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And I WANNA talk to you about the newest member of the crusader listener family Stinger. Usa Stinger us as a family. Run business based out of Allen. Texas is the tactical accessories division of Stinger Industries. They began Stinger. Usa to provide Americans with honestly priced ar fifteen accessories and parts that they could trust under any conditions at any time their hand guards are fishawy certified made in the USA from the third party. Verifier made in the USA brand. Check them out at Stinger. Usa DOT COM. That's S. T. N. G. R. USA DOT COM STINGER USA DOT COM. Chris say Channel News you can trust because the truth can be trusted Crusade Channel News Desk. Here's Stacy Cohen. Good Morning. Crusaders welcomed Tuesday April. Twenty eight twenty twenty. I'm Stacey cohan reporting from the Crusade Channel News Desk at the Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by McClure tables using Michigan hardwoods in Michigan to make the best made in the USA SHUFFLEBOARD. On the market shuffle on over to McClure tables DOT COM. That's M. C. C. L. U. R. E. TABLES DOT COM. Here's what to listen for this hour. New York cancels the June primary because of Gerona virus could air pollution be a contributing factor to the corona virus. And jetblue says cover up or you don't get a seat on the plane. Some states across the country are beginning to lift stringent. Stay at home orders in an effort to reopen their economies after several weeks of locked down due to the corona virus pandemic the biggest leap to resume normalcy out of any other state is governor. Greg Abbott's plan to reopen business in Texas even allowing retail stores restaurants and movie theaters to open up to customers albeit a limited capacity. Starting on Friday I. Texas has the country's second largest economy behind California but like much of the country has seen the crippling effects of prolonged lockdowns due to the spread of Cova Nineteen Texas has had the tenth highest number of Krona Virus infections in the country and continues to grapple with twenty five thousand two hundred ninety two cases despite this Abbot said businesses will be allowed to accommodate customers at twenty five percent capacity. But everyone's advised to abide by social distancing rules in Tennessee Georgia and Alaska restaurants began reopening to dine in customers with new rules such as temperature checks at the door and logging of customer information for possible contact tracing in Florida Governor Rhonda. Santa's lifted bans on going to the beach and says he's considering additional ease on lockdown restrictions. Over the coming weeks in other states the return to normalcy seems farther away and in some cases exceedingly more complicated York became the first state to cancel its presidential primary over Corona virus fears. The CO chair of the New York State Board of Elections said Douglas Kellner said the decision came after Vermont Senator Bernie. Sanders suspended his presidential campaign earlier this month. Which basically rendered the primary move? The Democratic Commissioners voted to remove a number of candidates who ended their presidential campaigns from the ballot including sanders that resulted in the cancellation of the primary. Because former vice president Joe Biden was uncontested. The decision by the State of New York Board of elections is an outrage a blow to American democracy and it must be overturned by the Democratic National Committee Sanders Campaign Adviser Jeff. Weaver said in a statement just last week. Vice President Biden warned the American people that president trump could use the current crisis as an excuse to postpone the November election. Well now he. Now has a precedent. Thanks to York State. The changes have yet been made submitted to or approved by the DNC which has jurisdiction over state parties and their delegate allocations to the national convention. Coming up are saying that the day the Bishop vested him with the habit that he had been shown to him in a vision the same that the passionate where at the present time are quoted the day to one who has faith. No explanation is necessary to one without faith. No explanation is possible. Saint Thomas Aquinas. You're listening to Crusade Channel News. Ralph Waldo Emerson wants shed. Coffee is good for Thailand but Genius Waltz prayer. Well that's funny because when I finished morning prayers I do want coffee. And what little genius I have tells me to choose. Crusade Captain Dark Roast. Our coffee is custom roasted from the finest fair trade coffee beans and bag by the Heavenly Roast Coffee Company Order Your Supply Crusade capita dark roast today by browsing to Mike Church DOT com forward slash. Coffee THAT'S MY CHURCH DOT COM FORWARD SLASH. Coffee or call eight four four or five crusade are seen it. The day is Saint Paul of the Cross. He was born at Ovada in the Republic of Genoa January. Third Sixteen Ninety Four. His infant seeing youth were spent in great in a sense N. P. Diddy. He was inspired from on high to found a congregation in an ecstasy he beheld the habit which he and his companions were to wear after consulting his director. Bishop Gasden era of Alexandria and Piedmont. He reached the conclusion that God wished him to establish a congregation in honor of the Passion of Jesus Christ on November twenty seconds Seventeen Twenty. The bishop vested him with the habit that had been shown to him in a vision. The same that passionate. Where at the present time from that moment? The saint applied himself to repair the rules of his institute. And in seventeen twenty one he went to Rome to obtain the approbation of the holy. See at first. He failed but finally succeeded. When Benedict fourteenth proved the rules in seventeen forty one and seventeen forty six? Meanwhile Saint Paul built his first monastery near Abu. Telo sometime later. He established show larger community at the Church of Saint John and Paul in Rome for fifty years. Saint Paul remained the missionary of Italy. God lavished upon him the greatest gifts in the supernatural order but he treated himself with the greatest rigour and believe that he was a useless servant and a great center his saintly death occurred at Rome in the year. Seventeen seventy five at the age of eighty one. He was canonized by Pope. Pius the ninth in eighteen sixty seven. His Feast Day is October Twentieth. Some new medical findings of Kovic nineteen from around the world. Professor Debt Lift Krueger. The direct predecessor of the well known German colleges Christian Drostan at the clinic and Berlin explains in a recent interview that Kovic nineteen is in many respects comparable to the flu and no more dangerous than certain variants of the flu. Virus Professor Krueger considers the mouth and nose protection discovered by POLITICIANS TO BE ACTION. Ism and potential germ slinger at the same time. He warns of massive collateral damage. That's been caused by the measures that have been taken so far. The former Swedish in European chief epidemiologist Professor Johann Geese ick gave the Austrian magazine. Addendum a candidate interview. And the professor says at seventy five to ninety percent of the epidemic is invisible because many people develop no or hardly any symptoms a lockdown would therefore be pointless and it would actually harm society. The basis of the Swedish strategy was that people are not stupid. He expects a death rate between zero point. One and zero point two percent similar to that of influenza Italy in New York had been very poorly prepared for the virus and had not protected their risk. Groups is what the professor has argued the British Guardian Site. Some new studies according to which air pollution could be a key factor in Cova nineteen deaths for example they state that eighty percent of deaths in four countries were in the most polluted regions including Lombardi and Madrid Think California. La New York so maybe pollution has some kind of connection to it. Jetblue Airways will require passengers to wear face masks or other face coverings starting may fourth becoming the first U S airline to do so as the krona virus pandemic continues the move by the new york-based airline comes amid increasing calls from airline union leaders consumer groups and elected officials about the need for face coverings to help slow the spread of the virus and eventually reassure travelers. That it is safe to fly. Jetblue said its decision is based on guidelines from the CDC encouraging all individuals to wear face covering in public to help slow the spread of the corona virus. They are lying has required that flight attendants where mass since April nineteen joining United Frontier Delta and American Delta and American announce new policies on that front and Monday. Send Me Your News. Tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot com stay tuned to the crusade channel with live breaking news updates all day and the best live talk radio anywhere up next the. Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channels seeking news and finding truth.

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