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Them drops starters producer Mattio talk to you today about toilets and finally making all this magic happen just celebrated a birthday JD. Hello. There is happy birthday JD. Thanks, man. Happy belated birthday happy. I'm celebrating for the entire month. So oh, yeah. Nice. You're early you came into work late the other day because we're celebrating your birthday exactly get used to it. That's a credible. That's why you came into work late. It was part of it that some chores, and then I had a little lunch birthday love someone. Jimmy. You said you said I'll be in late. I've got some things I knew tiger which I did. And then there was by the way where the latte that night. We're having a little Lynch because there's three people. Anyway, this is boring. Sorry, sorry to blow up your spot here. JD angered Mattio coming in. Okay. Grab respective birthday. Okay. If you want to get in touch with the show. Hey, you can't a number of ways you can Email us the starters at MBA dot com. You can follow us on Twitter and or Instagram at the starters or check us out on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash the starters. I guess it's official. We're now on Facebook. All right, guys. We got lots to talk about today on today's drop. We will discuss the bucks big win versus the warriors on Thursday night. We'll step on the beach to read your tweets, and your emails will fire the pun gun law. Mantas got some worst other week nominees. But I I'm switching things up here. Today we start with tweet of the week. Tweet tweet on seamless. Yes. That's right Lee. Right. I've got the show today. Awesome. Malcolm in the Middleton. These cookies are better Devon book. Smart you belong to the city edition jerseys by black street. I got my flu shot, and I like it Jake and Amir's brother Begley, these groceries mind, your Ps and poops airports for the win. Where's willy wears Juancho Carmen? San Diego's red hot hat way. Twenty-three Trevor just straight up at Trevor is that a hot dog in your pocket or are you hungry? Just to see me. Buck wild Belinda killer. Iky, argue savage garden, and trombone Horry, Tom Chambers has an intended multi tap chip. And Dale Davis rescue Rangers king, and John and the glass box idea. Peak attrac- is Blair's might play bass guitar dead. Goat Paul mango, Scott, and John Scott Braun. Scott me lawn soup long live. What's at lady scarlet thirteen Dave underscores schilling? NBA official died Mr. bond fake, grandma nightmare inches back. Look at fancy pants deal for here camps, Dorton, a limo. Joe ross. And of course, the captain of the tweet of the week army and his fair lady. Mr mrs. Now, why do we start with tweeted the week this week? Wow. That's because Thursday, November eighth around ten six PM eastern are very elite Ellis goes and wins himself tweet of the week with this tweet at Leila's tweets. This might be mellows best game for the thunder. But we still. Bad boy. Four and a half grand. Wow. Well, I mean mellow was awful. No. I mean, it wasn't like I had to really think too hot about that this week there. The rockets playing the thunder on TNT first game of the doubleheader. He goes one for eleven. Which is amazing. He didn't actually hit a shy in the ball. Never went through the hoop for mellow on Thursday night. He got there was a goaltending. Call underlines Noel on a layup. So you count that field goal. So one of eleven, but this was my way to get into this. For one to hopefully, not have to hear the real. We don't. Decide that later, but to to get into this game because I think it's a fair spot to start because the rockets they put up the cranium and wrong. Those the worst offensive performance of the season from all teams eighty point eighty points is the lowest this year. Well, the tests certainly said it was yes. Statistically, maybe not. But pretty close to it. Just awful they looked they lacked energy. They lacked effort it they got that lead early in the second quarter. I think they were up by one point. I'm pretty much from there, then the thunder just walked away with it. And the ruckus didn't have any real resistance at any point. Look, no, Eric, Gordon. I got that in for but hardens playing Chris Paul's playing Capello's playing no Westbrook on the other side of things and the thunder are playing well at seven straight now. But what did you take away from this stinker here from the rockets, and is it, you know, should you start panicking about this team being and six after ten games, I wouldn't panic. But as soon as they have an injury with Erik Gordon any injury, really tiny their key guys. They're they're so thin. They don't seem to. Find a different way to play when their offenses and going all that. Well, they're the isolation kings and James earning. Chris Paul didn't have their third guy in air cord into play isolation with them. And then James harden. Chris Paul aren't getting it going, and they just seem to be like, okay, no passes step back shoot and not really taking it to the hoop enough. And they don't have enough guys that can play isolation basketball around them that are healthy they desperately need air corden because otherwise they're relying on Carmelo Anthony a little, you know, PJ Tucker and guys that you've never heard of. And that's it. They're just they're just really thin, and they have to have other guys healthy, and they haven't been into it this entire season. I don't think they got three wins against bad east Eastern Conference teams by single digits. And it seemed like maybe they've sort of figured things out at least if you can get some wins. Maybe you can get rolling kind of get back to plan as hard as you were last year. They haven't been so far five free throws combined for James harden, Chris mall. That's crazy. Yeah. A quarter basically for James harden. He should be getting five every single quarter. I don't know. They just don't seem to have the same desire to win as they did last season. I think they're probably going to walk all over teams. Maybe after going toe to toe with the warriors for five games taken them to seven games. They're just not into it. They're playing like they wanna championship last year. And they didn't. Guys. Either hardener Chris Paul to really take it on their shoulders up on their shoulders to to win a game. And Chris Paul was trying yesterday. He was doing some things. But not enough and heart and definitely wasn't doing enough defensively. Chris Paul wasn't really no last night. You got blown by which is rare to see you. Which is rare to see Chris and people started when I don't know maybe age is catching up with this guy, spend, pretty bad so far this. Yeah. And the Senator played a great game. I got to give a great defensive game. Obviously. I mean, the rockets were missing shots, and they didn't have that sort of fight to them. But that's a big part of it was the thunder. Paul George was everywhere. Six steals in this. They got contributions across the board. They're just a great defensive team. They have been for the most part last couple of years. So that makes sense. But this is now this I saw this tweet going around think it was Tim Bontemps, but Houston has been held under ninety points. Three times in ten games this year matching their total from the previous two seasons. Two seasons combined. This is a team that has no problem scoring. It's always whether they can have an above average defense to pair with it. And right now, they're struggling on both sides of the ball and not to provide excuses for them. But kind of like the Cavs last year where we saw various iterations of their teams throughout the year, a lot of trades. A lot of injuries. They've already had a few rations other team. And it is a bit of an excuse that James harden was that with a hamstring injury. Or Gordon is now Chris Paul with the suspension a lot of backup guys out as well. And then a and Brandon Knight, it isn't excuse, but combined with the fact that they're thin. They haven't been able to get it going because they're so desperate. They rely so much on those two guards. And yeah, they haven't got it going whatsoever in four and six I don't think you can panic at this point. When does when does Darryl MAURICE start to panic? That's what I'm curious about. Because he's not if they continue to struggle. He's the last GM in the league that just sits there and goes, all right? Let's just keep running with it. He will do something. Well, he's he will try. He's already trying has tried to get how did Jimmy Butler there, and he's probably still trying to work something out. But that room a tooth off it up full first round picks. So you know, he's probably what if it comes back to. Well, the the wolves want rotation players show we want, Gordon and Tucker. Yeah. I mean, I think more would be reluctant to give up. Both of those goes. I think he knows how important it'd be great to get Jimmy. But how important Tucker is to have any chance to warriors? There's no way trade Tucker mean he would he would give up Gordon and pick some show Gordon still provides that Spock off that off the bench, which they are missing so far this season. So you know, he's gonna but the thing is with mellow as well, I mean, not to pile on mellow. He too much, but. Well, if he's not scoring he doesn't defend it, doesn't it doesn't create. He doesn't he's a negative player. He doesn't he doesn't even move the ball and try to get in and contest rebounds or anything. Like, he's basically like I'm shooting. If I get the ball, and that's it. That's all I'm giving you. So if he doesn't play like he did against the nets that other night where he hit a bunch of the show. Twenty eight points. You're right. He gives you nothing nothing else. No. And that's the big concern because he dantonio have had some tension in the past. And Dan, Tony kinda has the play. Yeah. Does the anto? There's no way dantonio has. I mean this short as well. So he's you know, he needs him on the God when he's out there. It's like he just I mean, he's just awful right now. Well last night, he was just that was one of the worst. This is nothing new where teams just go. They find him. And they go at him because he's not going to put much a fight. Definitely. But I mean, you also have to think James Ennis hasn't done anything for this team works be at least in a reason I replacement defensively and he hasn't been so and he's he's mellow can score. Sometimes I mean, obviously like not last night, but he's had some double digit games to me though. It's it only comes down to Chris Paul. And James harden. Chris Paul has been bad. I think it's worth starting to worry if he's actually going to get it back to. Al- NBA level because I don't really see it. I mean, he's under forty percent from the field under thirty percent from three just doesn't look like he's got the pot again. Remember, he was Chris Paul like was against the nets when they held the little players only huddle and they were down big fourteen in the first half to the nets. And they needed a win. It was like one of those we got to get a win here. And he played great decades, and sort of did have a bit of a Chris, Paul Tico. But otherwise, I'm with you. He's looks slow. They've got to get basically fifty points and twenty assists from James harden. Chris Paul and that just hasn't been the case yet. And if those guys aren't taking care of most of your offense, where's it gonna come from if mellows going one for eleven Eric Gordon, and that's otherwise you look up and down the roster. No, they don't have anybody. They're playing Gary Clark and Hartenstein and literally his name. And. And you know, they played Mark Michael Carter Williams for awhile. And he has not good. Brandin Knight is her James, basically every every every key guy has been injured at some point other than Melo because he's still plays. Thunders? Oh, again, seven in a row now. That's after they started the season. Great for that is great. I think it makes it I like that it makes the less a little more interesting to them sort of getting back up into the, you know, not the top of the top. But at least upper echelons some sort of the west that feels like it at least. And they got their next four games against bad teams to bottom. Third of the league. They could run off some more winter in a row, they could get the streak up to ten I think quite easily if they take care of business. I have had a fairly soft schedule to this point for their wins. This team really really seems to like each other though too. I know we were getting the Roskam on TNT crazy. Remember seeing that or the game's going let's go to a two bucks just to see Russel rating, and it was actually sort of entertaining to. But I do I mean they do seem to like really get along go to bat for each other. They had the summer house hype party summer hype house party, whatever it was. And then obviously Paul George had a great time decided to sign back then they had that unfinished business on winning a playoff series. They're all in together pretty much everybody back. That's a big thing. They have the continuity. They ditched mellow. Maybe that's a huge part of why they're chemistry is so good. They look like they know their roles they're playing defense. And that's what they have to do. Good game from the sun to their again. The first game of TNT. The second game bucks shocked shocked a lot of people at least the bucks nap. The warriors eight game winning streak with a one thirty four to one eleven blowout victory in the oracle. So this one's in Golden State. The honest, did you honest things twenty four points. Boards and just like twenty six minutes. Got a lot of help though. From some of his guys Eric Bledsoe is at the best Derek. Let's game that we've seen in a long time in in a bucks uniform. Yeah. Maybe maybe ever maybe ever. Okay. I think sure you're impressed with it yourself from Milwaukee. Yeah, they're nine and two. And you'd think you know, just sort of looking at them that maybe has taken an another step in exploded. But really he's the same guy shooting the same amount of shots as last year's actually scoring a little bit less because there's three balls not not doing too, well, but they have a system and you watch them play and everybody's contributing and the ice is just excited to be a part of a team. That's goes five out and has a lot of shooters and a lot of scores, and it's just a new system implemented and same guys. And everything is fine. He's giving it on the defensive end. I find they're they're very invigorated. They've got him in John Henson Henson blog. You Durant a weekly up from Durant? And then. Yeah, you honest him as well. I think it's just the system employed just makes got everybody energetic. The funny thing is the bucks actually had their worst three not of the season. Which is which is what they've been doing all season long, but eighty four points in the pint. Yeah, most had this as and by bat twenty and. And you could just tell Draymond green wasn't they whether or not they were tacking because it wasn't they owe. Because the three point shot wasn't a probably a little bit of both. But, you know, Kvant looney Jordan bell and whoever else was there in the in the middle there for the for the warriors just doesn't have that same presence that Draymond green has Draymond supplying. There's no way they they know. How important that guy? Cont offense for that matter. Yeah. I I looked I looked it up actually because I looked like a different team up there. So I wondered how bad the warriors have been without Draymond green to prove my point last year without Draymond green. The warriors were ten and two. The year before that they were five and one. Pretty good. It did look like a different team. They're ten into who cares about this game for them. Better than they were last year at this point, they're fresher. They're fine. Here's why you might care. We're waiting to find out how severe it is. But Steph curry he goes, Steph curry goes down in this when he goes to the locker room with a leg injury there in the third quarter. He didn't return he he tweaked it. There was a new play in transition from the bucks, and he jumped and he seemed to sort of tweak it before he even landed. I think when when he jumped he may be stranded or whatever happened, but it's a left a doctor strain, and he's going to have his MRI exam today. Now from what you were hearing from the guys last night after the game. It didn't like Durant saying he seems like fi like he seems fine. You know, you don't know until they obviously take a look at it. But. Could away he was playing and how important he is to that team as well. I mean, this could be bad news. We hope it isn't. And you don't you hope? He's out if he misses anything as a couple of games, and that's it. But yeah, it was a great performance on the books, and you're right, no dream on. But I'd like to say though, about the whole thing they were getting waxed. When Steph game was over, and that's probably contributed to him like not coming back. Ninety eight to bring him back for this one. But it it was one of those ones sort of pulled away, and you could tell it was something was uncomfortable for him. But the locker room didn't seem to be overly concerned by it. I saw some bucks fan sort of worrying though in the comments over today. I thought this was interesting. So I forget who specifically to wrote this in the comment section, but they said books blow at the seventy Sixers on national TV but steps goes for fifty plus so the bucks don't get any headlines books. Crushed the raptors. But clay sets the NBA record for three. So the bucks don't get any headlines books. Destroy the warriors and the oracle but stuff gets hurt. So that's the lead story in the bucks won't get any headlines. Bad locked down with the bucks bucks. I mean are the bucks getting enough attention from the national media right now with the record being fantastic. And and picking up quality wins. I mean, these are good winds, obviously against seventy Sixers and Rapson and the warriors. They get enough love. I think so we talking bad and quite a bit. Yeah. Know, we're talking definitely how they have Chinese style. From the the Jason Kidd joke Bronte season, they want all that fun to watch. Now. I mean, there's a ton of threes. They just come down and just stop firing away. But you feel that they are trying to maximize Janas impact on the offensive end. Even though he's numbers as test mentioned kind of with I were lost season. It's still incredible still amazing twenty six thirteen six. You see? Feels like so many tons of game where he just has that open line where he can go inside and just sort of believes white pasta. He feels at times unstoppable. It's and there's been a lot of talk now with the way they're playing. I know you guys have seen this. I'm sure like on Twitter and articles about like should when you approach the bucks. Should you? Try like the whole Steve Nash approach and make Janas just flat out score. And like let him just try and go for his fifty and takeaway, everybody else, basically, the Nash like strategy at times, it was like, you know, he wants to pass he wants to get everybody going and they got much shooters around him. So make Steve the score. Can you do? Yes. I think so because there's. Because he's almost a foot taller than. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just going through guys. He doesn't have a shot. He really doesn't have a shot at this point. And he's shooting twenty five percent from three whatever it is something bad, but he just bullies through guys works either because he can get to the lot. Like, he he is a star you warrants. A lot of calls is strong as an ox so easy. You can take that you can initiate the contact and take the fell and he's a great free throw shooter. So like they were in Bodas quicken this one, right? The the bucks were it's like different strategies. It's not naturally have been doing that. I get the idea though of takeaway, Robin. Takeaway Middleton, you know, take away all these shooters. Maybe it is your best chance, but they're all capable dudes. I mean, they're all capable scores. I think you know, but deserves credit you can kind of see this year modern MBA coaches on Nick nurse in Toronto coach, bud. No more guys who can't really score all that much. Just try and spread it out with five guys as much fossil. And if you have to have one dunker, that's fine. But not too. There's. What you need you need to spread the floor as much as possible. And he's got it's got a bit of the hawks vibe. I think from the boot Knowles days, it's not just says going for thirty five and other guys scoring. It's Millsap Horford. Carol Korver Teague everybody can score when you have a system. Other guys. They're going to seed Pat Coniston had fifteen last night. Right. They had five guys in double figures. They wanna game without Janas playing because everybody has something to do. You. Don't just stand there and wait for something to happen like with what was happening with Jason Kidd and their space out there, and they say shoot a three man. We don't care. Yeah. Your coach has your back before the gave something you just we're talking to their tasks Steve Kerr talked about how successful buttonholes are is excuse me was with the hawks and like getting them to sixty wins. But he pointed out the one key difference now with booed, Holsworthy bucks. Is he has a superstar? That is true. Yeah. That that's the glaring thing to me. It's as much as I enjoyed watching those sixty one hawks teams, and they were great, and I like horror. Yeah. They're all great players. But they are not superstars they are. Not yet Jaanus. I thought it was funny had that FOSS break last night. And he basically took off the dunk it from just inside the three point line. He came up a little bit short. Yeah. But it was ended up missing. For a second thought if eighth throws down. This is going to be the greatest we've ever seen. Klay beliefs, but he picked it because it's like what you do in junior. Sometimes when you get that fast break your saw it and you take off to do. Yeah. He was taking this too. Is he cannot throw this down and he didn't. But man looked awesome. For that. Second thought he was going to do it did this game because it was a you know, a TNT game and national game. He had a good performance and Korea did it, and he is worse. Gaming injury came into play. Did did you honest to you sort of overtake the MVP latter right now number one at the top. Is there someone else that you have above him? Or would it be the Greek freak number one right now ten or eleven games in? Where would you have them? I don't know curry had his worst game in the warriors lost house curry and still not the MVP. There's so many ways to talk about it. I just think that curry being as good as he has been to start the season. He's still number one for me. But it's up for grabs. It seems like every week. We're like this guy's the leader. This guy is the leader. And that's how it is at the beginning of the season. Whoever puts together the best week is the leader in the clubhouse. So maybe it is Janas. We'll see what he does this weekend. They win a ton of game. So I think it's going to be him. Jaanus really do. Yeah. Unless unless as you guys have said before curry does some insane fifty fifty ninety type thing with thirty points per game. Which I I mean, even its greatest he is is probably unlikely or or if you continues to get pub like Tom Habash rose article regarding him as the new Michael Jordan, the voters say, maybe we haven't given him enough respect. Maybe he is on another level that we haven't really quite seen and giving them credit for and you know. Yeah. And he says to win a lot of games. It's totally true sodas, Anthony Davis. Unfortunately, their team is lost. Because he's been hurt. Really? So yeah. Missing games for the rats. We're going to win it though. He's played great. But he's not gonna gnashed. Okay. Let's move onto probably the game of the night. It was the Celtics sons it went to overtime. I think the ringer nailed this with their headline this morning. I saw Kyrie Irving saved Boston from a sports talk radio meltdown. Is that not true? I mean, kyri uncle drew goes for eighteen of his season-high thirty nine in the fourth quarter and overtime. Boston was down twenty two points. And they won by seven in the end they shot forty percent. And they still want the trail double digits for basically a really good chunk of the second half. That's great. The Celtics are struggling and they're seven and four in Cairo save them, and they saved them. Yeah. For sure. But the it no matter what happened in that game. They don't look, right. They look really odd. They don't look like Tatum doesn't look like the guy who's taking the next step. John Brown, doesn't you know Hayward? Obviously does not look like himself, but they're surviving. I'm not so worried. I don't know. Yeah. Fed a little bit bad for the Suns last night. Because I thought for a young team. There was a couple of Kohl's not blaming the referees at all. But there was a couple of calls that maybe they would have gotten if they're a better team. I think a young team that struggles sometimes doesn't get those whistle book ahead of a three point opportunity where I think I think it was Cari sort of wacky went out of bounds thought that was a fad that in. Coal. And then there's another one later on as well that I thought book should have gotten a coal foreign he didn't. But then the Suns offense did just let a stagnate at the end with just needed to just get one or two more baskets, and they couldn't stop. But again, that's the young team doesn't know how to close out a game. That's right. And and that's what you thought. That's what you thought up twenty thought this is going to be that because win of the season. But that would have been a nice win for that. But then he comes back, and I mean, he's awesome to watch. When it gets John. Oh, no doubt. I know everyone that listens to this podcast Nozomi big Devon Booker fan. I do like them love this game. I think he is a star in the making. But he was atrocious down the stretch. He was and he hit shots. Yeah. But on the other side, he was a train wreck. You know, Jalen Brown. They were up twelve with like three minutes ago some crazy shots and kudos to him. But there was like that fast-break opportu. Jaylen Brown Booker was back, and he lets them wall. He almost got out of his way. I think he's trying to half ass take charge. But he put no effort into it. And he just like mandatory defense out of his way. Let them score like them wrap them up. But what's the harm in this year? Like you're giving away two points here in a game. That's you know, it's getting tight. So he has that then he has the turnover. Fifteen seconds left. You know, he tries to go left on Jaylen Brown kyri. Great defense dug in left his guy popped it out. They go the other way Booker did hustle back in the end. It didn't matter. Celtics still score. Jalen, I guess ended up scoring one. And then the one that everyone is talking about we can get into the sun's decision. Not to foul up three five or six seconds left. Marcus Morris gets the ball with his back to the basket his bags to the basket and booker's this guy. He's on them. I mean cost you cough says after the game that the plan was to fell why wrap them up there. I don't know you have to foul there. Curry's on fire. Marcus Morris is great three point shooter and has been playing really well, these are the two guys involved. Joe great shot, and it was a great play. But come on. You don't think you should all right? I just like watching the play. Goes back to what we just said about a young team. Yeah. Pooh, poohing it. Hopefully, that's the thing. Bookable learn from that he'll watch the typing. All right. This guy. He I got a family. A family. That's l they do Lun. You're getting paid big bucks. Time to play little. Again like that. I get it sometimes like whether or not you should fell up three or you shouldn't because like you can you can get a little risky with it. Because maybe the guy starts to shoot fouling, we'll know shooting with a guy has his back to the basket like Morris did in this play that is you just you just go behind him and wrap them up. Put him the line play the free throw game. You're a great shooter. The ball's probably come to you Booker. You're gonna get chance to redeem yourself because you did miss one. Then go up there and knock down to more. And you're gonna win this game fans. What a love to boo Morris. Playing his way. Very upset about leaving. They would've loved to boom. You're gonna miss one of those. He was happy. When you get that three was talking to look like talking to the crowd. Yeah. But I mean, that's the thing the sons they got a new coach they got, you know, young plays inexperienced. No, no team that just that really the avalanche came. And I just couldn't resist it at all. Part of that whole game. That was interesting to Terry Rozier playing in this game for the Celtics and his name has been linked as a possibility as a guy that the Suns are interested in trading for we talked a little bit about it on yesterday's television show, the the idea of whether or not like what's going on with the Celtics is Danny Ainge because he walked back these rumors from Shams, obviously, Sean excuse me at the saying, you know, seven teams are interested Interros here. And we get home. We get that Dineage comes out like a couple hours later saying, no, that's not the case. Record. No one's interested in them. I would've liked I loved the terriers here on the sons. I think he'd be a great little punch with a guy like Booker little defense being nice to get a little tenacity because Isaiah cannons not cutting it as your guys down, Kyrie Irving live for myself. Yeah. Choices are like him and Jamal Crawford. It's tough. Yeah. Terry rozier. It would be nice there for sure. But I mean, I'm sure they would be worried about taking the ball. Devon, Booker hands. I don't know. It doesn't seem like rosier can exist in Boston pass this season. So I wonder if they try and train him now because he's got a tiny contract. Yeah. So they can't get a lot of players back for him. But he's going to be important in the postseason if they're trying to make a run to the finals rosier was incredible in the postseason last year had like six straight twenty point games or something like that. You just trade him for picks. Oh, that's a tough choice for a day. Then he that is it's because it's your right? How important will he be? He's insurance for kyri a guy that does get injured. Definitely as we saw. You played great in the playoffs. Yeah. First things first AT and T just bought our company. Maybe we can scour Danny ages phone history. Privacy violations. Probably is he AT and T customer. Don't know Terry gross here would be good there. Yeah. I think people either on the one side that he needs a point guard beside him or he is the next James harden endeavour, right? So maybe needs the ball in his hands. He Terry needs the bars Hanson quite a bit. I if you're like when he's out there. So it's it's an maybe they can make it offensively alone though, different than Patrick Beverley. Right. He needs a Terry. He needs a terror right beside him. And yet he's as traits that he's got three million dollars contract. So it's it's nothing. So what do you trading them for you know, they got a couple of little little guys. They're on Phoenix that maybe can snag as backup point guards for your future and Elliott Kobo. Dante Melton loved that names. Want to say it and have on your Celtics roster. I think you've got to do at trade tear. He's not going to be there. It's highly highly highly unlikely unless they're scared of Kyrie's injury history or something they may secure him. But they got so they're paying too many guys. They're paying Hayward and Horford max Steel's kyri over twenty. And then you get a backup guy and Marcus smart that's already just signed in tens of millions of bucks. So just do it. I think unless rosier is. You know, hurting the locker room because he's pouting or he wants more time. And and by all accounts, he is not. I mean, he he was at he addressed this before shootaround before last night's game. You said I go from starting in the playoffs to coming off the bench. I'm pretty sure it's not easy for nobody. But I'm not complaining. And if you know me, I would never be the one complain about it. He's not complaining if he was then I see why you might want to try and move him. You're probably not resigning him because he's going to get. I don't know. What's he gonna get fifteen sixteen million at least at least maybe twenty. Maybe. Yeah. So yeah. Ship though, I. She is rocking the boat. Then maybe. Yeah. Then you look to move him. But if he is fine with his role and coach Stevens can convince them that, you know, you're an important piece. And we've got to find you minutes here and there and as the season's goes on maybe you do rescue here. And there to like, I don't know that's tough. That's a tough. We that was we joked about it. But this one wanna Stevens. Gelin geologists this year was to juggle all these talented players find the mo- minutes make keep them. Oh, happy. So let struggling a little bit. Yeah. All those really talented guys. But I don't know. I'd give them more than eleven games because Brad Stevens should figure it out. But yeah, they they're not great. They're not great bad this week, the New York Times Mark Stein reported that the NBA and the players union have agreed to televise the all-star draft in late January shadow to Rachel Nichols. She did it. She did it last year the NBA as we all know they debuted the all star draft where the top two vote getters. They picked the pick the teams from a pool of all stars. So we had curry and LeBron now we didn't see it. It was just sort of announced. But then LeBron soon afterwards saying that was so much fun. We should televise this. So and it did. D, of course, was to try and make the all star game. A little more interesting by mixing up two conferences didn't work. Yes. It came down to. I think he did it come down to Durant and LeBron guarding Steph curry on the last play. Yep. Now worked you guys we're into it. Definitely more fun. But Espy nations goes face, Tom Zillur. He wants to take this one step further. So we're televising it. Okay. We don't know exactly when we're gonna televise it this something you guys debated in crossfire, whether or not it will be like a week or two before which will likely be the case on twenty nine through the thirtieth of January is what the reporters report is. So it's weeks prior. People would like you would like to just do the draft right there. And then right there on the floor on the floor. Exactly, exactly. Which would be cool. But Zillur has a whole other thing he wants jerseys on the floor. No, no, okay. Keep on a table. Grime you in there on the ground. We used to do her kids box box number numbers for small guys. Big numbers. Let's go box paintings. But Zillur here's what he wants to do. And I'll just quote him here because he read this yesterday putting all of the all stars into a pool to avoid east versus west battles is necessary for the draft format, obviously. But the NBA really ought to abandon conference alignment when selecting all stars in the first place. So instead of voters fans players in the media, picking five east and five west starters and coaches, picking seven eastern seven west reserves as you just be one big pool voters should pick ten starters coaches should pick fourteen reserves who cares about the conferences? What's getting at here is we don't need the perfect twelve and twelve east twelve west it can be twenty, you know, less than than do the math and figure out how many left from these. What do you think about that? Is that too extreme though? It's not I think that's right. I think that's the probably the next step in the NBA. We'll take maybe not this season. But I think in coming is they probably will. Because I think if you look at how many all star in the Western Conference this year who've been tried at all saw into whatever there's a lot more than there are in the Eastern Conference. You're going to get a couple of guys who perhaps under? Serving in the east get in Gaza and the west deserving, but if there's a if there's a cap on the west they won't get insurance an exhibition game as it is. We we've gotten rid of the conferences actually playing the game yet because we're doing the dress. It doesn't mess. So who cares? I wanna see the stars. Yes. You're gonna miss CNN Joma glor- out there. I think you're like he shouldn't be in the game. Maybe reason. Okay. Once one time. Jeff teague. Script positions as well. Then just have just go best twenty. Yes. Because today's NBA game you're getting close enough you could do that. And and again, I think it should be just the most deserving players. And if that means his nineteen God's, okay, that's nineteen guts that won't be. But you know, because they think they should bring centreback centers. But they'll get in. Anyway, I mean Beato getting Durant Durant Davis. We'll get in who else. Have we got Yokich Yokich? He's I mean. I think if you take ways games up to the he's probably getting in anyway. So I think it will still reward the players regardless of position myself. Okay, tasks you love it. I love it. Chasse? You love it. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Next the next step. I mean, it make sense, right? Yeah. And people were I know you were tweeting about the whole like let's just draft the teams right before the game. You're getting some pushback, right? Like, the idea of like, how would it work logistics is that what people are upset about like jerseys? This this this game is about personality people love this game because you see people's faces in players emotions, and that's how they sell this game. And so why wouldn't you wanna see every single player be drafted? Right. If you do it into it. If you do two week before there's no way you're going to have more than the two guys in a studio doing it. Right. I want to see all twenty four guys. And it's understandable. Why they're not doing it. Because guys will be peeved and pissed off and guys feelings beans will come into play the NHL has done it. Yep. And the NBA should do it as well. And yes, they can do it in our before you can print a LeBron jersey in black and Brown jersey turns. Do that. And listen speeds for sqi was was who got very upset with enough variance. He's he brought up a point that guys like or people who buy merchandise liked to have the authentic jersey. So in the weeks prior if you know LeBron is going to be on team black like he was last year, then you can buy a black jersey. But it's not it's no longer east and west. So I don't to me just sell both of them either the black jersey or the wagers I think for every guy that says every person who buys a jersey that says, I don't know what jersey they're gonna play in. So I'm not going to buy you get another person that says, oh, I like it. Yeah. I think that's not really an issue to me. And he brought up the the the problem with selling it in arena. And that they wouldn't have what do you? What do you put James on the back of both of them? Yeah. That's what I think. That's what I don't know. Some some people are traditionalist some people want to see east and West End. And actually, I he brought up the point that that's what people want because that's who he talks to on a daily basis. So. He knows more than us in terms of merchandise Louis, but you know, I'm not in the marketing department, but I think that's exactly what you do. You take a focus group, and you figure it out. And I think worldwide I think you'd sell just as many, I agree with you. Especially now that it's not east west thing. It's different. Yeah. Now, it's it's just the color and their own logo. Lebron teams. Did you see that on the there's a black one with a Cavs or a white one with right? Yeah. And a kid say stay Steph or LeBron on jersey at all. No, it was just a jersey of a cool color. The thing. Why we need two weeks in advance. So that we can get that far. We got last year of the full worry is with our old doing something. Cool. Then clay was just off to the side. Doing something weird. We need those photos back, man. That was a great moment. I mean. Yeah. That is the the one plus or positive for the drafting advances. Just like, oh, which team is better. I mean, we get a little bit of that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You lose that. If you don't if you do it the day Friday kick off all star weekend with a nice draft. Everybody sticks around. What exactly do it? You could even do it the night before you do it at the guy's Saturday night. Number one. They're all there is. They're all there is it is they're all gonna be acting cool fits. No. Lathered up get him angry where they the feistiest right before game for an exhibition game on Sunday after the party. On Saturday when they got their sunglasses on or they're going to react. They don't care. The want to show off their fits the lawns. Get have the world. And what they're wearing. Yeah. No. I think that's great. I like to I met I'm fine with the Friday to Saturday. They're all there for Saturday. That's why I wouldn't say they're all there. I mean, I think you could get them there. You get you get. So maybe that's what you got stick. Let's no hash day start passionate about this. I think we do he's wearing it all starts for crying out loud ninety two all star game. How would that one? Go. Yeah. That was great. That was. Last-second switch to a wrench. Do man. Red shoes and blue shoes got the matching shoes. Yeah. You need to wear matching shoes. I mean, people are serious about their jerseys. Not mock tour skis point, it's a fair point people are serious about their jerseys. They are it's true. It's true. I'm not wearing. Have you seen anyone? Early. How is Larry? Luke gonna text me to say, can you get me a Paul Millsap all starter? Here's the problem with this. If you're so serious about having that jersey, then buy it when we know what team is on. What are you going to have it to weeks and advanced a rock around for everyone show off how much LeBron this really gotta have that jersey? They'll make the jersey the day over the it'd be for sale the night of the game. Go. Shipping. These days you'll get it. Right. And what you don't see all star jerseys. I won't around much. No, you don't after the occasion. Maybe it'd music festival in the summer. But. Games. Not again. It's pretty rare. It is. Yeah. Yeah. Let's let's get to worst of the week. Ladies and gentlemen, the worst. Five nominees ready to discuss I one is an annual worse of the week nominee. It's becoming biannual though. Usually it's around March madness time. But now the person who makes the argument that this NCWA team can beat this NBA team. So the best NC double a team can always beat the worst NBA team usually in March. But this year it came to fruition here in November. Paul Pierce was probably the most popular person to say it said that Duke would be the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. You might be right. Yes. We've built this. This could be true. That being said, he's probably right. No. I think that Cleveland would crush them for sure they weren't. The last time. This was a huge thing was when Charlotte was terrible and Kentucky had the guys who became the number one and two draft picks. Anthony Davis M K G, and they would have got crushed by the Bob cats who what won eleven today. They came up with the and seven and what city. Sit. Shortened season, right? Lowest winning percentage of all time. It also came up with the ten eleven Kentucky wildcat rotation. You know, and they're rolling Karl Anthony towns and all those dudes. Yeah. Yeah, they didn't even win the net. They didn't even win the net. NCWA champions. Yeah. That's right. And neither Marcus cousins Kentucky team when they had five first round draft picks. They would never happen. It would never happen. No, okay. Okay. Who went everybody gets? Who who went top three this year? Do you? Andre Eytan Bagley bag of beans and don't Josh. Number three. Okay. So would those three guys together right now just put them together say they don't get the practice. And then you've got to obviously fill out the roster with whoever. Would they be the Cavs right now? Would you would they be favored to the calf? Now, here's what I'm getting at college basketball expert by any means, but and trae you'd probably speak to this better than I could these three guys on their team on Duke in Williamson in RJ Barrett. And it was the third guy. Reddish people are saying that could be one two three in the draft. Right. Like free NBA, ready guys. Okay. I know. I think the problem is the team they are on in Duke. I I don't know what their four through ten guys are like, I'm sure they're not that great. Maybe they are. But that's going to be the problem of beating the Cavs. But those are three NBA guys. They have one NBA ready. Scien- Williamson is largest, man. He's a man's body. That's the difference. Like, they got us. What against each other Zion will be the second heaviest player in the league when he comes into the league next year. He's got guns. He's got a thick Jek frame. But the other guys are skinny and they have to play now forty eight minutes against NBA team that is playing hard the entire time. Yeah. Not just running up and down maybe planning like Cleveland cavalier. Kevin love think about him at UCLA when he was a fatso excuse excuse me. Kevin love, but he's a big boy, he was overweight. Now, he's he's felt they've learned. I just brought it wouldn't be playing in. This is pathetic game. He's. Next one stink. It is think. It's ridiculous. Second one here. The Washington Wizards. We can move on the third one Jimmy Butler. Ooh, we can hang. We gotta talk with you about the real thing. What are we doing to hang banner? We should just hanging now. First of the year. But it up. Yeah. Stu it turns it around in the second season. Putting the wolves on the other side. And guys he let Thais Jones his teammate borrow his plane to go see Duke because Tyson was going to see price move. Now. Did he let them borrows playing ties Jones was supposed to go with Jimmy Butler? Together and Jimmy too busy can't go size. But you can take my plane. Well, that's very rented. Anyways. Well, I did want to bring real quick because he was waving the white towel literally. When he was playing the Golden State Warriors. He was on the bench, and there are a bunch of warriors fans waving white towels. And so he picked up in waved it now, what do you think that signified is that him just cheering for the opposing team or am I waiting the white towel? Listen, I don't wanna play for the Minnesota Timberwolves anymore or he wasn't thinking about any. Meaning he was just picking it up and waving. I think he's just silly Jimmy and look at me funny. What about when you start casting? I. Yeah. Okay. That's all I wanted. What about when he was playing with his hand in his pants fascinating. Those fascinating. I saw I saw one possession. What is going on? And then I saw that he cut his hand and just kind of had his hand in his pants. Maybe stop the bleeding because he cut his hand. They went over to try and stop the bleeding. I guess they of failed at that. Because he kept playing and it was still bleeding. So he was he was playing offensive and defensive. Within one down these pants. Thanksgiving, you know. Chill and the wizards. We can just quickly quick gloss over, but it's becoming almost impressive. They're two and eight they lost by nineteen to Dallas. And then lost at home by twenty three two. Okay. See and then they squeezed in a New York knick win here. The last week gave without eight. I don't know. It's amazing. That's that's all I don't think there's really much the head to head. We're having between the wolves. And the wizards really? Who's gonna who's going to run away with it? You say the wolves or head right now. What if they try to get back on traffic trade them for each other Walter Butler that would be perfect? Oh, wow. Awesome. Right fourth nominee. Let's get your take on Kyrie Irving. And when he threw the ball into the stands he was very angry at Jamal Murray who just scored forty eight points shot clock is off joe-marie decides, you know, what last possession. It's going to fire it up and try and hit fifty kyri didn't like that grab the ball Celtics lost. And he tossed that ball into the stands. Because he kept talking about it afterwards. And I'm sure he was asked about it. Yeah. So, you know, no fault. They him for answering questions. But it just seemed like the story didn't I know? It did go on for a little while we talked about it on Tuesdays drop much more to add. We'll see that's not new show new. Not a droplet Houston should be listening. I was gonna say McCullough goes for forty the other night. Did you see the end of the game? Oh, yeah. All whole lot different than Jamal Murray. Going for his fifty trying to get to fifty a little bit different. It was a shot clock. I get that day. Just ran out the clock. Right. Right. It's just so funny. We'd like just pick and choose which ones get us all anger. So and I don't care. I'm not getting angry at McCall him. I'm not angry at at at Murray. Especially when you're in front of your home floor on your home court. I love it. You're putting on a show for these people that say, no, I can't be and you don't have a guy throws the ball is awesome. Kick him the game ball. It's so funny. The reasoning for why he was mad was stupid. But throwing the ball. Exactly. Right. It's a lot better than what you know, like get into a fake fight with or pushes. You know, it's really expensive for him twenty five thousand. Yeah. I got a parking ticket for twenty five dollars once and I was pissed off at that again twenty five grand for throwing the ball park park near Piedmont park, some festival on and I couldn't get into the normal pocking. That's like a really misnamed. And then I just I just found this one place and does fine. But has I came out there for an hour. And I came back in the lady was writing up the ticket. You're trying to say here moving did. You just like, I don't know. Trying to say you can't really you can't really talk of it should've took the meter and threw it into the crowd. Don't do that to me rip this. Okay. So kyri. Yeah. Twenty five thousand that's that's a lot. And it's a point zero zero one of his salary. I'm not sure you to. 'cause I wish that in moments like that there could be like a guy that pops up like Kyrie's got the ball in his hand. He's cockpit back pop. So he's like twenty five thousand dollars. And then he's got like make the decision. It's like, you know, what? And then he doesn't. I'd be great see them decision real time. Or somebody tracking the ball. Like did somebody catch it? Yeah. I'm sure they tracked it down and Jamal Mary probably has it now. But. I got to know a lot of people don't know this. But the government puts a chip tracker and every NBA ball. Yep. I'm not supposed to tell you that. Oh, so they got it back. They know where it is a lot of people want that chip tracker for the goaltending rule. Right. It's like. It's like. Soccer. Yeah. That right there. Going to give you the goaltending real. But then they're going to be following you go it's a give and take them ball came back. It went into the Canadian Basketball Hall of fame. Most points tied most points ever for a Canadian. I know he said that on the other a new. Last one v one here, it's not a real nominee. It's a bunch of visual worst of the week nominees. Just to get you to tune into our television show. Jabari Parker did some wild. Marquel? Foltz what a shot at Howard and even crazier shop. Tune into the starter. Six eastern NBA believe that Dwight Howard shot was number one on shacked in a full spoiler. Okay. We don't have to show it. Then you've seen him because I'll watch. Hi, Jay deals at the beach. Your tweets reading your Email kicking the round a little sand. While we do it watch your is. I one from nNcholas Wilson. Greetings from Philadelphia, y'all. I would like to hear your hot takes on who will be the steel of the two thousand eighteen NBA draft. I am a huge fan of Landry. Shamet? How do you say that guys last Schimidt? Yeah. Timothy Shalam injury Shemit. He looks like a second coming of JJ bread playing on the Sixers got his a steel of the eighteen draft. Again. That's from nNcholas. Hello. Do you go first? Let's talk. Do you go? Let's talk it out because I mean, if it should be a down low they should be allowed. Donovan Mitchell steel. Nice counter lottery. Yeah. He looks like he looks like a potential superstar. You're right. Like in the making. I'm talking about Donovan. Yeah. Yeah. I I agree. Yeah. Because I like Alexander, but he was eleventh. Yeah. I think that's still steel rain yet. It's not quite if you think he's going to be an all type player, you know, down the line. I mean. I mean. Composed. He's got he's got that. He's adjusted to the NBA pace. I think he doesn't rush. You know is what he can point guard do right once going to get a manly frame though. Well, he suddenly what? Yeah. Yeah. I mean you look at night. A soul or. More jacked at nine. First off. We didn't even know nineteen tests. I guess you did. Yeah. Sure. Well, yeah. I just turned twenty actually my first year of college, right? He's an August birth easily. Okay. She had just turned twenty. But you had a shaved head took a year off found my roots. I had a shaved head has nothing to do with my body. Look like an extra VIN diesel for sure. And you were working out more. You talked more about working out. That's all I talk more about working out for sure shea guilt Alexander. I like them. That's a good pick. It's eleven but that's fine. That's fine. Let me let me stay there. Let me jump in because miles purchase at number twelve I'm sticking with the sticking with miles. Get him in the dunk contest. He's also a good basketball player. He's not just a dunker. He can shoot the three boys and establish himself as a pretty good three ball shooter. He's he's really athletic. Will he be much more than that? I think so I think he's decent willy being all NBA player. Okay. Okay. Okay. Just you got a little bit of a deeper cut. Kevin her to the Atlanta Hawks baby. Don't hurt me. I don't know. I think he'll play for probably a decade is the nineteenth pick. He can shoot the ball. And he moves better than I would've thought he he's trying to go by red Mamba, though, hair's not that read these six six seven six. Yeah. And eventually hill end up on a team that is just going to say man, just run off screens and catch shoot just watch. Kyle Korver tapes for the rest of your life. He's solid to deep cuts as well. Number twenty pick for the wolves. Josh koji. As you bud like big fan of him. He's giving them a little energy, which they desperately need. Gotta stock up on Energie. Gotta stock up on energy and number thirty six to the Knicks Mitchell Robinson. He's been great great for where he went in the draft and overlooked by a lot of teams. So let's hear from you guys on steal of the draft. Just for Kevin hurt her real quickly. He must be pumped red-headed emojis have just been added. So if your check it's tweets updating us right now, all the colors of the rainbow. People start referring to me with a red headed emoji. I'm gonna be upset. Why don't think you have red hair? I don't identify with the red haired people of the world. Sounded pretty excited when it brought it, you know, I was worried. I was like oh here. Here we go. Here we go identify strawberry blonde. Grizzly underscores shirk back on the wrestling buzz. Can you guys create perfect NBA four horsemen? That includes a star. Rick flair a duo, the Andersons and a rising stud like Tully Blanchard mind says grizzly shark is LeBron is the star Damon McCullum as the deal and Luca Dutch as the rising star. All right. You're making the NBA four horsemen. So it doesn't need to be from the same team. I was real real quick. Totally Blanchard is a wrestler. Yes. Yeah. It was the name Foresman back in the eighty s. Yeah, we're big WCW. That's all. It's all you need to know. It was aren't Anderson. His name was old. If I ever have they were like, I don't think this was this was definitely not real. But they were pretend cousins of RIC flair they were best friends in real life, though. So they travelled around like in a limo all the time like they played up the like, you know, playboy lifestyle right limos horses. Private jets. This. Okay. Mine are Blake is my star get him on the microphone let it rip. He's a very funny guy. The Morris brothers are my brothers. That's good. They can be some heels. Yeah. That's good. And Devon Booker is my young stood stood. Four horsemen. I got Devon Booker as well. Minor the four catman they're all from the university of Kentucky. Anthony Davis is must star deer and FOX Willie Cauley Stein teammates on the kings. And Devon Booker is you're young. So you got league. Well, I've got a little bit more of a an international flavor. Janas the stock Bobi and Toby. Then I've got depot as the rising star. Okay. I mean, that's funny because I have Westbrook as my star, then Bobi and Toby is my do and Darren FOX is my rising star a lot of crossover. I assume these are the four horsemen of the apocalypse that was the reference. Yes. So hey, having like a Devon Booker there. Who'd you say you also Bobi in tovia to the friendliest. No, you don't think it'd be a good wrestler seven foot three he would be friendly wrestler. Andre the giant. We're like they weren't bad guys. I mean, four horsemen of the good apocalypse. They were more bad asses. Yes. That's right. All right. I don't want to Jeff hardy people eating. Jeff and Matt. Ooh, that's for. Sure. Okay. One more historically rights. Ryan from Vancouver historically, NBA players have dealt with some bad habits raging from JR Smith untying other players shoes on the free throw line to King, James, biting his nails. I am wondering what are some bad habits? You're trying to get rid of for me. I have a bad habit of going p with the toilet seat down in an attempt to better. My name. That's about one. Thanks, guys. Five star review coming up says Ryan from Vancouver. All right, bad habits. What are you trying to get some if he wants to improve his name? He's got the seat down just lowered himself down. You want him to mount it. Yes. Splashes misfiring. That's actually a bad habit. For me. I've been doing the leap e. I'm willing to admit almost two. Yeah. Seriously. I think about Lee. I'm gonna go back out soon. So regulators mount AC Slater at facing serious. It wasn't clear white. And you're doing it. Yeah. Real engaged through your lower down. Slowly, are you grabbing the to worry about where you're gonna worry about anything happen? Yeah. You curl your arms up on the back bowl thing. Lay down. You can kinda snooze a little bit. Peanuts feet, turn. But isn't the top part of the toilet seat in your way? If you're leaning your head against the bull the tank. No, I. John Riga belt your toilet hygiene issue. Not if you do it a lot, then you're not spilling things everywhere. So it has to get. Grimy? It's it's safe close the toilet lid before you flush every time. Well, then you oh my goodness. What does your what was your? Does your what was your? Why? So you clean. Are you serious? Of course, not number two. Yes. But not number one. A number. Say what you're trying to get rid of this habit. It's hot man shamed. This house. I would never do this during the light of day would ask him sitting on the that's what I will do yet. Anyway. Does your wife know, but this no, no, she doesn't listen to this show. Away Tuesday show. I can lose to this downstairs washroom it. I see under a stall yard feet pointing. Here's the problem. There's no tank to rest on. Yeah. Brought a pillow in there. Case I fall. Okay. Eddie habits. You know, I was reluctant to mention urinating. But. A my my habit is sitting down when I p the right, right? Well, the right way. It's just a matter of time before you too. The other way around. I hate it. Because your bladder doesn't empty properly. It does not the same. The same. It doesn't it doesn't on your side. And that's why the Squatty potty is have been invented. But I don't have one of those. And then why are you doing this? Let's get lazy. He likes to look full for the bowel movement is. Yeah. Yeah. Just. Another three minutes or something. So it's like, what am I doing my life? Okay. Trying to kick the habit. GD man, you got any habits you want to try and get rid of pretty much. Yeah. You're perfect. Anything come to mind. No. I I. Oh, they're not funny. All right about nora's mine might as checking my phone first thing in the morning, that'd be a habit. I'd like to kick. But I I you move your apps. Your bad episode. The third screen yet. Go bad ups. The apps. They're all good. Why do you need? You does your bed. Get your phone. I love I love my alarm clock on my phone. I love that one. That's like sort of comes in quietly and builds the creeper. Gentle. It's even Nora doesn't get upset with that one. If I snooze a couple of times news it up d you ever bite your beard. Man. Yeah. That was my that was my answer to Lee brought up is backwards pissing. But yeah. Mine curls up into my mouth and like. The grasped every beard while you're reverse. Tonight. I am. Ready crazy. Oh, be crazy. The life out of out of town isn't backwards. Keep your Email. That's coming in your tweets coming. Hashtag starters on Twitter. The starter is that NBA dot com through Email, Matt let's get a quick complaint in here. Resolve this come through it without anger. I think we can do this quickly. So last year, I introduce everyone of the condescending high five do you remember that? Yes. It's when you know someone under under the guise of goodwill. Tries to assert their dominance over you. By for you, an unwanted high walk by usually. Yeah. Usually at drunk, bro. You're like, I'm just getaway. So I'd like to introduce you now to the wave of false generosity. So this is where you're walking down the street. You come to a crosswalk. Let's say you take a step into the cross, which is your legal, right? That's why the crosswalk is there. Someone starts the car that has stopped. Let's say there's a stop sign. There has stopped. You take a step into the intersection? They move forward. They realize you're in the intersection, and they they give you this wave like. Come on. You know? Okay. Yeah. You go you go yuko, and you're like. No don't pretend that you're you're giving me this generous time to cross the street when it is my right across the street. Right. Right. So I would prefer if I don't know what I prefer. They do nothing. I guess back up on the rules of the road the rules of the road. How about you know, the face like if you did like a? Made a mistake. That me that's on me. I wanted that's on me. Okay. So you today. I was I mean, I notice it's a lot. But today, I was walking through the parking garage. It's in my apartment building. And I was walking past the gate. So I was in the garage. Someone was coming into the garage. There's the gate the gate was closed. I took a step to walk past the gate open. And they charged out like like, it's lemoyne's. I think that's a reference. Wow. Okay. Check with green. And then the person sees me in the middle of the, you know, quote, unquote, intersection or whatever they stop. And then they gave me the okay, you know, you can go. So hold on hold on you weren't in a crosswalk. But I'm where else am I supposed to go? That's the garage. I mean, what are we supposed to stop there for the rest of my life? Get a tiny car to drive from your normal car to the door. You can never not be in a car in a garage. We rule. All right. So just don't give the way the false generosity. Give me the my bad. Yup. Of compliance. That happens though, you slow walk. It you gotta you gotta ten your time on that crosswalk. Make him really. I lock eyes stared out. I just hate when you get into the like the game of chicken of like you've stopped because you saw the car is about to pull out. So you stop you don't wanna get hit by a car, but they stop and think. Okay. Well, no, you should go. And you're like, no, no. You just go because you're halfway out. And you get like this like, no, you knew goes go you go you walking. Yeah. I know people should be what I don't want to go there halfway through the cross then. And now, it's just makes more sense for you to move your car. Let's go you know, what I'm saying? Yeah. If they're blocking me, and I want him walk more, and I want to walk behind or in front of them. Yeah. That's true. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. But we're talking about Crosswalks where the sign is only on the ground. Right. It's only painted on the ground, and maybe a little sign, which is at like belt level. It's not those overhanging Crosswalks, right? Like any big lights? Not. It's everywhere. Test in our fine country of Canada every single crosswalk. I believe has overhanging signing like you can see I wouldn't say everyone. Well, that's why I think it's I think it's way different here because of the crosswalk. It's literally just a painted line and a little teeny sign. That's like they've tried five trying to at least in Atlanta, you're right to put in more like flashing lights a crosswalk. I pressed a button, I'm walking here. There's no respect for the walk. There's no respect for the specs for the Walker at right by my house, this, you know, the intersection I'm talking about. There's a crosswalk. It's a four-way stop. So the cars have to stop. There's a. Stop the and one out of every two times I'm walking across that crosswalk. Someone. Someone new. That's one of those weird four way stops because it's like, it's not they're not the streets. Don't match up at the corner. You know, what I mean the two streets. Do not it's like. It's like got a veer. In fact, all four stops are like on a different plane, if that makes any sense in forty chestnut this cross all right? Good complaint. No problems with that. One JD ready to fire. The punt gun chairs. I got a lot of requests for NBA TV shows. I think we've done this before. But who cares like us one from jobber ninety nine Cameron growing pain? Who's the AD show? Well, you could be anything. Okay. Any NBA TV shows like this one from Nome Schiller breaking Batty. That's a good one. Okay. Good time to get in now and start watching servic depot. Oh, what about who's the Terrence Ross? Very nice. Who? Daniel. Has such bimbos are full house. Been starters family Tyson Chandler, go. Here we owe camera and you growing pains Dirk no wings ski. Shaquille Beverly Hills nine or two and O'Neill. Ralph as in raw health Samson. The show. Family barriers. I think it would read better. When I was gonna say from Daniel DeLores, the good pacer. You want to do another tweet. Top that. No, I didn't think so. Or four thousand likes well, four and a half, correct? Have you ever been tempted to give yourself tweet of the week? Thank the army would not people have Frank. You people have said that give you sell toys lake fitting. Tell me. When she say. Do you have to win worse at the week as well that same weekend? All right. Well, then let's go right to rapid fire. Earlier this week. We saw one trailblazer fan destroy another in a savage game of battle orbs. The two guys went knocked the ball the knocker ball. One guy's helmet went flying. He's currently in the concussion protocol. But should return to action soon. What in Reno contest? Could you win JD? Well, I can't be anything to do with basketball, obviously. But Cleveland, I saw have hungry hungry. Hippos thing. Hungry hungry hippos. I want to be one of those hip. Yeah. I think that'd be great at it. Big guy. Just crash into everybody. Killing Matt I'm pretty confident I could win the baby race. Babies. They're not taking the best babies and the babies are not even going in a straight line. They get easily distracted. I think could wait. I think I could win when you have to go out sometimes for a free throw a three point on then go and do the half court shot. I think I could do it one Sean not just like women Vegas, but full of us miss. If one of us is. Yeah. All right. Dumber to camps. Interim coach Larry drew got some attention this week for a unique sideline whistling technique. Hold on a second. I forgot his unique technique. Yep. It is check the Texans. Like this. Wow. Calling him Larry Bird, so guys. Look your best animal intimidation imitation eighty well. It's it's also a bird. It's a chicken here goes. Lear. Thank you. Okay. I'll do mine. You tell me what this is. Leila could vary. No, no, farting zebra. The two pot. Okay. You have to identify these sound. As the world. Fish. Oh fish. Why buddy? Brody makes this then it's a dripping tap into a water bottle like Luckett. A dog spa ball. Dripping. And then you have to get these. Dog drinking not what? Like that. Was that is that ASMAR? That was weird. Fingers pioneer. Alexa. Greenfield was back in the news this week after Madison Square Garden planted around the sidelines. So that she could Paul her classic dipping chicken into a soda bit. Mat you love this. Tell me what's the dumbest thing you could be famous for JD. I mean, it's got to be anal. Retentive miss. I mean, how many years have we worked together in the same office? Have you ever heard me? I know I said yesterday JD the day you fun day. I retired. I think I could be famous for the hashtag sleeping in my Cup challenge. So this is where I brought in a Cup from a solo Cup or really any work mind. But that Cup on a table while you're seated and then try to. A little bit. Then you place your as much of your face as possible in the Cup. You want to apply a fair amount of pressure. So I'm going to do that. Now. He's got his head down. Okay. In the Cup. Then you go this. Sleep in. I'm in. And that's how you sleeping in my country. Because to bury your head in a Cup while seated hashtag it sleeping on my Cup challenge. And I will see it sleeping in my Cup challenge. I love it that is less than dipping chicken fingers. Send us your best sleeping. Anything very solid related people. Tweet me all the time. Like, I've got a very solid, but they potty or a wedding or this or that anytime anyone says, very solid. They send me a photo of it. Thumbs up or something like that. So I think that's what's going to be now me for the rest of my life. You thought trademarking very solid. Good because I already did. All right. That's right. The player that is hopefully another classic addition of the drop you tell us though, tell us on Twitter hash day, the starters tell us on apple if you subscribe to the show on apple podcasts. Leave us a five star review and rating, we'd really appreciate it. And if you catching this early enough on Friday as I always say join us tonight on NBA TV at six PM eastern. We got top ten plays of the week. Ooh. It is a great top ten. We got the worst of the week winner and a whole lot more. So we'll see you tonight on TV you heard it here. I have a great time. Turn-up love you guys. Awesome. Thanks for joining us, folks. And remember there's a caravan headed our way, it's a very angry mob. They are busting through Crosswalks hits the tweet of the week army. Get their people.

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