The Productive Podcaster: EP4: Making The Most Of Your Time


There are millions of podcasts being done all over the world that take on the personalities of their creator some bringing thousands of listeners each week some bringing large amounts of Revenue While others entertain millions and help sell products. If you're like many podcasts you want to reach your maximum potential, but how how do you make Google podcast stand out from all the rest join doctor Barrett Matthews as he talked to a girl who are doing it on the productive podcaster. Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of the productive podcaster. I am dr. Matthews and I am just thrilled. I'm just itching to get started. I can't wait. This is going to be a fantastic show for you today. We're excited to get this thing going out of a good guest coming on. Who is someone I'll let you know what the secret is later. I'll let you know later. But the thing is off we are ready to get this thing started because productive podcaster is a podcast for podcasters. It is designed to help you to be more productive in a way that you don't have to worry about some of the things that people do because we're going to help you to maneuver and navigate through those trials and tribulations. So we don't want to focus on how many viewers do I have how many lists do I have how many downloads do I have money? How much money did it make on your podcast? It's yeah if you want to do all those things, but we want to help it started as less of a worry for you and more of just part of your daily business. So that's what we do dead. At the productive podcast and we start off every episode with a segment that we like to call pros and cons pros and cons. So what is pros and cons pros and cons is our way of giving you some tips to help you to be a professional podcast for so that you don't end up having problems later on the edge of the things we realized with a lot of podcasters is that when they talk to other people when they talk they don't know how to communicate via podcast to make it sound natural and I thought the easiest thing I can tell you is be natural, but when they said after someone, you know, it's like saying don't look down because they're gonna do it and it's going to get them even more nervous and Afraid. So one thing we we tell people to do is tell stories think about like when you're talking to your friends or your family and you want to get something across and you tell a story off with it and when you tell that story it gives them to relate because they can see themselves in the story. That's what you have to do as a podcaster tell a lot of stories I mean Thursday Think about this they imagine if you're with your your best friends or hanging out you may be going out getting something to eat. And then you have something if you want to relate to them and they're all off, you know, just have them talking but you want to get everyone's attention and you say something. Hey. Hey. Hey remember when this happened remember when you did that and that happened and we got in trouble now all of a sudden everyone's listening wage because they're remembering and they're seeing themselves in that story that same thing can happen when you're doing a podcast that same thing can happen. If you tell a story that brings them in all of a sudden they are your audience and they are hanging on your every word when you do that. It engages them as well. They want to contribute. They want to be a part of it off. Now. Another thing you can do is use some analogies your some metaphors like this. Remember how how that happened because it reminded you of this Smile Smile Dog Re-engaging make sure that people want to talk to you and put some humor in. It's okay to put humor in your podcast. It is quite all right for you to laugh. It's okay to laugh on your podcast. I know many of you did not know that cuz you want to say so straight and buttoned up and you want to make sure that this sounds so professional and so straight-laced know you can laugh in your podcast because guess what I stayed all the time if your show it's your show. So if you want to laugh and your podcast do so have fun with it, take it easy relax, if you want to just you know, take off your next time. Let's just shut down button fine. Just make sure you have something underneath but just have fun with your podcast. Don't don't think about it as some girl minute thing that you have to do that takes away from all the fun now that is our pros and cons segment for today now, I want to take a quick break wage. When we come back, I want to bring on a very very special guest for you. You've heard the Rumblings you even thought about starting your own, but now everybody knows podcasting is the fastest and best way to get your message out and grow your business all at once although everybody knows this. Nobody showed you with do well podcast nation is ready to do all the heavy lifting for you while you just deliver your message and grow join the nation and start your podcast today text podcast to 929-244-4323 and make them hear your voice. Do You Hear What I Hear the sound of your tribe your audience your people that's the sound of your nation the people who love to hear the sound of your voice is you really are special message to them is very own podcast how you get it to them let us handle that we're apart Fascination and we make sure they hear your voice podcast mission is a full-service podcasting firm that does all of the hard work for you so that you can be the talent and get your message to your people just text podcast to 929-244-4323 and talk to one of our staff on how you can get started with your very own done for you podcasts or go to podcasts and you should not calm and get started today. That's p l d k a s t Nation or people are waiting on you could make them hear your voice podcast patreon. Okay, everybody. Welcome back to the productive podcaster. Once again, I am dr. Barrett Matthews and I am fortunate enough to have a very very special guest know. Why is he so very special could it be because he and I went to the same college that could be one reason but let me tell you something about this gentleman I have a name is Eric Twigs now Eric is the author of a book called The discipline of now twelve practical principles to overcome procrastination. So they you know, that's near and dear to my heart. That's subject matter right there. And what he's able to do is he's able to give a blueprint to be procrastination. Now some of you are sitting there watching this going gosh, that's me with me. So you can make more money, of course beyond that you can get more business if you can be procrastination an Eric is here to help you to do that because he feels bad as Divine Purpose now, he has led organizations of 500 km, Four people in Corporate America, and he shared his message with corporations all over and associations and congregations all across the country. He's a certified life and business coach and you conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions 28,000 Hillman Executives and leaders and entrepreneurs then they moved from Billings being frustrated cuz being fulfilled now, he's also the host. This is why I wanted them here. He's the host of a podcast with I had the pleasure to be a guest on called the 30-minute our I'm telling you guys. It was a lot of fun. If you get a chance check it out. If you get a chance to be on there, that would be even more fun cuz I had a ball with Eric but I want to bring to to productive podcast but none other than Eric Twigs Uncle Eric, welcome aboard man. Hey Barrett, thank you for having me on your show. It's really an honor man. It's an honor to have your brother said I don't have you now. I want you to talk a person off. Your book about tell us about you. But what what prompted you to write a book on getting over procrastination? Well, it just so critical. So the book is the discipline of now twelve practical principles wage overcome procrastination. So in all of my work, I've noticed, you know, like you mentioned I've had 28,000 coaching sessions supervise all these people you're going to have someone that gets good results and then you're going to have someone that get great results. And here's what I found is interesting is that a lot of cases. They have a simular know how level then they know a lot of the same things off, but I feel that the difference between the good and the great the great they just have this uncanny Habit to do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not. So I wanted to put a tool in people's hands that can help them go from good to great and really become aware of those things that trigger them to procrastinate so they can move forward with the dog. One of now that's great. One of my mentors he puts it in a simple term. He said the reason people don't do things because they just don't want to be in the great ones. There's something they just do it whether they feel like they're not they do it. And and that's the thing. I I agree with you a hundred percent on that. That's interesting. So tell me how the book done so often it's it's twelve chapters. It's a hundred pages. I wanted to make it, you know an easy read. So just mean I know of someone's got a procrastination issue. They don't want they don't want to read War and Peace it went something that simple to digest and the book is is got exercises. Oh affections to help you to be like, for example, when I talk about creating a vision is a couple of different exercises that I have in the book to help you wish that so it's meant to be interactive. But the bottom line is when you're done reading it you'll become aware of all those thoughts. Is that trigger you and you'll be able to put a plan in place to move forward now, you have a great podcast a 30-minute our was the book something that prompted you to do the podcast or the dog had cast prompt you to the book. Well not had the book first, but I was just looking at other ways to get the message out and I just happened to be the CEO friend of mine that you met Ted feels. Yeah, we would always talk. You know what we have to find a way work together. You're doing great things. Like I'm doing great things we have to work together and we literally sat out of the Starbucks wage and came up with the idea for starting a podcast and we came up with the name the 30-minute our I'm sure you're not the first one to have a meeting at Starbucks and have it turned in this so I won't be the last time you were better the blood that's right. Exactly exactly. So as far as the podcast, how did you come up with the format? Well, we we say that it's not your everyday podcast. And so one of the things with the book I've interviewed all the time on various podcasts and I listen to different projects gas and I noticed that a lot of them didn't have the personal humor element, right? Yeah, you bring the guests on you talk to them. We definitely left. Right? Right. Right, right. So that's one of the things that we wanted to make it. So Ted now, we have a great relationship, you know, as far as we're friends. Yeah, and that comes across on the podcast. So it's it's a mixed bag. It's a mix of humor. It's entertaining but we also make a point to throw in content that people can take away. Oh you do wanted to make it different from all the other podcasts are out there, and that's what you have to do. And if you're going to do a podcast if you're going to any type of broadcast any type of Any type of way to get your content out. You're going to have to make it something that people don't say. Oh, it's just like this one or just like that one. So that's good that you do that. I want to know how you come up with the name. The 30-minute. Our home was interesting. We were going our original name was going to be shooting from the hip right because we didn't want it to come across and so scripted and so she like every other podcast but then we were dead or alive shooting going on during that time. So we may want to think about that name. You have the wrong audience. We ended up deciding on the 30-minute hour is because like a funny thing is most people think that the interview is 30 minutes in most cases. It's an hour, but we we wanted to feel like it's only 30 minutes you wanted to feel like the end of the our main office ready because the entertainment the humor and then the content so that that's how we landed on the 30-minute our okay, let's let's go so when you started it what challenges did you hear me? You run into. Oh, I I have patience issues sometimes right? I like I like to see results immediately and not I'm thinking, you know, at first we need the first couple of episodes and people would tell them that these good things. So I'm I'm expecting a we have a hundred thousand followers right away, but but not seeing the same instant following I think is a challenge and I think just, you know having just we learned kind of knew this but it we were reminded of the fact that just have to stay consistent wage really gather people's attention. So I think the shower and then just you you kind of go through a trial and error face as well, you know, as you get as you get more experience, you start seeing things that work better and you start to see things that may not work as as well. And so yeah, so we just kind of we've been we learn along the way so long Doing that and going through trials and errors. What would you say to someone right now? They were starting a podcast to kind of ease their either the little attention that they have and starting it off. Well, I just think the podcasters I think you brought this up when you're an outside cat like the typical podcast listener. They have a higher median income. They they tend to be home and get it when it comes to investing in themselves. So I think it's an ideal medium and I think it's a great opportunity to get your message out there, right? You don't have to wait to get paid. You don't have the not like you're waiting for this big publisher to say you're good enough. So now you can jump right out there and you just never know who is listening. You said, you know, we get I've been guilty with this right, you know caught up in numbers. But if it's one person, let's say that one person is Oprah a good point off. I think the focus has to be just getting your message out there and not not worrying about how many listeners and if it's not perfect. Just getting your message out to people. I agree that that's the key tell people. The biggest thing you can do is get started. Yes. That's the biggest thing you can do is get started with the podcast because you never know where it can take you someone told me a long time ago. You gotta be bad boy get good. So just started you're not going to be a year from now. You won't be in the same position, right? You will go you're going to be forced to grow because you're doing over and over and over again know what would you say is your biggest growth in that in from the time you started to now well, so we've added video. Okay, and and some of that is because of the pandemic right? We were forced cuz at one point we were meeting in this conference room, and we were just doing audio. We did YouTube things. Yeah, we weren't doing live off. Video, right we were forced to change and the good thing is the timing was perfect because we had already had forty-five or forty six episodes under our bill with the timing down. And so we went to live video. It was like perfect timing and oh our views and I follow it followers it just grew back up going to ask. That's what I was going to ask me cuz you know, a lot of people I get that question all the time from people about should I add video notice that it can't hurt to add video Gane video people. Here's the thing about video versus audio is that people may not have the attention span to always just listen to something but when it catches their eye, they get hooked Thursday afternoon, they'll one don't want to turn the sound up cuz they want to know what's going on if they see you laughing on camera. They want to know what you laughing at. It's just one of those things that I'm glad to hear that I'm glad they did. Say that page. One of the the biggest thing the biggest growth things about about your podcast the 30-minute our now what type how do you how do you vet your your guess? How do you figure out who who you want to be against your podcast? Well, I just look for like what value are they going to add to our listeners? And I'm just we're fortunate from the standpoint that the one thing I hear from them by casters is a struggle to get guests. I hear about that but but 10:00 that we have never had that problem. That's good. Like literally we have the opposite problem. That's great. That's a great great problem to have you gotta bring maybe never move in a struggle for it. I think some of them is because of our networks, you know, we're tied to so many different types of people. I mean for me between the hangout in connection between the fraternity between all the people I meet when I'm out with my book and doing speaking engagements and what's happening and I think this is a good sign that your podcast wage. Traction when people are always reaching out to you wondering how they do on your show. That is very good. You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right and you're doing a great job and doing that and you did mention the fact the Hampton connection. Yes, we went to have the university. We we both are alarmed. How about how many guests have you had from our prestigious University? Oh man. It's been quite a few. I mean, I'm not allowed to at least 15 at least wow now and I'm bringing that up for those of you who are listening or watching this to let you know that you do have something tap into it may not be, you know half University. It may be something else but you have something to tap into if you're looking for guests, even if you're looking for Content, you can go to those people and get content from so so that's great job. I didn't ask to me to ask this earlier. How when did you start and how many episodes have you done? So now we're on episode number 58 so we will start it was it was last year. It was like last in the January of last year when we started bombing nineteen years. Wow. So the 10th feel the same thing. As far as the biggest girls being video would he would he say something else now? He'd say the same thing. You said the same thing here now we talk about it all the time. So it was down there any apprehension about using video. A lot of people have apprehension about it. Not really I think there maybe they would have been if we if it was episode number three and we were starting to go live off but the good thing with us is even when we were recording it. We always handled it like it was live. So if we made a mistake, we just kept going that's it. We just most of the time people know we will even call each other out if we make a mistake during an episode and it's but it's fun. It's like and I think that's that's the big takeaway for anybody that's out there watching wage. Don't worry about the mistakes don't understand us know it's going to happen. You know, he'll just keep just keep moving forward. I mean I think stumbling is a sign that you're on the right track when you're out there trying to make it happen. You're going to have mistakes. You just have to keep moving forward and I always say cuz my background is in television. I tell people the people watching want to know that you're a human being like them off then they can relate to you say that it's okay to stumble over word. It's okay to do that. It's okay to laugh. But let me tell you I did a presentation of the day and in the middle I had to stop and sneezed. Okay, people want to know that you humans. That's that's a great thing about what I like. No. I wanted to ask you what made you go from recording to going live. Well again, I think just the situation and we just saw the benefit of utilizing that Facebook live tool and as we as we're talking to people you're starting to see people commenting in real time and you can interact back with them in real time and just adds another element and every now like we did a Q&A session with this business consultant. He's you know, seven years here. Yeah. So yeah people just firing in questions and it went very well and it would have been the same if we if it was just recorded in the studio. Right? Right, right. So that's good. I like that. I like that that element that you decide to change from going live to I mean from from going video to going live so that way you can get more of a a real mess with absolute a realness about it and don't get me wrong guys. If you're watching doesn't mean you have to do that. But if you also heard him say when he did it recorded, he did it as if it were a lot so long You don't have to cuz sometimes I know a lot of people think I keep messing up to keep messing up. Once again. You still want to stay human. But if you mess up you can record and do it over again. It's okay. No one's going to crucify you gave me add something to you know, what I got that from so and I started out as a professional speaker and I had a speech coach his name is Ed Tait. He's actually been on a on off the podcast and he would always tell me when you're practicing even if you mess up just keep going. Yes, even if you're in the Mirror by yourself at home and you practice you mess up just keep going and then it's just stuck with me. Yeah and see my background is from from the media. If you're if you're going to a news broadcast, you can't stop and say can we start over you gotta keep going live you gotta keep going. So I appreciate I appreciate that. So Eric tell people how they can find out about your podcast to see it or listen. However know a couple of ways you can go to Facebook page. Just type in the 30-minute hour and that'll get you right to our page we go every Monday at 7:00. We do the 30-minute our we also on Wednesdays at 6:00. We do something called the 30-minute our live on lockdown now actually where we have comedians that and that's a whole different thing there and and growing like crazy. We have comedians. We we present the lighter side of the lock down all that ready for people to laugh. I mean, we have like musicians that come on. We have a DJ who plays music but yeah, that's a different that's a second element of the 30-minute hour. So that's all Wednesdays at 6:00. But our traditional interview the guest back pocket. You every day podcast though, it's Monday. That's 7:00. And then so you can also go to the website or even an hour Sorry 3 a.m. That net and you can get to the recordings cuz we still do go to the different mobile platform apps like anchor and iTunes. That's great man. Make sure you guys check them out 30-minute our he's doing a whole franchise as you can see but but put it down or so make sure you check him out Eric. Thank you for joining me today on a productive podcaster and hey, you know nothing but love for you brother and he was in the building. All right. There you go. Have a good one man. Have a great one. Thank you song you heard the Rumblings even thought of starting your own but how everybody knows podcasting is the fastest and best way to get your message out and grow your business all at once. Hello. Everybody knows this. Nobody showed you what to do. Well podcast nation is ready to do all that be lifting for you while you just deliver your message and Grill join the nation and start your podcast today text podcast off. See you 9 to 4 for for 3 to 3 and make them hear your voice. Do You Hear What I Hear that's the sound of your tribe your audience you are people that's the sound of your nation the people who love to hear the sound of your voice as you bring your sprayer your message too damn in your very own podcast, how do you get it to them let us handle that we are podcasts nation and we make sure they hear your voice broadcast nation is a full-service off casting firm that does all the hard work for you so you can be a talent and get your message to your people just text podcast to 929-244-4323 and talk to one of our staff on how you can get started with your very own done for you podcast or just go to podcast and get started today. That's p o d k a s t Nation off. Your people are waiting on you make them and hear your voice Todd gas station. Okay, we're back with the productive podcaster. Thank you guys for hanging in there. Didn't you love that young Eric twigs and my man productivity, you know, I love that. I love talking about productivity since this is the productive podcast. I had the opportunity to be on his podcast and he has been on mine and of course, we're kind of University alums. You're going to find out I kind of love my my alumni my fellow alums as you would too. So the thing is I want to thank Eric for being a part of that. So now we come to a segment of the show. We like to call pod Quest pod Quest podcast. What is podcast pod Quest is giving you the opportunity to ask a question of one of our guests? That's right asked a question of one of our team or of me. We give all of you that opportunity. So we go to the feed we put on a question about one of the question we got today was for Jamie muskopf who was our veteran who gave our does the podcast veteran spouse has achieved the question was Jamie. Do you get pushed back from the military on interviewing the true spouses? That's a great question and I was happy to get that from James answer and she was saying that the military doesn't really push back on it because she's not doing anything. There's no military Secrets, but she's giving away. She's a talking to some of the spouses and actually page as she puts. It might be sometimes therapeutic for you know for their marriage for them to talk to somebody and it's it's a fun way of just getting it out there to people getting a message out living spouse's know. Hey, you're not alone. Yep. We're dealing with you're not alone and some of the people who are in the military they get to hear their spouses or hear someone else's spouses and let them know some things that they may want to address or talk to about a nice family and how things are going with the military as well. Because I I first of all I think Jamie's doing a great job. I love this particular topic and you'll hear me say number of times is a podcast on anything. There's a podcast on anything and Jamie does a great job with that particular podcast, which he likes to be reaching the troops and their spouses. So that's a great job. Thank you so much for doing that and thank you for the question back one podcast. We appreciate that now it's time for the podcast profile the podcast profile on the productive podcaster. And that is Andrew Wong of start-up stories and Drew War has a podcast called start-up stories. I listen to this podcast and I enjoy it because it's so Captivating and so engaging it pulls you in because it tells you stories of people who started businesses and you know, how they got them started in the trials and tribulations and triumphs that they said they they had when starting those businesses and it's just it's just fun listening to it because I tell you man, there's nothing like a like a great story and what they do is they actually home Sometimes some actors in it as well to act out some of the parts in this music and so forth. I love start up stories. If you really want to get a glimpse of some history and if you want to learn while being entertained at the same time, check out startup storage the podcast with Andrew Warner I tell you you won't regret it. I love listening to it because you learn and you're entertained and you're pulling off because the story is so compelling. So I challenge you a challenge you start up stories Andrew Warner check it out download it on your podcast platform and make sure you're paying attention to it now off. It is time ladies and gentlemen for the giveaway are productive podcast to give away. That's why we give away something every week on a productive podcast of today's giveaway goes to mr. Wayne Hill Dwayne you get a free ticket to podcast for-profits live. It's our live conflict what we are going to show people how to be podcasters to make some money. So some profits and podcasting Dwayne here you get to go because the way in hell not only subscribe to the productive podcast, but he also shared productive podcast when you share what we do with other people we put you in a drawing and you get a chance to win a prize and Duane Hill is one of those people who is winning a prize. So we thank you and we welcome you and we can't wait to see you at home the podcast two prophets conference now, it is time for one of my favorite parts of the show as you all know, I love love love the productivity quote today. Quote, I love it cuz it's kind of funny as well. If from douglas hofstadter douglas hofstadter. He has Hofstadter's law house. His lawyers. If it all takes longer than you expect. Even when you take into account Hofstadter's law what pops out of law it always takes longer than you expect when you take into account off status a lot of table so funny when the day so understand this cuz this resonated with me when I read that a lot of people when they start a podcast they get so concerned about how slow it's growing. Oh my God, should I quit because no one's listening right now. It takes time to build and guess what it takes longer than you expect. Even when you take into account Hofstadter's law. So understand that it's not a Sprint. It's a marathon your podcast has to grow it has to build you don't give birth to an adult you give birth to a baby and it grows into a toddler a child a team so forth. It has to grow. Why aren't you giving your podcast the same privilege to grow? Let it grow your people will grow with you and when you do when that happens, you will see that it can blossom into something beautiful. If you give it the time, you can't rush the caterpillar out of the Cocoon. You gotta let it run its course and grow into the caterpillar same thing applies to your podcast. It can be something beautiful if you give it a time, but understand it's going to take longer than you expect. So ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you one more time for joining me on the productive podcaster. I had a blasted off. I want to thank our guests mysteric Twigs. Appreciate your brother, and you're welcome back as you guys are welcome back next week on the productive podcast to make sure you share this with your friends. Tell them about us subscribe get into the giveaway, so you can get a prize yourself. Thank you guys for the questions. We appreciate you on the tribe. Thank you, and we'll see you again on the next your productive podcaster. Thank God for joining us on the productive podcaster. Be sure to join us next time for another great show. We welcome your engagement. So make sure you participate by joining the productive podcast or Facebook group in China in also sharing a productive podcaster with some of your friends right now. If you have a podcast and you're looking for guest or if you would like to be a girl on a podcast join our podcast exchange at ww.w directory, We'll see you next time.

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