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This is like the hatch in lost another day another blockbuster the Oklahoma City thunder have agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul First Round picks in twenty twenty four and twenty twenty six pick swaps in two thousand twenty one and twenty twenty five the thunder according to Woge are playing a long game unseen in recent N._B._A.. History seven additional first round picks lined up through twenty twenty six plus four pick swaps via deals for Paul George and the acquisition of Chris Paul Russell Westbrook ends. What I believe is an eleven season tenure in Oklahoma City? He was the last of their big three of James Harden Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook long promised to deliver Oklahoma City title he now rejoins his old teammate James Harden. Who was maybe the cardinal sin of this amp rusty administration trading him away from Houston before he started to ascend and now he goes down to Houston? Daryl Morey is broken up the Chris Paul James Harden experiment. There's so many different ways to look at this just in what's your initial takeaway trader. Maury is back. I saw him the other night. This is like heat. I just had sir. Could you sense the glimmer in his eye. Dude no really like and that's the thing is that like Maury is like I can't claim to know Daryl Morey at all like is he a take owner fan. Yes Komo desktop. That's the only conversation ever had with them. He loves desktop like Darryl was like he seemed done yeah. He seemed like he was like guess. What we're really good? That's when he catches you anguish wiping we like our chances. Look at the Carmelo look at this. We like our team and it's like are we looking for ways to improve on the margins of course. We're always looking for ways to get better. We knew something was coming with Houston but we thought maybe they got. They got played out of this angle like big up played out of the the rebuild angle. What do you think this means for the rockets? Do you like this team more with Westbrook than Paul I do because we just went through the playoffs or Chris. Paul looked if not cooked than on the verge of cooked. Perhaps he was seared and <hes> I'm getting into cooking Caesar. I was trying to before thirty other trades happened so I know a lot about different methods and now you just eat chicken twitter. Perhaps Chris Paul is in the sous vide before you serious. That's where he is right now so he's on the way to cook. I think there are a lot of angles here. I think ultimately just puts them back. In the same setup they were less year with a younger version of Paul who just plays slightly different different. He's GonNa he was what's funny is even though Paul is older and it seemed like he clashed more with harden other reports based on that. We've heard the summer suggests that he's the opposite in that he's younger. I think it'll be a tougher fit but he gets along with harden better so I don't know where I phoned the middle on all right. Look I mean Daryl Morey got off of a headstrong point guard who likes the ball in his hands so now he's all set. That's what he's Russell. Westbrook is going to change the way the rockets play. I mean because quite simply. He cannot do what they did. Last year. He is not going to stay in the corner and wait for a pass obviously and he's just not a good three point shooter. He's one of my favorite basketball players. I can't wait to see on the rockets rockets but it's going to take a reimagining of what the rockets are by Mike d'antoni kind of brings up the whole Dantonio question again now because on one hand you could see this offense being credibly explosive so they're starting five presumably will be Westbrook and Harden Gordon Tucker and Cappella still pretty good IC. Yes really good. I think that's good what I've been saying. Throughout this entire fiasco that Houston has been undergoing almost like in the background while thirty other things happen happen throughout the League is at the window is still kind of there for them okay. Hey we're the one team that could push the warriors in a way that no other team. Could I mean clearly the raptors did but it was just a diminished version. Lures warriors at full strength got their our biggest competition. Their biggest scare came from Houston absolutely yeah and that was a team built to beat the warriors and I think that that actually came up at the live podcast I bills pot on in Vegas. I think Russillo maybe bill. Maybe it was house. <music> asked Daryl you built this team specifically explicitly to play against Golden State. What do you do now? That golden state's not there anymore and Darryl was kind of like yeah. You know like we still like our CIA. He gave pretty generic answer. Is this a team that built to beat the clippers. That's a great question because last week I wrote a thing about how big might come back this season specifically because the warriors death lineup wasn't out there to scare teams off basically to run off every quality center during the week and so from one perspective you would say that perhaps the rockets biggest advantage the fact that they can match up with the warriors is gone on the other hand now they can play Klink Cappella more and if you want to still go small if view WanNa be the warriors death lineup for the closest thing to it now. You're the last trump card in the league yeah so essentially they're just falling back on what they have. That's why I was so encouraged if they just kinda figure things out if they could just get their shit together and just make what worked last. I season work again. This could all still work. Obviously the element of Russell Westbrook throws a wrench in well his it a rancher is it does a grease the wheel I mean this is the thing is like I I like how experimental he got here. He I liked say he felt like again. The moves of other teams raised as risk profile but in some ways. I don't know that this is raising the risk profile. I think this is a safer bet first of all. It's Hardin insurance in terms of you have somebody who can bear a lot of the weight Paul Paul couldn't do that. Paul was you. Were going to be wrapping down his minutes. In the regular season you were they were staggering James Paulin Chris James Harden Chris Paul Allott. You're moving them away from one another. They obviously had some issues. At least reportedly Darryl was very pointed about that sounds like a lot of that stuff is fake news but they they were being almost separated like there are two teams in some ways and then there is one team that would play in the most crucial moments of the of the season that pollen harden would both co Captain Westbrook allows you to do a lot of different things here you can see playing with harden obviously their friends. This was according to wage this prestige and WESTBROOK's Egypt worked on getting him to his preferred destination which is which is apparently Houston. They dial back the clock a little bit yeah. He's GONNA put up. A lot of bricks like there's a chance but I don't think Westbrook's ever had a guy like this to play with since durant because even though P._G.. Is One of the top six or seven guys in the League his whole the thing was like I defer to Russ Yeah. His whole thing was like I it's Russell team. I'm happy to have this bureau says team. Maybe maybe that was one of the crucial reasons why he felt like it was okay to leave so the thunder made a finals in two thousand twelve playing a heavy isolation system between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant right. I was one of the people back then suggesting that Hardin was a better fit with durant because of the things you just said about Russ the fact that is in as good about getting everyone else involved. He can't really play off the ball as well but that's still was good enough to make a finals in a West that didn't have a dominant force like the warriors and they were the team at a certain point that ran off the spurs because they were so young and everything that they needed. Why can't that work again right and what if what if this change of scenery this shakeup does bring back? I would even say some pre M._V._p.. Russ maybe not athletically. Maybe he's never going to be able to <hes> get after it the way he did in you know in in his m._v._p.. Run where he was sincerely like was was like tearing league up singlehandedly and empowering what was a pretty bad thunder team one of the Great Hero pro-ball seasons we've ever seen what if this like changes scenario makes him realize like okay like this is not necessarily like the House that Russ Bill. I have to fit in here a little bit I have to I have to work around. This is probably and is by far better than any team. He's had since durant left probably think that thunder team had the potential to be good as long as Paul. George was still playing like an M._v._p.. For a while we thought that team could work but it was entirely entirely reliant on George which I think is interesting as we pivot to Houston because I think what got lost in the shuffle here as we focused in on Russ and the fact that P._G.. Just opted out of wanting to play with him. Yeah is the the fact that he really kind of suppressed. Whatever Eagle whatever thing we assume with Russ in order to give Paul George a clear path to be the guy last year like he did everything you would ask of him but perhaps in terms of gameplay? He's still has ways to go and we could talk about that but he has shown last year that maybe he's more humble than we expect and he's more willing to be differential to a guy like Paul George and now perhaps Hardin we already has a pre existing relationship. Yeah I think it's also worth noting that the rockets system which we I think loosely defined as Maury ball which is just threes and laze layups trying to work the margins get to the free throw line a lot the part of those part of that those tenants can do rusk handroll out of contact Russi. If put in a certain system might actually be really effective Maury ball player. I think people's eyes will be bleeding watching him pulling up above the break threes fright as he as he comes down the court and looking off James Harden but I don't know that they could have gotten back to where they were. If they relied on harden is heavily as they did last season yeah I thought it hardened by some accounts want that to happen again. Yeah and that's the the flip side of it right hardened made some vague comments right after the all star break that he was willing to play differently either. I think the the rockets will probably be better when those two were split up when the hardened point guard are split up yeah it was Paul last year is now gonna be Westbrook just because Westbrook as a solo act potentially against second unit which is incredibly. He could cause destruction yeah when they play together. That's going to be the concern here. I think the assumption is as as soon as Westbrook gets into the rocket system. He's GonNa Start Jacking more threes because that's what people do right right. I think you might why we should assume that but why can't he do the opposite if the rockets just lean into the most efficient version version of a player perhaps they can convince rust to stop taking three what if he has the real maury already galaxy blades right here yeah we're ten minutes in I looked at I looked this up so Russia twenty nine percent from three less this podcast this morning which is all of a sudden we did he took. I believe six threes a game. There are only two players to do that. Since peak. Kobe won was Russ last year. The other was Isaiah Thomas the year before okay bad Isaiah Thomas with the cavs with the Lakers okay. I think there's overwhelming evidence to suggest that this will not work and if the fact that he just got traded and his teammate that he did everything to work in also didn't WanNa play with him if he still doesn't realize that he needs to not do that then there's no Salvadoran situation but why can't the rockets who are the best at being the best that Sir out of certain players look like we've seen them. Take somebody like Eric Gordon who I think people thought was going to be like a chronically injured also ran bench shooting guard. He's he's like a borderline all star even Ryan Anderson. person the year that they got both of those guys Ryan Anderson was just kind of miss utilized in New Orleans all of a sudden he's jacking threes and he was a fine player for that one or two season the development of a guy like Capella the sort of putting P._j.. Tucker in a position to be who he is now. They do a really good job getting the most out of guys like you're saying there's also the thought that Darryl being darryl if things don't click if things don't work out. Maybe he finds. Maybe that's when he Ross gets to Miami Yeah you know next year or something like that. He's much more valuable asset than Chris. Paul is interesting so you're thinking next year already so you're thinking Russell. If it doesn't work it doesn't work and and then you can talk to Miami about like do you still want Westbrook if Westbrook can get through the season without getting his knee scoped and destroying Houston if they're like the third or fourth seed and they go out and and a late second round brave battle with the clippers or something I think that you could make the argument that Westbrook will of like redeemed some of his value and if you're Maury and you're like okay I've tried a couple of different ways of doing this hardened thing and now I have to like sell high on Russ then maybe you get. There's a market for him. At a next season and we make one more pro Russ argument which over the past week or so since we knew that this was an inevitable I welcome the fact that he was going to get traded and I found myself looking at Russ and seeing more of the good than the bad that we AH is essentially how we looked for so long he will be if we're going in the Chuck Wagon lineup so P._J.. Tucker a couple of wings and James Harden Okay and Chris Paul Right if he's the worst three point shooter on the floor and he's your ball handler alert. James Harden is playing off. You isn't the best utilization of Russell Westbrook isn't part of why he was successful as a solo act the fact that the thunder could surround him with enough three point shares right. I like your theory. The Ah what's the flip side of that the flip side of that is that Darryl is emphasizing as he as he was explicit about and he's always been pretty explicit about stars matter in this league and you figure out everything else yeah really only matters the I five guys you're putting out there in the most important time of the season and then what happens is you get to a place where you've brought in. You had Chris Paul there. It didn't work out now. You Bring Russell Westbrook. You're hoping that the personal relationship with hardened evens out whatever westbrook's Westbrook's worst impulses are worst impulses are and that will fit into this system that Dantonio pretty. I mean it's there's no mystery. Dantonio is not like a huge like like I'll re-jigger the system and like it is the system. He built it more around around harden this season but do you think that West Virginia doesn't do the things that the rockets need yeah. I mean clearly the whole worrying about things later blew up in their face but at the same time they were a Chris Paul L. Injury away from beating the warriors so it did in to a certain degree work and perhaps if you're looking at what went wrong here it's yeah Chris. Paul is a little bit older but it's also a personality fit yeah and now maybe there are things between Hardin and Russ that we don't know about. I don't know I don't know if they they're older and they're used to playing separate ways and it'll be different than it was when the thunder buddies were together when the brody's were all doing the cool glasses and everything I don't know bobby don't ever cut that you can't you can't do it but aren't they weeding that issue out by getting two really good friends together who WanNa play together it would be nice for Houston to have a combined season. I still think it works. I mean the downside both think it works. I think it will work. I still think what Houston has works in this environment that we have in the League seven game series of the Clippers says it work. That's an interesting point. I mean I think I like the clippers top two yeah. I really liked this rockets five. I don't know where we are with Capella who guards Cappella Herrell. Maybe I think it tells better verticality like like his whole thing's vertical spacing right. I think he can catch lob dunks on Herrell if he's he's able to be physical enough with him I mean it's also like a really GonNa get what are the bad things about Ross the stat chasing the like being a ball to him that he gets like that's. It's not gonNA happen anymore and also as some people have pointed out like while Hardin is always gotten roasted for the lackadaisical defense. There's some evidence to suggest that Russia takes plenty of plays off defense the the defensive side is they're going to take a hit okay so so they're gonNA have to make up for that on offense. Ross has all the tools. Maybe not the the kind of awareness that you need but he has the tools. If you just engages on defense he could still be a good defender. He's very physical. He's a big he's essentially what they've built their defense defense around which is those fireplug sort of players who are stout and thus you could switch them onto various players. Do you like this team more than the Lakers. Why do that's a great question? I think maybe I also think eh who can guard Anthony also with all of these guys in as they especially with this rockets team health health health health. This is a gamble sure. I think it's a worthwhile game. I also think it would behoove rust move off the ball a little bit <hes> she hasn't done in the past so I don't know this clearly glass half full on Russ because he hasn't been willing to do this for years yeah but I do think like if he's just motive that's the problem with guys like this where it just comes down to motivation. If you just try a little bit more it all works he's just so freaking athletic and he creates so much gravity just by sheer force of will and physicality and speed and all these various things and I think if you just willing to suppress his roughness like I think it works the rare put up a poll at least a few minutes ago. They put up a poll. That's as who won the WESTBROOK'S EP three trade. It's fifty fifty seven forty. It's like the the Queen's D._A.. Election of rigor trade the Bobby. Let's talk about the let's talk about Chris Paul and then talk about the thunder okay. I have a feeling that Chris Paul is GonNa get redirected here. Would you have wait. What's the rule and like how long how many times a guy can get moved within a certain period of time well if they don't officially strike the trade they could rope win third team in order to move him as part of a three-team okay? That's that's on the table. I wonder so obviously like with bowed reporting that Ross. This was his preferred destination. I cannot quite imagine that this is Paul's preferred destination so maybe there's a buyout or maybe there's something coming. Were Paul could go vis joined the Lakers or something like that. That'd be fun in some like capacity but <hes> yeah this is. This is a pretty wild like to imagine this being the end of this guy's career and this guy has been so close us well. Maybe has been so close and that's been the problem but he's been close been close to getting to the to the finals and he obviously felt like he forces way out of the clippers. He gets traded to Houston. Houston gives up a lot in return that that that bounty they paid the clippers for Chris. Paul helped the clippers. Get Paul George Yeah which is just Kinda like it's really wild to think about. We've been doing these pods. We've been doing these pieces about all these free agency moves and these trades and what you're seeing is like how something that happened. Five years ago affects what happens today in ways that we never could have possibly imagined and now Chris Paul's a member of the Oklahoma City thunder at least for now yeah and that supporting cast could perhaps be the difference between the clippers being the best team and just another one of these good teams right they could that could be the difference between the rockets winning the West and the clippers yes oddly enough Chris. Paul has set up both rockets in the clippers but this is probably just devastating for him. I doubt he wants to stay there. I mean he spent his two first seasons in the League in Oklahoma City right because as because New Orleans was was displaced by Katrina other than the fact that maybe he wants to swap clipper stores with Shay Shakers Alexander. There's no reason to stay with that team so I can't imagine asking Allah unders project here is I I mean Chris. Paul has one of the most difficult to stomach contracts in the League which is sad because because he's one of these supermax guys who is he a supermax Disa- full Max yeah full Max but he's he is really the got forty five million coming towards him at a year when it was hard it's hard to imagine him being <hes> productive right yeah in it said I mean we came to L._A.. Around the same time when Chris Paul just got here and he's just he's such an incredible player. It's the way that he managed the game. The littlest smallest details he was just so oh excellent at it ultimately to be his undoing. I'm you said this before. He's a really good player and even though he's older he should age relatively well. I mean why should say the older point guard we older smaller point point guards. Perhaps don't age at well but he can still shoot yeah. We're still defend worst case he was going to be a useful player but ultimately it seems like the clash between him and Hardin just wasn't able they weren't able to get over it or maybe more. He just looked at the new western was just just like I can't go back with this team. I mean he didn't say that on Saturday night but maybe that's what he was thinking. I'll ask you this because sharks is talking about this in our slack a little bit does it team of Chris Paul s she a Danila Gallon Ari and Steven Adams make the playoffs in the West it might the the West is pretty deep next year to the point where we were talking about before this even happened right the spurs not making the playoffs offs in the West and I think the spurs are better than last year right. I think the West is going to be as Slobber knocker and a slobber knocker yeah. It's a wrestling term. I've never heard that before. No no Jim Ross all your washing the rock doing the people's eyebrows a couple years ago. Yeah I would say no but I mean they would be fine. I don't know how you get to a season with Chris Ball state so sam has eight first round draft picks so a lot of first round draft picks. What's he gonNA do with them? I don't I mean we. There's the possibility that that something happens. There's an injury Rasha Miami. Jimmy Butler doesn't workout the clippers. Somehow implode quite gets hurt something. Those those picks are not going to be that valuable. The Houston picks at least for the time. I'm being like I I know that these are mostly kicking in in the next couple of years outside of of what's going to happen over this season or two and anything is possible in the N._B._A.. The entire landscape of the League has changed <hes> it <unk> are the eight picks that he has like the best he could do. I think they probably are are they. Actually as valuable as people are making them out to be or is it more just like Oh. My God prestige did it. He rebuilt on the fly like I. I don't know if actually there's a lot to do with a bunch of picks between fifteen and thirty yeah. It's a great conversation. We often see the year we bought him out. Yeah and we go for wisemen or whoever the next guy it's possible it did seem before this happened by treating Jeremy Grant they had waved the white flag you could have perhaps put together a team around Gallo and Russ and Steven Adams and just kind of gone with it under the tag and just play out the season. Maybe rushes didn't WanNA leave whatever but clearly after grant left a show that they were going to rebuild which is what led rust one out and all this other stuff clearly. They'RE GONNA go full tear down if they could trade Stephen Adams trade him who else is out there. You WanNa get off Robertson's deal at this point. You probably don't if you can find a new home for Chris Paul. You don't need to well. I think that that's going to be a really interesting conversation because I think that Prestige D._A.. least once durant left resisted the idea of rebuilding until they and they they they did what they could to remain competitive in that will depot season than they were able to swing miracle trade of Old Depot and Sa- Bonus for George. I don't think that that team ever quite clicked. The health never really worked out in their favor. Especially this past season enjoy fairly could lift his arms above his shoulders right <hes> I. I don't know I don't know I I don't know it's going to be hard to maintain. It's GonNa be really interesting to see Oklahoma Homa city as not a playoff contender because we've never seen that market within that market at least since two thousand and what ten probably not since their first or second season because they made the playoffs earlier than we thought and they made Danny's leap with down the trio with the Brody's yeah yeah. It's going to be weird but I mean this comes for every team. I think you raise an interesting point is like what is the value of future picks essentially <hes>. I think the Houston picks probably aren't going to be all that great if it seems. Seems like Houston is one of the teams that manages to stay relevant regardless of the arrows. What's up against them? This is probably the heaviest future tax that Maury has ever have to pay if you're daryl like no I get it. I honestly like if you're Daryl Morey. Lori and you're one of the most widely respected front office guys in the League if this doesn't work out it's not like you're GONNA be. You're not going to be a local Houston sports radio doing doing a show yeah. I can get a job anytime you want right. I think this is a worthwhile while investment. That's a risk your gene guys problem. I guess the best way to put it is all of these teams around the N._B._A.. Are playing for the now. Oklahoma City is one of two or three teams playing for later who who the other silence the Pelicans yet at the Pelicans are like dialed up right now. You know what I mean like. I maybe that's just summer league fumes or whatever right if you're looking at the Pelicans like you've got to feel pretty good about what they've got yeah I mean it's GonNa come down to ultimately how good Lonzo is good. Ingram is and all these guys they still have assets on top of that but basically the thunder got picks instead of already draft players yeah. I don't know what's better I actually I don't know I think Lonzo is probably kind of make or break. Situation Ingram is to a certain extent as well and those guys are all going to cost a fair amount of money and the one thing that Oklahoma Oklahoma City has in their favor because they're thinking so much longer than every team and because the clippers clippers were so desperate to maximize to your window is all these picks unprotected and their time in a way which we didn't realize until we learned about quiet contract their time in a way that after two years which is all that is guaranteed with the clippers before he has an option for another year that next season when they can get that pick is the first year that could potentially not have thought this could be a net situation yeah quickly and they've actually set it up in a way where they're they're the celtics and they have have three different nets. They really only need one of these teams to be the nets. They only need Miami L._A.. or Houston to kind of fall apart I think there's a there's virtually no situation in which all of these draft picks don't lead to one star sure there's just so many lottery tickets and even if they are lottery tickets like the odds are that you get a grant on something in the draft dwarfs what he did right yeah. This is like an insane hall for this and let's compare this to what the Pelicans got again for Anthony Davis. I think those are the clippers trade lakers trader obvious comps. I think the best player in those deals that got traded the young some players is Shay. Would you rather not have shade and Ingram. That's a great question at the very least they're comparable and they got way more in terms of future traff assets. I mean they got the the clippers draft for the next for five straight for themselves. They're like we're not gonNA ATTRACT QUI- ever to come here. We can trade for Paul George but we don't even have the first star to entice that guy to stay. We have to start over in a real fundamental way in a real way okay so I guess you're right. They really are playing a game of one when you look at it like that and if we're saying that Oklahoma City if this is going to be the first year where they don't really have an identity can the future just be the identity. If you're just saying yeah we have the best war chest in the entire. They immediately become the draft Geek hip not hipster N._B._A.. But like the draft Geek team sure everybody is going to be looking at this team for the next seven years who could they. How many of these picks can they package to get the one number one or could get the to like you know Kevin's written about this a bunch of times on the ringer and it's a hobby horse for him but this idea that could the draft start changing and you could see teams trading down Allah N._F._l.? Draft and getting multiple picks for the top end of the draft. The double draft is coming so we don't know how that's going to change things. We don't know what the influx of high-schoolers into the N._B._A. will do. I mean you know that's. I think that's a much higher margin for for error. On top draft picks you could see guys in the teens that are actually top five talents falling out of the top five because people are enticed by getting a guy at eighteen before his first year of college. I don't know I have no idea what the ripple effects so. That could be yeah in press TV in recent years hasn't done a good job in the lower rounds of the draft. He seems to just have this type of the super athletic wing who just can't shoot and they're hoping that the athleticism is enough and the activity is enough and then eventually maybe they'll be able to shoot it just hasn't worked but in the top half of the draft. He's done pretty frigging well. Yeah I mean he when he's been up in the prime seats. He's really gotten some pretty good looks at it. People forget quickly that Russell Westbrook wasn't a sure thing when they drafted him right James Harden at three. She beat went ahead of him. No I know I mean I remember when they drafted hearted. I was Kinda like Oh. He's Kinda like the the Raleigh Police Wing Guy from Arizona state like that. I'm like no. It's bad for it. I'm just saying like it just didn't wasn't like he leapt off the screening like wow. You just got yourself future M._v._p.. Even Steven Adams Yeah that was the saving grace of what was a pretty poor package otherwise cockatoo Bach locker yeah. He's done really well at it. He's going to have to prove it again well. He's got a pretty fun job over the next couple of years because he gets to pick all these guys you think billy Donovan stays great question an N._B._A.. Coach who was brought in to take the thunder under the Promised Land and now you are looking at a team where S._G._I.. Is essentially like your best player. <hes> are you calling colleges and say I'm available are you or he just bought himself job security. We've been saying in for about a year or two now. Light Brown Gig Yeah like what does billy is Billy Donovan the guy for this team. Does he have the chops. Can you speak to Russell Westbrook in the way that he needs to. Maybe in the thunder have been super loyal to coaches. They've only had two in the Katie Russ era and so maybe he sticks around to to see this through. It's not a tear I mean they're only thirty these gigs right yeah. This isn't the worst one because you have shea and you do have a future unlike even like an Orlando where you're just trying to make the best of a situation just to get in the playoffs. Yo I mean we're doing this live right now I I we're kind of like a bit into it. We've talked about the rockets and how they match up with the Lakers and the clippers. We talked about Paul and the kind of bitter sweet. I honestly twilight of his career. I think there's a chance that Paul could find himself on a contender kind of interested to see what prestige does with that because he's in cutthroat season so making Chris Paul happy is not a top of his priority list. Maybe he also says has to him. Look like you get to be essentially the associate head coach here and tell all these guys what to do and show them how to play in the N._B._A.. And you go out and you will be a God in Oklahoma City if this works out and that might be a pitch that he makes is because it's going to be. I don't even know what the math starts at when you talk about what would you can you buy Chris Paul out they if their whole concern is getting under the cap I mean in theory you could stretch him too. Although oh I believe he has three years left on the ow-owlry which would mean I believe nine years of the deal being on their books which I don't think even a team that's playing for the future one something to deal with something a decade later that luol Dang situation the Lakers are in now where they need caps and all of a sudden five million is getting paid to Louisville Dang Sil. I imagine they'll just train them to wherever he wants. I can't imagine they have any leverage because essentially they treated for him as a cap number. You're and there's no way I would assume that he wants to stay in that situation. So how can they go even to a Miami and be like you gotta give us justice. Ones Aren't no just yes just caught a mobile right once a tweet that was shared in our slack which is really funny to think about as we talk a little bit about how these things that we don't think about the time as being Lee changing moments or Lee changing transactions wind up mattering. I got him cody. Sharat tweeted Damian Lillard Newton addicted entire franchise with one thirty seven one shot seriously. If Paul George gets a hand on that or if that you know what I mean if the thunder get past the blazers who knows what happens yeah who knows yeah I mean that situation independent of anything that happened as a result of it with with the team with George with this trade now it showed Russell Westbrook that this is what a modern point guard is and that you have to change your game if so there's so much to keep going back to this. There's so much evidence to suggest a Russ. You have to change your this is the cool cool thing is that there are a couple. There are a couple of possible juggernauts out there but there's a lot of a lot of unknown even with even with it's not even about parody as much as it's can and Lebron in a D Kerry sub-standard rest of the Lakers Paul George Leonard and the sort of bad news bears of the clippers like is that really the the the N._B._A.. Favorites what are what is Russ good do in a new situation the new coach where he's not God where he's playing with the guy who won the M._v._p.. Probably should have won the M._v._p.. The year he won it and wanted to your after if I remember correctly it's it's a that's a whole new situation. You've got this weird splash cousins with Dangelo and Steph Draymond in Golden State waiting for clear to get better. We've got this Brooklyn team. That is a two year project. At least I mean there's so much unknown in the N._B._A.. Right now it's not even like I don't even know how to how to capture at all. It's there's so many questions facing these teams. It's fun. It's fun in a way though it hasn't been in the past two to three years since Kevin Durant decided to go to Golden State. It's really really become a League of two star teams which is weird because they want three because most guys WanNa do three. We've been psyching ourselves into this idea that since the big three heat formed that it's a three star league and I guess history even in conforms to that if you look back and all the very good teams you could usually pick out three really good player yes now. We're in this weird situation where it's just two guys and the teams that Phil around them the best could perhaps be the ones and that's the thing is that I think that this is a case for this is a case against the Lakers and something that we've talked about a few times but yes you. They went all in if they had gotten Kwai. That could have been like a sixty three win team. You know there's no there's no doubt that they should have pursued Qui- but in retrospect you now wonder if that's a team with Anthony Davis Lebron James and three of the guys that we had brought up a hundred times before that Abo- Yada Pat Bev Garrett temple whoever the guys is you WanNa like fill that team out with are they now the favorites in the West if they had just done do a better job building out the rest of that roster yeah. I mean for this year only for this next season I think Lebron on in a D will probably be the best duo right if Lebron comes back and he's still the Guy We knew and not the guy from last season in his first Lakers season that combination fits so well together and neither player has played with another player like the one they're going to yeah and this is the thing justice talking about the idea that we've gone from big. Three's too big twos but the crucial thing here is big twos on short deals. It's big twos that can mix and match its core is there to plus one matched up with Georgia's free agency. If things go wrong and clippers they can go their separate ways. They can do whatever Lebron as three years left on his deal A._D.. is going to be a free agent next year. We assume he'll resign but anything's possible you know in some ways the the rockets are the ones ends that are locked into their team but Daryl morey shown if things something's not working he will not be the last guy at the party holding the bag. I believe the nets might be on the longest deals. I could be wrong but I believe both Kyri and Katie signed three-plus once yeah but in the millions advantages the two because Katie is not even going to be back until the second year of that right I mean like and you don't know what time and Space Kyrie Irving is given moment so there's probably going to be a lot to figure out there. We have overturned figure out <hes>. We'll wrap it up there. I think that is okay with you bobby is I don't care what the video guys we really appreciate. You guys taking the time out to watch us in the listen to us. These things never happen when we expect them when they do. They've pretty much changed. Everything we'll have lots more on ringer dot com. I know we have winners and losers and John and Roger and K._F._C.. Everybody's going to be writing about this over the course of the next couple of days. We're really going to be taking stock of the League for the next six weeks and then next thing you know they're going to be back at it at preseason so no time I'm off but that's okay. We love it for Justin very impressed. Ryan basketball is very good.

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