Bitcoin Declines, Ethereum Falls Hard


Today's episode is proudly brought to you by try to cops the double bay dot com. Join up for the free biweekly video newsletter with myself my table, keep you up to date on the moves that are in this crypto market now if you want to learn how to make money within the market goes up or down go to try to call dot com. Now. Vitrey to Cobb crypto show talking business influx. Jane? Get everybody on wealth. And we're trying to open up this show k can stop by. Look bitcoin. And that's he's. A little bit. It was heading up towards let me tell you something. The low was thirteen hundred eighteen okay. Sorry. Third three thousand eight hundred eleven sorry about that. And the highs three thousand nine hundred sixteen nine thereabouts now I had to launch joining there because that was basically for me looking for an entering stop for the continuation to the outside. It was to break. Now. It was looking at that. If it was to break to the upside knows really hoping that it would do that before it broke the downside of that candle. The big dead. The big toy the really big red handle candlelit came in on Sunday that he's now just recently. It's just spiked down now ongoing down the low timeframes and tell you what I'm saying. I'm not because sometimes these these spikes happen. Very very quickly in this case it was quickly. But a wasn't a one minute, spike. You know, sometimes a little while that will getting those vicious woman at sparks, it would just go thump sparked, Dan, spike up and then change almost immediately. What was saying here is over this period of one two three four candles way? Saw the market come off hundred thirty dollars. So nothing too crazy, but one hundred thirty dollars, then we sort balance of in sixty to eighty dollars something like that about eighty bucks. Right. And that's where it sort of hovering around now. So when I look at this again, and I was looking at the one minute then just to just to say how quickly that actually occurred. When I look at it now on the one hour, it's there's a big red candle that it's kind of taken out. Unfortunately, the top try that always looking for going to have to get back to the drawing board wants to gain and often delay the orders that I had. Go back to the drawing board, and basically just white and see what it does it. It would have been wonderful for two held in that Ryan and is consoled away long ago. I could have kept my would alive, and I do know mind when the market gets consolidate to those levels, and and then it moves it tends to move quite well from there the rest of the top ten has sort of had a bit of a tumble as well. Nothing. Nothing too major the only reason I site, and I'm bitterly disappointed is because there was an opportunity for me to have an order raised to the upside of it was to break above, and I was going to get filled loan and always hopeful that we would say that happened the way I wanted to say so we could push under some new highs and a breakthrough some catalysts points for which we haven't done for twelve months. Well, I'll continue to white theorem is down four point three or four percent. I should also say that between down one point four five three percent right now. What I'm looking at with a theory and was a very similar type of setup was with their with bitcoin little berries channel in the cradles on the daily. It didn't break to the upside. He brought to the downside again. A bit more negatively that ails. Now. Tell you one thing about else it's smack bang in the cradle zone. It is a wonderful looking trend here on this daily timeframe. And I'd I'd really really be happy to see this this candle cart candle close bullish today or even tomorrow because I if that was to occur then there would be tried there for me viable. It's Dan point full seeks of percent holding us grand quite well cod. Donna do the same sort of thing. Brooke to broke the law of that big silk candles. We did make some new lows on that Dan two point one nine percent. We got still lumens which is it has been looking more bearish than most because it has been in a very strong downtrend still and the tragic didn't get going with all that much. Gusto iota is pretty ugly as a child standpoint seven eight percent. So I still has down through four ripple. Has given back nearly all the gains that it had of the coin base listing and he's down three point three five percent. Lot coin county looking quite messy that didn't break the the big sell candle lows of the Sunday candle. But it is looking very STAN one point four percent bitcoin cash down two point four five percent. Didn't break Sundays lows either. But not really it doesn't hasn't really changed very much the specter of based on last night's move and minero also in a very similar position there to bitcoin cash in the Senate hasn't broken down through Sunday's lows. So across the board right now, we're between. Hafa percent to four percent with theorem being the biggest slide in the Mark at the moment on the top ten. So it's going to be another bet to join booed taught day a little bit of whiting a little bit more patients. But as a trial can tell you for thirteen years. That's what you've got to learn to be you've got to learn to be patient. The mole patients that you are the better off you're going to be it's not always about taking lots of trade. It's about taking the right traits. So with that, ladies and gentlemen bid. You do have a great deal Bakti soon. Lava now. The trade club. 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