Steelers Preview: Is Diontae Johnson walking into a lose-lose situation with the Steelers?


The Pittsburgh Steeler fans. Welcome back to another episode of the Steelers preview. I am Jeff Harbin editor of behind the steel curtain dot com with me as always the I guess we can call them the riffing do. Oh, I don't know. That's not doesn't really rioted. They're angry at each other. They got into an argument before we went on the air. It's it got ugly. I mean, there is name calling. Threats were given I was trying to the entire situation. But I bring him Brian Anthony Davis BAD, we know what that stands for so Brian. How's it going? Hey, really good. I love how the the the mohel just become a mountain. Jeff reports. Just fishy. Got with this. That's true. It was in joining him is, you know, the his I guess you say villain since you guys are big comic book people. That's the president and charter member of the Deontay Johnson fan club days. Go 'field. How's it going? Dave. Why do I put myself through this on Thursday nights? You once labeled? This is your one of the favourite one of your favorite parts of the week. And yes, you guys started behaving in. I'm not even gonna say. Gracious come on doing quite well. Heart. I went to my children's recital tonight because there wasn't a good movie on. So I very I'm feeling very good lease a little bit. All right. Come on. All right now, I doing still we have some needs to talk about not a lot of news. And then we're going to get right into this Dion Johnson talk because not only is Dave super pump to talk about him. But also because that's who were previewing tonight. We we're going to go through each week where preview one of the brookies. We might get sick and tired of it. And just lump the last day three guys together either. No. But these I you picks I believe they deserve a full episode. And then we're going to do something. We haven't done after the stack eeks egg -ment, we're going to open it up to questions a lot of times people I've gotten emails have gotten YouTube comments about hey, I wish he has a do QNA's in other shows. Besides my burning question, which aired last night, you check it out if you haven't. And we're going to do that we're going to obviously allow you guys to ask us questions. We'll debate those will answer those for you. And that's before either or segment, which is wildly popular. That's what I hear says began. Let's get into the news. The Steelers did make some news recently. They've signed seven of their nine draft. Picks whip d do the only two that remain unsigned our number one draft pick Devin Bush, and I believe creek me Dave helped me out here. And you know, who is who else is missing its Brian's guy. Lane. Oh, yeah. Justin lane lane. What's up? What's up sign? The contract. You know, signed on that dotted line. I think they're trying to get them all done by rookie minicamp, which is here. And we'll talk about that briefly. But other news Dave was very upset. And he was texting feverishly couple days ago about this discrepancy on the Steelers roster how they're ninety man offseason roster was inflated. I mean, they had so many more people and they had to make cuts and he's asked my Ryan she's year in the reserve list and the pup list, they finally appeased Dave Scofield and release two players today. One of them. I was kinda surprised that mccranie was the kicker that came in last week last year he kicked for the team in two thousand the week seven teen of two thousand eighteen kicked the game winning field goal. Everyone thought. Hey, this kid might actually be competition for Boswell. Yes. No, not going to happen. Brian Davis ask you this. I what were your thoughts. Did you think macrame was actually? Gonna get a competition or what I didn't realize you still on the roster that be on. Well, you know, what I actually they did they didn't sign him like rightly January fourth or third or something like that. But it was nobody was paying attention to it. Because that's when they Antonio Brown hubba allu- came out. But yeah, I'm kind of surprised because they said they were gonna give him competition art Rooney to just came out the last couple of days in made a comment about the kicking game being under-par, and so many levels. So he kinda thought that they would bring a guy with experience in and a guy that kicked really well against Cincinnati in the on December thirtieth in the season finale, but you know, they have to make room for guys. And I am just two guys or safe. Jeff you're going to be glad to hear this. Ralph Webb stave Brogan Robak is safe. What about Frank web is brother? He's on the team. Right. Frank. Frank tank way back to dragnet, Jack Webb. Hey, that's a good Frank. Dave your thoughts on finally getting the roster to ninety that's ninety one. Jeff you've been saying ninety man roster forever. They have an extra guy because they get to carry the gone counting scholar Williams and he's from England. I got the wrong his his last name's our country, and you're from a different country. It's confusing. But anyway, now this another down to ninety one they weren't ninety three. I knew that. There was people that must not have come across the transaction stuff. And I thought you actually cared about these things kind of thing. So I learned my lesson there. Mentioned. I I wanted to say about Matt McCain a not surprised that he was cut. That's who. I thought would be cut. I don't think that he had the leg strength, especially to kick in tougher conditions in the AFC north what I think this tells us is that they're undrafted rookie free agent that they signed they are happy with. He's a rocket scientist at. So him in. Josh Dobbs should actually has some good stuff to talk about. And. Yeah, he's he's one of these really really smart guys had a really great career there UCF. So there's your competition. So in other words, that's that. Two. Matt mccranie, like five foot six feet tall to give back to him. I don't think his physically would be at a kick the ball that far. He did the job in week seventeen. But there you go. Now, the other news is Brian. Brought this up in Brian go ahead and tell our Rooney the second spoke, and what did he save up in Rothlisberger? You know, he, and this is something that we've all expected, but he said that Ben came to him and said that he wants to play another three years, and so that's pretty much the reason the contract with shape that way. So that's the goal, and that's the window. Now, we know for sure on on for sure, but we believe for sure. Yeah. You told me that on the air as well cited to your extension. He's got three years left. I was soon he'll fill out he'll play the rest of that contract. But I always ask myself if let's say one of two things happen. We'll ask you guys a US thing. If one of things happens if he has a an injury that is considered more on the serious side or he wins the Super Bowl does been still fulfill the three years or does he hang it up? Dave will go with you. I would he all continue to fulfil his three-year agreement or would he just walk away from the game? That's for Ben to no ending ya'll's. Asking your opinion on it really depends on how the Steelers do over the next two seasons. If I think if they win a Super Bowl in the next two years. Or if he does have any kind of significant injury or if he struggles with any kind of head injuries, even if he doesn't miss much if any time that's going to be something for him to consider where he might not live it out. Let's simplify the question if they win a Super Bowl this year. That's the tough one is Ben come back. That's that's. Yeah. He does. You know, why? I'll tell you why tweaking it to four he wants Bradshaw. Yeah. They hate each other Tate each other. Oh, yeah. Okay. All right. So there's a little bit news there. And there's gonna be more news coming up as rookie minicamp in OTA start soon. The veterans will be showing up. I saw really good headline at didn't get to read the article by Marco Bali, the ethnic basically, saying don't trust anything you read from rookie minicamp because it's just the rookies out there. There's no veterans the coaches are just really molding pieces of clay, so to speak with the the rookies, and he referenced dri Archer who I remember was like a polarizing lightning rod in rookie minicamp because his speed, and he was just so allusive. Well, the they're not hitting and they're all rookies. And then once the veterans showed up, you know, what happened there. So the rookie minicamp is about to get under way. Brian what you think? Don't give up on your. He'll he's gonna be good. I'm telling you. We are still waiting for show up in New York. I think for the jets. All right. Speaking of quick little wide receivers. We'll talk about one from Toledo who was drafted in the third round with the Steelers so action, and this is all comes down to the headline of this episode. They used their pick that they got in the third round from the Oakland Raiders Antonio Brown, and they selected Deontay Johnson with that I served round pick. And he is automated in probably not fairly going to be compared to intending Brown in every single aspect. They both can't come from MAC schools. Similar size. Similar skill set. Similar speed not a lot of hype surrounding them coming out of college yet you see ton of potential, and so Dave you have some statistics from college. You wanna compare Johnson and Antonio Brown when he was at central Michigan. Go ahead and spit those out just. Yeah. I felt that making a comparison tanto Brown was fair because they were both coming from the same conference. Although, you know, you are looking at it being nine years later, but it's important to realize that Deontay Johnson did not have nearly as good of of a senior meaning his last year his junior year there as he did as a sophomore as a sophomore. He had seventy four receptions, twelve hundred seventy eight yards and thirteen touchdowns. But his junior year you only had forty nine receptions seven hundred sixty one yards and eight touchdowns. But the biggest factor behind that was the quarterback. He had when he was a sophomore was Logan. Woodside who was drafted in the NFL by the Bengals, but he ended in the seventh round. But he ended up being who they say could possibly been MVP of the af if they wouldn't have folded under. That that he actually had a pretty decent quarterback. His his last year. There's junior year he had two different quarterbacks. I'm I I'm not sure Jack Lew if it was due to injury or do the performance or what? But he did not have the same people throwing him the ball. But what I did lose a highlight it they're the biggest profile gain that that both players had. When they were playing in the MAC and that was for Toledo played Miami. Both years I looked at their in two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen and that's Wendy Johnson, really really really shined in two games. Four touchdowns. We touchdowns when in a senior he had six or sections one hundred nineteen yards in two touchdowns. So against the better competition, supposedly he really stepped it up. There's a good numbers in pretty interesting stuff. Brian. We've had some time. Now, I think two weeks to this pick marinate, what are your thoughts about the anti Johnson. If there's any statistics you wanna throw out there. What exact you know, where do you? See this kid fitting in. You know, what I agree with Dave that it's a lot of pressure to put on him when you're comparing him into an Antonio Brown because of where he was picked because he came from a MAC school because of his size, but the bottom line of the whole thing is the Steelers were not looking for six three guy. They were looking for a guy that fit their system. Even if the Seahawks hadn't traded up and David I've talked about this offline before I still don't think to picks before when Metcalf when off the board from old miss. I still think Steeler nation would have gone crazy when they still would have picked you onto Johnson over decay Metcalf with that pick this guy kind of fits what they want Darryl Drake the wide receiver. Coach knew exactly who this guy was knew what was going on with how much Tampa Bay loved them. And they scouted him. He came in for a visit. They he's everything. That this team in their scheme wanted and thought was perfect. So I that's why it didn't take me long to turn around on the pick. And I know we give we give Dave a little for it. But he's turned around on the pick to it was just instant reaction. We want everybody wanted the sexy pick. Everyone wanted blonde hair chase win of each from the Pittsburgh area. 'cause they knew his name. They knew who he was they wanted Metcalf. They wanted guys that they know who they are. When you hear an anonymous guy, you're in there's other names out there immediately. You're like I wanted that. And one of that guy. Why are we getting this guy have never heard of? And that's the problem. Sometimes you do really well when you're thirsty with giant eagle brand Kula instead of coke sometimes. I mean, gosh, no. I mean, this is blasphemy. But sometimes you do okay with hunts over Hinds to you know, you don't have to all. Always have that brand name. This guy's not a brand name. But I guess what he will be in so many of you two years ago, Jeff at I not included because we talked about this right away. We loved it. You guys were pissed Steeler nation was pissed when juju Smith Schuster came off the board to Pittsburgh. They didn't want the guy. But it's just like what stock like, you know, how like only one hundred thousand people went to Woodstock. But a million people say that they went to max yeahs form fifty years ago in nineteen sixty nine all these people like a million people or said, oh, I love the pick. When they said jujubes name, we won that guy. You didn't hear of the only way you possibly heard the guys if you watch the Rosebowl watch some torch Penn State, that's how you knew who this guy was. But if you follow it in the if you follow the draft like we do a lot of you and Steeler nation. A lot of our our our readers and the people that listen to podcast they follow the draft. And they know who. These guys are. So that's the reason this pick was somewhat controversial because they wanted that name. But I tell you what. The way he looks on film. He fits fits that profile. Perfect. And Dave said something huge his second season. All those numbers. Logan, woodside. That's fantastic. They have to lesser quarterbacks in there that weren't getting these guys the ball. And there were other talents receivers on that team. And it just didn't shake up as well. But this guy was the best on the Toledo team as far as wide receiver, and he's going to really opened things up for this offense. So I love this pick once again. Yeah. Yeah. You watch the film, and I agree. A hundred percent he does fit the system and my question. My next question for you, all is where does he fit in this offense in what are the expectations that you have in your mind for him? Because we're we're Phaetons we want we do podcast very articles and were considered probably part of the journalistic or media community. But at the same time, we're fans, and we can openly state that we won't have to hide our fan hood, Dave will go with you first. What are your expectations for Deontay Johnson as a rookie? How do you see him fitting in it? He plays playing over. Go ahead. All right. Well, I was going to do. Little melt. That. You gotta remember no Steeler rule. Rookie wide receiver as ever hit a thousand yards ever jalousie would get suspended drop ably. And he was suspended against the made a mistake about that. Because he had the ninety seven yard against live in the lines. It was the game after the Bengals did play the lines right after the Bengals. That was the first time they played the bad guys. A second time they played the Bengals play the ravens next from us. But you actually does hold the record for the most yards by rookie. Do you know who has the most touchdowns as wide receiver by rookie this? I was going to do this and sad. Geek, I'm just asking. Now. Look, what's that Brian? You gotta slips. Yes, he had nine gifts. But you, but you've got to remember. Yeah. That that doesn't mean anything who was the highest drafted Steeler in the last twenty five years of out of everyone was plexus bursts. How many touchdowns did he have as a rookie say one zero gonna zeros he doesn't just a rookie only two hundred some yards receiving a rookie. So we've got a remember even even that. I think the Johnsons going to do better than that. So, but we have to remember that. Oh, wow. If he only has two touchdowns in the first half of the season. Oh what? No. He's not a bust. He's not oh, he's only got five hundred yards. No, he's doing great. Don't set the expectations too high. I think he's gonna do great. I don't know hit the ground running the way juju did will just have to see. But I I also don't think we need to pigeonhole him into the slot. I think he's going to be an outside guy. I think he's the extra Seaver for the Steelers. Okay. So you're hold on. I know Brian USA's on the let me ask David good question. You're saying that he's going to start over Dante Moncrieff, and or James Washington, assuming that you issues jury is going to be on the outside and not in the slot. The meaning that's that's the position he is going to eventually end up in doesn't mean he's going dark this year. But so many people are like oh the Steelers are so crowded at the slot because juju can play the slot. And you got Switzerland. You got Rodgers. He was not they didn't draft him to stick him in the slot. He can play good. He actually why not have as many versatile receivers as you can that could play anywhere. I think juju is going to be your y. And I think eventually he devante Johnson. He's going to be the Antonio Brown. It's going to be the X. Okay, brian. And even sitting there you run as on the head. You know me. Well, you know, here's here's another thing. When she who was a rookie. There were different circumstances. He had to come in and play you had it before that lions game. Martavis Bryant spouted off like crazy 'cause he didn't like what happened in Cincinnati game. And he got suspended because he didn't show up to work. I don't know if you remember that. But it was on that Monday or Tuesday after that lions get after the Bengals game. He didn't show up because he was pounding actually had his girlfriend call in. And then his girlfriend was spouting off on Twitter. There was so much drama. And then it took him a while to you carb's way out of the doghouse. So there was not as much depth at that time with that wide receivers stable, so he had to come in juju have come in and play. They had no choice to throw him into the mix. They don't have to throw Deontay Johnson into the mix that quick they let him marinate. They let him learn the system they have other players that could play it's gonna be a neat battle to watch him against James, Washington and see who fits that system better. That's we're going to find that out. We might find out that they like Johnson over Washington or or the opposite of that. But they don't have to push him in. So you can't compare. For him to juju Smith is rookie year because it's completely different circumstances. And hopefully, they don't need him. Right. Exactly. And a quick sidebar is Jeremy foul reported today that James Washington is entering his second year with the team just like so many other players before him. The Steelers got to him in the Aussies and said, look you need to lose some weight. It's not always about bigger and bigger stronger in the NFL, it's about being well conditioned, supposedly he's lost about ten pounds. He slimmer. He's faster. That's import James Connor went through that lady on bell went through that. There's others have done that as well. So keep that in the back of your mind. But my last question here before we go to stack easy about the onto Johnson is the headline of this episode. And that is do you feel that Lisa's rookie year in terms of fan reaction? He's entering a lose lose situation. It's really simple, Brian. We'll go with you. I is he going to be a lose lose because of the comparisons Brown because of the. Because the pick that was used is he in that type of situation. Go ahead. Yeah. Yes. But he could he could borough was way out of it. But I think he is I think there's too much on him right now. But we'll see what kind of what kind of character he has. And I think they studied this guy. I think he'll pull out of it. But there's going to be some warming up time because we are fickle fans. Absolutely. What about you, David? He think. I'm going to give my answer. Like what Brian said last week to me with the whole thing of Devon Bush being able to live up to the hype is that we've over hyped him. I think our expectations are too much. And it's our job to remind everyone. Throughout those those Plaxico Burress touchdown numbers. The fact that no Steelers rookie has ever had a thousand yards receiving. I I don't think he's gonna lose lose. In the Steelers is I think just there might be too much in the fans eyes. And maybe when they get a bit of a reality check that. I mean, Brian some that are perfect with the whole situation that juju was put in. But does every fan realize that that's the thing that just going to want to come in and say, hey, I want another ju whereas he that's what happened to James Washington last year. I think a lot of people had those expectations and James Washington. He's he's such a nice said king of Colbert. But he he really is just just a good guy and easy to root for. So they've got I I'm excited about the receiving core. I would just like to see any of them step up. But I don't think he's in a lose lose. Because I think Brian right? They're not he's not going to have to be called on to be a superstar this year on the funny thing is I guaranteed. He went up to random Steeler fan on the street who's wearing the garb. And he said, hey, what do you think about that? Onta- Johnson pick a a lot of them. Probably would know thing about him be a lot of people probably think that he's a second round draft pick. Because he was the Steelers second pick a lot of people probably think that he's a second round pick. He's not he's a third round draft pick. And there's a reason he's a third round draft pick. And it's because he went to smaller school, and because of the competition he played into me. There's a drastic difference between a second and third round pick either that their ground take essentially 'cause it was so early from Oakland is essentially the late second still. Like, you said started to remind everyone. So I thought the word that will very good job. So here we go. Date realized I did really actually give the comparison Tony Brown college. And I give you the Johnsons. I'll be honest with you aby had more catches his last two years of college. He just didn't have as many yards as the Johnson. And in his big games. He had a game his sophomore year against Georgia at his junior year against Michigan state. He had one total touchdown in those and those two big games and never cracked a hundred yards. But he didn't have he did have ten catches for seventy one yards a touchdown against Michigan state in a game that central Michigan one back in two thousand nine but that was that your Michigan state was. In the thing is too. Sorry. They got. Yeah. That that. Their numbers are somewhat are somewhat comparable. But like I said aby probably had more receptions in all. But when but. They Johnson had more yards per section. The thing about what can I go? Yeah. Go. I'm sorry. You know, he was in the anti Johnson was in a trio. There was a talented trio of wide receivers. They're I don't know what kind of teammates Antonio Brown had around him. So they were distributing the ball a lot more to other guys that had decent numbers. I believe Deontay Johnson had the best numbers of a mall. But that's something that you know, that he have to look at their too. Because maybe you had a superstar Antonio Brown at central Michigan and three guys calling for the ball here. Toledo for me Yuna MAC play. And Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin. We're both just glowing about knack football. Well, because they took so many of them, and they have in the past the quarterback play is where I put the big delineation between prospects. Because when you're having let's say Ohio State receiver in half. Is the quarterback a Haskins was the first round draft pick, regardless of where he went he is at least going to be more skilled than who's throwing the football. Antonio Brown news at central Michigan or to Dion Johnson when he was Toledo and when you put them on an NFL roster. And now is the hall of fame quarterback. Ben Rothlisberger thrown in passes. My gosh. I it's I I would think that it would be easier. There's going to be a higher level of expectation, but you're gonna turn on those routes, and it's going to be the ball's gonna be right there waiting for you. And you just gotta make the play. And so it would be really interesting to see how that pans out. So one one last quick thing, do you. Remember who in Tonio Browns quarterback was his last two years at central Michigan. The hint is he was drafted fourteen picks a head of AB in the same draft. Who is he drafted by? He was. Oh, I didn't write that down. I can't remember. I don't know. Who was it? I can never say his name, right? Dan lefay ever. The fever. Yeah. Yeah. It's all it's all French spelling. But yeah, that was that was ABC's quarterback both his sophomore junior year. So he had a quarterback to withdraw higher than he was. So he had probably what would be deemed better quarterback play at central Michigan than what deonte Johnson had it. Toledo. I'm Todd Vander the host of prime time a new show from box dot com. This season. We're tackling the American presidency on TV stories that capture the way television effects and reflects, politics and culture. We'll take a look at fictional presidents who've changed the way we think about the real Oval Office. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States morning everyone. And how real presidents US TV to further their own goals. What'd you come here to plug? Have you heard of the character from the first TV president people have got to know whether or not their president's. Well, I'm not a crook to arguably the last we have fighting the fake news fake phony fake, primetime from the vox media podcast network N, vox dot com. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. All right, ravers staticky. Sorry. I was on mute. Yup. Well, then I'm gonna change the order of my questions since we're doing this after we talked about the day Johnson. And I'm gonna do his question. I do real quick over under these aren't Vegas numbers. I made these up, but I'm gonna keep track of these. And we'll come back and see how they are. They paying out in the future. It's gonna be I only have a few of them. All right. I the number is two point five number of touchdowns by the Johnson and his rookie year over or under. Four so your Bryant Brian going over I over as well you're saying over, you know, what I'm going over as well. From say three. Yeah. Which would make it over. I'm not I'm not gonna make you stick to a number. I just going to give you the over the under-. All right. So we all have him going over having three or more touchdowns. All right. Let's let's do this. Let's look at Devon Bush eight as the number of games started his rookie year. Right. You know? It's it's it's funny. We did this on the Tony night did this and we. Listen to your thing. I I'm not I'm not accusing him. But we put the number ten, and we actually we predicted ten so I'm going to say the over over. I'm gonna say over say sixteen. I think he starts from day one. I think Brian Tonia right on with ten because the Steelers have six games before their by week that if I had to bet I would say I that would be the most likely narrow, but I would be shocked off these starting week one. The discipline sidebar here think back to TJ watt TJ while it was drafted the end of the first round, I know years, the pedigree, and he's got the motor, blah, blah, blah this draft, Nick terms, and he started over James Harrison from day one over James Harrison, Devin Bush, they traded up ten pigs gave away a lot of draft capital. And they have basically vacancy at the position talk about Mark Baranov, you want the guy's gonna start from week one. I just don't believe that they're going to not start this guy. I will be stunned if he doesn't start for week one. I think he'll play a lot. But the question is will they specifically not start him because he's a rookie. I think that's more likely there. That turning away from that. They look at tro Edmonds last. Was out in the city Edmonds was out of necessity. They did not want to start wasn't TJ show. But that's the exception. Not the rule shave here. Shay's penciled him in the starter that moment they drafted. And they and they actually than said later that they felt that that was a mistake. Well, so. So, but they're they're they're going to they're going to pull it back more than what the fans want them to. That's just my opinion. But I think a lot I'm not saying it's I'm not saying it's the right thing to do. Okay. All right. Let's let's look here at rookie minicamp where they're actually going to get on the field tomorrow. The number is point five, you know, like this number of rookies that aren't under contract that have tryouts right now that get a contract after aqui minicamp. No words is going to be any rookies. It's basically think they're going to be any or none rookies that are that are tried out. Now that aren't under stricter free agents that are just try players. Do you think they will have any that? They then bring to camp. Under. I'll take the under Zia don't think they're going to have any. Okay. What do you think? Brian. I'll go the over you'll get over. I think I am too because they tend they've usually done right. You know, what's usually been? There's been remember what time it was too. But I don't like RJ prince last year was a tryout player that then made it everyone knows the story of the other guy from West Virginia. Garvan? He was a guy that was not he wasn't even under strict your agent. He was rookie. He was a mini camp tryout guy that then made the team. So so we'll see what happens with that. That's fun to watch a right here, we go. I don't know if Brian checked out, Jeff Jeff, and I had a joint article came out Monday where we projected the fifty three man roster. I have a number of one point five the number of players that that either one of us projected to be on the fifty three that end up on the I R before we go on. Did you catch me? What was the over? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One point five players projected on the fifty three man roster that will end up on the I R before the season starts. I'm gonna say under over over big last year. They had to not as Gerald Hawkins in. What was it McGee? Jake McGee wasn't that tight end mckee's was questionable. Whether or not they thought maybe he could knock off grim, but they weren't sure. But then he didn't even get the chance to knows this not as before training camp z. I'm gonna say over hope under. I hope I'm wrong. I'm. I'll get over you. I know I will pretend the ships not sinking. Because I am the king of wishful thinking that I'm gonna say under. Sorry. Yep last, but not least Jessica this. This is going to just go to be a little bit of. Why did I come up with this number? I'm gonna put the number fifty count number of fifty s the number of defense of not special teams defensive snaps by Artie burns in two thousand nineteen. Oh my gosh. If it's not under there in some serious trouble. They are some serious if there's injuries ahead of him, and he has to play more than fifty snaps. God help us all I'm gonna say I'm hoping praying under Brian. I'm going under. I'm gonna go under as well. Now, the reason I picked fifty is because something happens where he plays an entire game on defense. He's got it that would that would give him more than fifty snaps. So in other words, we're all say we're hoping that Artie burns does not have to play a full game on defense. Just think about all. It would take is about four snaps the game on defense for him to get there. Going record dated already. Hardly any. I don't think it's going to be on the team. That's another question. If he's even going to be on the team. I don't think it gets cut. I could see maybe getting trade trade. But we'll see what happens. So I'm gonna keep track of these have other ones, but I'm saving for another time. I don't know we're gonna do this every week. But we're gonna do this every once in a while. And we'll keep track of are over unders and then see how they pan out. So like, we'll know about the rookie one by if not next week to week after they signed any of those guys. So there we go. Okay, brian. I have a question for you. And for you, Dave, and I'm asking Brian. I if at team approaches, you know, let's Arizona because they seem to poach as many as they can from Pittsburgh. If says we want to give you a six round draft pick for Artie burns. It's training camp. He's not doing horrible. But he's not gonna play that much you pull the trigger on the DOD keeping. You don't only pull the trigger. You say. Yes. And hang up the phone. So they don't have a chance to change their mind say, you're saving you'll take a six rounder for a first rounder, technically. I'll take a seventh rounder and a case of a case of Bush, light go rolling rock, and you got yourself a deal. Now, I know. Dave, what do you think fix rounder forty Burs? Go problem is the the way that a lot of Steeler nation is viewing burns right now. They feel that they would have to give up a six rounder in order to have another team take him from them. So if you were to get one back sixes tough, I would take six they probably like a five I think a lot of depends on their health Kamata camp. You know, they're all healthy, then they should move them. If they even get one juror, then you probably want to keep them around just in case. Yeah. Okay. This is something we're going to do now that we haven't done on this show before. That's we're gonna open up the live chat to question answer session. If you have good questions, we obviously. We'll address them. But I do want to mention that. If you knew this show, they do this on my show if you wanna use the super chat feature you can. And what that is when on your device, whether it's a laptop or whether it's a phone go to the chat little the bar where you can send in a message and users a little dollar sign. You can put any amount of money in a highlight your question, we will guaranteed to answer it, and that money goes the show. So you don't have to use it. But at the same time, if you really want your question answered there's a lot of people asking questions, you can do that even just for like a dollar, and it will highlight it, and you'll know your questions get answers, so right away night wolf who's been in the chat the entire show. He wants to know Bryant first because he wrote this article for the website. And that is he wants to talk about the draft of the Baltimore Ravens, especially he wants to know. Thy enemy is how he saying it, we'll go real quick Brian. What are your thoughts on just just gloss over the rest of the division in, you know, think about Ed good? Draft bad draft indifferent. Whatever. You know, what I thought Baltimore had a very good draft for what they needed. I was surprised that some pundits went ahead and put them lower than what I rated. I rated them having a pretty good draft. I love marquees Hollywood Brown what he can possibly do for that team. He's going to be absolutely electric on that team. They had some other very solid picks in the fourth round. They got the running back from Oklahoma state that was possibly looking at. They were they were mentioned in the same breath is this guy, but they went with Benny snow junior as well. So I they were fine there. But I really like what Baltimore did. I thought it was a decent draft. Cincinnati. I thought it was a tire fire. I thought that was one of the worst drafts I've seen a while. I don't like anything that. They did they reached for a tight end in the second round, which really they pull. Him. He was predicted a lot lower. But I mean in the week it'd be accused of doing that as well for different players, especially in the third around us that we will accused us reaching. I just hated Cincinnati's draft. Schorr? They got an offense of linemen highly rated lineman in the first round. But really just not a great raft for that. Team the Cleveland Browns, they didn't have a lot of draft capital early. They did I feel like they gotta steal with getting greedy Williams where they did. Because I rated greedy Williams pretty high. They got him with their first pick in the second round. And they also got another guy that fell they got a guy that could start right away for them at inside linebacker and Mak Wilson. So I thought Cleveland's draft was pretty good. I think John Dorsey is one of the smartest guys in the equation. When we're talking about general managers right now he came from the chiefs you saw what he did there. And I like what he's doing in Cleveland. So I would say that the three teams the north did very well except for Cincinnati. Okay. I love Baltimore's picks thinking they have a quarterback. They can throw the football. Personally, they run the ball every time, and you're gonna draft all these receivers and hope and pray that the quarterback and make the throw, but I like the picks and Joe, Dave what are your thoughts? Quickly before we get some more quests. Yeah. Super-quick the biggest thing with Baltimore's. I felt like they didn't do enough to address all their losses on defense. He fends very they drafted good players. But they also did not get as much of what they needed. Otherwise. I felt that the Steelers did pretty well with that. Although they, you know, a lot of people like to safety I like this undrafted free agent safety that they picked up out of Texas. Cincinnati. At a lot of stuff that didn't quite work. You do realize that the tight end they took was what would have been the Steelers pick in the second round that they traded to Denver that then Denver traded Cincinnati. And and Cleveland said didn't have many high picks. But I think they filled in some things nicely as well. So other than when it comes to addressing with needed. I think Baltimore came up lacking with their. But what they got was pretty good. Yeah. Super Felicia says it didn't have a question just wants to support the show. We appreciate that. They using that feature Isaac says Jeff explain again why you don't take calls anymore. Look, there's a long story. But Brian was on the show back when we were on the blog talk radio side of things and be take phone calls, and we would have a couple of people that decided to have a little fun, and they would call in. And it was really the same guy. He would even use like a block number, and he would make a lead very legitimate star to his statement common question, whatever. And then all of a sudden just derail and it would torn turn very strange and graphic in not in a suit of not in a safe for work, man. We'll put it that way. He called him Brian here. Call on with our show. Yeah. He he did in. It was actually it was actually racially inappropriate. He was just sexual. No, it was it was you. And I. We're on it. And it was. Yeah. We he was cut off really quick as you anticipated. What was going on? So it didn't come over to bad. But he was cut off right away on the hang or Tony. And I we still take all's everyone's in the season, we take all. We it's still a chance for you to call an interact with us, and we have some great callers that. You know veto again. Good evening, gentlemen. Well, legendary. We've got Ken from jersey. We we we what do show in jersey with so many fans in jersey, and you know, we've got Nick in Marietta, Georgia. So we've got some great colors, and we'll we'll take calls on blog talk as well. So yeah, I mean, we look into I had a producer. They would actually at a screen the phone calls prior to that would be different. But as of right now, the live chat is a perfect way for you ought to communicate with us, and we appreciate that vodka drinker. He's a regular on her show him. Get ahead kids. F you've got five kids. Do it. They should be asleep. He drinker use the super chat feature says I love the Browns hype. It'll be that much better. When it collapses. I don't know. I Joe Thomas in Simon wrote this article came out and said that he thinks they're going to go five and one and the division this year. Splitting with Pittsburgh. I'm gonna say three in three because I think this team is as vodka drinker puts it on the verge of collapsing. They've rookie head coach. They've got Baker Mayfield who I'm still not sold on. They've got OBI Jay. And they've got Landry in those two guys are best buds. But when they're taking the footballs away from each other, that's a different story altogether. Looks good running game. Their offensive line's still has awful. And so I don't know how is gonna throw the ball from his back, especially with how many times a Steelers sack the Browns. What was that number? Dave something like what is it? They average eight AXA game like last three seasons or something every time they play them. You should know that all the exact member close to that. It's it's something crazy like that. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, I think I'm trying to catch up here with this is why you use the super Chad feature. If you're in the live chat because I guarantee wins the questions I'm trying to catch up. Okay. Someone asked Freeman about the backup run. Backs. What are thoughts on that would be Jalen Samuels and Benny snow junior question for you Brian expand on a little bit. Do you see this being running back by committee, or do you see this being just a you're gonna go one James Connor needs. Spelled. Exactly James or is the guy. Look he he did better than all of the rookie running backs in total yards last season. The problem was he lost about four games at the end. He would have been a thousand yard rusher. I'm glad he was recognized as a pro bowler last year. He still is the guy, but they're gonna spell him more. I just don't think they're gonna let the wheels runoff them. Like they did before. But you're gonna give these guys and opportunity, especially when you have a guy like any snow junior that could be your short yardage running back in in those situations that you might see him get a few more calls and let let Connor get arrest. Dave. I think Brian's pretty much right there that it's it's not going to be strictly by committee. But I think they're going to use all three and they're not just going to. You're not going to have what you've seen in years past where when you look at the stat line, and and you look under rushing there's one name. I don't think that I've I think that time needs to be done. And I don't think they have to do it by Dr I just think that every once in a while you can give give Connor a playoff. But I still think he's going to go over fifty percent of the carries. Okay. That's interesting. So some really the questions I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this because we're trying to shorten the show a little bit streamline things so to speak and so. As a good show. I thought and so this is the time in the show where we we kind of detour away from the footballs. I if we choose immigrant are either segment or either segment is basically, we talk about anything we want. We've talked about music. We talked about the inner believe it or not we talked about movies. And obviously we have talked about football's. Well, now, Dave you said that you had a great one this week. And you said that I don't even have to do on this week. And that's fine by me. I don't have to so Dave go ahead with your award against started. Hey, I'm Spencer hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan nanny. I'm Jason Kirk. And we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast. It says in the script onto riff on what that means. And basically what I mean is. Every tuesday. We talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. I did this Jeff Hartmann style with the candy. I had to go bracket because I just could not. But I'm combining two great things. I'm combining music and television. We are doing the bracket of best. Tv theme shows are sorry best TV theme songs there. Dave. You're back in good Pacers. Yep. Here's the deal. It's there was a couple of criteria because there was just so many couple of criteria that I did the break it down it had to had lakes. So I cut out all the instrument ones that could be for another time. I also made it that it had to premiere at least ten years ago. It could still be on actually two of these are still on. It will be nice to see if you guys can figure out which ones they are. But I got Jeff bracket and Brian bracket. I split them up. I actually seated them, but I'm not gonna tell you the seeds unless you really wanna know him. And I have a couple of play in games because I had to fit them in. This also includes cartoons. So I'm gonna start with Jeff I'm going to give him the crappiest. Once. I ready you go. Anna maniacs versus saved by the bell. I still can say the animated songs, I'm gonna go. The enemy. Okay. The Jetsons versus Dawson's creek the Jetsons. Okay. That you're. Yeah. That's your that's your to play in games. Brian to play in games. The monkeys versus the wonder years. Wonder years Joe cocker? Love the. Okay. Here's your other one W K R P versus the big bang theory. Well, you know, what that that's pretty tough. You've got the bare naked ladies. And then Steve Carlisle who took the WPA theme to number sixty one not a lot of people know that. But I am a huge care p fan. I'm actually I care p page, and I've gotta go care p. All right here. We go here. Jeff. Here comes your bracket. We've got animated axe Gilligan's island. Really? Upset. Okay. The jeffersons versus duck tales. The Jefferson Jeff you say Jefferson's or jets Jefferson's moving on up the jeffersons. No k. Mr. Rogers versus the Addams family, Mr. Rogers, k and dukes of hazzard versus love boat. Just the good old boys. Choice. Yes. That's okay. There's one region. Here's your next region. Jeff. Oh, yeah. The Jetsons versus the fresh prince of Bel-Air fresh principal air every word. Yup. What about the part that wasn't on air that was actually part of the song? Not familiar. Gotta go Google the whole song. You don't know. Okay. I don't see. Here you go family ties versus the Flintstones. Good the Flintstones. Really? Oh. Match up. So I can I I'm okay with that one. K thank you for being a friend, golden girls versus Laverne, and Shirley Lavergne, surely mainly because of Wayne's world when they did the scene from. And then we saw. Okay. Full house versus different strokes. Full house. Yeah. Suck heart. You know? Hey, hey, we will. Full house was the two different shows was the seven. I tell you what I'm a huge. I love that theme song. I could sing it. All right now, I'm not going to. But I had a buddy. We we would. Hey. Move. But anyways, we would doing game playoff games. And they would score every time we sang that song. Well. All right. He wonder years versus cheers. Oh, gosh. As as much as I love wonder years. I'm a huge tears guy. Gary porty sang and wrote up song. Yep. That that that that was the one seed just, you know, Greenacres versus who's the boss? Oh, gosh. After Greenacres ready. Growing pains family matters. As long as we got each other EJ Thomas beds. All right. And here we go. I'm going to be interesting to see how you go with this one because my wife, and I see this differently friends versus welcome back kotter. Okay. Both of them went to number one. Twenty years apart as much as I love the Rembrandts. And I love friends. It's it's a great theme. But welcome back kotter. Perfect. Hang on. Exactly. I mean, it's set up the show perfectly. Yep. Hey, you're trains will your ticket out. Dave. All right here. Here you go your eye. You have some tough ones. Here's your w k r p versus three's company. Oh, come and knock on our door. Come on what? Now, the guy who performed and wrote that song was the guy who wrote all of your favorite Sesame Street songs jewelry Pozo. Lovech AARP, but I've gotta go three's company. Founder stand. So here we go all in the family versus Brady bunch. Wow. That's a toughie. I gotta go with on the family. Yeah. All right. This already mentioned this one sesame street's versus bosom buddies. Oh, gosh. You've got Billy Joel in the mix. My life was buddy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Your best ever. Actually, I I gotta go me. And I want to go Billy, Joel. But it's too conic Sesame Street is to iconic ad meant to not just my generation. But my kids. Yep. And Sesame Street and the big bang theory were the two shows on this that are still in production of the big bang theory. Only has two more episodes after tonight. All right and your last one Beverly hillbillies versus perfect strangers. Beverly hillbillies. Yeah. That's conic. So all right. Let's go back to let's go back to Jeff and we'll zip through through these get your champions animated. Say I'm disappointed step-by-step on here somewhere. The time. I knew I was leaving out something at times. I had some other good ones. Go ahead. Sorry, like the facts life wasn't here either. I do that. But anyway, animated acts versus the jeffersons. Maniacs. Wow. You really like I just love it. As I was was that again, Mr. Rogers versus dukes of hazzard digs hazard. Okay. Let's go ahead and finish out this region animated experts dukes hazard digs hazard. Yeah. You gotta go with that one. Almost you almost had the nine seed coming out of that region. Here we go fresh prince verse Flintstones, fresh prints. Okay. Laverne surely versus full house. I'll go Laverne and Shirley, okay? And fresh prince versus fresh prints Vernon hold on. I was frozen for second. What did you say fresh prince of Bel-Air? Okay. Now, do you wanna do you wanna go ahead and go to your championship? Do you wanna do your dukes of hazzard versus I prince or do you wanna take him out? It's gonna be fresh prince. It's got it's gotta be fresh prince. Okay. Hey, you go. Hey, brian. We've got tears versus Greenacres. Chairs. Thought so growing pains versus welcome back kotter. Welcome back. Kotter k three's company is all in the family. Three's company. Sesame Street versus Beverly hillbillies. Sesame street. All right. So we got cheers versus welcome back. Kotter? Gosh. This is going to keep me up at night. Your name. I'm gonna world and I'm gonna shock my wife family. What? Horrible. No, it's not we got three's company versus Sesame Street. Three's company and then to go to the final. Welcome back kotter versus three's company. Welcome back. Welcome back. Kotter? Welcome back kotter. Even comes close to fresh principle. When it comes to being theme song and the catchiness of it. And how everyone knows every single word. Jeff. I agree with you on this one. We all get vote for the championship with fresh versus welcome back kotter. The Jeff's gone, I prince Brian's go in. Jeff's, right. But screw screw that. Just right as much as I love. Welcome back. Looks like our champion is going to be the fresh prince of Bel-Air. There we go guys. I I know problem with that. But. That was good. What have you done? What's here? What have you done? What year? Years years. Sprint would have been in the final. Yeah. And that would have been close closer than welcome back kotter. Cheers. Maybe it's just me. But I love them both. I mean, that's like trying to pick which of my kids. Cheer for me. That was the only one that I would have considered ever fresh prints out of Brian side. That's good. Dave. Little. I mentioned to you mentioned two themes there, you mentioned two theme songs. Different strokes in facts of life written by the same husband wife duo at the time. What's funny is you mentioned the show that this man starred in zone. Alan thicke. Wrote and performed fact of life. Well, he wasn't the woman's voice. But he was in the background, and he also wrote different strokes and performed it. Piece. Yes. All right, Brian. Do you have one or are we just orient? Yeah. Actually, we do. And just this is a quick one. We have kids, and you know, they leave stuff around the house and one of the worst things to step in. Would be LEGO. Yes. But a lot of us have pets. So in the middle of the night. You're you have to get up for something you're walking out. What would you rather step in? Would you rather step in dog poop or would you rather step on a LEGO appointee? Lego. I'll step on I step on the LEGO. Instead, I just think that's the pain is temporary. But that dog poop would be you have to clean it off your foot to clean it off the carpet carpet. The car I'll view a little bit of pain for a little bit. And. What about you? Dave. I think you answer that about perfectly because as much as a LEGO what hurt the pain is temporary. The smell is not forever. So I would I would much rather be not having to clean up everything else that goes along with stepping in that and plus that'd be scared to death because I don't have a dog. All right, Brian. You know what? I mean. I usually like disagree with you guys. Just disagree. I can't hear. No, I step on the LEGO the pain go away, but I will bring up three times breakfast just to make the kids feel bad. So I'll tell you what that was a great eater or segment is different. If you stayed up. We'll listen in watched all this. God bless her soul. We appreciate it. As always we appreciate all the people that support the show, whether it's just in the live chat with us the super chat feature or whether you just share it. If you tell your friends about it like, we really do appreciate it. May she falls on YouTube? Gotta be TSE sealers radio. Subscribe like share? We appreciate all of that as well. As on all of our audio platform. So you can hear like Bryant showed this year's hangover, which is only on audio platform. Check it out by going anywhere. Where you download podcasts. Search for behind the curtain you get search for Steelers you'll find Sarah subscribes. He don't miss anything. We will see you next week for another episode of the Steelers preview.

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