So Sarah from lipson created this beautiful little landing page where it has everybody in it has all of our landing pages, and all the things that we're doing right now. Which is amazing Patrick was there? She was awesome I mean he was. Sorry Patrick I mis gendered. You Patrick was there. Too He's very front now. I'm sorry. Sorry! Sorry, so, but it was so fun, and and the only reason I'm saying this because you could still watch the the repeat that play, and really there's nothing all other than you have to essentially sign up for crowd cast. I don't know if any of you have already signed up for crowd cast in the past. It's a really great little platform, and then you can watch the entire thing. There were some. Incredible truth bombs dropped in there some amazing strategy around podcasting and really I think the conversation was around. There are data and why Latinos really do matter, and in fact, it's not just Latinos how this data is really reflective of what is going to be happening in podcasting, and I think as anybody who is creating podcast right now. You need to be aware of what is happening with with the entire podcasting industry and the way that you need to nurture newer audiences, so please please please anyway. There is a link in our show notes for anybody who wants to go in to that That is it okay that is it on my Webinar, so you'll find it. Okay. Next so much news. What am I? Want to talk about this next one here? I think I. Did you put that one in their first or okay? Apple is launching his own Daily News podcast to compete with the daily and others. The company announced the show along with other news about audio stories coming to Apple News in curated by apple news collections as well as the release of thirteen point six. It's going to be called Apple News today. It'll be hosted by Apple News Editors. Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino. New Episodes, which will be seven to eight minutes long. We'll be released Monday through Friday and the show will be exclusively available through apple. News and Apple podcasts I wonder if that means, you have to pay for it because Apple News. No some stuff I get for apple for. News and sometimes apple news stuff I think the apple the apple will. This is a different thing though additional. Different when he johnny audios released through Apple News plus and you can only get that if you're a plus member, but I I guess daily podcast. I'm wondering if I mean if this is a common format, does everybody do the twelve minute new shore? They taking that from the news worthy with Erica Mandy because that's a very successful show, it is no, they are not taking it for America Mandy I believe Eric Mandy possibly took it from other people show. Yeah because I mean I I believe I new show. That's this daily show that I have seen. That has been going on forever as Mac Os Ken, and he is still doing it and most of his show, since about two thousand and five have been all about MAC news right anything apple related. That is somewhere between seven to maybe on the long side fifteen minutes, but he's been doing it daily sense then so, and it's a really really popular show, and of course the NPR T. T peeps and they figured news new shows. I mean think about that though I mean. How long will you? Would it be for you to be doing news every day? You have to study at every day but I. mean some of us are doing that anyway. Just because we WANNA know it's happening right now. I know, but I'm saying doing a show like this every day. Well I mean there are people who do this. Yeah, like the yeah, they arguable who do this. They have writer. For Long I. Don't know the Erica has raiders but I know that a lot of news shows have writers that help them. Keep up with stuff. Just put stories in front of them for them to read, so that's good are friends. In the podcast grew space. All weirded out by the fact that they could not find the apple podcasts apple podcast, RSS feed. I'm sure you saw these conversations of them going like. Oh, my i! Tell by the ours of the. Where is it? Who is it hosted by all my on my Lord Oh my Lord, and so we found out that said I actually asked this question inside of our little slack channel that we are part of and I was wondering what because I keep seeing? Everybody's like Whoa. They are feed to apple. The apple new show ever seed so deep Jackson said that they made some sort of podcast that was originally only going to be an apple. Apparently, people couldn't find us, and they did find it. Marco did meant, and it will be in some APPS. APPS, but not all. He hasn't dug into it, but that's what he gleaned from listening to James. Pod News, because I think James Pop news also covered the show, but then Sean Thorpe who is part of our super squad. Any comes here once in a while. Saying hey to all of us. He said quote. I think the reason we're talking about is is this is the show being produced by? That's truly promoted as an exclusive and we're trying to understand what that means. Technically, so that's really essentially what it said. And then Daniel came in to clarify things a little bit more, and he said this is how I tunes. You content works in Apple podcasts. Are Aware, or or you've ever downloaded any information or have you? Tunes you I did before was I tunes apparent actually one of the first podcast I ever download, so it is based in an ours set feed format, but you can't get. itunes US stuff outside of that so I do not. We eat I didn't need that's that's the news. People in terms of what's going on with apple podcasts that said though one of the reasons that. I Have our next a next bit of news here with Jerry Eaten on twitter so Jerry Eaten I. Think I'm not sure if I'm saying her name appropriately or correctly so I'm sorry if I did not say it correctly, she used to be a senior manager of programming acquisitions at NPR, but now she is just the newest higher for the apple podcast team. Jerry before she was coming to NPR, she worked in public television and then she was the in the previous job was as content development manager for a documentary film funder, and anyway, so she started off with public television, then moved to public radio, and now she is doing well podcasting stuff I don't know what her title is for Apple podcasts. Anybody who wants to guess what her title might be. Her it's also. I figure in. This is actually. There have been so many jobs that have been opening for apple podcasts. It's crazy. I think that I've seen at least ten separate positions. All that are going to be going into the apple podcasts team in some way shape or form any them awesome sauce. And House okay moving on now into spotify sound up. Diversity in podcast is back, but this time I know. We talked about this a couple of weeks ago on the show. This is the UK edition so I'm letting you all know that, at least as of now, this is like the third year that spotify is coming back with this and it is it. It will send twenty black women and Non Binary. People for a digital four week course that will feature workshops on focusing on storytelling and production so anybody that's in the UK that is listening. Do She podcast? There's going to be a link in the show notes for you to Nelson useful inch, and I am threatened. That is not even a frenchaccent whatsoever. Maybe but applications are open until August fourth at eleven fifty nine B. S. T. boom. Boom time boom standard time. Okay. All right. The Google has creator program which seeks to amplify underrepresented voices in podcasting is now accepting new applications Yay solution creators will get feedback from PR X. Industry experts on all aspects of their production, in addition to audio queant, twelve thousand dollars in funding and twelve weeks of virtual training on topics, such as storytelling, sound, design and more, the deadline is August two so similar to the spotify deadlines. Don't get them confused delinquency in our show notes, but if you feel like writing down, it's a she s on Dot r x dot. Org Slash to W. M. D. Zero Bay and you want to just go to our frigging notes. That might be. That's pretty exciting. Good for you. Guys. Google podcast, creator program and good for anyone who gets that. That's twelve thousand dollars is a really nice amount to get started. You can have yourself an editor and some staff. If you want. Plus you get you get feedback on whether or not. Your idea is viable, which is always useful especially from Pierre axe before we go to the next news worthy item, please check out if you have not already our sponsor member full sheep, high dot com forward slash member for M.. R. F. U. L. You can use member full to build sustainable recurring revenue by selling access to a members only podcast, it works with your RSS Feed you don't need to change your workflow or your host or anything. It's super easy fearlessness to subscribe in any player they want, and it includes everything you need to run a great membership program custom branding gift certificates gigabits gifts. Apple pay free trials and tons more so please check it out. Here's the link again. Also it will be in our show notes, but she podcast dot com forward slash member full. R F. L The end right we got. We have clear. Harris says that. Google podcast crater program has a live Qaeda's. Although all of you, people who are listening, you missed it. So, so I guess you won't be putting that in the show nuts, because what's the point? For, yeah for those who you listening right now in the super squad. Yeah, you can check that out. Yeah, you take all right, so so our friend though Jessica our friend sky from inside. Pop Yachting had a feature on Leo LaPorte just she'd on the future of podcasting, and this is what we're going to be linking in Z. show notes, and he you know he really been I for most of the part time. Leo Stays in his box meaning a job to do where he should wear. Where we'll. Maybe yeah, well, he's been around for you. Know he I'm sure like running this weekend. Tech is hard because I mean. He's running a network and he doesn't really have time to be writing medium pieces. Very strange. I mean honest when you the way you said that you also somehow broke up just enough for it to sound like you were cursing in bleep floor. It was so weird anyway. It was very funny though. Moving on, but he actually make some really interesting points in there that some of our super squad people like Andrea had a really interesting comment I posted this over on the Lipson page and Andrea Klunder. You know wrote in there a little a little something that has to do with what's happening in podcasting as a whole, but let's see well. He actually says quote the idea that Gimblett is worth two hundred and thirty million or that the ringer is worth one hundred seventy million. Mind, yes, Mindaugas Ball's line blogging. And Boggling. All those. And then he continues to say and they aren't worth that much I know because we have similar revenue, and so I know it's a ridiculous multiplier of revenue and quote, which I agree with because I. don't even know why. There's so much valuation to these things now. Maybe it's because of the fee future value. Maybe. It's like in ten year five Maya, whatever I don't know, and then so yeah, and and then he said quote. It's only make sense if you understand spotify as long term strategy to move podcasting away from RSS feed which are hard to monetize to something that exists only on the spotify platform, which is easy to monetize if every podcast had to. To be listened to on spotify. Then spotify knows exactly who's listening and how much they listened. They know the demographics. They have your credit card number. They know everything about you, and then they can go to an advertiser. Let's say like like facebook and Google today. What would you like? We can slice it and dice it. Advertisers want that and they desperately. Desperately in quote Zenit, and it's true and I think that you just always bring that up I know hey, I know one hundred had something to say she showed up. EARS PERK UP WHEN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT YOU ENTER HEY! You're more on the advertising side or you always bring the advertising perspective to this. John Yeah. So what do you think okay so from an advertising perspective? This seems great. Yeah I I. Don't know that I agree with him that it's not worth that clearly worth that or they wouldn't pay it like. Why would they pay it if it wasn't worth that? That doesn't make sense people. There's so many companies that you just pay into stuff, but things never like work out. It's all hype. Dude. I know what spotify is doing. I know. They want to acquire networks for large amounts of money I. Know they want to make deals that people can't say no to, but it's because they have a plan. And that plan is get advertisers for these larger shows and and. They think that they'll make a return on their investment, and if they make these shows like. Sirius xm where you can only like Howard. Stern is a perfect example. You can only consume that now on a serious APP, or if you have siriusxm in your car. That's kind of what they're trying to do. Because then it pay you get subscribers, or you get whatever you need to get and that includes advertisers to so. MAYBE THEY WANNA. Buy The networks so that they don't have to sell via CPM anymore. They can just sell like larger packages with other things attached to it, which is what everybody is? Saying do make you lose money I think I. Think he's talking about like. It's not worth that in what is currently sold as. The doesn't mean not worth that and the big picture as to what they can get. They have this and this and this and this together. Some accents right. Yeah, no, I understand you have all those little pieces coming together. That's what it is, but at this point in time it's does specific like it's not spotify. That's worth that it's the it's the it's. The GIMBLETT is content essentially at least as far as I know. Gimblett is just. Just making podcasts. They don't have anything else. It's two hundred and then the ring, the ring or does have a little bit more. going on the ringer has content, and they have a website. They have a really strong web presence, so I could see that actually being bigger, and also the stars that are in our bigger as well right like they have the ring I think has more well at least sports people that are bigger named. Gimblett, I didn't with yeah, I mean. Yeah, they make podcast, but they're very very popular podcast, and if you can only get them on spotify that means that. Are they though I don't know you would have tell me I don't think so. They're never on the top whatever I mean. If you go, look at the top PODCAST, reply. All is basically the only one that's ever top, and then here's what happens with these podcasts since if they don't get the numbers that they're looking for, they just make them go away right or something. You show that you started. You know how long it takes to build a show, so there's Andrea. Here's Andrea is Andrea. Also, forgetting that he bought the whole network, not just the shows, but the employees you don't just by God cast, and then Gimblett goes on its merry way with two hundred and thirty million dollar check you bought every salary and all their health insurance, and they're building. Their whole thing now belongs with spotify, not just the shows seven shows that may or may not be in the top one hundred. Yeah, so they have the talent. You're correct they can. Because that's what you know, I mean you have to pay for that, too, and at least you know I, don't know maybe they paid for. You know like guaranteeing jobs for two three five years. That would be worth more million dollars. But again this is talking about building a business now. What Andrea is really focusing in on this is Andrew Klunder over here from our. She podcast Super Swat another amazing podcast consultant slash coach and all kinds of other things. She says these were my concerns both listener and producer. Sorry as long as a listener, and and you hate to admit it, but the content that you get is somewhat driven by the needs. Not, by the needs of the. Quote! Hold on as a podcast producer quote eventually there will be three or four companies that own all podcast, and it will be dramatically changed the kind of stuff you listen to small independent hobbies podcast. Do not exist in the world, unless hosts are and I think it stopped. I'm not even sure it was too long for even need to get the rest of it. I don't want my gosh. Words embiid, unfortunately, that could be the case, though just because there could be a show like let's say everybody wants to listen to cheap podcast because we're Su- amazing. But alas, nobody wants to advertise on our show and let's say we're on spotify so. What's the solution? I mean he's thinking of television shows, and how like every network has its own version of a cop show? They have its own version of a funny show. They have their own versions of a game show like that's not because advertisers love game shows. It's because people love game shows, and that's what you have to advertise on. True crime is true crime because people are nosy sons Abe's nosy, nosy, nosy po possibly. Yeah, you're right, and actually you know what I'm going to use this this this bit of data whether or not it's true or not there there could be a little bit of. Conjecture on my part. But in in the Latino podcast listening report crime was. Zero on the list of things that people are listening to and focused. On, CASTORS! It's zero anything. Nothing is high, you can. Extrapolate that maybe it's because the Latino. Population doesn't like it. You could accept. I would actually go for that, but knowing my people. It's probably because there are no true crime podcast that are in Spanish focusing on the type of content that would appeal to minority. They often out Latinas right. They're not all minora they. New. Stories Not as Cool exactly so if somebody were to, you know really an all and I mean I'm probably get in trouble on this. But Alas and lot of our countries. There's all kinds of real horrible things. The see that, too. They're already traumatized enough. Yeah, exactly and then there's all of this horrific things happening from the. From the government, and if you ever say anything, wrong you this fear in quotas. That's what I was thinking bird. It's. True crime went down during the pandemic because it's a little too close for comfort the idea of dying any day now so the. Planet is sort of like an I mean for good reason. It went to a different place. Totally carry, but that can I know. He's full of Shit hoops. It has nothing to do with what listen. People don't walk around going I know why advertiser might like. They listened to what they want to listen to. Advertisers come by. That's IT and has nothing to do with. It doesn't make any sense I mean spotify is world. It makes sense in the sense that if one does well, then five will do even better that they're doing. If they see the the newsworthy is going to do well, they will make ten new shows which kind of. Stupid I. Know I know it's stupid, but this is why every network has a cop show. They're not all good see here. Carey says the problem is when distribution channels become paywall driven meaning. They get a cut of every dollar. You make in order to be on that channel and I think that there's a part of us. That is like giving some of that stuff. As of now, we like the freedom, and then Andrew comes back saying that it's harder and harder for attention funding as an to get attention and funding as an indie. Do we keep growing? Are we GONNA stay static? Does it matter whether or not we can do this? I say yes, I say yes, because I feel. We do still have power to be able to create our own things within our own ecosystem, doing the things that really reach our people outside of these other bubbles, because I do feel that there comes a point and I mean it hasn't happened yet. It has not happened yet, but I feel that it is going. Going to happen particularly, Joe Rogan decides to say something stupid like he says many different times, and there's upheaval coming from all different places I mean. We are headed into like crazy election season. Where it's to everything is going to escalate. He says something slightly out of Line I. Don't know what's going to happen I. Don't know if there's a point where everybody. Who knows everybody decides you know spotify. Get them out. Will they do it? What will they do? What will they do if when he does something terrible? Because he will, he will do it, and it's a matter of like what happens next. Is Somebody going to go? Tell him you know what you should not say that anymore. Area wants no. Basically it's harder and harder to get attention. Funding is an Indie do in these keep growing does matter in our world at all I mean technically no, it doesn't really matter in our world. It does, but it doesn't i. mean if everyone's going, let's I mean. There are some indies that want nothing else than to be on a network or to be bought by spotify or to have huge amounts of advertising dollars, and then they're Indians who just want to be well known in the subject of. They're talking about, and so if you're one of those. It doesn't really matter in your world like like to Elsie and I. It doesn't affect our. Or attention or anything, because not just plug along for podcasters like we don't care what kind we don't care. We just want to be able to serve whoever wants to listen to our show, so. If you do crew a crime show? Show. then. Yeah, yeah, it's an indie show. Chances are it will be well known as long as it's good, so no I. Don't think it affects that either because I know a lot of people that have indie shows that do very very well because they're good and they're not a network that I know of right. And you and there's only some places where you can get it, and I think that there's something really appealing about that. That's what Kerry says she says my hope is that younger consumers aren't going to accept the traditional content models, and I think that that's right I do believe in again going back to the Latino podcast listener report. There was the allure thing. Where discover podcast, and they consume podcast the like without a name. Was Big as big as youtube was everything else was super small, so it was in the thirty percentage points, and that means that people are younger Jenner at least Latinos are listening in over places in what the heck those are could be leaving I was thinking Tiktok what stop you know? Those are places that are shows are not in right now, 'cause it's one mentally ill. You can't listen TIKTOK. It's like a minute long. No, you can't, but you can advertise. And you never know what people are going to be doing so only. We're onto like I. Mean Yeah, let's take dog so who knows but allow that. Is You guys? The link will be in the show. Notes there everybody for you to listen to that on your own? And then I'm GONNA put another link in there. As well about Forbes had an article that said podcast revenue to be up in twenty twenty, and it was based on this study that came out from the Internet Advertising Bureau for the I. Where I ABC. Sorry, that's right. I get that once. Okay. I said got crime. That's right crew and We're are GONNA. Call this show crew, Trimbe. I'm writing this time, k.? I. Oria No. Crew time all right. You go ahead and report on this because this has to do about money, okay? PODCAST revenue to be up in twenty twenty, according to Forbes podcasting another source of information something to do during our extensive time at home, due to the pandemic recent data from a national online survey I conducted in June. This is just the writer reported that twenty percent of American adults were listening to podcasts at least once a week or more, including those who? Who listen every day, seven percent, the and pricewaterhouse. Cooper recently released their annual study podcast. Advertising Revenue Study for twenty twenty. It predicts a podcast advertising revenue will increase by almost fifteen percent, nearing one billion in two thousand and twenty now interestingly y'all, interestingly, though they had originally predicted thirty percent, but because of the hand off pulled it down. So in many cases, advertising has been hit hard by the impacts of the pandemic can stay at home. Orders travel hospitality retail. The upheavals been huge, and so the study are an example of where advertising has been. The most robust digital advertising is being less negatively impacted, because everyone is still digital. In two hundred, two, thousand, nineteen, they estimated revenue would be seven, hundred and eight, million, twenty eighteen. Hundred seventy nine million, so you can see that they expect it to like double and this year fifty percent is. Not much. So nonetheless, podcasts have been come on the platform for advertising which. Way To catch up people. The top content on podcasts was news twenty two comedy Seventeen Society culture thirteen percent. That used to be business. True Crime and I think health, and I think health should still be up there actually. According to Lipson survey health is up there, too, but does not make sense, news, comedy, society, and culture because that's where we need right now all those things. The highest earning podcasts was Joe Rogan with thirty million dollars in advertising. After that my favorite murder with fifteen Dave Ramsey with ten DAX shepard with armchair expert at nine and the Bill Simmons podcast was seven, and that's not their salary. It's just how much they are raking in an advertising I. Mean Hernandez that it'll grow faster than any other form of media this year, but that's still does not mean it's going to. To skills where they thought it would still interesting, though he yeah I mean it's I mean I. Guess If you put it with the other advertising like advertising and all of these other verticals. To see the percentage rise of. Them maybe podcasting. The largest growth versus like print or verses like online banner, ads or something like that or maybe TV ads. That might be smaller. Is My only thought, but finally I don't know if you WANNA. Do the loop de loop for this. We could certainly just stick it in the later. Weird and wild. Weird and wild show of the week. I put I went to put this in here and you put it in here so I was super excited Michelle. Is launching her own podcast because, but alas, though is it really a podcast? Harder. Because, it's going to be spotify. Not just television show show. It's a show. She has her own audio. Show it. This is what robb calls it. It's a spoke cast the hell's that. It's on sponsored by. This bowl podcast spoke cast. It's not a podcast. It's this because you can't listen to it on what anything other than spotify that doesn't mean so. Does that mean? He calls all the podcasts on. audibles awed casts. Are. They wonder cast. Wondering has them you can subscribe to wandering shows anywhere. Audible audible are audible. I forgot the name of them. They haven't been able a little catchy name. Audible origin, still audible originals those are not podcast. They're not. You can't Subscri- so. The RSS feed. Okay, so they're not so August now this is a podcast. Our show is a pot I'm. Long. Yes Michelle Obama we call podcast. An Obama Obama cast, we can call it an Obama Obama podcast. Let's not mince words. We're not changing the. Listening. Months ago or a year ago. Six months. Six months ago or a year ago, he was all up in arms about changing. The name of podcast is something else because the pack? The other podcasters didn't want to call it that anymore. They wanted to call it. Something new and everybody was pissing and moaning about the fact that like they were trying to change everything, but now spotify has podcast now. It's a spoke cast and we have to rename it all. It's also we're making fun. Is being gone. Oh, my God! It's a frigging podcast. Don't even get me started. Show I'm a slight you. Show, it's an episodic show. It's a show. Now. Outside of whatever all right, so but but congratulations Michelle Obama. And she podcast, would you join us in? She podcasts even if you have a spoke cast, right but. We love you and I will be subscribing and I can't wait to listen, and she did a wonderful thing when she launched, she had this beautiful little intro video that everybody loved and I assume that you can go into spotify and sign up I don't even know I. Have No idea I haven't opened up. I mean I. Haven't gone in there. Well, not for listening disagrees for not gonNA. Talk, right, you're right. We're GONNA talk about that right now, because no, because we're. And I'll ask. We have come to the end of the show. I think we've done a pretty decent job y'all can't invite the supersede. We can invite. Mrs Obama. Mrs Obama has a standing invitation to be part of Arshi podcast super squad. She gets all the things. Yes, as does Amy Schumer and anyone else on her show. On a ferris anyone on her show. All the people that you just woman? I guess right, okay. All Right? Thank you guys so much for listening today. If you want any of the links that we talked about today, you can find them on. She podcast DOT com. Please take a minute and follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram at she podcast. If you have any comments today about the show or anything, we brought up including hamburger towels. Please send us an email at feedback at she podcast dot com that is in for today. Love you me mine.

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