Bobby Petrino fired for...being bad (at his job) - Week 11 Review


Whoa. Actually, I got let someone else take this one. Go ahead. L come chat bound folk outs. My name is Bobby poor treatment, and I don't have a job anymore. So we're not going to be crashing you here for a while. Bobby gone. Bobby between about fire for football reasons. And fortunately, the have released me. Of the salt. No, no, no. Heard it heard about someone say oh. Guard. Our dear colleague, Bobby Pacino is. Found himself unemployed this time for football without scandal. He made it. I mean. He made it an entire tenure at a single employer without a off-field scam. Well, I guess the recruiting at the time Brian vandewater should and well, I've tried to be as generous as I can. Okay. Here's generous in one year Louisville decided that Bali Pacino wasn't worth it. And that Papa John was actually to racist even for Louisville. And I don't think either of us on that coming. It's been Victoria year. They're getting rid of what see Ripa Tino involve in literally of that name of federal case of fit, you cut them feds. You know, it gets you know, what kind of legal trouble catches people and Kentucky's attention. You don't want. That's right. The of they're like hoop? You might have to leave your house that live in the woods for a while. Yeah. Yeah. Why are you going to tell my family stories out here that and giving up fifty points, basically every week in a C c play those two things one in the same? I do like that out of all the exits from Louisville cleaning house and just giving everything a swab of garlic butter just to make it all brand new is slide away. Just all increasing the viscosity. Slink down the drain is out of all these exits bobby's just getting Ellie dizzy suck at his job. That's it. Yeah. Anybody can do that. I do I censor. I also want to point out that to mood. I wanna point out that before Bobby shuffled off this particular, mortal coil, the who got to get revenge on him after four years of losing. But a score something like one hundred sixty points to seventy. That's right Syracuse the one reliable kicking puppy that Louisville head during bud tree does tire second ten year at Louisville. They turned it around the turn around something nasty. It's fun to watch. Because a nasty turn it around. Man. I can't do it. Just ended up sounding like Dave Ronstadt. That to someone's fetish large sandwiches. Now, it is Jesus. We also have pit to talk about. There's a lot of Pitt. But congratulations. Syracuse on being the one to drive the last nail in the coffin of Bobby between at Louisville. Yeah. You got babord and denote you got Baber denote. Usually you pay double for that cotton. Bobby would know that wouldn't he I think that your extended metaphor implies the puppy kicked back. The public puppy became obeyed puppy reared up. Bit bombie, and you know, his money maker. Where is that? I'll leave that to the experts decide where Bobby Pacino's and let make setting. Yeah. It's a big old brain Bobby between manage to win games. Where's your brain? He could not win with Lamar accident, shoulders knees and toes of Bobby potato sing it Jason Singh puppet. Dude. Knees. And that's. I'm ready for this. Yeah. So Bubby tree. No, he gone I presumed to lie in wait for such lucrative coaching jobs as the Louisville dub in two thousand twenty three. So that you get the Notre Dame. Now, he can take Ohio State when urban goes to Notre Dame. They do need a man of character there. You know, the Atlanta Falcons head coach. Not a never work. I think we should see what's. Give it a chance. We'll we have to lose quite a bit aubrey's been waiting fifteen years for this. I say pick it up now at times, right? Yeah. Hey, get him before. Bama. Can't. The bridges of Madison County, we're going to reunite them. Bamboo grab him up a home for wayward, boys. He said, oh, wait. No sorry. Sorry. I'm bad at this. Real bad this. Yeah. That would be that would be the biggest shocker of all because we are now currently entering I think with the fire department. No, Kansas doesn't count they fire coach, right? That doesn't count it much. I'll tell you what Kansas firing a coach is not a surprise Louisville firing a coach officially kicking off termination season. We're now firmly in the point where hot seats become too hot. And officially began scalding people between the first cat off the hot grill. I think it's even funnier under for very personal metaphor. Tennessee, if we picture that like, you can't you can't bear. Have you can't broil a cat Jesus. Wept. That meet won't stand up to it was great. Spencer's acquired some stringy game. Pelt poor house can't pay. Dead redemption. Mostly speaking of poor pelts, I just like the idea that no this isn't actually kicking off hotseat season, the coaches who are fired this year, Kansas and Bobby portraying. That's it everyone else's fine. Also, Kansas once and things you can't Kansas has more wins than Bobby between managed in his final season before he got fired for being terrible. That is job lifts funny. Life is I can't relate life is rich and so is Bobbi between. Oh, shit three. Or four words. Bobby between. Oh studio presence. CBS or like a begin the stadium. Yeah. Because he gets to the online the producer tells the smile, and then it's like, no don't do. Don't. Oh god. He's just got one. He's got those bird teeth. He got them all filed down to match the mascot. Maybe tried taking one of them out, Bobby. Nope. It back in. No. This does begin the Louisville hiring Jeff Brohm conversations from Purdue. And this would be the point where is sincerely say. I do not know if this is a move that Jeff bone necessarily wants to make at this point. 'cause little is. It's a scientific phrase their goddamn mess absolute mess right now. But he's walked into those before. I mean, he did walk into Purdue with what do you fear? Yeah. And like, you know. How could it be worse than Purdue? And plus like how many chances do you get to go fix your mater? The most all monitor it beyond fixing. So say, yeah. Then again, Louisville probably pretty good go L again, the number highest rated division one football program instead of Georgia nineties negative. I can relate nearly beat Kansas state in basketball. We only lost by like nine I gather. That's good. Apparently, I've heard is that a basketball decent. Okay. That's good. Yeah. I'm a Florida fan nines fine. That's we got nine hundred Hugh. That's great. The other team kid is it less than nine in the other direction. Awesome. Oh do ethics to discuss for Florida. Normally in previous years when Florida had gotten down thirty one fourteen. There was some semblance of I guess, that's how things are just going to go today. I know something's changed because at the half, South Carolina got to thirty one points. It was the thirty one fourteen score. And I thought well, that's all South Carolina's got. Punch themselves out was there. Do you think there was sort of a c- say Florida used to be like that? And South Carolina is like that. Now is there some sort of a correlation between former Florida and current South Carolina who can't think of one I don't think to not a lot. The program has its common sheer coincidence collapse, and sort of an offensive like Meazza that comes over the team suddenly for no apparent reason. Like suffocating fart gas wafting from the ass of a giant dragon who kills scoring and college football games. No. I don't I don't know what the two teams could possibly have in common. I know that guy will must you him. He's going to he's going to bounce back from this though, you'll find that Jack can score points will you'll find that far dragging. Yeah. He'll. There's a big old fart dragging upstate that. He's gonna play the end of the season. Please. Remember that that South Carolina? If you go, oh, well can't really get much worse than blowing thirty one fourteen lead to Florida all people letting fully bay Franks Abitur game on you can be a forced baptism and Clemson. You bet get some Jesus robe dog. Get drowned in a trough for the lowered. Just like dab both daughters. And then in order to to close out your season, you have to go and play big ten west champ Akron interest scheduled game. Don't I have that? Right. I check. He does have only sons I rest my case. Let me just check. So we only know about his sons teach the coast because all the daughters were drowned. Yes for Chris. Yes. South Carolina is playing a rescheduled game against big ten west champion Akron zips not an easy game. Please never forget Akron won the big ten west. And if north western were to say upset, Michigan Ohio state, we'll have a state extremely upset. -able nearly beat Michigan earlier this year. Big Tim champion Akron in other shameful performances. Michigan state covered themselves in glory glory. By the way, is the Chinese pharmaceutical name for an off brand skin -pointment that can cause burning searing angriness irritation starting every drive from the one and a half getting one bad pun at of Ohio state's punter and then suddenly turning him into the reincarnation of Ray guy himself dropping Bob's. It's the five being so so. Out identity, your own identity that you are Michigan state, and you don't even trust yourself to punt imagine. That's the only thing you have Michigan state in case anyone missed this took an intentional safety in the third quarter. The train itself. He didn't even let that boy. Punt I really can't believe that Mark dantonio auto safety though. Like, that's the most Michigan state play is the unintentional auto safety, and he intentionally embraced it, and it paid made no difference whatsoever. Yeah. I mean, all it did was set up more bomb. Ask drew Christmas punts got your Christmas. He had a four yard punt to open things. The average is the average is a deceptive. I think that was delayed them into a false sense of security. Like, oh, he's off today. We got him. We got them rattled. Nope. You do not drew Christmas dropping balls inside. Like like, he was dropping balls inside the satchel angels Christmas. Yeah. Lever presence legit was transferring straight down the chimney. It was he was doing the quantum quantum physics thing where it's like every time it gets it gets halfway closer. You know, first time it's three that's one of the half the point seven five and it can never actually touch the goal line. Eventually is just infinitives Maly imperceptibly for away. That's as big ten words for that. Is you know, and speaking of adverbs? Adverbs Azima dill. Pledge to compliment you as a big ten west champion, Miguel grant beg your pardon. Speaking of that means or would have had to beat Iowa. Actual mayor. Seen in a most in my most northwestern moment ever on this podcast. Well, actually, north western fashion. I'm going to hand it over to someone else today. The rest of the. Got some great ideas here. If you guys could just get started on those that'd be awesome. I'll be over here. Figuring out of the fax machine. Works executive producer of this podcast. The most wonderful thing, by the way, the other quantum phenomena in Michigan state, Ohio State was the cage Maly extent. And then sometimes not there at all passing game totally random Brownian motion passing game from Michigan state. If you're not familiar Brennan motion, that'd be just the random movement of particles. It's pretty much exactly where the ball went. Michigan state has the weirdest offense because they haven't been able to run the ball for what three years running thing ever since they used up all their good runs in that one drive in the big ten title game. Yeah. That one said like LA drive you four play three hundred hundred and eighty or. Yeah. Four hours opened the doors to the stadium boys. We're going to downtown indie. Yeah. Spilling the. Yeah. Michigan state Bill. Bill Connolly often brings us up. They have this this brand of being a. Grungy excellent man ball team. But they're they're not lately they've let they've been like scattergun fifty passive game for twenty one completions. All what like a four point three yard per attempt clip with one I n t in no TD's. I was I happen to be watching this game next to a Pac twelve fan, and he said. How do you watch this shit? And then what happened later that night? And then what the east coast had its revenge because we all had to watch Callie USC. We're going to drag you down into the muck west coast. Necessarily. Fifteen points beat the most talented team when the entire west coast fifteen of them things me watching that game with Michigan state, Ohio State. What's sad tragic comedy that I can save her me later finding out what happened to Cal? You a see what masculinity water man ball? What reform has been brought to the Taxol. Yeah. What man the whole damn story? Calcutta great chant, man. Yeah. You some something something till the whole damn world. This is bear territory better city in Los Angeles territory run by bears better than fires. Can they find the bears could fight fires? You know? Listen to be their job. Yeah. That was raised. Great job bears. Listen Justin Wilcox can hold USC to fourteen points. I'm pretty sure he can keep well fire from jumping wanna one too. He's Billy dammit descend that big white fellow up the gap working. That was enough to stop USA Bengal number ninety something shutdown anything this little arriving egg ad blitz is one of my favorite college football thing. Which is you know, we're gonna put a guy right over the ball. We're just going to send him to you. And he's almost going to get there. He comes burden she'll big old Carole. Bayer. Having offended oak Christians and the victims of the California wildfires where you want to go next poise. I was thinking of going to. Alabama. If we if we have to talk about them. Well, it was making t shirt it was a rough weekend for the tight. No Christians there, especially on now struggling China in Alabama clearly has unconfessed sin famous struggled to get the ball moving. Just couldn't get anything done on offense failed to punch it in at the end like. I know like like only scored twenty four points to twenty four points to his confidence is shaking advocated, the language gap from a Hawaiian to to gods. God's language Gela Banff. Gela Bem fans more before the season. They weren't. Yeah. One of our estimations, young young gun standard view that message board fan. I think somebody actually found him in feels very badly. It wasn't a joke. Yeah. He did. He felt he was like, oh, I didn't. I didn't know. Yeah. We know you didn't know dummy. He was he felt sheep. But like everyone assumed it was a joke. Every was like this was a well, everyone from outside everyone from outside the midsouth assumed it was a joke. Yeah. Yeah. Thick every that. He felt very bad about it. And he's learned a lot about Polynesian culture. Yeah. Do you think he sincerely told people? You know, I went on a journey. I watched Milano washed Moana. Yeah. A wash Hawaii five. Oh, yeah. I'll watch the wrestlemainia whereas versus stone cold. Yeah. And they're stealing each other's moods. Politics party. At least one direction. Yeah. Later. I went to Benny hana's. I know not not it's not my heart was in the right place. I went out to the lake there's a there's a little island about forty feet out learned about island culture. Linear. Turtle. Yeah. There's weird muscles everywhere. It's crazy. Turtle on the island weird muscles. Dudes. There we go. We're muscles Boston College who I'll do is lay down segues. They scored seven points. This court seven points, you all seven points that would. With a kick return day at my favorite staff from that. Halftime it was like oh dude got him on the ropes. It's thirteen seven dudes. We're gonna we're gonna put that they had twenty four yard, dude. Sylvain twenty four yard twenty four yard. Yeah. And they're back on knocked out. Yeah. And the the one score was via a white boy who is wearing a hoodie under his jersey. Which is maybe the most New England football player thing of all time. You'd have a like a hoodie. First names. Obviously, Danny what's his last name over ten years old birds. But yeah, having a hoodie if you could only wear shorts as your uniform schwarzen- like cold, weather, right? Danny seena Tanny. It's not cold. You can't see me this. Why made that punt return happened, dude or? Not really a challenge for Clemson in any sense other than they managed to slow down clemson's offense a little bit. Also, they had to go to Boston. They kept it out of the psalm. That's good Travis. Generally averaged what seven yards a carry. That's a victory. That's not as bad as it has been a Clemson had his stat that the Tigers are now. It was something like five oh in northern games. Played under forty degrees, or colder there. So Tigers are very comfortable in the snow vereen tanker. Them. Hot weather Tigers. No state. Yeah. They them Porky internet Tigers. You see either nothing ones that sitting Chinese zoos getting fit chicken all day note. Tigers have a good those Tigers fans really fat Tigers from like Siberian zoos that just basically jumped at chicken thrown out of like baskets. Yeah, that's a life. Same. Yeah. Same same. Well, this is my way of saying Clemson can get fat. They'll still be agile as in their backfield the fridge package, which contains Trevor Lawrence at QB than Dexter Lawrence. Who's who is significantly larger than Trevor law? He's a bigger variety of Lawrence. He's about three twenty on the package on the listed in the roster so much larger brother he he's probably about three forty and then Christopher Wilkins. I believe at tailback is what he plays so fat. Absolutely. The way to go through life. That's what I'm hearing. Yes. That's exactly what you're hearing. And they run that package all day. It is my absolute favorite thing in football right now in terms of scheme, they should run. This should be their standard goal line package. And here's the fun part. It is when they get into goal line. They bring out seven hundred. Pounds of backfield before you get to the quarterback. Basically, I think they should start the game against like Duke just in that lineup. Do it for all drive and make do think like fucker they're going to do this whole time if they play. Football. If they play out. Football being throttled by tiger. Sorry, coach if they play Alabama the playoff that's down one down one set. They gotta have Wilkins Larence in the backfield some beautiful remember Christian Wilkins index. Lawrence book that I didn't they both led defense in the spring game? Wilkins pleats seeing played safety lobbied to play quarterback. He's played punt coverage. He's played. He's caught passes. He's ran the wildcat. Yes. They should they should let him loose. You. Let him play safe. You tell them in the national in the national title game. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Nick, savings brain. So hard time out. What does this playful Ludik figure to it? What is this poetry? I see before me. This is not football or assess Tom. This is awesome. Mandy. I I don't think this is any real bother for then I think this is all setting up for their real matchup of destiny, which the matchup pedestrian got a little bit closer this weekend. Because I don't know if you went to the ask kicking store this weekend. But if you did they were all out, and you had to come back, you know, whose fault that was that you had to come back on Sunday to buy more acid ask kicking store. All right. Did similar? I'm the sounds of it my, Debbie. No. There's someone put pit in the us kicking store so shit hit got to they ask kicking store before you, and they bought it all looted them. That's right. It was there. Like, it was windows ninety five at day. Yeah. First in line. I'm so excited. There are at least windows NT or as they say in Pittsburgh earned earned her turn. I have nine letters in it windows earn. Yeah. Pit pit put one on Virginia Tech. I know that defense is now pretty publicly known as being bad but damn pit. That's fair pit ran for four hundred ninety two yards. That's impulsive Johnson level spied on the ground. Four ninety two. Country Olsen had two hundred and thirty five yards rushing to thirty five, you know, damn so. Which you need tech. Let's check in rushing defense. How's it going? It started great. They did not allow. Really more than four yards a carry through the first four games since then five point two to six point eight five point nine six four point four seven. None of those are disastrous even the Georgia Tech one in there. It wasn't the average. It was there was sedan mini to average. And then there's this thirteen point six seven perk here. You have allowed sixteen rushing touchdowns in your last three games. That's what it says right here. Ecksteen CFP stats dot com. Sixteen rushing touchdowns in three games. I went to a public school. But could you correct me believe that's more than five? That's several. Yeah. That's many. But for the more than you want. How many teams have given fewer than sixteen rushing touchdowns all year? Let's find that out. It is actually well, it's it's quite a few quite a few including basically half the country half the country. Okay. Bama's given up three. Cincinnati is giving it five mighty Iowa State is given a five Auburn is only giving up six. That's how bad things that's how many they give up in a game twice. Why? Fine. What happened in Virginia Tech and Louisville played right? I don't win sprints wins friends, man. I would like to also catch up with another law of statistics science and humanity and football would like to go onto the NC state loss. Watch NC state by rule most finish every single season with four losses. And let's see where where are they saying? After this time, I think we're good. We good. Did we get to four? We're very pardon me. I forgot the the West Virginia game cancelled we are six and three. So. Headon head in. I'm going to say should be six and four so yeah. Because that's happening because every time you get high about NC state date shows up if they blamed West Virginia, they'd be six four. They played Wake Forest this week. So nobody will be happy. They were it was this was one of the seven biggest spread upsets of the season so far. So that's bad. Yeah. That's not good did Wake Forest have their starting qb. No. They started Jamie Newman. Yeah, they started him and he's not starter. So you figure going up against the seasoned team. Like NC state that was on the come up that was on the rise that you know, he was certainly going to exhibit the kind of fear. No, he threw three TD's. That's the playoff committee is number fourteen, sir. Yes. The answer being no one's really good this year for Alabama. Yeah. That's that's it. That's the answer. Nobody's really great. Except for Alabama everyone else. Just scrambling for fries at the bottom of the bag, and this I find a bit of freedom because Bama has that they have all the pressure. They get they gotta keep being bam on the rest of us can go about our happy lives. That's true. Yeah. If you if you ever find yourself angry about the playoff committee, pull up the as of this exact moment. Just take a look at the standings trying to list teams past ten. Levin something like that list through the list. Number twenty come up with the list that you think few people could find fault with it's impossible. There are here. Here's here's my favorite stat about this season. So far in the power five. Do you know how many two loss teams are with exactly two losses? To Syracuse LSU. That's it is it everybody else is either three one or none. The to the three count Notre Dame the three zeros influ ones. Everything else is garbage. Like who's definitively the eleventh best team in college football right now. Congratulations. It's you. Yeah. Sure. It's ever you wanted to. I don't care. Yeah. You can tell me, whoever you want Wisconsin. You wanna slide right in their eleventh best if someone came up and said, it's Florida you'd say. Deep issue LSU's. In the tape temper eleven yesterday. Well, guess who's the number eleven not us? Like, you can't even like even this weekend was sort of a cavalcade of slightly underwhelming performances. For instance, Michigan only scored forty two points against Rutgers and gave up an eighty yard touchdown to Rutgers. I asked a Michigan guy what happened to make them. So frustrated he says through a bunch of screens. During a dirty Criollos screens, cowardly odd thing. Dimond slot of hand. No. This is not belong in football. I want an honest exchange of facemasks, gentlemen, gentleness this. What little football to me? Yeah. Only forty two seven Michigan after a hammering of like after historic hammering of rutger's. Do you think they did it just so they could say Penn State? It's basically Rutgers absolutely one hundred percent. It's cayman. If you did watch bedlam, we have this is another it was actually bedlam this year. No, it was really it was real good. It did it was also actually bedlam because Oklahoma state lost. Well, that's interesting part and parcel. Yeah. Like every year. We we do this thing where we talk themselves into bedlam being anything can happen. It's crazy. Lame and as Kirschner put it that means Oklahoma could win by a lot Oklahoma can win by little Oklahoma could win on the last play. You never know what'll happen. It was one of the years where Oklahoma one by a little which fun homeless state and had to go forward to at the end and missed it on a plate where I was alternately told after watching it that the pass was bad the past was good. But the guy was opened the guy was open, but the past was, okay. But the defense was good. And I was told that the entire idea was very bad. I think Mike Gundy should be fired extended put on probation, and he should take the Louisville job. How can you favorite one score game? Like, literally, we talk about one score one point. It is a one point game. Where you do the bold thing to end it at the end, right? Like if you to finish it with a two point conversion, you take that chance. And then everyone goes, well, obviously, right, obviously, something went terribly wrong here. What should attending the point? Should you against your rival who you're already what two and eleven against right? And you come within one point of them with a guy named Taylor. Cornelius at quarterback who is far as everyone else knows only received scholarship offers from one other school, right? He wasn't even Tulsa grade material and he's your starter. And you get within a point of beating Oklahoma. What do you know what the data you can take from that the inference you can take from that nothing that you should fire. Mike Gundy immediate. Your best coach ever. I'm not talking about modern history or no, no qualifiers whatsoever. Your best coach ever. And he loses by point to a team. He's already two at eleven against as vastly more resources and isn't in Stillwater in a mock turtleneck vision, everything he's struggling against. Yeah. Just saying it's making it worse for yourself. Yeah. Mock fucking turtleneck. How dare you? And who was twice this season told the press, I don't give a shit nearly. I would ask when asked about scrutiny on play calls performance. And overall team record has said, I don't give a shit on multiple occasions. You scrutinize your closet? You fucking goblin. He does he does he needs a little more someone other than the khakis d wear sweat. Sometimes see one of those countries where sweats on the sidelines. Fancy sweats performance west. Yeah. He's ward performance. I think he's worth tack to slits. That's got to be among the most Oklahoma garments. I would guess who owns no fabrics that. Do not quick. Yeah. No. It's it's always thinking. This makes him a pioneer will. If you go and hunt rattlesnakes before practice, you're going to need the wicked material. Right. Thank you, Jill valuable input from a cat. You know, what Mike Gundy thinks of any cats input on his program? I don't give a shit shoot at that. And the cat. I don't give a shit. Poop in the woods and cover it like a cat. So. Asking. Let's see here. Can we talk about Texas, Texas sidebar here? Yeah. We speak quietly. I would like to have a Texas sidebar fat. I think it's important to note that shirt, Texas beat Texas Tech. But there are more important developments in the long horn averse like what? Well. Disgraced. Self disgraced Ohio State. The former assistant coaches X myth with e logged the fuck on. Yeah. No. He did not logo off Sunday night. He went on quite a tirade about Tom Herman, former colleague at Ohio State. Well, he's the head coach all interesting. Yeah. All seven of each each time Herman so Zach Smith won a quite a spree about him expose you bitch. I'm gonna take you down Asian masseuses and so on and so. Part of the takedown plans. I think so I think they were in on it from the beginning, they were plants by a criminal, masterminds myths. Just teach genius Jack Smith is a pretty whit sect name. We might have seen this coming. That's a fair point is real names. I can't say get so he Cornelius did in other. In other words, he did not stop posting. He he he. He kept posting any eventually one of his posts. He he broke out the seats. He had the documentation he exposed Tom Herman. Oh, man. He wall of text. I'm gonna take you down bitch so on and so forth so on so. Visual mediums, the end of this was a reply by Tom Herman. What was it? I forget the exact wording. Okay. Cool hook them. Which meeting the became the mantra of the internet for the rest of the night and will probably remain. It's the response that would have one might have sent to your post maters outside. Okay. Cool. Come. It's it's like it's gotta be Tom ERM and stock Texas Zac Smith dropping off full awful. It's like it's like a recruit says coaches thing I'm gonna come up next week. Okay. Cool hook. Spencer. We can hear that. It's fun had a crack crack a beverage Graco grow. Coa wonder restores man. A cooler. And my shiner came relisted week pill every coke zero can't log off my podcast dead. He's meeting. Need to slow it down. So I can accurately nail. These takes Bank. Bang bang. If you're wondering if they're like this all the time they are. Yeah. No. I. With Herman doing this. It does remind me that at all points, Texas is rich and doesn't care. That's it. Texas is rich and they don't care. That's all points. When you hear the theme song? Right. When you hear the texts are fun. You all you should here is the Calvin. I thank you. You could sit my, Dan. That's it. Big Cal big count goes to all of them. Right more. Yeah. Like, you could sing it to the fight song as well. If you were going to sing the Texas fight song, his I've tried this earlier. And here's a problem. I started singing, boomer sooner. But with big calcium my dick which actually works on like several levels in Texas are basically the same program. Everyone agrees on that. I've always thought that many people are saying many, many people have said, it's the only reasonable conclusion. Did you get a load of this Oklahoma and Texas the same program says someone? Yeah. We're going to get some emails, man. We're probably gonna get some emails. That's all right texts. Can't catch Dan Damberg. They can't catch a they can't catch a break. They can't break a set. They can't. Yeah. They can't do anything right right now because they go all the way down with jet who was their second stringer. And I think if you count it it certainly as might have even been close to third string like like, I don't know. They've had like you can. Yeah. Yeah. They've had nine different quarterbacks. Basically that is seventeen. He's seventeenth stringers. I remember everyone who comes through Texas Tech ends up somewhere else or ends up in the NFL, right usually Oklahoma Baker may feel Pat Mahomes, right? Who can catch? Bill. Jordan, little Jordan Humphry. He he Crabtree. So the most precious moment in the history of Texas Tech football. Alvin taking back waiting by rich people who don't have to live on the moon. I don't lie. You that happened to you? They they did kind of a weaker. But like rich people appropriating something they did a weaker less important version of it. Right. Oh, we can do that. It was the Woodstock two of catches. Then so yeah, I don't know Texas is what we how are we going our chicken? But we need to update everyone. This was this was very good news for Spencer of Texas is. It's a little tricky Texas is in the AP poll currently thirteenth, which is well within Spencer's wins on the overall mediocrity of cultural balls, really helping. Yes, this is good news for you. However, ten CFP rankings Texas was nineteen and. Bill probably jump up to about sixteen or so so they're in the push sewn in the secondary side chicken bet. So Spencer right now, you're currently one. Oh and one if things were to hold through Kansas. Excellent. That's that's a chicken this, chicken and a half. Of course. I also have a chicken bet with Ryan as well. That's what I'm keeping track of both. Okay. Yeah. Defeat Ryan on the big chicken. And you and I would have to have a grim handshake without any winners who sh-. Antagonize presidents to push push damn to you now to my way partner. Did you say, Tom Herman? I'm going to ruin him, whatever. Okay. Cool hook them. Okay. Cool. No hat. No cattle. Do you have anything else? Oh, hey. Hey, Tennessee one. Oh, yeah. True. It's. I gotta let through this recording yet. I don't know. This wit saw the end of it. We it's true. All right. I. I can't be you can't even be our answer for more of a coach with your answer for more of a coach in a wig. Got that out of us system. We're going to list van to Bill feel good though. Feel good. I'm feeling great. Your other team did pretty well, West Virginia. Oh, yeah. Yeah. My my ancestral team inside begun to watch that game. You gotta wait till y'all leave just. Speaking of gravelly voiced Cowboys Bandidos Howdy partner. Yeah. We'll through three fifty just you know, casualty TD day. No big deal along. Yeah. Just forty seven ten like, it's nothing. Over Gary Patterson and TCU having a very bad time up game bear. Yeah. Gary Patterson, having officially a very very bad time this year that TCU and four and six likely looking at not making. We need close to a bowl, right? Yeah. Well, we'll know the problem with making a bowl is that you'd have to watch TCU play football again. Everybody wants that shit. They feel like the armed forces bowl. Right. Six six like if they win their list at six and six TCU in the armed forces. That means staying at home. Yeah. Staying here hits. Let's put it this way TCU in December. I think your best bit is staying home. Yeah. You should just go ahead and do this, please. Then more sleep until the forever, sleep TCU. Creepy. There was a heartwarming moment as Pat FitzGerald informed. His team that they had won the division. Correct. The didn't they know that they lost accurate? Let's up you. No. They I'm sorry. I'm only looking at fourteen ten over one of America's finest football programs that we never slander on this program. I alwa- they beat Iowa fourteen. Ten goodness. Yeah. That that they informed. Everyone on the field that northwestern one, and they celebrated with a round of hearty handshakes. Just formal with a group byline. Yeah. They were like. We'll record a podcast now about this. That's what we'll do is that what people do to celebrate. Good news. That's what a northwestern grad. Does record a podcast like it. Subscribe, please. Not a YouTube channel desert gold.

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