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this is a cbc podcast this beer at could begin with the sound of a cold one being poured but that's not original in mill street brewery is in fact there oh when it comes to improving the very first organic logger in ontario since two thousand two ministry made it their mission to brew beer using only certified organic ingredients because it was the right thing to do even at a time when organic wasn't being done they did it and they did it well today no street original organic blogger is ontario's best selling award winning craft beer that's made with all natural certified organic ingredients so this patio season grab yourself a certified original organic walker mill street brewery toured with purpose i'm rob normal my major norton an this is personal best season to plan your marks get set go go go go go go go go go go go go all we do this you push me to do stupid things i mean you would sure so i'm sure the preferred time burger slot hello hey what are you wearing right now i wasn't ready to do this but i'm gonna give him my off by great law that's my own wedding i wouldn't answer you're winning and i think you're great all right well this is exciting and there's a man

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