Make A Convention Appearance


Hi It's Jamie Shoko. Most web comic view of us today stiff for the day making appearances a local convention. Yeah I know moderation to be in virtually virtually tried to avoid people as much as we possibly can which sort of ironic when you realize. How much of our Wilson is based on well interacting with other people and learning from it one of the ways to do? This is showing up a local convention or any convention for that matter. We scoring publicist. The ideas did did basically make some sort of connection with our fans if at all possible and the way do that ensuring a particular mentioned saying hi how you doing giving a signature sure and maybe even shaking hands you know acting like actual humans. Yeah I know we try to avoid that. And it's not necessarily a bad thing however you're gonNa to find out that the more convention appearances you make better for your bottom line. I mean straight up. It's up some sort of connection with your fan base and by doing so by actually presenting that you're actually breathing person with actual needs and desires and actually worrying about these desires of other humans. Yeah Yeah we actually develop people who are willing to go to bat for US and other weird areas actually by our books. That's definitely a great thing. I mean we definitely WANNA see people. Bill Byers stuff a lot of us. Don't actually right just for the sake of writing because that's important to make sure when we show up at the conventions that were there to actually realise they were trying to build a fan base of some sort actually built a reputation if we have to be grumpy. Old Men if we very pleasant. Hey that works to just longer. You're basically who we are. You know you're gonNA find out to the real connection to what is it worth. The best are the ones that are based on some sort of level of truth. So when you show up at a convention just remember to be who you are not who you think people are expecting the bottom line is make some sort of convention appearance and I think Ashington liked the experience. If this chip works for you please check me out of web comics reviews and interviews the bill. Any podcast service near you. Thank you have a great day.

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