The O'Reilly Update, August 5, 2019


<music> bill o'reilly here monday august fifth two thousand nineteen. You are listening to the o'reilly update. Here's what's happening thing today. In america to mass shootings kill at least twenty nine people in less than twelve hours president trump response democratic graddick presidential debates failed to make a major impact on the race according to poles along time clinton advisers says democrats now quote are setting themselves up to lose news eight covington. Catholic students sue the media after their viral video in washington d._c. Also coming up by message of the day okay who is at fault for the mass shootings in el paso at a walmart twenty dead at least two dozen injured occurred after a gunman opened fire with a high caliber rifle police confirming twenty one year old patrick crusius is in custody. The suspect reportedly posted a quote manifesto online shortly before the shooting saying texas was being invaded by hispanics. Six of the twenty murdered were mexican nationals less than twelve hours after that a second shooting occurred in dayton ohio killing nine people outside a bar in the city's wargin nightlife district according to law enforcement twenty-four-year-old connor bets began his rampage at one a._m. Yeah please shot and killed bets less than a minute into the assault more on the mass shooting story in the message of the day to the the campaign trail joe biden maintaining his large lead for the democratic nomination after two nights of debates last week in detroit new surveys show the front runner are enjoying the sport of nearly one third of registered democrats down just a point since the first debates longtime time planet visor paul the gallia saying his own party is quote setting themselves up to lose to donald trump in two thousand twenty warning democrats who avoid far left promises thomases and radical proposals during future debates in total proposed programs like medicare for all open borders free childcare free college and more will cost american taxpayers more than two hundred trillion dollars. The next debates will be in mid september eight covington kentucky highschool students suing the median and politicians for libel after that incident at the lincoln memorial last january named in the suit our senator elizabeth warren c._n._n. Consultant ana navarro and comedian kathy griffin among others. We'll be right back with the message of the day who is at fault for the mass murders mortgage rates near historic lows. Have you taken advantage of that. If not i suggest you call american financing to look at a free mortgage review to see just how low your monthly mortgage payments kengo at american financing their salary based mortgage consultants can help you lower or your rate consolidate debt or access cash all without resetting your own term so you're not paying interest on the years you don't eat. There's never any obligation gatien a pressure. No upfront fees either just accustom loan designed around your goals with rate so low right now. You need to take advantage of a free mortgage review. You could be looking at a thousand dollars or more in monthly savings but only if you choose american financing so make the ten minute in a call today eight eight eight four six two nine five five seven eight eight four six two nine five five seven or go online to american financing dot net american financing n m l s one eight two three three four n m l s consumer access dot org time now for the o'reilly update message of the day. The definition of a mass shooting is the act of killing four or more people not including the perpetrator typically at a single location. The first major mass shooting in modern america was at the university of texas in august nineteen sixty six seventeen people were killed thirty injured president lyndon johnson johnson issued a statement saying congress must act quote prevent the wrong person from obtaining a fire are of course that rhetoric meant nothing since one thousand nine hundred ninety two mass shootings in america have ramped up under president clinton. There were eight mass shootings in eight years. <music> worse was columbine high school april twentieth nineteen ninety nine shooters dylan klebold eric harris killed thirteen of their fellow students and and faculty injured twenty four total during the clinton presidency sixty two dead seventy eight injured in mass. Ah shootings george w bush eight mass shootings worse was virginia tech april sixteenth two thousand seven thirty two dead seventeen gene injured total during bush the younger presidency seventy five americans dead sixty two injured under president obama. Things really got out of control. Twenty four mass shootings worse was the pulse nightclub in orlando lando florida june twelfth two thousand sixteen shooter omar mateen who authorities say was isis inspired killed forty nine nine people and injured fifty eight others in that club total during the obama presidency two hundred thirty six dead two two hundred fifty seven injured and mass shootings donald trump so far six mass shootings worse than music festival gun in las vegas october first two thousand seventeen seventeen shooter stephen paddock killed fifty eight people more than five hundred injured total during trump presidency today eight one hundred and two dead five hundred and thirty five hurt so since nineteen ninety two four hundred and ninety five people have been killed killed more than two thousand injured in mass shootings today. President trump indicated. He is open to signing. New gun laws ause. It is a lock that universal background checks will be in force very soon. Most was likely high caliber weaponry will also be constrained of course the shootings this weekend immediately politicized by people like beta o'rourke orc who blamed it on president trump. The newspaper newsday on long island editorialized quote nationalism is fueling domestic deters well. If that's true what happened during the obama years was in any nationalism that the truth is is that maniacs are encouraged on the internet to commit violence. We are never going to stop that but politicians always to the public to be as vigilant as possible in trying to stop these mass killings. That is a message passage of the day for more fact based on analysis. Please visit bill o'reilly dot com la more on this tonight coming next something you might not know. It's an uncertain world out there. You know that disaster can strike at anytime so you need to be prepared to protect yourself and your family one way to do that is with freeze. He's dried food. It tastes good. 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In atlanta shows a whopping forty percent of middle aged. Americans americans are overweight. That's more than ninety three million major factors include lack of exercise poor lifestyle choices and of course diet riet. There are more than fifty thousand fifty thousand fast food chains in the u._s._a. Alone each offering low cost meals with high calorie calorie options but here's something you might not know the center for science in the public interest as released. A study on the unhealthiest options is available at chain restaurants across u._s._a. Here are the worst defenders for two thousand nineteen with calorie count so high. You may just wanna order. That's out out. I the cheesecake factory cinnamon roll pancakes. The breakfast flatter is a two thousand calorie bomb with more than one hundred and forty grams of sugar per serving same as eating fourteen oranges popular tex-mex restaurant chilly scores as with their boss burger twenty one hundred calories stacked with beef brisket rib meat sausage. Bacon cheese is in a buttered roll. Those statistics don't even take into account the side of fries included with the burger the worst offender dave and buster's astor's chicken and waffle sliders tiny sandwiches pack at twenty three hundred calorie punch containing thirty four hundred drake milligrams of sodium that salt the meal alone has more salt than seventy five cans of coca cola many states like new york and california now require restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus allowing patrons to decide for themselves just daring they wanna be the healthiest franchise franchise mcdonald's wow every years of criticism the fast food king is added dozens of healthy items to the menu including grilled chicken salads and sliced apples for the kids so remember wherever you decided grab a quick bite. The calorie count is up to you and so is your lifespan. We'll be right back. My friend glenn beck launched real estate agents. 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Thank you for listening to the o'reilly update. I am bill. O'reilly no spin just facts and always looking out for you.

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