Breaking News Keven Owen returned to NXT during the men's war games!


All right this is prestige day. We have a developing story that already breaking news and I know is leading a game But who cares but Kevin ones have to turn to. Ns triple eight had definitely definitely definitely convinced. Kevin only return to the gold and bled Pran known as an X T. It happens during war games. Surprisingly it did not happen during survivor syrup because eventually will never know who the hell the men or women team will be facing off on a five have one five one five thought. Nearly there goes my petitions on trying to predict who the heck is going to women of five one five on five down so I can't even knew that I can't even knew that there's my position right out the window. I can't even do a part two and the women more gains. Don't shell at the women's wargame stole the show. Stop the presses. The women wore gain stole the show from what I'm hearing. I'm from Common University in what I saw. Part of what action packed mass from the women of an St. During Dave war games in the men with China still up. But the only person that's still with Kevin Owen again Kevin on is that the women stole the show during war gain takeover. Wow but we still don't know who represent an St men and women. They never revealed it still weighing haven't gotten anything having even anything from a P W unlimited not as yet my other source listening to wrestling contact. I haven't got any other any other news to report for you so now. It looks like we're going to have had to wait till the day now. We're going to have to wait to the night off to find out who the cat is going to represent at an In St during the five on five on five so for Dole for roku uncle. Oh my God for Roco okay for those who on anchor dot. FM who heard the there was a problem. Megan speaking the day gone The day gone the I can't take today all the same. I can't talk three from the happening that I cannot even get the predictions up on Youtube But the MSN I'M GONNA do part to prediction. Probably when I come home for church at the time of the recording. According but I don't know I I had to do the petition to get. Jeff put a youtube people just for the people the citizens to live on the youtube side bitty country because anchor got there already but but other other than that women stole the storming of Nafta stole the show at war. Game and Kevin on Kevin Owens stole the show for the man. Wow and I will come back a little bit later during the prediction. We do have a number one contender who buffet seen. Gene Aniko Bay Bay who will be facing him and come back during the prediction and we start all from the top. We'll be right back.

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