A Decade Ends: From New Zealand to King Island


I would look at Boston. We'll Tom and look at this stuff that they pose to some of. It's like absolutely stupid. Such quite quite amusing and stuff like that. That is what we need to get checked again at goal. Nice to be your boys. Congratulations on all that. You're doing as mediocre as it is very much thinking about getting so I don't get that people together. Thank you frank dump butter knife my wed.. The newer younger Hitler Barstool Sports Tigers had the three factor one fusion we welcome in from barstools sport rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show for play sports. Hello everyone this is rigs and and I'm here to tell you a story. I'm going to tell you a story on this show about traversing the world about being pretty much an entire world away in playing some of the most host exotic seventy most desirable. Some of the most unimaginable golf. That you could possibly play with people that you never ever thought you would meet how it happened how I put it all together what it was like. What does experiences will mean to me forever ever but I? I have to acknowledge the fact that today is Tuesday December thirty first two thousand nineteen that means very simply. This is the last day a of the decade now that causes You perhaps to sit back and reflect and it's really done the same for me and for my podcast hosts I know as well well And really what I want to reflect real quick because this will be the last podcast that we do in this entire decade. This will be the final podcast. We do yes. We will be back on Thursday we will have the entire crew. It'll be myself frankie. Trent I think He has to do is realize stuff real jobs stuff. I'm not sure they'll get at least three three or four. Perhaps all four but this is the very last show that we'll do the entire decade and that led me to sit back. Think a little bit about this entire thing about this this job. This thing that we get to do and a lot of you. When we post instagram's stories tweets whatever? It is a lot of you respond to them and you kind of say. Hey Fuck you rigs fuck you man. I'm in my cube. I'm sitting here doing my thing and you guys are out there playing the best golf courses in the world. You all stink at golf yet. You're filming yourself playing golf. You're talking about Gov your fist pumping tiger woods inside the robes. You're challenging justice. Thomas and Zander's Shafi lefty playing golf of bubba Watson in his caddy had Scott in sitting down with him for an hour afterwards. How did this possibly come to be? What is what is going on here? And so it's pretty crazy things that almost three years years ago now. Trent and myself started this show foreplay myself. I was working tech sales as making fifty eighty cool calls a day. Tread Daddy was a security guard. Hold down the fort in Iowa in Iowa Frankie Borelli was he's refusing to give people free water at Borelli's restaurant out. On Long Island. Port Lurch was still is slinging software so lurch you know not not not a tons changed day today but to think now I mean. It's almost three years later that we started the show that we get to do what we do that. A lot of you you say you know. Your job is preposterous. Your job is ridiculous. Your job is so great really. The number one word I would say it's unimaginable. Fucking job is unimaginable logical That I would say it's unimaginable is because this job doesn't exist shop shouldn't exist again. We go his awesome cough courses. We could sit down down for three hours a week. Four hours a week and we get to just talk about golf talk about whatever the Hell we wanNA talk about sort of related to golf off. Sometimes you're talking about hockey Movies who knows what we talk about it but most so you talk about golf. From the fact that we get to be paid to do that it is unimaginable. It's an unimaginable job and none of that none of everything that I have described. Thus far would be even close to possible if it weren't for every single one of you listening out there right now every time you go out of your way to download the podcast to fire that podcast up to listen for. I think it's at least thirty seconds or a minute. It five minutes or whatever the hell it is for it to count as a download and listen for us every time you scroll through twitter Gaudy away on Youtube to fire up our page and watch one of our new videos every time you click on one of our blog and read about what we've had to say on whatever the hell is going on in the world of golf or anything else every every single one of you. That's done that and every time you've done it it has allowed us to do this. Unimaginable job that we get to do so. I would like to start the show with a massive massive. Thank you to every single one of you any goes beyond that it's not just subscribing show and having automatically downloaded to your phone you guys by merged you guys go out of your way at events that come up and say hi to us. Not a single minute goes by for any of the form of where we are not not incredibly grateful where we lose perspective because what we get to do is ridiculous it is unimaginable and none of that would be even close to reality would have been able to create this fake ridiculous preposterous unimaginable gig. If you guys didn't actually enjoy it if you guys didn't participate you guys get involved on twitter on instagram. The comments even when you roast us that all helps man all that is a part of it it it keeps the conversation going. It makes what we do. Relevant allows us to grow and continue to do what we do so now that the deck decade has come due to an end before we jump right into twenty twenty. I just WANNA give a very serious very heartfelt. Thank you to every single one of you. You guys rock. You're the best emerge going to keep doing a bigger and better. Also we've got new video out. There are team worked on a kind of highlighting the entire year. Wrap it up into a few minutes. What's that might Palach? It a little bit realize how crazy this year has been so big. Thank you from us to all of you in. Please continue lessons that we can continue to live this life. It's it's awesome okay. I next one jump into a story I'm going to tell a story And that's the way really begins about a month and a half or two months ago now and it begins with the Australia trip in general now a little peek behind the curtain at Barstool. Sports we the foreplay crew in order to the have these types of trips and we've done a bunch of this year And it kind of started. I guess I would say our our trip started with bethpage black. Now it's not really necessarily really a huge trip. It's an hour drive. Or whatever from Manhattan we work in Manhattan but the four of us three of us. I guess that we plus you factor jake production reduction squad. That week it was the four of us were out of the office from you. Know Sunday night until Eight days later The Monday after the PGA Championship and for us. We do a lot of different ship. Frankie and I we do the four to six. PM Radio Show on the host Frank. He's a producer. Frankie does everything pretty much behind the scenes of Dave's life and he's trying to transition but he's been doing that for three or four years now. Trent Daddy is all kinds of involved with With the chicks he goes on there all the time and talks about batteries on the snapchat. Show he logs nonstop. So there's a lot of things that we do so in order for us to you know get permission get kind of the approval of Barstool to be completely out of the office and only focused on what's going on at one single golf tournament that week. You know we got to have a pretty good pitch and when you go out there we need to produce so that Barstool can look at the numbers the accident or whatever you WanNa call the data break it down and go okay This worth it for these guys to be out for the entire week in the field doing their thing and so the PGA championship at Bethpage. Black was massive for us us this year. We got all kinds of footage. We got millions and millions of views musters bumping in to Brian de Shambo to us the rating. The players entrances as they came in duff. Daddy like logging along really slowly kisses rolling with his hat. He looked like he'd never been outside of like temperature. That's ever been above sixty five degrees in his entire life. We had video of tiger coming in. We had the Bryson Shamba when Frankie borelli chipping lesson on on the driving range at bethpage black during a major championship. We had seth Wa. WHO's the president of the? Pj America's Weird Laghouat. They were able to get all these cool moments and when we came back it was very clear. Okay sending these guys out there actually works they get shit. We went to pebble beach three weeks a month later. Whatever it was in the Monday that we're at Pebble beach we get the video with tiger woods becomes over he chats People been breaking down that video. Like it's the fucking JFK assassination for the last six months or however long. It's been since that happened from where you guys station to us. Just waving at them to Trent and Frankie stealing each other's basketball line at the end to tap him on the on the on the shoulder on the arm like a crazy person and just saying hey congrats on the masters in the Tap Me Bag. No and how about that should hey happy potato tiger woods. He's forty four years old but the public beach trip We we we got video ran into Justin Thomas We had Matthew Patrick. His caddy pulled Frankie over so again we kind of proved. Hey we're in the field. Were out of the Office for an entire week even longer longer. We're GONNA fly all the way to each house at Pebble beach all this so again. I don't want to wherever way too much behind the scenes stuff but doing these trips There's a little but of opportunity cost in us not doing other things in only solely focused on this plus the fact that some of these trips can be expensive as shit. Pablo was very expensive pensive. We went and did the North Carolina trip now end. Those videos are gonNA come on. You guys asked that all time I want folks folks understand that our producers Jake who's been with us for over a year now every single podcast. That goes out every a clip. That goes out promoting those podcasts. Every video that we shoot the rigs verse videos that go out. The videos from encores from the President's Cup to the more highly produced videos again the reverse videos The longer form videos the eighteen hole round the news those are shot and produced by right. Now are one guy so we want these to be very highly produced. They're going to take time. They'RE GONNA take a couple of months they're going to be really really cool. You're in a lot of YOU'RE GONNA see us hitting horrible shots and a couple amazing shots mixed in with phenomenal drone work Really Cool Camerawork B roll etc.. It's GONNA be Great. You're going to like it but on the horizon was the president's cup. Presidents Cup is down in Australia. We have these relationships with the players in so we pretty much just put it on kind out of our head of productions plate put it on their radar that. Hey We're thinking that it might not be a bad idea if we can go to the President's Cup this year well turned out that they kind of took. This pretty seriously came back to us. You know couple of weeks later and said you know there's actually some money that we can find I behind it. which anytime you have money behind something bars tool that helps your case dramatically so we had some money couple? Sponsors Fanta Peter Millar two of our favorites that That are interested in sponsoring the trip so my little ears perked up. I like to plan trips. Everybody knows that the Boondoggle boys the originals originals myself entrenched daddy so I started to put things together a little bit and say well. Well how well you tell me. We can fly across the world to Australia area. Where Tiger Woods Justin Thomas Bryson D Shambo? All these great players at the time for all we knew brooks cap good Johnson. All these phenomenal best players in the world. Many of which we've we've achieved some sort of relationship with are going to be playing on the on the world stage against the internationals on international soil in Australia. One of the great courses in the World Alister Mackenzie's Royal Melbourne. And we could be there. kangaroos is dangerous fucking snakes. There's amazing of course we can be there to capture whatever content we can capture. I think we might have something here. So so that's sort of how all this came to be now. You saw what we were able to get while we're out there. We had the fist bump the J. T. Video video where he and Zander Shafi or playing lefty against frankie seeing if they can drive them the Kangaroo Video Trent making a hundred thirty fifty foot pot whatever it was. I'm sure that it'll will be two hundred and fifty feet by the time we're done talking about the story but you also we got. It was amazing time in Melbourne mixing. It up at the Presidents Cup Tiger millions means of us on that good great grand then. We jumped over the bar. Google we've recorded. I think four or five more that are going to be episodes from sort of us being out in the wild playing these different courses around the world and and you know highly producing video of US trying to play golf courses in experiencing using these things that we know are on pretty much every golfers bucket list in the world now just shortly after that. We have Christmas New Year's Barstool. We get that entire time off. You know we're pretty much. Were talk a lot about how we're always on That's kind of our or gigs. You're always gotta be on. You always gotta be knowing what's going on in the news. You gotta be ready to blog something you gotta talk about something when the tournament's going on you know we're covering Saturday Sunday. It's just what we do. It's the GIG it's great. We love it on imaginable talked about earlier And so one of the huge perks is that we pretty much close the office down. Christmas new years depends depends win those win win in the week days. Those holidays fall but this year okay. So you're telling me we'RE GONNA go to to Australia. It's GonNa take at least a eight nine ten day drug because we need to cover the event the whole time. It takes a couple of days to get their takes a couple of days to get back. So you're telling me I could be all the way in Australia. Presents cut wraps up. Barbara shoot wraps up. It's now Wednesday. I'm in Australia. I could go back to work for Thursday Friday and then we're just offered basically two weeks or I could just stay on the other side of the world where were there is Tasmania King Island. New Zealand will fuck me. I think I'll do that. So the other guys they wanted to go back to a company Party and I wanted to get a couple of days facetime in the office very understandable Kudos to them. I said well fuck dot. I'm GonNa take this opportunity while I'm here. I'm not knock it back to you on this for a couple of days. I'm lockup I'm going to try to get out filming rigs verse videos. I can and really just see this part of the world while I'm here because how many other times times do you get the chance to have already taken a twenty two hour flight across the world and you're just bought right in this part of the world you got nowhere to be for the next basically two weeks workwise so really. I had this window about a week long window. Where my only my next commitment after? We kinda parted ways foreplay crew in Australia in. Tasmania my next minimum. Was I had to be home for Christmas Eve or my mom would kill me. I just had to get home so I had about a week to really finagle something and luckily an angel from the Planning Heavens Frank. Krieger whose with best of New Zealand Goff highly recommended to me from my good friend. Matthieu put me in touch and I said look. There's some courses I wanNA see. On King Island King Island is a very small fifteen hundred person island just north and west of Tasmania which all that south of Melbourne south of the main island of Australia. and I really would would like to see New Zealand who the fuck wouldn't want to see New Zealand So basically through all of this at frank who is a hero and we went back and forth ten twenty times. We never able to get on the phone. Which while I'm trying to plan this We were we were in Bermuda And then we Australia and it was just it was it was Thanksgiving than we are in Bermuda but it was very difficult to get on the phone with him so a lot of emails back and forth but long story short. The story really begins Wednesday nearly two weeks ago where I found myself and I knew I was going to find I myself alone in Tasmania and I've got a week before I have to be home for Christmas Eve. So what the hell would you do and what what I did from. There was the guys left. We parted ways. I slept at Barnes Google on Tuesday on Wednesday morning which I believe that was his December. I got a million pop ups in currently my calendar is on May twenty twenty. So I have to scroll back to December that was December eighteenth. I wake up for him. You have to drive an hour. I want to half to the airport. Launceston that believe that's how you say Launceston. We talked lascaux Launceston that I'd take a flight from from Launceston to King Island totally about a forty minute flight total maximum but my plane get on this plane as a prop plane person on the plane. The only passenger. There's probably twelve seats or so but on the only passenger seat one so think about a plane pop hop on this whole thing step on tiny airport by zero zero security none zero not anything you check your bags which is literally a joke. Guy Comes out in like takes a marker and like writes your initials on like a little piece of paper that he basically tapes onto your bag and then he's just like okay and then he just grabs your bags hands on the guy standing next Literally throws them on the plane. You Watch him do that and this is on the island of Tasmania so I get on. This plane may just be the only passenger until we're going to pick some more on the wet. I'm like okay. WE'RE GONNA pick them up on the way. What are they fucking parachuting from another plane on the airplane? What do you mean we're GONNA pick pick people up in the Hague? That's not a thing while you were GonNa make a real quick stop Bernie Bernie Probably be a five minutes. Dot will pick them up. We'll be running away. Should be at King Island in in about an hour maybe a little bit under now Sitting in seat one like four and a half feet in front of me are the two pilots the guy literally gave the safety the whole little spiel so he gave it on one need or sitting right in front of me maybe a foot in front of me so I am just going through the pamphlet which is really pretty interesting moment because I think we all shout dunkeld chats all out the safety thing but when the fucking pilot. WHO's this Australian guy who you really hoping knows what he's doing because your finest China's who brought Blaine over Das- Mania and it it just it feels like you know like a a commercial plane feels like even if the pilot doesn't know what he's doing those things he's just fly themselves? This motherfucker did not fly itself that guy in front of me on one knee. Mu Safety thing. He flies it. And you need to know how to fly it and so you don't want to like tune Out so that's the first time I actually really he even put you know. He's putting the life jacket on doing all that right in front of me. It's actually really paying attention. It's Kinda thing like if you don't know he we actually don't pay attention and then shit hits the fan. You might be Kinda screwed. He tells you all this whistle that you can blow For for help. There's a certain way that you need to know how to put the thing. I learned a lot and you had to because again the guy sitting right on your face and if you don't then you're just a real jerk off while this guy is telling you the safety thing a foot and a half from your face and if you're on your phone or something that can't happen so we fly pop up into the air fly about twenty minutes Landreau quick like a family of six or something get on. He gives them Safety Shapiro. We take off. I don't know four four minutes later something like that. Then you fly to the very small island of King Island now you land. It's a beautiful thing but you notice as your landing. I mean you can just see from one of the end of the island all the way to the other and it's only like half of your vision you can see it's just ocean everywhere the small island and you're thinking man. This is where we're actually going to this tiny little place. What could possibly be here? Well some amazing things here. I'm going to talk about that. I I've talked about pink Whitney and this is a little bit ironic. 'cause Whitney myself we get into it funny rigs that you'll be on a podcast by yourself and that you have to sit here and Plug Ryan. Whitney's drink that's it's probably making him a bazillion dollars which is ridiculous because he already has a bazillion dollars because he robbed the NHL inmates over thirty million dollars but it does happen. It does turn out that I very much like to drink and pink Whitney made by new answering vodka. The official sponsor of Barschel's sports pig Whitney has taken off everywhere. I remember when I went to cabinet in September. That was like September fifteenth. Weekend when two cabinet. Pink Whitney wasn't available in Canada at the time. And I brought a bottle of pink Whitney and these two Canadian lads mates. Great guys didn't know each other. They both brought myself and alerts on my whole crew. Some local Canadian beer to drink and I knew this was happening. They had reached out. The as we get. Envy is when it bring me some Some from alcohol some goods from Canada. Great why wouldn't we will meet with taking pictures. Say Hi and then. We'll be on our Mary. Well News happenings. I brought a bottle of pink Whitney up to give if to them should about to. That was a mistake because they legit. I brought the bottle and I said okay guys. I know there's two of you and only one bottle so I don't know exactly what you WanNa do here and I figure I go. Yeah the other guy can just have it ono. No no these guys legitimately squared off in the rain outside and did a best of three rock paper scissors for the pink. Whitney bottle and the reason is because p Whitney's phenomenal the way that I like to drink it I feel that glass all the way up to the top with ice and I just pour that pink Whitney and let it sit for a minute to because I do like it to water down just a hair and I like. I'm like that with almost all my drinks. I like like ice in my whiskey. If you WANNA call me soft fine you know. It's not soft pink winning it's delicious New Amsterdam Vodka. The official vodka of Barstool sports and Whitney the chocolates guys. I can't do anything but give them credit. They made a phenomenal drink. Go Get yourself some drinking and twenty twenty drinking forever because it's great okay. King Cup of golf courses on King Island again. It's only fifteen hundred people. Think about how few people that is fifteen hundred the people that is nothing when you've been to like a A comedy show some of these like decent. Even some of these decent size comedy shows. That'll have love in some of the theaters. I'm thinking of Boston. They're like you know. Twelve hundred fifteen hundred seat. It's seems like a really small crowd because we're used. Who's to these stadiums? You Go watch a hockey game where you go watch a football game. You Got Twenty thousand fifty thousand a hundred thousand people he stadiums you go to some of these theaters theaters. Where they do those comedy type shows and and that's a it's a great experience here but I mean twelve hundred fifteen hundred people you look you can look around? You can envision that that's nothing that's the entire population is fucking island. There's like a cheese factory on there and then there's farming and then there's like a shuttle service or a rental car company and that's it it. That's the only thing on this island except since I believe twenty sixteen to new golf courses and it's a little bit of a coincidence that the two were kind of built in came to be at the same time because forever on this island there was just a nine hole course a little shorter little nine hole course. That is there to this day. That is a up kept by volunteers. There's no official like staff that up. Keeps his place sexually really cool. It's very brown out because they don't have You Know Oh big staff upkeeping it making it green that so it's plays incredibly old school. We drove around with John. Who is the superintendent or was a superintendent? Now he's got he's a little bit more in charge. They dislike the manager. General Manager of Cape Wickham but he and his wife actually drove me around in their pickup truck. The little nine hole course there but until again a couple years ago three or four years ago. There's essentially no golf on the island coincidentally ocean dunes in Cape Wickham. mm-hmm were built by to kind of totally different crews in came to be about the same time so land in King Ioan in airport's a joke. I mean you walk right off the plane you kind of. No one says a word to you. You just on the tarmac. You're you're you're just. You're just on the tarmac on the runway. You could really go wherever you want at this point you look around. There's essentially nothing. I mean you're just on an island that is just off an island that is just south of a bigger island and that island is called Australia. The only thing between Australia in Antarctica on the line the King Island is on is. That's just it and so you kind of out there and you're looking around and it's such a such a fresh injection should've fresh air and sort of Holy Shit. I will never be in another place like this in my life. I never have been another place like this in my life. It's very exciting. You Walk Right into the airport. Tiny little airport. They have a very small little coffee. Shot which I was surprised by and I do think it's probably the only coffee shop on the entire island and the right next to that there's a very small desk and it just says rental car. I had rented a car shadow to Frank. Hits at the whole thing up. I walked right up there. They've got like three pieces of paper out each one with the key on top of it a car key and they just go on. What's your name Sir? No Samba's which my real name a guy this is you they hand me a key. You and a piece of paper signed something like yours is a little white Hyundai right out front just pulled my car right up front. That was a Kurama bags. Real quick you all right you throw your stuff in the car which the steering wheels on the right side. You have to drive on the left side but it doesn't matter you don't see anybody on this island ocean dunes. It's about a three minute drive away from the airport so I would say within within what within three and a half minutes of of wheels down down at the airport. I was in the car and driving less than five minutes to the golf. Course you pull into ocean dunes so ocean dunes. Maybe the most understated arrival. I've ever had it a golf course in my entire life. There's the haven't built a full clubhouse yet they haven't even really started construction on it. It appears there's just a small little very temporary clubhouse basically a hut. It's got like a couple picnic tables in this. Little outdoor patio area and in the pro shop is is maybe feels like a Manhattan apartment closet They have a couple boxes of golf balls. Thank God desperately needed. That Guy David in their great guy love Barstool loved we did get you all set up and then they pretty much just let you do whatever the hell you want. There was no one there at the time so I grab a cart. Roll out a hit balls for a little bit. Actually which was nice needed hit balls in the temporary clubhouse at ocean dunes it looks out over. I mean when you when you pull in the parking lot is it's all all gravel road you drive through this little gravel road for probably Couple minutes actually. So the real time for the airport to what looks like the entrance is like two or three minutes and then you drive every couple more minutes on. Just this gravel road can't see anything and all of a sudden. The coast appears park in this tiny little tiny little gravel road parking lot that has has maybe spaces for. I don't know eight cars something like that. You walk down and again at this point. You're thinking that you drove to the maintenance shed you're thinking you drove to the service entrance of the golf course. Nope you drove to the main entrance. You walk down. Go into the little hut that I just described and then again you're kind of on your merry little way. I was alone at this point. I got a car and I just buzzed around. This golf course. Playing Music has playing some classic rock and play my game now. One thing. That's scary. Is that they tell you before you tee off says You know there's the I T and you're GONNA be out there by yourself so if anything happens. There's a snake kit underneath your seat if you think. The snakes are supposed us to be bad in Australia. Mainland Australia or even on Tasmanian out here I mean there are signs everywhere that say beware and then there's a little snake emoji Gee and it says snakes seen in area and they're everywhere in these snakes again are snakes that if they bite you they will fucking kill you. It's not like a snake's extra gross. I don't like them. They're like they're evil which they are but I don't like them they like they slither around and they're just kinda grows and if they bite you might hurt. No It's if they bite you you will die. Your Life will end. You'll go from a living breathing thing with with feelings and thoughts and family and job to just dead it. You'll just be fucking dead if one of these things bites you his. I'm out of here in a cart by myself on King Island where there's no one around and I have a snake under my seat to this day. I don't know what that means a snake. It maybe it's just a revolver and if you get bit by snake while you're out there playing golf by yourself you just get the revolver out in shoes of the head because wiles would you rather just lay there with horrific evil serpents slithering around you biting you in killing it. You WanNa do that. So the snake nick it might have just been a revolver. I'm not sure 'cause I never opened it because luckily it never happened because any single golf ball. I hit that went anywhere close to a an the area where one could conceal oneself I e deadly. Snake I just took a drop in took a penalty trump. Get to how many fucking balls I lost I loss so many golf balls but really I mean think about it you can't i. There are so many times where I knew I knew man. My Golf Ball is within like a ten or twenty square foot area right here just off the rough in this like little Henry fescue stuff. It's playable if I just walked in there. Five six feet. I could find it. But what's the alternative a snake bites you and you just die. No that's not worth it. Why the hell would you do that you you wouldn't so I took a ton of drops ocean dunes first four holes? We thought we were in for. Maybe one of the greatest rounds in the history of the world with this with this golf course I was Dogleg right par-five in your Looking out sort over towards the ocean a little bit off the tee. But there's is as big Dune and if you get aggressive you can rip one over the over the Dune and then you get over there which I did no big deal and then you get over there and it takes a pretty much ninety degree right. Turn right down towards the ocean so the green you're very elevated hitting down into this green. That's well below you. And the only thing that's behind it is the ocean and it's a par. Five sheer kind of ripping added got into a lot of space wide open before the green. So you can Kinda Miss. It feels good adot cooked Made Bogey but then the second hole again you kind of drive over in your hit now. It's a little bit of a blind shop at. It's only two hundred sixty seventy eighty yard par four and all you can see kind of to the right. Am behind where you presume. The green is ocean. The needed up to number three number three. The tee box is right along the coast. And then there's a little inlet that's between the tee box in the fairway and then the fairway cut runs pretty much straight out but maybe even a little bit kind kind of angled off to the right. So you're hitting t shot over the ocean to this fairway that's angled away from you. You're thinking like Holy Shit Roll here on the third hole. The fourth hole the tee box is even more back in this corner Right along the coast. You actually have to like tip toe your way out there On this little piece of land that exists and the and then you hit your shot again over the ocean to this Greens about one hundred fifty our whole. So that's how you start at Ocean Now I will say that the rest of the holes in the front nine you go a little bit more inland or not quite as sweet but some of them are still really cool. I think sixth sixth hole goes back out towards the water is a great downhill. Par Four I WANNA say it's the eighth hole. Maybe they gets the eighth will that's great par-three sort of a little bit more inland home Then you get to the back. Nine of the ten th hole is a par three again re basically. You're hitting over the ocean in with like a little cliff on your right up top. That cliffs sits the Little Shop Hut that I mentioned the eleventh hole again. You go back out towards the ocean. He had a couple of inland and then holds those inland holes have double green actually love double green big Scotland Guy big links golf guy cabot links actually has a double green so I love double green. When you got two holes that go to one green it's a massive green and then a couple more holes along the back nine go out against the water really cool short par-three with a skinny little cream? That's crazy exposed to the win. It's always windy out there so the course is phenomenal now. I do think I'm hearing up to this this point that the second course on the Island Cape Wickham is way better Mike Holy Shit. How is this going to happen? One of my biggest complaints with ocean dunes. Anybody out there who's played it which probably almost nobody listening but the seventeenth eighteenth holes are kind of Inland Holes in. If there's a way which I believe there has to be for them to sort of wrap that that roundup where you play along the ocean play with these ocean views. I think that would even elevate the ocean dunes course to another level but this is my first experience at this entire place. So I'm thinking where the hell are we. This is amazing. This is the first course that I'm playing alone. I listen to music I wrote around Didn't get bitten eaten alive by really dangerous deadly evil fucking serpent snake. This is great. Medical locals mentioned David from the pro shop they said. Hey we're An Atom is David and Adam Who's part of ownership of the whole ocean dunes in management. Something like that and they said. Hey we're actually. We're having doubted the boathouse in house. We're having a little cookout a little dinner bunch of drinks. You should come back soggy divided by the locals to come by boat house my first night. I can't tell you the people king were so kind. The boathouse is a communal kitchen so the entire island has access to the communal kitchen. This lady owns it. WHO's own I believe? Forever and the whole deal is that you go use it use long as you clean up after yourself as A. It's a kitchen. They got obviously all all the They've got tables for you to kind of have your own little your own little meal your own. Little hang out a couple tables outside and the boathouse sits along the harbor. We had the most beautiful shout. Reggie weather most beautiful calm evening along the harbor. They said it's never like that. Never ever never under any circumstances except when I was there perfectly calm evening few guys actually from the PGA tour Who worked for the PGA tour happened to be on the same time I was? I knew a couple of so as them. And then like ten or fifteen locals we had maybe twenty people total fifteen people total something like that and the locals they cooked out for everybody you know. They are so excited that that folks came into their island to see these golf courses the cookout and then there's an honesty box in the kitchen. And so if you feel like just if you feel like you can throw money into the honesty. St Mark's I did obviously Marietta's person but they cook force. They fed US drink. We had an amazing time. Amazing time the locals as chatting with this one guy older man who had back packs across our no hit. I'm sorry hitch. Hiked hitchhiked across the United States of America when he was like eighteen or twenty. Something along those lines in the seventies or the sixties started Miami. He you back. In those days. He booked a flight from I believe from Melbourne to Miami. And then he had a flight out six months later he had a flight out of lax back to Melbourne Albert. And he had no money he just had the clothes in his back. And he just hitchhiked across the United States of America he went really north. America went up to like Canada down through sustained a with a family Wisconsin for a while. Then he went back up through like banned. From the Calgary area. Incredible story got to meet the locals. had a bunch of drinks had a lovely time and then John Again is kind of the one of the managers I guess general manager over at Cape Wickham and his wife gave me a nice ride home which is good because I was. It's too intoxicated to drive myself home. Slept at a Cape Wickham. Have I think sixteen little Little two bedroom kind of villas that overlooked the water right on property so I slept in one of those wake up my good friend be. Who's actually actually from the Boston? Area hadn't seen him in four years. He works for a little company. Called Golf Tech moved out to Hong Kong up tech there. He's been out there ever. Since hadn't seen him in four years he. He was very coincidentally going to be on vacation in the Australia in Australia. I said why don't you come to carry on for a day. Picked him up at. The airport is about thirty five. Forty minute drive to the airport. Didn't see one car the whole time to imagine that forty minute drive on the main road going right across the island forty minutes you can only go like fifty minutes across the island so I went quite literally across the island to pick him up. Forty minute drive. Didn't seeing car not one other car anyways pick up we go back to To Cape Cape Wickham which is on the North Western point. Kind of of King Island now Cape Wickham is and I heard this this going in. I tried to go in a surprise as I can. I try to go in with no knowledge. Of course it might sound crazy to some people but what I got in sunken into that. I didn't like was sort of this pattern of showing up at of course a bucket list. Course course I was excited to play and knowing all the holes already in knowing knowing all the visuals already and not really stepping onto a to you'd be like Oh we cow. What are we got here? This is cool. Because I been on the website I'd taken the drone tours are all of the CO by whole tours and I'd I'd sat in my cube or S- out of the office and and all I've done all my free time. We just look at the website because I was so excited to go play these courses and I had to train myself not to do that. Big Time tip if you can out there anytime you're going to play an awesome course. Really excited about go in his blind as you can and try to do no real research try to not know what the holes are going to be. What the views? You're going to be so that when you arrive. You're kind of stunned and you get to soak it it in that way and then do all fucking research want to afterwards so cape from. I knew I knew going in that it was a it was going to be. A course course that was going to end up very high rankings of all time courses. I've ever played magic. Had told me that I'd Alan ship next piece on his trip and I follow him. He's a friend of mine is well. We chatted a little bit about so cape. Wickham wasn't is one of the greatest most spectacular golfing experiences in my life. Before we get to that. Uh want you to know that this little tale that I'm telling you here is brought to you by very good friends at dude wipes it's pretty funny contrast you know this this amazing sort of euphoric like spectacular vista inexperience of Cape Wickham with Dude. Lives Wiping your little touch with dude wipes but they're huge supporters foreplay huge supporters of the bar so classic. Pick whether you are at the range whether you're playing around with the guys whether you're on the PGA tour whether you're Frankie Borelli and you bet alone you got your little ankles up by your ears to your thing. He can't ever be unprepared for a messy situation on the course or anywhere in this world you gotTa do wipes I keep my bag. I keep a little dude wipes a little on the go. 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You can get all the things you need dude on Amazon or nationwide as well at your local Walmart and Kroger rigs twenty is the code visit Dude Products Dot com today. Get Twenty percents off with Promo Code Rigs Twenty Okay Cape Wickham. There's a Lighthouse Cape Wickham. We probably saw some of the photos that I posted. If you haven't go check them out there is a Lighthouse Cape Wickham. That really Kinda serves as the the main focal point. It's always in. The background is a couple of holes. Where you aim at it It's GonNa be it's GonNa be really the thing that Kinda Kinda stands out. It's their logo in terms of identifying. Like Oh yeah that's a whole from Cape Wickham in Cape Wickham. It's got so woody holes on the water which which of course elevated we are creatures that love being on the water. I always laugh when folks try to kind of demean a course almost by being like well. It's it only gets the rankings. Only gets all the praise and people only love it and are so infatuated with it. Because it's on the water. If you took those same holes you put him inland. They wouldn't be great holes Yeah Hey dude. If you took those fucking houses that are on the ocean and you put them inland. They probably wouldn't be worth twenty million dollars. Either they'd be worth like twenty dollars because nobody gives is a fuck about certain areas inland. Everybody loves being on the water. Everybody loves the ocean. You love looking at the the the violent wage crashing into the rocks. You'll love it Cape. Wickham has so many ocean holds the oceans. Always there because you're on this tiny in fifteen hundred person island king island so we get there in. I had seen at the evening before but I'd really almost tried to cover my eyes cause I didn't WANNA see I. I didn't WANNA be spoiled. I want to again go. In as blind as a Ken Guy explained earlier very understated arrival much like ocean in dunes A little bit more of a serious sort of clubhouse thing but it's again it's temporary there's plans at Cape Wickham to build a second course and maybe put the clubhouse in between the two courses so it's still a temporary clubhouse and again it's a fifteen hundred personnel man like how massive clubhouse in an operation could you have small thing being similar to the hut at the ocean. Do maybe a little bit more packed with a little bit more heat and what I mean by that is. There's a chef there. The chef is phenomenal me and my friend. Eight eight like three meals there. I think all three meals here this day and the the chef is so stunningly stunningly. Good eight like breakfast sandwich. phenomenally like a Turkey Sandwich for lunch. Phenomenal got steak for dinner. You guessed it phenomenal phenomenal. So great chef you go grab a cart it same kind of situation. Hey boys knock shelves out beware. Snakes don't get bitten because if you could die we roll over the now beat coming from From Hong Kong originally and then his flight over actually from Melbourne thirty five minute flight from Melbourne to King Island from Melbourne was packed with a crew from Shanghai turns out this crew came straight to King Island to Cape Wickham. And they're gonNA play off around the same time they actually jumped onto the tea in. There's twelve of them. I guess maybe sixteen of them on the I t be myself in a cart. Just the two of us we both play lightning-fast golf plans to play thirty six holes. It's only like ten. AM sunsets around this time. Eight thirty nine were playing gorgeous. Course there's nobody out there because again tiny will allowed except this crew of twelve may be sixteen. People from Shanghai are fun us and I gotTa give it to one of the guys who works at the course. Recognizes situation ran up. There did a little talking in a couple of guys from Shanghai. Hi From the Shanghai crew they kind of recognize the situation as well and they said you guys to said Yeah. They said they didn't speak English so they let us play through on the. I t the very first of Cape Wickham. We're playing through these people. Now they're again. They're so excited to be here. They just rip their clubs out of the travel bags. The I T is legitimately millie mode into the practice cream. The I t is like it could be one of the it could be one of the practice green holes that you put into but instead they just put to tee markers their new literally tee off from the practice great so it's a whole little Caesar couple people putting And then all the whole Shanghai crew and then us so they're all on the T.. Either putting or literally standing on the T. Kinda because they're excited. They started their little bodies trip. What and so being I step up we both ripping down the fairway? Massive fairway most wide vary ever seen your life. Life Wind Howling left to right. The whole is starts like a three hundred maybe sixty yard par for ocean all down the right ocean all behind the holy. You can see from the t a wide open fairway. So it's very inviting one of the coolest opening tee shots in golf. It's very friendly and again wins hard off the laughs. You can really just fire something out the left outside the wind will drag it twenty three yards. You can't miss the fairway. It's almost impossible. We both the fairway they go crazy. I'm talking this. Shanghai crew is is going nuts is like just watch tiger. Can the winning caught at the two thousand eight. US Open or can that that he had to make to force a playoff against Rocco mediate. That look fifteen foot cited. It was like that I mean I i. I'm like Oh yeah we're all laughing then beheads the fairway they go nuts and we're all laugh we can't fucking speak with and we don't speak the same language not even close so they're kind of saying they each one of 'em fist-bump sauce and then they're like picture we gotta get a picture. They demanded picture of the American and so we had already cracked open a couple beers. Here's his crew from Shanghai. We ripped drives down the middle of the fairway. The biggest ferry versus entire fucking planet. We take a picture with his crew and then we played through threw them in the first team second hall all along the Ocean again. Wide Open Fairway Pretty Short part Pretty Short Part for and you learn very quickly as you're playing Cape Wickham third hole like a maybe a hundred seventy five yard par three You have to hit again over the ocean. Actually she posted. I think a picture of this one on twitter and you learn very quickly at Cape Wickham that you are on a course that you'll just never really forget you're also realizing in kind at the moment and I actually talked to a lot of the guys all the other guys Frankie. Trent Lurch Jake everybody in in my friend be about how unique it is. When you're down there in that playing off in that you step on a lot of these teas and you? She stepped onto these courses. You arrive at the first time as you're playing it. It's very different to sort of know in your head that you will never ever be back here again. You will most likely never under any circumstances circumstances be able to play this whole again or to have this experience again because even if you if you live in the states dates which you do you're you're listening show or anywhere you live really. You know you might get that chance to play the coolest course around your town and you know like you can't believe I got out there but like you'll probably be able to get out there again and even me like if you go to ban and dunes a really cool trip to band and dunes and you have a great buddies trip and you're thinking that God I need to soak this up because it's so hard to get here and so cool but like in the back of your mind you're you're also thinking like maybe we'll be back like five ten years or maybe even next year at some point they will bring kids here. We'll be back. We can make the the flight from you know from the Midwest or from New York out to abandon to Oregon. We can do that even if you played tablets like this once. It's in a lifetime thing but maybe when you have kids some day you'll get back out there again or maybe even the US Open you'll get tickets and you'll go watch you'll be there again when you're fucking King Island Australia Eh. You Know Kinda hits you that you're thinking that I'm going around. This core is all. I'll ever the only experience I'll ever get ever again of this. Place will be kind of his surreal memory that like was I really ten thousand four hundred forty five miles away from home on this tiny island south of Australia playing this magnificent course that's almost like someone fabricated in my mind because it doesn't seem real and none of this seems real so you kind of gathering in having having that experience in real time is very very bizarre and unlike anything I'd ever had in golf ever not to mention you know a lot of the courses Mrs like some of the courses that I just mentioned and even if you get to play in Oakmont or Shinnecock you know you're out there in your you kind of like walking on eggshells and you. You're actually actually literally walking the golf course you might have academy might be carrying like your walk me and my boy be we have. We picked up twelve beers in the shop. And we have a car we got music blaring and there's no one in front of us and there's not GonNa be anybody in front of us all day. The Sun is shining there's minimal wind for their. They say the wind always whips that. Sometimes people can't even go out and play. It was like maybe a fifteen on our wind. Just perfect the whole day. So it's like ten fifteen in the morning we're on the third or fourth hole maker way around now you're GonNa see a lot of the press that this place is going to get. Cape Beckham is going to be about some of the holes with the with the lighthouse in the background in more of the like hardcore ocean holes the eighteenth hole. Is this gorgeous par for the kind of wraps around the beach where you can literally hit your ball off the beach. Favorite allowed their the ninth hole and I filmed the reverse video on it. You're going to see it. But it is downhill par-five that goes out towards the ocean. There's huge dunes kind of on the right nightside and then down by the Green. There's this massive Dune just left of the Green. The green is like cut into and It's unlike any haul ever seen in the world world and it's followed by this really cool par for the didn't even know existed because when you're playing the ninth hole like I said it kind of goes down in towards the water and they build it in a way where you can't you know it almost looks like the green reheating approach shots and whatnot so kind of infant negree looks like the Greens in the ocean. And then you get past the hole on you see there's another whole Whole this little part for that is like a half pipe? fairways like a half pipe in it goes straight downhill in all the way towards his green. Green Green is sunken. You know inches away. From the rocks were the oceans crashing into the rocks and this is the tenth out there in so you get these kind of back to back calls. The eleventh hole is this short barred three that again. You literally hit over the ocean. The twelve whole kind of driveable par four. Where if you WANNA take golf more the left you have to again risk leaving it in the ocean If you pulled a little left or you can try to rip it right of the green if you do. You know you can drive the green and then you kinda come back around the clubhouse Fifteen goes right out towards the lighthouse. It's kind of on the the high part of that little this little peninsula that the lighthouse is on our that. The lighthouse leads to that that is sort of separates the first nine the first part of the course with the second part. And then you go the last three the whole you go straight back in towards the towards the clubhouse the entire way towards that little beach I told you about but sixteen is a gorgeous part for oceans down the right slight dogleg right in the second half of the whole so that your your second shot. Your approach shot is again into the screen that looks like it. Issues perched up along the ocean the little cove that comes into the ocean. Seventeen is again another beautiful par-three with the ocean all on the side of the hall and then eighteen eighteen is described earlier. Where where you know you can? You can bite off as much as you want to chew. Right yes along the The beach and and if you if you hit a little bit more aggressive shot in tiny little legend if not more of a mid iron into this green and it's there's the All along along the left side is a is a massive kind of Dune or hill cliff type thing and on top of it is where the clubhouse it so. It's this incredible setting. You're kind of blown away away Hole by hole that the fact that this could be on one golf course and it plays a pretty damn links. It plays very lengthy which I love. Which means you know? It's it's you're you're almost never hitting like a sixty degree wedge by boy. We had to learn that quickly like six or seven holes. And he's like okay. They don't want you to use your way out here. They don't ease secret. Wedge you gotTa bump it you gotta use Kinda the terrain and we had a ton of fun with that so at that point ran it again and there's really nothing more in having played that course. Having kind of the experience is talked about. You're like well never get to play again being like the minute we get to play again. No one in front of us. Thirty thirty six holes Had A bunch more a bunch more beers loaded backup. Stayed did stake in the evening and then drove to a little King Island hotel woke up flew out King Island. I can't recommend it enough to people to phenomenally so friendly. They were very open with the fact. act like it's kind of a risk to build these courses because nobody ever comes this island. The hope is that in building them. More people will visit. They'll be able to grow this tourism awesome Business that the island could desperately use the airport needs to get a little bigger because the you know the flights now I can only come in really from Melbourne because the airport so small they wanna get fights that can come in from Sydney as well. A lot of people do come in from Sydney but they have to go through Melbourne so it was really interesting hearing kind of the whole ecosystem them of this place and how it it will won't survive in. I really really hope that it does because even though I did that whole spiel the he'll never be back. You know. Part of me thinks one Sunday I would love to return there see it kind of thriving and maybe see another course or two. There and more infrastructure in the clubhouse is ready to go and more people kind of experience the whole thing because again to be playing that magnificent of a golf course in links type shape. That's on a tiny island south of Australia. The we think between Australia and Antarctica on that line is crazy town and it was really cool so Cape Wickham about as high on my list as you could possibly be on next part of the trip began. I wake up the next morning. We fly to Melbourne. I say goodbye. Beat enjoy your little Drive ten minutes from the small all airports that you fly into on the tiny plane to the real main Melbourne airport. I fly Melbourne to Auckland. New Zealand. This about this actually surprises people. It's it's about a four hour flight about three and a half hour flight and a lot of people think it's a little hop skip and a jump boom you're there nope not the case About pretty serious flight. There's a time difference couple of different time zone difference prince or whatnot so it's kind of a full day of travel arrive in New Zealand on on Friday December. Calendar thing again. I gotta do the calendar Fan. GimMe a second folks. This is December twentieth. I land in Auckland New Zealand about four thirty thirty PM. And my my hotel about five thirty PM. I didn't realize this I went to the bar grabbed. A couple of beers had dinner by myself in the bartenders from Israel she was telling me struck up a conversation Chit Chatter. I'm excited on fucking vacation. And she was telling me first of all anywhere on this earth you go the minute that you walk into a place. Everyone Arnott's your American. Everybody which I'd heard before I heard that when I was in Scotland you can dress euro. You can dress you know South Pacific you can dress Austrailia and you can dress however you want the minute you arrive walk into a place rhinos. Yup that's an American. Has I told me second thing. She told me he was like the whole country of New Zealand. Apparently for Christmas New Year's gets off much like Barstool sports dot com. They get off so like the bars. Were hopping everybody's AH. They're hopping and I sent it so it's like five thirty six. PM On Friday and you know has been on that. Should I go. It's crazy because everybody's holiday as as I mean everybody you know the whole country's off for like two weeks so everybody was out. I was exhausted. Traveling thirty six holes a day before drank a bazillion beers took a million shots lost. Just a million balls. I was kind of ready to go to bed so I stuck it out for a couple of hours. I bought some things I had to go. Do some shopping can't go to not get Christmas gifts from you and you have to the dealer shop and went to bed. Wake up Saturday morning. It's now Saturday in New Zealand. It's the first real full day of their like two two week long vacation so I go to In this was all all so incredibly easy because of my guy frank and the best of New Zealand Golf folks. When I arrived in my hotel Friday night there was an envelope? I'll vote on my bed. Opened the envelope. It's got vouchers for everything rental car that I'M GONNA get pick up the next morning voucher. Ben Breakfast I'm staying at night voucher teatime at Cari cliffs. which is the last leg of the trip? Voucher all stuff's made so frigging easy. All those flights I just told you about these little puddle. Jumper is a little planes that you jump on all booked all mates. You gave my credit card number. Said Frank Trustees great guy your whole crew all the other the the other employees that he's got working for him who is in touch with supercross regained my credit card boom booked everything to do. Show up rigs just put me on a plane flying me wherever wherever frank exorcism going. He arranged at Tiffany terrain these guys. Supposed to roll the R Delaney today. I I can't say he's supposed to roll. The are tittering is the only golf course in New Zealand designed by Alister. Mackenzie the only one. And there's the two courses I play after Terry in Chiari cliffs are are spectacular. And they've got the crazy views. tittering is twenty minutes from city centre in Auckland. Big ACIDY And so I was like frank recommended. It there's a ghetto. It'd be cool to see an original Alister Mackenzie course. It's obviously about one hundred years later. So the courses changed but there's an initiative at the club to kind of restore into kind of our fix a lot of the bunkering and get back to close but now you can tell it's grown there's housing all over the place and and it's kind of like jammed into the middle of discounted neighborhoody part of Auckland in. It almost had a little bit of like Mary. Antivirus to over Marion. Nobody's ever been married and it's like there's not even. There's barely room for the golf course. Course let alone like spectators in what not to watch. I don't know how they do. US Open's at Marian because it's so packed in there and that's how it felt at tittering. But I show up and Again Saturday morning is probably ten eleven. Am something like that. I I don't know what the Hell's going on. I don't know who exactly I'm playing with but I had heard you know. Maybe one of the assistant pros is a is a Barstool fan or four play fan and wanted you to play. And he's got a group Linda and you're going to have a great time your show. Great top say okay. That's not problem. I can do that so I roll in and I Guy Meet in the parking lot. Kevin Carney says something Rigs yeah what's up man goes. I'm Cuban so what the fuck is keeping even what do you mean they big thing in New Zealand New Zealand accident the they the ease is like double ease. So Kevin Keegan. I'm keeping up giving the Cubans. Not even playing with us. He was he just wanted to hang out he just wanted ended up caddying for me and I think he said he got into golf couple of years ago. Fourteen eighty cat loves golf. Loves the show loves barstool and just kind of wanted to hang out and you're the guy's obviously that we're playing with and you kind of want to just hang out plays the of course member of course plays all the time so he caddied for me tried to pay him afterwards. Wouldn't accept. It had some beers at afterwards. He did accept those we had time. Keven caddies for me and then we played with Brett threat. WHO's one of the pros? I believe there Johnny and Alex Johnny was my partner. So we get. There is no range but the courts I now have a plane about a day and a half and I've been fighting my driver like you wouldn't believe and you all saw that in in Bermuda for the last month on since like the mid November late November ever since we got back for the Carolina trip been fighting driver and I got the thoughts in my head when I pull out a driver. You wouldn't believe folks you wouldn't believe you just wouldn't believe so I'd fight the driver. I'm thinking like I'm GonNa get a little early well. I didn't get the rental cars of hugh pain in the ASS Just because 'cause I couldn't figure it out and went to the wrong place 'cause I'm done so there's no time to arrange there wasn't arranged anyway so you can't drive so we walk on his first team. Everybody I can tell a whole crew. He's actually been pretty quiet at the far feels a little serious. I would find out later. They were all just hung over. Nobody's really Chitchat. In that early in the morning on Saturday their whole vacation just started very understandable. We to this I t and it's again it's pretty damn wide open pretty wide open. I don't really know exactly hit it. But it's he's hit pretty much straight. You can even hit it over right bunker. You're totally fine. Not a big deal. It's refund well my boy Brett steps up I rips of driver delegate show Alex steps up I think he's got his hand hits a long iron longer than I've ever seen anybody you buy in real life. Hit an iron my partner Johnny. We threw balls up in the air my partner Johnny got me. You're not gonNA like that so I'm thinking anybody who makes comments. It's like a twenty eighty cap or maybe like an anti copy plays like twenty handicap like. I didn't Bermuda Johnny just roasts a driver. I mean hits the driver eight million miles in gone rougher so I step up and thoughts go ahead. I T's right next to the clubhouse so anybody are you standing out there. Anyone who's who's walking around the locker room. The pro shop eaten a bite to eat there. All right. They're basically on top of you like it's fucking stadium. And there's this little tee box right there I e I hit the furthest right Dr. You've ever seen your entire life and it wasn't like shake one like it wasn't like a low Oh cut Kinda hit something stays in play or whatever it was. It was hit hard and show far-right that given actually instinctively just said WHOA. And somebody else's group is like Whoa in their all Everybody's Keeping looked amigos fourteen I've never seen one that fought right at the furthest right what's over their neighborhoods neighborhoods so retail. Not I think we we lost the first hole with a Birdie so to kind of put everything into perspective here. Here's me. I'm slapping it around. I your shot one. Oh three one hundred and Bermuda and I'm struggle. My game can't get a driver in play. Play these guys. We lost the first hole with a birdie because my boy johnny honey I believe the whole so easy even though I hit the furthest right to shot in the hole so easy that we're like giving back a shot so her Janis like a plus two so he's giving back to shots so fucking route of the gate. They make a Birdie. Our Guy makes a Birdie we lose the whole next hole. I hit one OUTTA playwright David for bowl stripe them we lose the whole to another Birdie third hole. They make like another fucking Birdie and we are Birdie was squashed again because our fucking guy is getting too many strokes he has to give away to the quarter. The three down through fucking three in these guys are playing golf and nobody's even really talking that much because they're all here's me I'm thinking what the fuck am I doing. Here at this Alister Mackenzie course in. Houston I'm in fucking New Zealand by self. I don't know anybody. These guys are all like what I did I get. This is a joke. Is this a trick that somebody tricked me as their fucking camera. That's like we have to capture. How out of place rigs is going to feel with these sticks out here making birdies left and right not saying fucking word do each other? We'll turns out the day eventually. Cracked open a bunch of beers after like the eight four or so cracked open a bunch of beers got things going Brett. My man who was Craig apparently does not play golf. Every starts drinking so he went from just a stripe show to like worse than me. which is bad is started too? And I'm a really good down wind player not a good into the wind blow. We played like the last six or seven straight down win that I'm I was playing off a sevens and so I was getting like nine showers getting seven or eight shots And really like nine because my man Johnny was giving away somebody shots. Long Story Short. We went from three or four days. We ended up winning. I had a couple Couple holes in the background factored in we ended up winning and we had a bunch of beers. We sat up at the clubhouse afterwards the little remember Barbara. It's a members bar tittering. I'm never going to say that. Right is awesome overlooks. The course overlooks that. I just told you about where guys like me. hit eight million yards out of bounds. Right and and Had just a delightful day. They're telling me all about Auckland there. Tell me about the core. Some of the inner fighting's of course with the bunkering in the new bunkers. Now anybody who you know you know the name. Allison Mackenzie Build Augusta national with Bobby Jones. He built Cypress Point which is one of the most famous courses in this entire higher world Royal Melbourne which we just the President's Cup out. He's famous for his bunkering. You don't know what that means. Think about any picture you've seen from Cyprus point of these kind of sprawling like finger type bunkers that that look so natural but also kind of day just so unique in there like Allison Mackenzie and there were holes out there where that was so clearly the case whereas like okay. This feels like an original alister Mackenzie home. And then there were green complexes they wouldn't believe Louis one green out. There was a five tier green five years that one two three four years five years think like the fourteenth green at Augusta the whole would know bunkers. The whole were tiger made birdie twice this past year when he won the master's tournament he is a defending champ when we go into it in two thousand twenty where Tiger Woods made birdie from the left trees security guard almost killed him. Think about that. Green is like a huge false front and then you see t shirt you see approach shots in that green mass the penalty on the left and in someone will land in one sort of like what looks like. It's going to be on that tier and then it just starts to catch a region it rolls away and the camera pans and you have to be thinking your head like okay. This camera camera has to pay into like the end of the green pretty soon but it just doesn't because the green is so massive and it collapsed and then funnels another area. That's what allowed these Greens were like which was Super Super Fun to play. The Greens. Were awesome again. The head kind of the bones of Mackenzie course which was great to see but also had you had the the very clear evidence of like out been one hundred years. Things have changed a little bit Regardless awesome experience those guys were super record. Play where I can't imagine. It was going through their head after my first tee shot because the oil is going in a way I have to hit again. That went out of bounds. So I'm still like my situation hasn't improved by usually. There's a little bit of a relief right. You hit that first tee shot after you're nervous after you're clearly in a position you don't WanNa be in your thinking. Like how the Hell Am I gonNa get this. Why didn't play actually was just still in the same situation except I just hit a worst? He shot than even I thought I was going to hit. And so I can't imagine it was going through their brains at the time but Keven Brett Johnny Alex we had an awesome time. Phenomenal time and we won. We won. I believe it was one up at the end of the day. Okay so that feels great drive about two hours. North up to Mandalay mango I beach area of New Zealand. You get a little bed and breakfast I go out on the beach. Fly The drone get some cool shots the North Island of New Zealand. Where I'm at at this point? Oy and the North Island of New Zealand. It's gorgeous it's spectacular. It's unlike anything ever seen before. It's kind of gives you a little New Zealand vibe but the South Island is apparently the place to be. The South Island apparently blows the North Island out of the water the South Violence where they filmed You know Frodo fucking running around with the with the ring trying not not to get caught by the bad guys the all that stuff that all when you really think New Zealand you really think that kind of stuff. That's all South Island Queens down supposed to be gorgeous. Prog go back and see some of that stuff. We are on the North Island were on the North Eastern Coast. were making our way up the northeastern coast of New Zealand and We stop at this lovely bed-and-breakfast breakfast go into town garage. You know Kinda weird where you're by yourself too much alcoholic but you WANNA drink. You WanNa have a beer too. Do I don't usually drink alone. And this feels like he should so I kind of go in. Everybody knows your American. Apparently so it feels like you're walking around the fucking sign on your back but I walk in have an ice beer a little dinner. Go to bed wake up next day. Is maybe a the full day that I was the most excited about on this. Entire little. Kind of rigs rigs does his own trip. And that's tired eighty. Terry D is Terry Terry. A key tried to say these things correctly. Actually I'd never heard anybody say Terry de out loud road until I pulled up to the gate at Teriyaki in the guys just like welcome to Terry died been saying like terra e t the whole time because it's spelled two different words words like a big block at American terra e but the guys. Welcome to Terry and so I'm GonNa try to sail like that. The whole time but Terry does not know is again a relatively new place. Couple years old and it's really kind of skyrocketed in terms of the praise the press rankings that gets his a worldwide golf course coarser as as one of the courses in the world is Its its place. As one of the great new courses ever built and Outside of that it's got a very. It's it's incredibly exclusive and most places islanders even art. They're not like that crazy expensive to join and Terry he is. It's like the WHO's who of New Zealand. In America and China and Europe Europe are members at this place at Terry another good way I heard it described. I think somebody said this to not Walsh. While we'll get into but believe he told me this maybe I just made that up but somebody described as integrity has one course now. They're building two more in. The two new courses are going to be public. The building right next door. I believe Tom Doak doing one. And corcoran shower doing one. Tom Doak did Terry. The one that already exists and somebody described it as I think it was a member who described it as a terry. The current course is our Cyprus and the other courses that they built here are going to be our pebble beaches in our spyglass hills. And the point being that you know this is the this little stretch stretch of land up on this. North Eastern Coast Of Zealand is in their mind going to become one of the great stretches. One of the great pieces of land of golf in the world. And you know you have the Hamptons Long Island with Shinnecock National Golf Links Friars head you'd have to go afar you've got bethpage black and like that golf out. There is considered one of the great stretches of golf in the World Monterey Peninsula La with pebble with Cyprus with spyglass with the Monterey Peninsula Country Club courses There's I'm sure some thing of missing right Scott when you think of the Saint Andrew's injures area. There's Carnoustie's within forty five minutes of that. The old course kings barnes. You don't have to drive far and you can get Amazing Golf Edinburgh. You're going on North Barrick and all. That's join hour and a half or so away. These are some of the great stretches the sandbelt we were just add the Melbourne Australia Sam Bell and they're thinking of kind of this Stretch where Terry is one of a new great stretches in the world for golf varies you see why courses phenomenal auteuil. It has that type of you know the certain places you go where the the hospitality the service the amenities are all so. Oh next level that you're just it's like you're you once you arrive and they opened the door the car door for you and you hop out so you don't step on ground you step on a cloud cloud and you just you just walk around floating around on clouds the whole fucking day and that's kind of feels like everybody everybody that's in there they're so friendly they take care of the A very young sort of excited staff had takes care of you. The amenities are off the charts. Everything you could possibly need great showers great stalls. You gotta go go a bathroom which I did then you get out on. The golf course has ocean views the entire time. These Xilin in the background. That are clearly. You're in fucking New Zealand. You could just tell. We don't have islands like that. In America that are like the mountainous type islands that are in the background. The golf courses sources of Tom doak design and plays like that. I mean it plays pretty lengthy. He's got the Wild Greens with a huge bowls. The ball funnels in the different places really fun. Couple of short par fours and then it's got really dramatic par threes coming in again with the ocean in the background and the oceans pretty much there the entire time so charity. He was everything that I thought it would be. The reason I was able to get on there in this case this incense was Matt. Wall survey doesn't Know Matt. Matt Walsh played in the NBA. The Miami Heat for a hot second played professional basketball over in Europe for a long time and then recently last couple of years bought the new Z.. windbreakers which is Auckland's professional basketball team. They play Against All the Australian teams and he bought the team moved to New Zealand in runs the team. That's what he does. Great guys done some stuff with Barstool sports before I'm sure you've seen it and I chatted with him a few times. He got really into golf in the last handful ten years whatever it is and and so he was like have you ever come to New Zealand. I could set up Terry. I'm Coming Zealand Matt. Let's play did really really good dude. He sat us up with with this guy. Paul who calls the member and and Paul brought in a fourth his gary was also a member. WHO's actually lives up San Francisco so we have the two members? Paul Gary Gets Myself Myself. Matt Walsh Nicest guys incredibly successful. Smart guys talked about all kinds of different things from the breakers acres to the world. We're GONNA solve all the world's problems were solve all issues to the golf course to the future of charity to the House. That Paul's building on the golf course. I do build a house on the golf course. It has to meet these certain guidelines where it basically has to blend in a camp like stick out as a house. A lot of people like to build a big ass house. That sticks sounds like Yup. That's my house. MOTHERFUCKERS NOPE monetary cannot do that And all of these these really cool specific specific and unique aspects to the property and to ultimately this entire kind of region of Terry Golf. That they're going to build and so we were able. We'll get a bunch of that straight from Paul and Gary themselves who set our members know about their families were there We got lunch with their with their wise and their families afterwards they were incredibly excited and the People New Zealander just so friendly. It's Kinda crazy it's and it's not a culture shock. That's another thing. I'm gonNA tell a lot of people when you go to when you go to Australia. The biggest surprise to me was how little of a culture shock it was. Everybody speaks English. You're listening to music. Everybody gets pretty much the same cultural references to see the same movies. They love the same type of sarcasm. The same kind of humor You crack a little joke. They get it. It's not like over their heads. What they say typically isn't too much over your head And they speak. I think that's the only thing that's not easy or the same as you drive on the other side of Fucking Rep. That's the only thing that's different and your steering wheel instead of being on the left is on the right outside of that. It's not that big of a culture shock it's like you're kind of in the mid west of the United States. That's really what it feels like. People speak a little bit differently and they're very nice and that's pretty much. It except upped. New Zealand is surrounded by ocean and cliffs and mountains in the Midwest is not so great lunch afterwards. I met a couple of other members as well. They come up other families. Were in for for Christmas. Everybody happy go lucky to be there and we got to learn a lot about the place we move on Matt sided actually to hop in with me. We drive up to pretty much the very northern point of the North Island of New Zealand. And we go up that way. Okay we stay in this little town called like Pia. Pi Pie something like that New Zealand got a whole lot going on there. We get yourselves a nice little meal. You have a couple apple drinks. We watched the New Zealand breakers. We have two glasses actually of Chardonnay. While we're watching the breakers at the bar kind of a weird move but that lead with that I wasn't going to change again. I Love White One drinking Chardonnay breakers win last second shot. So he's like we gotta do shots shots have a couple more drinks. Go Bet the reason I tell you that bar is because has ever since then he just text me last night he goes. Hey I've been doing the same drinking routine for every game since we had that moment last week and the breakers haven't lost they just keep winning so he does like to lasted Chardonnay and then when they win he shot and it's all to. He's superstitious clearly. And we started a little Trenton. So congratulations to us. Any you wake up we drive about forty minutes. More north up to car eclipse card cliffs built by an American Same Guy who built I believe Cape Kidnappers Card cliffs again way up in the north North Eastern tip of the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Probably the most you know draw jogging. Draw jaw-dropping jaw-dropping views of golf. Course I've ever seen it looks so New Zealand Zealand. You can't believe there's like a pot of islands out there on one side the other side. There's there's a driving range where you hit out. An all you can see is like you know what feels like hundreds of miles of coastline and mountainous New Zealand terrain. Sierra you're hitting what feels like you're like a a pedal pebble beach on steroids that's like the driving range Very cool course say course that most people would be. If I could just play that corresponds I will have said that. I accomplished everything I want to accomplish in golf. Magnificent place spectacular. Like you said the views you would not believe you get your camera out the whole time you take all the photos you put them on the instagram. You gotta get him in because the places so gorgeous it is the golf course I says built by an American. So is one of the few instances on the entire trip where we were playing very American course very green very luscious if you missed the green got your six degree wedge out and kind of you know pitch one out of the rough rough so the course was was architecturally. Felt like a very American course just kinda placed on this northern tip of New Zealand A phenomenal amenities again. There's like this big old lodge up there. I guess that's a bigger destination draw even than the golf course. They said if if we'll have forty or fifty people at dinner tonight only like eight of we'll have played golf course because people go up there to stay so it sound beyond just the golf course to huge destination with With these he's with folks to go up there and just see view so you can imagine if you're there just for the views and just for like a helicopter ride or just to go hiking because the views are so magnificent. Imagine what it's like playing in golf on that so really cool. Experience play with Cory who works at the bar of their corey. I met at cabot links. This past September he Is From I. Believe a couple of hours away from cabinet and Met Him at the bar up there he winters by working working in New Zealand. That's where he decided to go. I think these are. This is first time there so he was able to play with us at three of US went out. We had a bunch of drinks played a bunch of golf and really enjoyed wait. Everything that is car eclipse K. U. R. is. You can go look that up if you would like check it out. The views are magnificent and that was the end of my New Zealand trip after that that we drove over to this little airport. Remember exactly what's called took about a thirty minute flight down to Auckland. I hopped a fourteen and a half hour flight from Auckland Chicago Kogo with no internet which is not ideal. I watch four movies. Four movies toy story for yesterday. Goodfellas and Bahamian rhapsody loved all. Oh No joke. Every movie I saw was great I was a big Fan. Now I will say I'm typically a little bit more emotional on planes like I've said before cried five times during crazy rich Asians and And I got a little motion during yesterday at the end of the movie. Got A little emotional the end of yesterday which is Kinda funny. I don't WanNa give the whole thing away but regardless that's my trip I thought I would talk for maybe forty five minutes. It's been like an hour and a half so I hope you enjoyed it. Hope it wasn't weird that you're just sitting there listening to me talk to you. Happy New Year we we will be back on Thursday. Hit Heart Long.

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