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Welcome to nobody told me. I'm Jan black. And I'm Laura Owens once the secret to success. What's the formula for achieving your biggest goals in life? Our guest on this. Episode. Hal Elrod says the answer to those questions is simple. How is the author of the international bestseller the miracle morning and his latest book is called the miracle equation. The two decisions that move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable. How thank you so much for joining us today. It is not always an honor to be here. But as a former radio DJ now podcast or Jan and Laura you have the best voices. I've ever heard. Thank you. I don't know if you were born with that. Or you think you practiced, obviously, he's done a lot of episodes. But anyway, so it's an honor to here, and I was super impressed lifting. You guys introduce the opposite. Thank you so much. Wow. Well, how you've defied death twice and are a true miracle, man. Can you talk to us a little bit about what happened young? Yeah. Yes. Usually, the two experiences of both of them were things that you think man that hope who had never happened just happens to you know, other people and I feel for them on the news. And then I the channel and go back to my life and not one but yet few different experiences. The I was I was twenty years old had given a speech at a at a company conference. I was one of the top sales people for my company, and I was always giving speeches at pretty much every whether it was a, you know, regional or national leading and I gave a speech at this event and driving home that night. My car was head on by drunk driver at eighty miles an hour. Oh, my off of the drunk driver and the car the worst was actually yet to come the car behind me spun around right in front of them, and they crashed directly into my driver's side door at seventy miles an hour. Oh, man. What you might. Imagine would happen in that situation is what happened in the entire their car. Crushed my door into my body and crushed my body, and I broke eleven bones. Instantaneously my leg broke the femur. Broken house, my pelvis, broken three places my arm behind my bicep broken house. I shattered my elbow severed the radio nerves in my forearm. I thought it was crushed so bad. It's rebuilt with three titanium plates might year was almost completely severed and in the ceiling buckled slice of big v in the top of my head and unable to withstand the pain and very grateful. I was immediately in a coma. And it took the rescue crew almost an hour to use the jaws of life and to pull me out of the car, and it was sucked in the carved is leading the entire time. By the time. They finally pulled me out of the car, I bled to death, and my heart stopped beating stop breathing. And I was clinically dead on the side of the freeway. And they rushed me onto a medevac helicopter while performing CPR and six minutes from the time that I thought line they they didn't give up after five they kept working on the and they brought me back to life. And I was rushed to the hospital spent six days in a coma. Flatlined twice more and came out of the coma. Six days later to face the news from doctors that I would never walk again and permanent brain damage as well. Like my short term memory. I literally Lauren Janu could we could have been friends for life. You could have come to visit me in the hospital for few hours sat by my bed in my my hospital bed. If you went to lunch and came back, I would have forgotten that we spent the morning together. Like, my memory was really bad. My wife will tell you. It's not that much better now, but. The high. So I was faced with this news that I would never walk again. And I essentially I, and we can get into all the, you know, the the weeds on this and the lessons from this. But as far as the story goes, I decided that I was I would accept the worst case scenario. So it had no power over my emotions like I decided, I'm at peace. If I never walk again, I will be the happiest I made a decision. I'll be the happiest person that you could possibly be and the most grateful person, you could possibly be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. But it won't. I the decision was my circumstances will not determine my quality of life. They will not determine my emotional state, and the doctor I was in denial because I was so happy about everything was just positive unhappy over diamond they called their parents. And they said we're concerned with how things in denial maybes delusional. We're not sure find out how he's really feeling and my dad approach me. And I said dad, I can't change that. I was in a car accident. They can't change the my body's broken. Unchain? I may never walk again. So accepted that and peace with it. I said, however, that's only one possibility believe there's the second possibility. And no one really knows if it's if it's going to happen. But the second possibility is I will walk again, I might walk again. And I literally I don't know if it's possible, but neither do the doctors. No one really knows. And I said, so I'm choosing to accept the worst case scenario and set it aside and not not worry about it not stress about it. It's there, and I've accepted it, and it's not even that bad because we'll be happy. No matter what. But all my energy go into what I want and that's walking again, I'm visualizing walking. And every day imagining it I'm praying about it. I'm thinking about it. I'm I'm maintaining unwavering faith that it's possible. And I'm going to therapy. I'll go to therapy. I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna do everything. I can and the the doctors they believed that you know, that that they thought man house really delusional really gone. The defended on, but but it was very sincere. And the the proof is in the pudding if you will a week after this conversation with my dad in three weeks from the night. I was found dead in broke, all these bones. The doctors came in with routine x rays, and they said to me, and my parents, they said, hey, we've got some really great news. We don't know how to explain this. But how your body is healing so fast that you're actually ready to take your first step today? And there. Wow. Yeah. And and even me being domestic I'm like, you know, maybe like six to twelve months, you know, healing and positive. You know, you know, but but I never in a million years. Did I think that three weeks after the crash I would take my step, and I took my first day and four weeks later left the hospital, and and we want to dive into that we can, but I'll just real quick share with you the second near death experience that was a real death experience actually died but the second two years ago, and I was twenty when that happened. I'm now thirty nine I was thirty seven two years ago when I was on the verge of death. And we didn't know what was wrong doctors initially couldn't figure it out. But my lung kept collapsing, and I kept I couldn't breathe they have to drain. My Lum fluid for my lung and in in in a it was either an eleven and eleven day period. They drained sixteen pounds of fluid from my lung, basically every day and a half two days. I'd have to go to the ER after stick a giant needle in my back and drain my lung, and then it would just about up another in the next day. And I'd have to go back in over and over and over and they kept running tests figure this out, and it ended up being that I had a very I was diagnosed with a very rare aggressive form of cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And the scariest part is this has a that particular cancer in adult the tend to thirty percent survival rate, and I always say that if you're a, you know, if you're pessimist, right? If you're a glasses out empty person that is the doctor saying you have a seventy percent to ninety percent chance that you are going to die that you're gonna leave your your too young kids with the time, we're seven and four my my daughter, Sophie, my son, halston, you know, that you're seventy nine hundred chance that you're gonna leave them without a father and leave. Your wife's first husband and on the day. I was diagnosed. This really leads into you know, what we're gonna talk about today. But the day was diagnosed I called my wife that Hartford, but she was out of town with the kids. I was by myself, and I called her with the hardest phone call I've had to make in my life. And you know, she started to bowling, and I and they Nissar ball even though I already I was a peace with it like same same with the accident. I, you know, the piece, but but it's like, I I couldn't change it. So I might as make the best of it. And I knew for her it was much harder to hear of course. And I said sweetheart once both stop crying. I said, I I know I don't I don't she had stopped. But I said, I know this is I know this is the worst thing probably you can imagine. I I know it's hard. But I said there's there's two things we are number one. I've been through something like this before different. But but similar, and I made the decision that I would be the happiest and the most great flight ever been while I endured my recovery for my car accident. And I said, I promise you, I will be okay, I will be the happiest most grateful that I've ever been. While I go through what I'm imagining will probably the most difficult time in our lives. I said in the second thing, and I said, I don't know if you remember this. I'm sure I've mentioned it to before. But I've been living for seventeen years by this thing that I called the miracle equation that I created when I was twenty one to break a sales record in my company and do what felt like a miracle, which is why called it the miracle question. And I said I put it to dozens of people might coaching clients over the years. And I said it it works with you know, a very high success rate. I said, so even though the doctors are saying, I have attended thirty percents the typical chance of surviving. This. I believe I believe this formula is question these decisions will ensure that I have a one hundred percent chance of being in that ten to thirty percent that make it, and I don't expect you to believe me right now. I know I know you're frayed, but I have. Unwavering faith that I will be this cancer, and I'll be alive with you. And the kids for as long as you know, you and I wanna be alive. And and I'm very grateful to say that I applied the miracle question, which I've done to everything from selling millions of books to surviving. My car accident all these things and I played at the cancer journey and the doctors were similar to the previous authors. My car accident. They were dumbfounded at how. Well, I handled my treatments which is one of the most horrific intensive chemotherapy treatments in existence. You know, why people in every there'd be regimen of different? There's I don't even know how many, but for example, I have an aunt that is going to cancer, and she would go in for chemo. You know for like an hour a week, and I had a over a hundred hours of chemo consecutively for four or five day, periods alternating four days, and then five days every three weeks, I had one hundred hours of chemo nonstop for every three weeks and the goal is to kill the cancer. It 'cause it's so fast acting it. So aggressive kill the cancer before killing the patient, and I got very close to dying on multiple occasions. But I'm grateful to say that I am now in remission cancer free for the last year and furthering my my mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity. And that brings us to where we are today. We're thrilled to have you as part of our nobody told me family, and we want to tell you about one of our sponsors, smart and sexy smart insects is the place to go when you've major plans for spring break. 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Like because there I think miracle thought of is mostly of these passive random acts that you kind of the pray and wait strategy like hoping for miracle and praying for miracle hope things work out or they're very random and unpredictable and not very reliable. And so the way that I defined a miracle for me. I'm about results. I I want. I don't wanna just you know, I wanna see results in our life. I don't wanna put a vision board on wall and hope that those miracles on that board come to pass. Right. So here's my definition of a miracle, and it miracle is any meaningful outcome that is beyond. What you believe is probable for you. Say that again any meaningful outcome, and it can be in any area of life. Right. Any meaningful outcome that is beyond the realm of what you believe is probable for you notice that I did not say possible because possible if you if you are an optimistic you engage in personal development, if your party authors club there, the office credo is anything is possible. But not enough to get out of bed in the morning. You know, the the motivation and the drive to make our biggest dreams come true because anything's possible. Everything's possible. Human beings human nature's to pursue certainty. We don't we don't go after goals that are possible. We only go up goals that are probable right win. The you're listening was the last time that you looked at a huge meaningful. You know goal that would change your life that you go. You know, what the odds of this happening or slim to none? It's very unlikely. So I'm gonna commit everything I have to make it happen. I'm gonna I'm gonna get everything. Right. Even though I don't think it's going to happen. But we don't that. That that defies our human nature. But if you look at the world's most prolific achievers and innovators creators, and the most acceptable individuals on the planet in any walk of life. That's how they operate. They look at the possible. And then through these two decisions that were about to talk about they move these these these things that are just possible, which is really nothing. There's nothing is possible means nothing. They moved him to problem and in through this decisions by maintaining these until the outcome becomes inevitable. And so that is what is required for us to create the most extraordinary life as we define extraordinary that we really want. And that we really are still how are people only two decisions away from happiness. So here's one happiness is right. That's a that's a that's a doubt is an outcome. So we could say that outcome. But, but I I would I wouldn't say that these are specifically for to be happy. These are for the subtitle of the book, but you sit right? I think that is the best you know, that that's the definition right? Is the two decisions that move your big schools from possible to problem edible? So if your goal is to be happy, then yes, these are the two decisions. So let's let's explain what these are. So I first and foremost, I'll give a quick disclaimer. Which is the two decisions are deceptively simple in their explanation, but extremely rare in their execution gaining if I just tell if I were to tell you what these are. And then we were to go awesome in hang up. That doesn't help me at all. Like, I understand these two concepts. They're not rocket science. They're not paying right? Like, that's the point. That's actually whenever biggest mistakes is we are trained the media has trained us to get. And this is, you know, this isn't like a rant, but we've been conditioned to want. What is new rate like we literally you want the new iphone? We want the new model of the car. We want the new strategy the new trick the new book, the new this new that but to change our lives. We don't need necessarily more information, we need methods for implementation and the and there's a big difference. Right. I think that's why most books don't change people's lives because most books are a lot of information. And you read it and while you're reading it you go there's all these moments. Oh my gosh. That's brilliant. I never thought about before. That's wow. That could change my life. But the author doesn't doesn't break down in simplify? And hold your hand through methods for implementing the knowledge that they're they're giving the stretch, they're giving you, and I've I didn't know this. I mean, I kinda knew it when I was writing the miracle morning might my last book. Right. The enough. So one point seven million copies almo- mostly word of mouth like when I was in the hospital fighting cancer. I didn't do a single interview that year not one the year before I did over fifty and we sold the same exact amount within a thousand copies of the book a hundred and thirty thousand copies, the your had cancer hundred thirty one thousand the year before the reason, I'm saying that is for context that that was that was all from people implementing the miracle morning in their life, and then telling their friends about it, right like because it was changing their life, and the reason I've reverse engineered and kind of analyze why did that book go so viral, and it's because I gave people methods for implementation. Like that was what the book was about was not just. These these big picture concepts. It was here's how you beat your Lawrence book step one do this. Tune to this. Then do like literally you could give the book to your to third grader right to your to your child and say, hey, you can hundred dollars of next week. You can do the miracle morning for a month. Right. Starting next week. And they can do it easy. Right. It's so simple. And so that's what this book the bureauc- rate is these two decisions. And I'm sorry. I'm not trying to like hold you up. I'm gonna give them to your second. I I really it's important understand. Because otherwise you could hear these two out and go like, that's too simple too easy. Like come on. Right. I need something more complicated that I've never heard before. Right. Right. So here you go. The first decision is unwavering say and specifically to develop unwavering faith, the second decision is to maintain extrordinary effort, and the will break these down for buddy. But but I would I would challenge. Anyone right to go? Find someone like, you know, and I've I've racked my brain trying to find like in there a real person. That's Chievo amazing success in their wife over they defined it right fulfillment. Like real success? Real success with meaningful film it and purpose. Not just a bunch of money and money. No money. This is supplies the people that have built fortunes as well. But by me one that didn't have to establish the fate that they could do something. They've never done before. That's the first part of wavering faith, but every human being is born with nothing right there. Born in the baby with no knowledge. No skills. No money them. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Right. Not none of it. You know, also no confidence or maybe we're born with unlimited confidence. And it goes, I don't know. Words, we're not here. The point we're not born with the attributes that we need to achieve the things they want. So by default, if you become a millionaire, you had to do you had to Davos, the faith that you could do thing. After thing out there thing after challenge after a compliment after project after goal out their mission never done before. And you have no evidence that you can do it not in your own life, at least right when you check that rear view mirror and your inner sub-conscious. We'll have you check the past you go. What am I capable of? You'll crap this point nothing. Right. Yeah. So you so that when I think they I'm not talking about faith in a higher power or faith outside of yourself and not discount either of those I have paid both of those. But I'm talking about faith in yourself faith in your limitless potential in your unlimited ability in your ability to make a commitment to do whatever. It takes to. Achieve a goal. That's the faith. I'm talking practical tangible reliable fake 'cause it's not based on anything that is out of your control. It's based on everything that is one hundred percents, or at least very close to it in your control to how do we develop that unwavering faith? It is much easier than you might think. Again. This is what I realize is that you wanna have it will change your life. You have to make it easy. Right. You can't make it complicated. You can't when I wrote my when I wrote the morning, I, you know, my friends like higher ghost rider, how you're not especial writer, and I thought about it. But it's like, you know, what my goal isn't to impress people with how good the writing is. My goal is to get them to change their life. Right. Yeah. So when it comes to unwavering faith the way that you that you stab with it and maintain it is simply by articulating it in writing either on a piece of paper that you, you know, in your journal that you read every day in your phone that you have on your screen. Saver that. You see every day, but it so here's I call this the miracle mantra and the miracle morning the miracle quesion if I developed this I mentioned when I was twenty one years old it was a year and a two months after my car accident. I was trying to break the company sells record and do something that never been done before. And then I found out like I was already kinda nervous too. You know, human being, but we have self doubt fear at all of that. And then the day before the contest started. It was supposed to be a fourteen day sales contest, I was trying to twenty thousand dollars of kitchen knives. I cut coat, right? And our or manager at the meaning the the weekly the team that he said, hey, everybody, just so, you know, I know, you know, the push period, that's the name of the Khan. He's coming up. And he said he now, I don't know if you heard that the conference had to get moved up four days sooner. So you don't have the full ten days or the full. Fourteen days, you only have ten days. So you might wanna just your goals accordingly. And I spent the last few weeks like, you know, mentally trying to get myself to commit and believe I could do this thing that never done before. And he I raised my hand, my heart kind of my stomach. I raised my hand Frank. I said Louise, I did not know this please tell me that this doesn't count for like two records and stuff because we're not we don't get the full time period. Right. Can't count. And he said, no, no, no how I'm sorry. But unfortunately, this counts just like any other push period. And I'm going. No, no, no, no, no. He just took thirty percent of my time. There's no it was already nearly impossible in the allotted fourteen days. Ten days was a miracle right with miracle. And so I went home, and I I I that night. I'm in my head and go. Okay. Should I give up on the goal should I lower? It should I just take the sip is one out and just, you know, go for the next one, whatever. And then I remembered one of the most important lessons I ever learned in my wife. If I'd only learn it a few months prior. So it wasn't like embedded in the at and for anybody listening. I believe this one was valuable lessons that you can learn, and it's my mentor. Dan, peseta taught me this. And he he learned this from his mentor. Jim roam the great Jim Rome. And Dan taught me that, you know, this is in my words, but the purpose of a goal is not to hit the goal the per. That's what we think it we mistakenly think very black and white in terms of our goal that it's either this succeed or failed in tally. If you hit the goal you succeed if you don't hit the goal you fail and most of us don't like failing. So we never even get out the gate to really go outdoor biggest goals and dreams because there's a possibility of failure. And for some of us, they think the likelihood of probability of failure. And so that keeps us playing small living much smaller than we're capable of. And we really wanna be. And so here's the Dan taught me that the real purpose of a goal is not to hit the goal. The real purpose of a goal. Is to give it everything you have until last possible moment, regardless of your results. And if you hit the goal or not because though that that way of approaching every goal develops. You you become the person that you need to be about the qualities and characteristics of someone who can achieve any goal. They set and each goal whether you hit it or not if you pursue it with essentially unwavering, faith and extraordinary effort, then you whether or not you hit it needed. A goal is pales in importance to who you become every time you pursue a goal with that that without you know, that commit level of commitment. And and so I took out. So if I commit to give it everything I have to sell twenty thousand dollars in today's even though that that that that I've never done that feels impossible. But even the goal I will become a bit. There's a better version of waiting on the other side of the days that I I don't even know that guy. I've never been that committed before. So it doesn't matter but the goal so I decided that I was gonna pro Chit and then came the two decisions and I'm sorry. I'm Mormon didn't way answer questions. But I warned you guys. The the, but I I always joke apart. The good thing is you're kind of getting a night off like it's really. Three questions, and I'll feel all the time. There's pros and cons. But anyway of so I so so I kinda reverse engineered it, and I went, okay. Like since this feels like a miracle feels almost impossible. What would I have to do between now and ten days from now for this to happen? And I okay. Well, the for then I reversed. Okay. Well, what what would stop me for making it happen? That's I'll start to figure this out. And the first thing that sought me. It's all mental. Right. It's itself out and fear. Like, I already right now, I almost almost wasn't going to even try this because self doubt and fear is already stopping and I had been in sales for you know, couple years at a point. So I knew that more than likely I'm gonna have bad days. I could even have a bad first week, and I won't be on track to the goal, and I will be my human nature will cause me to feel emotions that will prevent me from wanting to even keep going retrying. If I feel like it's not going to happen. And so I thought the first thing I do is. I've gotta maintain an unwavering, and I don't know if I called, faith or belief about point. I don't remember. But basically, I I have to continuously tell myself remind myself, I am committed to giving it everything I have until the last possible moment, no matter what there is no other option. And by the way, that is the answer of how you maintain unwavering fate. There is no other option. Would you put in writing? I am committed to giving it everything I have to achieve blank outcome. Whatever. Your your mission is. Until the last possible moment, no matter what there is no other option. And so here's what happens. Here's how fear and self doubt stops us when we have when we encounter off cicle a challenge. We don't things don't start playing up respected heeds of fear and self down our planet in our in our mind in our emotion. And what happens is we end up going. The those scenes we focus on them. And what you focus on expand. In this case the scenes of fear out, and you focus on them, you're watering them, and they start to grow. They start to expand. And you go, man. This isn't the way thought gosh, what if things don't get better? What is tomorrow's even worse. What if what if what? Right, and you go down this rabbit hole. You water that seed and all of a sudden it expanded it takes up your entire consciousness. And now, you you you can't think about what you want threat. You're you're overwhelmed with fear and self out. So I just simply didn't go down that rabbit hole. That's how simple. This cancer. Every time I fear dying and leaving my children and my wife behind I have the same miracle mantra. I am committed to giving everything I have to beat cancer and lived to be a hundred plus years old with my family. No matter what there is no other option. Now, let me pause then that mean that was a guaranteed. Absolutely, not the greatest athletes in the world. Have no guarantee they're gonna make every shot. I take. But I heard interviews with the Michael Jordan's and the Kobe Bryant will they believe they're gonna make every shot. They have unwavering faith when the ball hits their hands, the voice in their head is the voice of unwavering faith. I got this. If they miss it. Most players the doubt growed, the self-doubt grows fear grows. What if I'm having an off night? What am I miss again? But the miracle mavens I called the in the book, that's the term I use for people that understand this process to the greatest athletes in the world when the ball at their hands. They believe they make if they miss their faith doesn't wavering back. You see the best players the average players in the NBA. We're even the best great players. But if they miss your shots in a row, the third time about their hands. They pass it back as the self doubts taking over but the greatest players in the world, they could miss three shots in a row. They still call for the ball four shots in a row. Twelve shots in a row. You see the best players in the world. Have the worst three-quarters they've ever had. But they keep shooting because they have unwavered. Fate that they'll make the next shot that they take even if they missed the last seven team. And while there's no guarantee they make more shots than the other ninety nine percent of the players on the court because they approach every shot. They take a shot of metaphorical, you know, a metaphor for any goal. We approach they approach it with onion wavering faith, and it's as simple as the voice in their head. And so at the end of the miracle question book, just like your morning book. There's a miracle question thirty day challenge. And the point of that is ready to intervene to citizens. I know we're gonna wrap up with the second one today. But but your team to for you to stab and reinforce wavering faith every single day for thirty days. So then the thirty days, it's ingrained in you. And you don't have to think about it. You just you'll start saying it without even realizing it's become who you are. And that's what this is about. That's what the miracle about this isn't a one time. Like, all right. I'm gonna apply this to make an million dollars. No these decisions become. The Lind and the filter in which you every experience every opportunity and every challenge that comes your way, they're filtered two lenses, and you're able to take them on in a way that ninety nine percent of our society doesn't understand or doesn't know where they don't realize that they just abide by human nature, whereas the people that overcome cancer the people that that team extrordinary goals, right? They're doing it to the powers of unwavering faith in the second decision, which whenever I stop talking. We can get into. Go on and tell us more about that the extraordinary effort. So once again, if you if you just heard that you'd go. Yes. So supposed to work hard. Got it. How thanks for the profound insight. Right. So no, it's different. Well, first of all, yes. You have to work hard. Right. There's I don't know very many people that did it become the best what they do. And she their goals and dreams without you know, really working hard. And and we're gonna dive into that were hard for a second. Or what I call extrordinary effort hard effort, export hard work, shorten your Everett extraordinary effort. But what what makes that ordinary? So you don't feel overwhelmed by it. Because most people even hearing. Okay. So success, right? Requires it's stored your effort. Yeah. That doesn't sound that sounds like a lot of were like going to turn that switch back on. And then you guys, right? Like, that's what we do. We choose the path that why do we do that in the same way that human nature is to see our? Ourselves based on our pass and to have fear in doubt show up in our in our brains that try to keep a safe even though we're not having run from you know, lions and bears anymore. Like, we're not. We're not caveman. Right. But we saw the same similar that primitive brain still tries to keep a safe from those things. So we live by fear and self out often, very quietly underlying our subconscious in the same way, human nature is to take the path of least resistance because think about it. You'll back to our caveman days, they weren't trying to build companies. They were trying to achieve extraordinary results. They were trying to become millionaires. They were they were built humans are built for survival. They were trying to survive get food have shelter. How fire go to bed and do it again. Right. She think about that. That's human nature is to stay safe and comfortable and there's nothing wrong with that. I I would never judge someone say hell, I I don't wanna become you know. Successful or this or that. I mean, I think we'll we won't meaningful film. And I think that you can't really argue with that wanna be great parents want to be great friends want to be human beings. But if someone's like how beyond that like, I don't need to be financially free. I don't like such fun being comfortable. There's nothing wrong with that. It's on a judgment. But I think for most human beings, we do have an innate desire, and maybe we're conditioned from society. I don't know for this desire. But I think we have desire to fulfill our potential and to achieve a life. That is is everything that we would want and dream, right? And that that to me is what that's what this is about. So human nature is to put forth ordinary, you know, as low effort as possible to not get in trouble or or encounter danger. But if you want to achieve extraordinary results, it requires extraordinary effort now, the they're so in the miracle question in the book, the the way that I break this down is that again how making ordinary extrordinary ordinary. The way that we do that is by first and foremost defining extrordinary up. What does that mean at first glance or I hearing it, you know, I think most people think man, you know, working eighty hours a week, and you know, bustling and grinding and all these things that's not it at all. I guess that is a form of extrordinary effort. But I'm a dad my kids are number one. I I'm not gonna work eighty hours a week. I'm gonna work, you know, forty at the most right like, and so so for me extraordinary for if I defined it would be defined in one word, and that is consistency. If you think about how most of us approach our goals are dream. So most people never get out the gate because if you're in self doubt and just wanting to stay safe and comfortable for those of us that do get out the gate, and we because we're you know, we winter Tony Robbins event, or whatever we're like. All right. I can do any change out of it. I'm gonna be right. Richard by whatever. So they and they call that uninformed optimism. Right. It's where you hear this motivational ri-, you can do it. And then you. Do you? You had it on your path. Did you have been told you can do anything? And then as soon as you encounter an obstacle or it's a lot more difficult than you anticipated. Then we usually the faith goes out the window, and you oh, I give it a shot. Right. I mean, we literally give up so quickly. So are so that's why I say extraordinary about consistency. It's doing something. You don't have to work eighty hours. If you just weren't, you know, thirty minutes a day or sixty minutes a day outside of your current realm of what you have to pay the bills if you just out of thirty minutes a day or sixty minutes day to do one thing that moved you in the direction of your single most important goal or dream in your life that would change your life significantly. Right. So let's say it was to make him to be a millionaire that would give you freedom to quit your job. And do, you know start a business that you loved and spend more time with your family, and and whatever. So let's say you're your mission in the. In the book. I call it your mission. And we could talk about there's undefined but the point is their goals setting goals. I think is I told you to take the night. Self studying goals isn't activity that most people do every year, right or not most people, but those of us that do it. It's a fun activity and many of us. We don't even we do it for the activity because it makes us feel good Oregonian imagining these great things happening. But a lot of us know that we're not gonna make them happen. Anyway, where like if we set them we're like next year? I'll set new ones I won't hit the new ones we do that year after year after year after year after year about setting goals, the funding tippety, but in this book, I talked about how all your all your goals and ask yourself of all these goals, which these helped me become a miracle. Maven? In other words, if we reflect revisit that the real purpose of goal to become the type of person that can achieve anything any goals in your life. Which of the goals on your list is the most meaningful the most significant will change your life, the most and most importantly will change you the most will cause you challenge you to become a better version of yourself that can accomplish way more than the version that we are now. Right. So when it comes. Extrordinary effort. It's taking the your mission. What's the most important goal that you're the and the reason I called mission, by the way because the word mission carries different weight humanitarian organizations carry out missions military, right? The military carries out missions. It's not. I hope I make it. It's I hope I don't die. No. It's a mission guys. We're gonna happen. This is what we're doing. It's going to happen. There is no other option. Right. Right. And so so that's the way it were. You know? Now, look this is how you put your goals. So you hit on what is your mission? What's the single most important goal of the biggest impact on your life? And who you are as a person. Then you you apply the miracle plays into that unwavering faith you filter that mission through the statement that I shared earlier, right? That Europe mantra. And so that that that using language reinforcing commitment to do whatever. It takes no matter what there's no other option to achieve that goal. And then extraordinary is where you get tactical, and you okay, what's the process? That will guarantee I that goal. In other words, every goal every outcome. We're trying to accomplish every result is preceded by process and the process when done repeatedly over an extended period of time, essentially, insures the result. For example, you want to lose weight. Well that usually burning more calories than you're taking and that's your process. Right. Right. So so, and so if you define if you simply commit to that process, and you do it every day over Senate period of time. I unless you have genetic, you know, like a physical thing where you can't lose weight for some reason, right like got fire way, tissue or whatever. Like if you burn more calories you take in. And you burn fat you you can't fail. So that is your process so in the book right in and whether you read the book or not you've got you gotta get clear, what is the process and process should be as simple as possible. I a single recurring activity. You can do every day. If you want to write a book, commit to workout every day that you're gonna sit down and write. And then evidently, you'll have a book. May or may not be a good book, but you can't fail. If you write award the every day, right? Eventually at five hundred today for a hundred days now, you have five thousand base. So that's how it works. So you want to define it that process, and then you remove your emotional attachment to the process because there's no point like I talked about my car accident. You don't even emotionally attached to results that are now in the past once they'd happened. They've happened you need to be remove emotional attachment commit to the process over an extended period of time, and consistency. Is it if you do it until you achieve the goal you can't fail? No, it might take longer than you thought. Most things. Do I wanted to sell million copies of miracle? Warning the first year it came out. I didn't even sell ten thousand copies of the first year and took me six years of applying the miracle quesion because I was committed to maintaining unwavering faith and putting for the short effort until I reached a million people and change a million lives. And I thought it would have my goal was a year. And it took me six. But when you finally get to the point your life is the last thing, I'll say. Unless you asked me another question when you finally get to the point in your life that you've been working for so hard for so long right now, you're in the middle of it, and it feels hard and it feels like it's nothing happening and you're doubting yourself. When you finally is the point, and you will get there, you keep if you say with it, and when you get there and you look back at your journey. You almost never wish it would have happened any sooner when you arrived you look back and you go oh. All of that was necessary. I signed why it took as long as it took. I had to overcome those challenges. Those setbacks those were part of me growing and becoming better and becoming who I needed to be to get to the point about now. And it was the perfect time. So be a peace with where you are now in your life and maintain that healthy sense of urgency every day to work out, you know, twelve hour days just do one thing that moves you in the direction near biggest goals and dreams and your success will move from possible to probable to where you want it, which is inevitable and how we do have one. Last question for you are show is called. Nobody told me. And we always ask our guests. What is your nobody told me lesson? So what is it that you wish someone had told you about miracles or living or gratitude or you can take it wherever you want that you wish that they had. Yeah. You know, the I wish someone had told me, and they have told me I just didn't hear it. I wish I had heard it and that was the importance of celebrating life. Pausing taking time every day. And this is literally I don't celebrate life in a philosophical sense. I mean, literally taking time at the end of the day to reflect and to celebrate what happened that day whether it was right? And and and the quality of our life really we can amplify immediately by looking at every day. There's a, you know, infant thing. Go wrong that countless things that go, right, right? And we tend to folk someone's going wrong with go to bed stressed, and we wake up stress, and now I do what's called I call my miracle evening, and we don't time to go into. I won't give you all the details. But but but I done this like three months like literally figure this out three months ago. And and so I wish I would've told me I wish I would have got that at the end of the day. Look back over your day. And if like, you only need one moment, if you played with your kids, you hugged your kids if you. If you if you over came a challenge, if you were happy when you could have been whatever it is for you, look at that moment and go deep into that Beaumont and try to bring that moment into your heart, and your soul, and every fiber of your being and feel it and then smile and then fall asleep as you're feeling so great about that moment from that day that has been the last three months I've been doing that every night, and it's completely changed my quality of life. Wow. That's good advice. How can people get in touch with you on social media and on the internet? He has Google how L ride you'll find me on YouTube and everywhere, you know, Facebook all this Facebook fraying, gays most. In fact, we have a Facebook group called the miracle morning community with two hundred plus thousand people from seventy countries, it's one of the most engaged positive only communities I've ever seen in the world who joined that. That's then you'll naughtily here for me. I check in there every day, but there's people are supporting each other in really magical ways. And then and then, yeah, the, you know, the new book miracle equation. You can find me there, of course. And that's where ever books are sold. Amazon. Audible, you know, burns a noble anywhere. You can get the book. All thank you so much. How we can't. Thank you enough for all of your amazing, wisdom and advice, and we were really looking forward to having you on we've been big fans for years. And we were certainly not dissappointed. Exactly, exactly. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you having me on both of you. And everyone listening. Thank you for your time. And I hope you got some wisdom today. You can find your life. Definitely did our thanks to hell Elrod again. His latest book is called the miracle equation. The two decisions that move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable, and again, his website is how Elrod dot com. I'm Jan black. And I'm Laura Owens. You're listening to nobody told me thank you so much for joining us.

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