S2E19 - Big Trouble in Little Bhopal


You guessed it pressure points with your two chancellors for the evening on d this is. Aj were coming at. Ya Not so live with season. Two EPISODE NINETEEN BIG TROUBLE IN. Little Bow. Pol Find US on Instagram and twitter at point so pressure. Let's get rolling. I am so disappointed. That you've ruined my perfect intro. You son of saying not come into Your Life. He just roll with it. I'm cruising. I'm feeling great. Oh my all right. Well How's Your Quarantine Ben Going? You know just the usual. I haven't done anything at all. That's fair especially with this podcast. I haven't done anything for like two months. Oh Man I've just been so depressed with You know having all this free time and money so depressed getting my stimulus check and my tax return. God this sucks. You know awful. I was only able to buy eighty dollars worth of foam splitting somebody. It was worth it. It was it was totally. You compare our last episode. Not Alas that was a bad sound sound on that one the one before that regardless if you compare sound prior to today not as good things change. We've got an an official looking studio now especially with the Hanging blanket curtain. I was GonNa say I really the strawberries Smcgaels and all the bottles of alcohol in the corner. I told you there diffuser Yeah what about you but you've been up to our absolutely nothing until about half an hour ago when I set up the new pressure points merchandise store we didn't we should have come up with a theme song We should have come up with a better name. We should have done something other than set up the pressure points. T. Shirt store that too in preparation but you have a lot of money if you still have money for your stimulus. Check like if you haven't blown it on hookers and cocaine and sex dolls. I'll God we gotta discuss. We'll we'll talk about that after the the blurb so I should probably know what the website is. It's spring dot com slash pressure. The link will be in the description and on our website and through the Lincoln. Our instagram and everywhere. So don't type it in only boomers type it in so yeah that links everywhere and only boomers type triggered for the For the first week until Saturday. The twenty third there is a fifteen percent discount. What does that Discount Code? Discount Code is toothpick toothpick. Put that in by about five hundred shirts. Resell them at like a music festival. A higher higher cost. We won't be mad about it. Yeah we'll eat that fifteen percent you sell it for the normal cost you can. Yeah so off it toothpick until Saturday. The twenty third be there be square pleased by some of these because I in a lot of foam related debt. He hasn't gotten a stimulus yet. Sorry Oh no no no I got. It just was immediately gone piece out of the kitchen floor. Yeah I was place. Looks Gorgeous and the studio looks phenomenal. This studio is probably the best part about buying this house a month ago. Yeah especially the fact that you're now living with your future wife. That's not. That's not a good perk. I was. I've been living with her house years now. You have a house with your future wife. Well that's a silo but don't real studio now now know the best thing is this morning. I mowed my front lawn. Oh God I woke up and I was the first thing I did. I put on clothes and Modi Law and it was the best close to me from. I'm I'm not an Australian Florida. Yeah I mean did you move your back onto no no okay you. You're worthless not yet. I also cleaned out my air conditioning. Unit hosed down got all the leaves out of it sprayed this chemical. My father bought me out the coils. I like these weekly updates on your projects. Yeah it's it's it's endearing you can all help me by buying some of these shirts. My my weekly updates for quarantine. Or what's sad shit? Did you masturbate? What did you regret this week? Actually I regret to day going to read it and finding that sex doll. What was it called? I don't want to remember dot com. And it's so painfully it was all dot com. It's I don't care what it was. It was it was silicon wives dot com blurs. Shout out own. They'll sponsor US I feel like they're grasping at straws if we even if we got ten percent of their eighteen hundred dollars sex doll. Oh Oh my opening the link. It's just an Asu silicon ass not even good ask. Oh if you click it zooms. So don't ever go to that website. I mean if you want to more power to you but I'll just give you a quick breakdown. It has options for. Add Ons for your sex doll. Oh Yeah I've got them right here a couple of which I'll just spat out a few warning. This read them read them. I'm just GonNa read this one part and look at Dominique from the front and you'll instantly get a hard on Muggy H Cup breasts. Hey eight-year-olds have an eating disorder which chop some of the add on. So you can. I'm GonNa let you finish your drink. Some of the add on's are you can make her warm. They will add something inside her. That keeps her warm. So that it's not like fucking a corpse. No no she's just going to be lifeless but she'll feel as warm as a regular body like a fresh corpse. God the other was this is AJ favorite put on Dildo inside inside the vagina so that you can get pegged by your silicon. What you're now so on trance. Yeah and then you like the option for pubic hair or no pubic hair or in the coffin the China or not built in China. Fucking storage box. Which looks like a coffin. I spent too much time on his website. Just like what the fuck is going on here. I got close. I'm already out God. It's so bad in. Did you see any of the ones that were like overly like cartoon? I did not spend much time off website. I spent like three minutes because like I don't want this. I'M GONNA get some weird ads. I sign was. How is this a cold like how is this culture? Like how is why. Why was this? A sustainable business. I know and I looked at the prices. Yeah like twenty five hundred dollars or some Shia all of almost got I would. I'd rather just pay ten bucks for a dollar store hooker right and you can get ten things yeah perfect. Oh God Yep pure trash I I hate. It hurts me. Thank God I thought those are things that you could only buy on the dark net. I'm disappointed in the rain humanity. You know this is worse than rule. Thirty four man so four of us. Oh No it's just voices fucking disembodied moaning back and forth across this new table Yeah so quick. Segue into our subject for the for the day by the way. I'm I'm sorry Any of that stuff was made your ears bleed that we discussed there but we really know how to run away new listener. GonNa say if anybody tunes in like fresh on this episode. They're not they have no idea. What the fuck where. They're not coming back. But I mean that's sort of every episode. Why this is why I was GonNa say this is why we're not growing but we're actually growing really say we're doing all right This episode like I said Bhopal which I actually looked up how to pronounce this correctly because I was tired of not being able to pronounce the names of things. And it's so big trouble in Little Paul now so Papa Bhopal is this have to do with the clergy. What clergy the Papa Papa you know the VATICAN WITH APOLLO? Nothing does not not not going along those lines. We're talking about Paul India baby now before I get started once again. Which is usually my go-to there are two things that I'm going to start with my intro to chemicals that you should know about now the first one is methyl isocyanate which methylisocyanate is five hundred times worse than hydrogen cyanide if it's not kept in spotless refrigerated conditions it can react explosively with itself Which is why a lot of chemical engineers recommend you store it in Brealey tiny quantities or just not at all it's corrosive to the is respiratory tract and skin so it's like a chemical corona virus and it causes. Pulmonary Dima which is oh that's just liquid in the lungs so no big number two. I'm referred to this. One is phase two as Carbon Tetra Chloride Carbon Tetra quote chloride. Jesus Christ Tetra. I fucked it up you guys I could. I could pronounce Papa but I can't pronounce this one. I just fell Paul B. H pal. Google them. I was like be. Ap L. Battle so carbon tetra chloride causes fatty livers and liver cell destruction And this is if it's consumed so it's booze but on like a cellular level like it. It's way worse than just drinking. Alcohol also causes kidney failure solid. And if you're consuming it frequently enough. You get vomiting headaches and dizziness. Yeah nothing wrong with any of those but there are other symptoms that get into when I talk about base too. So referring to phase one phase one starts now Her awful looking hate myself. That's one of the t shirts. GonNa say it's GonNa say D- is awful. That's or I fucking hate myself. D So in Bhopal India nineteen eighty-four. Union Carbide factory was working with missile. Methyl Ice Oh my fucking God. I shouldn't have done this session down at and you do this. They were working with my God Menlo Isocyanate which if you remember what I was talking about. They kept it in a huge tank in Bhopal Bhopal God damn it the size of a steam locomotive. Now that's fine. This is fine no big deal. Nobody cares as you have a slightly larger than steam locomotive refrigerator. Right so they so you see. That's Union Carbide factory. I'm just GONNA call him. Uc throughout this. They had been wanting to sell their company to Brazil or Indonesia because but in Indonesia whatever it in Asia. I'm on fucked up on all this coffee. I'm now going crazy. So they wanted to sell because they couldn't really afford it so they started to cut costs now over four years so from nineteen. Eighty to like nineteen eighty-four They cut the MAC unit in half. Which is the methyl isocyanate? They cut that in half from twelve people handling it to six. They cut maintenance for that same area from six people to to. Oh that's fine. And then the Control Room. One operator over seventy panels and indicators and controls which were mostly faulty throughout the entire for years Their safety training was reduced from six months. How how much she thinks either do such safety training a half in half so they reduce it from six months three months three months. Yeah so their safety. Training was reduced from six months to two weeks. Oh God and they changed their like the little. Oh Hey these are safety things that we go by. They changed those from Indian to English and most of the people they hired didn't speak English so they're like Oh these are safety sayings and they can't even they don't even know what the Hell it means. And then you see started boasting. Oh we've saved one point two five million dollars but I mean we don't really have anything left to cut. So they hit their one point two five million dollars in savings prop Saddam in literally just tanking employees and safety and they said the only thing that we can really save on is if we cut back on our refrigeration for the MDC tank. And there's nothing. There's no problem. Yes how much they were saving everyday by reducing. How much guess just two dollars. No they saved thirty seven dollars a day. That was it. That's it that's all. They were savings seven dollars a day which was just amazing. That adds up. Oh yeah totally. Who cares about safety controlling very volatile large batch of no big deal? It's just the size of a fucking train. That's fine nothing could go wrong here. So based on this. I'm sure you're thinking this could never be as bad as as Chernobyl. No no no not at all not at all this would be just fine. This far reaching impacts on the environment normal Tuesday afternoon So in one thousand nine hundred eighty two they had gotten a safety audit by the. Us thing this is their their during their cuts. Now the safety audit they had found sixty one hazards thirty of which were critical. Eleven of which were in the SI unit Jesus eleven critical hazards in a volatile chemical area. No BIG DEAL. I mean is who gives a shit? It's just it could kill a bunch of people. I mean it could melt out your eyeballs. But it's fine and he's okay fine. They got to maintenance. So there is a whistle blower that tried to notify the Chief Minister and he said investigate before. Bhopal turns into Hitler's Gas Chamber was his direct quote to the minister Now December second nineteen eighty-four two years after their audit which they didn't change anything with their audit all they did was to continue cutting costs on December second nineteen eighty-four. It was like eleven fifty eight. Pm It's night everybody's asleep and None of the safety systems at UC working so the sirens weren't working noth- like literally. Nothing was really going on concerning safety there. And all of a sudden a white vapor started coming out of the tank and as you was evening with the wind. A that gas started kind of settled down over Bobo fine Started to settle down and some people woke up coughing They were count like our lungs. Were kind of burning but if felt like like we would we return to our kids and say. Hey it's okay. Somebody's probably just burning chillies. It's all right like just go back to sleep. So then people started waking up with their eyes and noses watering their lungs burning and some of them were just woke up and started puking everywhere. That's that's by. It's probably just stomach. Poke and at that point. A lot of people were like what the Hell 'cause it wasn't just like this mysterious like Oh thin white missed. It wasn't like carbon monoxide. The invisible killer dish. It was literally a white smoke. That was settling over the town and so people were recounting that they would get out of their house and they couldn't even see the streetlights it would just be like a brown glowing dot in the distance because this fog was getting so heavy and this fog is just littered like it's burning. Their skin there is are burning and like its disintegrating. They're fucking bodies in their lungs. So people wake their kids up there like we need to go. We need to get Outta here. So they start running out of their homes and because cows and dogs were getting affected by it as well. People are getting trampled by like panicked cows. That are just running through the streets. Trampling people They were saying that you couldn't go anywhere without having to like step over dead bodies or like people that could barely move because of the pain. Oh that's fine. Yeah no big deal so there are people that are just drowning in their own body fluids. No big deal just a regular Tuesday like right now one woman. She was carrying her son and she was trying to hurry to get to her her father who was on a truck that was like come on come on so she sets her son down because she was pregnant and she starts to. Miss Carrie in the street. Oh God on dead bodies. She's literally just sitting there fucking miss carrying with how heavy this smoke is. It's just burning through everything through the God And so the the GRANDPA. He just grabs his son or his grandson. He's like all right. Let's get the hell out of here. They start driving away and looks down. You realize that the boy grabbed wasn't his grandson. It's just random kid. Because of all the chaos that's going on And I mean survivors came out with like because after this. Obviously over a couple of people survived a lot of people but if you made it out alive from the first night generally you'd come out completely blind or you come out with emphysema or by pulmonary. Embolism a demon horrible. Yeah no no. That's fine absolutely terrible. So twenty five hundred people died that night just that night that's like I can't even fathom that so many. That's that's a everybody who's listened to podcasts this plane that's a lot of people. Well I think so. I mean that's a lot of twenty five hundred bodies in the street that are poisonous sitting there and if you touch them transferred yeah and on top of that. You can't even go back into the city because of how bad this gases. It's not just going to go away overnight yet. Still Linger Yeah. So eight thousand people have died over the course of two weeks from when it happened so twenty five hundred that night. Eight thousand over two weeks in two thousand eight or sorry not in two thousand eight and two thousand nineteen. They had announced it. Five hundred and seventy thousand people have been injured over the course of the what like thirty six years that it's been going on because I'm still being affected by it so it's not just a gas so it's also like getting onto surfaces. It's contaminating face too little talk about But yeah it is. It's like so these Vaso wins going to blow and it's going to go into the atmosphere and it'll be fine. It'll just sinking and it's settling into the the soil. It's like covering parts of homes their bodies that they're having to move and get out of there because they didn't didn't permanently evacuate Bhopal like they didn't tr noble but this was before Chernobyl this before everything happened there and it's like what the fuck were you guys doing like in all getting to. What like the response was so the current death toll is is at twenty thousand people Now when you see was approached by about it. They said they weren't going to reveal the What gas leaked due to being a trade secret? Yeah that's a fucking cop out and because they said that doctors weren't able to to diagnose what was going on because they don't know what chemical is doing this so these people now like I'm going over am is really you could say that it's all like he's assuming but for the most part it's entirely likely that it was. I see even though they haven't come out and said Oh yeah it was. Nyc was leaked by like it's consistent with exactly so One of the guys had come out that they interviewed after everything happened and he said when my breathing normal I feel like living but when it becomes heavy thinking stops and absolute pain takes over. I become worthless and A little while after that interview because they're not able to to treat all this because out overwhelm any so they can't afford it like when you you can't go to work because you're literally dying. Think horribly every single day when you're breathing it's killing you so you can't go to work at a regular job. I'll even then it's like that's too much to handle even in a even with like a with any kind of medical system it would be completely overwhelmed with that kind of with an entire town just showing up. Yeah seriously and Nobel Lotta people. I'd assume just never went in. They never went into get treated for anything because like well. We can't afford it and they don't even have beds for us so A little while after he had done that interview he set himself on fire because he was so tired of it. Well this is the this is easier earned a dead and keep doing this shit. Keep breathing far. Yeah that's that's decent now One hundred thousand people remain ill in Bhopal today which just like what the what the Hell Man I honor thousand. People are still sick and they won't tell us what chemical it was. Yeah in. They're still not coming out and saying which chemical was So you see a they had gone through like all this shit like people are like. Oh you need to shut down. But they had all these different companies across the world and Dow ended up buying which I won't get into all the politics of like in like down's real purchasing them and all that but what had happened was they had shut their factory down but they never went into like clean things up then ever went into remove things. They just like all right. Close the doors. Don't come back to work so you have all these other untreated chemical. Let's all these chemical VATS in here. Electricity stays on one of which was carbon. I'M GONNA fuck it up again you'RE GONNA fuck it. Up Carbon Tetra chloride. I did the job. So one of which was Carbon Tetra. Chloride. It's not being handled properly and the area has gone through multiple floods of last like not recently but over the last few years at the time it had gone through floods and when you have an industry that's not being maintained an area that's being flooded what happens. You're groundwater gets infected. As say Shit gets fucked it infects your soil and then it's just going to continue moving down because this in the water now and it moves down it gets into the groundwater so like what the hell now Carbon Tetra chloride is. It's like an oily substance. That can be gassed. But in this instance it was liquid and it got into the groundwater In nineteen eighty nine. They had determined that the water was toxic to fish in the area. Talking literally they determine over a hundred wells in the area were deemed contaminated Twenty-one areas had water that they've been drinking over the course of five years was they thought was okay but people would drink it and they would get dizzy and they would get sick and then delivers would start failing and that's there puking everywhere now I What the hell and then water started tasting metallic and it had kind of a chemical smell. And that's when they were like Keilor's something wrong going on so five years later after they've just been exposed this entire time. The vegetables in the area were contaminated as well. Because it's in the soil cows that were eating grass where starting to get contaminated because of and so at one point. There were some women that found out. They had contaminated breast milk. And the baby's are just drinking contaminated rest milk. It blows my reading. This article is what it's like. Here's this bad thing to happen. You like all right. It's GonNa turn around and now here's some wash you're like okay just doesn't stop. Hey that's like our show. Some bad things happen with season one and then got way worse because he had to deal with more than ten episodes and season two exactly and it was weekly and it just keeps getting worse. It's all downhill from your baby. Oh Yeah Christmas was our peak. Oh Yeah Yeah. And I mean the came in and they determined that it was completely unfit for consumption. Though like do not drink your water at all and the chemicals found in the water supply had included mercury and lead and chloroform. Just drinking on your microdosing knowing chloroform. Her micros chloroform lead. You'd never get kidnapped by such tries to micro near. They tried to kidnap you with chloroform. You're like This is fine. Why is this rag? Just with tap water reminds me of my water. It's a nice scent of home. Lord The India's Supreme Court had come out and they ordered the state to supply clean water and a year goes by nothing happens so these women go to the go to the government offices like hey we need clean water. Just take a wild guess what happened. They didn't get clean water No they were beaten savagely by the police in like they go the we need clean water and the police are like bucket are beating. Shit. He's so fuck you for WANNA clean water. The best part is this is where it gets really rich is a couple of weeks later. The state comes out and they show this huge these big plans for Bhopal and it's one hundred twenty million dollar plan and that's how bad that's doable to decorate the State with fountains and badminton courts. Not to anything I know. You're like Flint Michigan freely though like it blows my mind. They're just blatantly O. D. People are dying. Whatever like fuck him like. Oh well this real. We're going to scoop up a bunch of this land a really cheap prices when everybody's dead and there's no next of kin right. We're a cell to rich people put on a badminton. She's like Oh what did you just move down here. Doesn't change anything. They're already poisoned. It's it's literally in their breast milk. Decatur are being boys an at a super young age. What do you expect as a sled poisoning? All over again They how what was his name. I I didn't write his name down but one of the guys that worked with like within the government went to the the plant and he walked in and he was like. Oh yeah everything's fine. And he even went on record saying yeah. It's not a big deal like I touched a couple of things and I feel fine like it's not an issue anymore. That the abandoned fact yeah. He went into the abandoned factory and he was like. Oh yeah look like. Here's the thing and he's like I touched it. I'm not sick. And so there was a reporter that came out and he was like saying that you just touched it saying that you've touched the tank is basically saying. Oh Yeah. I touched a cigarette but I didn't get not get lung cancer. It's just like wow. You are really special. There were a couple journalists that went to the the plant itself and they did like breathing's and stands of everything but they got so fucking sick. They had to be hospitalized like and then even in the hospital with how heavy and dense like because they weren't changing the water or anything they're still eating infected while they were in the hospital struggling to recover from all of it. And it's just like this guy's your torture a couple of things so I feel I was in there for like fifteen minutes was going to get sick. I would've gotten sick. We pulled up the truck I hopped out photo op and hop back in the truck. I feel great. Yeah I have a whole time so it two thousand nine. Epa went back in and they determined that the Carbon Tatra chloride levels were four thousand eight hundred eighty times the levels that are acceptable and water as that all. Yeah that's it now. That's that's a mild contaminate. Not a big deal now. That was ten years ago. They've determined that in the last ten years that has gotten seven times worse than it was in two thousand so it still leaking. Yeah still it's just still contaminating contaminated people still drinking it and it's even worse than it was before it's like what the Hell is wrong with you. What is blows? My mother have some great badminton courses. Great Badminton Courses and some phenomenal fountains to sit by. Just don't drink yeah. Don't drink your mouth your gun splashes on your body you're fucked however on the happy side on this with a happy note is the The Reporting Agency. That did all this. They had set up like a foundation that had raised money and the donations had gone to building A Hospital in Bhopal strictly for like all these chemical infections and everything Completely free to anybody that was going in you would show up with like symptoms and they treat you for free take care of you and then you go back home and searching and then you go back home. And he just shuttered. Oh make sure you're drinking water and taking your medication and you back home and you're right back into good oboe. Paul and sort of what Papa Mess? So what does that have to do with priests molesting children? I have no idea what you're referring to. You don't know what the Papala is. No really busy joking. I've been talking about this all day and I thought he was just shitting with no. I have no idea where like ooh will the clerics I was like what the fuck like. What are you talking about you know the paw the pope? I know the pope the Vatican can. Yeah but that's it's a bad Jew. It's bad joke that strong out over. I hate you five hours this whole time. I was like I don't know what he's talking about. But we'll get into it up. Paul nope now not gonNA. Oh my yeah such a trip dude. So no no plans on cleaning it up. No plans on. Did you find anything on how to get clean water from it? I mean you can't boil that out then it just turns airborne. I I wonder what it would take to to actually filter it out and I got to be a pretty intense. Probably the same thing would take to clean the water in Flint Michigan. Oh that one's easy just replaced the pipes. God this is probably the same. Get everybody out of there. Zoom that in this case with how dense the not dance but like how infected the ground water is just no chance of salvaging that whatsoever now and he's be burned to the ground who would just be everybody get out of Papa. But that's the can't even can't even let it return nature because all the animals are gonNA get fucked up but who will be okay to move back into a Chernobyl on a couple of years. It's no big. Oh Yeah have you seen the the booze? They made out of grain from the exclusion zone. No why why is that a thing. You don't get radiation from. It's been processed down that you're fine. You won't be irradiated but I've really want to buy some but they've only made like two bottles so far I wanNA. It's called of the bottles aren't irradiated. I think it's called something like atomic with a k. that it's it looks good. It's vodka of course it is. Of course it's Baga I if I had money I would pay a pretty penny for that. You do you. This check to shell. That's gone and that was not a lot of the shipping for her. Russian vodka. Literally be as much as you're coming into lead box. Oh God That that kind of reminds me of that town. I think it's in Ohio somewhere. Have you heard about the abandoned town in Ohio? I mean I bet there's more than one but this one specifically Ohio. Everybody wants pretty sure it's Ohio. I may be completely wrong. But basically they had a lot of coal mining. It was a coal mining town for a while. And pretty sure it was in the sixties seventies. But it could have been earlier. They some people notice like hey they. These kids have lower test scores and normal. What's going on with that? I Echo what did you expect? They don't have lead poisoning but for Ohio Standard. Oh God Kids Are Idiots. So they they're like they don't have lead poisoning. What's going on with this? They've been burning their trash for a long time. But the problem is that trash burning lit and underground coal seam. That went right under the town so the town is like literally burning from underneath singles will just open up into fire and it's a slow moving burn. Burn for like another three hundred years tire fire. Do yes it's it's an underground tire fire. I've seen some videos of people going in there with masks and stuff on but like you'll just there's a playground and from the sand smoke is rising or like just like you're on the slide and you just stop halfway through and look behind you and like everything just stuck on your back. You like MOM MOM HELP. GimMe out of the slide. Mom It's crazy. Apparently there are still people who live there. Oh Jesus old people. I don't know why you would ever do that to yourself. Well because it's like retiring Florida so much except it's better because you don't have to deal with them. You don't have to deal with the mess. The Crazy Floridians accepted you with shitty depressed Ohio. I drove through Cleveland one time. Oh it was fucking miserable dude like you're just driving through you like how would anyone be happy here? If you're from Cleveland and listening to this I'm not going to to you. Well I will. I'm sorry that you're life sucks so fucking bad my grandfather's from Cleveland. Well well. He's in that area he was for. Cleveland was till he moved out. And he's like this bullshit he he's an interesting guy. I'm going to start sharing some of his stories on some of these as a little end cap because he's got some good good stories. He's got a weird memory her. He can remember what he was wearing what they ate that day. The exact day like down to the hour will remember when in Cleveland well he worked for the FBI for a few years. He was a cost engineer. On the railroad he worked for a for the Union on the railroad. I think so Ohio Great Depression. He his uncle needed money. World War Two broke out God and he wanted to join the basically because then he wouldn't burn on his family and he would get food. Yeah like that that I hear is a lot of people's reasons back then you you get food and you can send your money home to your family and your good like you know at the time. That's a good deal seriously. So he unfortunately he was like six foot five and one hundred twenty pounds stuck out like a fucking sore thumb. Well he he couldn't like he couldn't pass the weight For to join the military so what he did was he went down to like the market where there were some food stalls and things like that and he found where. I think I had tried to remember. It's a little foggy but I think a fruit seller had thrown away. Some like Old Bananas. Oh God but if you if you get caught from the fruit stealing the old banana she's like no you buy that for me. If you're willing to buy that need to pay major willing to eat it you buy it. So he something to the fact that he got caught stealing these crappy old bananas and the Cops Chased Him and this was in Cincinnati at the time okay. Cincinnati I. Guess isn't so bad. It was during the time. So they Yeah he he ran from the cops successfully avoided them. Went to a city fountain. Eight an entire Bushel of bananas in every bite he would take a drink from the public fountain and then he until he was sick and then he went and weighed in join the military. Got US beans for the evening unrelated to the rest of this show. My I believe my Grandpa lied about his age by one year so that he could join the airforce. Because it wouldn't let you join unless you were eighteen. And he was seventeen at the time and he was like. Yeah I WANNA go shoot some Nazis Nazis some Nazis so. He told him he was eighteen. They let him in and yeah he would fly around shutdown bridges and shit. He had some good stories. We can do an episode talking about family stuff. My great-grandfather was involved and he was a cook in the in the military. She says he was in Iceland the health they had POW camps in Iceland. Is this World War One World War Two two so they he So to give a little bit of background they would do they would put. Pow camps near very important like laboratories or munitions factories or of storage or things because then the enemy wouldn't bomb their own. Pow Camp Yeah. So he would. He was deployed at in this Icelandic place which they actually did a lot of research for the Manhattan Project at that camp. He was completely uninvolved. But it's cool that he was like shown here by so he says he wasn't involved Aso he says well he was the Schiff and Apparently they were like retreating. At one point from their camp they were moving the camps to another location and they were running because people like the the area was being bombed she says but it was before he got done with breakfast so he was making a biscuit on the back of a truck and people would run up and just throw them off the skillet throwing biscuits. Yeah as they're retreating. Jesus what a trip. It's yeah there's there's some weird ones we'll have to talk about this more. Yeah we'll we'll do an episode on. So yeah I talk about doing an episode. We'll never know. Never we'll just keep talking about it but Yeah I guess all these things are related because they all involve a manmade health scape. Yes Cincinnati. Just Cleveland World War Two Iceland in Nineteen forties. Paul and Papa. Yeah it's all linked. Somehow that's up to you to figure it out. That's your job j you got anything else. Discount Code toothpick founded Lincoln description bias by a shirt by Mug. There's some sexy Ma as if some hot mugs Ej over here was like. Oh Yeah we'll put it on straight. I was like Yo tilted and it looks. Yeah I was might as a joke. Just a really good turns it. We go to the display and I was like oh Dan the looks clean and buy. Some leggings hoodies What else we got on there. You can get fist on your ass. This inner we so how this. This website works that we're going through the more. We sell the more products that we have access to so like. If we sell a couple of things they'll let us make like sports bras or swim sues and things like that so please for no other reason than to just let me make a sports bra with our branding on it. Pleased by something I don't even. I don't even care about the money we're giving you the discount code. It's not about that. It's about making sports strict so that we can just make product and put it out there because we find it a Larry Shit about the money. Yeah no I I love it. Oh Man I think yes. Just follow the link. We'll have it on instagram We'll probably throw so Reminders up on on Instagram as well. I'm going to actually post something on their. Dra for stem in like two months. It's fine. I'll post something on twitter at some point after the sale ends after. Hey descended on Saturday so yeah. Hey if you ordered. Two days ago you could have gone fifty percent off to bed. So Sad Well thanks for tuning in guys as usual finest on twitter and Instagram at points. Oh pressure and who will see you next week baby?

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