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Uh-huh. Difficu- this is democracy. Now when I was confronted with the images yesterday. I was appalled that they appeared on my page. But I believe then. And now that I am not either of the people in that photo calls are mounting for democratic Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam to resign after a photo surfaced from his medical school yearbook page featuring a man wearing black face posing next to a man, wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit. We'll speak with Lamont bag be Virginia state delegate chair of the junior legislative black caucus and Reverend Kevin Chandler Virginia. State conference president of the end AA C P, then to Princeton, professor railing Barnes about the troubling history behind Ralf north black face clan photo. She's the author of the forthcoming book, Dr college when the americ-. Dream war. Black face a lot of Americans, especially white Americans feel that black faces and knock you ass- not harmful. But African Americans. This is a really important issue and protests erupt after more than sixteen hundred prisoners have Brooklyn New York federal detention center were forced to endure. Freezing temperatures during last week's polar vortex with no heat. No light. No hot water for showers and no hot meals being in the dark when the weather is plummeting. And they were saying the inside it's according to accounts from people that were inside that it was like thirty degrees indoors. It was great Chuck Schumer, Kristen Jubran would've showed up or even has some kind of a presence here. But that's not the case. So. You know, things like this will continue to go on it. So people speak up about days of protests officials say electric is your stored, but many cells still lacked Keat, we'll speak with Brad. Lander city council member who went inside to speak with the fficials and prisoners all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org. The Warren peace report, I made me Goodman calls are mounting for democratic Virginia. Governor route north to resign after a photo surfaced from his medical school book medical school yearbook page showing a man wearing black face posing next to a man in a Ku Klux Klan outfit on Friday. North apologize for the photo in his nineteen Eighty-four eastern Virginia medical school yearbook but walked back his statements the following day in a news conference claiming neither of the men in the photo were him. Although he did admit to using black face to portray Michael Jackson at a dance. Contest on Saturday. Protesters gathered near the Virginia governor's mansion calling for north resignation. Space codified, the love debt created slavery. Put us in a brutal system that we're still struggling to get out from under today, we're here because history of Jim crow is obviously still alive and up into governor. North met with senior staff Sunday night to discuss possible next steps including resignation if the governor steps down Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax would fill the seat and become the only current African American governor in the United States will have more on the story after headlines. President Trump said Sunday sending you as -sition leader one Guido calling him a young and energetic, gentlemen and said the events unfolding in Venezuela. Our democracy in action the US said Saturday at sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela in response to a request from Guadagno who's proclaimed himself. President the arrival of USA will likely set up a test for the Venezuelan military, which will have to decide whether to allow supplies to enter Venezuela. The military's continued to support President Nicolas Maduro, however on Saturday air force general Francisco Janas as defected and pledged loyalty to Widodo meanwhile in. Ultimatum issued by Britain, France, Germany and Spain from Madurai toe to call new presidential elections expired Sunday in the capital dacas thousands participated in competing protests at a pro Madore protests. The president called on Melissa members to join the Venezuelan army on Saturday Madonna called for early elections in the national assembly once again warned against foreign military intervention. Step forward, abandoned, interventionism Yankee imperialism stop calling for war. Stop calling for Yankee military intervention of the country. Stop supporting coup that has already failed Canada is hosting a meeting of the Lima group today, Canada and the Lima group minus Mexico say they recognize opposition later one Guido as president during his CBS interviews Sunday. President Trump confirmed his plans to withdraw US troops from Syria after Senate Republicans last week rebuked move saying the Slavic state is still a threat in the region. Trump also said he wants to maintain a US military presence in Iraq to monitor Iran. I want to do is be able to watch. We have an unbelievable and expensive military base spilt in Iraq. It's perfectly situated for looking at all over different parts of the troubled Middle East when asked about the government funding Bill currently being negotiated before. February fifteenth headline Trump did not rule out shutting down the government. Again. If no satisfactory deal is made on Friday, Trump told reporters a good chance. He would call a national emergency to get around congress. Despite reports that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell warned Trump, the move with split the Republican party and prompt resolution disapproving the emergency declaration. Meanwhile, the Pentagon confirmed Sunday at sending three thousand seven hundred fifty more troops to the US Mexico border for a period of ninety days and move announced by acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan last week in El Salvador Naib Kelly was elected president Sunday handily. Defeating his opponents from the two main parties that have dominated El Salvador's political scene for over a quarter a century Kelly who has been dubbed a social media stars of Palestinian heritage thirty seven year old former mayor of sunset door beat out candidates from the white ring nationals publican alliance and the left is far into Martine front for national liberation or FMLN Kelly joined the conservative grand alliance for national unity or Ghana after being expelled from the Fhimah Lennon two thousand seventeen ran on an anti corruption platform to US attorneys and two journalists who have been working with members of the Central American caravan in Mexico have been removed from Mexico after their passports were flagged, it's unknown where the orders to restrict their travel came from Norah Phillips and Erica Pineyro our attorneys with a low Tra LA though and migrant rights group that in two thousand seventeen lawsuit accusing customs and border protection of depriving asylum seekers access to the asylum. In a tweet. The American immigration lawyers association said it's urging congress to conduct a thorough and immediate investigation into their removal 's in Iraq, and or motorcyclist shocked at rocky novelist, Allah Massu in the city of Karbala on Saturday, the fifty year old author and poet was heading home when the shooting happened. According to police mushoo was an outspoken critic of foreign intervention in Iraq, radicalism and corruption Iraq's writers union blame the Iraqi government for failing to protect public intellectuals. No group has claimed responsibility for the murder. Amnesty International said on Friday. The group Boko haram killed at least sixty people last week in attack on the northeastern border town of ran in Nigeria. Witnesses told I'm gonna stay Nigerian military left the area the day before the attack leading to an exodus of residents who feared attacks by Boko haram. The UN says tens of thousands of Nigerians fled to neighboring Cameroon in January Boca. Haram attacked ran earlier in January killing fourteen people Russian president flooding. Putin responded to the US withdraw from the nineteen eighty-seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty by saying Russia to is suspending its commitment to the landmark agreement. We will provide a mirror like response. The American partners have declared that they suspend the participation in the deal. We are suspending it as well. They have announced that they will engage in research and development programs. We will do the same peace prize recipient international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons tweeted Friday by pulling out of the f the US waves. The start flag for a new nuclear arms race in proves. There's no such thing as a responsible nuclear armed state. This is why we need to end all nuclear weapon states must join the nuclear van treaty. They tweeted at least sixty at least twenty nine children and babies have died on the way to a camp for displaced people in northeastern Syria since early December, according to the United Nations, the primary causes of the deaths are nourishment and hypothermia the UN said Friday at asked the US back Syrian democratic forces to provide a safe transit site for civilians fleeing violence. In the area. They said over twenty three thousand people of fled to the camp in the past two months. Vice media announced Friday, it's laying off ten percent of its staff or two hundred fifty employees and latest cut to newsrooms around the country, which is affected at least two thousand people since the start of the year. Also Friday reports emerged of cuts at McClatchy with the company reportedly offering buyouts to ten percent of its workers in late January BuzzFeed Heff, posting Gannett which owns over one thousand publications across the country. Also announced layoffs with around fourteen hundred people losing their jobs on Friday, Taiwanese electrics, manufacturer Foxconn, walk back reports it's recognizing a plan to build flat screen, TV panels at Wisconsin plant Terry that chairman of Foxconn said he spoke to President Trump and confirmed plans to go ahead with the construction the factory the comments contradicted, Thursdays report that said the facility will focus on research and development rather than manufacturing in two thousand seventeen Wisconsin governor. Scott Walker who was defeated in the midterm elections offered Foxconn three billion dollars in state and local tax credits, which has since balloon to four billion dollars while the tech giant promised to create thirteen thousand jobs twenty twenty democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren apologized to the Cherokee nation for taking DNA tests to demonstrate her native American ancestry, a spokesperson for the Cherokee nation told the intercept Warren privately apologized to the nation last week Warren came under fire for the widely publicized release of the DNA test in October, which was accompanied by video claiming strong evidence of partial native American lineage and her family tree in response. Chuck Hoskin junior of the Cherokee nation said using DNA tests to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee nation or any travel nation, even vaguely an appropriate and wrong, unquote. Senator Warren who announced a New Year's Eve, she is setting up a presidential exploratory committee as expected to formally announce her run later this week. Hawaii Democratic Congress member Tulsi Gabbard officially launched her twenty twenty presidential run Saturday. I will bring this soul soldiers principles to the White House, restoring the values of dignity, honor and respect to the presidency and above all else. Love for our people and love for our country. Congressman Gabbard has supported progressive legislation including backing Medicare for all in a green new deal in two thousand sixteen. The Iraq war veteran quit as Democratic National Committee vice chair and threw her support behind Senator Bernie Sanders run for president. She says her candidacy will center on Warren peace, and we'll focus on the US's foreign wars, though, some on the left of criticized some of her foreign policy views, including her relationship with India's ruling far-right BJP party and prime minister Narendra Modi last month. Gabbard apologize for past derogatory statements about the OJ BT Q community and in New York. Protesters rallied throughout the weekend at the metropolitan. Tension center in Brooklyn. We're more than sixteen hundred prisoners were forced to endure freezing temperatures during last week's polar vortex with no heat, no light. And no hot water about six thirty pm. Sunday officials said electricity was stored, but many cells still lack heat will have more on this story later in the broadcast, and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot or the Warren peach report, I'm Amy Goodman calls or mounting for democratic Virginia. Governor Ralph north to resign after a photo surface from his medical school yearbook page showing a man wearing black face posing next to a man wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit on Friday, north apologized for the photo in his nineteen Eighty-four eastern Virginia medical school yearbook page. That photo and the racist and offensive attitude represents does not reflect that person. I am today or the way that I have conducted myself as soldier a doctor and a public servant. I'm deeply sorry. I cannot change the decision. I made nor can I undo the harm my behavior calls then and today, but I set responsibility for my past actions. And I'm ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. However on Saturday governor north them, reverse course, enduring news conference claimed neither of the men in the race. This year book photo were him and initially thought north them also resisted growing calls for his resignation. This is them speaking at the news conference Saturday. It was offensive racist. And the spectacle. When my staff showed me the photo in question yesterday. I was seeing it for the first time I did not purchase the EVS yearbook. And I was unaware of what was all my page when I was confronted with the images yesterday. I was appalled that they appeared on my page. But I believe then. And now that I am not either of the people in that photo during that same news conference governor north and admitted to a separate instance of wearing black face. He admitted he darkened his face to imitate. Michael Jackson in nineteen Eighty-four dance. Contest. Meanwhile, a separate nineteen Eighty-one yearbook. From the Virginia Military institute has surfaced revealing north which known by the racist nickname Koon man as an undergraduate student there north has denied widespread use of the nickname, climbing tooled or boys cold in the name for reasons. He didn't understand the controversy is sparked public outrage in Kohl's across the aisle for north immediate resignation on Saturday democratic house speaker. Nancy Pelosi said north should step down. So for Jinya could heal and move forward. Nearly every declared democratic presidential contender in the twenty twenty race has also called for north to resign. As has the end AA CPI and the Virginia legislative black caucus on Sunday evening, north in reportedly convened, an impromptu senior staff meeting head of the Super Bowl to gauge support from staffers continued leadership Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax was reportedly not in attendance. Fairfax is next in line to become governor of of Virginia. If north them resigns when sworn into office last year. Fairfax reportedly had in his pocket, the document that emancipated his great great, great grandfather from slavery. If their facts were to become governor. He would be the only African American governor in the country for more. We're joined in Richmond Virginia. By Lamont bag chair of the Virginia legislative black caucus. We welcome you to democracy now. Thanks so much for joining us. Governor north them cold you on Friday is that right to have a meeting to decide what to do before. He changed his story on Saturday. Tell us what who he met with in that meeting and what he told you. Was a meeting that we both decided we needed to have in that meeting took tin ten of Virginia legislative black caucus colleagues. And we talked to the governor directly. It was it was a bit of an emotional conversation. We got a little bit more insight everything that the public in Virginia have heard the far he laid out on the table. We have returned to the capital and caucus Blackhawks in came to the conclusion that governor north connect continue as the top elected official income with gene, we return to the to the governor, and expressed that we thought it was in the best interest of the comma will. And I thought he agreed that it was in the best interest of the Commonwealth. And for an order fuss. Start the healing process. The he step aside and allow us to turn a corner. Can you describe your response to what happened on Saturday by then the Virginia legislative black caucus, which you lead? Had said he should resign. But then he holds this news conference. Yes. And we were beginning to hear the rumors about him net resenting, and I was attributing that to him getting his ducks in order preparing for his his transition. But then once we saw the press conference, I think all of us were disappointed in that price conference in the communications that came out from that press conference. I think the governor missed the Mark on that one. One of the few people who had come out kind of in support for north is former Virginia Democratic Congress member, Jim Moran. Speaking on ABC's this week. Miranda fended north record and said he should be given a chance to redeem himself has expanded Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of uninsured Virginians. A disproportionate number of whom are African Americans. He has promoted the career of his very talented, Lieutenant governor and every possible way he's invested in better pre-schools, and and public schools, and minority neighborhoods. So we know what he has done as governor. But even if the worst case scenario is true, George, I think there is an issue of redemption. Retention is a very powerful factor in what people are able to accomplish. Ralph understands the endemic racism that has. Has been part of Jinya society for so long. It was four hundred years ago to this year when the first African Americans were brought his slaves to point comfort that now if what Monroe and he understands that legacy better than many people are able to I think we ought to give him an opportunity. So that's congressman Jim Moran. Your response you to delegate Lamont bagging. You have been a longtime supporter of north them. While he's been governor. So as I did yesterday, right after Jim Moran may statement statements. I wanna make it very clear that Justin. Fairfax was promoted by Ralph Northam, Justin. Fairfax not Lieutenant governor because Ralph Novum selected him love Ralph. But just in. Fairfax is Lieutenant governor and has been successful Lieutenant governor because of Justin Fairfax, and can you tell us a little doubt who Justin Fairfax is remarkable moment when a sworn in as Lieutenant governor, and he's a has in his pocket. The emancipation papers of his great great. Great grandfather. Justify is prepared to leave. He's not perfect. He's a Duke blue devils fan, but just in Fairfax is prepared to lead. And I don't want to say that we're gonna throw Ralph out. Ralph Northam has an opportunity to still contribute to the Commonwealth of genius in some of the factors that he's already done. So he can he will. I would imagine go back to seeing patients he will have a voice in the comma, well particular as relates to reconciliation, redemption. And in race relations think he has he will have an opportunity to have allowed was I just don't believe he has opportunity to continue as. The highest ranking elected official in Commonwealth with all the history and the revelations. From friday. Last month for the second year in a row, Ken, Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax, sow doubt sat out a session of the Virginia Senate over which he presides as the body as the body honored confederate general Robert Lee, Fairfax tweeted history repeats itself, I will be stepping off the day today in protest of the Virginia. Senate honoring Robert Lee, I'll be thinking of this June fifth seventeen ninety eight menu mission document that freed my great great. Great grandfather, Simon Fairfax from slavery in Virginia hashtag we rise together. Fairfax had those emancipation papers in his pocket when he was sworn in talk about that scene. And what that was all about. Well, it Australia who the main just axes also wanna make sure that we make very clear Ralph north them just in Fairfax, the black caucus the house caucus, both as the Al have worked together to make to make sure that the most vulnerable of our citizens received the services and equity and adjusted that they deserve just for. At around one o'clock, I gave a floor speech that shared that the Virginia legislative black caucus as no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interest. And over the time. We have worked with Ralph north the main just in Fairfax in inches of those most vulnerable individuals in every corner of the Commonwealth. And so we don't want to discount the work that either them have done, but just as as we say, no, permanent enemies, no permanent Frayn's only permanent inches that was challenged on Friday when we had these revelations, and we had to go to Adia frame, the governor of the Commonwealth graph north and actually him to step aside, the work. What is your understanding of the meeting last night, the emergency meeting that governor northbound call his staff? I'm going to be Frank with you. I decided I was going to take a break pair for your show your show and watch Super Bowl. And so after that I went to bed, and we prepared the caucus just after I come off with you, medifast my Jane legislative black caucus members are waiting for me. And then we will go into the democratic caucus house caucus meeting, and then we will go onto the floor. And this is the day before crossover for those individuals that are familiar with crossover in the state of Virginia with Virginia. This is a day where house bills go to the Senate and Senate bills go into the house one of the business days of ashen. And so we have to be mindful that we were sent here to do the work and then southwest to be recommitted to doing the work. Well, the not being thank you so much for being with us chair of the Virginia legislative black caucus. When we come back. We go. Durham North Carolina where we joined by Reverend Kevin Chandler, president of the Virginia state conference of the N W C P stay with us. To give you the. Sleet. Women. Never go back by birds of Chicago. This is democracy now democracy now or the Warren peach report, I mean, he could minutes we continue to look at calls for democratic Virginia. Governor north to resign after a photo surfaced on his nineteen Eighty-four eastern Virginia medical school yearbook page showing a man wearing black face posing next to a man wearing Ku Klux Klan outfit, north apologize for the photo Friday. But then walked back statement Saturday during a news conference claiming neither of the men in the photo were him though. He did admit to using black face to portray Michael Jackson at a dance contest in Durham, North Carolina. We're joined by Reverend Kevin Chandler, president of the Virginia state conference of the end up Lacey. Pe- the end early on came out for the resignation of governor of governor north on Friday. I of African American history month when the picture first emerged and when at the time. Reverend Chandler governor north them admitted the picture said this was a picture of him not clear which one it was the KKK guy or the guy in black face. But then the next day held a news conference where he said it wasn't him. Although he had a Warren black face before impersonating. Michael Jackson in dance. Contest Reverend Chandler. What are you calling for now? Virginia state conference in a CPI is calling in demanding for route north to step down as the governor Virginia. Talk about why want this to happen? Now in what you understand the governor will do he did hold a meeting last night with his staff weighing. Weighing? That he would step down as governor. Although he said the day before he wouldn't. Yes. So on Friday evening prior to the governor going on a national television to apologize. He gave me a call just as he's done before. And the governor was very apologetic. And what it taken place? He stated that that that day was the worst day of his career in office. And he wanted to reach out to me prior to him going on live television. And what did he say you, and what did you say to him? I told him I could understand where he felt that. This was the worst day, and I heard him, and I felt his apology was sincere genuine and so on Saturday morning when I heard of the press conference. Virginia state conference CPA executive committee was actually in session. We were having a quarterly meeting and we were expecting. The governor to resign at that time and later on finding out that that was not the case. And now he was denying that it was him. And so his his apology. In some ways was invalid when he called me on on Friday because his apology once again, as I said, it was once before I received a call from the governor any apologized of him just recently in Halloween, some three months ago dressing up as a former governor and slave owner. And so in him apologizing for that. And hearing him say that that he is a better man than back in nineteen eighty four. When the pictures were bear in his yearbook. I can't see where it is that he is changed. If he doesn't really have a connection with the hurt that all of the racism and someone dressing in black face is not accepted at anytime. And at twenty five years old, I'm sure that he should have known better even with a picture being beside someone in klu Klux Klan vere. Uniform is just unacceptable. I'd like to go back to north news conference on Saturday when he was asked about his high school nickname, quote, Kuna, man, my main nickname in high school, and in college was goods because when my voice was changed, and I would change an octave. There were two individuals as best I can relax at via. My they were a year ahead of me that called me Coon, man, I don't know their motives are intent I know who they are. But that was the extent of that. And it ended up in the yearbook, and I regret that Reverend Kevin Chandler your response. I understand him being regretful of that. But in saying that he doesn't know why they call them that also the have that being printed in material under his his picture. You know, I don't think I would have anything such as that. If I did not understand what it meant. So he doesn't know why he was called that he doesn't remember to the best of his ability the photograph, which is why he said if you could explain on Friday, he thought the photograph was of him not clear if the men in black face or the Ku Klux Klan regalia and the next day said, no, he's pretty sure it's not him though. He does remember this time of dancing is Michael Jackson, amazingly when someone asked him to do the moonwalk he looked like he was finding some space for it until his wife behind him said that's inappropriate. Yes. And I was so glad that he did not do that. Because again, he in some way does not connect with the hurt and the racism and how it affects citizens of Virginia. And so in him saying he does not see how this is a -fensive even in dressing up Michael Jackson and putting on a little bit of shoe polish. In black face black faces black face, and again, it should not be accepted condone at anytime. Finally, this is the four hundred anniversary Reverend Kevin Chandler of inflamed. Africans being I brought to Jamestown. Can you talk about the significance of this for Virginia? And what it would mean if the Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax becomes governor? The only black governor in the country. It is a time of Virginia getting past the hurtful history in which it it has. And when we via with this racism, whether it be Charlottesville, whether it be photos in the yearbook, whether it be. EMT worker in Patrick county. Ten not happen. And we as citizens in two thousand nineteen should be beyond this. This thing of racism, although Virginia has a history we cannot deny that history. But we don't need to continue to relive that. And so. Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax spoke volumes in where it was. He sat out he was there by himself and just seeing that picture of him sitting there by himself, the Virginia say conference as he becomes the governor. We can we will stand beside him in the efforts of moving Virginia forward and healing. And so the main focus should be healing. I think that Ralph north should also consider Virginians and step down step aside. And in the Lao Virginia to move forward and heal and as I heard delegate bag say there's a lot of work that has to be done. And with this hanging over Virginia. I think that it's continuing to hinder the process of the great work that needs to be refuses to step down, which she might by the time. Some people watch this broadcast or listen to it or read it, do you think the low Virginia legislature should impatient? I think that big if stated that that's the process in what they are planning to do. I do agree with that again because he has betrayed the trust of Virginians is betrayed the trust of so many on his side even the party in again. This is not a party issue. But he has to work with the Democratic Party has to work with the Republican party, and many have stated loudly that he should step aside. And so as a person, I think that he is able to redeem himself, but as the governor, I don't forsee him being able to the business of the leadership of Regina. We're having Kevin Chandler. Thanks so much for joining us from Durham, North Carolina. President of the Virginia state conference of the end of Lacey pe-, this is democracy. Now. I'm Amy Goodman is we turn. To discuss the history behind calls for democratic Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam to resign after the photo surfaced in nineteen Eighty-four eastern Virginia medical school yearbook page showing man wearing black face next to a man in Ku Klux Klan regalia north apologized for the photo Friday, then the next day at a news conference. He walked back. His statements and said neither of the men in the photo were him. The photo north is facing backlash for is not the only racist image in the yearbook the annual yearbook. Also features an image of white men in a wig dress and black face the photos, caption reads, baby love, whoever thought Diana Ross would make it to medical school on quote another photo in the medical school yearbook shows three men in black face. Well for more. We're joined in our New York studio by railing Barnes assistant, professor of American cultural history. Princeton University author of the forthcoming book, Dr college when the American dream were black face. She's just written a. Piece for the Washington Post headline that troubling history behind Ralf northbound's black face clan photo. Welcome to democracy now. Professor Barnes, describe your reaction. First day of black history month was Friday. That's the day. The photo appears. Talk about put that photo your sponsor governor north them whether he should resign. And then the history of the use of black face. Thank you for having me here this morning, aiming because I think it's really important that we talk about this longer history. Most Americans feel very uncomfortable when they see these photographs, but the aren't really able to articulate why they know that this is wrong somehow, but they don't understand the longer history. And ironically, this is a blowback from civil rights victory. What I mean by that is immature black face minstrel. See was the number one entertainment form throughout the nineteenth century and the twentieth century. Black face was used in schools. It was federalized by the US government. The works progress administration during the great depression during World War Two every American soldier was given a handbook about how to perform Stephen foster music, and it was really seen as a celebrate Ori forum to understand American culture. It was a way to articulate patriotism, but also obviously performed very grotesque representations of African Americans. So when I saw the photograph I wasn't initially surprised because millions of Americans were taught for most of the twentieth century that this was a positive thing. However that photograph was in nineteen Eighty-four, which was substantially after the civil rights movement. And one thing that I think it's really important to say during black history month is that we're focusing so much on the governor. But this story part of why it's shocking is because every day black mothers during the civil rights movement in the nineteen fifties. The nineteen sixties fought to shut down black face and said, this is unacceptable. They worked with the end of the Lacey pe- and said, we need to outlaw this that it's no longer in our schools, it's no longer in government spaces. And there was a lot of pushback to these black mothers, especially from the men in the civil rights movement. Who said we need to focus on voting rights. We need to focus on anti lynching, and these black mothers said, no, my son was lynched because of these stereotypes because of these grotesque representations that objectify African Americans. This is the thing. The thing the seat of the seed that allows racism to to thrive in America, and it needs to be stopped and they were successful. And so because of that success black bass has become so taboo that most Americans don't know the through line of how and why these stereotypes were transmitted to us. But we all know the song extol Susanna, and we know the joke. Why did the chicken cross the road and those are central to the history of black fakes fine. So Stephen foster was the number one. Composer really of the nineteenth century, and he wrote for the Virginia minstrels and a lot of the classic American songs that are in public domain cap town races. Oh suzanna. These songs are songs that we sing in pre-schools the background to a lot of cartoons Warner Brothers. But they're hyper violent if you look at the lyric. So Susannah is actually song about an African American slave who is separated from his family forcibly in the internal slave market desperately trying to get back to his family, and we think of it as this western song or a piece of classic Americana that every American should know, and that's really coming out of this idea in the mid twentieth century that black face was sort of the Pitney of American culture that every American to know, which is why people of a certain generation are quite confused by the backlash now by younger generations and also people who were racially conscious since the sixties after the civil rights movement because they were really taught to believe that. This was an accurate representation of African American life. When it's actually the opposite. Professor Barnes talk about the difference in reaction to black face of African Americans for many white Americans. Sure. So we've seen even recently. The Megan Kelly issue where she sort of said, I grew up with this, and it was positive, and I don't understand the issue and a lot of white Americans feel that way who came of age in a moment where this was seen as completely acceptable. What I mean by that for let me let me stop you for second because I have this clip and Tober former Fox News and NBC journalists Megan Kelly, sparking outrage when she defended white people using black faces part of Halloween, costumes. This is Meghan Kelly questioning why black faces considered racist during a discussion with an all white panel on her morning show. Megan Kelly today was racist. Because you do get in trouble. If you are a white person who puts on the or. Black person who puts on Whiteface Halloween. Like, I was a kid. That was okay. As long as you addressing character. There was a controversy on the real housewives of New York with Luan and she dresses, Diana Ross, and she made her skin look darker than it really is. And people said that that was racist. And I don't know I felt like kudos love Diana Ross. She wants to look Diana Ross for one day. And I don't know how that got racist on Halloween. Nagin Kelly later apologized for the comments amidst intense backlash included from NBC colleague at Roker, and she eventually which pushed out of NBC but expand on that, professor points. Yeah. So one thing I think it's really important understand is block as has been intimately linked to every major form of American culture. Which is why someone like Megan Kelly thinks that this is a knock you ass-. So for example, the first major film birth of a nation silent film, the first talkie, the jazz singer a black face film. The first cartoon was synchronized sounds deem boat Willie. Mickey Mouse, all of that is happening to Stephen foster songs and. Pretty pretty horrific references to minstrel. And so we see over and over and over again that advancements in American culture, and technology are linked to black face in a way that makes it celebrated and so by the time, you get to someone like Meghan Kelly. You might have somebody who's great grandparents grandparents, and parents were all raised to believe that this is an accurate representation of African American life and that by donating black face, you are appreciating someone she talked about Diana Ross. But what I want to say here is there is a massive difference between watching something and in consuming, it passably and physically painting your face learning how to walk stir typically speaking in dialect and imitating African Americans in a way that is very -fensive. My book titled archaeology is a reference to a common phrase that was used an amateur how to block face guides, which is Dirk is the act of learning. To represent African Americans in a way that is stereotypical comical. And it was always mean it always always meant as a way to demean African Americans. And I think we can't lose that the fact that these were comedy shows. And so these are things that were always intended to make fun of African Americans not honor them. I want to go back to governor rough Martha press conference he said he had a clear memory of not appearing in the yearbook picture and black face because well, he had put on black face on another occasion. When he was dressing. This Michael Jackson did not appear in this photo. I am not surprised, but it's appearance in the VM s yearbook in the place and time where I grew many actions that we rightfully recognize as horn today, we're coming place, my belief that I did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of other mistakes. I made in the same period of my life. That same year did participate in dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume. I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action. Like that it is because my memory of that episode is so vivid that I truly did not believe I'm into picture my yearbook. You remember these things head the shoes I had a glove, and I used us a little bit of shoe polish to put under my all, my cheeks, and the reason I used a very little bit is because I don't know if anybody's ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off. But but it was a it was a dance contest. I had always like Michael Jackson. I actually won the contest because I had learned how to do the moon wall. So that's governor north them ever porter. Then asked ten if he could do the moonwalk. Yes. That's right. Appropriate. My wife says inappropriate circumstances. So he looked around to see fear were space for him to do the moonwalk. But then his wife the first lady Virginia suggested he shouldn't Ray Lynn Barnes. Yeah. So obviously, this was pretty disgusting. He clearly has not learned the depth of the racism that he actually is embodying when he does these these forms. But I think it's important to say while this news conference was going on. I had hundreds literally hundreds of Americans who wrote to me on my Email account at Princeton University who are saying I feel so ashamed that I feel so guilty because when I was a child I had to put I had to participate in a block basements ratio when I was in elementary school, or when I was in junior high or my mother did this my grandfather did this, and I found the photos when I was cleaning out my attic, and I've cataloged over ten thousand black face plays that were circulated throughout the twentieth century for everyday Americans. And so I have sort of two messages, the first is to everyday Americans, you can grow, and you can learn from this moment, and if you are required to do these in school sort of just the height of white supremacy. And it shows you how systemic this was, but it's different for the governor. The governor represents the people of Virginia. There are twenty percent. Of the Virginia population who are African American and every American deserves to believe that their leader can look at them and feel their empathy fit empathetic about their life. They want to see themselves in their leaders. You want to believe that if there's a natural disaster or a catastrophe in your impacted that your governor is going to see you as a human being. But because black faces about ridicule and humiliation then to Boise to call it a thing apart it makes African-Americans thing apart from American civilization. And that's really why the governor should resign. And if he doesn't I grew up in the state of California, we had a recall election, the people over Jinya have the power they are the people they should stand up. And if they want him gone, they should work to do that Ryland Barnes wanna thank you for being with us assistant, professor of American cultural history, Princeton University, author of the forthcoming book dark college when the American dream wore black face and. We'll linked to your piece in the Washington Post. The troubling history behind Ralph Northam black face clan photo says democracy now when we come back well for people who experience the polar vortex. You know, how cold it was imagine being imprisoned and the jail, you're in has no electricity or heat well prisoners in Brooklyn, New York didn't have to imagine that they experienced it. Stay with us. Love at the gate Reverend belly in the stop shopping choir. This is democracy now. I'm Amy Goodman. We end today show here in New York. We're more than sixteen hundred prisoners at a Brooklyn federal detention center were forced to endure. Freezing temperatures during last week's polar vortex with no heat. No, light, no water for showers. No hot meals. Demonstrators rallied throughout the weekend to protest the conditions at metropolitan detention center, which is run by the bureau of prisons. He issues at the facility have been ongoing officials said the electricity problem was caused in part by a fire the previous week, and that the jail had switched over to emergency power legal aid society said it wrote to the jail's warden as early as January twenty second to demand be restored before temperatures arrive that were quote dangerous to human life. As the news of the condition. Spread. Crowds of protesters gathered outside the prison known as MDC prisoners communicated with them by banging on the jail windows on Sunday afternoon. Some of the protesters, including family. Members of those incarcerated where pepper sprayed by guards democracy. Now is there and spoke to family members activists including women's March co-chair, Linda Sarsour. That we were here for you. The back of his organizers and family members have actually been out here since yesterday many of us left overnight year on the ground here in front of MDC. We have been figuring out communication system that works really well with the incarcerated brothers that are inside we ask them questions. And they answer by banging on the windows. And it's been in unison literally like, yes. Yes. Everybody's yes. If it's no, no. And the fact that they're not in the same cells to go then can answer questions makes us believe that what they are telling us is to be true. We just watched some incarcerated folks actually recognize their families voices and started talking to us to a different area of here. We have videos of people talking to their moms. I hear you mom. I see you mom. It was really heartbreaking to watch people to talk to their family members were not wearing shirts. And we don't have heat inside one of the mothers went to confirm that that was her son who was talking to her and there without a shirt, she went inside with some folks next thing, you know, the CEO's started beating people up and throw. When people on the floor, pepper, spraying, the mom and all the people the media. They were picked up cameras and then throwing them out. People falling down the stairs. It was really horrible to watch it happen. And all the mom wanted to do is go into confirm if that was her son's speaking to her from this other designated area that we don't even know what this area is. He was climbing up on the the window. It's horrible the ward and has been not responsive yesterday. The mayor's office delivered trucks of blankets for everyone generators, and they lawyers from federal defenders one inside. To see their clients and ask them. Did. You get blankets. Nobleman gets. None of these people have gotten blankets. Yesterday told us that six o'clock is when they got their first meal of the day. They're not getting hot meals. They don't have hot water. I mean, this is inhumane. It's cruel. There are people in there who have asthma who are not able to use realize people who have sleep apnea machines who are not able to have those apnea machines during the night, which means that they are at high risk of stroke. There are people with diabetes at are in their older folks in there people who need medication who have not had any access to medical care. I mean, this is outrageous and the issues the families, you don't even know if you family members allied station here. Was it in New York City councilmember Jimani Williams regard urgency of any? Things happen emergencies happen, but you have a. They had. No. And didn't see the kid. We have what's going? He puffy regulated the war that the contractor and went home. What are you talking about getting another contract and get fixed? Would not see the blankets and the generator. The office of imagine the city was not accepting. No excuse he said we getting maybe we will now because it wasn't emergency. It wasn't emergency on Sunday when it happened. What? What's happening? The microcosm of this country. Man in the why? The people continued to all. Don't even know what it kids separated from the core. Melania too. That's why they lost the majority of people here on Monday. Even the one that the poor communities. So they don't care, but we are we gonna stay. Dissolve. Name's elizabeth. I'm here for my brother Jason who has been here at MDC for the past five years this condition with the heat is not new it happened last year. But fortunately for Jason he has family that sends him money. He can buy what he needs to layer up and have blankets and food and resources, I'm here because one I want my brother to know, I love him too. I do not want this problem to keep going on God forbid, if the temperatures plummet again, really worried about his health we contacted his attorney demanded that he find out what's going on. You know, this has been an ongoing issue that the power went out last year for like three or four days and that the heat went out three or four days last year, you know, so and it's discussing Nydia Velazquez came out. She was saying that they were wet mattresses from leaks in the ceiling and crumbling conditions in ceilings and things like that. It's just it's disgusting. And we can only imagine the vermin and the rodents and everything else, you know. So again, you know. Is discussing. But you know, this has restored my faith and humanity is really made me very proud to be New Yorker, no one wants to see any human being suffer, especially knowing what we know about sentencing extreme sentences, and and mistreatment of people, you know, as some so many people here haven't even really been convicted of anything not that that makes a difference. But they're just waiting because they're poor and they can't afford Bill. So it's unfortunate. But it is what it is. So, thankfully, nobody showed up them voices from the protest outside MDC metro detention center special. Thanks to Tamera Astra do and areo boon for that report around six thirty pm Sunday officials said electricity restored, but many cells still lack heat as protesters gathered outside many lawmakers toward the metropolitan detention center, one of them who is standing next to Johnny Williams. This city councilman who is speaking outside was Brad Lander in New York City council member he's with us. Now, we have very little time has electric been restored. Restored last night at six thirty about one full week still reporting they're freezing it's cold in that facility. It's going to take more changes to make it could there have been no plan with this polar vortex this week with people freezing sign for an emergency provisions when the power went off a week ago last Sunday, they did not act with any urgency that could had an emergency plan. If there been around the clock contractor in their power could have been back on Tuesdays federal prison mayor to Blasio's sent in hundreds of blankets. They didn't distribute them. There was just from the staff from the prison officials from the facilities manager no sense of urgency. No sense that there were human beings in those who had the right to talk to their families who needed light eating in the dark. They're they're they're toilets in their cells. They were in other couldn't shower for forty eight hours. Federal Bureau prisons Federal Bureau prisons now Jerry Nadler's has to dish eight. There was. Cami on Saturday and Sunday. And he says he is going to have hearings. Member Brad Lander. Thanks so much. I make good Goodman. Thanks for joining us.

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