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The episode one sixty seven of the feed the official Lipson. Podcast the PODCAST. That takes it beyond how to podcast in. Dookie podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the everyday podcast and taking you inside. Lipson the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four well Gama so glad to have your ears hanging out with us. I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. Thank you so much for listening and hollow. We got some big news from Google folks. We start right off the bat by giving you a ton of details on all things. Google podcasts manager. You heard that right. It's like apple podcasts. Connect but it's Google. Then we move onto jobs and podcasting. Yep that you can have and make a living. Oh and so much feedback about clean feed y'all some very interesting facebook updates lipson player automation. What if someone uses your podcast name? A massive breakdown of the pod fater types and of course we've got a crazy amount of podcast download stats. Are you ready? Well if you know the deal tap on that thirty second forward about six times if you don't then here's the scoop on getting on this show you can send in a thirty second promo to the feed at Lipson Dot Com. It needs to be thirty seconds or less. Nb clean as a no profanity and again do your very best to keep it to thirty seconds attached to your email and send it to the feed at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promote but you want your voice on the show ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear on an episode send does voice feedback recorded it an email it to us. You can call us at four one two five seven three nine thirty four or you can use a speak pipe at speak by dot com slash the feet we also have a long-running blonde feature called Rockin. Lipson podcast every Monday. We highlight one. Lipson podcast and in order for you to be featured on the blog email the feed at lipson dot com. That's it I'll send you all the information. It is first-come-first-served. So the sooner you get your Info to me the sooner I'll get you in the queue and now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Walt Vp podcast relations at Lipson as well as my co host right after our very first promo of this episode from sailing in the Mediterranean and beyond. This is Franz. I'm the producer of the sailing in the of training and beyond podcast. I sell my own boat which I built from the US to the Mediterranean in Nineteen ninety-seven and started telling stories about sailing in the Mediterranean in two thousand twelve. Now it's the oldest continuously running sailing podcast with over two hundred ten episodes and more. Listen to the PODCAST and see. If it's something you enjoy thank you. Hello Rob Generic today. I'll see thank you so much for recording so early in the morning with me. Braces can be fun. Braces can be fun phrases. So shall we get started right away and just get onto all things and some exciting new new things to be talking about today? Yes all right. So let's do it. Google just announced the launch ruled out. Google podcasts manager at podcasts manager DOT GOOGLE DOT COM. Well at least that's their plan is to on Tuesday. The Fifth Cinco de Mayo at Twelve PM Eastern Time. Which is why this episode did not come out until at least twelve o five. Pm Eastern time depending on how. How few Chelsea works out for what this is. This is where you will be able to submit. Yes I said submit and Gore claim. Your podcast feeds for Google podcasts and view user listening data. For your shows this is similar to data you get on percentage of consumption through your episodes. You see from apple podcasts. Connect and spotify portal. Google podcast manager or podcast manager to say plural provides data only for listens. That occur in the Google podcasts ecosystem that includes in search results in Google on Google home devices and Google podcast APP for both android and now. Ios We will have links in the show notes to a lot of these things for the Google home so definitely want check out the show notes for episode one sixty seven at the feed that Lipson Dot Com. This is nice as now. You can see if you have different consumption patterns for different ecosystems. Do your listeners. In Google Ecosystems skip more or less ads than those in the apple or spotify ecosystem. Data is good. And you're going to get more data to get access to this. I you should go to podcasts. Dot Google Dot Com and see if your show is already in Google podcast then if it is. You want to confirm what feed you have in there with the tools at search dot google dot com slash tools slash podcast slash preview. We mentioned modeling. Snow showers right. Put in your feed. You are L. and see if it says yes. That's the fee that is in there if you have an older show try looking for feed with ATP instead of https once you confirm your feed. That's angle broadcasts go to podcasts. Manager DOT GOOGLE DOT COM. You have a few steps one enter. Your podcast are feed. Yaro to preview the feed. Make sure all looks good three if needed. They will send Verification Code and four verify ownership for steps. Three and four. If you have your google idea email as your contact email yards S. it will automatically automatically verify it for you. That's was the case. When I added the the feed to change the the email in there for a little bit to be my email that I use and the message I receive was quote. Your podcast manager in feed email address match so no verification is needed to finish click this button below unquote. You can add a show with the same process. I went and easily added a brand new show and yes it does now show up in Google in podcast. Google DOT COM. Which is the main directory now for Google? Podcasts and this next item is really nice. You can add other users. You could assign fellow admins whereas an editor or just as a viewer so if you have co host or co Co host does not just have to be one person to get access to all this. You can give access to many people. That's the beauty of this. You can let your co host or co host get access as well and at least with that is the feature that is going to be coming. I tried it. Prior to launch. Didn't work yet but it might not or might or might not work at launch but either way it's pretty cool having the option even if I don't know how to say it right when I'm reading this year and even if the option isn't available right away it's coming. Sorry folks we're we're according to. We mentioned we're recording early and it's even earlier for you so let's just say that it's early in the morning to be recording altogether so we forgive rob's mouth point is this you can add extra users and they can get access to your data and that's beauty. That's a beautiful. Google put up a nice site. That is a help site for their podcast manager. Cover how to add and remove shows episodes answer questions about shows multiple feeds and even have a section about migrating from Google. Play Music Portal to this new podcast. Puerto the link to the site. Isn't that a human friendly? You are but it is a human friendly site. We'll have links in the show notes for this and other. Erl's that we've mentioned of course but overall really really excited see Google supporting podcasters with a portal. And one where you can. Now Mitt there show directly to Google and then of course get the consumption metrics song as well feel free on this one to email me Rob Lipson dot com and I can send you the transcript From the section with links. If you want that so again just semi-in Robert Lives in dot com. I'm GonNa take this whole section. I'm going to put it in little text document and have it ready for when your emails coming awesome. So you guys make sure this time that you do check out our show notes. We'll have all the corresponding information as well. You can email rom. I'm GonNa see if I can actually create some social media posts that are going to also reference this and get you as much information as you need so that you will be as informed as possible and get this you can share with your friends so you can say. Look at this guys. Look at this and you can refer back to some of the things that we're talking about okay and on that note moving from the Google stuff. We're now going to move to a section that I'm I'm going to call. If you WANNA work in podcasting their jobs why not work for apple segment more job openings? Do they more job openings? My goodness so apple's got all kinds of job openings for podcasting so this is you. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to start to work in podcasting. There are many of you guys who've always said like. I wish I could just do this for a living. Hey how about these? So the first job is a podcast manager and again all links will be in the show notes if you want to get yourself in on a list or apply or something like that and apple says quote. We're looking for an incredible technical account manager join Apple podcast content operations that successful applicant will be proficient in the language content operations for podcast and slash music or should have experienced working the digital products and content systems to resolve technical delivery issues. In addition to operational account management this individual will evangelize services and features for content providers to adopt and has to be comfortable presenting to remove of colleagues as well as leading meetings. The world will drive cross functional projects with internal supports team and will require strong leadership and relationship building skills a self starter and a bias towards innovation. How about that? I like that biased towards innovation. If you're like you know. Get off my lawn. Okay okay. So the next job is program manager. Podcasts apple media products and this one is this quote program managers on Apple Podcast team responsible for shipping new features and tools to support casters. We're looking for people with a proven track record of shipping com complex customer facing products under demanding timelines. This is a hands on position where the program manager will be involved in requirement requirements analysis functional and technical design discussions testing proof of concept working with cross functional teams and more. This is not a task based job. You will be responsible for successful outcomes and delivery so essentially dude you are on your own and you have only timelines unrealistic. Yeah right think you will be working your butt off so the third one is you. I engine near Apple Media Products podcasts. And here we go quote as part of our team. You work with software engineering teams throughout apple to make podcasts. A truly cross platform experience. You'll propose architecture follow through with implementation in Italy in response to feedback the services. You make will directly impact Apple podcast listeners. This is a hands on environment. Where ENGINEERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO BE PROACTIVE. Proficient with a wide range of technologies and support several projects concurrently. Do you think this clause pride form. They're choosing they're talking about cross the apple ecosystem platforms or cross platforms as in across Iowa and android windows and Mac. No but it's that's what I was going to mention. I think this is exciting. I think this is like a futuristic in inner bias towards Innovation Rom for Apple to cross platform. Possibly so. I mean all of these jobs looked to me that they are really building out their team. That is working for podcasts. From from every single level from from the marketing side of things to all the way to anything related to the actual development of experience of consuming too just like visualizing what could be an so. It seems really exciting to me. So if any of you guys feel these this is you. Go ahead and get started. Click through the Lincoln show notes to any of these jobs and let us know if you get the job now. Moving on from Apple into remember rob when we ask for a little bit of feedback about clean feed guess. We got a little bit of that today. Why don't we start with Kerry Green? Hey good generic time. The Quarantine Robin Elsie. This is Keri. Green from podcast fast track and the podcast vacation podcast. And I'm responding in response to your request for someone who is used. Clean feed to give you some opinion. I recommend clean feet to clients all the time. It is a great platform very similar to squad cast only. There's no video for you to be able to see each other though. Let me. Just make a caveat there. I know squad. Cat doesn't record the video but it does have video so you can see each other clean. Feed does not some of the things about clean feed that I love is that it does do the double ender sort of recording which according to one person on their end and the other person on their end and so there's none of that warbling and glitch ing that you get when you have an over the Internet type of recording now. Some of the things you're asking about I can give you some details on the free version. Does indeed provide a split track option. You have to select it before you hit the record button and you can choose a variety of settings what. It ends up giving. You is Joint Stereo track which you can then split into two single mono tracks and you have the benefit of the split track editing. The multi-track that referring to the pro version. I believe means you can have a multiple number of people in that actual session. The guys with a clean feet have actually told me personally that they have yet to find the limits to how many people can actually be on one recording at a time so I would love it if somebody would experiment with that figure out if he can do one hundred people that'd be Kinda Fun. The pro version also provides the ability to add other kinds of sounds effects tracks. You know kind of like a sound card that kind of stuff. And some of the little bells and whistles the average podcast or doesn't need now. I've got a video. I made showing how to use the free version of clean feed which I will send you along with this audio and also I interviewed the guys from clean feet or one of the guys from clean feed mark. Their names are actually mark and mark. One spelled M. A. R. C. Ones Build a Mayor K. And I interviewed one of them on my podcast. I'll give you a link to that episode. Also and Chris curren on the podcast engineering show did a great interview with one of the guys so I will provide you that link as well. So that's my feeling about clean feed. I love it I think it works great of hardly ever had issues with it and the one time that I remember having an issue with it I was actually trying to record with Lipson zone Dave Jackson and it just wasn't working that day for some reason so that's my ideas about clean feet. You guys have a great Corentin Kerry thank you and have a link. He interviewed the mark with a K. And then we have the link for Chris Currents which is interview with Marc with a c right so all the marks that clean feed marks. Thank you for that thorough explanation. Everything and I'm and I'm glad that that's working out. I mean it's so neat I didn't know enough about to even comment on this but it wasn't just this audio feedback. We also got a few emails so this is one of the emails. Hi Rob we use clean. Feed Dot net to record a guest recently. It is very clean however for some reason. The guests side had a lot of audible clicks and POPs in a few digital dropouts. Luckily I use isotope Rx and was able to clean it up a ton to untrained ears. It may even sound like they are in the same. Ruma digital pops and clicks had more to do with how their microphone was connected to their computer would be my guess. Yeah yes absolutely. I know I have one of my clients. I don't even know what to do with anymore because at first I thought it was her internet and then I thought it was her mike but I had her get another Mike and then I had and then she moved and she had a different kind of internet and USB micro which she plugging a usb Mike at my my thinking is that there is something hardware related. That is wrong with her computer versus anything in the connectivity aspect of it because it like does this really weird clicking thing that sounds hardware related but anyway. That's neither here are there. Let's go ahead and here another bit of feedback from about clean feed but this one it actually gives you a little bit of Demo which is kind of fun. Hurry Robin Elsie. Cg and I'm the host of the rocketry show at the rocketry show dot com hosted on Lipson of course yeah and And clean fetus is how we get all of our people in a multi person show. There's a studio here that I sit at my studio with the capability of interviewing people. But you know we've been social distancing since the day we started and I wanted to have all of our host and heavy all sound like we're sitting around the table talking so we use clean feet for that and we've been using clean feed for almost as long as clean feed is out and fit rather than just giving you a blank review a figure. Well have the other folks on here with me. He can hear where they all sound. We've got Jim who is on. A connection is thirty miles away from me Jim. Say Hello how are you guys doing? And I'm sitting in my basement actually with the. I'm not a audio person at all but under siege wing Kind of Gotten into it. So I'm talking at my bench in my basement and dryers turned off and That's an inside joke or you. We're recording you. You know sometimes you hear things. Clanking around in the Dryer Jimmy you should try and the other person we have with US IS JESSIE WHO's over in Denver. Colorado who's one of our hosts will say. Hey Jesse egg guys. I've been using clean feed ever since I came onto the show just a few months ago and I was added recently to be correspondent and it became came to the point where we had a lot to talk about so I just became a member of the show and using clean feed has been an easy way for me to communicate with a CG in Jim to just make sure that all of our voices sound equal and the results on our podcast. Actually sound amazing. And I love it. The it's very simple and you know C G and g make it easy so we not only do we like it but we just gave a little audio sample of what it's like. Having two different hosts from far away any of the questions let us know. Thanks for the PODCAST. Folks very clean. Gentlemen thank you for sending Sunday night in all of you guys. Are there talk so now you can see. There's like three of them three of them talk and they give you a little bit of a rundown so this feels like it's a really super solid solution and another email here. Hello Elsie you talked in the latest show about clean. Feed one key thing to know is that it does a double ender recording in that the remote guest is recorded locally and the file then downloaded. That's different than some services and like some others. I know you talk about being perfectly happy with skype but you can get audio issues with skype from time to time. Because of band with problems a double ender solves that those systems can have other issues like losing your recording. If the browser at the other end crashes remote recording has been big issues for podcasters during the pandemic it might be useful to your listeners if you did a review of the type of options and the differences. It's been a common topic on Red. It's our slash podcasting So much so that a very useful post with the options has been pinned to the top in. There's a link keep up the great work and this is from Stefan. This is becoming the Mr Clean Episode user main feed episode. Dick Clean feed episode. That's right before the pandemic always figured if I went into a pandemic I feel like ash from evil dead and I really after being in this pandemic I feel like mister clean more than oh my gosh. I think that you probably look more like clean. Yes that's true. You thought yourself would be in the pandemic how you actually feel the memes of that are like hilarious but anyway but you have a favorite way rob but you've been doing things now for the past fifteen years. Correct my favorite set up recording from multi locations interviews conversations is what I started in early. Two thousand five and that is where you have a mixer and pre-empts and digital recorder and you can go to podcast for all on Dot Com Slash Mixer Dot pdf to see the block diagram for this. What I like about this setup. It's one hundred percent agnostic. And what I mean by that. It's stick to the computer. Os It's agnostic to the voip software or the video conferencing software it record your voice on Channel and the audio you hear from the computer I e the guest or guests on the Channel. So be it skype or zoom or facetime audio or something else it does not matter. Mac or PC does not matter. Update your last week. No BIGGIE IF VOIP SOFTWARE WORKS. You're in business began. You can see this podcast one dot com slash mixer. Pdf and with zoom eight six and a laptop. You can replace the mixer and pre amp completely and just plug your Mike directly into the h six and take your take the audio out of the computer right into the other channel of the h six so the audio of the computer right into the six and then the person you're talking to here's UV. The MIC on the laptop. So you you can simplify down even a little bit more than my block diagram but the basic ideas you record off the computer on a digital recorder and how the person sounds to you that you are talking to. That is how they sound on the recording. A good connection with good voip client and they can sound like they are in the room with you as well. And there's no additional monthly fee on a Mac can use skype call recorder as well called quarters a one time fee but forty dollars that's available. That's not as good of audio as you'll get recording on the zoo made sixty do but I just mentioned or the mixer but there are other ways to do this. Stefan brings a good point in there. It's just that I have found as well. That recording double is the way to go regardless of what happens. I mean we've gone through so many different setups with with me being in separate and different locations with you. And Ron like you and rob that we'd be weird. You Enroll Robin. I feel that way so robin I have gone through a lot of stuff. Justin I if she podcast same thing and we've used so many different tools to connect so the connection aspect of it has changed dramatically from when we started. But what what has been something steady that we've have continually done has been that we are doing double and we always do a double ender so regardless of how were connecting everybody records on there and there is a master track that's recorded but the end product is not using whatever that is it's always using our local recordings and put together at the end that said though. There is a new kid in town rob so this one is a browser based recorder so kind of like clean feed and this one is from resonate recordings. It is a platform agnostic. So That's good rob but you do need to use crown and I'm going to have a Lincoln this show notes and this is what it said in the release that the team over at resonate recordings out quote in response to the recent demand for remote work tools resonate is excited to announce the public launch of the resonate recorder version. Two while this tool has been available to our client since October. Two Thousand Nineteen today. We're making it freely available to the public. The resonate recorder is a free online voice recorder. This tool allows you to easily record a monologue podcast directly from the browser on your computer. You can even record a remote interview that sounds like you are in the same room if he used the double ender method and then in in the we hope that this tool continues to make podcasting easier. Client read about all the features. So I'M GONNA put a link to this article because they also breakdown double enders and all of that. Kinda stuff at in this very thorough article. I thought that was a really cool feature. I know that there's been times rob even though we're talking about remote recordings now that I have had Newbie podcasters come into the scene. Somebody who does it doesn't have like a powerful computer or they don't have access to some of the tools for whatever reason they want to record something and they don't quite know how to go about it and having this as an opportunity to do it even just a for a solo podcast. I think that's great because there's some people who are a little intimidating. I know that my seem weird for some of. Y'All because we've been around for a while but there's people who are really intimidated downloading a doll even if it's free even if it's audacity you know even when it comes to that kind of stuff it's like it's a little overwhelming to open up like that in seeing interface may feel super just unusual for you or an unfamiliar so maybe having something like this would be easier for people who are just starting out that just want to test the waters and feels like this is a great asset to have so go ahead and check it out. I Know John. My producer four she. Podcasts has tested this with another of his clients and I have a feeling. He's going to be reporting back in an upcoming episode but it feels like He. He told me that he was very happy with the results and now moving to some updates on facebook this is from you so. I'm GonNa let you take this as I know so. This is kind of bizarre. You guys I'm not a facebook fan at all but this is like these are updates from facebook so I only picked some that are that were the ones that I thought. Were the the most Impact podcasters the most and I again. I'll have links and the show notes that you can reference back so the first one quote you'll be able to mark facebook events as online only and in the coming weeks in agreed facebook. Live so you can broadcast to your guests to support creators and small businesses. We plan to add the ability for pages to charge for access to events with live videos on facebook anything from online performances. Two classes to professional conferences and quote. That's kind of NEAT. I mean to some degree if you are having like I was thinking of like a podcast or if you have maybe something specific like a behind the scenes on boxing of some kind or maybe like some kind of watched like some viewing party that you WanNa do only for your super fans something along those lines or maybe you're going to be teaching something specific to your audience and they are very used to doing facebook events and I didn't even know that you couldn't do facebook events in quote online. Only like I guess. That wasn't a thing before so now I know so. This would be kind of interesting. And then this part which I really loved quote were making it. Easier to access live video so you can watch or listen anywhere. If you have limited data or a spotty connection you now have the option to listen to the audio only anyone that has limited data or spotty connection. That would be me A. This is so exciting for me. Okay if you don't have a facebook account. Most public live videos are now available on the web and some pages can share a toll. Free number that lets you listen through the audio through any telephone and quote. This is bizarre. I think that was kind of weird but alas I like the functionality of making some of this stuff accessible to anybody I also really appreciate the fact that some of these facebook live event. Or whatever. Don't require you to have a facebook account which in the past has been an issue like sometimes. You can't even see stuff and you keep seeing like open up your account or sign in all the stuff so but alas being able to listen versus watching. I think is a huge plus. There are very little at least from my under like things that I have consumed that are live events on facebook. There are very few times when I want to watch something. Usually it's like you can put it onto the side and keep working in your primarily listening so lot of times I'll have a video. That's running behind the browsers and although the work I'm doing just to listen to the audio. So the candidate. Yes so this is a great and I know you guys. I haven't tested any of this out yet and I'm not sure if it's they did have a release at the beginning in obviously right now like an like an aproximately right now. It's so last month so check it out. Let let us know if you do anything special in that would be awesome the email the feet at Lipson dot com. And now we're GONNA move over to our second promo of the episode then naturist living show since two thousand and Nathan. Nature's living presenting topics related to nature and discussing issues of interest in interests mindedness defender shine. And I'm your host of the podcast. And My name is Samantha. Graham and I'm the show's producer. Nature Azam is more than just taking your clothes off. It's a life philosophy with physical psychological environmental social and moral benefits visit us at nature's living show dot com the nature. Living Show always close presidential. We've got some news from one of the top eight aggregate or APPs. Gosh so here's the email hi rob. I hope you're doing well in these weird times and that you and your family are safe. I'm contacting you to let you know that I released a major version of podcast addict which now allows users to review podcasts. I'm not sure if this is the kind of things that you're interested for the feed podcast but I just wanted to let you know in case it is stay safe in. This is from because you're could be ABS. Xavier have yet whichever one you choose and yes. This is exactly the kind of things that we like for the feed. So thank you for the heads up on on the update for podcast addict. Whenever there's any updates with any of the big aggregate or Apps we love to get those here Especially ones that have over one percent consumption so xavier heavier. Thank you for the great work that do there at podcast addict and keep it up. Okay another Hi rob an episode one sixty four of the feed. You talked about an addition that we can now make to the end of our. Rss Feeds my understanding was that it created custom players for each episode. Could you send me details on what it does? And what the code is. Thank you so much for all that you do and this is from Jake the educational duct tape. Podcast insurance. Not Unique. The change gives you the unique. Id for each episode. So you can use that to generate the player on side Here are some instructions. We added support for the episode. Id number two the RSS feed this will allow for you to get the episode. Id number automatically from the feed to then use to create a single episode player with the Lipson player on your website to activate this feature. You need to add this extension to the end of your feed. You are out and it's question. Mark Include Dash Lipson Dash Meta data. Equal true you must add that to the end when using the fee to get the. Id Number that makes your feed you. Url Show slugged that Lipson DOT com slash Ara says question-mark include Dash Lipson Dash mandated. Equal Tro in that. You'll see this tag less than symbol. Lipson Cohen item. Id Great Uncivil. And which again you can use this for the html player that you get from us to auto generate that player for that episode in a blog post that you may have auto being auto generated out of your RSS feed. Let me know if you have any questions. Pretty above. Thank you for asking on that. And then he actually back a reply. Thanks for following up so quickly rob currently when I published an episode and arrive at the links pop up screen. I grabbed the item. Id from one of the provided you are else in pop into the code that I have on my wordpress site. If I'm understanding correctly this new update essentially does the same thing accessing the item ide- but in a different manner right. Yes correct again but the beauty of this is you can then have everything automated so this is for people that want to have it automated. I mean if all you're doing is grabbing it manually. You could just go into your lipson account as is and go and grab the code for the embed code for the player and grab it but this where this house is for those people that want to automate a process so this is a way to get the item. Id for that episode which isn't generated until you publish automatically. It just takes a little bit of a step for all of you for all of you. Fiends Asian fiends. So this comes into places Obviously automation but so it's automation in two ways one where you're scheduling the release of the episode to some point in the future so you don't know what the idea is going to be until it's published in the future and to where you may be exporting out of a service and into. Lipson where we have some people that do offer radio so they have their they record on the radio there on radio station and the record at the end of the recording system spits out the MP three file for that their session on the radio and then automatically FTP's it to their lipson account which then automatically publishes it and then this automatically updates the website so we have some customers that have all this automation in place. So this helps with the automation. We love that by the way the reason why people wanna use our player. Oftentimes is because our player. You cannot force preloader so the beauty of our player are player. Doesn't actually give you the URL of the media file in embed code so no matter. How bad a web browser is. You can't force preloader our browser so if you have overly popular website and you don't want your numbers to be affected by people trafficking your site with bad browsers are player helps you. Keep all that for voting away. I can't stand preloaded players. I can't Dad Dad. Some people put on their site on purpose. But he's up their numbers. But it's bogus I know but there's also a lot of people that don't even know that that's a thing you know like they don't like Preloading players that don't play because there's pre holiday say it preloading and pre playing players where you go into the web browser and it starts to play. There's that doing evil because then someone goes your website there at work when people go back to work and then often audio such blaring out of the computer in their cubicle. That's mean and the other thing is that it's when it starts to pre load and you don't even know that yourself like as a you have no idea that that's happening in the back end and you keep thinking that your numbers are growing and then you realize no numbers are not growing new. It's just Nunu okay. Moving right along here onto another email. Hi Rob enjoying the feed. I noticed you mentioned that the facial. Id will not allow to faces in the facial ide- setup okay so we just changed topics here. We are now talking about iphones. All right here. We go. I found out that a mask will obstruct too much of the face to do. A setup spam however one can pull the mass down to expose the nose area and the facial. Ide- will work with your original face. While doing this activity in settings one can do a facial scan of a parent grandparent spouse child or whoever one desires as an alternate face? I just thought I would pass along this little. Tidbit thinks for all the accessibility of the lipson dashboard and in the blind abilities APP available on the APP store and Google play store. Keep up the great work stay. Well stay informed and stay strong regards. Jeff from blind abilities will just thanks for the feedback. I had forgotten apple. Did the alternate face on face. I D I did train my face. Id on my iphone. Tennis MACs using the alternate appearance to also use my face with a mask as the alternate face but as you said I needed to pull the mask down below my nose to get it to work. It would not work with it covering my nose. Evidently my nose is a distinguishing feature. Or so I've been told in sample would agree So thank you for that reinsurance. Well there's an update though too isn't there isn't there an update so there's an update so there's a new update coming. It's coming it's Iowa's thirteen dot five in. Its Beta three came out so it's still in Beta but when it comes out it will speed up. If you have a mask on saying oops you have a mask on instantly rejects you so it is so the update that's coming. It doesn't make it easier for you to get your face idead with with face mask on it what it does is it makes it easier for you to get rejected so quickly. More quickly takes you to the Where you put in a enter code to get through so it looks if thinks you have a face mask on and it can't idea so if you don't pull it down blow your nose looks because note. Bhai can't do that and it stops trying and it takes you to the for you to enter your Security Code move more quickly more quickly. Well good instantly instant rejection another email. Robin Elsie. I don't know what to do about this or maybe it's not a big deal. I did my due diligence and check trademarks and other shows long before I landed on my podcast name and artwork which my show title is ditch. Your backup plan three months after mine. Launches I find this new one. Titled What Is Your backup. Plan would seem suspiciously like mine. I guess I need to move on the trademark Nell do I make friends and connect or what do I do? Please advise in. This is from Jen and I asked you. I could go through this in. Give her example show and she said yes. So Jen's good with us so hygiene. I think you're going to find it hard to get a trademark with any teeth for the phrase backup plan. Maybe for ditch your backup. Plan the full name but just looking at backup plan. There are four shows. Total on Apple podcasts. Now with backup plan in a title. One of them is from twenty. Eighteen trademarks are tough when it comes to doing anything with them. The the other podcast called the feed Started six months after us and got a trademark for the feed for podcasting. But they can't do anything with it because if they come after us we can prove prior art and that would kill a trademark. So you have to be careful too when you get the trademark. It's like okay. You could say a have it but if you try to enforce it and you are on shaky ground and it's GonNa be tough now. I sent that to Jannine. Here's gentrify Hi Rob. It's just that the content is nearly the same. I saw the other similar titles before I launch and the content was different enough. Should I connect with them? My students are wanting to give them a one star review. But I told him to please. Don't they need to take the high road? I'm guessing this podcast oil fade. I just don't know if it's better to connect or ignore what do you do with the feed ignore? I noticed a few months ago that she podcast also had a copycat knock plural. What did he do? The first episode has Kovin nine thousand nine hundred the title. Obviously they don't listen to the feed the real one also an anchor. They are definitely going to fade. Thanks for your reply in this John Again. I'll let you answer. The part of the sheep buckets but I I agree that be an anchored definitely makes them a prime candidate for premature vacation. Pod Fate occasion but But until then the key thing is to make sure you push people to subscribe and Apple. Podcast right now. A search for backup plan has them. I make sure your students are not subscribing to their show just to your show and have your students subscribed from their friends apples. I devices and apple podcasts. As well you want to get more subscribers so your show shows up number one in search results for backup plan or your backup plan per talking to them. That'd be tough to get them to change but worth a shot and this happened at I know people talk to other shows where they've had my name in. The HAT is a couple of times. It's happened but it's not often where they've changed. Backup plan is a very common phrase and if it's a phrase used in your industry all the time like what is your backup plan when you get to New York. And don't end the lead in a Broadway play. Then it'll be even harder to get a trademark I think your best plan of action and I plan of action should be to get everyone you know to click. Subscribe to your podcast and Apple podcasts. Fa I just did that for him. and thanks for letting. Us share your show title on the PODCASTS. To give people an idea of the situation I'll see you give your thoughts on what you've done. Which she podcast. And the other she podcasts. Out there yeah. Yeah so I mean mind you just to get back to the feed there are like. I don't know how many the feeds out there. I think there's an round seven now. Yeah there's a bunch of of marrying amber MAC has to write. Amber Mac does have lunch. He has co hosted show and it's About social media so there's a lot of people's and obviously the other the feed is about food so as an eating with the trademark. Yeah and and that is with very famous chef dude so anyway but we haven't really come across too many issues of because of the name by which he podcast. It actually wasn't necessarily like it was just say I think it was really ignorance on the person's part of things and we did end up sending a season to a cease and desist to her like in physical delivery of a letter to the person because what ended up happening. Is that in search? And you can you guys can still. I'm sure if any of you guys go out right now and search for our show you right in she podcasts. I'm almost ninety nine point nine percent. Sure that you will not find our show. I you will find her show I because she happens to have a very large online audience and it has nothing to do with podcasting her show at all. It has nothing to do with like our topic at all. None of that stuff but unfortunately the word podcast is a problem. Because that's like a very very very common name. In a lot of people happen to use the word podcast in their title for their show and therefore it actually creates a different title than the actual title of the show itself. I don't know if I'm coming across here Versus like you know how there's the feed podcast. And then there's the feed the official lips in podcasts. Which I know that there's A. There's a slight difference between those two shows but there but the reason that it's expanded in that rate is so that we can differentiate between one and the other but there are some people who just name their show and add podcast to the tidal when there's no reason for them that's not the actual name of their show and and this person that's what they did. So that's not the name of her show. She just added podcast as a qualifier in the title in that messed up she. She podcast and your she podcasts. And by the way she podcast you are actually number one for sheep. Podcasts your head of right the other jail did but most people when you write sheep. The thing is her show is not she podcast? It is shoot. That's it she but if she would just remove the podcast from she we would be fine because it's she with her name and unfortunately that's what people tend to write the name podcast afterwards and it. Kind of it's unnecessary. It really is unnecessary to be adding podcast. When your name is not doesn't necessitate it right. That is one of the Times that makes me nuts anyway. That's so we sent a cease and desist and she complied with changing her artwork and changing a lot of the stuff on her website. She hasn't changed some things and I just because I started to do some because of this question I went and looked at all her stuff and I was like. She hasn't removed it from here. And so Jessica was not happy and she followed up. We will let you know about it So it's not an easy thing and unfortunately with anything that's trademark related. The only way like what rob was talking about that it really becomes valuable is if you actually take care of it or follow up on it and really protect the mark and you have to be very diligent when it comes to that and it's yeah need just just gotTa do what you gotTa do man so we move on we show and you know if anyone else has any thoughts on this. Please send an email directly to Robert lipson DOT COM. I'll pass it onto jen. So if you have any thoughts for Jan pass them on email me and afford degen. So here's another email. I Robin on episode. One Sixty six rob was talking about a foul up with the listeners. Show listing and I think I have a similar issue for some reason. My active travel adventures. Podcast now appears twice in some apps but not all episodes our listeners listing. I haven't completed eighty episodes so I don't think it's a limit issue. I took some screen shots below from pod. Bean and cashbox to show you. I thought I would also check Google and apple to see what they're showing if I go to Google podcast time listed once sadly when I googled apple podcast to search for my show. I got zero results when I know. That's not the case. Because if I go to itunes music I show up. Screen showed Spill Schmidt screen shots below. I'm not sure if I messed up somehow or someone else did but would love to correct any advice most welcome. Thanks for all that you do. Lipson kit right so when I look at Apple podcasts. I see one feed for your show listed. You know active Travel Adventures Start Lipson DOT COM SOC RSS. That's the active travel adventures. I'm not sure why some APPs would show your show twice. You could do a slight update to your show artwork Underline under adventures or or something minor and then see if both shows are work updates or not if only one updates and the other doesn't that means there's two feeds out there. That's one thing you can do. I I mean I don't know I. Some of the some APPs would have it twice and he said you know he hadn't changed feed and hadn't didn't have any other feeds but sometimes there are those mirror feeds that get out there so thank you some third party. Aggregate or upset created those feeds at think trapped in anyway long or the short Apple podcasts has your show wants so everything looks good there and not sure why a couple of APPs don't have it showing correctly but you have a fun little update here. It seems like you've been doing a lot of thinking on this. Rob Let us know. Little bit about pod. Feeding I mean people often ask when we see shows pod fade and I say there are two key main groups. The first is prior to episode ten group. This is mostly those that did not realize podcasting acquired you know actual work Per coming up with good content or or just folks that are anchor in general and then the second group is those that quit around episode fifty. That is when they come to the realization that they just are never going to make money at podcasting and I had someone last week. Email me saying they were closing their podcast. Because quote the podcast is just not garnering enough interest to continue on quote and how many episodes had that show released. Yup exactly fifty. That is how many right on the number. And they were the definition of nope not going to make money at this pod vader and then there are other types of failures. I start thinking about this. You know there are that are not number bound. There is the my host left me. Flaked out is an expletive pod vader. Remember folks need to convince your co host to podcast with you. It's not likely to work. It's like a marriage proposal if you have to ask more than once. Yeah it's not likely GONNA blast. Don't get me wrong. You don't need to get down on one knee and all if they are not excited to be your co host. When you ask the first time you might WanNa look until you find someone that will be excited to be with you. It's not swipe right right right right right on the same person right break once. Right isn't the way it works. Anyway find someone that's excited to be with you behind the MIC. This and then there is the life happened pod fater or the TV show. I was covering cancelled pod. Fader and my favorite one. The I landed my dream job from my podcast and I need to close the podcast down pod or simply the mission accomplished pater so any other types that you want to add elsie or anyone else wants to answer. You totally covered everything that I that I was thinking about very succinctly and it's funny how you say you were kind of looking at it from the perspective of fifty episodes and I think you're like on point right there because what I tell people. Is that whatever? There's something that comes up around the one year to year and a half mark something comes up with podcasters that have been doing it for a while and they come sort of like this. This not realization but a questioning of sorts. Either a questioning as in doing this. Should I continue doing this or I'm feeling a little bored by my by my show? It's getting to be a little bit more of a challenge. Like how do I spice it up? You know it's kind of like the seven year itch. The twelve months to eighteen months is like the seven year itch for podcasters and sometimes it actually becomes better like they. Sometimes there's a rebrand to the show. Sometimes they find renewed just renewed connection. This is when people are looking out to see how what they need to do to get better and enhance. And there's also the time when people look back and go like you know. This is really. This isn't what I WANNA do or life happens in not even in the way like as in like they have a baby or they get married or there's a death in the family or something like that but maybe they're just over the topic or maybe they forgot to seven hundred ninety seven dollars spent on the Webinar from from twelve months earlier totally. That could happen as well. So I think you're right on point because fifty episodes it's right around either producing a show weekly for a year or producing a show by monthly like the way that the fee goes out to like. That could also be a thing. So you're kind of getting those hours under your belt. So that's I think that you're right on point and I have always seen that everything you're talking about in terms of pod. Fading is one hundred percent correct. I feel like that. The the the biggest cause a pod fading for at least in my experience working with podcasters first so long now is life. Life is actually the thing you moved. You had a baby. Your circumstances changed in some way you got married. You got divorced like all of that stuff. Is it massive because it uproots the family hour uproots life and then you kind of have to like think like? Why does this matter now? Is this something that I care about now. And sometimes we care about it and you just never get back. It's like I'll come back to it. And then what happens is they put it on hold and then? They never come back doing that. I will raise my hand on that one because I that's been me so folks you have any other ones you want to throw out there. But yes it's the coping being single podcast up. I got married. That's mission accomplished fish. And that's right all right so now though we have some we're moving into a little bit of a stance thing here and this is Neil actually He sent a or he. Didn't he actually tagged us on social on one of our for twitter and stuff like that he put up a tweet in he introduced us to some new stats that had just come out of the UK and this is the from Rajar and we actually had mentioned the Roger Stats either last year or the year before. Because they've done this before. And it's the MIDAS survey where MIDAS stands for measurement of Internet delivery audio services. What they did there. And we'll have a linked to the PDF but some key takeaways from the survey from this year which again is for. The U K audio listeners is one is when content is consumed not time wise but a tiffany wise. Not the not the time of the day but activity wise. What what you're doing the top of the list. Forty four percent were consuming during driving and traveling. Second is no specific activity so just chilling and listen to a podcast. That's thirty four. Percent of those surveyed third is working or studying. I thought that was interesting. How do you study and listen to a podcast? I can understand working but starting that's harder? Yeah so grades. There came maybe a little bit Okay twenty one percent of those people household chores at four. Th at seventeen percent and fifth was sports exercise hobbies at fifteen percent and there are more and clearly these were this was pick more than one option because those numbers are over one hundred percent so basically probably had which different. What different activities are you doing when you're listening to podcasts? And then you a lot to choose multiple ones the second takeaway was weekly reached for those fifteen plus and podcasting reach twenty two percent of those over fifteen to twenty four twenty seven percent of those thirty five to twenty five to thirty four twenty three percent of those thirty five to fifty four and just nine percent of those fifty five plus overall podcasting reached eighteen percent of those surveyed each week which means they had a bunch of people that were fifty five plus to skew that survey that down from weather's other numbers were and then finally in the demographic data forty six percent of Kessler centers where female versus fifty four percent. Were male again those were all the stats for UK listeners. Thanks back again to Neil for letting US know that the rise you study Had just been released you guys. We'll have a link in the show notes so that you can actually see this data for yourself and then maybe extrapolate some information on your own but now who we are going to have a promo or third of the episode and moving into our stats part our personal stats are at least Lipson stance here. We go so promo number. Three is from the European desk. That's appropriate after the last article. Now my God yeah. The Europe desk is a podcast all about Europe and transatlantic relations made by Grad students at the BMW Center for German and European studies at Georgetown University each episode. You'll hear voices from all over Europe and beyond discussing the most important issues in transatlantic relations and European affairs and covering speaker events and expert discussions taking place at Georgetown University. Finders Lipson or wherever you listen to podcasts and follow us on twitter and Instagram at the Europe desk thanks for listening thanks and Stats okay now. Continue I guess what stats and we're GONNA get into the lips and stats. And this is the median and mean numbers to see how your show measures up. And this is the median and mean numbers are based on episodes released in the month of March with downloads measured until the end of April on average. Each child is about forty five days old. And the median number for March one hundred and twenty-five damn a bit from February one hundred and thirty the adjusted mean or average where I throw out the top. Half percent and any files with three are less downloads. The adjusted mean was thirteen hundred and sixty four down a bit from February on when it was thirteen. Hundred Ninety eight six point six percent of all downloads episodes released in March were in the five K. range or greater downloads. That's the magical number some advertisers for a downloads campaigns. That was down from February where it was six point eight percent. Here are some other numbers here that we're going to give you that you can measure against your show is doing and to put things in perspective if your episodes are getting one hundred and twenty-five downloads or more after thirty days you're better than half the shows if you're getting more than a thousand you're better than eighty percent more than three thousand better ninety percent more than seventy one hundred ninety five more than eighteen thousand year better ninety eight percent and more than thirty two thousand you are better than ninety nine percent of the shows and those numbers for March were all down compared to February's numbers and given a trends for most of April. I would expect them to drop even more when we report the April numbers next month just as we expected. March numbers drop and they did all this drop obviously because of coveted nineteen. And we've been looking at the downloads class carefully and closely for the six plus weeks now. It seems longer. Doesn't it seem like it's been years? Yes and we compared the downloads. Those weeks to the averages from the weeks of January Twelfth Nineteen Th and twenty six. And what we've been using for the baseline and what apple uses back in that timeframe as well for their basic but I looked at things for three key groups the entire week Sunday to Saturday and we Weekends being Sunday and Saturday and then And then Tuesday Wednesday Thursday which are traditionally our biggest days for downloads. Here's what we've seen in the past six weeks. The Week of March Fifteenth was eleven point nine percent reduction versus the baseline weeks. That was the best week but that was the beginning of the worst week was last week the week of April nineteenth last week as far as I have full data for and that was fourteen point seven two percent all other weeks range between twelve point seven and fourteen point two percent reductions looking at weekends the best weekend was the weekend for the week of March fifteenth with a slight increase for Sunday. Saturday of point eight five percent versus baseline weeks. The worst weekend was the week of April twelfth. That included Easter had a drop of six point. Three three percent the rest of the weekends where between point five percent and three point two percent declines but the key one and. I like to look at it again. It's a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday window again. The best week was the first week of all this week of Three fifteen which just drop sixteen point six percent. The worst week was last week. The week of April nineteenth withdraw of twenty point nine percent all others ranged between seventeen point two percent eighteen point seven percent. I did look last night to see the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday for this past week. The last week of April Which would be the the The Week of the twenty six and actually dropped Got Better so I went back to eighteen and change when people ask. How do the pandemic affect downloads? I say it's around fourteen to fifteen percent decline for weekly downloads in around eighteen to twenty percent for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday dollars with weekends holding close to where they were before at. This all started again with to make sure we emphasize this. This is all sixty eight thousand plus shows hosted on Lipson in aggregate that. We're looking at not your show specifically your show is likely a little lot different on the numbers but if you are seeing a decline it's not as we said before this is temporary there will be a return to something close to the normal consumption at some point in the future until then keep connecting with your audience and is really really important to stay connected with them even release an extra episode or two if you have some extra time connect with them in your community board and if you don't have a community board for your show definitely time to create one and that's where. I leave that where we where have we been? Oh my gosh bird. Virtually elite. Well we had a headliner. Webinar on April twenty. Two on Earth Day showed on my gosh with us now is say hello or they are no not my birthday okay. So here's these these are crazy. Stats Y'all so there were twelve hundred. Thou- Twelve hundred thirty four total registrations by the morning of the Webinar. That was on April twenty. Second and there's there's more after that and five hundred sixty two people that attended live which is which is honestly a blew my mind. That's like a forty six point. Seven percent show up rate which does not happen with webinars. And I think that most of you guys knew that. And even if you're doing like a live show I'm sure you know that it's a very small percentage when you're doing anything live that show up the majority down. I know I know. I don't have an excuse to go anywhere. They know right so my show up. Yeah but it was really. I mean there were lots of people there and then they were literally right afterwards. One hundred and thirty eight had already watched the replay and thirty one people registered after the event on that day like am not sorry. Not On the twenty second on the twenty third. I'm correcting myself there. So that was the day after we did. It was crazy. So yeah we're going to be doing more webinars that are going to be slightly more focused towards tools and education. That is beyond like how to podcast. This is a microphone. And you record so it's going to be a little bit more. I'm reaching out to some folks that I feel are going to be amazing and so we hope to. We hope to bring a lot of value to you guys but anyway where were were you rob. I was on a twitter. Ama type event with content marketing world Where the person running it for content? Modern Mo- She asked me a bunch of questions around podcasting and brands using podcast. So it was very much cured was supposed to be geared towards on brands that want to use podcasting and You can see my answers if you search for podcast. Four one one and Hashtag Siham world. And I'll actually have link if you want to find that but There was quite a few. Some of my answers are like nine part answers. Gosh I can't do anything short now. You have little no you can't. You can't really especially with a lot of the subtlety that you have to do on twitter stuff. It's like no way. There's no way to do it but anyway. Go ahead continue. I need take all the questions she asked. I just needed. Take my answers in turn into a blog post. I did A guest presentation for the podcast class at Suny Stony Brook. And that's the one that Tony Deck is the professor for. So thanks Tony. For having me present to your class I started showing a pie. Chart and say indie. Podcasters are ninety. Nine point five percent of podcasting and this little sliver of the point five percent. That's what hot pod covers the rest of it not so much at all and that is by design you know on hot pots part. Yeah they don't want to cover that ninety nine point five they only care about the point five so and then I went on to destroy some common myths in the space. Starting with that covers everything which doesn't so. Yeah but yeah he's actually Nick's going to be one of their. I guess guests. A lecture is coming up so I just wanted to set. This is where you know when you read that you need to understand what you're reading and here here's actually how the cousins base actually does work. And here's some real numbers and then we'll see we both actually were at the same place. We were both quoted Jacobs media article about what it means that over. A million podcasts and apple podcasts. Want linked Show notes for that one. You know I I basically said what I said on the last episode of feet. It's nice that we have two million but the reality is it's two hundred seventy two thousand. Twenty seven percent are really active. And that's the more important number look at see. I was also in inside radio. Dot Com with a blog article titled Proof of podcast stickiness. And this is where I talked about what we said on 166 that while driving and transit use is down fifty to eighty percent. Us According to apple at least per requests for directions that podcast consumption is down just fourteen percent and I still to me. That's a it podcasting being down fourteen to fifteen percent during the DEMOC lot and its tiny. That's a lot less than I thought it was going to be down. And when you consider how few people driving again given information from apple you know transit directions down eighty percent and driving down fifty That will only seen a fifteen percent reduction. Fourteen fifteen percent reduction in podcasting tells me tells us that people are going out of their way out of their normal routine to listen to the podcast. They like so. It's not just something that fits in their rhythm. It's something they like to do that. They've been doing in rhythm so but podcasting transcends just driving. It's not just because they're driving. It's because they actually like imagine. Matt I know who knew Guy Darn it but this sets up really well for when when people do go back driving and stuff that I think you're gonNA see More podcasts consumption. Cause sticking with it absolutely and there's going to be a lot more people wondering how to do it you know and I feel I totally agree. I think it's going to be one of those things where it's like the it's going to be easier to take podcasting back to quote driving around maybe doing normal again it whatever that might be in the future versus what happened now right so. I think that that those those that bit of behavior is actually GonNa continue so where we going virtually. Are you going anywhere? Do you have any anything happening? World of online. I think I do. But it's going to be one of those recordings that doesn't come out right away so right. Yeah so that's why. I don't think I've anything coming up between now and the next episode. That's going to be live. But I think Bob something to talk about next one because a lot of virtual stuff coming up but we do wrong. What do we have coming up tomorrow? Yeah we do so Lipson. Has WE HAVE OUR PODCAST. Our monthly free podcasting quickstart on Wednesday may six at six PM and that is always free. Y'All a great educational resource. We update it every single time. Meaning that if there are new releases new updates new workflows any kind of thing information that we get from apple or from other pod casting platforms out there. We add them to this Webinar. So it is essentially a how to podcast podcast but it also is fantastic for anybody who is a podcast consultant or podcast coach or a podcast editor that works primarily with. Lipson or works in Lipson at any time. Because you get a real walk through behind the scenes of how to publish what things to fill out. What are the pitfalls people tend to have like? There's a lot of technical detail in this Webinar that you will not get anywhere else and even though obviously it is heavily lipson focus because it is our webinar. You will learn a lot of really basic troubleshooting tips or things not to do when you launch your show so please go ahead and do that. And I'm going to do a real quick plug for myself because some something we've been doing with Jessica for she. Podcast is four. We have paid patriotic community. It's called the she podcast super squad and we usually do a Q. And A. in there every single week. But that's not why I'm talking about this. I'm talking about the fact that we have been live rob every single Monday at one pm inside of our she podcast super squad group and it's been really fun like I've always been against like doing live stuff but there's something to be said about it. I think in in the interaction with our with our with our super fans essentially right so this isn't for everybody. This isn't for the sixteen thousand plus she podcast group. Few are part of our Patriot community. We have a special facebook group and It is five dollars a month to join and we record. Live there every single time and it's so great to just do it so just putting that out there in case you join live is good as long as you're interacting. That's what I was. Yeah Yeah live is not good if you just blasting to the masses and not getting feedback. It's it's really fun. We've been using stream yard so John is in there and then he puts it inside a stream yard and there's a chat going on and we have weakened like if somebody asks a question has a comment. We put it up on the screen. And we edit out a lot of things that are not relevant to the show in quote right so where. It's not just like Oh look look what we're doing like it's not like that kind of stuff but we do have a pre show and post show stuff that nobody ever gets to see so you kind of see. The train wreck with his recording. She podcast every week which is quite fun but anyway. That's you guys. I hope that if you guys have any feedback at all you will email the feed at Lipson dot com the feet at Lipson dot com or you can download our free APPs. We have free apps in both android and you can go to those respect fit to respective APP stores in downloaded connect with us that way. Every single way to connect with us is there. You can also call us at when two five seven three nineteen thirty four or you can leave a message via speak. Pipe Dot com slash the feed? We love to hear from you guys as you heard. The show was jam packed with lots of meal. I E mails and audio feedback which really adds to the show. So please go ahead and do that. But that's it for my end. We hope to see you guys in a couple of Nazi you but come back to you in a couple of weeks keep social distancing be safe chow by.

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